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I'm in my 70s and live in Brooklyn. I prefer to take trips from Red Hook and Cape Liberty. Manhattan is my third choice, and I'd rather not take a plane to the boat unless I'm going to Alaska. Embarkation: We got there ... Read More
I'm in my 70s and live in Brooklyn. I prefer to take trips from Red Hook and Cape Liberty. Manhattan is my third choice, and I'd rather not take a plane to the boat unless I'm going to Alaska. Embarkation: We got there early, and were able to get on board easily. There were 5 of us coming in two separate groups. 2 were told that your doorkey makes the electricity work, while 3 of us were not, and we figured the lights and TV would not be available until proper boarding time. Luckily, our friends got to their room quickly, and we didn’t spend too much time in the dark. Cabin: The rooms were SMALL. I’m used to a room with a sofa. There was non here, just a small upholstered chair. In the small area in front of the balcony was a dressing table on one wall, a cabinet holding the refrigerator, a chair for the dressing table, the upholstered chair, and a small round table. Any time you needed to get to something you had to move furniture. The toilet was tiny and the entrance about 4 inches above floor level. EASY TO TRIP. The shower was nice size. It had what looked like conditioner, and body wash. NO SHAMPOO, NO SHOWER CAP. 1 soap. Chocolate on the bed every night. No cute little towel animals. * My walker is heavy and bulky and I could not get it into the room unless I closed it. Luckily the room steward was very helpful here, and found a place where I could keep it. Dining: We had most meals at the buffet. Anybody who sails knows that if you have a group larger than 4, getting a table is a chore. *And finding one where you may park your walker makes it harder. As for the buffet itself, we had no complaints. We didn’t like all the food there, but there was enough diversity for us to make up healthy meals that tasted good. (I was surprised at how much lox was available.) Unfortunately, we never did figure out the rationale of where various dishes were put. Signage, what little there was, was inadequate. We ate at the 5th floor International Café once. A printout from Princess’ website says that there are no charges at this dining venue. Well, they serve espresso coffee and charge for that, and that’s not a problem. But they also charge for tea and coffee. When I showed the printout I was told that it was not free. When I complained at the service desk, no apologies, no checks with supervisors; just arguments that pointed at other services that were not free, like the Royal Tea. For dinner, we chose to go at our own choosing; 7:30pm each day. The first day we waited about an hour. After standing for some time (I sat on my walker, my friends were not so lucky), they gave us a device that notifies you that they’re ready. They refused to take reservations for the next day. On the second day we waited about half an hour, and still refused to take reservations. Luckily, our waitstaff were very nice, and eager to make our meal truly enjoyable. Our maitre de, on the second night took us to another person at the door, who was happy to make reservations for us at what became our table. Entertainment: Steve White, a comedian opened and closed. Playing the first and last nights. That was a very good thing. He was terrific. They were wise in choosing him. I didn’t get to the piano bar until the last night. My bad. He was very good and I enjoyed it. Sorry I didn’t make it before. It just started too late in the evening for me. Trips: In St. John and Halifax, we decided to take the pink bus tours, where you get on and off as you wish. We’d been assured that we didn’t need a reservation, and so when we got off at St John, we expected to be able to get on the bus. Well, no. they were fully booked. And so we prebooked for Halifax for both tours. *There is a place on the side of the bus were they store your walker. We didn’t get on and off, but enjoyed the sightseeing. The day was somewhat rainy, and though we’d loved to have gone to the gardens, it was not nice, and probably would have been too much walking for us. I’d do the pink bus again anytime. Disembarking: We were set to meet at the casino at 9:30. That’s when we got there, and the line to disembark had already started. We got out without a hitch. Would I go on another cruise on this ship? If the price was right and nobody else was doing it. *Accessibility   Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
Well today we returned from the cruise. First I'd like to say it's been the worst cruise I've been on. It wasn't a disaster, but a lot went wrong. Boarding the ship was a bit of a disappointment, seemed to take a lot ... Read More
Well today we returned from the cruise. First I'd like to say it's been the worst cruise I've been on. It wasn't a disaster, but a lot went wrong. Boarding the ship was a bit of a disappointment, seemed to take a lot longer than normal. Was waiting for bags a lot longer than previous trips. The ship was very disappointing. It's too large and takes too long to get from one end to the other. It's a poor design we were in A303 and had our dinning room in Allegra on the 6th floor up the other end of the ship and we either had to walk the whole length in the corridor past trolleys on the 12th and then get the lift down to the 6th or go through the Horizon Court/Bistro on the 16th and then go down. It took me almost 3 days before I could get someone to get me a drinks card and then was charged for 7 days. I decided to go somewhere quiet and watch a video on my laptop and went on the 16th while others watched a movie, couldn't get a drink up there and was told to go to the international cafe to get a drink. No drinks cards from there and the only drinks I could get were tea and coffee that I had to pay for. Mind you I could get free in my cabin or up in the Horizon Court/Bistro. I wanted to leave my room so my wife could rest in peace and I could go somewhere and not bother her or anyone else. A box for my wife's charger for her scooter was taken from our room. Guessing it was thrown out. Also noticed things left around the room were often moved. I can understand if you leave something on your bed or in the way of something, but on bedside table or bench I don't think it should be touched. I and others felt that some of the staff weren't up to the standard of previous cruises. Nothing against Ukrainians, but there seemed to be a lot more staff from the Ukraine and Serbia and they didn't seem friendly or happy doing the job. It was like they didn't want to be there. You want to feel happy and welcomed, but very few times that happened. There seemed to be very few natural English speaking staff. I understand that people of all nationalities work on the cruise ships, but felt having a few more locals on a cruise would certainly help. They have added more places to eat such as the International Cafe and Gelato Bar, but feel it's wrong to charge for these things when you can get them free on the 16th floor such as Gelato/Ice Cream...etc No deck to walk around the outside of the ship. No access to the top of the front of the ship to enjoy the view ahead. Laundry was up the other end of the ship and now use tokens which is more expensive than previous cruises. With a larger ship they should have a laundry at either end. Larger ship, but still have the same number of lifts. A pain when boarding and departing taking over 20 mins to get a lift. Many lazy able people refusing to use stairs and try and jump the queue when people with walkers, scooters, wheelchairs ..etc are needing a lift more than them. Went to dining rooms for breakfast and having to wait several minutes and then be told we will take you now... then walk past many empty tables. We figure there must be a lack of staff either in the kitchen or serving. The service was poor, waiting close to 30 mins for a cup of tea for example. Had breakfast in the Horizon Court one day and got all cooked warm food only to find it was cold and not that nice. No theme nights. Saw very few activities around the ship. Didn't like the public toilet facilities as much as other ships. Basin is very shallow and soap was difficult to get out. As far as the destinations went, they were nice, but nothing great. We have another cruise in a week and hope that it will be a lot better or else it might be our last Princess Cruise. Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 3.5 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.2

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