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Imagine heading into your local travel agent and telling them that you are half considering a cruise for your Honeymoon, and then the travel consultant recommends MSC, well if this happens to you, run for the hills!! I was half hearted ... Read More
Imagine heading into your local travel agent and telling them that you are half considering a cruise for your Honeymoon, and then the travel consultant recommends MSC, well if this happens to you, run for the hills!! I was half hearted about a cruise to be honest, I felt it would be very restrictive - I was later proved right, but the travel consultant persuaded myself and my now husband, that this would be a relaxing well earned rest after all the stress of the wedding planning. We could have all the little extras that all honeymooners deserve All inclusive - we left having settled a bill for over €250, this was including the charge for tips - €9 per person per day for all the hard work people are doing in the background or as I like to call it Just doing your job I have never known stress until I set foot on what I now refer to as the Prison Package Holiday. We arrived at the terminal to be greeted by a pleasant young man who told us where to leave our bags,- this was the end of the good customer service. As we checked in we were accosted by two over enthusiastic photographers - yes you will be hounded by these people on the ship, they are nice but relentless, their job is to get you to pose over several nights and hopefully spend an average of €50 for these memories of your time on board. I'm afraid I don't need photos to remind me, its indelibly implanted on my brain, I may need to seek out a therapist in the future We had, on the advice of the travel consultant chosen the Aurea package, which is the two lower packages plus extra benefits such as welcome massage and cocktail (IE the second premium package) , and access to the thermal suite - a child free haven with hot tub - the first time we had a quick look around the hot tub had been taken over by a gentleman and his two small children. We also had the additional benefit of the Allegrisimo drinks package - €26 per person per day, now I don't know about anyone else and I enjoy a drink as much as the next person, but you would be hard pressed to drink this amount every day, but there must be fear on board that you could, so don't worry there are several obstacles in place to ensure you don't!. Oh how delighted my new husband was when he discovered this meant he could have any beer he wanted as long as it was Heiniken, delightful, especially if this is one of the few beers you DONT drink - and it had to be draught! We were told we would have a choice of several places to eat, in reality, its three and two of them do exactly the same food, and look the same, in fact up until day two we thought it was all one restaurant. Our package also entitled us to access to an exclusive deck - for Aurea package patrons only and child free, which is what you want on your honeymoon, lets be honest. It also had a bar so that you can just walk the few steps from the rattan lounger to get your self a drink, great idea except that it was often unmanned. And being above deck 13, it could get a bit windy, not too bad but the very nature of rattan furniture ensures that it moves around the deck and when this happens no matter how early it was, the bar and deck closed Staff were on the whole unfriendly, ; the two pool-side bars were tended by men who seemed to think that when you asked for a coke, it was code for a kidney or you were asking them for several pints of blood and boy did those surly faced gentlemen treat you with great suspicion Our 'my choice' dining meant that we could rock on up to our designated restaurant without a reservation apparently but you might be forgiven for thinking that this means you can eat anytime, well you can as long as its between 7.00 and 9,30 and if you choose to dine early, the big scary maître D, who also happened to bad mouth other customers, will give you the evils (evil death stare) to get you out of your seat should you choose to spend more than the allotted time. Also when we did show up to eat, on two occasions we were asked if we minded having a drink in the bar while the maître D practiced giving more customers the evils as some of them had become immune. My next moan is about queuing, queuing to get on, queuing to get off, its a pain and from talking to other people who have cruised with other lines, not the norm except with MSC apparently. The reason is that you have to present your card which is duly scanned so that your identity can be verified, God forbid you will have passed your card to someone on one of the stops and begged them to take your place. Thanks but I don't dislike anyone that much! Getting back on board, your place your bag on a converyor belt so that it can be scanned, in case your a threat to national security? Alas no, your crime could be that you are smuggling alcohol on board which is a big no no, because unlike us, if you went for a more basic drinks package, there is immense pressure to upgrade, but beware there are obstacles to stop you drinking your allowance everywhere as I have already attested you. Most of the bars are closed when the ship is docked and those that are open, I saw one, was unmanned for 20 minutes. So when you visit MSC's website, please note that it is akin to a fairytale and should be treated as such - as in Grimms Fairytales. . That said if you are the type to eat your bodyweight in Pizza then this is the place for you, its available practically 24/7. the food is good, not overly fantastic, in fact over several days I could have cooked better myself and I am a mediocre cook at best. This may seem a little harsh but just in case you've forgotten, this was my HONEYMOON and I would never recommend MSC in a million years for a honeymoon or to anyone that I remotely like that said I know many a person who sings with gusto the praises of Thompson, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, but I will just have to take their word for it. So was there anything nice about the cruise, hell yes. The places you get to see - however brief - remember the queuing the get off, were lovely, Corfu was my favorite followed by Montenegro. But the best thing about this cruise was docking back in Venice and getting off - the inmate was released! Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
MSC Orchestra Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.0 3.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.4
Public Rooms 4.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.3
Family 3.0 3.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.1
Enrichment 2.0 2.8
Service 3.0 3.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.3
Rates 4.0 3.9

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