(3:30 p.m. EDT) – By the end of 2018,  almost every major cruise line had either banned or vowed to ban single-use plastics on their ships. Among them was Carnival Cruise Line, which had already stopped using plastic straws in drinks unless requested.

Now, Carnival is taking it a step further and building on its efforts to address sustainability onboard its ships. In a June 2019 release, the line provided a list of more upcoming changes in the name of environmental responsibility.

Going forward, Carnival will:

  • Eliminate most individual servings of packaged items (like foil-wrapped butter pats, condiments, salad dressing, cereal boxes and sugar)

  • Eliminate decorative items (like as steak temperature markers, toothpicks, umbrellas, stir sticks and olive picks)

  • Serve frozen drinks with an edible straw

  • Replace wooden coffee stirrers with stainless stirrers that can be sanitized and reused

  • Serving all beverages in glass or reusable plastic tumblers (and all to-go hot beverages will be served in paper cups with paper lids)

  • Distributing shampoo and body wash in pumps in all staterooms, suites and spa facilities

"We are committed to doing our part to implement best practices and new technologies to reduce our environmental footprint," the release states. "And, along with the support of our terrific crew and guests working together, we will do our part to protect the oceans we enjoy and the air that we breathe."

Some of the changes are underway, while more will come later in the year. Carnival already recycles plastic water bottles, but said it is exploring various alternatives that could replace plastic water bottles in the future.