9 New York (Manhattan) to Cruise to Nowhere Carnival Miracle Cruise Reviews

My boyfriend and I took a 2 night cruise to nowhere on the Carnival Miracle. We met on the same ship a year ago and thought it would be a fun idea to go back to where it all started! We were both nervous that it wouldn't be the same ... Read More
My boyfriend and I took a 2 night cruise to nowhere on the Carnival Miracle. We met on the same ship a year ago and thought it would be a fun idea to go back to where it all started! We were both nervous that it wouldn't be the same as a longer cruise (shows, amount of food, activities) and that we would be bored. Both of us are in our late 20's so it was important that we had things to do. Well, I have to say that it was just as good as a 7 night cruise. Everything was exactly the same. The only thing we did not know was that they did have a formal night of dining. Luckily I had black dress pants and he had a dressy pair of jeans. We weren't kicked out of the dining room...they didn't seem to care much. There were people who were dressed far more casual than us and everyone went in the dining room. The downside was that the 2 shows were the same shows from our cruise the year before. I wished they were different and thought the cruise line might have had special shows for this particular cruise. The buffets were exactly the same and there was always enough food. They even had the sushi cart (only for one of the nights)! You even got a daily itinerary just like the longer cruises. We did martini tastings and wine tastings, which were both really fun. They had a lot of things for you to do and we were not bored for a single minute. The nightclub was packed (on our cruise it was empty every night), which was fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their 2 days of vacation. The service was wonderful and everything is so orderly and efficient. When the ship docked in the morning we had breakfast at the buffet and then were able to leave right away since we carried all of our own luggage. We were off of the boat by 8:30 AM. This was a great cruise and the perfect amount of time! Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Our recent Cruise to Nowhere on the Carnival Miracle was a great disappointment. Our first cruise was 5 days to Canada on the Carnival Victory in '06, and we enjoyed the general cruise experience immensely. But it was our first and ... Read More
Our recent Cruise to Nowhere on the Carnival Miracle was a great disappointment. Our first cruise was 5 days to Canada on the Carnival Victory in '06, and we enjoyed the general cruise experience immensely. But it was our first and we had no point of reference until our next few cruises with NCL, where we discovered what a first class cruise experience should be. Still, that first Carnival cruise got us very excited about vacationing at sea. The Miracle two day cruise looked like a good deal though. It met our time constraints and budget at this time of year. But the devil is in the details, and Carnival failed big time on details. They blew it on the big stuff too. THE GOOD The embarkation/disembarkation process was fast, efficient and hassle free. Our cabin staff was courteous and eager to please, as was the dining staff. The first night's dinner was very good and prepared well, and at no time did we feel rushed. We even were able to score a window table. The Ticket to Ride stage show on Saturday night was very good. Exceptional deals were found in the duty free store on liquor and cigarettes. THE BAD Unlike NCL who provides a dedicated, temporary, protected area to store luggage on 1 day cruises where baggage is not checked, we had to carry around ours on the Miracle for 2 hours. It was awkward and at times unsafe, and some areas were impassable with every other guest doing the same. Given that we had but two days, we would have liked to have used that time to conveniently explore an unfamiliar ship and become familiar with our new surroundings. Instead we waited by the pool until the room ready announcement was made. The casino was pathetic in the ergonomic sense. The majority of the slots were all jammed into one area near a wall, reminding me of rows of vending machines in a cafeteria. The design seemed like an afterthought. It was difficult navigating between the quads and sitting at chairs back-to-back, bumping against another player was very annoying. My wife and I are smokers, but smoking machines were butted against non-smoking slots, so what was the point? I felt bad for the non-smokers. Yet on the opposite side of the room there seemed to be plenty of space for additional machines that could have been used and segregated by smoking preference. The selection of machines was poor. Many were multi-denominational, which is good, but only a select few were of the .25/.50/$1 variety. The majority were $1/$2/$5 configurations. On the first night, several machines were out of order, limiting further one's selection. We attended the late night adult comedy show. There were 2 headliners performing in back to back scant 25 minute shows. We wanted to stay for the second headliner, but were ushered out and told that we had to get on line for the other performance. The reasoning was that they had to make sure there was no broken glass and had to clean up. Drinks, by the way, were served in plastic glasses. Our cocktail waitress was slow and screwed up our order, and it wasn't until the show was almost over before we got ours. After we exited, the line for the second show was so long there was no chance we'd get in. THE UGLY Friday morning's breakfast buffet was a joke. There were two omelet chefs at the station, and on either side were trays of breakfast meats and potatoes. One could get on line either to the right or left which is in fact efficient. However, only one side had trays, plates and silverware. We got on the line that didn't, and lost our place on very long lines to get our things on the other side. The bacon was sitting in a pan that looked like it was filled with motor oil, pretty much the same with the sausage. My wife wanted egg whites only and they could not accommodate her. Friday evening's dinner experience, or lack there-of, was horrendous. The main dining facility was the Captain's Dinner was reserved for properly attired guests. We only packed causally for a simple 2 day cruise and therefore could not enjoy a fine meal. This would be fine on a 5 day+ trip, but not on a 2 day sailing. We went down to the buffet at 5:45 and were told it would open at 6pm. By 6:15 there wasn't a server in sight, so we went to the the burger bar. The meat was way undercooked, the buns stale. No toppings such as salsa, mushrooms, onions, etc were available. The nachos and cheese were literally inedible. The hot dogs looked like they had been soaking in the pan that the breakfast bacon was served from. We never finished our food. We went back to the buffet the Horatio room. There were several serving stations divided by walls, but only one was staffed. The main selections were scant...fish that could be smelled from across the room, indicating it wasn't fresh, fried stuffed mushrooms that had the taste and texture of dirty ping pong balls, and a pretty gnarly looking prime rib. I asked for the beef, and was given a tiny sliver about 2 fingers worth. I asked for another piece and got even a smaller slice. When I asked for a normal sized piece, I was told that I could come back for more. The beverage dispenser in the staffed station wasn't working. I had to go to 2 or 3 sections away where I got old coffee, my wife getting cold hot chocolate. The bread was stale and tasteless, and the dessert selection were 3 types of cakes that tasted like they came from a child's Easy Bake Oven. There were objects that looked somewhat like fruit, but we had no appetite to try them. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was fresh. I suppose we're spoiled by the near 24/7 gourmet buffet that NCL offers. By this point, we picked nits...any little thing became a object of disdain. The hot tub on deck looked dirty, rusty, and disgusting. It probably just needed needed to be painted, but it was a turnoff never the less. The stopper in our sink was stuck in the drain so the basin always stayed full. The chairs on our balcony were splattered in white paint and it left us wondering why they weren't covered first before maintenance. Small things that would have gone unnoticed otherwise just added fuel to the fire. We essentially paid $900 for not much more that a balcony cabin for two nights at sea. Presently we are booked with NCL on a 7 day jaunt to Bermuda, and are planning on the inaguaral cruse of the NCL Breakaway in 2013. Carnival never again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
I got off my 5th annual Carnival Miracle cruise to nowhere this morning and while most details are fresh I want to jot down the perverbial good, bad and ugly. As I just said this was my 5th tear in a row taking this cruise - same ship - ... Read More
I got off my 5th annual Carnival Miracle cruise to nowhere this morning and while most details are fresh I want to jot down the perverbial good, bad and ugly. As I just said this was my 5th tear in a row taking this cruise - same ship - same cabin. The first 3 years were fantastic - 5 stars. Last year a few problems but manageable. This trip was a major letdown. First I would like to say that I love this cruise. It's a great getaway for me to spend quality time with my wife and as we both enjoy being on ships this is a great way to be on one more than once a year. The getting away, the ambience, the activities, the awesome shopping, the great food in the steakhouse and the Beatles show make this the perfect getaway. I think I will go right to the ugly. My cabin steward for the first time did bit care at all about service or the condition of the room. The previous occupant's garbage was left for us and I had no hand soap the first night as we never until 2nd night. I had never experienced this level of indifference in ANY cruise I have taken. The food in deck 9 - the buffets were bit up to par with precious cruises on this ship. The Chinese station dishes had a putrid smell and the taste of nations "Italy" day was simply not tasty. The lemonade was undrinkable. The best food here was the fried chicken tenders by the pool, the really good pizza and the foccacia sandwich with peppers, arugula and roasted peppers. Breakfast was not appetizing - the usually good French toast was terrible. I figured the dining room would be better, I was wrong. Service here was also indifferent and uncaring. The grapefruit was inedible, the French toast horrible and waffles ice cold. Luckily I could eat lunch 90 minutes later. Later on night 2 dinner was mediocre at best. Service was again indifferent ( I had anytime dining) and the usually very good prime rib was buffet quality. My wife got a rubbery end piece that should have never made the plate -shameful.(this was rectified) Lobster tail was good and the chocolate melting cake fabulous. Carnival excels at activities and this cruise was no exception. Tons of activities, demonstrations, bingo, shows both nights, 5 comedy shows each night and an art auction. No complaint here. Carnival is the best at this. I realize this is a 2 day cruise and after us the ship headed to Florida empty. The crew has a nice easy 2 days of partying and getting the ship ready for next cruise but they should have realized that my cruise was important to me and over 2000 others. I don't pretend to know why this year service and food quality deteriorated so but I would suggest someone at Carnival to address this before another cruise to nowhere on any of their ships. Yes there were crew who cared and the good that I mentioned ealier were actually FANTASTIC and yes I would take this cruise again in a heartbeat. I just feel that on THIS cruise the passenger was an afterthought which for the first-timer looking to get their feet wet in cruising is not a good thing for numerous obvious reasons. Sorry, last complaint. The coffee bar deck 2 fwd has for years had excellent chocolate milkshakes. NOT this cruise. No chocolate syrup. Pathetic. Hey Carnival: Shame on you for allowing a ship's staff and this cruise to be downright mediocre. Read my other reviews here folks. I am usually the most easy going cruiser there is. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
Booked this little two-day cruise-to-nowhere as a get away from the hustle 'n' bustle and it was just what the doctor ordered. It was me and another female friend getting away for the weekend. Our second 2-day cruise (first was a ... Read More
Booked this little two-day cruise-to-nowhere as a get away from the hustle 'n' bustle and it was just what the doctor ordered. It was me and another female friend getting away for the weekend. Our second 2-day cruise (first was a Carnival out of NYC back in 2005 or so.) We take the Metro from CT to Grand Central and then a $10 cab ride to the pier. Getting there is so easy in NYC - not my first cruise out of this port, and if you want to make an extended stay of things, there is no better place. We were at the pier by 12:30, as it is only a 2-day, you have to carry on your luggage (though there were plenty of people to help if you needed it.) About a 15 minute line for the security check, a 10 minute line for check in, snap my welcome photo and I was on my way. Our rooms were not ready till 1:30 (on the dot, as promised), so we headed up to the Lido deck for snacks. A little tough to navigate while pulling luggage, but not the end of the world by any means. As we were due for a Nor'easter to be rolling in that day to NYC we took advantage of the sun and ate at the grill, always tough to keep food warm when the breeze was blowing, but the chicken tenders were flavorful and crisp and the staff was cheery. After lunch we went to our room, my first ever obstructed view room. The room was clean and welcoming; I love the luggage mat that is left on the bed, very helpful. Our obstructed view was not too bad. The life boats are just below the level of your feet, and a bit of the wrenching apparatus is level with your railing, but nothing to obstruct your forward view, just your view below. The rain finally rolled in just about Muster time (a necessary event that I always try to enjoy.) It was then we fell in love with our balcony, with Extended-balconies above us, we had a good 3-4 foot over hang that allowed us to sit and enjoy the outside, watch the water and the rain and never get wet. It was perfect. (FYI - odd # rooms are city side when leaving port - had to run down to deck 3 starboard to get pics of Lady Liberty) Our first dinner was great, though our table location was not wonderful, table 140 ALL the way to the back, around the server stations and in a corner. We had no view of the dining room or the servers when they performed. If it had been longer than a 2-day I would have requested to move. Though Erol our server was wonderful. Had Caesar salad, a favorite, the flat iron steak, seasoned great, and crème Brule. A perfect meal. We planned for early seating as we are not really night owls, figured we could see the early show and then go to bed. There was only one show of the big show, and it was at 10:30. So we caught the PG comedy show at 8:30 instead, down in the Mad Hatters ball - a fantastic lounge that was well decorated and fun. We wandered the ship on the way back to our room, tons going on in all of the bars and lounges, the casino was full, people seemed to be having a blast. The wind was picking up and we were rocking for sure, but being mid ship (Front to back and up and down) we really didn't feel the effects of it. Our towel animal was a heart, no really appropriate for a girl's weekend, but as we never saw our room staff, they didn't realize that we were not a couple staying in the room. As a matter of fact our bed was one large bed, and since neither of us cared about rearranging the room for two nights, we didn't bother to call housekeeping. By morning the water was rough, people weaving along the hall ways, I am sure many people were getting sea sick, but we were fine. The rain was gone, the sky was blue but it was very windy. They closed decks 10 & 11 due to wind. We spent the day either on our balcony reading, in the bingo lounge (William was a blast as a host for the AM bingo.) Took the galley tour, such an impressive operation. We tried to grab lunch in the dining room, it was listed as being open till 2:30. By 2:10 they had already stopped seating, wish they would tell you that. By dinner the rocking was finally leveling out. Formal dinner was very nice, we both had the pasta as a starter, yummy. I had the prime rib, cooked perfectly as was my potato. She had the lobster, a winner as well. A table mate said the ribs were amazing as well. Melting cake for dessert, a must at least once on the cruise. Another perfect meal. I noticed this cruise one thing I had never seen on any of my past 5 cruises, on the dining tables is a drink list now, with pricing. It felt like I was at Ruby Tuesdays. Never before had I seen them pushing drinks like that before. Thought that was tacky. Again the evening show was only at 10:30, so we opted for the R-rated comedy show, we got their early as recommended by staff, and we were glad we did. Standing room only. The comedian was great. Stopped into the casino, and caught part of the baseball game in the sports lounge. Another great night's sleep. And as the sun came up in NYC, I got to see Lady Liberty from my balcony. Breakfast was great, as it was the morning before. Our embarkation number was 18, and it took less than an 1.5 hours for them to call us, we waited up in the Lido deck as William made the announcements, he even makes leaving the ship fun! I don't know if there were many kids on board, so Camp Carnival was doing an amazing job as usual. I loved the dEcor of this ship, lots of great period art work, Philip Marlow, Mata Hari, Robin Hood, lots of fun stuff. The grapes all over the dining room were fun and the bars were tasteful. Over all it is a great ship, for a smaller ship (only one main dining room). I would take this ship and / or itinerary again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
This was the third Carnival Miracle cruise to nowhere that we have been on out of NYC. We choose to do this cruise every year for numerous reasons but mostly to get away and have a great time. Carnival embarkation has improved 1000% as I ... Read More
This was the third Carnival Miracle cruise to nowhere that we have been on out of NYC. We choose to do this cruise every year for numerous reasons but mostly to get away and have a great time. Carnival embarkation has improved 1000% as I got to the pier at 11:45 and was on the ship at noon. I used to wait 1-2 hours! The only complaint I had on this cruise is that the buffet food on deck 9 as we boarded was simply not as good as years past. No matter, we choose to eat both nights at Nick and Nora's supper club and as usual the food was spectacular. Service and the quality of food simply cannot be beat. There are very few restaurants we have been to worldwide that beat the supper clubs on Carnival. There are many many activities available; seems to be almost as many as a typical 7 day cruise. You cannot get bored here. I bought enough booze and cigarettes to pay for the cruise - NO LIMITS and no customs. You can buy 100 cartons of cigarettes if you want - cost was $45 for TWO cartons! I enjoyed the art auction but no one was buying. Always love the free champagne. We had 16 foot seas the first night, I enjoyed it but I heard people complaining to the purser - hey folks you are on a SHIP! It was bad enough to cancel the show but they did put it on the next day. The shows were great as usual though they do the same ones every year. Room service was prompt and good. Breakfast on deck 9 was great if you went to the omelet station. The breads on board were excellent. Cabin steward was friendly as was everyone else I encountered on board. One funny (to me) side note - the past 2 years they had an activity they called the "cornhole" competition. This year the finally called it a bean bag competition. I know I explained it to the gentleman running the activity the past 2 years and evidently many others did as well as they finally changed the name of the activity! I am booked already for next year. This is simply a fun trip. There are many activities to choose from and while its only a 2 night trip it is worth every penny. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
Carnival Miracle entered service in 2004 and was homeported in Tampa, Florida where she did Caribbean cruises. During the time she was there, the ship received the highest ratings in the Carnival fleet both from passengers and crew. Some ... Read More
Carnival Miracle entered service in 2004 and was homeported in Tampa, Florida where she did Caribbean cruises. During the time she was there, the ship received the highest ratings in the Carnival fleet both from passengers and crew. Some people said that this was due to the generous nature of the Tampa market. But, for the summer 2007 season, Miracle was re-deployed to New York, which is not known as an un-critical market, in place of sister ship Carnival Legend. Still, Miracle's ratings continued to be high. The October 18 cruise was Miracle's last sailing out of New York for 2007. The ship had been doing eight-day cruises from New York to the Caribbean all summer. She would be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale during the winter. There were two days between the end of her last full New York cruise and the date she was to begin her Florida sailings even taking into account the time it would take to travel from one location to the other. Accordingly, a two-day cruise to nowhere was included in the schedule. Short cruises are different than full cruises. The mix of passengers is different, the ship cannot provide all of the activities that it would in a longer cruise, it is more difficult for passengers to form the relationships that normally develop over several days of cruising together with the same people and the overall pace is different. It would be easy for management to say that such a cruise does not give a true picture of the ship. However, in talking with the officers of the Miracle, no one used such an excuse. They acknowledged that the two-day cruise was different than what they normally did but they were confident enough of what they had to offer that they were quite willing to stand behind what they were doing on that cruise. Because this was a short cruise, people wanted to maximize their time onboard. Thus, it was no surprise that a large number of passengers had arrived well before the boarding time printed on the tickets. In addition, most were carrying their own (or more precisely, rolling their own) bags onboard rather than checking them with the porters. This could have been a recipe for disaster. However, the somewhat bemused Carnival employees handled the situation well, opening the ship early and processing the passengers onboard. The interior of the Miracle is decorated to a theme of famous fictional icons. Each of the public rooms was inspired by a well-known character in a book, movie or ancient myth. The connection between the characters and the rooms are often not subtle. For example, there is a two-deck high figure of Frankenstein's monster on the dance floor of Dr. Frankenstein's Lab - - the ship's nightclub. The theater is inspired by the Paris Opera House, the setting for Phantom of the Opera, and is boldly opulent. The main dining room, named after Bacchus, the ancient mythological god of wine, is a riot of giant purple grapes and huge leaves. These rooms may not give you ideas for decorating your home but they are fun to look at and it is interesting to explore the detail work. At the same time, Nick and Nora's Supperclub, the extra-tariff specialty restaurant, is a pleasing venue which evokes the glamour of the upper class New York restaurants of the 1930s and 1940s. Also, almost overshadowed by the ship's more whimsical dEcor are some beautiful colored glass vases on the various stairways. The passenger cabins are more subdued than the public rooms. Outside in the corridors, there are panels depicting Robin Hood and Sam Spade but inside the rooms are clam and nicely appointed. The beds were comfortable, the television large for a cruise ship, and there is enough drawer and closet space for a much longer cruise. Unfortunately, the smoked-glass dividers between the balconies are not quite floor-to-ceiling and one can become a party to ones neighbors' conversations. Everywhere, the ship was scrupulously clean. Indeed, Miracle has consistently received high marks from U.S. Public Health officials. Such cleanliness is an indication of the dedication of a ship's crew and consistent with this, the service on Miracle was both friendly and efficient. During the one day at sea, there was a variety of entertainment and activities ranging from trivia games to afternoon tea with live music. This was not intellectual enrichment but rather light entertainment. Keep in mind that the emphasis at Carnival is on fun. In any event, passengers were free to do as they wished and there was no feeling of overcrowding even with more than 2,000 other people onboard. The production shows in the ship's theater were excellent. Thankfully, Carnival has recognized that many of the people cruising today grew up in the 1960s and have geared their musical selections toward that fact. In addition, the stage is large, giving the singers and dancers adequate space to work. There is also a state-of-the-art sound and light system. Elsewhere, there was a piano bar, a sports bar, a jazz trio and of course, a large and very popular casino. Dining on Miracle follows the two-seating pattern traditional on passenger ships. The primary advantage of this system is that it gives one the opportunity to build up a rapport with the waiters who get to know your likes and dislikes as well as to become friends with the people at the table. Even though this was a two-night cruise, the waiters at my table were quick to develop a rapport and the passengers at the table provided good and interesting conversation. Even though some of the sister companies in the Carnival family have moved towards "more flexible" dining options, I was pleased to hear that Miracle has no plans to do so. While it sounds great in theory to dine when and where you like, the reality is that unless you rush to make a reservation, you end up either eating someplace you didn't want or at a time that is not what you wanted. The food on Miracle was generally good. Carnival tends to do better with mass market dishes than with more adventuresome items. Hamburgers, pizza, French Toast tend to be excellent. More subtle versions of duck, while tasty, are not as good. Miracle is a version of the Vista-class cruise ship design. Within Carnival Cruise Lines, she is referred to as being in the Spirit-class but similar ships also sail under the Costa, Holland America and P&O house flags. For a cruise ship, her bow is relatively narrow in relation to her length, which enables her to handle stormier seas better than cruise ships with wider bows. On this cruise, we were in rain almost the entire time yet there was very little motion (i.e. pitching and rolling). In addition, the ship is propelled by azipods rather than a traditional propeller shaft arrangement. Because the motors are suspended below the hull in such a system, there is little vibration from the propulsion system. In conclusion, the officers' confidence in Carnival Miracle was well-placed during this cruise. My photos of Miracle are posted at http://www.beyondships.com/CarnivalMiracleTour-1.html Read Less
Sail Date October 2007
On October 18th my husband (DH), my 8 year old son (DS) and I sailed on the 2 night cruise to No-Where. We chose this cruise for several reasons. One my DH and DS never cruised before, so they wanted to try it before we do a 7-day cruise ... Read More
On October 18th my husband (DH), my 8 year old son (DS) and I sailed on the 2 night cruise to No-Where. We chose this cruise for several reasons. One my DH and DS never cruised before, so they wanted to try it before we do a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean next summer for my birthday. Secondly, because previously I sailed on RCCL's Mariner of the Seas, I wanted to see if I would like Carnival being that the price is around $500 cheaper per person. Before I get to the bulk of my review on the Carnival, I will get the comparisons between the two cruise lines out of the way. Remember this is just my humble opinion: Food: Dining Room: Carnival by a landslide (more choices and much better taste) However, RCCL has better dessert. Buffet: RCCL, but not by much (I will admit RCCL Windjammer does have more variety and is set up more efficiently. Activities: Carnival-by a landslide Cabins: Tie, I heard Carnival has the largest cabins at sea, but I didn't really notice the size difference. Both are very modern looking and nicely appointed. Service: Tie, as far as service in getting your needs met. However, the staff on Carnival was much more personable. Ship Decor: RCCL by a landslide. It's true RCCL does have the nicest ships afloat (I'm speaking as far as the Voyager and Freedom class ships goes.) I know this is long review, but take a deep breath...Our cruise to No-Where. We sailed from NYC and that was great because we live in Queens, NY. Embarkation was fine. When we first arrived at the cruise port the parking lot is at pier 92 therefore we had to walk over to pier 90. For a 2 night cruise there weren't any porters to assist with luggage. But that was fine, as we didn't bring a ton of clothes for 2 nights. When we first entered the terminal there was a nice size line. However, at about 2:30 they began to let us board. And the lines moved very quickly. The whole process was less than an hour. Upon seeing the Miracle, initially I was disappointed and right away decided I like RCCL better. However, as I started to venture, I decided the Miracle was actually a very nice ship, very nice. But again, the edge goes to RCCL. We had our embarkation lunch and drink of the day at Horatio's which is the buffet on the lido deck. The buffet area is very "spread-out" almost to a fault. For example, the "Taste of Nations" section was in one area, while the deli was across the way, the grill for the burgers and dogs were out, going through the doors pass the pool and reggae band. Also, we did encounter lines there, but hey we're on vacation so no big deal. The dining room was pretty good. There was a lot of variety, the presentation was nice and the food had seasoning!!! The second night was formal night and DH had two lobster tails and two prime ribs. The warm chocolate melting was good, not great but good. DH and DS loved it. I did like the desserts better on RCCL. We ate breakfast and dinner for both days in the dining room, and used the buffet for lunch both days. At night Horatio's turns into a "Late Night Bistro", and it was great. At midnight they were grilling burgers and minute steaks. For the late night snack there were burgers, dogs, steak sandwiches, grilled chicken, crisp fries, chilling, cookies and brownies, with also 24-hour pizza and ice-cream available. Speaking of ice cream, I did not like the 24 hour ice cream machine on the lido deck. It had a weird taste, like a fat free or sugar free. I don't know but something was definitely off with the taste. Hopefully Carnival in the near future will change that so that the taste is on par with "Carvel's" or any other good ice cream. We tried some of the cake from the dessert cafe. I agree with a previous cruise critic, the cakes definitely looked better than they actually tasted. The cabins were very nice. The two beds were put together to make a king size bed and the couch was made up into a bed for our son. We all slept very comfortably. The bedding is wonderful, to the point I am thinking about ordering Carnival's bedding set. Also, in our cabin there were two bath robes for us to use. The cabins and bathrooms had lots of space for storage. I liked the free samples in the bathroom of: his and her razors, crest toothpaste, and other stuff. There are body wash and shampoo dispensers in the shower too. On thing I did like better on RCCL were shower doors instead of those shower curtains on Carnival. Camp Carnival-definitely a hit with my son. DH and I had a vacation within a vacation. There are literally activities scheduled all day long for the kids. They only close for lunch and for an hour near dinner time. On the formal night, there was a "kids" dinner at Horatio's with plenty of kid friendly dishes. My son had a ball. Each time we went to pick him up from CC, it was like pulling teeth to get him out of there. Just some of the activities: scavenger hunts, treasure hunts for candy, tee shirt coloring, play station 2 video games, nintendo wii games, board games, candy art, etc. That is just a fraction of the things they had planned. Activities: I definitely had fun. Every hour there is something going on. We played bingo a few times, but we didn't win. Oh well. We participated in the battle of the sexes, went to see the "Sea Feud", went to the nightly shows for a little while, went to see one of the comedians-he was good. As far as fellow passengers, the crowd on Carnival was definitely more fun and friendly and not up tight like I noticed on RCCL. Ship Decor and public rooms: very nice. Furthermore, I liked the Bacchus dining room, purple grapes and all. Everything being said, I can honestly say that I loved Carnival more than RCCL. For next year's cruise I am sold, and we will sail on Carnival for the 7 night cruise for my birthday. Read Less
Sail Date October 2007
We decided to get away for a couple of days and figured what better way than a short cruise to nowhere - we were not disappointed. The trip was everything we could have hoped for and more. Getting to the port we hired a limo service and ... Read More
We decided to get away for a couple of days and figured what better way than a short cruise to nowhere - we were not disappointed. The trip was everything we could have hoped for and more. Getting to the port we hired a limo service and with only one ship in port that day it was a breeze getting to the pier and knowing what to expect at the normally chaotic entrance (6th cruise out of NYC) we did the opposite of what the Carnival people told us and was on the ship in 10 minutes bypassing people that were on long lines and had been there for a while(sorry to those people!) Cabins weren't to be ready for an hour (it was 1pm)so we headed up to the deck 9 restaurant where they had plenty of choices - pizza/Italian/Asian/Deli/American - we ate from the Asian section and it was very good - especially the vegetable tempura. At 2pm we got to our cabin - main deck (4) and it was just fine - didn't feel the need for a larger room but we did want a balcony as it just makes the room seem larger when the curtain is open and I love leaving NY and seeing the Statue of Liberty in the privacy of my own balcony. The cabin steward introduced himself and I did not see him again until an hour before we disembarked ! He kept up the room just fine. We had dinner at Nick and Nora's supper club and it was worth every penny - we had done this 3 times on 2 previous Legend cruises and these are the best meals at sea - period, in fact better than 99.9% of land restaurants in our experience. I wish I had done this on both nights - well worth the $30pp charge. Quiet and not rushed and awesome service. We saw the Beatles tribute and the midnight adult comedian and then hit the sack - a great first day. Day 2 saw the casino (1st day also) totally crazy busy - couldn't get near a table at 9am ! I had never seen a cruise casino this busy and it was like this all day - they even had a blackjack and slot tournament. My only complaint with Carnival tourneys is that they only pay a $500 first prize - other lines pay 1st/2nd/3rd and pay out much more. They made out here with the amount of people paying. I have also never seen so many people drinking on a cruise - they even had a bar open at 7:30 AM the morning we left - this was definitely a party boat ! The shops were open and with no restrictions for buying liquor and cigarettes needless to say Carnival raked in the cash. People were buying like it was the end of the world - an employee told me that they sold more in 2 days (booze and cigarettes) than on 2 normal 8 days cruises ! I guess paying 3% tax negated import restrictions. Kudos to Carnival for having so much to do - every activity imaginable was offered - if you could not find something to do on this trip - you were dead. Amazing is all I can say - they even had an art auction and a captain's cocktail party - also another good show and late night comedian the 2nd night. I was exhausted at the end and so happy I booked the same trip next year. I know a 2 day cruise to nowhere is too short but what a great weekend getaway - definitely worth the money. My only complaint is the 2nd night at dinner - my table was for 4 people in a BOOTH. You should not put 2 couples in a booth who are total strangers - we changed our table so it worked out - they would not take requests for tables pre-cruise. Also the service in the dining room was lacking. Food was excellent though but next year I do the alternative both nights. Disembarkation was a breeze - got off at 8am and was home less than 90 minutes later. If anyone is on the fence for next year - jump off ! It was THAT good of a trip. Read Less
Sail Date October 2007
My DH and myself live in NY and love the option of cruising from NYC. We have sailed on the EOS out of Cape Liberty and it was the most memorable cruise for our big family of 8. We needed a long weekend getaway and decided on the Carnival ... Read More
My DH and myself live in NY and love the option of cruising from NYC. We have sailed on the EOS out of Cape Liberty and it was the most memorable cruise for our big family of 8. We needed a long weekend getaway and decided on the Carnival Cruise To Nowhere on the Miracle. We have done the Cruise To Nowhere before and we had a wonderful time. Embarkation: After cruising out of Miami and Port Canaveral, NYC seemed a bit less controlled. We arrived at the Pier at 11:45am and thought for sure we would have at most an hour wait to board. People were still exiting the boat from the prior cruise at 12:30pm. They began to allow the "special guests" onboard first. A large group of travel agents boarded to tour and experience The Miracle. VIP boarded next, those who needed help and then the regular folks. It only took an hour from this point to board the ship. FOOD: The staff instructed us to go up to the LIDO deck for lunch and cabins would be ready at 2pm to drop off our luggage. The Carnival food is good. Lots of choices, the lines seemed small and the staff very friendly. I like the food choices on Carnival, there does seem to be something for everyone. We ate dinner the first night at Nick and Nora's Supper Club. The $30 charge per person was well worth it. The food was outstanding, the service was wonderful and the atmosphere was very romantic and NYC chic! Dinner in the Dining room was average. The bar waiter for our table, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but taking my order. The head waiter was average and did not go out of his way for any of the tables. ENTERTAINMENT: The shows on the Miracle were awesome. The comedians...mixed review! The first night comedian was very funny! He really connected with the crowd. The second night: Marvin Bell...was hyped up to be a big time comedian...and just thought he was average at best! He seemed a bit full of himself and thought his material was very much like the first night! CABIN: We had a AFT balcony, a beautiful room, and spacious for its category and tons of closet space. I think if you compare by category...the Carnival Cabins are bigger and have more storage space. I love the Carnival Bedding...and actually have it at home. I highly recommend an AFT Balcony, especially out of NY. The view from our balcony was something out of a movie! I did hear alittle vibration from the engine at night, but nothing that kept me from sleeping. The cabin steward never introduced himself to us, we rarely saw him except at the end of the hallway talking to his colleagues. We did not have Pool Towels in our room and I had asked for them and received them on day 2. Although the room was neat and clean, BARS/LOUNGES/CASINO: Casino was great, not enough machines...entered my first Slot Tournament and had a blast. A lot of people seemed to winning except me!! Bar staff seemed alittle overworked and some bars seemed understaffed. On day one before sail away. We decided to grab a cocktail at the piano lounge in the lobby. I mentioned that there were a group of travel agents on board touring the ship before sail away! One in particular Travel Agent had approached us on the elevator about transferring our future RCL cruise to their office, offering us onboard credits, room upgrades etc. We get up to the bar and see that the staff looked extremely busy. The travel agent and had made his way to the same bar and happen to sit next to us. He had placed a drink order and did not want to wait. He was very belligerent and obnoxious to the bar staff and they went right into defense mode. It was very uncomfortable! The lack of bar staff seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the cruise. Disembarkation: The easiest disembarkation ever. Since we did not go to any ports of call, we were off the ship in 2 minutes. This was a first for us! We were home in no time...and with no airport to deal with, it was a very good way to end the weekend! In closing, the Cruise was money well spent. Even with the rain on our only sea day, there always seemed like there was enough to do. The Activities staff did a great job of keeping everyone entertained even though we could not just lounge out by the pool! It was great to get away for a couple of days on a beautiful Fun Ship! Read Less
Sail Date October 2007
Carnival Miracle Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 3.5 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.0 4.0
Enrichment 1.5 3.5
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.5 4.1
Rates 3.0 4.4

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