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Back to Back on the Voyager of the Seas 9/20 and 9/24 I just returned from this wonderful ship for fourteen days. I am going spend a while trying to bring you up to speed with my thoughts. I arrived in Ft Lauderdale a day early and was ... Read More
Back to Back on the Voyager of the Seas 9/20 and 9/24 I just returned from this wonderful ship for fourteen days. I am going spend a while trying to bring you up to speed with my thoughts. I arrived in Ft Lauderdale a day early and was glad I did. I heard horror stories about flight delays and weather issues from lots of people. I stayed at the Embassy suites near the port. A very nice property and a short taxi ride to the pier. Embarkation was a breeze mostly. I arrived at 1030 am and a porter grabbed my luggage as soon as the cab stopped rolling. I walked right up to the platinum and diamond line and was given a visit by the upgrade fairy. I was escorted to a waiting area and was on ship slightly before eleven. Being visited by the upgrade fairy is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is who wouldn't want a JS over a D2. The curse was it was only for my first leg of four days and then I had to repack and move. When I tried to decline the upgrade I wasn't allowed to because my cabin had been given away already. So for four days I have a great suite in a wonderful location. The remaining ten days near the end of the ship in a smaller cabin. It had a punished feeling about it. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I would have much preferred not to be in JS at all. I know I was given that upgrade because I complained that RCCL had lowered the price to half of what I paid. The reduced price was last minute deals only and my sailing was inside thirty days so I was left with no options but to complain. This review is about the ship and not about ticketing policy of RCCL. I will leave that issue where it belongs and that is behind me. I did learn that there is no value in booking in advance in a slow economy. I picked this sailing because I had been on the Mariner in July and I love the Voyager class ship. The Navigator did not let me down. The Royal Promenade is truly beautiful. Much had been said on the cruise critic boards about the stabilizer issue on the ship. I for one could not tell any issues at all. On the return trip from Cozumel to Florida and on to PR, there were issues. The outside decks were closed at one point due to very high winds and rough seas. I am not sure what the term relative wind speed is but it was registering 80 knots on the tv channel. The seas where reported at as much as twenty meters. Stabilizers or not, you are going to feel that. Captain Bang told me that he normally can use four engines and coast in on time but was forced to run all five and was a little behind. He did a great job explaining to everyone what was happening and keeping everyone reassured. I know everyone on these boards praises captain Johnny for being the guy but for my money Captain Bang is just as good. He and his lovely wife came to our mix and mingle and were very pleasant. He along with myself were a little disappointed that less than half of the people that signed up actually bothered to show up. He is very busy and took time to visit and answer any questions. Several people missed out on a real treat. Both of my cabin stewards did a fine job. I had the excellent service we are all accustomed to. Plenty of silly towel animals and mints on my pillows. My second cabin, 9368 had a slight septic odor most mornings. It usually went away after the shower had been run for a while. It wasn't bad enough to complain about but it was noticeable. The shower was great. I loved the glass doors way better than the curtains in the radiance class ships. It was like showering in a barrel. If I had one complaint it would be the water pressure in the sink. It is almost non-existent. It can be a challenge to shave when you can't knock the whiskers off your razor. I did not ever really notice any brown or yellow water so many have talked about. Perhaps because I never filled the sink up, I only had 14 days at sea. I am not sure with the lack of pressure that's long enough to fill the sink up. I will say that I usually have a glass of water on the side with my evening cocktails and sometimes there was a difference. Some nights it was fine, other nights I ordered bottled water. The food in the main dining room was as you would expect it to be. Not once did I ever leave there thinking that was an amazing meal. To be very fair, I never left hungry either. I understand that they are cooking for 3000 people with very different taste and desires. Overall I think they did a fine job. There was no up-charge steak and there was lobster tail on the ten day voyage. I think they called it a seafood plate. Chops and Portofino's never disappoint. The service and the food were excellent as always. They did not do a murder mystery night this voyage because they were otherwise sold out every single night. With good reason too. They continue to be the best value at sea to me. I can not comment about the spa as I did not ever use the services. The gym was great. Service through out the ship was amazing. I have to give a major thanks to a few people. Darryl in the sky bar for always knowing my name and having a drink for me. Even when on Coco cay. Great job and thank you. Renoldo and Mr Blake at the two poets pub went above and beyond the call of duty night after night. They always made me feel like I was the most important passenger on the ship while serving 3000 others. All things considered I would say the ship looked great. Sure there is some dings and dang's here and there but what ship doesn't? Everywhere you look somebody is always cleaning. I did have some rust spots in my bathroom but nothing that would make me not want to stay on the ship. Besides the ship is scheduled for dry dock this month and I sure it will emerge spotless. Tendering in Coco Cay was a bit of a nightmare. We didn't actually get on to the island until 1230. When we did get there it was amazing. It is way nicer than Labadee. With the issue of tendering, it makes me question these bigger and bigger ships. It seems to this novice that even though the ships are doubling in size they don't seem to be adding any more exit points on them. Now on to the entertainment. This like food is very subjective to the person writing the letter. So keep in mind this is only my opinion. Well mine and most of the people I hung out with. The ice show, wow! How can they do that on rough seas and half a rink. Simply incredible. My hat goes off to the performers. El Gaucho and the Juggler that performed were great. I would pay to see them again. I did not attend any variety shows so I can not comment on that. The comedian, I believe his name was Rick Corso? I would say, don't waste your time. It was a tired old act that was chopped full of dated material that wasn't that great in the 90's. His best bit was when he was doing voices or imitations of others. That was to short and has been played to death on comedy central. As with every cruise there is the staple of shows that we all attend. The love and marriage show, The quest and liar liar. As you can imagine the success of these shows is directly attributable to the cruise director hosting them. In the case of my two cruises I would give them a generous grade of D-. I can only imagine how hard it has to be for the CD to keep things fresh and interesting. It has to be difficult to make every show something special. Every vacationer wants to believe that their cruise was special and different from every other one. Perhaps I am wrong but if as the CD you don't want that same thing for your guest, you have the wrong job. In this case I think Ricky Mathews has the wrong job. I think he is better suited to host an all male review show somewhere. It is clearly where his interest lies. Never have I seen contestants in belly flop contest forced to dirty dance prior to beginning the game. Clearly some where not happy about it and one withdrew from the game. During the men's sexy legs contest it was the same thing. Sexy dance and rub your stuff in the judges face. I found it very disturbing that underage contestants were encouraged or allowed to participate. Some of the judges were clearly unhappy about that as well. Picture if you can a couple middle aged ladies that were chosen as judges. Thinking they would be cheering and clapping for men with hairy legs. Next thing you know there is a pre-teen boy standing on her chair grinding on her. If that last paragraph probably make me sound like a prude but let me say nothing could be further from the truth. I understand that requirement in the quest show, it is after all for adults only. Grown men dressed as women is an understood part of the game. I just don't understand who's benefit that was for in every other passenger contest. There was a show that the cruise director and activity director clearly were into and enjoyed participating in. It was called Fountain. Eight or nine people dressed in togas walked on stage with a picture of water and preceded to spit that water in each others faces for about 15 minutes. Lets call it one of those art things I don't get. Overall I did not feel Ricky or Mitch really enjoyed their jobs. The Love and Marriage show was rushed through and lasted twenty minutes. Not one original question or response. The contestants sat back to back as questions were asked as the youngest couple clearly shared answers. The Liar Liar show was so canned. Every single response was read off of a card. It had a bad Jr.High school production feel about it. To end my entertainment review on a positive note..... The 70's street party show was good. Never have I seen a more dead on performance of YMCA by the village people. I am not going into any great detail about the ports. They are seldom the reason I sail anyway. How many different Saint Something Islands can you visit and really know where you're at anyway. After awhile they are just twenty different Diamond International stores crammed between t-shirt shops. I never fail to be amazed at how many different ways the ships shopping director can use to describe the same hundred stores. Every single one has better selections and better prices than the other 99 do. I usually seek out a good restaurant and beach chairs somewhere. I leave the shopping to people that really believe they are getting a bargain. Speaking of bargains..... has anybody else noticed that the cruise lines have been telling us for twenty five years there's only ten years worth of tanzanite left in the world? Yet once again, Sara Michelle sang the song.... generational stone...... almost gone....going to be really valuable one day.....Ten years left..... Shameful. The islands and beaches never fail you. They are always beautiful and usually plentiful. There is never a short of taxis to take you to one. We did arrive in San Juan Puerto Rico at 330 pm ships time. By the time you get to the pier that doesn't leave time for anything but shopping or drinking. Most of the people I met were very careful to be back on ship by dark. I assumed they knew something I didn't and I followed their lead. Disembarking was great. The new procedure is the best thing to come along in a long time. I actually overslept till about nine. I walked straight to the P&D lounge and was told I could leave anytime. I walked straight off to claim my bags. It is a little congested at customs and the taxi line but that is not Royals fault. Overall, I rate the this cruise and the ship very highly. I would do it again in a while. If show's and entertainment are a big part of your plans maybe you should wait for another staff to take over and run things. If you only care about beautiful ships great service good food and a great captain, book this one Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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