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37 MSC Cruises MSC Divina Spring Break Cruise Reviews

I have cruised MSC before many years ago and had a good experience. I have also cruise with Carnival 6-7 times, Princess, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. I realized very quickly this cruise line was not the experience I was looking ... Read More
I have cruised MSC before many years ago and had a good experience. I have also cruise with Carnival 6-7 times, Princess, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. I realized very quickly this cruise line was not the experience I was looking for as an American. I booked this cruise because the dates worked for my step-daughter's spring break and because the prices were great, and free drinks and wifi package. We tried to cancel our cruise due to the sudden Coronavirus onset just a few days before leaving but we were unable to reach anyone after a long phone wait. When we arrived the port crew was extremely unfriendly and I immediately felt uncomfortable. I felt as though I had just arrive for my prison intake. Again, lots of cruise experiences and never felt this way. The gentleman who checked us in did a good job of making us feel welcome, which helped. However, as we boarded the ship I found the crew to be more like security, very unfriendly feeling and barking orders or demands. I am acclimated to all the smiling faces and helpful souls of the Carnival cruise experience and I will be returning to them as a loyal customer from here forward even if it means paying a little more money. At dinner we sat for typically an hour and a half because the wait staff was handling so many tables. Our waiter was friendly and did his best to accommodate. They would bring rolls, and I asked 3 times for butter while we sat there hungry for 30-40 minutes waiting on the butter. The food served was very small servings, and not up to par for an evening dinner entree experience. Shrimp cocktail contained 2 shrimp, the steak ordered was paper-thin. The second night we decided to upgrade for the rib-eye with bearnaise . When the steak came it had no bearnaise. We asked the waiter who shrugged us off and never returned with the sauce. Twenty minutes later we went to find some sauce from another waiter, but by this time the steak was cold. We asked for the head waiter, who never came. We asked for refund which we were also declined. We were offered a 20% discount, which we also did not receive as per our bill at check out. We asked for the manger on the way out of the dining room and informed him we will not be returning to eat in the dining room, nor will we return to this cruise line in the future. They continued to mix up our orders and bring out wrong dishes we had not ordered. It was clear they did not have the staff needed to get the job done efficiently. The cruise seemed to be half booked which leaves me wondering what would have happened if it had been full. Our room was extremely tidy, and our room staff were friendly. We also found it easy to obtain beverages in the bar areas which we loved as well as the ability to use use the drink package the day we were on the cruise ships owned island. My suggestions to MSC, is to train your staff for customer service, we are your customers not a bother! Add more staff to you dining room and more things to do throughout the day, the choices of entertainment were slim. Leaving us sitting in our staterooms for hours at a time waiting for the evening show. I hope this review helps those who are shopping for a great deal to see what gets cut when prices are so low. Spend the extra $50-$100 a person and enjoy your vacation experience! Read Less
Sail Date March 2020
4th cruise with MSC, first time divina. (before: music/fantasia/splendida). Always nice cruises, otherwise wouldn't have booked a 4th cruise :). Sailed from Genoa to Venice. Balcony state room fantastic (11094). Also booked the ... Read More
4th cruise with MSC, first time divina. (before: music/fantasia/splendida). Always nice cruises, otherwise wouldn't have booked a 4th cruise :). Sailed from Genoa to Venice. Balcony state room fantastic (11094). Also booked the premium drank package at 39€/day. The cabin: Room was like we knew from previous cruises but this time no curtain at the shower but a shower door. Improvement! The cabin steward who normally is somewhere around, especially on the boarding day, wasn't there. And in the end, we never saw him during the whole cruise. All other cabin stewards we saw daily, but ours...??? although room was kept clean and towels were changed twice a day, but room was never prepared for the night like we were used to have on previous cruises with MSC. (curtains closed/beds opened/towels replaced/last checks/...). And then the last night...nothing at all. Even no fresh towels. It was like if for MSC on the last night you are no longer welcome... Was this a big problem? No, but you except the same level of service for your entire cruise. Dinner: 1st thing to do was to change dinner seating. Dinner booked online on msc page: 2nd seating but cruise card mentioned 1st seating so up to the Maitre D to change into 2nd. Changed with no comment. Then it was time to use the cruise card/drink package. Bars: Premium package entitles you all drinks on the menu up to 10€. So let's start with a Paulaner Hefeweizen. After the first one asked for a second. "Sorry, out of stock". De bar on the other side still had one (or more...) So far no problem. Then ordered a prosecco superiore. This is not the standard prosecco you get with the easy package. "Sorry out of stock". This went on for the entire cruise. Not everything on the menu seems available in the bar...even if you ask for a mixer with a premium brand vodka/gin/whisky/...you should stay close to the bartender to make sure he uses the ordered brand. Is this a big problem? No, but if MSC sells you a package with the promise you can order drinks up to 10€ they should deliver. Otherwise it is wiser to stay with the cheap drink package. The daily shows: 1st I would like fellow passengers to remind that they have 2 x the same show a night in order to offer everybody to join a show before (for the 2nd seating) or after (for the 1st seating) dinner. So please don't join after the show has started and if you come late don't want to grab a chair in the middle of a line so you want people to stand up and let you pass. Thank you :) The show on the first night was a tribute to tina turner. Music and singing was OK. Dancers were doing their thing. The show on the second night were Italian songs. Same dancers. Became already a little annoying. The show on the third night: singing an the same dancers. We left after the third song and didn't return the rest of the cruise since the program mentioned singing and dancing again. Shows on previous cruises were beter: some singing/some dancing/some acrobatics/some magic/some theatre/...but not only singing and dancers. Is this a big problem? No, but variety is more then welcome?!? The dinners: We knew what to expect but this time food was really flavorless. And the problem with the wine was that they give you the wine menu (premium package, remember :)) but it is hard to get the chosen wine... We had the impression that the food at the buffet restaurant was better this time than in the restaurant. But the most inconvenient was the dinner on the night we were at Palma the Mallorca. Since the schip only left at 23:30 they decided for an open seating dinner. Thus: not at your table and maybe even not in your restaurant. The waiters couldn't follow at all since at once all passengers seemed to have decided to dine at around 20:30 or so...what a disaster! My advice to MSC: keep the seatings like they are. If yo are not on board for the time of your seating -> you go to the buffet. Easy no? Is this a big problem? No, but rather inconvenient and stress for as well waiters as for the passengers. All this made it a rather strange cruise. Did we enjoy it? YES, we were on holiday but we had made better experiences with MSC. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
Our first MSC cruise and won't be our last. Chosen for the itinerary. Would have given it a 4 but for the disappointing dining experience. Ship is immaculate and although the ship was full it was kept spotless at all times. Was ... Read More
Our first MSC cruise and won't be our last. Chosen for the itinerary. Would have given it a 4 but for the disappointing dining experience. Ship is immaculate and although the ship was full it was kept spotless at all times. Was a real cosmopolitan mix on board dominated by Spanish and not many English on board which wasn't a problem for us. We booked a balcony cabin and were allocared a corner berth at the back of the ship on deck 11, which was fabulous with lots of space and the biggest balcony we have ever had (this was our 10th cruise). The service levels were good overall but did vary on a bar by bar basis. The only let down for us was the evening meal, which is a big part of our cruising experience. The restaurants were rammed with lots of young family groups and hence very noisy even on the late sitting, which surprised us given this was at 9.45pm. The menu was ok if a little plain as was the food. The best meal we had was in the Sushi restaurant which was fabulous. The wine choices were also a little limited even with the premium drinks package. That said we would still book another MSC cruise based on the overall experience Read Less
Sail Date July 2018
Well firstly the on board entertainment/activities was very poor from the last cruise I was on...the entertainment does not last long for people who don't do excursions...I got very bored on the ship...there is it enough music and ... Read More
Well firstly the on board entertainment/activities was very poor from the last cruise I was on...the entertainment does not last long for people who don't do excursions...I got very bored on the ship...there is it enough music and dancing at the pool area....some scheduledscheduled activities didnt even take place...the entertainmet staff is not engaging enough... The casino system is very bad with the ticket system ...one would think that money would be loaded onto your card..and like myself who was could unaware lost 60 euros cause i didnt print a ticket....and the casino couldn't even tell me who then took the ticket out of the machine ...I'm sure the casino staff are very aware of this over site and has collected many unclaimed tickets for them selfs...this ship is just about marketing on board to make me money off passsagers and less worried about the passengers enjoyment....the rule that all passangers sharing the all inclusive drinks package is a total indecation of this...my cabin partner was not a drinker so why do both need to make the purchase, I find that totaly unaceptable and gready of MSC to make more money... .other than that the ship itself is very good and the food is great.....and the lack of staff understandings English is not a good thing Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
We are just a week back from our 7 day cruise on the MSC Divina, we started and ended in Genoa. Our family has taken several Disney, Carnival, and Royal cruises previously all in the Caribbean. My goal of this review is to provide ... Read More
We are just a week back from our 7 day cruise on the MSC Divina, we started and ended in Genoa. Our family has taken several Disney, Carnival, and Royal cruises previously all in the Caribbean. My goal of this review is to provide background/facts as well as the good and bad that we experienced both before and during the cruise. -Why we booked. We booked this cruise and flights in June 2017 as the timing was right. Our flight was into Milan the day before the cruise which left from Genoa. We decided to take this cruise as we have a 3 and 7 year old, this cruise had no days at sea and we would be able to experience Italy, Spain, and France. MSC was also offering a promo of "Kids cruise free" so we got a pretty good deal. We booked an oceanview on the 5th floor with the Fantastica experience. The experience included 12 drink coupons per person, non-alcoholic for the kids. We had some fears that our 3 year old might want to climb so we decided against a balcony. (Observation, it appears oceanviews are only available on floors 5 and 6 and the upper floors are all balconies). -Pre-cruise As it has been mentioned by several people the MSC website and booking information is clunky at best. It depends on the day of the week if the information is available and working. When it does work the information is limited and for any real detailed information you have to call the customer service number which I found on several occasions has at least a 15-20 minute wait to speak with someone. As we were flying into Milan we booked transfers from Milan to Genoa through MSC for $31 per person each way. Information was provided a few days before the trip and we were told the pick up was at gate 8 of the airport terminal 1 at 8 am. This seemed early as the cruise left port at 6 pm and it was only a 2 hour drive but I figured we hopefully would avoid some crowds. I took advantage of the status match program for the Voyager Club and was given Black status, MSC's highest. The "exclusive" benefits to black card members are listed below and I will provide the on board experience later. -Complimentary specialty restaurant "Tasting Menu" dinner for two (no beverages) [One dinner per stateroom] -Complimentary spumante with chocolate-dipped fruit per stateroom, once per cruise -Priority disembarkation at end of cruise -Courtesy towelling bathrobe and slippers available during the cruise -Complimentary dance class -MSC Voyagers Club exclusive Black Card Party -MSC Voyagers Club Chocolate Ship -Late stateroom check-out at disembarkation We reviewed the shore excursions, internet packages, and food/beverage all inclusive options on the website. We discovered that there were no shore excursions that were good for the kids. We decided to buy an internet package and had questions on the beverage package. About a week before the cruise I called customer service to get details on the beverage package. Our 3 year old only likes apple juice **yes, I know but stick with me**. Knowing she had 12 drink coupons I wanted to know if apple juice was readily available on the ship or if we should buy the unlimited non-alcoholic package for her. I was told there is always apple juice in the buffet at breakfast and there were even juice boxes available that we could bring to the room. She even recommended bringing an empty water bottle that could be filled and used through the day. There was no reason to buy the package as if she wanted juice outside of breakfast she still had the 12 coupons. I was thrilled with the response and didn't buy the package. -Arrival and Embarkation We arrived on Friday about 11 am and had a room at the MXP airport as the cruise wasn’t leaving until Saturday and we had booked transfers with MSC. After arriving we checked in to the hotel and took the train into Milan to explore the city. We had a great time but for future reference Milan shut down a bit at 3 pm as it was Good Friday. We enjoyed a nice meal and headed back to the airport on the train. On Saturday morning we had the chaos of getting everyone up at 6:30 to make sure we were ready for the transfer at 8 am. We grabbed a quick on the run breakfast at the hotel and barely made it by 8 am. We arrived at Gate 8 and looked around for anyone with an MSC sign and no-one was there. I went out by the buses to see if we had arrived late and they walked out again to no avail. I tried calling the transfer company a few times with no answer. Finally, at 8:20 someone answered the phone and told us the time had been changed to 9 am and someone would be there with a sign, in the meantime “the airport has places to eat you should get a coffee.” We didn’t get a call or email about this change. At 9:05 someone showed up with a sign and told us we wouldn’t be leaving for a while as we were waiting for more passengers. He also mentioned we should get a coffee. The transfer left at 10 am, needless to say we weren’t thrilled that we rushed around to get there for 8 am and we didn’t leave for 2 hours. The airport isn’t a ton of fun for 2 kids. When we arrived in Genoa we got off the bus and followed the crowd into the embarkation hall. There was a line of about 150 people already, I approached one of the employees and told him I was a black card member. One of those “benefits” was priority embarkation. He handed me a card and sent the family up an elevator to the Yacht Club check in. We made it through the process in about 30 minutes and were getting on the ship. The process was smooth and easy. - On Board Once on board we went to our room and we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the room. The window was quite large compared to the other cruises we have been on. The cruise cards were in the room and we looked for the drink vouchers to no avail. I was somewhat surprised that my card was silver, but it said that I was a black card member. The biggest surprise was that the “bunk beds” came out of the ceiling above either side of the bed. Be careful if you jump up in the middle of night, you might have headache. We went to the welcome buffet and realized it would take some navigating as the space was huge. It was set up in a mirror pattern where both sides matched. There was also a pizza area and a hot dog/burger area. The quality of the food was good and the selection was adequate. There is a kids section in the back which they liked a lot. There was a selection of deli meats/cheese, an ethnic section, carving/pasta area, healthy section, and a few other areas. I can see how people who didn’t walk the buffet would miss several items. We explored the ship and visited the kids club for registration and met several other families before dinner. Our dining table was set for 7 but no one else came to the dining room. On previous cruises the waiter and assistant were the most outgoing people on the ship. To our surprise this wasn’t the case, our waiter didn’t engage in any conversation other than taking our order. We asked a couple of questions and were told he didn’t know the menu as it was new. - The Good – There were several items that were very good -The housekeeper was very nice and did a great job. She was great with the kids. -The kids club was amazing, the workers did a great job and my 7 year old didn’t want to leave. -The casino staff was great. I played blackjack while there and had a lot of fun. -The quality of the food was very good at the buffet and the selection was enough to keep us happy. -The pool was around 78 degrees each day and was a lot of fun for the kids. They weren’t overcrowded which was nice. -The excursion desk provided honest answers to questions. They admitted there really weren’t any kid friendly excursions which I appreciated. -The shows were hit or miss, the pirate show was good. - The Bad – nothing over the top but a bunch of little to middle type things. -As mentioned earlier my 3 year old only drinks apple juice. The first morning we searched the buffet and didn’t find apple juice we found various different types and figured it was a rotating schedule. The second morning when we didn’t find apple juice we asked and were told there is never apple juice in the machines, you can only buy it from the bar at 3 euros each. I inquired about adding the unlimited package and was told it was too late, you can only buy it on the first day. I complained to the desk and was told it was too bad and I’d need to buy it from the bars. - While there I asked about my card being silver instead of black and was told it wasn’t a big deal but if it was a problem they could change it. I asked about the benefits being a black card member and they told me the cruise consultant would be sending us messages to get the benefits. This never occurred and when we inquired about the free specialty dining it was made to be that we were hassling the staff. We never received any message, they did send the chocolate ship on the second to last night. - The biggest negative was in the dining room, as I mentioned earlier our waiter was very dry to say the least. The first and second night we were told that he didn’t know the menu. My wife ordered a wine the first night and then asked for the same one the next night along with the aforementioned apple juice and it never arrived for over an hour even though we asked 4 times. When the supervisor asked him why we were still waiting he said he didn’t know what wine it was. Our food took an extremely long time to arrive and both nights something was wrong. We asked for a new table as there wasn’t a good fit, they moved us and also moved the waiter to the section next to us which was awkward to say the least for the rest of the cruise. -On all of the other cruises the staff has been friendly and easy going. I found this staff to have very low morale and just plain rude. The best example I can give is when a crew member and a guest would get to a door at the same time, the staff member would push through the door sometimes bumping into the guest. I’ve always seen the crew open the door or step to the side when guests arrived at the same time. This was an overriding theme throughout the ship. Final Thoughts At the end of the day, there weren’t any over the top issues but there were a bunch of small issues. The best way to describe it was this was a cruise that had a very good price and we got what we paid for. I don’t know if I would take a cruise with MSC again. The only thing I can say is that there could be a difference if you are in the Yacht Club level of service for the extra fee. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
this was our first cruise we were told this was a carribean cruise not so this is an atlantic ocean cruise with only three very limited time stops not very mutch time for to do anything ship was beautiful but very very expensive food ... Read More
this was our first cruise we were told this was a carribean cruise not so this is an atlantic ocean cruise with only three very limited time stops not very mutch time for to do anything ship was beautiful but very very expensive food was excellent the best part of the cruise our cabin was at the rear of the shipon deck ten there was a constant churning noise from the ships propellers in the water even with the cabin doors closed. if you want to do this one make sure that you take out your all inclusive drinks package as it is essential if you dont want to be out the price of your cruise again bar prices are crazy example bottle of water $3.75 small bottle heiniken beer $5 75 very hard for first time cruisers to find way around ship as signage is very poor for the money we paid this was not that special overall very disapointed would not do it again Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
This is the fourth cruise line I've tried and unfortunately falls at the bottom of my list of all 9 cruises I've taken. We chose this cruise because of the value. The Aurea package for a balcony room for three people was far ... Read More
This is the fourth cruise line I've tried and unfortunately falls at the bottom of my list of all 9 cruises I've taken. We chose this cruise because of the value. The Aurea package for a balcony room for three people was far less expansive than anything else we had looked at and the perks were fantastic. Access to the thermal area of the spa (steam rooms and saunas), three massages, and beverage package were all included in the roughly 3K we spent. The loyalty match program put us at the second to the top tier and had its own perks that were great. I was apprhensive after reading the reviews but went in with an open and optimistic mind. First, the ship is absolutely gorgeous. Tastefully decorated and glamorous. They did a great job building and decorating. The cabins were clean and tasteful but the TV was in the far corner of the room and much smaller than any other I've seen. There were very few channel options and all on demand movies were $8 each (compared to Celebrity and Princess, for example, who offer many on demand options complimentary). Yes yes, I know you don't go on a cruise to stay in your cabin and watch TV but on the occassional evening when we were very tired and just wanted to relax it wasn't terribly ideal gathering around the tiny TV to watch our rented movies. One of my bigger concerns was regarding food as I had read from multiple reviews that it wasn't terrific. To that I would like to say I was very pleasantly surprised! I had the best duck I have ever had in my life in the main dining room during lunch one day and the finest rissoto I've had on a ship during dinner. The pasta is all incredible and perfectly cooked. We only ate in the MDR twice as we had a dining package for all the specialty restaurants and the food was great both times. The steakhouse and Italia Ristorante were good but the decor was a huge turn-off. Very bright and under decorated with cheap plastic chairs and no linen. The best venue was the Galaxy restaurant with its stunning views and well-appointed table settings. All in all, though, I don't think I would dine at all three specialties again as the menus were very similiar and the cuisine was all the same. There was nothing to make any of them truly stand apart from one another. That said, food was delicious. We never got the chance to visit the buffet during any meal service times and only went in between so didn't get a full selection but what we did get was tasty. The pizza is fantastic both at the buffet and at Eataly. Oh, and the pub food in the sports bar was pretty good. Entertainment: The evening shows were spectacular. Mostly variety style shows but the acts within were fantastic. The theater is beautiful with plenty of seating and the stage sets were all great. I was disappointed, though, in the lack of other entertainment options. This was literally the first ship I have ever been on that didn't feature a single outside act. No guest singers, magicians, comedians, jugglers, acrobats, etc. All shows were procuded by MSC and while they were very good, the Theater was the only venue that offered stage entertainment. No smaller theater for comedians, for example. There was also a serious lack of other forms of entertainment. Very few trivia games, for instance, or even mundane things like a paper plane flying contest. While looking for something to do my cruisemates and I often just found ourselves getting drunk in the casino (admitedly, a favorite pasttime of ours!) Divina does offer a small bowling lane in the Sports Bar which is cool but one lane was always out of order and the other ALWAYS had people on it which surprised me given the $8 a person price tag to engage. The ship also had a 4D theater which was neat but several of the seats were out of order. In the same area there is a Formula One race car simulator that we never got to try which is a shame because each of us paid $20 for unliming bowling, 4D theater access, and the race car but because of the crowds, we literally only did the theater one time and nothing else so it was a waste of money. During the day there was very little to do which is generally not an issue for us as we usually hang out at the pool. HOWEVER... this brings me to a huge issue we had - There are three swimming pools and they are all very small. They waste so much space in the main pool area by surrounding it with one-foot shallow splash pools that take up a LOT of area. Also, there is a huge lack of entertainment on the pool deck. It was almost eerie not hearing the usual steel drums or live bands that all other cruise lines have throughout the day. There is an indoor pool with a retractable roof but unlike most other cruise lines it is not adults only. Both of these pools were FULL of children running around at all hours of the daytime. Apparently we caught the week when all of Europe had their spring break because there were over 1000 children on our cruise, we were told, and believe me, you could definitely tell. Obviously parents took advantage of MSC's "Children sail for free" offer. The third pool was adults only but on the far back end of the ship. It was quite nice... when the wind wasn't blowing forcefully which was almost every day. They also strictly enforce a no beverage policy in all pools which takes away some of the fun for people like us! For those who enjoy their spa time on a cruise, MSC Divina is tops. There were so many treatments offered you could spend all week trying 5 things a day and not even come close to experiencing everything they have. The spa is gorgeous and treatment rooms are very comfortable and serene. I highly enjoyed my times in the steam room and my massage as well as the juice and smoothie bar. The bars all offer a variety of drinks with frozen drinks that don't use mixes and are made with fresh fruit and pure ingrediants like coconut cream. Great selection and since we upgraded to the premium drink package for only $8 more a day we were able to get almost everything the ship offered. Our package included premium brands as well as gelatos, ice cream treats, delicious pastries and full access to the minibar. By far the best beverage package I've ever experienced. Okay, my biggest reason why I will not be returning to MSC in the near future: The service was absolutely HORRIBLE. With the exception of a few bartenders/servers that were very friendly with us not a single staff member made us feel appreciated or even wanted. Almost every bartender and server looked and acted miserable. A few were actually outright rude. Our room steward never bothered to introduce himself and we actually had to call him one day to make up our room. On more than one occassion we were charged for things we didn't purchase or were told would be refunded - it took multiple calls to get these charges removed and one of them never was. On the last day we ended up swallowing that loss figuring it wasn't worth the hassle. However, when we tried to disembark we were told we had outstanding balances - turned out the pizzas we ordered the night before (which were included in our dining package) were charged to our accounts. It took 30 minutes for the right person to finally take these charges off so we could exit the ship. Overall, rudeness and a serious lack of consistency made this the worst cruise staff I have ever encountered - no exaggeration. So, all in all, food was great, what little entertainment they had was good, pools were awful, and service was truly disappointing. Did we have fun? Of course! It's hard not to find happiness and joy on a cruise but did this ship live up to what we now expect from this type of vacation after 9 voyages? Absolutely not. MSC really needs to focus on what levels of service and expecations Americans are accustomed to if it really wants to break big into this market. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
It was our first time on an MSC cruise. We loved the cruise and the people that we met. I wouldn't recommend this cruise line for first timers. We will definitely do MSC again! Pros: - Beautiful and elegant ship - Most of ... Read More
It was our first time on an MSC cruise. We loved the cruise and the people that we met. I wouldn't recommend this cruise line for first timers. We will definitely do MSC again! Pros: - Beautiful and elegant ship - Most of the crew was very helpful - Price was well work th value - Drink coupons worked wonderfully - Didn't feel like MSC was trying to constantly sell you something - We're not buffet people, but the lunch buffet was the best of any cruise so far - Embarkation and debarkation was super easy! - Cabin was very nice! Cons: - Not enough bar tenders - Food in the main dinning room was bad, but wasn't the best - Not enough deck space or pools - Hard to find a waiter or waitresses for drink orders - Lugage terminal SUX! Hour wait! - Way too many Spanish speaking artists - Shows were not the best Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
Having sailed 9 times on 4 other cruise lines, I had high expectations of my experience on what was billed as a premiere ship. It is a gorgeous vessel...the theater shows are outstanding and the entertainment team was top-notch. However ... Read More
Having sailed 9 times on 4 other cruise lines, I had high expectations of my experience on what was billed as a premiere ship. It is a gorgeous vessel...the theater shows are outstanding and the entertainment team was top-notch. However there were many issues we encountered that dampened the experience. We had booked our cruise with a Travel Agent and specified a Balcony Cabin. What our Agent neglected to tell us is that the "Bella" Experience we booked did not guarantee an unobstructed view from our balcony...and we got one of the worst views on the ship. Not only do the lifeboats obstruct the view of nearly every cabin on the 8th deck, but there was also very large steel beam above the lifeboat outside of our cabin (#8138) that made it impossible to see anything unless you're standing up and even then you can't see directly down to the ocean but just across to the horizon. I discussed my disappointment with Guest Services on board the ship and they advised that there was nothing they could do. They could have appeased me with an onboard credit but that was never offered. Another observation in the cabin was the vent below the refrigerator had a large accumulation of dust. This is not necessarily something that needs to be cleaned after every voyage, but it looked like it had never been addressed. Despite our boarding documents specifying 2pm as Embarkation time, being seasoned cruisers we knew better and arrived at the Port Terminal around noon. The process inside the terminal was very fast and efficient, we were on the ship less than 15 minutes after arrival. That was partly due to the fact that they do not associate your credit card to your account inside the terminal like every other cruise line we've sailed with does. We had to go through a tedious process at a kiosk inside the ship to accomplish this. In addition to that, we had to go to the casino to pick up our prepaid drink vouchers. All of this should have been handled inside the terminal. As I mentioned, the theater shows were outstanding...but pretty much every show was singing and dancing, mostly opera singing. I prefer a variety such as comedy, magic, etc. But the singers and dancers are extremely talented. The food was decent, but there was no "lobster" night. Lobster was on the menu for an additional charge, but other cruises I've been on have offered lobster one night of the voyage as a regular item. On the first formal night, we wanted to meet the captain and when we asked a crew member what time the captain came out for the meet and greet, we were advised that it was 9pm which we couldn't do as we wanted to catch the 9pm show. It turns out that the captain came out at 830pm since he was part of the 9pm show so we unnecessarily missed that opportunity. There was inconsistency with the advertised vs. actual time of arrival at port. This can be expected since travel time and customs clearance time can vary, but there were no announcements advising when we could go ashore in Grand Cayman. We had an independent excursion...we were incorrectly directed to the front of the ship, and by the time we got off we missed our excursion. Later in the voyage, we ordered a photo package using our embarkation photo. When we went to pick up the package, the Photo Shop had lost our package and we had to scroll through all the photos on a computer so that they could reprint it. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
MSC Divina Cruising with my husband and two sons – 11 and 8. This is lengthy but I try to cover everything in detail! One of the reasons we picked MSC was because we wanted to go to Grand Cayman as one of our islands, needed to go ... Read More
MSC Divina Cruising with my husband and two sons – 11 and 8. This is lengthy but I try to cover everything in detail! One of the reasons we picked MSC was because we wanted to go to Grand Cayman as one of our islands, needed to go during spring break and they offered 3rd and 4th person free. We did end up with incredible deal at $2,200 for all 4 including drink packages. All in all the Divina was a beautiful ship and we did enjoy our cruise but I think we would have been happier on another cruise line. I can’t say I would never go on MSC again but it won’t be my first choice. Like other reviews said, Americans were in the minority. I didn’t have any issue with this but they would go through some announcements before shows etc in at least 5 different languages which would get lengthy. But otherwise no issues. Embarkation- we arrived around 2:30 and had no issues. There was a line but not too bad and it moved quickly. We planned on getting there around that time so we could go right to our cabins and drop off our carry-on luggage. Disembarkation – we had late flights so we were in one of last groups to leave the ship. No real issues but a couple things I didn’t like. First, was we had to be out of our cabins by 7:00am even though our departure group wasn’t scheduled until 10:30. We went to breakfast buffet which was packed as expected but still able to have nice breakfast and then sat on deck until time. The second thing I didn’t like was we went to the theater that was our designated meeting spot and were told no need to wait that all the luggage had already been put off the ship and we could go ahead off. This really wasn’t a big deal for us as we had plenty of time before our flight so we would have been waiting longer at airport of we got off sooner but still would have been nice if they had announced that so we didn’t have to drag ourselves to the other end of the ship just to find that out. The rooms – we were very lucky – we had booked a balcony room for the 4 of us but when the ship was filling up and they needed rooms for 3-4 people they offered us adjoining rooms – we were more than happy to take that as it meant 2 bathrooms making getting ready time much easier with 4 people! We were in balcony rooms mid ship. The rooms themselves were very nice, clean nothing special. Other reviews mention not a lot of draw space but I found it to be adequate but again this was having only 2 people in each room – not sure how much more room if any we would have gotten with a 4 person room. Bathroom was as expected on a cruise ship however the way the toilet was angled you are right up on the shower! I have not had this issue on other cruise lines – if you are a larger person I would think you would not like this! Richard, our cabin steward was wonderful! Always had our room clean and stocked with fresh towels and a couple nights we had the towel animals which the kids loved. The ship itself was decorated very nice but I didn’t love the layout – I’m not sure I can pinpoint what I didn’t like other than it wasn’t very open or didn’t flow right or something. The Food - let’s start with the buffet – I thought it was great! A huge variety of food – I didn’t like everything but always plenty of good selections and was open almost 24/7. Lunch always had salad bar, “American fare” of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs and fries, Pizza bar (the best pizza I think I’ve ever had!), daily specials, carving station, pasta bar (usually 3-4 selections), taco bar, Mediterranean bar, Vegetarian bar, kids bar, fresh fruit bar and of course the dessert bar! Beverage station had lemonade, mango punch, strawberry kiwi punch, water, coffee and teas. Dinner had similar fare but not as much, I assume because a lot of people were eating in the main dining room and specialty restaurants for dinner. But again always had something good. Breakfast: French toast, waffles, pancakes, eggs, egg sandwiches, bacon, sausage, bakery/pastry bar, hot and cold cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt, juices, water, coffee and teas. We ate in the Black Crab main dining room at breakfast a few times and had great experience – food and service was good. The Black Crab was also our main dining room for dinner. For dinner we were not as impressed. First the service was not great. I felt they rushed you to get your order but then it took forever to get our meal. My kids were 8 and 11 so they brought me kids menu - which was fine as my younger one ate off that but even when we ordered all together they would bring their meals first. They were done eating before my husband and I would even get our meals. I understand if you have small children that you may want this to keep them occupied but not needed at 8 and 11! When we ordered we would tell them to bring all together. They also rushed the clean up of table – a couple times they would start to take my son’s plate away before he was finished! Another night they brought me the wrong thing – I didn’t bother sending it back because it took so long to get it. I’m mixed on the food in the main dining room. First formal night we had filet mignon and I ordered medium rare – it came out almost well done. But the second formal night we had Beef Wellington and it was excellent. Unlike other ships if you wanted lobster or shrimp cocktail you had or pay extra for it. I also didn’t like that they didn’t have a standard selections section on the menu like other cruises – where you could always order just a NY strip or pasta marinara. This was a problem as my older son would want something more than the hotdog or chicken nuggets they were offering on the kids menu but the adult menu would have items that all had sauces or such that he wouldn’t like. Would have been nice if they had a standard steak or pasta option he could order if he didn’t like the entrees of the day. Needless to say we only ate in main dining room 3 nights – the last night we actually looked at menu and left to go to buffet! We did not do any of the specialty dining options so I cannot comment on any of those restaurants. Drink packages – I did like that they did the vouchers for drinks – that way it was a little cheaper then on other ships. I also liked that the vouchers could be used on the specialty ice cream too – the kids enjoyed that. Mostly they used them on smoothies, milk shakes, virgin cocktails and canned soda. Only issue I had was I didn’t realize I had drink packages included when I purchased my cruise so I had bought additional packages online before the cruise. When on the cruise and realizing this and realizing that I didn’t need the additional ones, they would not refund for me since I didn’t buy them on the ship. I have called since getting home and I’m waiting to hear if I can get my refund – I’m hopefully but would have been easier had they just done it right there on the ship – MSC is MSC don’t care if purchased on ship or online money all goes to same company in the end. The shows – you did not need reservations for the shows and there were always plenty of seats. Since they did the traditional early/late seating dinner options they offered the show twice a night. I like this so when we went to buffet for dinner we could catch the early show and not have to wait for late show. The shows were good for the most part. There were a couple I didn’t care for but probably more based on my tastes. Also my kids didn’t love them all either but that is somewhat to be expected with younger kids. At night they offered a nightly movie under the stars on the main pool deck jumbotron. We never did it because we either had other activities or was just too windy! The kid activities was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!! First the water slide didn’t have enough water going through it so you would get stuck half way through and have to scoot to get going again – even my 8 year old had this issue – needless to say they went down once and didn’t do it again. The kids room – both my kids were considered “juniors” so were lumped in with kids 6-11. My 11 year old of course did not like this but was too young to do the teen room. Even my 8 year old said it was lame and again they went once and didn’t go back. The arcade – there was two however in one half the games didn’t work. I did buy the kids a “teen card” for $30 they each got $35 to spend on games – use or lose – which they used except my younger son still had $1 left but there was nothing to play for $1. Maybe why they give you some free/additional money so in this situation I didn’t care since it wasn’t really my dollar that we were losing out on. Games were expensive $1.50 - $2.50. Had there been other things to occupy them this wouldn’t have been a big deal. They did have a 4D movie theater that cost $8 adult and $6 for kids for a 6 minute movie/ride. We won passes playing trivia (which was a great prize specially for the family!!) they have about 6 different movies you can choose from – we did the rollercoaster one and loved it. Not sure I would have paid $28 for all of us to do it but was fun. They also had a Indy car simulator that cost extra but we did not do. My younger son wanted to but was too small (couldn’t reach the pedals). We also did not try the bowling they had on board. Other activities we enjoyed were the Trivia which they usually offered two or three a day. Kids crafts which were OK. Bingo but I did not do and do not know how much it cost either. I only went to one port shopping talk – it was the usual but they did raffle off something at each one. We also did the art auction. The kids and I enjoyed this but I felt it dragged a little long. First it says it starts at 1:30 – well yes that is when you can first sign up and then you have ½ hour to view before they get started. I don’t feel like that is needed since they have the art on display all day before hand anyway. I did buy a couple things and although I am happy with my purchase I was unhappy with when they told me oh yes you’ll be able to carry that on the plane! Wrong! So now at the airport I’m having to check it and hope it doesn’t get damaged (fortunately it did not! Also note it is not glass in the frames but plexiglass or whatever so less likely to break) I will say they did wrap it up nice with bubble wrap and made a handle for easier carrying. One thing I really didn’t like was when some pieces when up for auction they also through in a “free facial” well I did get one with one of my purchases and was really disappointed to find out it was more a sales pitch – they sat you at a table put some product on your face and then want you to buy it. I wouldn’t have even bothered if I had known! And I’m sure some people were bidding on things to get what they thought was a free facial with it. Pools/hot tubs – were OK – always crowded but the ship was fully booked and since it was spring break there were a lot of kids and the hot tubs were always full of kids unless you hit first thing in morning or when in port when less people on ship. The pools are salt water – my kids didn’t love this and didn’t swim much in them. Excursions – I booked our cruise through cruisesonly.com and therefore booked our excursions through there as well so they were independent of the ship. It did save us money but for a couple of them we had to pay our own taxi to the location so not sure how much cheaper it really was for the inconvenience. I did notice that MSC did not offer the same excursions so in a couple cases it was worth it. Frist island was Jamaica and we did Dunn River Falls. We only climbed the waterfall did not do any other island tour or anything. The falls was great! My husband and I’ve done it before and both loved it and was excited to do it with the kids. They both really enjoyed it! For this excursion it was nice as the independent tour met us right at the pier and we got on mini bus for short ride to the falls. The tour guide was great in that she was very clear where to meet after and gave us tips about how to handle shopping at the market. That is probably the one thing I don’t like about Jamaica they are extremely pushy at the markets – I know this is how they make money but just feel they take it too far. I don’t have this at the other islands. And they will use the kids to their advantage – teach your kids not to let them hand them anything!! Grand Cayman – by far our favorite island. I have done Sting Ray City tours in the past and loved it. My kids wanted to go to the Turtle Sanctuary. The tour I booked was for the Turtle Sanctuary and Dolphin swim. For this tour we did need to find our own way to the location. Not a big problem to get taxi and about 15 min drive but $8/person – was also mini bus so we had multiple stops. On way back we were able to take the local “bus” (which is more a mini van!) but only cost $2.50/person and just as easy as taxi if not easier. Now I can’t say enough about this excursion! The kids loved it, we loved it, it was well organized (started on time – can’t say enough about this!) The dolphin swim was great – not only do you get in water to touch, kiss and shake hands with the dolphin but you get to swim out, the dolphin comes by, you grab onto the fins and it swims you back in! then you go out on boogie board and the dolphin will push against the bottom of your foot and push you back in – just fun! You are not allowed to bring camera into water so unless you have someone not doing it and taking pics you will get hit up for buying the pics and this is where they make their money! I considered this a once in a lifetime experience so caved and bought pics. The Turtle Farm was fantastic! Its located across the street from the Dolphin Discovery Center. We could have spent the whole day here alone and if we go back may just do that! The sea turtles were incredible! And they had plenty of “touching pool” where you could hold the sea turtles! Catching them could be a bit tricky but a lot of fun! They also had a couple pools where the kids could go in and catch them – they loved doing this. Usually about 4 or 5 in each pool to catch and can take plenty of pictures with. They did have guard there to make sure everyone was holding them right etc. My kids spent the most time here and after the Dolphins when they had more time they wanted to go back and hold them some more! At the turtle farm there were also other activities. They had a little walking path that took you through bird house/cage exhibit, by a sink hole, chickens and lizards to look at! They had two nice beach areas, one was more swimming and had water slide and the other more like a lagoon to go snorkeling in. We didn’t have time for these but would have loved to spent the day there partaking in these activities as well as they were all included in our ticket into the turtle farm. There is also a restaurant so food/drink was available. Only thing I don’t like about Grand Cayman is you have to take a tender to/from ship – be prepared to wait in line if coming back at end of day! Last tender was 3:15, I was in line at 2:50 and didn’t get onboard until 3:30! You might want to make sure you have hat or umbrella to keep sun off you! Also stop and get something to drink before you get in line! Cozumel was next –Since I was with my kids and could not enjoy Carlos and Charlies (or Senior Frogs) as I usually do when in this port, we did an excursion to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park to feed the manatee. Again since this was independent of the ship we had to pay for our own taxi $8/person each way. This is also one of those places you could spend the day at the beach there, snorkeling and they offer some free shows (but we didn’t go for the day so didn’t do any of these). We did spend a couple hours on beach and snorkeling. Next time I wouldn’t mind going for the day to just do the beach/shows etc but I will not book another excursion with them (dolphin or manatee) unless you do it first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, our manatee adventure was scheduled to start at 3:30 (with 3:00 check in) and only be ½ hour. We had to be back on ship at 5:30 – I felt this was still plenty of time – wrong!! Was there for 3:00 check in – waited half an hour for them to delay us waiting for others – sorry if they weren’t there on time they shouldn’t hold the rest of us up!! So 15 minutes later, they are doing a roll call, splitting us into our designated groups and getting life vest on – again why this couldn’t have been done at 3:30 or even at 3:00 for those of us that checked in on time I don’t know. Now it was 4:00 before we even get into the water! They say it would only take ½ hour but I wasn’t feeling confident in their time estimates. Lucky for us the others in our group were not on time constraints and let us do our “adventure” first. Again I will stress it was the other people in our group that were accommodating not the staff – they didn’t seem to care or even try to see if we could go first. The trainers were great for this but after the dolphin the manatee adventure paled in comparison! We did get to pet, kiss and “hold” the manatee as well as feed it – it was another once in a lifetime experience but if you only have time for one I would choose a dolphin swim over the manatee – unless you just love manatee – it was an incredible animal. Since we were pressed for time, we got out of water before everyone else finished so I don’t know if we missed anything or not. We got taxi back at 4:30 – took ½ hour to do the 15 min ride because of traffic at this time so be aware – it was a little stressful since we didn’t know if traffic was going to hold us up longer but thankfully we got back to ship with time to spare. Luckily, we did shopping before we went to Chankanaab Park! I like shopping in Cozumel – they do barter and don’t be afraid to walk away the prices will go down! I’ve also counter offered – I’m sure others could still do better than me but I was happy with the prices I got! They also give you better deals if you are buying more than one item – so keep that in mind as well as if you pay with cash – not only make sure you bring enough cash for shopping/taxis but make sure you have enough small bills – easier to say will you take $4 for something if you can give them just that instead of having to ask for change for $20. Nassau was our last island, I had not been here before. My husband and older son were booked for excursion again another independent one. This one like Jamaica met you right at the pier. Only problem was our ship ported at different times then what I thought when I booked it and they never would have been back in time. We could have tried for refund but instead they went on earlier excursion but was different than what we booked – don’t know if we lost out on money but didn’t care since they were still able to go on one without issues and they enjoyed it was all that mattered. We did do some shopping here – again you can barter here – if you are looking for the trinket souvenir type stuff and don’t mind bartering go to the straw market. This will be cash only and will help if you have smaller bills. Not quite as pushy as Jamaica but still pressure you so don’t feel bad to say no and keep walking. I bought a little change purse for $3 that the store near the port had for $5 – thought I got good deal when I overheard another vendor off same one 3/$5! Oh well was still happy I didn’t pay $5. They also have public beach that was short walk from pier – my husband and older son spent some time here after their excursion and enjoyed it. My younger son wanted to spend time on the ship when it was less crowded. Next time at this island might just make it a beach day. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
Ship - Gorgeous, interior cabins are spacious, but the bed and the pillows are very uncomfortable. Pools - a lot of them, but no music during the day or ever, like other cruise line do, it was sad at times and depressing. Pool desk was ... Read More
Ship - Gorgeous, interior cabins are spacious, but the bed and the pillows are very uncomfortable. Pools - a lot of them, but no music during the day or ever, like other cruise line do, it was sad at times and depressing. Pool desk was dirty, lots of trash laying and flying around from people leaving their plates on a desk and the pool attendants didn't care, were walking by it and did nothing. Entertainment on the pool desk was lucking too, especially the ones by the assistant cruise director, he was so horrible, you couldn't even hear him, he was all over the place, kept getting side tracked. Wouldn't explain the competitions and because of it people didn't want to participate. It's like they saw once how other cruise lines do and decided that they can do it too, but unfortunately they have to keep learning. Water in a pool was dirty at times, had chunks of hair floating around. Gross. Food in the Dining Room (black crab) is average, we skipped the italian night menu because it was nothing to choose from, poor selections on dessert and menu items in general in the buffet and dining room. Food had no taste, service is slow and poor, waiters don't even talk to you. Buffet area is lucking seating, get a seat on a very back, nobody is hardly there. Theater shows were the BOMB, WAYYYYY better than cheesy glee carnival cruise line shows. I thought Norwegian and Celebrity shows were great, MSC topped those by mile. Michael Jackson and Queen Tribute were wow. A woman singer did her version of "The Show must go on" 100 times better that Queen. Every show had acrobats, chinese yo yo, break dancers and others. The only thing I didn't like is the cruise director had to ask for standing ovation every time; on other ships we've been on (16 of them) the audience usually get u on their own (I guess it was because MSC was lucking american audience and they don't get up to appreciate the talent, I don't know). Benefits Match Program - before you go on your cruise, get a loyalty number with MSC and complete the form for benefits matching program. They will match your statuses you have with other cruise lines and you will get a lot of freebies...fruit basket, welcome drink party during your cruise with the captain and free drinks and appetizers, free dinners at specialty restaurants, priority at embarkation and disembarkation and the list goes on and on. That was nice. I wish other cruise lines did the same. I enjoyed their drink packages as well. 18 drinks for 89.00 was pretty goo; the drink of the day was 6.95, cheaper that other cruise lines. But the service at the bar was sooooo slow. The bar staff at the main pool won't even take your order, you have to wait on the lady that is walking around to put your order into the computer. MSC doesn't have bar staff walking around offering to bring you drinks like others do, you have to go get your own drink and wait and wait and wait. Kids activities were lucking as well. We usually don't see our kids at all (7 and 9 years old), they want nothing to do with us when we go on cruises, but on this one, they pleaded us not to take us there, they said activities were always canceled or they simply watched Tv and played video games. We are still are trying to decide if we like MSC or not. It's like a lot of things they did right and for the customer, but a lot of things were bad. I'm glad the food was horrible because we didn't gain any weight, but the same time we go on cruises to try different foods and enjoy it. MSC Seaside is coming December 2018 and will take over the MSC Divina itinerary and Divina will start cruising for 14-22 days to Panama and Costa Rica, so that's good, plus MSC is building another 11 ships in the next 9 years and they have purchased their own island Ocean Key where they are building its own deck and MSC ships will start docking there in 2018. they will also have a google map app showing how to get to places on the ship for those people who get lost easily. The kids will have bracelets to track them down at any time of the day. I think that's a very clever idea. We will give them another chance just because of the shows, hopefully someone reads the reviews and will make the new ship better. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
We chose this cruise because we booked rather last minute and our options were limited. As a family of 6, finding a cruise without spending a fortune was challenging. The price and "kids sail free" grabbed me. We've taken a ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we booked rather last minute and our options were limited. As a family of 6, finding a cruise without spending a fortune was challenging. The price and "kids sail free" grabbed me. We've taken a Caribbean cruise on Costa before, so I wasn't hesitant to sail with another European cruise line. Much to my disappointment, MSC is nothing like Costa. 1. FOOD ALLERGIES. My son and I have food allergies. He's allergic to dairy, I'm allergic to soy. I called MSC a few times prior to sailing to prepare myself and my expectations for what we would experience. The only answers I could get were, "We've made note of your allergies and your request for almond milk. You may talk to the Maitre D' when you board the ship." No almond milk was on the ship. Nor was there soy milk, rice milk, or any other dairy alternative. I asked. When I visited the Maitre D' the first morning of the cruise, I was blown off. He spoke to me for a total of MAYBE 30 seconds. I asked what accommodations could be made and he said I could talk to the head waiter at dinner. That was the extent of our conversation. The head waiter was no more useful. He would only tell me if certain foods did or did not contain our allergens. He acted as though this were an inconvenience because he had to go ask the chef. When I called room service to order something for my son, I had to ask if something contained dairy. They said they didn't know and told me to call the kitchen. I called the kitchen and they said, "I don't know, I would have to ask the chef." Not I WILL ask the chef, but more like I don't want to go to the effort of asking, but I will if you make me. So I said, "Could you please ask?" Really?? I had to ASK. As if food allergies are no biggie. Nothing people die from every single day. We had numerous similar experiences. The buffet was very challenging since many of the staff didn't speak good English. They kept referring to dairy as 'lactose'. This made me nervous because lactose-free products still contain dairy protein, which is the actual allergen (lactose intolerance and dairy allergy are very different things). One night I was served surimi. I asked if it contained soy and was told it didn't. However, I did have a mild allergic reaction. I'm not allergic to shellfish, so I have to assume the surimi does, in fact, contain soy. 2. CABIN FLOOD. It was formal night # 2. I had just finished curling my hair - something I never do as a work-at-home-mom. My husband was using wrinkle release spray and a hair dryer to get some wrinkles out of my floor length dress. Once finished, he was moving the dress from where he was working on it (hanging from the shelf above the TV) to the bed. The hanger banged into the hi-fog sprinkler head. My vacation essentially ended at that moment. The sprinkler went off. The spray was a pretty light mist at first. I quickly picked up the phone and pressed the emergency button (knowing from past experience that if I called reception, I would be on hold for at LEAST 3-4+ minutes). I frantically gave them the room number and said the sprinkler was spraying. My teen and I started grabbing items and throwing them onto the balcony. Minutes passed and no one came. I called the emergency button again and was told they had called someone (can't remember who - it was hard to hear). The mist became a VERY intense spray, stronger than what would come out of any water hose sprayer. My husband was standing on the bed holding a towel around the sprinkler head in order to minimize the amount of water damage to both the room and our belongings. As the water continued to intensify, I gave up on getting everything onto the balcony. My teen had been waiting out on the balcony (looking glamorous in her formal wear). I instructed her to run into the hallway while my husband continued to contain as much of the spray as he could. It had been at least 10 minutes at this point. I had also called reception from the stairwell and was told they were aware of the problem and had someone on the way. Once my daughter was through, my husband's hands were hurting from the intense water pressure (he's a tough guy - so for him to say it hurt is really something). I finally got him to let go and run into the hallway with us. After 15 minutes, someone finally came and turned the sprinkler off. I'm still feeling insulted by what followed. As I was standing in the cabin crying, surveying ruined belongings, calming my teen, we were approached by Claudio, the guest services manager (I believe that's his position, at least). I could tell he was trained very well in dealing with situations like this. He handled things fairly well. He told my husband to come to the hallway so that he could be questioned by a safety officer (Antolino, I believe). The safety officer was accusatory and aggressive. He was clearly upset. The language barrier didn't help the situation. I could hear my husband out in the hallway from inside the cabin, so I went out to diffuse things. That's when I realized we were being accused of wrongdoing. Claudio diffused things and helped explain what the security officer was trying to say. Long story short, it was our fault this happened, accident or not. They bagged our wet clothing and laundered them for free. Our shoes were dried out as well. The laundry staff and our new cabin steward get 5 stars (our original cabin steward gets maybe 3). They were incredibly helpful. My youngest daughter lost a tooth that day and my husband had put it into a little bag and tucked it into the tiny 5th pocket of his jeans -- that had been taken to be laundered. We were escorted down to deck 2 to go through the laundry. Everyone there was so kind and empathetic to us. We got the tooth back! Our cabin steward went the extra mile to get our formal night clothes to us in time for a 9:00 seating, but we had completely forgot about the wet shoes. We were unable to get a reservation at any of the specialty restaurants en lieu of missing formal night. Not the flood night nor the following night (which was the last night). When I explained how our vacation had been ruined, we were given no mercy and still told there was nothing they could do to work us in. I was still feeling pretty upset the day after the flood, so I went to guest services to see if perhaps they had any wiggle room to get us a dinner reservation, or to see if they would be willing to offer onboard credit for the value of the damaged items (about $300 in electronics and cosmetics). I was taken back to talk with Claudio again. I gotta give him credit. He has a way with words and he's a very nice guy. But I still disagree with his conclusion. In a nutshell, he kindly explained that we were at fault and that the ship could charge us with several hundred dollars in damages, losses, etc. and even have their attorney get involved. He was nice about it, but he basically said, "You don't want to go there. Be thankful we did your laundry and forget this happened." (again, very nicely). Claudio defended the safety officer, stating that he was a nice guy and such, but he reacted that way because he was upset (rightly so, I suppose). I suggested they NOT do "questioning" right in the thick of so much tension. We could've easily waited to be questioned like common criminals. The moment was already tense enough. I also suggested that they put something on the ceiling above the sprinkler to indicate 'do not touch' or red tape. Anything. His reply was that it would diminish the aesthetic of the room. I'm calling BS because there are warnings plastered all over every corner of the cabin, from the balcony to the entry door. He said that the hi-fog system was explained in the safety video that passengers are instructed to watch in the daily program. This isn't the first time a cabin flooded due to the hi-fog sprinkler system being touched in some way. You'd think they would do something about it since it causes so much damage and so much inconvenience/expense for the ship. 3. CUSTOMER SERVICE. The wait staff in the Black Crab was a toss-up. Our dinner waiter and assistant waiter were good, but lunch and breakfast were a toss-up. One day I waited 5 minutes to order a soda. I got my card and receipt for the soda, then waited an additional 10 minutes before I actually got it. Several other incidents like this happened. There were a few moments of exceptional customer service (night shift guy at guest services - his name wasn't Julio, but something similar). The guest services desk in general was full of nice people. Although calling them was always a 5-10 minute hold. SHIP REVIEW - The ship is stunning. I love bling and glam and this ship appealed to me. Although I did always feel like I was running around all over the place. BUFFET - Lots of the same foods day after day. Especially at breakfast and lunch. We had buffet dinner a couple of times and I really felt like I was missing out on the good dining room food. The pizza is good though. We sailed during Spring Break. The ship was at capacity. I read others complain about the buffet being crazy. We are a family of 6 and didn't have too much trouble navigating or finding a seat. It was hectic at peak times, but that's to be expected on any ship. The buffet and seating is adequate for the number of passengers. FOOD - We ate in the dining room a lot. With kids, it's just easier. The food was... meh. I was ready to hit my fave restaurants when we got home. The food wasn't BAD, but it wasn't good. Like typical catered wedding food. Just meh with some fancy pants garnishes to make it look good. The best thing I had was a lunch of steak with this garlic butter on it. CABIN - We had 11127 and 9077 (balcony). Our kids were in 8150 (large window). None had a tub. I know showers are standard, but I've read that some of the balcony rooms on Divina have a tub. All the rooms felt larger than what I've experienced on other cruises. All had a sofa (love seat in window cabin) and little coffee table. The balcony on 11127 was perfect. The one on 9077 had metal instead of plexiglass. Part of the view was obstructed. The balcony cabin was nice, but I'm most surprised by how big the window cabin was. It was fantastica, so it may be larger than bella window cabins. FANTASTICA EXPERIENCE AND DRINK VOUCHERS - Our window cabin had 4 people listed. 2 adults and 2 kids (we brought our nanny). Fantastica included 12 vouchers per person. Major bonus. We purchased an additional 2 books of 18 drink vouchers. That was more than enough for us. ENTERTAINMENT - There isn't much American music played in the Galaxy disco. We went 3 different nights. There was some, but they definitely catered to the European crowd. The lounges were okay. We saw 2-3 shows. I don't even like Michael Jackson, but found this show very entertaining. My kids said the pirate show was great, but I didn't see it. We saw the Queen tribute. It was a little better than okay, but not great. KIDS/TEEN CLUB - The kids enjoyed their time with the kids club staff. They did some fun activities. I was disappointed that they weren't willing to get my son sorbet for dessert. My kids did the "fun dinner" where the kids club picks them up after the main course and they have dessert with them. They simply said the only dairy-free dessert they have is fresh fruit. They weren't willing to get him sorbet despite it being on the menu. Allergy kids go without a lot. I had hoped he would be accommodated a bit more than he was. They went to several shows with the kids club and enjoyed them all. They sit in the front of the theater, so they get a great view! My teenager (13) really enjoyed the teen club. They did lots of activities. She made some friends and went to the teen club every night. She's not exactly a social butterfly, so this was a pleasant surprise. EXCURSIONS - We are pretty seasoned cruisers. We don't do ship excursions. So I can't speak for those. I will mention though that the "taxis" in St. Martin (inside the cruise terminal area) are not taxis. They are tours. We paid round trip to get to Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and were dumped off 10 minutes away, told we could walk there. Paid $100 USD for round trip. Had to walk across the beach where the water washes up because the road doesn't have a sidewalk and the beach itself was slam packed. We finally arrived at Sonesta looking like we'd been through hell. We paid an extra $40 for a real taxi back because it wasn't worth walking back across the beach for 10 minutes with bags and kids in tow. PORTS - The line to get off the ship was super long one day. I think it was San Juan. No idea why. It was over an hour after people were allowed off the ship. The line to get back on in Nassau was crazy long, despite being about an hour before all aboard. SPORTS BAR - Reviews/posts I read led me to believe this wasn't included in the cost of the cruise, but it is. Definitely visit the sports bar. The food is really good. This is actually where we ended up eating the night of our cabin flood. Tip: Don't sit near the bowling lanes if you're not bowling. It's loud. DEBARK - This could definitely be more organized on the ship. Numerous people cut in line by creating a second line from another direction. Crew didn't say anything to them. EUROPEAN CRUISE - This was our 4th cruise. We've done one Costa and two Carnival. Costa is owned by Carnival, so the vibe is somewhat similar. But MSC is, quite frankly, NOT a "fun ship". I definitely got that "stupid American" vibe. LOTS of snooty tooty types. We ran into numerous Americans though. Several shared our sentiment of not being crazy about MSC or the vibe onboard. OVERALL: Even if it weren't for the cabin flood and the food allergy issues, I would not cruise with MSC again. Even if their corporate office replies to the kind letter I'm sending with a free cruise, I wouldn't take it. It's just not worth the stress, hassle, inadequate service and impolite passengers. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
My husband and I have cruised four times with MSC: twice each on MSC Poesia and MSC DIvina. This review comes from the perspective of being a non-drinker, non-smoker, and non-gambler. We are senior citizens who simply love being on the ... Read More
My husband and I have cruised four times with MSC: twice each on MSC Poesia and MSC DIvina. This review comes from the perspective of being a non-drinker, non-smoker, and non-gambler. We are senior citizens who simply love being on the sea, exploring familiar ports, enjoying fabulous shows, and eating great food. We have previously cruised aboard Carnival, Norwegian, Premier, Costa, and Princess ships. We cruised on the MSC DIvina about two years ago, and I can honestly say that the DIvina looks as new now as it did then. MSC DIvina is a beautiful, elegant ship which we loved exploring again. We booked an interior cabin and were bumped up to a balcony. Our room was B1 balcony which overlooked deck 7 and the lifeboats. The lifeboats in no way obstructed our view but I did miss looking directly down at the passing ocean. I was worried about smoking odor because our cabin was directly above the allowed smoking section of deck 7, but this did not happen. In fact, we never noticed the odor of smoke anywhere on the ship. Our cabin was one of the few cabins that had a tub. The bathroom was bigger because of this. I also like that the closet opened up into the room instead of the narrow room hallway. Our room steward, William, did an excellent job of keeping our room nice and tidy. Our bed and pillows were very comfortable. Our room was below a lounge, and the only thing we heard was the faint sound of music at night. We rather liked having this music as we fell asleep. Our room was centrally located on the ship. We often used the quick single elevator to go directly to the Black Crab dining room or Calumet Buffet. I believe these elevators are referred to as the "secret elevators". We ate all breakfasts, most lunches, and all dinners in the Black Crab dining room. We found the food to be very delicious. The pasta dishes, breads, soups and sorbets were excellent! My husband loved the Beef Wellington, but found the steaks to be tough. The vegetarian dishes were quite good. While we had requested first seating, we were assigned second seating. This actually worked out better because we did not need to hurry when coming in from our excursions. Our waiter, Patris Dcosta, and his wait staff were exceptional. Patris always let us know that if we did not like anything that he would get us something else. We did not visit any speciality restaurants and did not order any upcharged dishes. The Calemut Buffet was always busy. We always sat at the very back of the buffet because it featured a panoramic view of the wake and was always deserted. The buffet had a vast variety of food. When we ate in the buffet, we always found the food to be very good. We did purchase the non-alcoholic drink package which allowed to enjoy speciality coffee drinks, sorbets, virgin cocktails, and water. We enjoyed visiting Caffe Italia and the Piazza del Doge to redeem our drink coupons. The shows on the MSC DIvina are the best shows that we have ever seen aboard any cruise ship that we have been on. The shows featured excellent singers, dancers, and gymnasts. I especially loved the Pirates and the Michael Jackson shows although the other shows were just as good. All of the shows were different or improved from the first ones that we first saw on the DIvina years ago. There was always live music in the different lounges around the ship. In Nassau, we walked to Fort Fincastle and the Queen's Staircase since it had been nearly 42 years since we had been to these places. In Puerto Rico, we walked around the base of Fort Morro, then used our National Park senior pass to tour Fort Morro. The views from Fort Morro are spectacular! We also enjoyed walking along the Paseo de la Princessa. In St. Maarten, we took a taxi to Mayo Beach to watch the planes fly in. Round trip taxi passes were being sold but I had read that there had been problems with people using the return portion of their ticket so we asked for and received a one way ride to Maho. It was very easy to find a taxi for our return trip. Embarkation and disembarkation was very easy, effortless, and organized. We arrived at the terminal at 11:30 and were aboard by 12:15. I picked our drink tickets in the casino. We notified on Tuesday to submit a request for early disembarkation on Monday which we immediately turned in to reception. We were assigned to the first group for 6:30 disembarkation and were on the road at 7:10. MSC absolutely suits our needs as cruise travelers. We would not hesitate to book another cruise with MSC. We found the fellow travelers to be friendly. We saw far more acts of kindness and helpfulness than we did of rudeness. The crew was friendly and welcoming. MSC offers a wonderful experience at a very reasonable price. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
The MSC Divina truly is a gorgeous ship. The ship is new and modern. The indoor pool area is heavenly--finally a pool I was willing to go in since it was nice and warm. The food was delicious. The room was clean and comfortable, ... Read More
The MSC Divina truly is a gorgeous ship. The ship is new and modern. The indoor pool area is heavenly--finally a pool I was willing to go in since it was nice and warm. The food was delicious. The room was clean and comfortable, although I didn't care for the metal balcony since I couldn't see over it when sitting on the balcony chair. Most of the balconies are see-through on the ship but I didn't realize my room had the metal balcony when I booked the trip. With that said, there is a troubling lack of organization that made for quite a lot of frustration throughout the trip. We purposely boarded late, about 90 minutes before departure, so as to avoid any lines getting on. The ship departed right on time but we were surprised that we missed the muster drill. While muster isn't the most exciting part of the cruise, I was still a bit disappointed that muster occurred at 4:30pm when the ship was scheduled to embark at 7:00pm. To make matters worse, when returning from our excursion the next day, we found a paper on our door to attend the make-up muster drill but were stunned to see that it was scheduled for the precise time that everyone had to be back on the ship from the excursions. So by the time we got to our room after returning from an excursion, the drill was already underway. By the time we saw the notice, grabbed our life jackets and rushed to the theater 6 decks below, the drill was over. So we missed 2 musters. I was also disappointed on the first day when the Captain, over the loud speaker, proclaimed how excellent the production would be that evening, how we should try to attend and that the show times accommodated the dinner times. So my daughter and I made our way to the production and planned to meet up with my husband at dinner. We did enjoy the production but left a few minutes early so as to not be too late for dinner. The daily newsletter said dinner was at 6:45. Since I am new to cruising, I didn't know my dinner time was on my room key. My itinerary also did not contain the dining time as it did with the Royal Caribbean cruise we had gotten off the day before. My daughter and I got to dinner at 6:50, coming straight from the theater and walked hurriedly to the dining room. When we told the waiter we were waiting on my husband, he said they were about to close the dining room doors and perhaps we would prefer to eat in the buffet. This was very upsetting to me since I prefer the dining room and I only went to the show because the Captain said there would be no conflict with the dinner times. I subsequently learned that dinner was at 6:30, not at 6:45 as posted in the daily newsletter. Nonetheless, I would have been late anyway given the show time. The waiter apologized profusely after I expressed my discontent at the situation but it was still a very frustrating experience. My husband was able to join us for dinner in the dining room and we had a good meal. I was also disappointed to learn that the passengers who had signed up for excursions were not provided their excursion times until the night before the excursion. This created wasted time when our excursion around the island of St. Maarten was not scheduled until the afternoon. We therefore spent the morning just waiting for our afternoon excursion. Sure we did a little shopping and I bought some jewelry at the dock, but had I known the excursion would not be until the afternoon, we could have planned something more specific to do in the morning. I feel we wasted precious, valuable time. By the time we learned that the excursion was in the afternoon, the other excursions we possibly could have done in the morning were already sold out. With the Royal Caribbean cruise, I knew the excursion times before even leaving home. To make matters worse, our afternoon excursion with MSC left so late, we were predictably late in returning back to the ship. The whole tour bus was late in returning to the ship and the ship had to wait for our excursion to return. I wasn't too nervous about the tardy return since it was the ship's own poor planning that created the situation and we had a tour guide from the ship actually on our tour--I figured they wouldn't leave her behind! But it was still embarrassing to return so late, with the ship's personnel on the gang plank waiting on us, and passengers obviously waiting on us also. There were numerous other disappointments similar to that, such as us being seated in the dining room one morning for breakfast and not being able to get a waiter to serve us despite the tables all around us getting served, including people who arrived at least 10 minutes after us. And they refused to allow us to order a meal to take to our daughter up in the room. Royal Caribbean had no issue letting us take food from the dining room and even provided us a nice little plastic plate cover. But with all this, I'd still take another MSC cruise. We are actually scheduled to go on the MSC Seaside in December 2018. But it would be so nice if MSC could get their act together. But then maybe they would charge more money so I'll just lower my expectations for now when it comes to their organization...after all, I know what to expect and know I can still have a great time. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
The ship is absolutely beautiful!! We booked a balcony stateroom off the back of the ship and were very happy with our room!!! The balcony was very good sized...it had 2 chaise longe chairs, 2 regular chairs and a foot stool. The ... Read More
The ship is absolutely beautiful!! We booked a balcony stateroom off the back of the ship and were very happy with our room!!! The balcony was very good sized...it had 2 chaise longe chairs, 2 regular chairs and a foot stool. The shows were great!!! No regular entertainment like a comedian...all shows were dancing and singing. I was surprised however, to find that maybe only half of the ship's passengers spoke English. There were many passengers that were very rude in the buffet lines. We fixed that by eating in the main dining room for breakfast and dinner. Most days we ate lunch off the ship. We were ready to book the same cruise for next year, but the Divina will not be sailing the western Caribbean...it will be doing 10 /11 day cruises on the eastern Caribbean. The new Seaside will be taking her place....at a very much higher rate!!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
I had such a good week! It was a familial trip (I'm the teen). It was my first cruise and it was really cool. My dining room was the Villa Rossa and food was very good! We had the 6PM table because we thought we would be very ... Read More
I had such a good week! It was a familial trip (I'm the teen). It was my first cruise and it was really cool. My dining room was the Villa Rossa and food was very good! We had the 6PM table because we thought we would be very hungry by 8:30PM but I highly recommend you taking the 8:30PM because I didn't really had the time to get ready and we would always be 15 minutes late at the restaurant at Gala Nights. The cabin was spacious, even though we were 3 in it. The luggages perfectly fit under the bed and all of our clothes (we had a lot) fit in the wardrobe too. The bathroom was tight, but not that much, I thought it would be smaller. But anyways, you don't spend that much time in your cabin. The ship is very luxurious, the staircase is so beautiful. All the pools were great. But if you want to take a chair, you have to wake up early and go put your towel on it. Otherwise, you're not gonna be able to have one during the day. The boat was very entertaining, every time I would go out on deck 14, there was something going on. Salsa, zumba or whatever. On the fourth night I think, there's a white night where everyone just basically wears white clothes and we're dancing on the deck. There's also a fluo night, at the galaxy disco and it was the fifth night. I also went to the teens club, compared to hotels, most of the teens were there. The animator would talk to everyone, he spoke french, english, spanish and italian. He was very nights. Parents would come and it was pretty annoying (lol). There's a PS4, babyfoot tables, pool tables and card games. It was really fun. I had bad experiences with some employees. On the first or second night, the bartender really wanted to give me alcohol in exchange of me going to the bathroom with him. Of course I didn't. But it just wasn't appropriate and I didn't feel good about it and it stressed me out the whole cruise. And my maid was very nice but I just feel like she was rushing us (before we get on the islands) to go out of the room so she can clean it. But the rest of them were really nice, they were very patient with some clients and they were very talented. When we would get off the boat, the employees were dancing and entertaining us or when we would come back on the boat. They were also giving us a cup of water with a cold towel, which other boats weren't doing. I had a very good experience on the MSC Divina and I would really like to go again! Have fun ;) Read Less
Sail Date February 2017
The price was cheap but now I know why; 1) several times the water appeared brown from our tap water and our toilet. Called guest services and both times and they failed to get back to me until I wrote a letter to the Captain. Even the ... Read More
The price was cheap but now I know why; 1) several times the water appeared brown from our tap water and our toilet. Called guest services and both times and they failed to get back to me until I wrote a letter to the Captain. Even the Captain escaped talking with me and had the Guest Relations Manager follow up with me. I just wanted to know if the water was harmful to my health. 2) ordered room service at a charge of $3.50 and it never showed up. Don't bother. Amy other cruise line doesn't charge. Good luck in getting someone to answer... 3) our room wasn't touched by a Stewart until the second day after we complained. 4) the grate under the bathroom door was fill of dust. I think it was the return air vent. It hadn't been cleaned for years. 5) guest services personnel should find a new job. They are bitter and lack the skills to be there. 6) multiple mistakes in the dining room with food. Presentation wasn't very good. Forget the fish... it's dried out. One good point is that the staff was very friendly. 7) forget water while eating. You have to ask every time. 8) you better like pastries at breakfast. They ask you ten times more that serving you coffee. 9) stay away from the buffet. If you do go, wear a helmet. The crowd is unbelievable and you'd swear people haven't eaten in a year. I blame MSC because they close down half on the cafeteria and force everyone into the same area. 10) the show is good but the keep showing the same singers and dancers with a little different routine. They should have some variety. We didn't go to many shows because we had seen them 2 years earlier. 11) we went on a English MSC shore excursion. Save your money. The tour has 3 languages so it was uncomfortable listening and waiting for English. Then the guide used broken English at best. Very painful experience. To cap it off, it started at 10:30 and ended at 3:30. No provisions were made for lunch. Not even to purchase. As you know, you can't bring food from the ship. Then, to add insult to injury, there was a MSC person on the bus and they didn't do anything but take pictures. 12) the ship was nice and had decent shopping. 13) they are not up to date with credit cards like other lines. You need to take of this when you board. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We have been on 11 cruises prior to this one and the MSC Divina is BY FAR the most beautiful and well maintained ship on which we have sailed. The decorations are tasteful and not gaudy and there are so many public areas on the ship for ... Read More
We have been on 11 cruises prior to this one and the MSC Divina is BY FAR the most beautiful and well maintained ship on which we have sailed. The decorations are tasteful and not gaudy and there are so many public areas on the ship for passengers to enjoy. Absolutely LOVE Piazzo del Doge...such a beautiful space. THE FOOD IS AMAZING. The buffet is so much better than any other cruise line. We did encounter an issue with the water machines and people not reading the signs then refilling their personal water bottles and touching the bottle to the water dispenser. So disgusting. But that is the passengers and not the cruise line itself. It also seemed there was not much direction regarding the lines in the buffet; people were confused as to which way the lines went. I did not encounter long lines in the buffet, likely because there were so many areas and varied choices. The dinners in the Black Crab Restaurant were amazing, the best we've had at sea. So many fresh pasta choices and other delicious entrees. And the LOBSTER...incredible. The last night of our cruise dinner seemed to take a very long time; I believe there was some sort of issue in the kitchen causing the delays. Otherwise I found the service to be good and the timing just right for a relaxing dinner. We ordered drinks at the piano bar one evening and the bartender had to look up how to make the drink; even then it was made incorrectly. That same evening there were very subpar singers in the lounge. However there was a violinist joined by a pianist in the atrium and they were wonderful. The nightly shows in the main theater were wonderful; there are so many talented singers and dancers on the ship. Most ships do not have one good vocalist but the Divina has FIVE...and we even got to enjoy an opera at sea one afternoon. Where else can you do that?? Would have liked to see more magicians and comedians, but the shows were varied enough for everyone to enjoy. The last evening we saw the Michael Jackson tribute which was amazing. Was disappointed in the "jogging track" which went through highly populated areas; ended up doing my daily walk on deck 6 which was very quiet. It seemed other passengers did the same as there were always people walking there. We attended trivia a few times. They have a lovely library which looks like it is set up for lectures but none were given on our itinerary. Embarkation and Debarkation were both quick and painless. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
This was our first cruise, and I have to say that I had some reservations about taking one. I didn’t know if I’d like being “trapped” on a ship, not able to go where I wanted, but after seven days on the MSC Divina, I have to say ... Read More
This was our first cruise, and I have to say that I had some reservations about taking one. I didn’t know if I’d like being “trapped” on a ship, not able to go where I wanted, but after seven days on the MSC Divina, I have to say that I was mostly impressed and had an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. Website / Customer Service (phone) – Our initial impression of MSC was with their website. We wanted to book a trip, but were unable since the website kept crashing. After several attempts, we just booked it through [a travel agency]. After booking the trip, we wanted to book a massage package. The wording on the MSC website was unclear and we had several questions. Calling customer service twice, the phone rang for over 20 minutes, and finally we just left our number for a callback. They did call back a few days later, but once again, a few days later, when we had another question, we did not want to go through this entire process once again. We also had trouble booking the massage package with the website, which kept crashing. Initial Impressions – We arrived an hour and a half before departure, and I’m not sure if we had arrived earlier if we would have received more information, but I found that we had a lot of questions that we just had to figure out ourselves. A simple packet with FAQ’s would have greatly helped answer questions like, “Where do we pick up our drink packages?”, “Where is our restaurant?”, and “How do we book our massages?” Customer Service Desk – Our questions led us to the customer service desk. It was packed and we had to wait in line. When it was finally our turn, the representative who was helping us had a little difficulty understanding our questions since English was not her first language. Eventually we had to find and track down the spa ourselves, and once again, when we arrived, they seemed a little confused about the spa package, which we booked from their website. I have to say, after all of this I began to question what we had gotten ourselves into, but mostly from that point on, things got much better. Food – Dinner was nice at the restaurant (Villa Rossa). It wasn’t five star, but it wasn’t horrible either. I could tell that they really tried to show a touch of elegance, especially for the amount of people they were serving. Fish, lamb, lobster, Italian food…appetizers, soup, entrees, dessert…it all seemed like they were really trying. There were even nights when they had special desserts like tiramisu. Buffets – The food, once again, was decent, especially for a buffet. They had a wide variety and served the main three meals a day. The only downside was the rush of people, who sometimes could be very rude, pushy, or who were sometimes clueless where they were walking or that they were blocking everyone else’s path. The buffets sometimes could be a very stressful experience on a vacation that was supposed to be relaxing. Vegetarian Options – There were several, and this was a pleasant surprise. Room Service – In our room, room service was free before 11:00 PM. Bars / Clubs – There were several options on the ship, and each offered a somewhat intimate feeling. From a sports bar, to a jazz bar, to a cigar bar, it seemed there was something for everyone, and a lot to find and explore on the ship. Sometimes the clubs could be crowded at night, but overall they were comfortable and had good service. Most of the clubs had “safe” entertainment which almost reminded me of a wedding reception. Children ran around and old people tapped their foot and smiled, while standard songs were played. Sometimes crew members would urge people to dance the YMCA and stuff like that. For me, it was nice, safe fun, but not so much my thing. Still, I didn’t find it boring either. I just enjoyed the attempt at keeping everyone entertained on a night at sea. Spa – Although we had a little confusion at first, and had to find the spa ourselves and book our appointments, everything after that was excellent. The crew was very courteous and professional. They handled our every need, and the massages…oh the massages! They were great. So relaxing! Ship Layout – It took us a while to figure out how to navigate the ship, but eventually we figured it out. Staff – The staff were great. They were pleasant and met our every need. The staff should be commended for their excellent service! What a great staff! Ports of Call – We went to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico (Cozumel), and the Bahamas. I really liked this aspect of cruising. Go out during the day, come back to a dinner and a night out and the next day you are somewhere new. There were a few downsides for me. There were a few moments of anxiety when we didn’t know if we would make our ship (because of local transportation) but this is no fault of the cruise line. I would just suggest giving yourself a two hour cushion for arriving back at the ship. Another thing I didn’t like was how the locals treated the tourists. It seemed like everyone wanted to make a quick buck off of the tourists. In Jamaica, we stopped on a tour to talk to the “spice man” who gave us a five minute talk about various herbs on the island. Afterward he wanted twenty dollars. (yeah right!) Another example was an encounter at a cigar store. I didn’t have internet access, and they guy seemed friendly enough. He told me these cigars were “very nice” at twenty dollars apiece. Taking his word for it, I bought five, only to find out when I arrived at home, that they were five dollar cigars. I seemed to encounter this again and again, from liquor vendors to trinket salesmen. Still, besides some of the vendors, the islands themselves were very beautiful. I would just advise you to be aware of people constantly trying to rip you off. The Room – We had a balcony room, and I thought it was a nice size. It was about the size of some hotels I’ve been in, in New York and New Orleans. The room was nicely laid out and felt roomy for the size. There was even a sitting area, plus we had the balcony. The bathroom was economically laid out, but I felt it was a decent size for what I had to do. There was a TV, which had a few multicultural channels and a few from the United States. It wasn’t much, but who really wants to watch TV on vacation anyway? The Entertainment – There was a live show every night. Once again, I thought it was a “nice” touch, something to do after dinner, because who wants to watch TV on vacation. The shows featured singers and acrobats and had a Vegas / Broadway feel to them. All the singers seemed very well trained. Many of our dining companions really liked the shows, but they were not really our thing. Still, it was a nice option to have if we wanted to something to do, but there were other things to do besides the shows. The Casino – We went one night. The casino is relatively small and has an intimate feel to it. I doubt the slots pay hardly anything back, but the blackjack table had a five dollar minimum, which was nice for some light gambling. Shopping – There are a few duty-free shops and jewelry shops. It was nice to browse, but I think the prices were a little high. Passengers – The passengers are mostly European. For some people, this is a turn-off, but I really liked the variety. It had a nice, international feel, and I think offered a bit more sophistication than an American cruise would offer. Other Amenities – There was so much to discover on this ship. Every corner we turned, there would be a chocolate shop, espresso bar, limoncello bar, pizza place, or something unexpected. I felt that these were nice, little treats and made the experience more enjoyable. The best part is that the little extras were not outrageously priced. On Deck – Travel days (where we were at sea all day) the deck filled up quickly, as people marked their territory early to secure a chair for the day. Some people would be gone for hours at breakfast or wherever leaving the other passengers to constantly walk around looking for chairs. We got our chairs early, but once again, it seemed like a struggle for the others. Tips – I like MSC’s no tipping policy. Tips are included in your bill, so there is no awkward moment trying to figure out who you are supposed to tip and how much you give him. Overall – I really liked my cruise! Of course there were several things which I could criticize, but for me, the amount of luxury and individual attention that they give on the limited space of a ship with thousands of people was truly a feat, and clearly outweighed any negatives I encountered. The staff was great, and my cruise was both exciting and relaxing. MSC is a good cruise line, and I liked the Italian / international feel. If you’re more of an adventurous person, I would say this might be the cruise line for you. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
First...a little about us....We have been on over 40 cruises...mostly with Carnival, Royal, NCL....I became a travel agent this past year...We LOVE cruising....everyone is a different experience. Like YOU, we check this page to ... Read More
First...a little about us....We have been on over 40 cruises...mostly with Carnival, Royal, NCL....I became a travel agent this past year...We LOVE cruising....everyone is a different experience. Like YOU, we check this page to "see" what folks are saying about the ship we are about to take...This MSC Cruise was our 2nd , our first being on the MSC Fantasia in Europe. We went all out with the european cruise and went Yacht club. Funds were still a little low so we took and inside and only paid about $80 for an inside cruise....great price for a seven day cruise. You have to know YOURSELF...and your EXPECTATIONS.....we are not picky folks, but since we have been on so many...its hard NOT to compare...so here goes. I have to say that with all the negative comments about the Davina, we were a little worried. This cruise line is all about the EUROPEAN experience....they do things a little different...so LEARN about them before you go...this boat is a CLASSICAL BOAT....you will find folks singing operatic songs....in both the bars and the shows. The Michael Jackson show had two ballet dancers in it....again...a little different....but DIFFERENT is NOT BAD. Here are some of the Differences I found....Please note....I'm not complaining....they are just differences Instead of ketchup bottles in the buffet...they have the packets....instead of Cream, half and half for coffee....they have hot milk and the small creamers that come in those small plastic containers....the elevators are spread apart...so you have to notice which one is coming up....and may have to run from one side to catch your elevator...Suggestion...Stand back so you can "see" all the elevators at one time....Most folks that go on this ship are European....so there will be lots of folks that speak in a different language...I would say on this sailing...80% European...20% american. The food....was very good....not every night...but overall....very good....menu's are varied...everything ITALIAN...was excellent...pasta, desserts and PIZZA. best Pizza ever on a ship..the buffet is kind of "chopped up"....into sections...salads, beverage, grill, etc...and run down both sides of the ship....sometimes it can get crowded in there....relax...your on a cruise...at tea time...around 3-4pm..they put out cookies...the kids...have their own buffet section which is really nice. They have added juice and Ice tea to make us americans happy in the buffet area....in Europe....water in the dinning room is by bottle only....still or bubbly...but you have to pay for it....here on the Davina...the waiters pour tap water into your glasses...see...they are trying to make us American happy! We chose the late dining option...and then wanted to change it to any time dinning....when we went to change it on the first day, the matre D told us..that it was a different charge....I didn't realize that anytime dinning was a different "experience level" with MSC....other ships do not charge for this service....no problem..we went with early dining....he was not suppose to change it...but they accommodated us! NICE We did try the Eatly dinning room....the up scale restaurant..everything was a la cart...which some ships are going to....it was....ok...not sure if I would pay that again...and I didn't like the plastic chairs for an upscale restaurant....the regular dining room has a more sophisticated atmosphere than the specialty restaurant. They have LOTS and LOTS of bars and places to get drinks...all waiters were very nice and helpful. We purchased a drink package....18 drinks for $84.....the reg price of drinks are between $4.50 to $7.00....this is the Lowest I have seen in this industry....Kudo's to MSC for doing this for passengers.....Something I wish the other cruise lines would do....If you didn't get enough of the dessert in the dinning room...then they have a bakery that offers small deserts that have great prices...anywhere from .80 to $1.50...again....very nice MSC. ROOM....well..again..we were in the Yacht Club the first time....nothing like it....just AMAZING....Our Inside room...was very nice as well....they have double closets..and then a bank of drawers with a safe....great comfortable beds....the shower doors collapses into themselves creating more room for you to move around in...WOW....great job MSC...very innovative. my only complaint here is the 19 inch tv....and this was the same size we had in the Yacht club....I like watching tv in bed....taking a nap...but small tv's.....YUCK...let's hope that they get an upgrade soon. Our room was cleaned everyday by Trini....very friendly...curteous. Casino...UT OH....here is where I am going to complain....We enjoy the casino...it gives us something to do on sea days...and after dinner for a few hours. I am guessing that Europeans do not like the casino as much as americans? The casino is SMALL...and seem not to pay out as much...and when you cash your ticket in...lets say its $45.57..they will give you $45.00..and a ticket back for .57 cents...what?....they don't give you the change....so where does that money go? I put it in the machine...spun once for .50...and then left 7cents in for the next player....NOT cool MSC. Also..they had .50 black jack and roulette....when we went in at 11am...start time...they said the .50 was only for roulette...not black jack...when asking the dealers about this..they were just RUDE...not friendly...no smiles...so we just took our money and walked away....they also do NOT offer Craps.....its an american game...not european.....When have you been on a cruise and about 8pm ever seen any card tables open?....you will find that here on MSC Casino....that's why I say..that Europeans..do not like Casino's as much as americans.... I am getting lengthy here...so I will finish with this....I always judge a good cruise by this...Would I offer this cruise to clients...and would I go back again.... 1. I would offer it to clients advising them that this is a European line that will bring the mediterranean ambiance to you....Don't expect it to be like Carnival, or Ncl or Royal....if your willing to try that...MSC will offer you a great cruise, good food, reasonable drink prices...good shows and Kids sail for free. 2. Would I go again.....YES...however.....I really enjoyed the Yacht club experience...so we booked the new ship...MSC Seaside for December 23, 2017...in the Yacht club!...on this ship...they have inside yacht club rooms....the prices for this status are unbelievable.....Hurry up...last I checked..there were only two of these rooms available! Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
We have been on a couple of previous cruise ships but first time on MSC. During the day you cannot find a lounge chair anywhere on the ship and that’s because a lot of space is wasted for the yacht club that is half empty. I ... Read More
We have been on a couple of previous cruise ships but first time on MSC. During the day you cannot find a lounge chair anywhere on the ship and that’s because a lot of space is wasted for the yacht club that is half empty. I can’t believe they are building next few ships and they are inventing new stuff but they are also repeating a lot of mistakes. If you have money for a yacht club you should go on Regency or Azamara cruise. So basically if you are not in yacht club you are treated to 3rd class on this ship and that’s why it is the way it is. Food is very average like a 3 star hotel although that is just my guess, for lunch good junk food selections in the buffet which for me was easy and convenient to just grab and leave. People are always hungry, the buffet area is always congested. We were two adults and two kids 10 and 7 and my 7 year old enjoyed the kids club Vacation is what you make so we did have a great time but we will not go back to Divina. Photo Shop on the last day is a disaster, you have to stand in a long line just to find out that a big photo is $30 and the small $25 but if you buy more you get discounts but why can’t they just post that, after collecting all the photos you have hardly any time to choose photos, so forget it, we got angry decided to just buy two instead of 10, their lost. In the dining room they are serving food same as the buffet just that they put it on the plate for you looking better lol It is a family cruise as kids under 11 are free so for the price we paid it was great for us. Also this is a very first place that I can remember where they do not serve smoked salmon in the buffet for breakfast, I have been to so many resorts and it was always there but MSC Divina nope, I was sick of their breakfast selection by the end of the week, could not eat anymore eggs or bacon, nothing else much there, their pastry terrible. Their plastic overused plates and cups in the buffet were also not very appealing. What we did like was their coffee and Alaska cake on one of the formal nights in the dining room. I think everything I have read here before that was negative I should say it’s true but you just have to avoid it or make the best out of it, this cruise did not ruin anything for us I just think it could be a lot more better. On the last day I also notice that the crew behaviour changes, they just don’t care anymore because you are leaving the next morning. In the piazza gets very boring and other bars are overcrowded, not enough music and fun stuff in the evening. No problem with our cabin, always ready for us twice a day. Water is expensive on this ship, they don’t provide that unless you have all-inclusive that is not worth it with the kids as there is no way they will drink $139 each worth of sodas or cocktails, they each had 5 and it was enough, we wanted to buy a drink package but you are forced to buy one for the kids and it adds up to way too much than what we would consume. Around 10:30 pm they serve pizza a very thin crust pizza, it is good, we had that once but people rush in there as if they did not have dinner at all, it looks hilarious. All the pools on the ship are salt water and my kids did not like the ocean in their pool. Now this was the very first ship were I could not see anyone forcing us to wash our hands or use hands sanitizer, on Princess cruise they supervise that by the entrance and same on Royal Caribbean. My husband once encountered a crew member coming out of the stall and did not wash his hands so my husband asked him and all he got was a just a look from him as he was leaving, so there you see. This ship is 90% Asian crew and a lot of them are man and this is just extra info if you must know. We arrived late around 3pm for embarkation and there was no line-up which was nice but their first seating dinner starts at 5:45 but later in a week we could see people arrive all up to 6:30 for their dinner as second seating doesn’t start until 9pm I think. We bought our drink vouchers on line prior to cruise and nowhere we could see where you get them, you think maybe they are already on you sea pass but nope, you have to pick those up on floor six in the casino, we also had 7 bottles of wine for dinner for each night and those did not come together and on the first day we kept asking the waiter about this as casino told us that those we get in the dining room but the waiter kept us waiting my husband had to go and find them himself, by the entrance to the dining room he finally got them, we waited forever. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
MSC DIVINA I want to all the show on 7 day cruise and want bingo three time and the casino three time . Villa Rosa hard to find but very good but not perfect. Buffet is great juice are ok. Gelato are great and so is the soft ice cream. ... Read More
MSC DIVINA I want to all the show on 7 day cruise and want bingo three time and the casino three time . Villa Rosa hard to find but very good but not perfect. Buffet is great juice are ok. Gelato are great and so is the soft ice cream. Fooseball tournament was good , table tennis was awesome and sport court was nice. Eataly the specialized dinner the best part was the chicken and bacon caesar salad and the chocolate birthday cake as well. Bad stuff Toilet too loud Lock of the stall don't work Not enough stall in my public rest room except deck 6 by the theater . No pasta bar at night or midnight sandwich . Not enough time to do everything . Don't put hard boil egg in meat loaf it ruined it and 1 desert i didn't like at the dinning room was the special cake with white icing i don't like. Evaluator door on deck 15 door kept open and close....... On the last night Thing I miss to do on the boat The pool, jogging track, simulator 1 , 4 d theater and the slide Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
I can truly say that I absolutely loved my vacation on MSC Divina. The people there, the staff, the bartender's, the music, I can go on! The entertainment kept me smiling, the Comedy shows kept me laughing, and the Disco kept me ... Read More
I can truly say that I absolutely loved my vacation on MSC Divina. The people there, the staff, the bartender's, the music, I can go on! The entertainment kept me smiling, the Comedy shows kept me laughing, and the Disco kept me dancing till the night ended. Out of all the cruise lines I've been on, I have enjoyed this one the most. The only con would probably be the food, I expected it to be a little better but I honestly don't want to complain. Our stops were in St. Thomas, San Juan, and Nassau. We took an excursion in Nassau, saw gorgeous coral reefs, and had very helpful snorkel tour guides. The shows made my jaw drop each time, the vocalists, the dancers, I was speechless. If you step off of a cruise ship on the last day, and already feel nostalgic, you know that you had a great time on that cruise. I would like to thank everyone on the trip, for it was certainly memorable! Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
Having sailed with MSC on 2 previous occasions, i was eager to try the Divina. She didn't let us down. She is stunning. Equally so compared to her sister, Preziosa. The bars, pool areas & theater are kept in such an immaculate ... Read More
Having sailed with MSC on 2 previous occasions, i was eager to try the Divina. She didn't let us down. She is stunning. Equally so compared to her sister, Preziosa. The bars, pool areas & theater are kept in such an immaculate state. Embarkation was swift and easy. I think we were on board within 30 minutes of arriving at the port. Our cabin was superb. Great positioning with a suitable balcony. Just enough room to sit and enjoy the afternoon sun. Food on the whole was good, although the variety in the buffet was a little lacking on some days (evening meal wise) Breakfast was superb as was lunch. As for service, could at times be a little slow. Although this only bothered us when we'd ordered drinks. None of us like to be rushed with our food, and whilst you'll find the meals to be fairly small. you can order as many different or even the same courses as you wish. This was helpful on the night both Duck & Lobster were on the menu. Both were great! We only took 1 official excursion and this was at Nassau. Atlantis aqua park was fun, although extremely over priced. Thankfully we had on board credit to use and so we didn't actually pay anything to go in. All other trips we organised ourselves and found each place had just enough time to do these in. Jamaica was beautiful. I cannot wait to go back here and visit. I will be booking seaside soon to experience this ship around the Caribbean in 2018 and would quite happily do this itinerary again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
So we are a family of 4 and we decided to take our kids of there first new years crews on MSC which is a line that I have never been on. The sailing was from Dec. 26 2015- Jan 3 2016,days 8 nights. when we arrived at the port of Miami, ... Read More
So we are a family of 4 and we decided to take our kids of there first new years crews on MSC which is a line that I have never been on. The sailing was from Dec. 26 2015- Jan 3 2016,days 8 nights. when we arrived at the port of Miami, just looking at the MSC Divina, It looked absolutely amazing, we absolutely could not wait to get on. When in the port there were long lines unless you had Aurea experience or higher which is what we had and got through very quickly eventually getting the ship. So we get on and the lobby Is filled with people trying to get to there cabin in an elevator but who cares we got there very soon. Getting into our balcony cabin, it fit all 4 of us, 2 on the king bed, our kids on the futon which was very comfortable. And keep in mind there are plenty of closet space but your bags go under the bed, there is no where else to put them. The bathroom is tiny. the shower doors are glass and are moved into place by magnets. On to the service. The service on the ship wasn't so hot. We ordered room service because we were very tired and ordered 4 sandwiches, but they brought us only 2 sandwich's, for a first timer I wasn't very satisfied. And later on they would mess up almost every room service order we made. In the restaurants such as black crab (which is the only free restaurant besides the buffet) all the waiters cannot speak English very well, they basically mumble. After reading some questions from people, they want to know if there is good activities for teens on board. The answer is no. My son is 14 and he had 2 family friends on board with him, and almost never gets bored. There is a teen club but it doesn't seem fun, all it is, is dancing to the same songs every day and playing Xbox which doesn't even sound interesting. They were bored mostly during the night. Something that the boys did was bowling basketball watch basketball and swim during the day and maybe the night. On the MSC Divina there are shows every night. And they are SPECTACULAR. The best have ever seen, everyone of us loved it. There was a show where Queen song were sang, acrobatics, dancing, and the best of all the Michael Jackson show. The theater was 100% filled that night, I mean the guy could dance exactly like Michael Jackson and they also have a special surprise at the end of the show for you! About the food, it was not so hot either. We didn't go to any other restaurant besides The black crab, buffet and eataly which was good. In the buffet there are not to many healthy choices for people who hate junk food like me. I'd say its OK. The black crab, some nights it was terrible some nights it was very good. They undercook steak a lot so remember to check before you eat it. The pizza and pasta are amazing in all restaurants since its a Italian ship so try that. We went to Ocho Rios Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize city and Freeport. All were very good except for Jamaica, we went to the beach it was just crappy. If you are going to Cozumel go to Playa San Juan, VERY NICE snorkeling! and if you are going Belize make sure to book the Starfish island excursion. Beautiful island! Over all I would come back to MSC as long as they improve!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
MSC Divina Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.5 3.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.4
Enrichment 1.0 3.2
Service 4.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 5.0 3.7

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