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I've never cruised on my own before but would definitely do it again. Started in Rome and left out of Civitavecchia port, next day we were in Scilly (Messina). I had booked a tour through the ship to see Taormina. I found the guide ... Read More
I've never cruised on my own before but would definitely do it again. Started in Rome and left out of Civitavecchia port, next day we were in Scilly (Messina). I had booked a tour through the ship to see Taormina. I found the guide very organized and informative and enjoyed seeing the ancient city, originating in 1440's. Even though I was the only person not "coupled up" I was welcomed and treated friendly by other guests. After a long day traveling it was a delight to go back to my balcony room all clean and tidy. My cabin steward was an angel, I miss him now I'm home. My room was extra large as the balcony bowed out from the ship I was starboard aft and could see the bridge at the front but also close to the end of the ship. My only complaint about the balcony was my neighbors were heavy smokers and it drifted into my room whenever I opened the balcony. I choose late dining as we were in port fairly early, the service was top notch and attentive but had a friendly tone. The food was average, none of the meals stood out even on formal nights. I think the RCCL could improve in this area. That being said, the entertainment was wonderful. Second night was a BeeGee's tribute show that had everyone dancing in the isles. I saw the ice show and it was very entertaining, I still don't know how the performers managed such high jumps! In the promenade one evening everyone was dancing to a group of dancers doing the Village People impression. I didn't join in the conga line but maybe I would have if I was drinking. There broadway rendition was also first rate. The entire atmosphere of the ship was calm and efficient. Another port of call I booked with the ship was the ruins of Ephesus. We left Kusadasi port early and the excursion lasted 5 hours exploring the ancient Roman ruins dating back to the 11th century. A lot of walking on marbled streets filled with chariot ruts but well worth the 3 mile trek. The tour guide had the frailest guest set the pace. Day 4 was Athens which I did on my own but wasn't impressed. Got ripped off for $160 eu for a lunch I didn't order, I only wanted a snack. Wouldn't bother with Athens again. My all time favorite is Chania, Crete. I rented a convertible and drove up around the mountains with the beautiful turquoise waters following me. The only traffic I saw was a few mountain goats. Followed the road along the Northwest coast up to ancient Monasteries, tranquil little villages with the sound of birds calling me further up. I stopped at the British Commonwealth War Cemetary, which lies on a small plateau, just above sea level on the Souda Bay.Along the winding "old road" of Crete I saw many honey farms. The last day out was a sea day, so I took advantage of the saltwater pool on board, it was cold, but refreshing. Overall a great experience. What I would like to see improved would be the food, the spa, the pursers desk (not helpful), and disembarkation process. I was thrown out 3 hours prior to my transfer. Still I would recommend this to any solo travelers or couples. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
I just traveled on a 7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise, Navigator Of The Seas,Royal Caribbean on August 1st, 2010 departing Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy I was remiss, in advance to check with the cruise line & my travel agent about ... Read More
I just traveled on a 7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise, Navigator Of The Seas,Royal Caribbean on August 1st, 2010 departing Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy I was remiss, in advance to check with the cruise line & my travel agent about their smoking policy. I had cruised the last 3 summers in Europe on both Celebrity (sister ship) and Holland America. Smoking was allowed on those cruises, in public areas, in designated smoking sections permitted outdoors on only one side of the ship. If I knew in advance that much of the aft of the ship, including the piano bar, lounges, casino, pool and more locations all allowed smoking, I never would have taken the cruise. The options to use the ships facilities for a non smoker were limited. Much of the fun, festive activities available after the show were inundated with smoke. It was uncomfortable & effected my enjoyment. While it is the cruise line's intention to try to please everybody, their smoking policy should NOT be hidden in the small print of their contracts. Cigarette smoke is extremely uncomfortable for non smokers. Their smoking policy should be displayed in bold print to warn all non-smokers. It certainly would have made a difference in my selection of a cruise line and has tarnished my view of Royal Caribbean going forward. The dining rooms were pretty, food average at best. I ate in the dining room for dinner only. My first table, I was placed with an Italian American lady with her Italian family. Although the waiter was efficient and dining room pretty, the elders did not speak English. I do not speak Italian. The maitre d, with attitude & after much coaxing switched me to a table with a lovely English speaking lady an her 2 daughters. There was another couple at the table with their son, for 1 night but they never returned. When I saw them at an excursion they said they did not like the service and are eating else where. There was nothing special ever on the menu and the service just average. One evening I asked for asparagus. The waiter said we don't have it. We have mixed veggies only. Another evening I asked if they were serving lobster. He simply said NO. Another evening I asked for Mousaka which was on the menu, for the 4 of us to share with main courses, he made it a chore to serve 1 extra serving. Most evenings the people in the dining room were not dressed up at all. To say casual is being very gracious. Many wore jeans/ tee shirts and shorts into the dining room. I have never seen such casual - sloppy dress as this sailing. No one followed a dress code even on formal night people were very lax. I would guess less then 25% of the ship looked elegant My experiences with Holland America and Celebrity were much different. People still dressed for dinner on the other ships. This was not a refined group of people. I took excursions all 5 days and had lunch at the particular destination. I had room service every AM. I was offered only Continental breakfast as my excursions left early. It was fine and delivered on time One evening after the show I went up to the Windjammer Cafe for fruit. I was SHOCKED to see it was closed at 10:15 PM. They said they close every evening by 9:30. I never saw a buffet close before 11 PM in 15 sailings. What surprised me more, is that on the day of arrival I did go up for lunch. They used plastic, not china plates! The Promenade shopping was pretty although there was nothing to buy. I did have coffee and dessert in the cafe and the staff was friendly and open 24 hours One evening I ate in Chops Grill .I wanted a good piece of steak. It was good BUT I felt the dining room should have had better quality beef and they did not. My stateroom and balcony were lovely. They were designed well with adequate space. The bathrooms were small, less then I am used to and just basic. I had to ask for and tip for a robe. I did use it through the trip but had no desire to take it home.It is a great way to save towels which the cruise should have thought of and paced in the rooms At first they wanted to charge $50 until I spoke with the cabin attendant who I did take care of and he was good. Absolutely no products were supplied. I bring my own soap and creams but have never traveled where amenities were not supplied! The Casino offered a lot of options and Schooner piano bar had a great pianist. There was so much smoke in both that I could use both only on the NO SMOKING evening. It was a shame The Spa is pretty but expensive. I did have a massage and my hair blown. During my massage there were 3 loud announcement over the loud speaker piped into the room during a 50 minute massage. I understand the massage was during sail away, BUT there is no excuse for the announcements to boom into the massage room. In emergency the desk can send someone to get you. The location of the spa is also unusual and visible out and in. There are large glass windows that you can look out and all the walkers, joggers can look in. The Steiner staff in the spa though are great. Both the massage therapist and the hair stylist were good. It was a pity I could not relax with the announcements. The fitness center and jogging track were good. I walked every night since I could not use any of the bars, loungers, casino due to smoke I always travel in early August due to my work schedule. In the past 4 years I took 4 cruises either Celebrity or Holland. Never in my life as in this sailing, did I see so many children and such sloppy people. There was a hugh mix of people which is to be expected when embarking in Europe. I was told by many Italians and Middle Easterners on the sailing, that they booked really inexpensively, less then 1/2 of what I paid and booked within the last 10 days .I booked less then 2 months out. Every one of these last minute people, smoked, paid very little I did pre book all the excursions and really investigated all the ports.They were very expensive, 25% more then Celebrity last year. I chose 2 destinations in Genoa and Toulon that were ever 1 1/2 hour drives. It was worth it to me to go to Cinque Terre and St Tropez. Barcelona always fantastic, was great and we had 12 hours in port. Time allotment was way to short in Palma and Sardinia. We did not have enough time on the excursions to explore the destinations. I think Royal should make better deals with the ports to stay longer for those tourists that want to explore the beautiful islands I adore sightseeing. I also like to explore. I chose this cruise because of the ports. I really feel on such a small map coverage we should have at least 8-12 hours in each port. There is time within the weeks sailing if RC wanted to spend more time Bottom line, the ship was less then ok, the food average, the ports great but needed more time. There were only a handful of passengers to my liking. It is a very average, mass market cruise. I could not use the pools after the excursions. They were packed with smokers and kids. The outdoor music was LOUD. It was not at all relaxing. The smoking literally blew me away and is not acceptable. All the smokers as Celebrity and Holland did, should have been isolated at the pool area outside not in all the lounges, bar and casino. Smokers smoked where ever they pleased, often and all over. The ship smelled awful If you want an elegant cruise do not book Royal Caribbean. If on the other hand you want to pack kids into your room, wear tee shirts, shorts and smoke this ship is for you I realize I have a budget, I choose a mid priced cruise , as I can not afford an upscale ship such as Seaborne or Regent. I travel when children are off school I never expected this. As mentioned Holland and Celebrity have a much more upscale and elegant passengers, crew and amenities few children. Royal is not good quality or value, and the cruise was not inexpensive and was smoky. I will not cruise them again Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We were two 21 year old guys who decided to book a last minute cheap cruise from Rome. I read many reviews on this ship before we booked but not many were from the eyes of 18-20+ year olds, so I write this view baring in mind any 18-20+ ... Read More
We were two 21 year old guys who decided to book a last minute cheap cruise from Rome. I read many reviews on this ship before we booked but not many were from the eyes of 18-20+ year olds, so I write this view baring in mind any 18-20+ year olds. After sailing on the liberty of the seas in Decemeber, I knew all about this ship and what to expect, with it being almost identical to the Freedom class. Boarding the ship was very standard procedure taking about an hour. Whilst we waited for our cases we looked around the ship to see what it was all about. For an 8 year old ship there were hardly any signs that it was that old and at times I could not tell the difference between the voyager class and the freedom class. We got to our statroom (an inside twin) that was like any of ships inside cabins but maybe slightly smaller that that of the Ruby Princess that I went on the year before and the first thing I did was pick up the cruise planner to see what was on. Much to my amazement it was quite empty compared to what I had seen on the Liberty and a lot of the activities were for Italian speaking guests only. We carried on the day, as like most days, sitting around the pool and going to dinner at around 8pm on my time dining. This was good for us as we always wanted to eat at different times and it meant we could go to some shows that were not always practical to get to. The food was amazing as expected and it was actually better than I had on the Liberty. The windjammer was also good but the choices were slightly limited but cooked to a very high standard. The club was where we spent most of our time. It was called the dungeon and was exactly the same as the club on the Freedom class ships. It was actually very big and amazing and could easily pull off a top London club look. The music got good at around 1am am and drinks were of a ok price but maybe a bit to much to keep ordering. (compared to princess prices, they were almost double) As for the age group and nationalities on the ship, it mainly consisted of late 20's Italian couples and older English and American families. This meant the club ended up with quite a few English and American 18-20's as they came with families and a few less Italians although there were still a few. To summarise, the ship was amazing and definitly one to try but not from Rome. The cruise director Pietro was so annoying and we would go to shows late and leave early just so we didn't need to hear him going on and on about the smallest things for minutes on end. The food was amazing and for anyone from 18-20+ any voyager or freedom class ship should be the top choice, the nightlife is like no other company (I have been on Celebrity, NCL and Princess and they all go dead at 2am)and both times I have met a lot of people around my age. The activites were very minimal but maybe this was due to the language barrier between the 1400 Italian guests. I will probably stick with the Freedom class next time as they have a lot more on the planner which is a lot more fun. I was quite upset that this ship didn't have karaoke on at all and some of the shows wouldn't have even made it past one of the small lounges on some of the other cruises I have been on. Most of the time the Ixtapa lounge went unused and more shows could have been added. Still, we both had an amazing time and I would always go cruising again, just maybe from the UK or the states next time. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
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Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.5 N/A
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 4.5 4.3
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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