(11:27 a.m. EST) -- Luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises has revealed a new culinary enrichment program to debut on its new ship, Silver Moon, in summer 2020. The program, called S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste), will combine immersive food-themed events and experiences onboard and ashore. It's designed in partnership with food journalist Adam Sachs.

Onboard, the program will showcase cooking classes and demos from local chefs and experts, culinary-themed lectures, and one-off dinners and food and wine tastings. To support these efforts, Silver Moon will feature a S.A.L.T. Lab to host culinary events, and a S.A.L.T. restaurant to serve the cuisine of the current cruise region.

In port, passengers can choose to visit wineries and local markets, or dine in restaurants and bars that highlight the area's cuisine -- all as part of Silversea's shore excursion program.

"My mission in this new role is simply an extension of the approach I've always taken as a food and travel writer: to apply an endless curiosity and adventurous appetite to deep-dive explorations of the ingredients, cuisine and rituals of the countries and communities we visit," said Sachs, a three-time winner of the James Beard Journalism Award and the former editor-in-chief of Saveur Magazine.

"There's no better -- or more enjoyable -- way to engage and understand the world than through the flavors and stories of its food and wine culture and the people and personalities behind it."

Once the program rolls out on Silver Moon, Silversea will evaluate whether to expand the culinary enrichment to other ships in its fleet.

Cruise Critic will be previewing the new program later this month. Stay tuned for our coverage.