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Hubby and I enjoyed a relaxing week on Navigator. This was our second time on this ship - the timing and ports just worked out. During this trip we graduated to Diamond level - it only took us 25 years! The ship was in good shape and crew ... Read More
Hubby and I enjoyed a relaxing week on Navigator. This was our second time on this ship - the timing and ports just worked out. During this trip we graduated to Diamond level - it only took us 25 years! The ship was in good shape and crew were very hospitable. We really enjoyed the cruise director Jeffrey - funny guy. We take a cab from FLL, because we "want to get there!" without waiting. Embarkation was unremarkable, south terminal of the port. We were on the ship about 11:30, cabin wasn't available until 1 p.m. Our cabin was inside this time, on deck 9 front of the ship. It seemed being in the front, I felt the movement of the ship more on this trip. Luggage arrived before we sailed. Our steward was like a ninja - we rarely saw him, but the room was always made up. Including a couple towel animals for a surprise. One "ew" is that about the second day, I was looking for a shoe and found someone else's t-shirt under the couch. Gross! Also, having been in a balcony stateroom before, I missed the extra space, but we just kept the room tidy, used a lot of organization tips from other reviews on this site and it worked. Bringing a pop up hamper was very helpful. I also threw away paper every day. I used like to save all the cruise compass papers - but this time I just pitched them and it helped keep clutter down. We selected My Time dining, but did make reservations ahead of sailing. This worked out great. We didn't wait for our table and ended up in the same section 6 of 8 nights. Our dining room team were nice guys, but not as efficient or personable as some we have had in the past. A lot of waiting for food, and sometimes the food was not very hot. One night we ate at the specialty restaurant Sabor. We love Mexican food, but were not impressed. The guacamole and chips were excellent though. We had lunch in the MDR twice and it was very good - community seating, nice way to meet others. They have a nice salad bar and will build it for you and chop it with the dressing. We attended the ice show - first time we have seen it. Very good - a lot of different styles of music, etc. Something for everyone. The Motown/Soul show was excellent - don't miss it. Trivia was fun, and another way to meet people and team up. Sometimes we like bingo for something to do on sea days, but we skipped it. It's also getting very expensive and the jackpots are small - I think they are making a killing on it! Ports: Labadee - was a bust, it poured! Our excursion was cancelled. We did wander around for a little while and eat lunch. The BBQ lunch was poor quality and unorganized. We really missed our beach day there, it's so beautiful. San Juan, PR - weather improved and we took the free trolley around old San Juan and visited the Forts - it was National Parks Week , so free admission! Win! Near the port we decided to have a snack at La Cueva Del Mar - everything was very tasty - we even bought some of their salsa to bring home. St. Kitts - Loved it! First time there. We booked a tour through Grey's Tours. We took the Grand Tour along with about 10 others and had a lovely air conditioned mini bus - we learned a lot from our driver, Dwight. At the end, we had the option to hang at a beach - we went to a little funky place called Shipwreck Beach Club - so casual and laid back. Had a few beers, lounged on a chaise and went in the water. It was great. Would love to go back and spend a week on the island. St. Martin/Maarten - we have been here before and always enjoy it. We planned on a beach day and ended up at Captain Jacks along the boardwalk. The chaises and umbrella were $15.00. The water was beautiful. We stayed there all day. The beach service, was sparse, but we just went into the bar and got a few on our own. There were a lot of women passing by selling jewelry, beach cover ups and massages - it was a little much, but...whatever you're at the beach and it's beautiful. The last two days of our cruise were at sea. It was nice to be able to unwind this way before returning home. We spent time in the Solarium, casino, hitting the dance floor and a little shopping on the promenade. The drink package was a good option for us, considering drinks are about 12.00 each for a martini, or 9.00 for a basic well drink. The R Bar has great bartenders - they are artists. Hubby smokes and was annoyed that there was no smoking in the casino at all on formal nights. Most people probably like this idea, but there are very few places on board for him to smoke and we didn't know about it ahead of time. Overall, it was a great week! Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
We chose this cruise around our booking of time share in Florida. Our cousins have been asking to join us on a cruise and this was it. We shared many activities with them and as well enjoyed he ship and activities alone. It was the first ... Read More
We chose this cruise around our booking of time share in Florida. Our cousins have been asking to join us on a cruise and this was it. We shared many activities with them and as well enjoyed he ship and activities alone. It was the first time aboard a RCI cruise and found they nickel ed and dimed you for many items that are available on most cruises. We have been on Princess several times which is great and NCL about 5 times before and once on Carnival. The debarkation was somewhat confusing as one of our cousins was in a wheelchair and we followed them for a while until NCL told us we were not allowed and we had to follow a line that took an extra 60 minutes to get through. If they would have mentioned that at the get go we would have been off the ship within a normal time. Other wise the cruise was successful and off to our time share for another week in sunny Florida. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
We signed up for this cruise the year before while on an Alaskan cruise: husband, daughters (2) with their husbands and both sets of in laws (2 grandbabies have since arrived). We had a balcony cabin and the others had 4 inside promenade ... Read More
We signed up for this cruise the year before while on an Alaskan cruise: husband, daughters (2) with their husbands and both sets of in laws (2 grandbabies have since arrived). We had a balcony cabin and the others had 4 inside promenade rooms across the hall from us. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale the before and stayed at the Embassey Suites on 17th. Across the street were a grocery store, Totally Wine and restaurants. Kelly's Landing was a great place for lunch or dinner. We had the shuttle service from the airport and then to the port the next day. Happy hour and breakfast are included. We got to the port around 11:00am and had. Very short wait until we were getting our picture taken on board. Windjammer for lunch, always found good things to eat, but love going to the main dining room for breakfast and lunch when available. We didn't do any of the specialty resturants, we had a table for 10 and two high chairs at MTD of at 6:00 PM every night. The waiter had fruit every night first off for the Grandbabies. I enjoyed escargot every night! We had really good food and service. We tipped the guys on Laberdee to get 8 lounge chairs and 2 cabanas for the day right near the water. The weather was sunny and warm, everyone enjoyed the water. I used my water shoes, because it was rocky in spots. We didn't arrive into San Juan until after 3 PM, we hired a van to take all of us to the Barardi Rum factory, stopped to buy lotto tickets ( it was for the BIG one) and back to the port area. St Kitts again we found a van and driver to take us on an island tour, $20 pp, babies free. St Martin we pre arranged Jo Junie Tours, which I had used last year when my husband I were there. Tour included Orient Beach, Sunset Beach (airplanes over head), geckos, and monkeys too! We went to the diamond lounge a few times, but enjoyed having the three drinks on the card available too. The ice show is a do not miss! We didn't go to any of the other shows. The staff that we interacted with were all great, friendly and helpful. We left the ship after breakfast in the dining room around 8:30 AM, got through customs, called Embassey Suites and spent another night there. We could've check in yet, but they store the luggage and we went poolside. Great cruise was had by all! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
This was our 3rd cruise but our 1st RC cruise, we found ourselves comparing the 2. We cruised with some friends who. Had never been on a cruise, they have been to several all inclusive resorts which they were comparing their experience ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise but our 1st RC cruise, we found ourselves comparing the 2. We cruised with some friends who. Had never been on a cruise, they have been to several all inclusive resorts which they were comparing their experience to. Embarkation went quickly & smoothly, our rooms weren't ready until about 3 which was no biggie we went about exploring the ship & had some lunch. When we got to our rooms which we both had the same category room ( large oceanview), our rooms were the last 2 rooms aft on the level 6. Even tho we both had the same type room our friends room was approx 4.5 to 5 feet longer than ours. We had a love seat size couch & our friends room had a sofa size couch, this was because there was a storage closet taking up the difference. It wasn't a big problem so much that we wanted moved but it would've been nice to know when we booked that there was that much difference in the room size. The buffet was good but we actually liked Carnivals buffet better. There was one morning that there wasn't enough seats In the buffet that we were seated in the Italian restaurant. We ate in the dining room 5 of the 8 nights, we had the my time dining, but found that making reservations was preferred. I am on a special diet & the head waiter was awesome & made sure that I was able to see the next nights menu so that I could make my selections. The waiter & asst. waiter we had the first night were outstanding! The next 2 nights we chose to not make reservations & the waiter & asst. waiter was friendly but very very slow! Dinner on both those nights took close to 3 hours!!! So for the remainder of dining room meals we made reservations & requested to be moved, and the service for those nights were back to outstanding! All of the food we had was very good, it was always hot or cold when it was supposed to be! On the sea days we tried to get deck chairs near the pool but found that unless you got out there before 8 am all those chairs were taken. Even with the signs up saying that you aren't permitted to save chairs, that's exactly what was happening & the no saving chair policy was NOT enforced. So we got up extra early & and got seats but we didn't leave towels on them & go to breakfast we stayed In our seats! Some of those said chairs didn't have anyone in them until close to 10-11am!! During one of the at sea days they had an Armenian lunch & activities which is fine but it would have been nice to know ahead of time. The ice skating show was AMAZING!! The comediennes were hilarious but the musicals not so much. My hubby is a drinker so he got a beverage pkg, they had a water one but it was for Evian water which is just nasty! They did sell Dasani water but only thru a vending machine in the gym. It would have been nice to have the Dasani or purified water included in one of their beverage pkgs. The one thing we really was disappointed that they didn't have was self service laundry facilities. And their laundry fees are not cheap. To have a pair of jeans cleaned was $4.95! A bit too pricey! Disembarkation was a bit slow. I'm disabled and have no problems with people in scooters or who use walkers/canes but the line we were in was next to the handicapp line, the couple we were with went thru ahead of us but right after them several scooters, wheelchairs & people using walkers were lined up, they let all of them thru because their policy & that's fine but the couple we were traveling with were already in a taxi waiting for us before we could get thru the line! If their policy is that they need to go before non handicapp then they should have a separate line for customs not to stop our line completely. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Our cruise party consisted of Mom, Dad and 3 sons ages 12, 15, and 18. This was Mom and Dad's 8th cruise (3 on Celebrity and 5 on RCCL) and the sons 3rd cruise. The boys previous cruises and our most recent 2 had been on the Freedom ... Read More
Our cruise party consisted of Mom, Dad and 3 sons ages 12, 15, and 18. This was Mom and Dad's 8th cruise (3 on Celebrity and 5 on RCCL) and the sons 3rd cruise. The boys previous cruises and our most recent 2 had been on the Freedom of the Seas sailing out of Port Canaveral (Eastern and Western). The only thing that keeps our cruise from being rated excellent is the embarking at Port Everglades and the ability to receive timely bar service (more about that later). We drove down from Greenville SC on Christmas Day afternoon, spending the night (free points stay) in Daytona Beach at a Residence Inn near the racetrack. We then drove the approximate 3 1/2 drive on down to the port on Saturday morning to board the ship. From my understanding, Terminal 19 that we used to board the ship is not used that often. The NS was only doing about a 2 month Holiday rotation from its regular Port home (Houston). We arrived around 11:45AM and found the security to enter the docking area to be quite heavy. It took about 15 minutes to just clear the 1st line of security. We proceeded over to the area to drop our luggage and encountered some rude people who had left the vehicle there unattended and were engaged in a long conversation with some baggage personnel. What should take 2 minutes took about 10 minutes. The parking garage for Terminal is not convenient to the ship. It was called Mid Terminal Garage and was about a 5 minute drive through a bunch of security. We parked on the 4th floor and then had to take a shuttle van back to the ship. We were already looking forward to this exercise when left the ship the following Sunday after the end of the cruise--not. We knew then that it would be a pain to lug all of our luggage on a shuttle and get it up to the 4th floor of the garage. The amount for parking was $120 dollars or $15 a day. When we exited the shuttle van....the line was snaking out of the one story Terminal 19 building. We got in the line and it moved very slow. After about 30 minutes we had made it to the security scanning machines. After getting through that....my 15 year old had a prescription bottle of quarters that triggered the machine and led to a bunch of unnecessary questions...we then saw what we faced. RCCL was way understaffed to load a ship of this size. The way they had broken out the lines had our group - Deck 2 was in the very longest line. And to make matters worst they were funneling the wheelchair folks through our line. It would have made much more sense to have those folks with the Diamond Line that was non-existent most of our 1 1/2 hour wait. When boarding the Freedom both times, it took about 20 minutes from when we entered the line to when we boarded the ship. If this was my first exposure to cruising, I would have been ticked. Needless to say, once they were herding us over to take our boarding pictures we were in no mood to smile at them. The only good news was when we stepped on the boat around 2:45 PM the cabins were ready so we were able to drop off the kids shoulder bags in our room and change into our swim suits from our pool bag. Our cabins were outside #2252 and #2254 that had an adjoining door. Our 3 sons slept in one room and the two of us had the other room. Of course, when booking you have to show an adult in each room. We need the adjoining room and having the 2 bathrooms is a must. We headed up to the Windjammer and had a late lunch. We had no trouble finding a table. Please let me make this very clear, we found the food on the entire ship to be a solid 92 out of a hundred. There were tons of choices in the Windjammer. We had breakfast there everyday. We had lunch there except for the 3 days that we were on Labadee, StKitts and StMaarten. For those who do not care for the food, your opinion is respected but I would like to know what you have to eat when you are not cruising. After lunch we explored some. We were so relieved to see that the pool area looked great (we had seen the pictures) and that without the kiddie area that the Freedom has seemed to be somewhat larger pool-wise. We walked through the promenade mall area and did feel that it was somewhat shorter and not as wide as the Freedom. The Flow Rider area was smaller also but the 12 year old was more than fine with it. We participated in the life boat drill and were fortunate to not be standing in the direct sunlight. After that we watched us sail away, the kids took off to make friends and explore. And Mom and Dad found soft comfortable chairs in the Solarium. This is were we spent all of our at sea days and the time when we were in port. Loved the comfort of this area. I go up early each day and got us some chairs (not just toweling them either). I would take a nice nap there before the family found me for breakfast. To just go through the general list: We were concerned when we booked a ship class less than the Freedom Class but this ship was great. It was clean. The staff greeted you. It was in great condition. The amenities was very similar to the Freedom in the areas that mattered to our kids and us. The dining (I covered the Windjammer) was very good. We had late seating (our preference so we can enjoy the ship without having to stop for dinner) at a table for 10. The family we dined with were great. A family of 5--mom, dad, 20 and 25 year old son and daughter along with the daughter's boyfriend made for a fun dining experience. They were seasoned cruisers (Diamond) and thought that the ship was great also. We did compare notes each night and had a few of the same complaints (mainly bar service). We enjoyed our meals and our waiter Imade was the best waiter that we had ever had on a cruise. His assistant was shaky but that was a point of humor between us and our tablemates. The cool thing was that Imade took care of everything (drinks, extra desserts, coffee, etc) that we needed. We dined at Giovanni's Table on San Juan night (just us parents)....the boys ate at Johnny Rocket's. The steak I had at GT was amazing. Wife loved her food, also. The only negative was that one of our appetizers was not close to being warm....but we just let it slide. The boys loved being on their own at Johnny Rockets and had a blast from the reports we received from them. While we all enjoyed our upcharge meals we really do not see a need in the future to leave the MDR for our evening meals. Our table mates passed on dinner that night also.....they ate and drank a bunch in San Juan as planned. Pretty much everything we had in the MDR was delicious. Again, not sure where and how the complainers eat at home but we loved the food. We enjoyed the ship provided. The food was fine but the setting is really nice. We rented 3 mats here from RCCL @ $17 each....the same mats were $14 each about 18 months ago. The 18 year old did a RCCL provided Waverunner shore excursion for $98 and they would not allow his 12 year old brother to ride on the back so Mom went for $98 plus little brother for another $30. I was against this because I know that Waverunners can be had for $50 or so dollars all over the Caribbean and the 2nd rider is free but lost out in the discussion. I think that it takes gouging to a new level. Our 2nd stop at San Juan we did not arrive until after 2:00PM which limits the amount of daylight. We walked with the boys to the San Cristobal Fortress.....$5 for 3 of us with the other 2 free. Really amazing views from there and a really large place. We walked back through Old San Juan and before you knew it, darkness had fallen. Some light shopping and we were back on board by 6:30PM. Third stop at St.Kitts, we had arranged for a tour with Gray's Island Tours. $48 per person and we had Mr.Thenford Gray, himself, directing our tour. There were 17 of us on the tour and it was OUTSTANDING. We were treated to a play by play about St.Kitts island history by a smart, humorous, and entertaining gentleman that you will ever meet. Our stops included Romney Manor, Brimstone Hill Fortress, an amazing mountain top stop to see where the Caribbean Seas and Atlantic Ocean meet, and ended at a beach at South Friars Bay. The information and good times that we experienced on this outing exceeded our expectations. Mr.Gray is a treasure. His knowledge of the plant life in the gardens at Romney Manor was borderline genius. Fourth stop was St.Maarteen at Phillipsburg. We chose to do a tour with Bernard's Tours. We had done this about 3 plus years ago on the 1st cruise with the kids. Our tour guide this time was Mailman and he was outstanding. Couple quick stops at a seaside location with great views, a location with about 25 or so iguanas, then an 1 1/2 at Orient Beach where we got 2 chairs and an umbrella for $10 at LaPlaya seaside bar. The boys and Dad rode a banana boat here for $15 each. Our chairs came with 2 tasty fruit punches. We then headed to a ocean side open air market in Marigot. We chose to grab some amazing French pastries at the Mailman recommended Sarafinas. They were amazing. Last stop was at Maho Beach at the Juliana Airport to see the planes land and take off. This is an amazing site. The 1st time we visited the boys talked about for weeks. This stop was really good. We saw 4 smaller type planes and 2 decent size planes land while we there. We missed the big Dutch Airbus because it was running late by about 30 minutes. We did see it as we were driving out of the area. No matter great time was had by our family. We were very entertained by Mailman with running commentary about the island. There were about 15 of us in a very well air conditioned 22 bus/van. Complimentary Carib beer, water and soft drinks, along with Mailman's own special brew of rum made the day even better. We chose to be dropped off at the ship after 5 or so hour tour. High recommend. Our cruise included 1 full at sea day on the front end and 2 full at sea days on the back end. Those days were enjoyed just lounging in the Solarium and hopping in and out of the pools. A highlight was experiencing the New Year's Eve Celebration happening on the Promenade. There was a countdown clock, great music, lots of partying, etc. We had a great view from one of the small balconies on the 7th floor overlooking all the fun. Best NYE ever for our family. Kids all made their own friends and headed out each night to hook up with their groups. We bought 1 soft drink beverage package $8 per day or so and 1 non-alcoholic drink package $22 per day or so. That one included the Starbucks drinks, frozen drinks at the pool, fresh squeezed OJ, soft drinks, bottled water and a few other bottled drinks. At times at the pool bars, it took a long time to get served and the bartenders were chippy when you ordered a non-alcoholic frozen drink or soft drink. They should take that up with their bosses....we were just playing by the rules. No biggie but RCCL needs to stop this behavior. The shows were a mixed bag. We do not like the production shows. If they sang some songs from the more popular Broadway shows that might make it different but no thank you to Bob Fosse. We did enjoy the ice skating show, the Vox Audio singers, The Love and Marriage Show was decent this time mainly due to the older couple, Voices 3 (Tenor singers), the comedian Carl Banks was outstanding both the regular and adult shows, and Chuck Gunther a comedy juggler was very good. The comedian Chris Bliss was very average, both his regular and adult shows. Good news is that we saw Carl Banks late in the week so that removed Chris from our memories. We did not care at all for the cruise director.....probably the worst that we have ever experienced. Some things about cruising today that we wish would change.....somewhere to catch a free movie on board besides on the big screen over the pool. The times never worked for us. And does RCCL think that anyone really wants to pay $12 for an in room movie in their cabin. Taking time away from the flow rider so you can upcharge folks to use it is very poor and are two things that come to mind. No waiters carrying sail away drinks due to the selling of the drink packages is missed, too. We did love the overall friendliness of the staff on this ship. The folks in the Windjammer were so on the ball. Love the chance to grab a slice of hot pizza after midnight. We experienced nothing bad on our cruise except for the boarding issue and a few snarky bartenders. We had a great cruise on the Navigator. An overall grade would be say 92...very good just short of excellent. Debarking was not fun (but it never is) but we did roll off our own luggage and even after having to take a shuttle over to the garage (which means hauling very heavy luggage on and off said shuttle) we were on our way home by 7:30AM. Next cruise is March 26 on the Brilliance of the Seas and then our old friend Freedom of the Seas on December 18 and we can't wait. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
I went on Navigator of the Seas December 12 from Fort Lauderdale and sailed for the next 8 nights. I enjoyed having the extra night and day and have previously gone on a 7 day/night cruise. This is my second RCI cruise and I have gone on ... Read More
I went on Navigator of the Seas December 12 from Fort Lauderdale and sailed for the next 8 nights. I enjoyed having the extra night and day and have previously gone on a 7 day/night cruise. This is my second RCI cruise and I have gone on Majesty's weekend cruise in the past. It was not easy getting on the ship. It took a very long time to navigate the long line that took perhaps over 2 hours to finally go through. This might have been Port Everglades problem since it was in the old terminal which they are shutting down soon. Getting off the ship was not so easy either and it was a very long wait in the old terminal again to finally get though customs. Going through customs was simple once I made it through the line. I would recommend this ship and absolutely would go on this ship again. I was pleased with the staff throughout the cruise. The waiters at the 5:30 dining were exceptional. The room steward did a wonderful job as well and I give the staff very high ratings. They clearly made an effort to keep the passengers happy and I saw them catering to many guests and always attempting to satisfy throughout my trip. Overall, I liked the entertainment although I did not like the Quest show. I know lots of people like it, but it gets old really quickly and I don't care to see older passengers passing around their dentures to others in order to win a competition. There definitely should be an alternative show at that time. Also, I enjoyed the ice skating show however there was another time that the ice show was the evening's main show when many had already seen the show. At that time, there was no alternative main show and there should have been another show for those who had already seen the earlier ice show. I did like the comedians overall and the Elton John singer/comedian as well as the comedian/impersonator were amazing. I didn't care for the 2 musical/dancing shows which I thought were just boring. I usually like those kinds of shows but the material just seemed inferior even thought the actors might have been talented. I was not able to tell. I did like the ports---Labadie, Haiti, San Juan, St. Kitt and St. Marteen. The stop in San Juan was way too short. I believe it was because the ship wanted to limit the port costs and have us spend more money on the ship than in port. This is a theme that I saw running throughout the cruise. Gone are all the little extras that RCI used to give such as little chocolates on the beds, birthday cake for a birthday (I did have a birthday on the cruise and got a dessert that was offered that night but it was not a cake and was not enough for my table). One of my main complaints is that a picture costs $20.00 and RCI does NOT even provide a folder/envelope for you to protect your pictures that you purchased. They are promoting their $26 or $27 photo album instead. For $20 I would expect a protective folder. They are saving lots of money by not having to print every picture like they used to. Now its all computerized, so give us a little something for our money RCI!! I did NOT buy a drink package since I am not a big drinker at all. It did not make sense to me to buy the $67 per day package that would have included unlimited drinks. So, the alternative was to buy a few drinks. I was shocked that the alcohol drinks after the 18% gratuity added in came to $12.92. That is ridiculously expensive for a drink. I realize booze is the way that RCI can make money to pay off their debt of new ships, but that price seems outrageous. Fortunately, the drinks at most ports are like $5.00 and we drank off of the ship when we were at port. I can understand why so many people smuggle their booze onboard since its crazy expensive to have a drink. I enjoyed dancing every night in the Cosmopolitan Room and enjoyed some of the music--I did like the 70's and 80's. Hated the latin music but still danced to it and refused to dance to the line dances which I hate. But I did have fun up there. I was surprised that there was never a outside pool party with food. There was a karaoke party outside that not many people attended....but there was no food at all. Maybe that is why no one joined that party. I also enjoyed Karaoke a couple of times. They had a competition at the end of the cruise. I would have preferred no competition since some I not want to compete but just wanted to do a song without feeling like I was in a competition. I thought the food was good overall. I always had at least 2 entrees at dinner. Breakfasts were very good with egg white omelettes. And I really enjoyed the salad selection for lunches. Even in the main dining room, they had salads that were diced up for you in a bowl. You can eat all the time and even late at night. Good selection of food and I was always satisfied. There were lots of elderly people on board and lots of motorized scooters and walkers. That did not bother me at all and it kept the number of people in the gym which I attended daily down to a minimum. If there were younger people on board, I think it would have been more difficult to get a treadmill since the gym seems very small for a few thousand passengers. They do have a steam room and sauna at no extra cost which was nice. So in conclusion, there will probably never be a perfect cruise. However, I really had a great time overall. I would recommend this ship and I was overall pleased with the experiences I had and would certainly book on this ship and other RCI cruises in the future. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
Just back home to Scotland. Ship was excellent as is norm but this time the theatre shows were so poor and amateurish and very little live entertainment at pool.I overheard some staff in windjammer talking about other staff and on the ... Read More
Just back home to Scotland. Ship was excellent as is norm but this time the theatre shows were so poor and amateurish and very little live entertainment at pool.I overheard some staff in windjammer talking about other staff and on the ramps to the tables where i had ti squeeze between them wirh my plate and some of them were miserable looking, again not the usual courtesy you get. The only other thing was the hard selling tactics on the ship from shopping to waiters directly asking us when we were going to order more cocktails!I did find out later from a female waiter at the bar that they are on commission!says it all. apart from that had a wonderful break but royal carribean needs to inform guests why they don't port for whatever reason.we were due first portvif call to Bahamas and by sheer luck I checked messages on stateroom TV where we were informed that it was cancelled.. Later managedvti find out that unsafe for tenders due to high winds but they should have announced this..other guests complained about this too. Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
My husband and I have been on many cruises (about 20) on various cruise lines. We prefer Royal Caribbean! The food and entertainment are the best. Port: I had read a lot of negative remarks about the Galveston port so I was ... Read More
My husband and I have been on many cruises (about 20) on various cruise lines. We prefer Royal Caribbean! The food and entertainment are the best. Port: I had read a lot of negative remarks about the Galveston port so I was somewhat prepared. We got to the port around 10:30. Were on the ship by 11:15. This part was smooth. Even though the rooms are not available to go to until 1:00, at least we were on the ship and enjoying the cool and drinks. Disembarking was a different story all together. First of all, you are given a time you can leave the ship. Our time was 9:15 (#16). We had plenty of time to eat breakfast and sat in the lounge until our number was called. They were prompt in calling the numbers on time. However, when we got off the ship the port was TOTAL mass confusion!! No one checked your number as you got off so there were numbers from 15 to 26 so needless to say, too many people trying to find their luggage. No signs where to get in line to go to customers. Lines going left and lines going right. Not to mention the fact that it was 90 degrees in the port with little or no air!! I don't see how some of the older people could handle it. Then we were in line for 45 minutes and the man and woman in front of us, called their family over (there were 6 more of them) and they all cut into the line in front of us!! This part was horrible!!! ENOUGH OF THAT!! Cozumel: We did the Royal Swim with the dolphins and it was truly AMAZING! Would highly recommend to anyone. There was even a 3 year old little girl that did it and loved it. She actually cried when it was over. Belize City: We did the Trolley tour just to see the city. This place could be missed as far as I could see. Most of the excursions were water based and you have to take an hour to hour and a half ride to get to anywhere pretty. If we went here again, I would stay on the ship. Rotan: We did the Park animal refuge tour. Played with the cappuccino monkeys! It was so HOT but I would do this again. The monkeys made it all worth it. I could have skipped the rest but it was still fun. You can not take any bags or water (and they really mean it) because the monkeys will take them away from you. Overall, the cruise was so fun and relaxing! Would defiantly recommend and do this one again!! Make sure to do the flow rider. Lots of fun and you don't need any skills to do it. Also, I did not like the idea of paying extra for a meal but the couple we went with wanted to go to Chops so we did. It was truly worth the extra money. Just make sure you don't eat anything the rest of the day before you go. there is sooo much food but very good!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
Galveston is a very inconvenient departure port especially coming from the west coast requiring an overnight stay. The next day we showing up at the airport to take the RC bus to Galveston. Honestly, don't they do this every day? ... Read More
Galveston is a very inconvenient departure port especially coming from the west coast requiring an overnight stay. The next day we showing up at the airport to take the RC bus to Galveston. Honestly, don't they do this every day? How can it get so messed up and be over an hour late? So we got to Navigator after 1:30 and got through check-in quickly due to my Emerald status but the other lines were jammed. First off our cabin just stank. There was trash (pizza and cigar wrappers( still in the trash can. The couch was filthy, as if kids had been jumping on it with dirty shoes and the toilet anointed our bathroom with an inch of water for our arrival. So sorry no other rooms. Water vacuumed up but nothing to do about the smell. Oh well. Balcony in disrepair and unusable most of the cruise due to maintenance crew tearing up the deck. Why couldn't this have been done in dry dock? Our party of four; instead of our requested table for four was split up at two tables for six on other floors. When I asked for a table together I was told nothing was available, which as we all know is nonsense. I very pleasantly told the supercilious head waiter that I was certain something could be found and I would stand there until it was and if necessary take me meals there. Amazingly a table showed up! Waiters very good. Food hit and miss continuing the gradual decline of MDR food discussed in detail on the boards. Chops and Giovanni's excellent but we went there more to avoid the MDR than to treat ourselves so their evil plan is working. Entertainment also hit and miss with a strange combination of comedians during the week. Take into account lots of kids were aboard (not a problem for us) and lots of Texans too this was a strange mix. So I will certainly cruise RC again but I'm not going to Galveston again unless some twist of fate finds me living in the Lone Star State. It's easier to fly to Florida. Navigator needs work and they shouldn't be doing it on my vacation. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
We cruised on the Navigator of the Seas out of Galveston with my extended family, 17 people total, ranging in age from 2 to 71. The itinerary was a 7 night cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. This was my third cruise and the ... Read More
We cruised on the Navigator of the Seas out of Galveston with my extended family, 17 people total, ranging in age from 2 to 71. The itinerary was a 7 night cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. This was my third cruise and the first time with Royal Caribbean. We are from San Antonio and Austin which makes leaving from Galveston convenient. The traffic at the port was a mess and took a long time. The embarkation process was okay, but the lines were long and slow. We arrived around noon and were onboard by 1:30pm. We were able to go to our staterooms, but when we got there, the cabin was so small, I thought they had made a mistake. We had four cabins in a row on the 3rd floor, each with adults and children. My parents had a balcony room on the 7th floor (which was much larger and very nice). We were 2 adults (in our 40’s) and 2 children (ages 12 and 13) in our room but there was only a king sized bed. We looked around bewildered and could not figure out where the supposed bunk beds would be. Furthermore, I could not find an attendant or a single person to ask. Other people were wandering around the hallway asking the same thing. I ended up going up to guest services and was told the beds come down from the ceiling and our stateroom attendant would lower them after dinner. Basically, the bunk beds hang over the king sized bed. I had looked online before the trip and had even called Royal Caribbean about the sleeping arrangements in a family room, and could not find any information. There are no pictures of this room configuration on the website or anywhere else. I took some pictures once the beds were down and will post them online so others will know what to expect. In addition, the cabin itself was really dirty. It seemed the only thing done between the prior guests’ departure and our arrival was to make the beds. There was hair in the bathroom and on the window sill above the bed, sand all over the floor and couch, some kind of smeary stains (blood?) on the walls, dried vomit on the curtains above the bed, and a disgusting toilet brush that lingered in the bathroom during our entire stay. Our stateroom attendant came by and introduced himself (Leon) and assured us the beds would be lowered after dinner time and he would vacuum the floor. I did not mention the other things because I would basically be asking him to clean the room properly, but I didn’t want to get off on the wrong note. It was getting late so we went to the Wind Jammer for lunch. The food was good with lots of variety. After lunch, we explored the ship. We watched the departure from the top deck and enjoyed a drink. We returned to the cabin late in the afternoon thinking we might unpack, but none of the luggage had arrived to our room. Leon assured us the luggage would be there soon. But by dinner time, our luggage had still not arrived, even though all my family in the other cabins had theirs. I had to go to dinner wearing shorts with holes in them. Bummer. Next time, I’ll pack my dinner clothes in my carry on. We had a 5:30 pm dining time. Our group of 17 was split amongst two tables next to one another. We ended up eating in the main dining room every night of the cruise. I really didn’t care for the food, but everyone liked the experience of eating in the dining room. Some of the items were better than others (salmon was good, steaks were not good). The kids became increasingly adventurous with what they ordered each night (escargot, lamb, duck, etc.), which was fun to watch. Everyone enjoyed the interesting desserts and being able to order as many items as they liked from the menu. The portions were very small (ex., 5 chips served with the spinach and artichoke dip made us laugh), but that was fine since none of us are really big eaters anyway. Our waiter was not friendly and was actually abrupt and sometimes downright rude. He was always behind the other tables in his service cycle. Not that we wanted to rush, but he was consistently slow and seemed very stressed out. The wine steward was also rude and not knowledgeable about the wine list and his service was very slow also. But the young lady who brought the bread basket around each night and refilled tea and water glasses was so sweet. She smiled the whole time and was so warm and pleasant. She needs a promotion!!! After dinner, our luggage arrived and we were able to unpack. The cabin had very little storage for 4 people. It would have been fine for 2, but with 4 people, there definitely was not adequate space to unpack our things. I had to get pretty creative to make it work. At the end of the first day, I was kind of annoyed and disappointed. It had not been the best beginning for a cruise. But luckily, the rest of the trip went so much better and despite a rough start, the cruise itself was wonderful. The second day was a sea day and we had to pass through a tropical storm. It was pretty rough waters and the boat was rocking, not enough to make people ill, but enough to through off your balance. They closed the upper decks until we were through the storm by the late afternoon. My husband decided to buy a beverage package on the second day (beer, wine and soda), which was probably a cost saver in the long run. The prices of the drinks are really high! Being able to bring two bottles of wine onboard (plus the ones my sister carried on for me, since she doesn't drink wine) was perfect for me. Surprisingly, no one even used the soda cup. In the end, I think we got our money's worth, but it would be nice if there was an allowable amount of beer you could bring too. While I'm on the subject, the policy on bringing water onboard seems a bit fuzzy. Most of our group had no trouble and just put a luggage tag on our water case and it arrived at the room with the luggage. But we saw another person carrying water during boarding who had it confiscated. So stupid. They should just make an allowance for bringing on a case of water to keep in your stateroom. Jeez... The third day we docked in Cozumel. We arrived later than scheduled due to the weather the day before, but that was nice because we got to sleep in a little later. We had booked the Fury Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Break through Royal Caribbean. This was so much fun. The catamaran’s crew were very capable and kept the beers and margaritas flowing. The snorkeling location was not that great. There weren’t that many fish and the waters were pretty rough that day. But at least it was memorable. The private beach had lots of inflatables to play on and the kids had a blast. You could order a hamburger or hotdog that was made fresh in front of the guests. They are enormous and delicious and could easily be split between two people. We stayed at the beach for about an hour and a half then boarded the catamaran for the trip back to the boat. The crew played music and got the passengers dancing on the deck. It was really entertaining to watch everyone. We were back in time to do some shopping in the port before getting back onboard the ship. The fourth day, we tendered in Grand Cayman. It was a late arrival (10 am) and they prioritized those guests with excursions booked through Royal Caribbean to get off the ship first. Everyone else needed a numbered ticket to disembark and the process was slow. We didn’t get off the ship until almost noon. We did not have an excursion booked because we had heard how beautiful the beaches are and decided to take cabs on our own. It was easy to get a cab and we were taken to Public Beach. Our cab driver said she would take us back and we arranged a time. There was a bar/restaurant where we ordered buckets of beer and headed out to the beach. This beach was very narrow and pretty crowded. We rented a couple of chairs and umbrellas. The kids snorkeled and played in the water. We ordered food from the bar, which was very good. But it was very hot that day and we only stayed at the beach for a couple of hours. Our driver returned to pick us up and we asked to be dropped off near the port to shop. Grand Cayman is clean and safe to walk around, but we had to remind the kids to be careful crossing the street since they drive on the other side of the road. We bought a few souvenirs and returned to the tenders for the ride back to the ship. It was enjoyable, but we probably would have had more fun if we had booked an excursion. The fifth day, we docked in Falmouth, Jamaica. I had booked an excursion through a private company (Liberty Tours) for a trip to Blue Hole. This was such an amazing day and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. I had been given directions by the tour company on where to meet our guides and we found the meeting place easily. We divided into two groups and were taken to the comfortable, air conditioned vans. The driver of our van was Rose Marie. She was so friendly and outgoing and kept us entertained the whole way. She would answer any and all questions happily and knowledgeably. There was never a lull in the conversation and the facts she told us about life in Jamaica were fascinating. The drive to Blue Hole is over an hour, but was part of the fun. Seeing the homes and people of Jamaica going about their day was really cool. It is such a unique culture. The drive up to the falls was off the main road and along a bumpy, windy, narrow dirt road. Once we arrived, we were led up to the falls by our guides; two young Jamaican guys who were very friendly (Irving and Morgan). Our group was led up the falls and shown where to jump off into the pool below. You could jump from different heights depending on how adventurous you wanted to be. Some were easy (about 6 feet or so) and some were really high (30 plus feet). Everyone in my group jumped from various heights, and even the oldest generation braved the most treacherous of the falls. The guides held onto each person securely as they walked to the edges of the falls. These young men were so strong and capable, we felt very safe. However, this is not an easy excursion. It is best to be up for a little adventure!!! There was a rope swing at the end which was fun too. Once everyone in the group had jumped, the guides would run off the falls and do the most amazing flips and dives. Very impressive!!! It is suggested to wear water shoes, and while they are certainly no fashion statement, I was glad I had them. The rocks could get pretty sharp in some places. After the falls, we were driven in the vans back down the mountainside to “Scotchies” for lunch. Our drivers had called ahead, so the food was ready when we arrived. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the wonderful jerk chicken, rice and “peas” (beans), and sodas they brought us. The portions were large and by that time everyone had worked up an appetite. The food was fresh, hot and delicious. There was a bar for those of us who wanted a Red Stripe or Rum Runner. After lunch we headed back to the port with over an hour to spare. This was everyone’s favorite excursion and was truly a unique experience. The sixth and seventh days were at sea and we enjoyed everything the ship had to offer. We watched the ice show (wonderful), climbed the rock wall, played on the Flow Rider, worked out at the gym, lounged by the pool, and caught the nightly shows in the theatre. Disembarkation went smoothly and we were on the road by 10:30 am. Overall, this cruise was one of our family’s favorite vacations. The kids said they had more fun on this trip than on our Disney World vacations. My parents even booked themselves another cruise for next year. Comparing the two cruise lines I have taken out of Galveston, there are some things I like more about Royal Caribbean and some things I prefer about Carnival. I guess the deciding factor in the future will be promotional prices and destinations. But we really had a great time on this cruise and look forward to more in the future. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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