(Updated: 12 Noon EST) -- More than 1,800 passengers and 1,800 crew on Dream Cruises’ World Dream in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour have been given the all clear for coronavirus and disembarked the ship today.

The precautionary measure was introduced after several passengers who sailed on World Dream's previous cruise from China to Vietnam on January 19 to 24 were later diagnosed with the virus on February 3. After the cruise line was notified of the diagnoses, the ship was denied entry to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on February 4 and instead returned to Hong Kong on February 5.

However, after extensive health screenings and temperature checks the H.K. Department of Health confirmed all passengers and crew on board World Dream tested negative for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

In a statement the line confirmed that future sailings of World Dream have been cancelled until further notice.

The line issued the following statement:

"Guests on board World Dream have been cleared to disembark the ship this afternoon and Dream Cruises will be arranging shuttle transportation and assisting international guests with complimentary hotel accommodations and the rebooking of onward travel arrangements.

"Dream Cruises apologizes for the delay in disembarkation from World Dream and would like to thank all of their guests and crew for their patience and understanding during this time.

"Dream Cruises would also like to extend their appreciation to the government of Hong Kong for their dedication to safeguarding the health and welfare of our passengers and the people of Hong Kong and would also like to thank all of the officers and crew of World Dream for the hard work, professionalism and care they have provided during this extremely challenging time.

"Dream Cruises will also be suspending operations of World Dream until further notice effective immediately."

All affected passengers will receive a refund of their cruise fare and shore excursions.

Meanwhile, Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess, continues to be quarantined outside of Yokohama (Tokyo) with ongoing tests showing 69 passengers found to have the coronavirus.