Passenger: Diane Flores
Favorite Destination: It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.
Preferred Cruise Line(s): Royal Caribbean, but we have recently tried MSC Cruises and liked it.

Q: Why do you love to cruise?
A: There's something that draws me to the sea. Maybe it's the sound of the water lapping against the ship or the gentle motion of the waves. Sitting on the deck, looking at the vast beauty of the sky meeting the sea has a calming effect and is refreshing to my soul.

Life on ship has all the benefits of land vacations: entertainment and a variety of venues from pools to the casino! Stopping at different ports to experience different cultures and people with the best Designated Driver around without having to pack or unpack!

Q: What's your favorite onboard restaurant?
A: Chops Grille. I haven't tried all the onboard restaurants but I love Chops. We'd eat there every night if we could.

Q: Who do you cruise with?
A: My husband is my favorite cruise partner. We also have friends and family we cruise with. I am looking to try a solo cruise!

Q: Where are you cruising next?
A: We set sail soon on Serenade of the Seas to the Panama Canal.

Q: Which cruise itinerary is on your bucket list?
A: New England/Canada is top of my list and we have this booked for 2021. Next up will be the British Isles.