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10 Bayonne (Cape Liberty) to Caribbean - Eastern Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews

Embarkation. My husband drove me to Cape Liberty. My sister arrived about the same time I did and my other sister was pulling into the pier. We all met outside and went inside to check in. There were only a couple of passengers ahead ... Read More
Embarkation. My husband drove me to Cape Liberty. My sister arrived about the same time I did and my other sister was pulling into the pier. We all met outside and went inside to check in. There were only a couple of passengers ahead of us so it went very quickly. Once we were set, we boarded the bus right away and off to the ship we went. We received our welcome champagne and went straight to our staterooms, they weren't quite ready but our stateroom attendant, Anil told us we could put our carry-ons in the closet. We then went straight to the buffet. By the time we were done lunch our staterooms were ready. We unpacked and walked around the ship. Sea Days. We were very lucky and had great weather. Our sea days were spent by the pool. Yes, there were chair hogs but there were alot of chairs to go around. The Party Band, Top Notch, was very good, they had great voices but they did not play caribbean music. Most of their songs were oldies. When on a caribbean cruise I like to hear caribbean music. One day at the pool they started playing Christmas music. Not the band, the DJ. Give me a break, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Other people complained also and the music was changed. However, still no caribbean music. I think they bought a Bob Marley CD in Aruba because from Aruba on they played the same Bob Marley CD from sun-up to sun-down. Yikes!!! The coffee on the ship was horrendous, it was by far the worst coffee I have ever tasted. I am not a coffee snob but this was the worst. I couldn't wait to get to a port so I could have a decent cup. The breakfast and lunch buffet was good and always had a large selection to choose from. Dinner was very good but I do think the food is a step lower from before. They are giving smaller portions but I thought that was good because this time I could have an appetizer, soup, salad, entree and dessert and nothing was wasted. We also ate in Ocean Liners and the food and service was exceptional. I would recommend this to everyone. I wish I could have eaten there every night! The ship itself is in very good condition. It was easy to find your way around. There were many pieces of art throughout the ship. Every night before dinner we would meet at the Martini Bar. Ely was our bartender everynight throughout the cruise, he was fantastic. Gabriel, the bar manager would visit with us each night too. We have known him from other cruises we have taken and he too is outstanding. Even though I have complained about the coffee and music we still all had a great time. Smoking. For all you smokers out there, by now you know that you cannot smoke in your stateroom or on the verandah. There are 4 smoking spots on the ship. The port side on the pool deck, the port side of the casino, the port side in the Bar at the Edge and port side aft on deck 10. These areas are just filled with smokers. I personally don't think it is enough areas for the amount of smokers that were on the ship. There was never enough seating for everyone who smokes. Hopefully, Celebrity will tweak their smoking areas. Dress Code. Most people did adhere to the dress code on the ship. Of course with over 2,000 people you always have someone who does not. We did see some passengers in shorts in the dining room at diner. We were on an 11 night cruise and according to the Celebrity website and the book they send you with your docs, it stated 2 formal nights. NOT! Once we boarded we found out that there were 3 formal nights! My brother in law went down to Guest Relations and complained and they told him "Rules are Rules!" Okay! We get that, but don't tell us once we are onboard that rules are rules and now you have 3 formal nights. Needless to say they cleaned his Tux for free! So be prepared! I also read on several threads about people walking around in their robes. Oh yeah, there were many! They were wearing their robes to the pool in the Buffet and even on Caribbean night a woman came to the party in her nightgown and robe! Tacky, Tacky, Tacky! Please.....leave your robe in your stateroom. Bermuda. We docked at the Dockyard in Bermuda and were there for 2 days. We purchased 2 day bus passes which were good for the ferry also. We took the bus to Horseshoe Bay but it was too chilly to go swimming, we took some pictures then took another bus into Hamilton. Hamilton is filled with stores and was nice to walk around but it is very, very expensive in Bermuda. We were going to jump on the ferry back to the Dockyard but we would have had to wait over an hour so we decided to take the bus back. It took well over an hour to get back to the ship. As we were getting off the bus the ferry was just pulling in. Bermuda is a beautiful island, it is clean and very well kept. I enjoyed walking around the Dockyard and going in the different stores. The second day, I met up with some other cruise critic passengers and we walked to the glass beach. It is about a mile from the Dockyard. In Bermuda there are no sidewalks, so walking along the roads is somewhat dangerous. The glass beach is very small but littered with tons of sea glass, the water was crystal clear, I wish I would have taken my snorkel gear with me. I collected a bag full of sea glass then we walked back to the Dockyard. I met up with my sister at the Snorkel Park. It is very nice here too but the water was on the cold side. St Maarten. We decided to take a tour on our own here so we went with Bernard Tours. We had John as our tour guide. He was fantastic. It was a 6 hour tour around the island. We had several photo stops along the way, which were beautiful. We stopped at Sunset Bar and watched an airplane land right over our heads. We then went to the French side and stopped in Marigot and walked around town for a little while then went to Orient Beach. Since we were all adults he took us right next door from the nudist beach. WOW, did we see some sights! The water was clear and warm, we spent about an hour and half there. Very nice! We then headed back to Philipsburg for some shopping. The stores close at 6 so we didn't have a lot of time to shop but managed to pick up some jewelry, t-shirts and of course taste the Guavaberry liquor. We had about on hour then John took us back to the ship. Great time in St. Maarten. Aruba. I love Aruba! This trip we decided to do the Mi Dushi tour through Celebrity. A bus picked us up at the ship and took us to a dock about 15 minutes away, we boarded a ferry which took us over to the Mi Dushi. We snorkeled at the Antilla wreck, it was a little rough out there but fun all the same. We then made 2 other stops, I believe it was Arashi reef and then Malmok Beach. Great snorkeling at both places. After everyone boarded the sailboat they then had the rope swing. My sister did it and said it was fun, I just took pictures. After the rope swing we had a BBQ lunch on the boat. Very good. It was also open bar, so everyone was very happy. We took our time sailing back to the pier and the bus took us back to the ship. We then went into town made a quick stop at Iguana Joe's, had a great cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts and did some souvenir shopping. Another great day! Labadee. We were supposed to spend the day in Labadee but because of a labor dispute with the workers they did not feel it safe enough to stop so instead we went to Nassau. Nassau. I have been here several times and it was ok. We would have liked to have gone to Atlantis but today was not a very nice day. It was cloudy with passing showers so we just walked around town. Walked through the straw market and of course bought purses. Made a stop at Senor Frogs and then just walked around town and in and out of all the shops. Bought more souvenirs then back to the ship. Disembarkation. We were supposed to go to the theater at 8:50. They started calling people at about 9:10 to disembark. Our flight was at 11:10 so I was getting a little nervous. There were several other cruise ships docked also. We left the ship at around 9:15, found our luggage and made our way outside, we did not have any transportation booked but got a van right away and were whisked off to the airport. The airport was crowded but the lines moved quickly. We only had about a half hour wait till we started to board the plane. So all in all it did go rather smoothly. The Solstice and the Ruby Princess were docked in Ft. Lauderdale so we managed to get a few pictures of each. Both are beautiful ships. Hopefully some day I will sail on them. Well, this is the end of my review, I hope it helps anyone out there about to board the Constellation. My motto is "There are no bad vacations as long as your on a cruise ship." Until next time.................... Read Less
Sail Date October 2008
This was our seventh cruise, our second Celebrity cruise, but our first on the Constellation. This was our sons first Celebrity Cruise and he really had a great time, so dont hesitate to take your children. Our son met several teens his ... Read More
This was our seventh cruise, our second Celebrity cruise, but our first on the Constellation. This was our sons first Celebrity Cruise and he really had a great time, so dont hesitate to take your children. Our son met several teens his age (16) and made many friends. He said he would definitely want to cruise Celebrity again as well! We saw the Counselors with the small children doing all kinds of activities throughout the ship, they kept them occupied and the kids appeared to be really enjoying it. They even did an Easter Bonnet (which they made themselves) parade at the pool one afternoon. What a wonderful ship, she is now our favorite. Celebrity has a real handle on embarkation&we arrived at 11:30am and were on the ship by noon! We did not leave port until 6pm. We really did not experience any negatives on this cruise except for slightly discolored water. We had read about this in reviews prior to our cruise so it did not come as a surprise. It was fine for showering and etc. so it was not a big deal. However, they do have a problem and they should correct it. The layout of the ship is very easy to follow and the dEcor was very pleasant. The Crew is constantly cleaning and polishing and the ship is immaculate. We like to go to the Art Auctions, and have even purchased a few pieces in the past, however the seating is not the most comfortable on this ship. They have allocated an area in the middle of the shopping area for the auctions and the seats are crowded together. We did not attend the auction because of the seating arrangements. The shopping area of the ship is very nice, better than on some ships. The stores had good selections and the staff was most courteous and helpful. Actually, all the staff was very nice, helpful and polite. This being our second Celebrity cruise, we find that they provide the best in service and hospitality. We have sailed Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity and find Celebrity to provide the best service. The food was very good. We did visit Ocean liners one evening and it is well worth the money. For $30pp, we got the very best in service and the food was excellent. We would pay plenty to experience this type of service and food at a restaurant at home. The entertainment was very good. We did have rough seas the night the comedian did his show and we missed it due to sea sickness. I think about ¾ of the ship missed dinner and the show that night! However our son attended and said he was very good and funny. He even bought his CD. We went to the Cirque de Soile and that was great. That night they had the adult Cirque de Soliel white party in the disco. We did not find it all that great as that is all it was, a party. They did do some light projections on the walls that were cool and also reflected off of your white clothing, but it was just a drinking party. We had heard that there was entertainment, but the only thing to see there was people dancing, we were not impressed with the party. All the other shows were good and we truly enjoyed them. We attended all of the talks by Dr. Joe Bishop, a meteorologist who had worked at NOAA. He gave talks about climate changes, global warming, freak weather patterns and rogue waves, tornadoes, hurricanes and natural disasters. Since our son is studying marine biology he made sure to attend every session. So much so that he got up to attend one that was held ay 9:30am, after being out to the wee hours partying at the teen disco! We attended all of them as well. He was very interesting and educational. There was always a packed house. The weather was not the best. It was raining when we left Port Liberty and the rain seemed to follow us right down the coast. Not steady rain, but here and there. When people would complain, I would ask them, You are off from work and on a cruise -- what is there to complain about and they would realize that it wasnt as bad as they had made it to be. Drizzly rain here and there, but the sun did shine; I was even able to get a very fine case of sun poisoning. Most of the ports were OK because it would be drizzly in the AM and the sun would start shining in the early afternoon or it was sunny in the AM and the rain would begin in the late afternoon. St. Maarten was the only port where it rained most of the day. When we got ready to leave the St. Martin port, the sun came out and the rest of the day on the cruise was beautiful. First port was Charleston. We walked (took about 20 minutesto the right when you leave the pier) to the boat for Fort Sumter and took the tour. Very educational and enjoyable and very inexpensive! We then went next door to the Aquarium which was also reasonably priced and fun. There was a flea market right near the pier so we went for a short walk through on the way back to the ship. It was a good day and since we did everything on our own it was not expensive to see the sights. Next port was Grand Bahama Island (Freeport). We had been here before so we knew there was not much to do here. Our 16 year old son took the nature walking tour and had a great time. He was originally scheduled for the Open Water Kayak Tour but it was cancelled due to the rough water. He was glad it was cancelled after he went on this tour. The nature tour had kayaking (inland) and a visit to a national park. He really enjoyed it. My husband and I went to Port Lucaya to have a look. Typical outdoor market. We had a beer and some conch fritters, walked around a bit and went back to the ship. The cab cost us $5 each. This was our second time in Freeport, not the best port but anywhere for a cruise! Next was Nassau. We had never been here before so we grabbed a cab to Paradise Island. The cab ride was a little scary but Paradise Island is beautiful. We went to the aquarium which they have underground. It had an Ancient Egyptian type theme and was a lot of fun. We were there by 8:30am and did not see anyone collecting admission. When you come out of the aquarium you are on their lagoon and it was very nice. We took a walk around and watched them feed the big ray that is in the aquarium. You can also tour the aquarium from above and the walk goes around it, so you can tour the property and look into the top of the aquarium at the same time. There is a casino, but we did not gamble&just walked around to have a look. After taking a cab back to Nassau, we went to visit the Pirate Museum. It was raining by now so it was perfect timing, and we had a good time. We had to walk back to the ship in the rain afterward, but it just drizzled rain with a few downpours in between. As a lot of the sidewalks are covered, we were able to stay reasonably dry. We were excited by our next port -- St. Maarten. We had never been here but heard a lot of good things about St. Maarten. We had reserved a car from Arthurs at the recommendation of reviews on the board. I should tell you that it was Good Friday when we were there so a lot of the stores and etc. were closed. When we got to Arthurs, he was not open! This was around noon and he had confirmed that he would hold a car for us until then. I dont think he realized that it was Good Friday when he confirmed the reservation, but none the less, he was closed. We had passed several rental agencies on our way out of the pier area to get to Arthurs so we just headed back that way. There was a Budget, Hertz and the like, but they were all closed so we ended up renting from Reynolds Car Rentals. He is located at the far end of the row of rental agencies to the right when you leave the pier. DO NOT RENT FROM REYNOLDS!!! A local was hawking rentals and led us over to Reynolds, which was the only agency open. We told Reynold, the owner, that we wanted to pay cash for the rental and as is customary he requested a signed credit card slip as a deposit. He had the young man retrieve the car, a well used Toyota. He informed us that we had to re-fill the gas to its original ¾ tank. (It cost us $5 to re-fill it after touring the Island for four hours.) Upon returning to the agency to return the rental, the door was locked. We waited for about 15 minutes, when the young man who brought us to Reynolds initially came walking up. We paid him $76.00 cash and he gave us the signed charge card slip (with all sections intact) and a cash receipt. I shredded the credit card slip into tiny little pieces and trashed it and we went back to the ship. When we returned home and received our statement we found that Reynold had charged our card for $200. Originally VISA told us that we had to prove payment with our cash receipt, which I had thrown away at this point. We asked them to prove the charge by showing a signature, which we know they cannot do because it is gone. Now VISA is going to make him authenticate the charge. This is proving to be rather difficult because Reynold does not answer his phone. We are currently working with the bank to get our money back! So needless to say, we do not recommend Reynolds and warn you to stay away from them. Enough about that --it was raining and we had planned on renting a car and touring the Island. We went to Marigot and most things were closed, but we did visit there. We also stopped by the Zoo. It is small, but fun. It is run by a conservation group so your entrance supports their cause. We spent about an hour to 1 ½ hours here. We also visited the Simpson Bay Beach, where the planes come in real low. Then we headed back to the ship, we had not eaten in hours and were starved! Our next stop was in St. Thomas. We had been before, but there is so much to see here that we had a great time. Our son is a newly certified Scuba Diver so we had scheduled him to dive with the Coki Beach Dive Club. It was a dive off of the beach which made my husband and I more comfortable than sending him out alone on a boat with strangers. The cost was $40 for a two tank dive and it lasted for about an hour. They supplied the gear so we did not have to cart his gear around with us. They pick you up at the ship and take you to Coki Beach. It cost my husband and I $10 each (since we were not diving) for the ride and you have to get a taxi back to the ship which costs $7pp. For $20 we were able to add another dive to our reservation, which took place about ½ an hour later. As my husband and I were relaxing on the beach, he did the second dive. They dive two different reefs right from the beach and he had a blast. Saw all kinds of sea life and really enjoyed it. They are a great outfit and we highly recommend them. Just make your reservations on line and it is about ½ the price of the ship excursion. My husband and I met a native of St. Thomas on the beach and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon in lovely conversation. After taking an open-air taxi back to the ship, we did a little shopping at the pier. We bought our quota of liquor and headed back to the ship. A great port and a great day in St. Thomas. Although we had been here before, we love St. Thomas and really enjoyed the day. On to San Juan -- where we were in port for only a few hours. We had been to San Juan before and had taken the ships kayak tour of the Bioluminescent Bay (highly recommend it) on our last cruise to this port, so we decided to walk to the forts. The walk there is a little rough as it is all uphill, but going back to the ship was a breeze. As it was Easter Sunday, it was nice seeing all the churches open and everyone in their Easter finest. You can walk from one fort to the other and in between there is a large field where all the families were kite flying. We sat and took a break in the field and watched the kites for a little while in between visiting the two forts. If you plan on attending both forts, you can get a ticket which covers both and offers a discount. No more ports&just sea days to get back to Port Liberty. Oh boy, love sea days, especially after so many ports! Debarkation was the usual -- wait for your color to be called. Even though we drove to the port, we were off by 11am and home by 12:30. This was our best cruise yet and we would highly recommend Celebrity for your next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2006
Wow!........the Constellation more than lived up to the great reviews we'd read! We just got back from a ...9 day cruise out of Bayonne, NJ to Labadee, San Juan, St. Maarten and Bermuda. We had 8 1/2 days of sunshine with only a half ... Read More
Wow!........the Constellation more than lived up to the great reviews we'd read! We just got back from a ...9 day cruise out of Bayonne, NJ to Labadee, San Juan, St. Maarten and Bermuda. We had 8 1/2 days of sunshine with only a half day of rain and fairly rough seas. I'm terrible at reviews but here goes... We arrived in Bayonne at 11 a.m and we started boarding at a little after noon. It was so easy and painless. You drop the bags when you first arrive and then proceed to the parking area. The parking was $15 a day and very secure. There's a shuttle that takes you to the terminal. This terminal has a nice inside waiting room with plenty of seats. After boarding we explored the ship and then headed off to the buffet (rooms wouldn't be ready until about 1). We had stateroom 3065 with a 48" porthole window (great unobstructed view). Super nice room but the bed was on the firm side and pillows were flat and horrible (my only complaint on the room). We went to see the Maitre D' to see if we could have our dinner seating changed from late to early. He told us they'd let us know the next day (a card was delivered to our stateroom the following afternoon with a new table assignment). There were only 2 formal nights on this cruise, instead of the 3 that were listed. The second night was formal so we got all gussied up and ate in the gorgeous San Marco dining room. The entertainment....was superb! The house band was Onyx and they played by the pool most days and in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth (deck 11). The ship's orchestra played big band music in the Rendevous Lounge one night, there was a singer/piano player in Michael's Club every night, The Mozart Duo also played in the Rendevous Lounge every evening. The Cova Cafe had a string quartet most days. Some of the highlights for us were the '50s/'60s Sock hop, country line dance party, masked ball, evening pool party with fruit buffet and of course, the Grande Buffet (more about that later). During the sea days there were swing, Rhumba and Cha-Cha classes in the afternoon and we went to a couple of those. One of the things that we really enjoyed, but I couldn't find out much about on the boards, was the casual dining in the evening...we loved it! They set up one side of the buffet seating area in the evening for casual dining with tablecloths, flowers and fun waiters (these guys are the ones in training for the San Marco). We had the same waiter every night...Paul from Jamaica...and he was so much fun! Every evening we had a table for 2 right in front of a huge window with gorgeous views of the ocean and sunset. The menu consisted of great bread basket, a choice of 2 appetizers, soup of the day, house or caesar salad, 6 entrees (chicken, fish, barbecued spare ribs, mixed grill, etc...these changed every night but usually chicken and a fish was on the menu), baked potato or FF's, and a choice from about 4 desserts. It was a nice alternative to the 2 hour dinners in the formal dining room without losing out on great service. Ports....We didn't take any of the excursions so I can't comment on them. Labadee was a nice surprise after reading all the horrid reports on Haiti. The tenders took us ashore and we were greeted by island music, a gorgeous beach, and beach attendants waiting to put a lounge chair wherever we desired. We learned that Celebrity had this whole area specifically built for their cruise ships and it was really nice, clean and welcoming! The flea market was rather intrusive as the local crafters do everything but drag you into their cubicles to display their wares. They really get in your face and just don't want to let you pass on. BUT, if you like to haggle price, you'll have fun here as they keep dropping the price until you buy something. On the other end of the flea market is a craft area with fixed prices but no high pressure sales. San Juan...I don't have too much to say. We walked around and went in some shops but it was really hot and it was my least favorite stop. St Maarten was gorgeous!...everything I thought a Caribbean island would be! Stunning beaches, upscale shopping and so clean! We took a bus for $3 each inland a ways and browsed the shops. Then we walked along the beach back to the ship. Bermuda....Royal Navy Dockyard. For $12 a day you can ride any of the ferries or buses and it's a great deal! We took the ferry to Hamilton and walked around and then took the #7 bus back to the ship. What a great way to see the island! At the dock yard we paid the $10 each to go through the Maritime museum and to see the dolphins (for $204 you could swim with the dolphins for 45 minutes...gulp!.....too rich for my blood!) Oh, I did ask several kids what they thought of the kids program and the teenagers weren't impressed......there didn't seem to be much for them to do. Debarking was a breeze, customs was nothing and the shuttle takes you right over to the terminal. I'm sure I've forgotten more than I remembered so please feel free to email if you have any questions. This was our 2nd cruise...we were on the Zenith for 5 nights in Feb. I've also booked 7 nights to Bermuda in May and 11 nights on the Constellation again in Oct (yup, we really like Celebrity!). Read Less
Sail Date April 2006
BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Hi :),This was our FIRST cruise and my wife & I took it to celebrate our 40th anniversary which is coming up this June. We are Canadians and hail from just outside Ottawa,Ontario,Canada, I do not have all the ... Read More
BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Hi :),This was our FIRST cruise and my wife & I took it to celebrate our 40th anniversary which is coming up this June. We are Canadians and hail from just outside Ottawa,Ontario,Canada, I do not have all the computer skills to make a report but please bare with me. This would be interesting to the new cruisers out there probably more than the seasoned veterans. We left Port Hope, New Jersey on the 26th of March for the Caribbean to see:Charleston,South Carolina(beautiful) CocoCay, Bahamas (island owned by Celebrity Cruise Lines..another beauty) Freeport, Bahamas (bought my booze here :)) Phillipsburg,St. Maarten (took our "bubba excursion" here....local fishing trip not too far off the island..excellent) and also bought a JVC camcorder here at Boolchand's) Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas (beautiful beaches but should get rid of some of that garbage in local back yards which you see on the way to the beautiful beaches!). San Juan,Puerto Rico (clean,clean,clean..I would go back here tomorrow if I could. Here is a proud city and you sure can tell. Beautiful++) We arrived back in Port Hope, New Jersey on April 07 after 12 nights of cruising. We made transfer arrangements with Celebrity (all went well)and our cruise arrangements with our TA who was excellent did a lot of research on the internet before choosing Celebrity and can honestly say that we were very, very satisfied. Hours upon hours were dedicated to this and I must of read everything on Cruise Critic and all the other cruise web sites. STATEROOM: Vista deck(#7)cabin 7172 with balcony. Whatever you do take a balcony! Fresh air, breakfast first thing in the morning provided by room service(included in your cost). Take it out on your balcony and enjoy. Martini before dinner.. take it out on your balcony ..enjoy! We are spoiled now and don't think we would be happy with anything less:(.Lots of storage space and very comfortable bed (queen size for us). If you want to get rid of your luggage your cabin stewart will take it & bring it back ot the end of the journey). DINING: We had early sitting..6pm. We sat with two other couples each evening and we all got along well (both my wife are positive people and so were our table mates). It took a little while to get to know each other but everything worked out fine and we shared some fun time :).The maitre d' will try to place you at another table if you so desire after the first dinner. If there is something you prefer to eat ask your waiter & the next evening you will see it at your table. Excellent service. We tried alternate dining (Ocean Liners) and the presentation was excellent but I personally found nothing special about the food. (Lobster tail was my favourite which I had in the main dining room.) ACTIVITIES: Endless things to do on board. You receive a "daily schedule list"on your bed each evening along with a couple of chocolates:)There is a social director and an activities group which will make you feel really at home. We went to bingo a few times and I entered a couple of slot tournaments (what happened? what do you mean I've been eliminated on the first round??aren't there another couple rounds??:() Fun anyway. Your personal TV lists what is going on every day so you just have to tune in. They also show you the next port your coming into and what excursions are available. SERVICE:What can I say? E_______T!Yes excellent. One could not ask for better service than what we received. Not just from people that are suppose to look after us but from ALL personnel.. smiling and always saying "good morning, how are you? May I help you?" I believe a lot of the credit should go to Captain Papanikolaou who runs a tight ship:) (thank you for the viewing of the bridge Captain and our picture together.) thank you very much to Raymundo (our cabin steward) and our waiter. ENTERTAINMENT:The Celebrity orchestra, dancers and singers were extremely good+++ Other performances were by a ventriloquist, comedian, electrical violinists, cirque du soleil....I would of NOT been disappointed if I did not see the comedian (not as funny as he thought he was) and the violinists (amateurish):(I'M HO. The others were excellent. SHORE EXCURSIONS: The only one we took was the "bubba fishing expedition" in St. Maarten arranged through Celebrity Cruise Lines. Excellent captain and two helpful ship mates. Caught some beautiful local fish. We hired taxis in St. Thomas and Puerto Rico to give us a tour of their islands. Juan DeLeon 1023@hotmail.com in St. Thomas was very interesting & informative and United Tour Guides "Jose R.Capeles"cell # 528-8140 in Puerto Rico was absolutely excellent. We did this on our own and found out it was 50% cheaper to do it this way!! Repeat ..50% cheaper! This would be a high recommendation by us to do it ...just make sure you have plenty of time to get back to the ship :). DISEMBARKATION: Considering Celebrity had 2000 passengers to get off the ship, things went remarkably well. We were on our bus ready to be transferred to Newark Airport about 20 minutes after the disembarkation call was made. SUMMARY: We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Cruise Critic for inviting us to meet people on line before the beginning of our cruise. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to put a face to a name. We would also like to say it was so nice to meet soooo many new people (the two "ladies in red" from England, the two couples from Ireland which we met at bingo, Liz & Herb, Karen & Ralph, Carole & Al, Pat & Rod, Dee,and so on :)) Would we do it again? Darn right!!I hope you have found this report interesting,we have tried to make it that way :). Please do NOT hesitate to contact us at iajsheridann@hotmail.com if you have any questions or we can help in any way. Happy cruising and may the wind carry you beyond your beliefs. Read Less
Sail Date March 2006
We recently returned from our first Celebrity Cruise. We are cruise lovers and firmly believe that a bad day at sea beats a day at work any day. We've sailed on almost all of the mass market lines including, Carnival, NCL, Princess ... Read More
We recently returned from our first Celebrity Cruise. We are cruise lovers and firmly believe that a bad day at sea beats a day at work any day. We've sailed on almost all of the mass market lines including, Carnival, NCL, Princess & RCCL. This review will be written from the perspective of a comparison between Celebrity and the other cruise lines, especially Royal Caribbean which has been my favorite line to this point. Prior to boarding I corresponded with many of my co-passengers for many months on Cruise Critic, many of which were fans of Celebrity. I was told that I would "love" Celebrity and that "they just do it better", etc. I went on this trip with an open mind prepared to enjoy the "premium" service and experience Celebrity markets. Since we live only about 10 minutes from the port in Bayonne, there was no need for pre-cruise arrangements. Because this was a repositioning sailing we would be flying back into Newark so we parked our car at the airport and arranged for a ride for the short trip to the pier at Cape Liberty. I did another repo cruise from Bayonne at almost the same time last year on the Voyager of the Seas. That departure was in cold and windy conditions, but still a lot of fun. Just about a week or so before boarding the Connie I realized that because Daylight Savings Time had ended that we would be leaving port in the dark at 6:00 pm. I figured that this would add to the excitement of sailaway, being on deck, going under the lit up Verazzano bridge. I was looking forward to it. Embarkation-We arrived at Cape Liberty around 12:15 or so and gave our ample luggage to a waiting porter. This was a 9-day voyage which included 3 formal and 2 informal nights, so we had more luggage than in the past. We tipped him appropriately and made our way inside the terminal. Since boarding had already started, there were no lines and we walked right up to an agent with our previously printed Xpress Pass and were checked in within 5 minutes. Took our boarding photo and walked right onto a waiting bus to shuttle us to the ship. We were onboard and enjoying the welcome champagne and orange juice by 12:30. Grade-A+ Cabin/Ship-Our cabin was ready when we arrived so we went there right away to check it out. About a month or so before we sailed there was a rock bottom sale on this sailing. The prices were originally great anyway, with us paying less than $700 for 9 days. We originally booked an inside guarantee. During the sale, inside guarantees could be had for $450 per person! I'm not kidding. Instead of requesting a refund, we took advantage of the low pricing to upgrade to a balcony cabin for only $80 more per person. What a deal. We were assigned cabin# 6048. One of my CC buddies advised me that that was the "special" cabin he had specifically booked, but gave up in favor of a guarantee to get the price reduction. I was anxious to see what was so "special" about this cabin. From the deck plans it appeared as if this cabin had a slightly larger balcony than the standard balcony cabins. It was a bit larger, however there was a downfall to this location. This specific cabin on all decks had a kind of slanted, triangle shaped balcony. This make them slightly larger, but they were angled so that every time you step up to the railing of your balcony you're looking out at all of the balconies down the side of the ship. And more importantly, they're looking at you! It meant for a little less privacy because I didn't feel free to walk up to my balcony in nightgowns or even less J, but the slightly larger space did allow for us to put a padded lounge chair out there which I enjoyed many times during this voyage. I liked the mirrored walls in the cabin as well as the small couch. The overall dEcor was very inviting. There was a mini fridge and enough storage space for us to put away all of our things. I liked the extra drawer space in the closet. The bathroom/shower is definitely on the small side, but aren't they all? I believe this was the smallest bathroom I've ever had. The best bathroom would be on the Norwegian Dawn, with the sectioned layout. Overall, a comfortable attractive room. The rest of the ship was equally as attractive. I liked the elegance of the ship. The public spaces were very comfortable and nicely decorated. The layout of the ship was good, and easy to get around. One disappointment, though, was the Thelassotherapy pool. After hearing so much hype about this venue, I thought it was going to be a tranquil, solarium type atmosphere. I walked by this pool several times before I realized that it was THE T-pool. I was envisioning a more secluded, out of the way area in the spa for this pool. It was basically just the indoor pool as on the Solarium on RCCL ships. However there wasn't as much tranquility in this area as in RCCL. I found it to very noisy in this area, not conducive to quite conversation or reading. I definitely prefer the Solarium on RCCL ships which are decorated with a tropical theme. Just more relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Grade-A- Food-After checking out our cabin we headed to the buffet area for the welcome aboard lunch. This was the best buffet lunch I've had on a ship. There were excellent choices including carved meat, rice, salads, fresh pasta. I was disappointed in the choices of salad dressings, however, which was limited. Only 3 choices, and not the usual offerings like Ranch, French. They had tomato basil or something like that. Throughout the week, I commented that the buffet here definitely beat that on RCCL. My last trip on the Voyager last year had a dreadful buffet, where it was difficult to get a hot meal. I also ordered room service for the first time ever on this trip. I enjoyed a full service breakfast one day before going ashore. I even took the advice of some other reviewers and wrote in some items that were not on the room service menu. I also made sure to write in all of the condiments we wanted since I'd read previously that if you don't do that, you won't get them. The room service menu offered a plain omelet, so I wrote in the things I wanted included, such as cheese, onions, etc. It came just as ordered. The entire order was perfect. The freshly cooked pancakes and waffles were very good at the breakfast buffet. During the week we only went to the formal dining room for dinner. I don't pay for the extra charge venues. We went to the DR for breakfast twice as well, including the day of debarkation. The food was always very good, with one exception. The lobster I received on formal night was terrible. The worst I've had on any trip. I spoke to others who said theirs was good, but I didn't enjoy mine at all. I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate with pastries at the Cova Cafe. Overall the food was very good, but not extremely better than that on RCCL. Grade-B+ Entertainment-While I enjoyed what was offered on the ship, I found Celebrity to be very lacking in this area. There just seemed like there wasn't much to do. Daytime activities were very few. I mentioned to several of my fellow cruisers that I was very disappointed in the daily activities or lack of them on this ship. While on other ships, I'm always afraid to nap during the day for the fear that I'd miss out on some fun activity. Not on this ship. I took many naps and slept later than normal, comfortable knowing that there wasn't much going on to miss. Good thing was I caught up on some much needed sleep. I liked the fact that there were few onboard announcements and the usual belly flop and hairy leg contests were not missed, but I do like the other type of game shows that are offered on other ships. I always make a point to go see the ship's version of the Not so Newlywed Game, it being one of my favorite activities. They had no such game on this ship. Nothing like RC's "Quest" or anything of that sort. There was one, I repeat, ONE stand up comedy act during the entire 9-day voyage. One show only. I was extremely disappointed with this. I enjoy comedians on the ships and couldn't believe that only one show was offered. I also enjoy Karaoke and only 2 sessions were offered during these 9 days. Some Celebrity fans have told me that these are the things they like about Celebrity. I guess that would mean I'm still a RCCL fan because I missed these things. The cover band on the ship, Onyx was excellent, with the drummer/singer Johnny something. I forgot his last name. I really should have kept my daily sheets. He was an excellent vocalist. He was featured during the welcome aboard show. I thought this meant that he would have a full show later in the week and I looked forward to it. Didn't happen. He sang in the Rendezvous Lounge with the band, but did not have his own show in the theater. I only attended 2 of the production shows, as I'm of the mind, you've seen one you've pretty much seen them all. I enjoyed "Fantaseas" immensely with it being up there as one of the best shows I've seen at sea. That top honor goes to NCL's Dawn and their presentation of "Bollywood". The lead singers and dancers of the Connie were all very good. Grade-C Ports/Excursions-The itinerary on this ship left something to be desired. One of the original ports we were scheduled to visit was Charleston, SC. Many of us were excited about this port and were looking forward to exploring it's many historic sites. However, it was replaced with Freeport, Grand Bahama. No one was excited about this port at all, especially since we were already scheduled to visit Nassau. 2 port in the Bahamas is really not that exciting. Also since I've been to Grand Bahamas twice before for land vacations, I was even less thrilled. Therefore I used this day as a "ship" day. I envisioned myself having the empty ship to myself. Unfortunately, many of the other passengers had the same idea. There were lots of folks onboard this day. The rest of the itinerary was the standard Eastern Caribbean visiting St. Maarten, St. Thomas and ending in San Juan. We took one ship sponsored excursion which was in St. Maarten. We did the 4 X 4 Jeep Safari excursion and we had a blast. Even my DH who isn't easily excited had a great time. We met a nice couple who we shared a jeep with and had a great time. We drove through town on both sides of the island and stopped at Orient Beach for a few hours before ending the tour with some off road driving. While at Orient Beach we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed the beautiful beach area. It was a great day. In St. Thomas we just did a little shopping and visited a nearby phone/internet center to call home and check email. We had beautiful weather all week, but we did have 2 very rough days at sea. One of which prevented my husband from attending the formal dinner in the dining room. I went alone, and since we had a table for 2, I was dining alone. Some of the nearby diners took pity on me and asked me if I wanted to join their tables. Lol. I must have looked like a lonely, pathetic lady. It was very nice of them to ask. Those 2 days onboard were a bit uncomfortable, difficult to walk with many folks feeling seasick, but other than that we had warm sunny skies. Service-Service was excellent throughout the ship. Here, Celebrity lived up to my expectations. We had a wonderful room steward, Agnelo, and wonderful dining room wait staff. Our waiter was Dzoni from Croatia and his assistant, "Mr. T" from Thailand. Mr T didn't resemble the famous character from the 80's, instead a petite man who liked to crack jokes. They honored all of our requests, even for Crème Brulee on the nights it wasn't on the menu. We met some very friendly bar servers, some of the nicest from Jamaica. The casino dealers were also very nice and they liked to joke around with the players. There was even a nice pit boss, a tall lady with red hair, that was on point. I gave her my room card to get cash at a table, and she greeted me by name after that. Nothing to complain about here. Grade-A Debarkation-We debarked in San Juan, which would be my first time doing so in San Juan. We were scheduled to meet at 8:45 am in a specified meeting place based on the color of our debarkation tags. We arrived about 5 minutes late and I asked the lady by the door if our color had been called yet. She told me to just walk out the door. We walked right off the ship into the terminal where a waiting porter helped us locate our luggage and secure a taxi to the airport. No problem at all. Grade-A Celebrity hosted, not one, but 2 Cruise Critic parties on this sailing. While this was a nice gesture, I don't even know what the purpose was at the first meeting. When I went to the meet and mingle on the Voyager, the cruise director staff actually hosted the meeting and got the participants actively involved with mingling with each other. They had a trivia contest and gave out some nice prizes. For our first meeting all they did was basically announce that it was a cruise critic meeting and then left us to our own devices. We had an informal meeting of our own the day before at Michael's club, which was much more fun than this. The 2nd meeting was a bit more exciting because the captain of the ship attended and held a sort of question and answer session. He graciously answered our questions regarding the ship, future ships, itineraries, etc and that was appreciated. One other thing I should note really didn't affect me, but is worth mentioning. We had a serious medical emergency on this sailing. I'm told that while enjoying an evening of dancing in the Rendezvous Lounge that one gentleman passenger simply passed out on the dance floor, apparently from a heart attack. They evacuated the lounge and proceeded with emergency life-saving procedures on the man. They even had to use a defibrillator on him to restart his heart. Some of the passengers there at the time said it looked very serious. We heard the next day that the man had been medi-vaced off of the ship during the night. I had the opportunity to speak to the wife of the patient several days later while waiting in line at the buffet. She praised the response of the medical staff very highly. She said they responded very promptly and were very professional and treated her very well during this difficult time. She wasn't able to go with her husband in the helicopter because of limited space and was unable to get a flight to Florida that didn't involve flying all the way back to Newark, NJ then back down to FL. Since her adult son had flown to oversee his father's care until his mother could get there, she stayed on the ship. However, she was just sick and miserable about the situation. She said the staff took care of her and were very concerned about her. They even allowed her to use the ship's phone free of charge every day to call her husband. She did say that he was having surgery and was doing well, thank God. While we don't normally think about these things, it's good to know that we will be in good hands if an emergency does arise. When we first boarded and were eating lunch in the buffet, all we saw boarding were much older passengers. We were wondering if we were going to be in the minority of passengers under the age of 50. Throughout the week we did find some more younger passengers, but the definite majority was definitely over the age of 60, maybe even 70. While I don't care for the party like atmosphere offered on some ships, I do enjoy fun activities while onboard the ship. For that reason I feel RCCL is still the best fit for our family offering a more laid back atmosphere with a nice passenger mix and fun activities. Not to mention beautiful ships. I mentioned in the beginning of this review that I envisioned a high-energy, fun sailaway while on deck. Wouldn't happen. I bundled up and went out on deck, but there were very few others out there with me. No music, not the typical sailaway. I don't know if this because of the time, 6:00, and many folks were at dinner, or if this is the usual for Celebrity. They were also having a sail away party in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth, which is a great lounge which also doubles as the disco. When I didn't see many folks up on deck I figured there would be a lot of people who didn't want to brave the cold at the party. Wrong again. The place was pretty much empty. I don't know where everyone was but I was a bit let down with this less than festive sail away. Overall this was a very enjoyable cruise, one that I wouldn't mind repeating if I was in the mood for a quiet, relaxing vacation and wanted to catch up on some sleep. Overall grade-B I hope this review has been helpful to some of you and feel free to contact me with any questions. Read Less
Sail Date November 2005
This cruise on the Constellation was our first cruise and it will not be our last. We read member reviews on Cruise Critic to assist us in making a decision as to which line and which ship. We were not disappointed. We booked this cruise ... Read More
This cruise on the Constellation was our first cruise and it will not be our last. We read member reviews on Cruise Critic to assist us in making a decision as to which line and which ship. We were not disappointed. We booked this cruise through a travel agent 7 months prior to sailing. We found a good price for Concierge Class (CC) and decided to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in style. We had read on the boards that several people had trouble checking in at the Bayonne port - if they were CC. We took the advice of the experienced cruisers and asked for the Concierge Class check in when we arrived at the port. The entire check in from arrival at the port to the arrival in our stateroom was approximately 15-20 minutes! We dropped our carry-on luggage in our stateroom and found the buffet where we had lunch. When we returned to our stateroom, our luggage was waiting for us. We also met Thomas, our attendant. Thomas was always smiling and ready to assist us with anything we needed. We unpacked and explored the ship. We were impressed by the beauty and detail of the public rooms. Our ship was full, but at no time, did we feel like we were on a large ship with 2000 people. The main dining room is on two floors and is laid out to give the feel of smaller dining venues. The buffet did get crowded, but there were several lines to get on and they moved fairly quickly. We had signed up for the second dinner seating and requested a table for 6 people. The other two couples at our table were very nice, friendly people and we enjoyed our dinners with them. We have become friends with one of the other couples and spent time with them on shore and at the casino. Our waiter was a little slow the first two nights. We were among the last to leave the dining room the first night and had to skip dessert the second night in order to attend the show. My husband complained to the Maitre D' and one of the other couples also complained. The next night, one of his tables was moved to another waiter's station and the service was not as slow. The other problem we had at the main dining room were the little kids at the two tables next to us. One table had 3 children ranging in age from 3-7ish. Those children were fairly well behaved and quiet. However, the other table had a young child who spent most evenings crying rather loudly. By the end of the cruise, my husband and I decided that children (especially the young ones) should not be allowed at the late seating. One night, we had dinner at Ocean Liners, the specialty restaurant. The dinner was fabulous and the service quite elegant. The evening was definitely worth the $30/person surcharge. There were other dining alternatives available at no additional charge plus one casual dining alternative that had a $2/person charge. We had dinner one night in that venue and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. The food at the grill by the pool tended to be cold and not very tasty; the buffet food was very good; the pizza was excellent; the pasta was undercooked. Overall, the food was very good to excellent. We only took advantage of one shore excursion. At our first port, Freeport, we took the Tranquility Shores Beach & BBQ lunch excursion. The beach, although clean and pretty, had a lot of rocks and shells in the water, plus the water was cold. However, the lunch was good and we did manage to get a little sunburned. Our second port was Nassau. The Visitor's Center is near the pier, so we went in there to get a map of historic Nassau. There was a walking tour available for $10/person, so we took the tour. Our tour guide was a lovely woman who was very knowledgeable. We learned quite a bit about the history of the Bahamas in general and Nassau in particular. Our third port was St. Maarten. We took a cab with two other couples from the ship and went to Orient Beach. Beautiful beach, clean, clear water. We were warned that the beach was "clothing optional" - we chose clothing, but did observe people in various stages of dress (or undress). After the beach, we went shopping in town and returned to the ship with plenty of time to have some lunch and sit in the hot tub. Our fourth port was St. Thomas. Shared a cab with the same people as the day before and went to Megan's Bay. Gorgeous - the water was calm and warm like bath water. Again, after the beach, we went shopping and returned to the ship, had a late lunch and spent time in the hot tub. We did not go to all of the shows; however, we did go to the premiere of the new "Taste of Cirque" show. This is a 30 minute Cirque du Soleil which replaces the old Cirque entertainment on the Constellation. We had seen several Cirque shows prior to the cruise. This 30 minute presentation was a wonderful sampling of the type of show Cirque does. There was the masked party after the show in the Bar at the Edge of the Earth. A mask was needed as admission to the party, but once in the Bar, most people removed their masks. In addition, there were two entertainers worth noting. One was a pianist (Naki Ataman) who played songs from around the world and was accompanied by two other musicians. What was interesting was that he just played - one song into the next non-stop and played like that for an hour! He is quite talented and we enjoyed his show. The other notable entertainer was the comedian/magician. He got several members of the audience involved in his tricks and comedy. Very, very funny man (I don't remember his name). The production shows were good; the singers and dancers talented. My husband and I were disappointed with the Singer Impressionist. He started with a bad Neil Diamond (he sang Neil Diamond as a tenor not a baritone) and continued with an almost credible Bobby Darin. However, he lost "Bobby Darin" after a verse or two and Bobby and Neil sounded identical. That's when we left the theatre. We enjoyed our time in the casino, even though we didn't win. The dealers were friendly, helpful, fun and losing was still enjoyable. The casino ran a few special activities such as James Bond Night where a Blackjack of diamonds won you a free martini "shaken not stirred". These activities were fun. We did have the opportunity (unfortunately) to check out the medical staff when my husband didn't feel well. The doctor examined my husband, ran a couple of tests, and gave him some medication. There also was an incident with one gentleman who had a heart attack and had to be helicoptered off the ship. The ship's crew responded quickly and admirably to the emergency. We did hear a report the next day that he was stable. There were two Cruise Critic connection gatherings on the cruise. The first one occurred on the first morning of the cruise. Coffee, juice, and pastry was served and one of the Activities Directors spoke for a few minutes. Although we had time to meet and mingle, there was little purpose or organization to the gathering. The second gathering was later in the week. That time, in addition to the refreshments, the Captain was present for a Q&A. He answered every question. His love of the ship, the lifestyle, and his respect for his crew were quite apparent. All in all, the cruise was wonderful and my husband and I no doubt will cruise again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2005
Our recent cruise on the Constellation was excellent. Boarding at Cape Liberty is very smooth and takes no time at all. We were one of the fortunate ones that only had to park in the vast parking lot which was very convenient and only ... Read More
Our recent cruise on the Constellation was excellent. Boarding at Cape Liberty is very smooth and takes no time at all. We were one of the fortunate ones that only had to park in the vast parking lot which was very convenient and only costs $12.00 a day. If you are looking for "glitz" this is not the ship for you. It is understated elegance. Entertainment: We have sailed with Celebrity before and we have only found their entertainment adequate. What a surprise this was as the entertainment was fantastic each and every night. Their production shows, guest stars and even a night of Cirque De Soleil were wonderful. We were very surprised to find "Nick Weir" as the Cruise Director. We have sailed with him on other lines and his Father before him. In our opinion he is by far the best Cruise Director at sea. Dining: This is where the Constellation really surpassed other ships. The dining room menus, service, preparation and presentation was very impressive. It was so good we decided to pass on their Specialty Restaurant rather than miss a dinner in their dining room. For breakfast and lunch we always ate at the pool deck buffets. In the morning they offer pastries, smoked salmon, eggs, meats, fresh fruit, made to order omelettes etc. In the back of the ship I found the lightest Belgian Waffles and pancakes made to order with blueberries, fresh strawberries, stewed cherries, melted butter and just plain heated maple syrup. The lunch buffet had a different theme each day. Fresh sandwiches were made in the back of the ship. The fresh pasta station was always a favorite with different sauces served each day, all day and night. The ice cream station served soft and assorted hard flavors, offering hot fudge and toppings daily. The Aqua Spa also had an all day "healthier" buffet with great coffee. My only complaint was the pizza. Not good. Very thick, soft crusts which never tasted cooked. A soda card for the 12 nights was $72. ( $60 + $12 tip) Which we found excessive compared to other ships. The Shops: Very, very over priced. One can find brand perfumes on the Internet for a fraction of the cost. The jewelry prices were ridiculous and the costume jewelry was not even nice. The usual inch of gold, watches and day sales. They just opened an all amber store, the first one ever at sea. The girl who runs it, Stephanie was a delight and very knowledgeable. The same crowds were at the shops daily looking for bargains which certainly did not appear. Any local Department store sale on land far exceeds anything on the ship in price and choice. I will not go into detail on the ports, which we enjoyed. We stopped in Charleston, S.C. and walked over to the boat to Fort Sumter and afterward toured the city ourselves. This cost us $12 per person rather than the $49 charged by the ship In conclusion, we would definitely take this ship and Cruise line again. Celebrity, while not as luxurious as Crystal or Silver Seas, has food prepared equally as well, and is far superior to Carnival, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, etc. Tipping: While they do have a guide for tipping, one can choose to have it charged to their account or handle it personally. When charged to your account you are given a slip to enclose in an envelope letting the crew member know that you remembered them and appreciated their service. Finally, all of the crew we encountered were very courteous and polite always going out of their wy to assist you. Read Less
Sail Date October 2005
Sailed from Cape Liberty on 10/29/05, on the same cruise as the review by loosygoosy. Apparently, our cabins were near each others', and we sat at adjoining tables (426 & 427!), and had the same Stateroom Attendants. Everything ... Read More
Sailed from Cape Liberty on 10/29/05, on the same cruise as the review by loosygoosy. Apparently, our cabins were near each others', and we sat at adjoining tables (426 & 427!), and had the same Stateroom Attendants. Everything loosy said was right "on the money"!! Ship is beautiful, albeit a bit UltraModern looking. Liked the ambiance of the Galaxy much better, and I am not even that old. On-board art collection was weird, and whomever selects the ship's art decor must have been high when they made their choices. Fitness Center was spacious and well-equipped. Salon was large and I was extremely happy all three times that I had my hair done. Never had to wait for an elevator, although we take the stairs as much as possible to avoid gaining too much weight from the delicious food and desserts. Fabulous food! Our expectation was high-quality, expertly prepared food, and we had no complaints! Consistently excellent. Fabulous attentive service! Our waiter was Karoy and his assistant was Antonio. Could not ask for better! Also dined at Ocean Liners, and the food was incredible and the experience should not be missed. Stateroom Attendants Tondy and Ronny also made us feel like we were the only passengers on the ship. Ship was immaculate everywhere and spacious. Never had to fight for a seat or a lounge chair. Also agree about Concierge Class, worth it!! Agree that Freeport, Grand Bahama was nothing special. If you do stop here, take the Dolphin Swim Excursion. It is the most worthwhile of all excursions because it is not offered at many other ports (others have Close Dolphin Encounter, where you only stand in water near them. This one you actually swim and interact! Well worth the $$$$).Also agree that the Cirque du Soleil performance was extraordinary. Entertainment variety was very good, although I would like an additional comedian on a cruise of this length. This was our 3rd Celebrity cruise, and the production shows are higher quality each time. Apparently they are really working to improve this area. Went on a backstage tour, and the state-of-the-art equipment was impressive. Cruise Director was first rate; not corny or hackneyed. Classical string quartet (four women from Poland) were excellent, and was a nice respite to sit and listen to them. The DJ, as was the same on the Celebrity Cruise we took last year (Horizon), could not properly read the crowd and played tunes that did not attract many to the disco. I keep telling them they need to address this situation, as I am sure that they make plenty of money when they keep the disco full of dancers who drink! The ship's Pool Band was blah and sounded sanitized, just like on the Horizon last year. They were good musicians, but seemed to have been told to keep it very Vanilla. If you closed your eyes, you would never know they were a Caribbean Reggae-inspired band. Constellation needs to get a better party band. Sailed on the Galaxy previously, and they had a really smokin' band and an excellent DJ that created a hot party atmosphere without it being a rowdy Carnival Cruise experience. In summation, this cruise (and all of our experiences with Celebrity) were top-notch. They create an elegant, up-scale experience that truly makes you feel like a Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date October 2005
I would like to present a review on Celebrity's Constellation. We embarked at Cape Liberty, New Jersey. it was a very smooth and organized embarking. It took approximately 15 minutes to board this beautiful ship. Since I have been ... Read More
I would like to present a review on Celebrity's Constellation. We embarked at Cape Liberty, New Jersey. it was a very smooth and organized embarking. It took approximately 15 minutes to board this beautiful ship. Since I have been on 70 cruises, I feel I can compare this ship to other ships out there. The Constellation is a very beautiful, great service, great entertainment constantly. My room was on the 9th floor, decorated with flowers even in the bathroom. My room service was very attentive offering us superb service. I was greeted with 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne on ice with a plate of goodies for us to pick on. The goodies were sent to us every day at 500pm. The room was spacious with plenty of room for your luggage to be stored. I found the amenities were very appealing especially the shampoo conditioners, body cream and bathrobes. We were given a beautiful large bag to hold all of our purchases. The dinner table and guests were delightful. It was a window table, and the service was top of the line every night. We had my husband's birthday aboard which enhanced our cruise. The entertainment by the pool was fabulous, every afternoon we had entertainment by the pool. The lounges were very comfortable and a good place to go before dinner for a drink with dance music geared to an older crowd. Karaoke was held in the lounge which we enjoyed immensely. The food at the buffet was fantastic with a great choice. I already booked another cruise on this fabulous ship at the same time in October. I'm looking forward to going asea again as she travels the Western Caribbean this time. I did another cruise out of NY in February which was on a brand new ship and found it so disappointing compared to the Constellation. So if you live in the New York area be sure to try The Constellation you wont be disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date October 2005
Just returned from this lovely ship and wonderful itinerary. The Connie is a beauty and her Captain certainly knows how to show her off. The ship is exquisite, exceptionally clean, and the crew is friendly and helpful. The Cape Liberty ... Read More
Just returned from this lovely ship and wonderful itinerary. The Connie is a beauty and her Captain certainly knows how to show her off. The ship is exquisite, exceptionally clean, and the crew is friendly and helpful. The Cape Liberty port is fairly new and requires some TLC but I understand that there are plans in the making to construct an entire complex. Right now, it is meager but comfortable. For now, the space could use some Vending machines (especially for coffee). My suggestion would be to not arrive too early in the day to avoid waiting in the sometimes "cold" holding area. Also, please note that those with Suites or CC accommodation have a special area for waiting which is a bit more comfortable and does provide free coffee. Unfortunately, we did not notice that the sign indicating this "special area" included CC at the time. Check in is an art form with Celebrity and we have never (3rd time cruisers with this line) had to wait very long for check in to be complete. The food, service (thank you MILOS and ANTOINE at Table #426) and entertainment are top notch. Our stateroom attendant, TONDY (& Ronny), treated us better than royalty, he treated us like family! This was our first CC experience and we are now converted. It is amazing...from now on its CC or better. All in all, I would honestly have to say that we have no complaints. If I was forced to put on paper something that I would like to see change (at least on this itinerary), it would be to skip Grand Bahama Island (Freeport) altogether. Too much hurricane damage. It would be nicer to spend more time in Nassau. This was also the first cruise to switch to the Cirque de Soleil performance, rather than the CdeS experience. The performers had only a short time together to format and rehearse the show and they were absolutely marvelous. One can only hope that CdeS will continue to be present on Celebrity and that the shows will be expanded. Celebrity really and truly stands by their motto...a true departure. Captain Papanicholou (sorry for the spelling, Sir) truly believes and insists upon the "customer first" principle. He is a hands on Captain and was often present and involved in the ship's activities and addressed the cruisers on several occasions. A minor incident involving the staff of Ocean Liners disrupted service for a short time one evening and a few passengers who had reservations were required to change their reservation date and time. This was done politely and, low and behold, everyone who had to change their reservation to another night was provided the pleasure of dining in this magnificent restaurant free of charge!!! Ocean Liners Restaurant is well worth the $30.00 per person service fee. We enjoyed it so much we ate their twice. You must try the Goat Cheese Souffle!! The entertainment is of a high caliber and the Cruise Director on the Connie is a marvel. I've never seen anyone with so much energy. He really enjoys what he does. Congratulations. We love the staff, we love the Constellation and we love cruising...thanks to Celebrity. WE'LL BE BACK!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2005
Celebrity Constellation Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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