7 Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Senior Cruises to Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

The Itinerary of ship for 7 nts was very good with all ports worth seeing. The biggest disappointment was how much RCCL nickeled and dimed you once onboard. Charging for orange juice ( fresh squeezed at 4.00 a glass) , Extra if you wanted ... Read More
The Itinerary of ship for 7 nts was very good with all ports worth seeing. The biggest disappointment was how much RCCL nickeled and dimed you once onboard. Charging for orange juice ( fresh squeezed at 4.00 a glass) , Extra if you wanted a decent steak or lobster in dining room . Pictures were way overpriced. No wonder no body buys them and they get all trashed. 20.95 for a photo is RIDICULOUS! A couple of shows onboard were worth seeing, including Jersey Boys tunes. and Ice skating. Most were mediocre or not worth the time. Snacks in Promenade cafe good and complimentary. Johnney Rockets fun. Shore excursions pricey. Embarking and disembarking really easy. Specialty dining at PORTOFINOS was excellent. Waiter was good and food excellent. Only bad experience there is they charged both rooms cost for 3 so we were double billed. When trying to correct this at Pursers desk... attendants there are clueless and are less than zero for help. We finally had to go back to Portofinos to get charge fixed. Also I am a travel agent and sent wine to my friends. Good thing I brought receipt because again Pursers desk was clueless and took an hour to get the wine finally!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
Royal Caribbean remains a quality experience. We upgraded to a balcony room since we knew we would be gliding by fantastic sights. It was worth it. The room was really nice and we don't know if we will ever go back to the interior ... Read More
Royal Caribbean remains a quality experience. We upgraded to a balcony room since we knew we would be gliding by fantastic sights. It was worth it. The room was really nice and we don't know if we will ever go back to the interior tiny rooms that we convinced ourselves were OK because we only slept there... The Eastern Mediterranean cruise was a first for us.. We flew into Rome to join our son and a "quaint B&B we found on the Internet. We were looking for the best ways to be economical (it's a challenge our family persists in) We planned on the train from the airport to Termini end. It was 24 euros. As we walked the airport to baggage claim, we saw signs for bus lines advertising 5 euros transfers... We checked it out and thought it would be fine. We bought a round trip ticket for 8 euros. It was a short walk to the bus stop and easy to load suitcase in the outside bins. They let us off just outside the Termini, and took about 50 minutes. Our son arrived later that afternoon and he took the train as planned. He said it was a terrifically long walk to get to the station, then load the luggage on the train and haul it with them. We toured Rome (not our first time, but perhaps our last) for two days. The pickpockets were worse than ever. My husband was picked twice within 30 minutes and both times he recovers his wallet from the hands of the pickpocket who got his wallet out of my husband from pockets. My son was picked the next day, and later on the way to the Termini to go to the port, I was picked by three young women who surrounded me. I also figured out what they were doing and batted one of them away from me as she reached into my bag. We took the 'slow' train for 5 euros. It took about an hour, and the fast train for much more was about 25-35. The ship offered transfers back for 95 euros... We exited the train and walked about 3 football fields to the gates of the port where we then walked a little further to the cruise line shuttle bus. Finally the cruise... great fun! Same food we expect on Royal lines. Ice Shows, great music, the Promenade!!. mini golf, volley ball, dodge ball, lots of varied activities. Loved room service breakfast, and late night snacks of fruit trays, cheese trays and spinach dip and chips. Eating while watching the stars and passing by islands and sites. Even saw a small island that seemed to grow straight out of the water to a sharp peek.. watched as it erupted with a burp of smoke. We found out it was an active volcano. We stopped At Messini and we went to Mt Etna, and our son and his wife went to another small town up a winding hill side road. He won on his excursion. I stayed on the ship and lounged at Crete while my husband and son went swimming at the beach. they switched stops because Greece was having strikes and protests, and went to Turkey next. We toured the bazaars and saw an old fort. The rugs were amazing and the work to make them incredible. But $1000 for a place-mat size... I will settle for walmart. Greece was beautiful. We took a bus tour and stopped at a beach-side cafe for a break and at the acropolis. I think we could have spent a week there. It was clean and everyone was pleasant. Back to Rome and my husbands fav.. Gelato.. sour cherry was the best! All in all it was great... I think I enjoyed the cruise more than the stops. and Definitely have had enough of Rome. The current condition of danger there is more than I want to experience again. Others on the cruise reports similar experiences and many not as successful as we were. One older couple were 'guided' into a narrow roadway and then surrounded and forced to provide the password to their credit card, and lost their passports and everything they carried. sigh... great stories if you save yourself and get away.... Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
I have always wanted to visit Athens and Kusadesi, but my husband has no interest in holidaying, so when I was invited by friends to join them on this cruise, I jumped at the chance. I nearly gave up when I couldn't find a reasonable ... Read More
I have always wanted to visit Athens and Kusadesi, but my husband has no interest in holidaying, so when I was invited by friends to join them on this cruise, I jumped at the chance. I nearly gave up when I couldn't find a reasonable price, but eventually I got a very good deal from an Internet agency. I parted with my credit card details, got the cruise and transfers booked, and felt very pleased with myself. I booked the air fare myself, and ended up with a stateroom, sole occupancy, for the same rate as my friends who were sharing! When we arrived at Rome airport, there was no way were Royal Caribbean personnel allowing us NOT to get to the ship. Everything was laid on, but I had no transfer documentation. Eventually my name was found and I was en-route to the ship!! I looked in awe at the size of the ship. It towered over everything! I had never seen anything quite so big. Embarkation. It took about 15 minutes of slow walking before I was called to the desk, and there a very pleasant young man took my details, forms etc. and issued me with my Sail Pass. Then it was onto the quayside and boarding. While I was trying to get my transfer sorted out, my friends got ushered onto a bus, so I was on my own. I dropped my hand luggage in my stateroom and spent nearly 3 hours traversing the ship in the hope of finding my friends. Eventually we all bumped into each other.I found places on the ship that I could never find again. But I did find nice quiet places where I could enjoy the ocean and read or sleep!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
We went on a Mediterranean cruise July 3rd to 10th 2011. The Navigator of the Seas is a huge ship with a crew from many different countries. I will focus on the negative things on this cruise in this review, to help those who are looking ... Read More
We went on a Mediterranean cruise July 3rd to 10th 2011. The Navigator of the Seas is a huge ship with a crew from many different countries. I will focus on the negative things on this cruise in this review, to help those who are looking for something exclusive and wonderful when searching for a cruise line. First of all, the ships focus on selling merchandise is enormous. They display and push their goods all around the ship, and it felt as if we were in a bazaar. Cheap watches, different souvenirs of various quality, cheap jewels, T-shirts. The list goes on. The service on the ship varied so much, that their self-exclaimed Gold Anchor service, which is supposed to be supreme, seemed ridiculous. Our State Attendant (the man who serviced our rooms and cleaned it) was kind and polite. Most of the waiters were alert and attentive, but it felt forced sometimes. The Portofino restaurant had an exceptional staff. Very service-minded and smiling. We played Bingo, and won, but had to share the prize because someone else had bingo too, and even if they didn't shout Bingo, as we were thoroughly explained we had to in order to get the prize, they got half of the prize. This was not explained in advance, rather to the contrary, they said that there was only one prize:$300, and we felt cheated. We mentioned this in the Guest relations Desk, and they had the Cruise Director call us. He just said this was the way they did it, but we could get some cards and play the next day.The game-shows were identical to the shows on a RCCL cruise we went on in January 2009 in Mexico. The guest relation desk were supposed to have information on the Ports of call, but they knew nothing except from what was written on a piece of paper that we already had received in our State room. We wanted to know if there was a beach near by, but they had no idea. Had never been ashore! One of the Excursion! desk employees was very condescending when we asked him if he knew about a beach, and did not want to talk about anything if it was not on the excursion program. The excursions that they sold. The speaker system was poor and it was difficult to hear what they said. It just made a lot of noise. This was particularly annoying outside by the pool. There was a policy on board that one could not reserve sunbeds. There were big signs everywhere to announce this. People did it anyway - on the days at sea everybody wants to get a bed by the pool and in the sun, but there just aren't enough of them - but the crew did nothing to prevent it. It would be so easy for them to remove the towels put on the beds to reserve them. The brochures stated the dress codes for the elegant dining room. Many guests couldn't be bothered to follow them, and went to dinner in T-shirts and shorts. This made the dinner experience feel "common" and less than stylish, especially on the Formal nights. The head waiter did nothing to stop this from happening, and it reduced the atmosphere. It felt strange to be dressed elegantly among shorts, T-shirts and sneakers. The entertainers seemed sick to their stomach to be there. The musical entertainers we saw were empty-eyed and made no attempt to connect to the guests. Last but not least. Be advised that the Tips expected is a flat out robbery. It is unfair. These are the people they "program" us to tip: State room attendant, Head Waiter, Waiter and assistant wait. We talked to some of the staff, and most of them make much less than the waiters and get no Tip. Our advice is to tip as you feel like during the course of the cruise, and don't feel pressured into tipping according to RCCL's expectations in their brochures: 3-7$ pr person pr day pr employee mentioned before. Remember, non of this money goes to the sweet man bringing you breakfast in you state room, or to the hundreds of other employees doing their best to make you happy. They receive a VERY low salary, but to quote one of them: "It is better than what we could get at home. There, there were no jobs". Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
EMBARKATION The embarkation was well organised. You can't miss the RCI representatives at the airport and after putting your luggage on the coach, you don't see it again until it is outside your cabin on the ship. When we ... Read More
EMBARKATION The embarkation was well organised. You can't miss the RCI representatives at the airport and after putting your luggage on the coach, you don't see it again until it is outside your cabin on the ship. When we arrived at the port we walked straight through to the security check in and then onto the ship in less than twenty minutes because we had checked in on-line. Make sure you do this. It saves a lot of time and filling in forms at the port. Also make sure you have some kind of light clothing, shorts, t-shirts etc. in your hand luggage (it's very hot in July) because you can go straight to the Windjammer and have lunch and and then to the pool deck while you wait for your luggage to be delivered to your cabin. It was 4 o'clock pm when ours finally arrived. Trying to explore the whole of the ship as soon as you get there is an exercise on its own ... the ship is huge. The ship is a "wow factor" with excellent dEcor in all public areas. Plenty of bar lounges and varied live music throughout. CABINS We had an inside cabin, which was pitch black once the lights were out. So, if you need a light room to wake you up, you'll probably be better off with an outside cabin. Personally, I prefer pitch black other wise I can't get off to sleep. We had a queen bed (two singles pushed together) which made very little room to walk down the sides ... beware of knocking you shins on the end of the bed as you negotiate between bed and furniture. Also, there is very little room to get pass the coffee table if somebody is sitting at the "desk". The shower has two sliding doors so there is no shower curtain sticking to you. The water pressure is more than ample and the water was as hot as you wanted it to be at any time of the day. The cabin attendant was excellent and well worth the recommended gratuities. He kept it excellently clean throughout the day. POOL DECK The two swimming pools were clean and plenty of deckchairs available on most decks, even on sea-days .... unless you particularly wanted to sit at the pool edge. Obviously, 3,000 people will not fit all around the pool. The adult pool in the Solarium forward of the two main pools was very quiet. We quite liked the entertainment around the main pools so we did not venture into the Solarium. ENTERTAINMENT The Ice show was brilliant and two of the theatre shows were very good - the others were definitely below expectations. Compared with a Thomson cruise we took in 2009, the entertainment was no where near as good as on the Thomson ship - Island Escape. There's a Casino which never interested us, various activities going on through the day such as learning different kinds of dancing, learning Italian, bingo, etc We did not have the children with us (they're grown up now) but we could see that there was plenty for the youngsters to do.. EXCURSIONS We can't say much about the excursions because we chose only one but here is a little bit about the ports. MESSINA You can go straight off the ship,cross a road and a tram-line and within a couple of minutes you're in the main square. Take a road train from the square and it takes you to a high vantage point to view the town. It stops for about ten minutes so you can take photos. Be sure to be in the square at noon to listen to the various activities in the tower. It does go on though, about fifteen minutes. PIRARIUS This is the only excursion we booked. It was the tour around Athens on a coach with a couple of stops. We did this because we didn't feel like walking for too long in the heat ...39c. But the tour was not worth it. For what it was, the price was way over the top. KUSADASI By far the best port. We did not do the excursion because, once again, it was too hot. Some who did the Ephesus excursion said they were walking for two hours in the heat without any shade. The ship docks next to the main town which is a 'shoppers paradise' as my wife called it. Lovely narrow streets and alley ways to wonder around. SOUDA Not worth booking an excursion to see Chania. Local buses are queuing up by the ship to take you to Chania. Takes about twenty minutes and only 3 Euros return for one person. Head straight for the quaint little harbour and then into the maze of alley ways with plenty of restaurants. You don't get much time at this stop. Ship docks at 10am and leaves at 2:30pm. We got the bus back at 1pm. But ample time to browse around this small harbour. Buses are every 5 minutes. DINING The dEcor in the main dining room is magnificent. But that is all that was good about it for us. This brings us to the BIG GRIPE: "DINING FIASCO" We wanted to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in style so we opted for a cruise on one of the bigger ships but after just two days I dreaded meal-times. MAIN DININGROOM At the onset, there were nine people at our table - my wife and I chose a table for eight on the booking form. We were literally crammed around the table so much that I could not bring my chair up to the table and had to lean forward to eat. Very uncomfortable indeed. I don't blame the waiter because I would have thought this was down to the Head Waiter or whoever is responsible for the seating arrangements. Anyway, to sit every evening crammed around a dinner table for two hours, oh yes, evening meals took two hours, was not what I would call dining in comfort. The waiter soon let us know what he thought about Formal nights. He stated that nobody should wear ties on holiday as it is a time to relax. Even the other men at our table were surprised at his attitude towards formal dress. They and I came to dinner with suits and ties anyway on the two formal nights. In fact I wore my tux the second Formal night and what a look of disapproval I got from the waiter. I have let RC know that the waiter was not encouraging RC's dress code - the truth was he was doing the opposite. Why do RC offer tuxes for hire on the ship if the staff are against it? My advice is 'Do not pay any gratuities upfront'. Wait until you are satisfied with the services and then pay what you want on the last evening. After all, you don't think about paying for tips at a restaurant until you have finished your meal. If you have any dollars over you can use them to pay off some of your account at Guest Relations. WINDJAMMER This was a nightmare. Not only did we have to spend ages trying to find a seat at breakfast and lunch times but also it was very difficult to get to an empty table anyway. They were so crammed into the dining areas. There are no fried eggs, just hard boiled or really tasteless scrambled ones. The bacon was not crispy, nor soft, depends how you like it but so hard that it was difficult to cut. RC's response was a phone call informing me that they would pass on my comments to the ship and then tried their hardest to persuade me to use them again. lol This dining room experiences has put us both right off using Royal Caribbean again. So, even though they're old ships, it's back to Thomson's where we had better food, better service, better entertainment and far better value for our money. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
our first Royal Caribbean experience was certainly less than 'royal.' For a ship that was glitzy to say the least, the service was well-below that expected from embarkation to disembarkation. I guess we should have realized that ... Read More
our first Royal Caribbean experience was certainly less than 'royal.' For a ship that was glitzy to say the least, the service was well-below that expected from embarkation to disembarkation. I guess we should have realized that there was a problem when we tried to get questions answered before we left and were told to talk to our travel agent. This was not our first cruise--#24--so we were surprised to be sent to a travel agent for simple questions. At embarkation, there were signs telling us to go two different directions and no staff to straighten things out. With the nearly 3,000 passengers and their bags this was not a good thing. After we got into a tent and sort of on the right track, we got into the real chaos. No one directed anyone that we could tell and the lines were exceptionally long. We finally found the 'handicapped' lines--two of them--but at the head was a group from India who kept bringing family members up. That line did not move at all. No Staff helped. Finally, I moved ahead myself in the second line, behind a lady who was in a wheelchair. When I finally got to the counter, the staff person was visiting with another staff person instead of doing his job and the Indian group was still bringing on family members! This is no way to treat the handicapped. On the positive side, the cabin was very nice. We did not meet our cabin steward until four days into the voyage. He did leave his card on the evening of the third day. I believe this is exceptionally poor service. Yes, the beds were made and the towels changed, but they were not always spotless. Dining is supposed to be the maximum pleasure on a cruise ship. The early seating on this ship was never a pleasure, but sometimes it was all right. Our waiter did try. Our table was designed for 10, I believe, and rarely were more than ourselves in attendance. Once we had the pleasure of 4 others. The food was all right--not spectacular and there was an alternative menu, so we could always find something we liked. The entire dining room was mostly empty, most of the voyage at the first seating. The worst of it was that the glassware was spotted and had lip prints EVERY night. We said something and once it got wiped off--not replaced. The silverware was also spotted. Why did we continue to eat there? The buffet wasn't any better, just different. The tablecloths and napkins were not clean in the dining room and at the buffet it was almost impossible to get the tables wiped off. When they were wiped off, they remained sticky. At one point, oatmeal was spilled on the floor and several people brought it to the attention of more than one crew member. It remained there for more than an hour. The ship was dirty and dusty throughout. What made this worse for us is that when you enter dining areas, the crew force you to clean your hands. I finally said NO. Don't push me. I know I need to clean my hands, but I have a cane and can't do it so fast. Disembarkation was just as bad, except it cost us money that we did not have to spend. We were told we could not make an early flight, yet we easily could have made that flight, and in fact, many people on the bus with us were scheduled on flights that were much earlier than the one we had planned to take. As a result, we had a routing that took us to Paris, by way of Bulgaria--yes, really! Additionally, because of the flight time, we were told that we had to take the earliest bus to the airport, which was also not the case. (That was not really so bad. We only had to sit there three hours.) NONE of us received a final bill for charges and when my husband went to the purser, the desk was not open. This was 6 a.m. I have NEVER been at a hotel where the desk is not open at 6 a.m. and where you don't get a final bill. Just one additional issue: my husband was injured on board. I wrote up the incident after I told one of the officers. (He told me a form would come to the cabin and it did.) The form stated that I would hear back in 24 hours. I have yet to see a response. There are many more things I could reiterate, but suffice it to say, I am very reluctant to give Royal Caribbean another chance. We spent a lot of money on a cruise that we were very dissatisfied with. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We chose the ship for its itinerary, but we could hardly have done better the other way around. The Navigator of the Seas is no longer the biggest ship in the RCI fleet. At 138,000 tons, I think it comes in tied for fourth now. But despite ... Read More
We chose the ship for its itinerary, but we could hardly have done better the other way around. The Navigator of the Seas is no longer the biggest ship in the RCI fleet. At 138,000 tons, I think it comes in tied for fourth now. But despite that, it lacked for nothing...except one elevator wasn't working (out of 16). Having done the Western Med several years ago on the Grandeur of the Seas, we did have something with which to compare this trip. We've also sailed on Princess, NCL, and Carnival. Each line has it's strengths and weaknesses, but I think Royal Caribbean is pretty much our favorite. As for the Navigator as compared to the Grandeur, the Navigator is bigger, which makes it better in my eyes. Beyond that, it's beautiful, inside and out with an art collection on a par with anything afloat. In fact, the whole ship is a work of art. Thanks to online registration, check-in was quick and efficient, despite a rainy day in Rome. My walking-adverse wife was even supplied with a wheelchair for the lengthy trek from the dock up nine decks to our stateroom. We boarded about eleven, cooled our heels for a bit in the Cafe Promenade, then satisfied our hunger in the Windjammer, which opened an hour early just for us. :-) By that time, our balcony stateroom was ready. The service aboard the Navigator, in every department was exemplary. The food was good...sometimes great, once or twice, downright spectacular. I will never forget the look on my wife's face when, at Chops (alternative restaurant--$25 cover charge) they set before her a humongous 16 oz. T-bone steak. She ate every last morsel...though little else, as I recall. In the main dining room, third level, we had a table for six, though we never actually dined with that many. Our table mates were a lovely British couple slightly older than we. They were delightful to talk with. Every evening we lingered over coffee for more than an hour after the meal (second seating--8:30 p.m.) sharing cultural differences, travel experiences, and lifetime achievement awards. The service staff just kept pouring (warning, dining room coffee is a bit on the strong side by American standards). Some of the main courses were a little too haute cuisine for my tastes, but I always found something delicious to eat and even tried a couple items I'd never had before. I was never disappointed. Desserts were great, though never big enough :-). I could have had seconds but I would have been too embarrassed to ask. In general, food portions were reasonable--never wasteful. The Windjammer offering was quick and varied, though the breads in both dining rooms were inevitably crusty. Is that a European thing? We've noticed it on other cruise lines too. The Windjammer was great for breakfasts before early morning excursions. On sea days, I had Eggs Benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice ($3.95 extra) in the main dining room. Speaking of excursions, we booked all of ours through RCI. There standard of excellence in managing all their cruise sub-contractors was the overriding reason, though they are said to be a little more expensive. We were fortunate in Greece to get there before the labor problems really took shape, though I have the feeling RCI may have thrown their considerable weight around a bit in getting some of the Athenians to stand and deliver despite their issues with the government. We'd done Naples, Pompeii, and Capri on the earlier trip. I fell in love with Capri the first time and wanted to share it with my other love. Alas, she didn't think she could handle all the walking. She was right, as usual. She remained aboard in the lap of luxury and spent her money in the overpriced spa. If you do Capri, be sure to take the chair lift to the top of the mountain...it's windy but memorable...great photo op. The island of Rhodes (Greece) was nice if not spectacular. I climbed another pile of rocks at Lindos. Kusadasi and Ephesus were wonderful. I did the Biblical Ephesus tour, led by a guide whose father was Muslim, her mother Catholic. She knew her stuff. The amusing little bit of Roman theatrics produced on the Ephesus site was a tad hokey but entertaining. The ancient Roman Theater mentioned in the book of Acts was impressive. The souvenir vendors were nothing if not persistent, but downright tame as compared to the pushy Egyptian hucksters I encountered at Giza. Egypt employs a very prominent special police force to keep them in check. Okay...Egypt...a dose of third-world...words fail me...adventure is too tame, but the best I can do at the moment. First of all, there's the 2 1/2 hour bus trip over a permanently under construction highway from Alexandria to Cairo. While Alexandria isn't exactly the Garden of Eden, Cairo...I won't go on. There might be ladies and children present. The Pyramids--piles of stone to end all piles of stone...a good place to get your picture taken. The Cairo suburb of Giza intrudes practically right up to the very base of Cheops' pile of stone. The Sphinx was...underwhelming. I thought it would be bigger. Lunch on the Nile was fun. We boarded little sailing boats (I can't recall what they're called, sorry) and nibbled on a very...Egyptian--lunch, short on meat but otherwise edible. By far,this was the most mediocre meal of any shore excursion I've ever been on. But, we were the lucky ones. Another group, eating a little more lavishly aboard one of several Nile River restaurant boats, came down with food poisoning. They all eight ate the meat balls. It scared the Navigator docs to half to death...the symptoms resemble Norovirus. Let's just say we all did a lot of hand sanitizing for the rest of the cruise. Each Cairo excursion ended up at the Papyrus Institute. They were rather chagrined when I asked to buy a small BLANK piece. The printed hunks looked to be cheap, tourist rip-offs. (Except they weren't cheap.) My overall impression? Sorry, Egyptians, but your capital city is a pig sty. A certain unused canal featured a dead horse at one end while children fished for (God knows what) at the other end. And the traffic...I saw one traffic cop and one stoplight during the whole visit. Athens, in addition to its endless graffiti, had a tendency toward such disorder, but Egypt... The trip back to the ship from Cairo was, somehow, TWICE as long as the trip that morning. We got back to the Navigator about 8:30...well after dark. 800 million dollars worth of floating glass and steel never looked so good. One day in that country would have been sufficient. Two was overkill. Touring Alexandria the next day was anticlimactic, with bus rides, mosques, kasbahs and catacombs and...did I mention, bus rides. The new library was impressive--quite worthwhile. The rest was...well...interesting, I guess. Sea days (four of them) were recuperation days. Am I getting too old for this? The trivia contests, twice a day in the Schooner Bar were fun. I was the lone outsider with a four-man Canadian group traveling together. Being from Ohio, we called ourselves "Oh Canada." We never won anything. Not that it mattered. The prizes were key chains and refrigerator magnets. Come on Royal...get with it...how about...oh, a deck of cards maybe, or a bottle of champagne apiece?! The other entertainment was good, if not great. The ship's singers and dancers were typical cruise ship troupers. The musical guest entertainers were a bit too high brow for my tastes and too ethnic...Irish, Italian, Scottish. The comics were comical. Judging by the entertainment, I think Royal Caribbean anticipated a lot of Italians on board, sailing from Rome and all. They anticipated wrong. The passenger list was mostly American with a generous helping of British, Australian, Canadian, and Latino guests. The total number of Italian aboard would have fit neatly into one inside stateroom. The staterooms? Nice, clean, neat, well-appointed...we wanted for nothing...well, except for an extra electrical outlet or two would have been nice. (Every cruise ship I've ever been on has had that problem). The attendant was friendly, efficient, and very adept at tying knots in towels. She earned her tip. The final port was Messina. I chose the excursion down the coast of Sicily to Taormina, an ancient village on the slopes of Mt. Etna that was probably a tourist trap 2,000 years ago when it was first founded. Moreover, it hasn't changed appreciably since. I'm joking. The marvelous feats of Italian civil engineering that allows those huge tour buses to squirm their way down the coast (through 28 tunnels) and halfway up a mountain to a huge bus garage where elevators whisk you up the mountain another eight stories to access the town, are alone worth the cost of the excursion. The town itself features another Greco-Roman theater, sidewalk cafes, souvenir shops, fountains, high-end boutiques, and way too many old churches (even the Italians agree on that point; they've turned one of them into a library). I pigged out on gelatico and almost got left behind...whew! The worst part of any Royal Caribbean cruise is having to leave the ship behind. It's like getting kicked out of paradise. No problems disembarking. Rain again in Rome. A 10:30 a.m., nine-hour flight back home(JFK). I hate that airport. No airport should ever get to be THAT big. They should raze the whole thing and start again from scratch...one REALLYBIG terminal. Speaking of really big, it's the Oasis for five days out of Lauderdale come December...if I can pull together $999 per person (balcony cabin) between now and then. I'm hoping the advent of the Allure of the Seas the first of December (2010) will cause a glut of cabins on the Caribbean cruise market about that time. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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