(10:55 a.m. EDT) -- MSC Cruises' next new ship, the Meraviglia Plus-class MSC Grandiosa, will become home to 26 original works by famous French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas, when the ship debuts in November 2019.

The exhibition is called "Degas Danse Dessin," which translates to "Degas Dance Drawings," and the artist's original works will be displayed next to a series of five videos detailing his life.

Degas, who is famous for his sculptures, paintings and sketches, focused much of his work on dancers; over half of his pieces feature ballerinas, in part due to his fascination with the human form.

The full collection will be on display in the ship’s French restaurant, L'Atelier Bistro, for two years -- at which point, MSC may choose to showcase another artist's work in the space.

Degas, Danse Dessin (Photo: MSC Cruises)

The Degas exhibition is part of a collaboration between MSC Cruises and THE AIMES, a conglomerate of storytelling companies. Marcello Smarrelli, art historian and producer with THE AIMES, is the exhibition curator for "Degas Danse Dessin."

"Despite his apparently romantic subjects, Degas was a great experimenter, deeply interested in the use of new technologies available in those years of great scientific and industrial renewal," Smarrelli said.

"The focus of his artistic research was the study of the movement of the human body and the attempt to reproduce it in an artwork. For this reason, his artistic practice was fundamental for the birth of photography and cinema of which Degas was a pioneer. I'm sure he would have loved this interactive art exhibition, the first of its kind at sea and it is an exciting opportunity to connect people with Degas' artwork in a new way and bring it to life through digital content for MSC Cruises guests."

The 6,297-passenger ship has just undergone its first round of sea trials in France, ahead of its maiden voyage from Hamburg, Germany, on November 10.