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Sail Date: October 2014
I was hesitant about this cruise after reading some of the reviews but trust me, the cruise is awesome for a short cruise to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. The price is excellent. I traveled with a friend from Europe and we both enjoyed ... Read More
I was hesitant about this cruise after reading some of the reviews but trust me, the cruise is awesome for a short cruise to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. The price is excellent. I traveled with a friend from Europe and we both enjoyed it immensely. Living in Miami, and now retired, I would do it again and again with visitors who want to get away and enjoy a nice getaway. Here are my comments: 1. Ship. The ship may be older but it is still great. I loved it. I have traveled on other larger ships and for this short cruise, this ship is just fine. The maintenance is superb. The crew is constantly painting, cleaning, and fixing anything that needs to be fixed. It has everything you need. 2. Rooms and cabin attendant. The room was small but what you need for a short cruise. Pack light! All you need is a carry on which is what we did and that was enough. The problem appears to be with cruisers who take huge bags thinking they are going for a long cruise. The atmosphere is casual. even on formal night, I saw folks in the dining room with shorts and no one said a word. My friend and I wore nice shirts and slacks and we felt fine. Many ladies wore simple black dresses and those pack easily. No need for formal wear. The bathrooms are small but well equipped and all you need really. I followed the suggestion of the over the door shoe storage and that provided extra space for extra toiletries and sandals, suntan lotion, etc. but it was not necessary. There is plenty of room for two persons, and we had an inside cabin. The beds were pushed together and they were huge and comfortable. The cabin was cool and the inside cabin in level 2 was quiet and provided easy access to all departures (from level 1 or 2) and first access to the elevator to the top floor for the buffet and swimming pools. I loved level 2. Cabin attendant Delano was helpful and observant noticing we used ice and providing tons of ice throughout the cruise. We also took the two allowed bottled of white wine which we kept in the room for a glass of wine before dinner. Without asking, Duane provided us with wine glasses and iced our bottle. A nice touch, much appreciated that made a difference. We provided Duane with a thank you note on our last night as well as additional gratuity. Swimming Pools: Too many kids in BOTH pools so neither of us used the pool. Not sure how clean they were. The hot tubs were always packed so stayed out of those as well. I would suggest saving one pool for adults but seems difficult because both pools are next to each other. The cruise is short and there is ocean swimming in Nassau and Coco Cay. We did enjoy the lounge chairs near the pool to watch the action. Food: The food is great. We ate in the dining room three of the four nights; loved it. One night my fish was served dry (overcooked). The server noticed I hardly touched it and offered to replace it with a beef dish that my friend was having which came quickly and was perfectly cooked. The other nights we each ordered two starters, a main course, and one desert. The service was great as were the variety of homemade dinner rolls. We asked for a quiet table for two (second seating) and were accommodated. It was perfect. We had breakfast in the Windjammer Buffet and enjoyed that as well. The omelet station was excellent although there were pre-made small omelets. We also tried the fruit which was fresh and tasty as was the bacon and carved ham. I even liked the OJ and coffee. We peaked in the pizza restaurant but did not eat any. We did not eat anywhere else. Excursions: The ship excursions are expensive but good for those who do not know the stops and prefer for others to plan activities. I did our own and saved a lot of money doing it online and ahead of our arrival. In Nassau, we took Bus #10 for $1.25 each way for each which you pay in cash when you get off. It was easy picking it up near the port in the town center at George Street. It took us to Cable Beach in less than 10 minutes. The bus was with other tourists and very well-groomed and polite locals (probably going to work). It was air conditioned and even had nice music playing. Sit on the right ride for great views along the way. On the left side you will see some beautiful homes. I saw tourists staying at island resorts hoping on and off this public bus. It comes by often and will stop anywhere along the route. In Nassau they call them Jitneys but they are small decent buses. There were tourist of all ages and races on the bus. What we did is to buy a day pass at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort to access their beach chairs, pools, clean bathrooms, and get clean towels. It was steep for $30 each but well worth it for the entire day of carefree bliss on a superb beach in a safe and clean hotel property with easy access using the low-cost, clean, picturesque, and safe public bus. We returned to the port on the same Bus #10 being picked up right in front of the Melia hotel. It could not be easier. Upon our return we enjoyed a stroll downtown although by the time we returned most of the shops were closed. My suggestion would be to shop first and then take the bus to the hotel. Coco Cay. The worse part about this stop was the sitting for the lunch and the lunch itself. There were picnic tables next to the BBQ but not enough for the large crowd. It was uncomfortable. The hot dogs were also undercooked and the burgers were average but OK for a light lunch. They did have fruit and salad. The best part was the beach. I would suggest bringing water shoes as the sand seemed a bit muddy. I also brought my own inflatable floating hammock which was easy to blow up (saving the steep $20 to rent a raft). Mine cost $2.50 at Big Lots and I still have it for another beach trip (I live in Miami). There are plenty of chairs. My friend and I enjoyed walking all the way past the crowds to the end of the beach to Barefoot Beach where you would also find chairs, less people, and a great beach. Just walk along the beach to your right to the end. The disadvantage is that there are no facilities there. Next time I think we could pack our burgers and take them to Barefoot beach to enjoy calmly away from the crowds. I took a thermos water bottle which I used everywhere, filling it up in the room with the ice provided by my room attendant and tap water. It was perfect. The tenders to take you to the beach were easy, efficient, and well organized. Key West. Majesty docks right in the center of where you want to be in Key West. It is perfect. I had purchased City Trolley tickets on Groupon for less than the excursion as well as entrance to the superb Audobon House which is right where the ship docks. The Audobon House is a beautiful house to visit that shows how a wealthy family in the early 1900's lived. It also houses a collection of original Audonon prints of Birds of Florida and is surrounded by a beautiful garden and lovely gift shop. We also stopped along the Trolley Tour to visit the Key West Garden Club which is small but interesting as it is run by volunteers and contains plants contributed by members. It is a popular spot for Key West weddings. It is also adjacent to a nice man-made sandy beach if you want to visit the garden and test the waters. The City Trolley Groupon tour allows you to use the trolley all day. We did two rounds to see both sides of the tour. For the rest of the time, we walked along Duval Street which is where you find Sloppy Joe's and Margaritaville. Had we had more time, we would have gotten off at Stop #3 and walked to the State Park (Fort Taylor) which is supposed to have the only natural sandy beach in Key West. You can access it by foot getting off at Trolley stop #3. We returned to the ship for a late lunch. Entertainment: The cruise Director, Carlos Torres is exceptionally talentented. He is everywhere and speaks English and Spanish well. The passengers were 50% from the U.S. and the balance from some 60 countries, with many Spanish speakers. Most announcements were in both languages although the level Spanish of the crew is not perfect. Clearly they are English speakers and make many mistakes as they attempt to translate. The mistakes are understandable but could be easily corrected. Carlos really tries to entertain. He dances,makes jokes (pretty funny, really), and is a great singer. We went to Boleros the last night to listed to him sing and were pleasantly surprised. Loved it. I went to all the shows and enjoyed the Majesty singers the most. The singer Simone was amazing. She should be on The Voice! She is charming and so talented. Her partner is equally magnificent. The dancers were also very capable and their selection of music numbers was excellent for the crowd. I also enjoyed the magician comedian. I went alone because my friend's English is not good enough for the jokes. The Magician was awesome. He was entertaining, casual, creative, and connected with the audience. Don't miss it. The only one I did not enjoy was the comedian. Maybe it was that I had to translate for my friend who did not speak English. He turned me off with his first joke equating Nassau to Detroit. I found it insulting just having left Nassau and very much enjoyed visiting that lovely island Country. Nassau is NOTHING like Detroit, and what is happening in Detroit is not funny either; it is a sad reflection on our own country. I left after a few minutes not finding his humor entertaining. Oh, the 70's dancing party in the shipping arcade was tons of fun and entertaining. The cruise director Carlos Torres, Simone (the awesome singer), and the Majesty dancers were all great and animated the crowd. The poolside dance party was also a lot of fun to watch. Honestly, Carlos Torres, and the entertainers of the Majesty give it their ALL to make sure everyone has a great time. If you don't have a great time, blame the person in the mirror! Let loose...you'll never see those people again anyway. Contests: We enjoyed the poolside contests, especially the Sexy Man contest by the pool and the lovely ladies who served as the judges. They were so entertaining. My only concern were the many children watching what was really an adult show. However, I am certain the children's parents were present and could have taken the children away if they found the antics inappropriate for children. I am no prude but was a bit embarrassed for the small kids, but those ladies were awesome and the concept is excellent...just ask parents to take away the children for an hour or so to another activity. Guest Relations. I must commend Abdiel in Guest Relations. I went multiple times to ask if there were any extra cabins to upgrade and there were none. However, each time I went to ask, Abdiel was professional, kind, and assured me he would monitor the situation to see if anything became available. Despite not being able to change cabins, I commend him for being always polite, friendly, and truthful. I also saw guests coming up with so many odd questions and each time, the professionals in Guest Relations handled the queries to perfection. I was impressed watching them work. Shopping. The liquor is a great price especially some of the specials. Bring extra batteries if you use them because anything else you buy one the ship is VERY expensive. Four AA no-brand batteries were $7! The nightly specials were fun to watch. People on ships buy anything that appears to be a "deal" even if it is not. It was amazing to see people buy buy buy things no one really needs. Drinks: We drink water and that is free as is the ice, so if you want to save money, skip the soda packages. We also brought two bottles of white wine which we drank during the four day cruise, always keeping them cold in ice in our room with wine glasses provided by our room attendant. We did not spend any money on drinks. Neither of us gamble, so we did not spend any money gambling either. Final Comments: Enjoy the cruise for what it is...an opportunity to be entertained by wonderful and talented young people who really want you to have a great time, enjoy very nice food and some lovely ports, beaches, and towns. The ship is a lovely example of a classic cruise ship and the crew is professional and well trained. Their goal is simple: make sure everyone has a great time and is safe. I loved it and would do it again...AND AGAIN. enjoy it. Let me know how it goes for you. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2014
Coming from cities in the Midwest and Northeast, there were 7 of us eager to escape the subzero winter for my sister's bachelorette weekend. Most of us flew in the night before and stayed at the Cambria Suites by the Miami Airport ... Read More
Coming from cities in the Midwest and Northeast, there were 7 of us eager to escape the subzero winter for my sister's bachelorette weekend. Most of us flew in the night before and stayed at the Cambria Suites by the Miami Airport which is brand new (just opened up last month) where they had great customer service and really spacious rooms. Going through the port Friday afternoon was not a problem but everyone was crammed up in the Windjammer so finding tables was a bit of a feat, plus we were lugging our suitcases along with us. Our rooms were on Deck 4 - 4502, 4504 and 4506 which was all the way at the end of the hallway. The Oceanview was nice and in our room (4502), we had our own window ledge that easily sat someone and our luggage, as well. 4506 was set up to sleep four people with a fold up bed and also an overhead bunkbed, as well. 4504 had a smaller ledge than 4502. We were however right by the anchor so both mornings, we were woken up around 5am as the boat decided to drop anchor. Definitely not a pleasant experience - next time, we'll aim for somewhere away from the anchor! Customer service was excellent as expected and the meals were delicious. Friday night, we ate in the Moonlight dining room at 9pm and spent a lot of our time exploring. A couple of us went to the comedy show which wasn't very funny so they ended up leaving early. Two of us chose to participate in the Vitality Spa with their package deals which was the perfect amount of relaxing. There was a bit of turbulence Friday night where one of us was too seasick and stayed in her room for the rest of the evening. Saturday started off with breakfast at the Windjammer and then, we hopped on the ships to Coco Cay. Coco Cay can best be described as the perfect beach day. We were able to find lawn chairs on the beach right by the floating mat station and stayed put. There were also plenty of empty hammocks around, as well. We did rent two floating mats and took turns floating - the water got warmer as the day went on. The beach bbq was delicious and warning - don't feed those birds! They're vicious. We saw several birds go diving at the chicken legs - cannibals! Our bartender definitely hooked up the drinks - when we said strong, there was barely a splash of anything else. After we got back on the ship, we explored some more and attended an art auction. Before dinner, we stopped by the casino and unfortunately, the bride-to-be had her card stolen when we were at the slot machines. Luckily, guest services was able to remedy the situation and there were no extraneous charges on her account. Dinner was fantastic and we enjoyed a bottle of wine along with it. We had hoped to stop by the karaoke night but the 9pm dinner conflicted with the family karaoke and we didn't end in time for the adults karaoke where when we arrived, we were told that they weren't taking any more requests. So, instead, we hopped over to the video game arcade and tried some games. After that, we stopped by the party up on the pool deck to get some ice cream sundaes and participate in some dancing. Then, called it a night with wine in our cabins (you're allowed to bring two bottles per cabin aboard so we had a total of 6 bottles) and ordered a fruit and cheese plate from room service. Sunday was Nassau which was a decent experience. We first popped out to check out the Straw Market. Weather was nice - 70s and maybe if it was warmer, we would have gone for some water excursions, but instead, we walked along downtown Nassau and stopped by some jewelry stores. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch, margaritas and got our karaoke fix at Senor Frogs. Then, we went back to the ship and lay out by the pool where we were then treated to the Sexiest Man contest which may have been an amusing highlight of Sunday. Our last night, we also swung by the climbing wall and tried that out. It was a great experience - just make sure to bring your own socks and they provide the shoes. We stopped by the Sorrento's Deli which had the perfect half sandwiches and soups as a mini snack before our last dinner in the Moonlight Dining Room. Overall, a great girls weekend with a few hiccups here and there, but well enjoyed weekend of sunshine, rest and girl time. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2013
Our itinerary included a red eye flight from Los Angeles, followed by the cruise and an additional 3 nights in South FL. For starters, we flew into FLL rather than Miami to save $$$. My first tip...NEVER take an overnight flight right ... Read More
Our itinerary included a red eye flight from Los Angeles, followed by the cruise and an additional 3 nights in South FL. For starters, we flew into FLL rather than Miami to save $$$. My first tip...NEVER take an overnight flight right before your cruise. I thought this was a genius way to skip a night at a hotel but we were miserable. Ended up arriving to the port at 7 am just to sit around for hours. You definitely should be well rested before you embark of your vacation. I highly recommend SAS transportation for your transfer to FLL to the port. They only charge $15pp and the service is excellent! On Board- Do expect to spend some time waiting in line to pass through security at the port, it's no fun but part of the process. Unfortunately, we missed most of the first afternoon on board trying to catch up on sleep. Although very, very small our stateroom was quite cozy, comfortable, and impeccably clean (5040). We had the choice of upgrading to a larger room with an obstructed view or taking a room on deck 5 with a full view. I'm glad we did. The view and natural light was well worth it. This was my first cruise in an ocean view room, it was so much better than an interior stateroom, especially when your are cruising to a beautiful port of call. Do take advantage of as many on board activities and shows as possible. The stage shows were just ok. We actually walked out of the adult comedy. However, the Marriage Show, the Quest, and the Battle of the Sexes were hilarious. Make a point to stay up for the Quest!!! Even weeks after our cruise, my husband and I still laugh about the show. The food in both the main dining room and the buffet were surprisingly great. Even room service was good. We purchased the soda package but then realized it wasn't really necessary. RCL includes iced tea, lemonade and a few other juices. I would skip this unless you really, really like a lot of fountain soda. Ports- In Nassau, we opted for the snorkeling excursion offered at port. The best $40 I have ever spent, really. We were taken by bus to Paradise Island, then to a small cove to snorkel. Afterward, the boat dropped us off in front of Atlantis where we accidentally snuck in to the grounds. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to explore everything they had to offer, that's another vacation all together. We spent a small amount of time shopping near the port and were hugely disappointed in the straw market. Stay away, unless you want to be haggled by vendors selling overpriced stuff that's clearly imported from China. Coco Cay was mediocre. Lot's of beach activities which is nice if you just want to relax but there is nothing on the island except for beach activities. We purchased the snorkeling package which was a huge waste. The currents are too strong to swim to the areas with a lot of fish, their equipment was bulky and uncomfortable, and the water was too murky because of all the swimmers. Loved Key West. Lots to see and do but very laid back. Instead of taking a trolley tour, we decided to walk off some of the buffet calories. We walked to the southernmost point, which takes you past Hemingway's home and lot of shops. It was only about a mile each way and allowed us to see most of the same sights as the trolley tour (but it was free). Post Cruise- Since we were staying an additional 3 nights in FL, we rented a car. FYI, car rentals are much less at the Ft. Lauderdale airport than anywhere in Miami. After disembarking, we took the $15 SAS shuttle back to FLL airport to pick up the rental car. This saved a few hundred dollars and was pretty simple. If you are staying over in Miami, I would recommend taking a drive on rt 41 through the Everglades. We stopped at Gator Park for an airboat tour then drove about an hour to Marco Island. Such a beautiful drive with lots of gators along the road. *Random tip- don't bring a huge bag. Bring two smaller sizes if needed. If your bag is too big they will require you to check it with a porter. It's much easier to take your bags on and off the ship yourself. You won't have to wait for your stuff once you get on board and when it's time to disembark you can quickly walk off the ship early without having to wait until your group is called. Just don't leave your bags out on the last night. Overall, Royal Caribbean and the Staff on the Majesty were fantastic. Not a fancy cruise but definitely fun and budget friendly. Read Less
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Cabins 3.0 3.6
Dining 3.0 3.9
Entertainment 3.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.8
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 3.0 3.8
Rates 3.0 4.3

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