Passenger: Bert Grimm
Favorite Destination: Cuba
Preferred Cruise Line(s): Celebrity, Royal Caribbean

Q: Why do you love to cruise?
A: I just love being out on the ocean and feeling the warmth of the sea air and the solitude of being out on the water. My favorite cabin is an upper deck aft balcony to watch the rainbows formed by the ship's wake. I also love meeting new people in the Concierge Lounge as we tend to see each other again and again on other cruises, building lifelong friendships.

Q: What's your favorite onboard restaurant?
A: Giovanni's Table. Love their fresh pasta and desserts.

Giovanni's Table on Freedom of the Seas

Q: Who do you cruise with?
A: Always with my beautiful wife.

Q: Where are you cruising next?
A: Western Caribbean

Cozumel (Photo:CAN BALCIOGLU/Shutterstock)

Q: Which cruise itinerary is on your bucket list?
A: Virgin Voyages on Valiant Lady to the Mediterranean: Barcelona, Sardinia, Monaco and Ibiza.