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My friend and I were very excited to take our first Royal Caribbean Internal cruise. We have been through a lot the past year and we were very much looking forward to some fun, sun, and relaxation. We spent more than planned on this trip ... Read More
My friend and I were very excited to take our first Royal Caribbean Internal cruise. We have been through a lot the past year and we were very much looking forward to some fun, sun, and relaxation. We spent more than planned on this trip and to say we were disappointed would be a major understatement. Throughout the trip we wrote down the issues that came up for us and this review with be based on the notes we took. This will be a bullet points review. - Staff were rude. Their priority were not to be accommodating to the passengers. One specific incident was when my friend and I mistakenly ended up in a restaurant (Rembrandt) that was not part of our "My Time" dining. The waiter at the door seated us only to have the head waiter come over after our appetizers scolding us for eating in that restaurant. He was very rude and disrespectful. When we tried to explain that we did not seat ourselves and that if there is a misunderstanding he should speak with the waiter who sat us, he refused to listen. He continued to scold us and left before telling us to make sure we use only the restaurant assigned to us. We asked for the manager and after a lot of fumbling around wearing a blue jacket with strips came over our table. We expressed our dissatisfaction and instead of Milton acknowledging the fact that we were treated unfairly, he proceeded to also scold us for being in the wrong dining room!! It is important to add that the restaurant was not packed, there were plenty of open tables. This experience took place earlier on during the trip and unfortunately set the tone for the whole trip. - Before the restaurant incident and on the day of embarkment, our luggages were help for 6 hours because they found a travel iron (tiny travel iron) in my luggage!! No announcements were mailed letting passengers know why and where to collect luggages that were help for prohibitions. Guest service desks were packed with unhappy passengers. After asking everyone we ran into about our missing luggages, we were finally directed to security. we went to security only to be told by incompetent security guards that we did not have our luggages. We resumed to wander around the ship for an additional hour (by now it's 10:30pm), we were directly to security on a different floor on the ship and that's when we ran into the crew member who asked us if we had weapons in our bags!! There was a language barrier and I am trying to give her the benefit but this woman actually asked us if we had knives and guns in our bags as part of her effort to explain that are some reasons the bags would be withheld. We eventually found our luggages and were finally able to shower and change our clothes by 11pm on the day of embarkment! -The refrigerator in the staterooms are not actually plugged into. The AC in the room keeps your beverages cool. If you do not like a cold room, you will not have cold drinks! -The food was horrible. The service was horrible. The staff were incompetent. There was a lack of dinner dining options. If I spend over $1,500 on a cruise I should be allowed to eat wherever I want without paying extra. The waiters took forever to bring the food, the never asked if we wanted anything to drink besides water. We had to always ask for ice tea and lemonade. -The bar staff yelled at us for filling up our water bottles. It cost an average of $4 to buy a bottle of water! - The shift left the Puerto Rico port an hour and half late which made us get to our next port late -Did I mention how rude, incompetent, and unhelpful the crew were?? -Part of the ship smelled like feces through the trip!!! -The only person I can honestly say was a delight was our stateroom attendant. Her name is Kenta and she's from St. Vincent's. She was nice, caring, thoughtful and a gem! She surely helped make our trip manageable. She kept us with our room. She made sure we always had clean towels, toilet paper, etc. Whenever we ran into her she had a smile on her face and always had a conversation starter to keep the guests engaged. -The last 3-4 days of the trip was bearable. I think enough people complained (we heard a lot of people complaining; even long time cruisers were expressing dissatisfaction with the service on this cruise), it was clear that the staff had a talking to and they were trying to be better. Even the food got better!! - The other saving grace was the fact that they actually located my missing camera! To summarize, the trip started off awful but got somewhat better towards the end. We found our own ways to enjoy the trip and avoided the crew as much as possible (because most of them were idiots.) I have heard many people say that this particular trip was an exception for Royal and that they usually give outstanding service and people leave wanting more. I left not wanting more at all, I was actually looking forward to returning to my hectic life just to get away from that ship and the people!! I may do another cruise in the future but it will not be with Royal Caribbean International. The cruises are very expensive and the company's priority is not to keep passengers happy and satisfied. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 3.5 4.1
Public Rooms 4.0 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.3
Family 4.5 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 3.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.1

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