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17 MSC Cruises MSC Divina Holiday Cruise Reviews

This was our second MSC cruise, having been on The Posea a couple of years earlier. The whole experience was brilliant, fabulous food, loads of choice, lovely waiters and cleaners. Other staff on the boat - hairdresser and cruise ... Read More
This was our second MSC cruise, having been on The Posea a couple of years earlier. The whole experience was brilliant, fabulous food, loads of choice, lovely waiters and cleaners. Other staff on the boat - hairdresser and cruise booking director need more training, not helpful at all. But the awesome shopping guide was worth loosing an hours sun bathing time, to find out where all the great deal were. The ports of call were ok, not as good as The Bahamas. Falmouth Jamaica was VERY artificial as was the last island on the itinerary. This was a Christmas cruise and apart from the decorations and the Christmas carol sing-a-long on Christmas Eve, there was nothing else. Christmas Day felt very flat, no excitement on the boat. We booked a Sunday flight and a night in Miami after the cruise, this allowed us to disembark 1st and take our luggage off. I highly recommend this strategy as having to wait around the boat for your exit time is a pain as we discovered on our first cruise. The extra night in Miami allowed us to get our land legs back! To summerise - great value for money. But if you want 24 hour entertainment and fancy food. (Lobster, crab etc) choose another line. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
MSC is new to the US market. The staff are rude and their systems and processes are dysfunctional. Ex: Key cards for the room stopped working 6 times for 1 person in our group and 4 times for another. Food: horrible quality. The waiters ... Read More
MSC is new to the US market. The staff are rude and their systems and processes are dysfunctional. Ex: Key cards for the room stopped working 6 times for 1 person in our group and 4 times for another. Food: horrible quality. The waiters are very nice and attentive. We were treated like 2nd class people. At dinner our friends were told they were were sitting at the wrong table. 4 staff members came to the table and raised their voices that they were at the wrong table. This was their 5th night sitting at this table. The table number corresponded to the table number listed on their card. They showed them and told the staff that the conversation was over. We were in a SUITE. All this meant was we had a bigger room. No robes, slippers. Nothing extra. The hangers were from the dry cleaners - all metal (a few were wide plastic). We were given one bar of soap for the basin to wash hands and no soap dish - just sat on the counter. Had to ask for wash clothes and it was like pulling teeth to obtain them. Only 1 pool towel per person. Used for the whole cruise! Lose your towel - $25 charge. Here is the BEST! We wanted an all inclusive beverage package - $300 for the whole cruise for two people. So we signed up. Had to go the next morning to get our sticker put on our card that kept not working. Went to obtain sticker - told because we have 2 cabins we must all have the package. The others occupants were underage. We were not going to pay so we said cancel and we purchased their "coupon" program for $90 for 15 coupons. When we received our final bill - the all inclusive charge was on our statement, plus the coupon charge! Back to the reception desk. Spent more time at the reception desk then dancing in the club. ID cards kept not functioning as we left the ship to go to shore or get on the tender with 100's of people waiting behind us! AWFUL DON'T GO ON THIS CRUISE SHIP!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
My husband and I have taken many cruises on Holland America, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean and we were a little hesitant to take a Christmas Cruise on an MSC ship because of mixed reviews we have read. Most of our concerns were put aside ... Read More
My husband and I have taken many cruises on Holland America, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean and we were a little hesitant to take a Christmas Cruise on an MSC ship because of mixed reviews we have read. Most of our concerns were put aside immediately upon arrival at the MSC cruise terminal in Miami. The Embarkation area was well laid out and the process went smoothly and quickly. The ship is very elegant and was decorated tastefully. Our balcony cabin was on the Aurora deck (12), and was comfortable and very clean. Below is a list of the pros and cons from my perspective. PROS: ~Beautiful, modern ship with well planned layout. Elegant lounges and bars. Very clean throughout ship. ~Excellent shows in theater. Some of the shows were almost Broadway quality. ~Daily entertainment such as games (trivia, pictonary, dance lessons, etc) were fun and organized. ~Formal dining room, The Black Crab, well laid out and tastefully decorated (see Con below about table location). ~Excellent room service. (See Con below about selection). ~All inclusive alcohol package completely worth the money. Mixed drinks used high end alcohol and wine selection was good. Specialty coffees included and were delicious. ~Wide selection of food at daily buffets and quality was better than average. ~Cruise director was funny and engaging. ~Spa and hair salon's were very well run with a large selection of services with reasonable pricing. Cons ~Lifeboat drill was a bit scary. Took an extremely long time to get to our muster station. Crew seemed a bit unmotivated and did not control the evacuation well. ~Room service menu for breakfast was limited. Offered only breads and cold cereal as food options. ~Our table in formal dining room (Black Crab) #585 was terrible. It was located next to the main wait staff service area and entrance to the kitchen. It was terribly noisy and the bright fluorescent light shined in my eyes so I could not see the table mate across the table. This could have been remedied if the staff closed the doors to the kitchen, but refused to do this after several requests. ~Servers in all Bar areas were few and service was slow ~Main dining room was very hot with inadequate air conditioning which made for uncomfortable dining. ~Rules regarding children using hot tubs and adult pool area was not enforced so it was difficult to find a spa not overrun with children. Overall we were pleased with the ship and staff and would definitely take MSC again.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Let me preface my critique by saying, we are seasoned cruisers that take a cruise every Christmas or New Year. We booked our Christmas cruise in June. We were so looking forward to cruising on MSC. What a disappointment! We paid for a ... Read More
Let me preface my critique by saying, we are seasoned cruisers that take a cruise every Christmas or New Year. We booked our Christmas cruise in June. We were so looking forward to cruising on MSC. What a disappointment! We paid for a Balcony Stateroom with a couch and coffee table. What we got was the same as an inside room with a balcony. It was a very tight space! Not to mention that the picture of this cabin on their website showed a couch and coffee table! That was just welcome to MSC! You know what they say about first impressions! Next, we didn't leave the Port of Miami until after 9:00PM. Not that it was their fault but, it would have been nice to know why we were still sitting in Miami at that time. The first night at dinner was a disaster! The cruise was booked to max capacity and they could not handle the dinner crowd. The table we were seated at was partly located in the aisle and part was stuck in an alcove rendering half of the table unusable. Not to mention, every time a person passed, they had to bump into the table in order to pass! A pet peeve of ours is the sham of a dress code! Why say you have one if you aren't going to enforce it! If we wanted to eat at the pool, we would have, swim trunks, jeans and shorts just aren't acceptable! The shows were good but music in the bars and public spaces was mediocre. No comedians, no piano bars but a lot of big empty rooms! Every other Christmas cruise we have been on, had Christmas events - this cruise had nothing, no holiday spirit! NO parties, music, Christmas breakfast - Nothing! The pool decks were roomy, but the best areas for getting sun were in areas that you had to pay extra to get to, and they were strict about entering these areas. You had to be a member. So I really am not sure who I would recommend this cruise line to. Not a lot to do for kids. Not a lot of activities for families. No great bar scene for couples. The afternoon lunch is a zoo, very disorganized. Buyer beware, there are a lot of great cruise deals out there, MSC is not one of them.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
PERSONAL Review Special Note: This review is presented in two parts: first, my own ‘Personal’ review (what happened to me) which is followed by a somewhat more objective view of the MSC Divina based on an Western Caribbean cruise as ... Read More
PERSONAL Review Special Note: This review is presented in two parts: first, my own ‘Personal’ review (what happened to me) which is followed by a somewhat more objective view of the MSC Divina based on an Western Caribbean cruise as a friend and I experienced in early December, 2014. Arrival The Ft. Lauderdale airport is not known for their efficiency and user services. Our Southwest flight on one of their newest 737-800’s was pleasant and just over 2 hours, non-stop from Providence RI. Baggage claim was the first sign that our troubles were starting. Signs and announcements claimed that Providence baggage was arriving on carousel 6. That changed to carousel 8 and then back again to 6. In the end, my traveling companion and I stood at each carousel. Our luggage arrived on carousel 7. I smiled and popped a valium. There was a cruise line rep gathering up passengers for the transfer to the Miami Cruiseport- 99% for the NCL ‘Getaway’ and us. The only reason I knew this is because as she passed by me, I noticed that she was also holding an MSC sign on the back of the NCL sign. She was less than pleased when I approached her and asked where we should go. We had purchased the transfer from our travel advisor. It was booked with MSC and added to our master bill ($40 each I think- the return was $20 each on a private van service). A 48 passenger motorcoach with 46 NCL passengers on their Getaway and 2 to the MSC Divina loaded slowly. MSC passengers were ‘tag alongs’. We waited for all the Getaway folks to board the coach first and then we took our place in the last row. The transfer was a merciful 40 minutes long. Now, the baggage drop, US Customs and escalators have become familiar and almost ‘old hat’ to us by now. We waited in separate lines to check in at what felt like a “mile long” check-in desk with dozens of MSC reps. I just about fell to the floor when my check-in clerk said, “Excuse me sir, are you sure you have the right ship? I don’t have you on any of our lists.” WHAT? I produced photocopies of my confirmation sent to us directly online from MSC with the oversight of our travel professional and that was the only thing that seemed to work. “We are sorry sir, but this information was not transmitted to us” he said more than once. I was not quite sure if he was accepting blame or throwing it back to my agent. Please know that I have been dealing with one, extremely professional and picky person who makes sure that all bases are covered when she makes my reservations. I trust her and her company and feel that whoever ‘dropped the ball’ was NOT her. My ‘clerk’ went to see his “boss” and returned after about 15 minutes and said, “Excuse me sir, but we still have that cabin available and we would be happy to accept you as a last-minute shore side reservation. Did that mean that my travel pro was then cut out of her commission? I simply said, “Put us in that cabin . . . now”. He accepted my charge card and issued an MSC room-charge card. It was about 1:30pm and I had thought that we could gain access to our cabin quickly. No. Cabins would not be ready until 3 pm. The buffet or sitting in any common area was the option. We went to the crowded buffet with our carry-on bags and waited for the call to access our Deck 10 room. Our room steward had cleaned the room but not separated the beds, so to ease his work- we stripped the linens, separated the beds and had it ready for him to make up more easily. They are all greatly over-worked and what we did was easy and he thanked us. He produced his room manifest for me to look at and sure enough- our cabin and names were NOT listed. I guess “the information had not been transmitted” to housekeeping either. Now came the most interesting challenge- dining. Our room ID – charge card did NOT indicate dining time or place: So, we boldly went to the 6 PM early seating in the Main Dining Room (The Black Crab) and requested to be seated at a table for 2 or 6. The maitr’d said “I am sorry sir, you are not on my list. We do not have any space at all. Our dining room is full and there are no empty seats.” I guess “. . . the information had not been transmitted” to Food & Beverage either. I was starting to feel like I didn’t exist. He suggested that we go to the buffet on the top deck. Like whipped puppies, we found an elevator and pressed 14. The buffet was hardly the way to open our glamorous cruise on the Divina. I don’t remember what the food was, and that should tell you how impressed I was. There was a savior. At the Reception (Front) Desk, where I was headed to blow up or commit a crime, I met a big burly man who knew how to snap out orders and get things done. I approached him with our story of woe. Pavel Gazzo, the Guest Relations Manager knew what to do! He checked my photocopy of what MSC had sent and started snapping out orders to various staff members. Things started to happen. As promised when booking, a packet of drink tickets magically appeared. The complimentary ‘no gratuities’ actually worked, and the sparkling wine and deluxe fruit basket of seasonal foods appeared on the second day of the cruise as I was changing to go to dinner. Voila: One banana and Granny Smith apples must have been “in season” in the Caribbean last December. That’s a kiwi fruit under the plastic. Have you ever peeled and eaten a kiwi fruit? The wine went to a Trivia game winner and we split the banana. The cruise was getting better. There is no more to write about. This review should give the average reader an idea of my first and last cruise with MSC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caribbean cruises aboard the MSC Divina (3,500 passengers) are enjoyable one-week getaways that come with a collection of offerings very different from those of other major lines serving Southern ports. To be clear, Mediterrean Shipping Company’s twelve passenger vessels serve Mediterrean and other European ports. Only one of their ships is assigned to the North American market, sailing out of Miami, mostly on 7-day itineraries. The company is obviously trying to establish a presence in a place they feel is underserved for their style of service. The point here is that MSC is attempting to make inroads to the American/Canadian markets and this cruise passenger maintains they are failing. From the outside, the ship looks beautiful. In fact, most of the cabins and public spaces are magnificent. It is a ship to be envied . . . but there are interior details to be considered. Negotiating in any direction is a challenge because there is little if any signage. Odd numbered cabins are on the port (left) side, and even on the starboard (right). It ends there. There are no front-back, forward-aft signs whatsoever. Deck numbers are hidden, even in the elevator lobbies. The Divina does maintain current industry standards; the theater is forward on lower decks, the main dining rooms are in the stern with one dining room (Villa Rossa) that can barely be found. It’s on Deck 6, but you have to go to Deck 7 and walk down one flight of stairs to get there. It takes practice and patience and makes me wonder what asylum did they put the designer of this misplaced room in such a difficult location . . . The “casino” is just outside the theater, of course. On a 2 year old ship, it looks tired and worn. Game tables are covered in a depressing dark forest green- not bright and lively green felt. Most of the 135 slot machines have aging front screens and games that 72-year old ladies who live in land casinos can’t understand. If they (the machines) look prematurely yellow and foggy . . . they are. After having cruised 23 times, I can remember that almost every passageway had “art”, some good, mostly bad . . . but I could remember the way to my stateroom by knowing that the ‘skyscraper’ came after the ‘wolf’ or the ‘Art Moderne nymph’ was just before the ‘manhole cover’. The Divina has almost no art on the walls- probably because the passageways (all of them) are too narrow. In fact, almost all walking areas are too narrow- especially those on the top deck buffet where hundreds of passengers walk at every meal. The 20 step Swarovski crystal double staircases in the atrium is a feature of the ship. They are eye-popping and worthy of a photo or two. I strongly recommend that you think twice before attempting them. Whatever you do, don’t look down and hold the handrail. Sooner or later, someone will tell you that each step cost $60,000 which means that one step is worth more than the median U.S. income, and collectively, could buy you a new Lear jet. Impressed? Food Today, food is one of the most important reasons people take cruises. The Divina offers a multitude of restaurants, both included in the price and some carrying extra charges. The difficulty is there seems to be nothing in print or online that lists which restaurants charge what. Maybe, it’s a secret. I avoided all of them and made myself happy in the main dining room, interestingly called “The Black Crab” . . . hardly a name one would expect on a ship from Italy. The Divina was built in France- it’s French ships that are built in Italy- go figure. The food is generally good (not great) with some exceptions. Menus offer a nice selection of appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. Seafood is special with excellent prawns (big shrimp) as a main course. Roast beef offered on two nights was a toss-up- the first was passable, the second- impossible to cut through the grizzle. Maine lobster tail was already cracked with meat bursting from the shell. Expect the traditional Baked Alaska Parade and an Italian theme night. There was one appetizer that actually brought chuckles and giggles throughout the dining room from those who ordered it. It was described in print as: Seafood Seared Scallops on a creamy risotto with Prosecco wine and smoked Provola cheese When served, there was ONE (yes- one) half-inch overcooked scallop in the middle of a sea of mushy white rice. I guess there was wine and cheese in it, but my palate has not been to any culinary institute, so I couldn’t tell. I ate the scallop and passed on the mush. Please notice the “s” on the first line- ScallopS. The top-deck buffet has two names and I still don’t know why. There are NO ship buffets arranged in any way that makes sense. The Divina is the most confusing of all. First, it’s not arranged in a straight line. It has food stations out and indented with some semi-circular. Offerings change daily, and don’t assume that all breakfast items are the same or in the same locations. There are no cooked-to-order foods. My personal favorite, smoked salmon, was not available other than by special request. There was a selection of juices, but no tomato, another favorite that was missing. I’m told that the variety of pizzas was impressive (I am not a fan) and the burgers were good. Who goes on a cruise for burgers and pizza? Worthy of note are the fresh cut cold cuts for make-your-own sandwiches and fresh breads. On the minus side- there are no spoons to stir coffee- just wooden swizzles and never enough cream, or half & half to lighten any of the Divina’s strong coffee. There are not salt and pepper shakers anywhere on the deck- just annoying tiny packets, as are all condiments. Serving plates were large, oval and scratched Melamine (or Melamac), a throwback to the 1960’s. They were tacky. Bars There are more bars and lounges (18) on the Divina than on most ships her size- pool bars, sports bars, elegant bars, disco bars, etc. Alcoholic drinks were uniformly priced at $7.25 (Dec 2014) and included all the standards, as well as some inventive libations with names that never hinted at their contents. Rum, vodka and tequila all merged their way into “Deep Blue Lagoons” or “Deck X Smashers”. Be sure to check the drink packages for significant savings and remember to bring you room key-charge card wherever you go. Service Employees of any cruise line fall into two categories. Basically, those who work for a salary (entertainers, upper cruise staff, technical staff, the Captain and engineers, etc.), and those who depend largely on tips and gratuities (room stewards, dining room staff, casino dealers, etc.). Aboard the Divina, room attendants go out of their way to stay out of your way and clean the room carefully, at least once a day, usually more. Ice (tiny buckets) and fresh towels in the morning and at night. Our steward, Garfield Williams (Jamaica) had 15 rooms on Deck 10 to ‘make nice’ every day. In a 14 plus hour day, he had a total of one hour break time, and sometimes, not even that. Would you like that job? Those employees who never receive tips showed me why. Front desk (Reception) ‘clerks’ (best word to describe them) are efficient and professional. So much so, they often come across as Field Commanders for some general staff. They do their jobs, but, on the Divina, without a sense of humor, a smile or an attitude that “the customer is always right”. The same is true for the bartenders and photo staff when they are not hunting you down to pause on the jewel staircase or the fake ship’s wheel on the dock. Most people on the service side of the industry, frequently attend ‘smile schools’. They rarely work unless it’s a Disney related enterprise. The bottom line is that MSC scores low in service, not counting their dining room and housekeeping departments. Entertainment I had heard from a number of people, and had read online, that the shows were magnificent and I shouldn’t miss a single one. Wrong. The Pantheon Theater is impressive and the shows are generally good, with some better than others. The problem is ‘sameness’. The show names and costumes change, but the productions are only slightly different. It’s the same two singers and violin player. The same dancers doing the same moves and in a one-week cruise, there was one piece of “magic”. One. I heard the song “Volare” at least twice- maybe three times during the cruise. The dancers are A+ and perform the same choreography the same way in different elaborate costumes almost every night. The stage set is the same- a number of steps with LED lighting that change colors (wow!) and sometimes move a bit to accommodate an elevator lift in the center. In one show, a trio of Oriental ladies do some impressive acrobatics and the two hand-balance muscle men cannot help but impress. The Michael Jackson Revue is OK. It is not great- and that’s from a person who has published reviews of stage performances’. There are important pieces of entertainment that I missed. There are no comedians, no novelty acts, no mix of live musicians no patriotic shows, no magicians, no feature dancers, no Broadway or Hollywood themes . . . well, by now, you get the idea. I never even went to the last show. There is no live orchestra, and the sound equipment barely makes it on a level that my profession can detect. This was confirmed to me by a sound technician who admitted that MSC had cut corners on the microphones and other important sound equipment. Lighting programming (everything is digital of course) violates one of the primary rules of stagecraft. Powerful moving Gobo beam lighting circles the audience, shining in the faces of almost everyone. While interesting, these lights have proven to be a health hazard, triggering seizures to those who cannot handle the repetitive bright flashing. This is something that should be addressed immediately. If you were hoping for a cocktail or other drink to go along with the show, forget it. There is no bar service in the theater. “Guests may not reserve seats for others before show time” is another ridiculous policy in print that simply does not work on the Divina or any cruise ship. There simply is no ships staff on duty in the theater that I saw during any of the evening shows. Saving seats on this ship is as common as any ship in the Caribbean. Again, the take-away here is that show time on the MSC Divina is grossly overrated. It is barely adequate to other like-sized ships. In the winter of 2014, the ship’s Cruise Director is a nice lady who is linguistically challenged. She mispronounces many words and speaks so fast that many guests have difficulty understanding her. Maybe I’m being too critical and her talents are right for the Divinia or a stadium. Other entertainment in smaller lounges and venues are good, but always compete with silly art auctions-at-sea. Who goes on a Caribbean cruise to buy a really ugly painting? Bingo and a number of inside lounge ‘games’ are scheduled and I will admit to enjoying Kevin’s Trivia Quiz sessions. Ports of call My cruise visited the ports of Falmouth, Jamaica; Grand Cayman, Cozumel and NCL’s (yes NCL) “private island”- Great Stirrup Cay. Any review of these ports would make this a book, so I will reserve port comments to another posting. “A Ship Within a Ship” (the Yacht Club aboard the MSC Divina) When one flies First Class, there are benefits and perks that those in Economy never see. Usually, there is a list of amenities that include special treatment from start to finish. MSC Cruises offers their version of First Class with “A Ship Wit hin a Ship”. It’s a special section of deluxe cabins, with a private elevator, concierge, pool, restaurant, etc. The balance of the passengers on any sailing receives a much different and lesser offering. It is fair to say that passengers in the Yacht Club are in a First Class setting that in almost all cases separates them in fact as well as cruise experience.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We booked a Christmas cruise with some Family and friends December of 2014. First the good The Ship is very nice and clean comfortable rooms, shows and activities were all good and the Kids had a very good time. Now the not so good The ... Read More
We booked a Christmas cruise with some Family and friends December of 2014. First the good The Ship is very nice and clean comfortable rooms, shows and activities were all good and the Kids had a very good time. Now the not so good The meals at the buffet were not good in general. Breakfast was exactly the same each day and while we did eat it we were thinking it could have been a lot better. The main Dining room had great Service and good food. They had something a little different to pick each night and the food was good but not over the top great. But our service there was fantastic. The Italian Steak house was terrible. We made a reservation for Christmas day dinner and we were all very disappointing. We had 14 in our party and wow the best thing that anyone said was the Caesar salad was good. It is a shame at an Italian Steak house on a cruise this was the best comment. I ordered a Rib-eye steak and it was maybe a quarter inch thick and ordered medium rare and it was grey in color all the way through as were all of the steaks. It took well over two hours to complete the meal and my kids said wow Dad you make a lot better steak than this. I do not recommend this at all. There is a big push to buy a drink package on the ship which would be fine but if 1 person in the room has the package you both have to have the same package. This would have been $61.00 per person per day for your drinks. This would include any drink you want. We were going to get this package after being asked repeatedly and told what a great thing it would be so we said OK. They then had us go to the Service Desk and get new cards. They then gave us a cheaper package but did not include the drinks we like to drink so we went back to the Service desk went around and around were assured it was fixed then we tried to order again and it still did not work so we just went back and canceled the drink package and just charged to the room I am sure it worked out better for us but did make 3 or 4 trips to the service desk and spent a collective minimum of at least 5 hours in line and at the desk. The service on the Deck for drinks was very bad. We would be sitting there at a table and have 4 empty glasses in front of us a server would walk by look and just keep going not even a thought of asking if we would like anything else. Other cruises I have been on we would know the bartender and waitstaff and feel very welcome but not here it was very cold as far as customer service. Eka was our room attendant and he was great did a nice job and everything was very clean. Again the Ship was nice but the food and service over all was not up to what I would expect from a cruise. I do not think we will go on MSC again and this is the same feeling everyone in our party had. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Firstly this is a long winded and somewhat disjointed review and our personal experience. It is honest and straight to the point and I appologise if I offend anyone but I think it is important for people to be aware of some of the ... Read More
Firstly this is a long winded and somewhat disjointed review and our personal experience. It is honest and straight to the point and I appologise if I offend anyone but I think it is important for people to be aware of some of the practices of this company and its major lack of customer service. Firstly I will start by saying that we are very laid back and down to earth folks as most Australians are. We are very easy to please and have very simple tastes. Not much fazes us and live by the typical Aussie motto of "no worries mate" After months of researching and reading we took a gamble and decided to book a back to back cruise over Xmas and New Year on the Divina. We travelled from Sydney Australia via Hong Kong, New York and then Buffalo for this cruise. It was part of a 6 week vacation In total there were 9 of us travelling on each cruise which was made up of 2 adults, 2 seniors, 5 teens and an infant. Our initial dealings with MSC in Australia were not great to say the least. We had many problems with ordering and prepaying our drinks package. Everything from being told that the drinks packages don't exist, different pricing and an adult being given a child all inclusive and a child being given an adult all inclusive. The MSC staff in Australia seem to severely lack product knowledge. We also had problems with our cabins on the second cruise. Originally all 3 cabins were booked together but somehow this was changed to 2 together and one on the opposite side of the ship halfway down. When this was brought to the attention of MSC we were told that the original cabin we booked had since been sold so we had to then settle for a cabin above on deck 12. After over a month MSC assured us that the drinks packages were sorted. We paid our final balance and received invoices from MSC showing the cruise and the all inclusive packages had been paid. Phew what a relief......boy oh boy were we wrong. More to follow. On the Xmas cruise we had a total of 4 cabins. 3 balcony cabins on deck 12 along with an internal cabin a few doors down. We arrived at port sometime around 1pm and were pleasantly surprised to find the embarkation process very simple and efficient. It was at this point we chose to pay our onboard accounts in cash. The reason for this was some of the horror stories that we had read and also our low confidence with MSC due to all the earlier problems. First impressions of the ship when boarding were AMAZING. It is true that the ship is elegant and beautiful. As per usual we headed up to the buffet to grab a bite to eat while our cabins were being readied. Initial impressions of buffet were ok....standard fare. When then encountered the first of many problems when ordering a drink and being told our cards were coded incorrectly. We were told that we would have to have new cards issued. You could imagine my joy when I potentially had to rally up everyone's card and visit guest relations to get new cards. After a stressful morning of getting 6 kids up, ready, packed and on to the ship all I wanted was a drink. Not too much to ask. A short time later we were told that our cabins were ready. I thought the balcony cabins were nice. A little smaller than what we expected however they were nice. The bathrooms were great and the shower with opening out door is a great idea (although I thought at first they opened in an had a fun time trying to get in and then shut the door. It would have been an amusing sight). A short time later our room steward introduced himself and we found him to be very pleasant. He remained this was for the entirety of the cruise and was very helpful and obliging. Sailaway was pushed back by almost 2 and a half hours due to the late arrival of incoming overseas passengers booked through MSC. No big deal as it did not effect us although I am not sure why MSC would schedule passngers arrival from overseas on the same day of sailing. Too many things can go wrong and it leaves only a very small window. When we finally left port it was very subdued. No sailaway party like other cruise lines and you would hardly even know we had left. We did not even hear the traditional 3 blasts of the horn. It was a little disappointing as sailaway is the most exciting part of a cruise which you have been counting down and so looking forward too. Other cruise lines sailed passed us and the atmosphere was much more lively. As the night went on we encountered our second and what turned out to be our major problem. Yet again it involved the drinks package. When ordering drinks we were told our cards did not work so yet again off to Guest Services. It was here that we were informed that our drink packages were not pre paid but prebooked and we needed to increase our cash deposit. I then proceeded to show the staff member a copy of the invoice from MSC on my phone showing everything was paid. The staff member then said on the system it was showing each of us had 2 packages, one pre paid and one prebooked. I was then asked if I could print off the invoice so they could attach it to an email to head office in Italy. I was then told if I wanted to use the internet I would be charged a fee??? This was a screw up by MSC and they wanted me to pay to print out proof we had paid. To cut a long story short we were informed that they had to contact head office in Italy to sort out the problem but they would not have an answer for two days. The staff member could see through their system that we had prepaid but to get the other package deleted it had to come from head office. We were assured that in the meantime we could use our packages. Well this was wrong, wrong, wrong. Over the next 2 days we had our cards rejected on at least 5 or 6 occasions causing both embarrassment and a great amount off stress. In the end I spoke with a senior officer Luca who could not seem to understand the issue. Finally I handed over another $900 in cash just so we could order drinks for something that we had prepaid months ago. On Monday we were told that head office had replied and that yes our package was all prepaid and that the second prebooked package could be removed. I would have though common sense would prevail from the start and that if someone had a prepaid package and a prebooked package then a simple deletion of the later would occur. No not with MSC. There is no common sense. Anyhow we were assured all was good and that the problem was also sorted out for the following cruise over New Year. Back to the cruise........ Having 5 teens and an infant we did not use the MDR often as it did not fit with schedules and dining options. On the first occasion I found the food to be very nice, The service was fast and friendly. The only hold up was between the main meal and dessert where there seemed to be a rather lengthy gap. Total dining time was around 1 and a half hours which I though was good. The one piece of advice is that if you do not order each of the serves, eg starter, pasta, main and entree then be prepared to wait. If for example you only ordered a main then you would have to wait until everyone else had been served their dishes and caught up before you would be served your main. The only other minor complaint was the bar service. If you wanted a wine or soda it was not a problem but if you wanted a mixed drink then it had to be brought in from another bar so you had to wait a while. No real biggy. Just some food for thought. I have read in previous posts that bartenders will not take your orders if you o to the bar and that you had to find a server. I never found this to be a problem and all the bar tenders were happy to take your order and make your drink. The drinks whilst never looking like the pictures were always made strong but there was great inconsistency from bar to bar as to how the drinks were made and how they looked. The buffet was ALWAYS crowded. The fact that the ship was fully booked on both cruises did not help. The overall layout of the buffet is very strange. It seems to repeat itself all the way along several times so you don't realise that there is an ethnic section right at the very back. The food at lunchtime was quite varied ranging from burgers and hotdogs (which we ok) to pastas and stir fry's. Breakfast consisted of the usual fare of bacon, sausages, hash browns etc and was also ok but after a few days became a bit much. The fruit on the buffet was very dry and tasteless. Of a night the buffet seems to be very limited. The saving grace was the pizza. Whilst I would not rave about it (I still think Princess has the best pizza I have eaten) it was of a high standard and very tasty. The options late night were even more limited. Basically pizza and make your own sandwiches which were very basic. From 2 am there was nothing except room service and the room service menu was very very limited, Basically all it consisted of was sandwiches and a fruit platter. We never tried the specialty restaurants so I cannot comment on these. The gelato was VERY nice. Very creamy with lots of flavour. The shakes and smoothies were also nice but again no consitency when being made and would look and taste different each day which was a problem with a toddler who one minute liked it and then not so much the next. The sports bar was a real let down. We love coming to America and indulging in unhealthy bar foods. The wings in the sports bar were not even close to buffalo wings, the mozzerella stix bland and tastless as were the jalapeno poppers. The one benefit of this was it saved us $$$ as we never hit it like we though we would. The patisserie was also a let down. To look at it looked fantastic but the pastries seemed to lack freshness. It was always hit and miss as you never seemed to get what you ordered. On one occasion I asked for an english breakfast tea and a chocolate indulgence sundae was delivered to my table. Close but no cigar. The kids seemed to enjoy the kids club but there was not much structured for the teens. They always seemed to be hanging out outside the nightclub with no real activities. The other thing I noticed was several intoxicated teens. Perhaps MSC may want to pay closer attention to this in the future as it could end up being a huge liability. The security on the ship were probably the most unfriendly of all staff. MSC contracts out an Israeli firm who provides security. All the officers seem to be ex Israeli military with zero personality. Yes there job is the safety of the ship but a simple smile when you reboard the ship never goes astray. Being a law enforcement officer myself I can still do my job and be friendly. Just a little thing but something I think can be worked on. First port of call was Jamaica. We chose to stay on the ship and wandered around the cruise compound. We did venture outside without the kids for a short time and I am glad we did. It is a very seedy and slummy scene once you set foot outside the gates. With 30 seconds I was offered drugs but once I made my friend aware that I was a Federal Agent he lost interest. Funny that. The other ports we called in on were Cozumel, Grand Caymans and GSK. I found no real problems disembarking or tendering from the ship. GSK was probably our favourite spot. Very relaxing and beautiful. We followed the advice we had read on here and that was to get on the tram to the lagoon as soon as you arrive. This was great advice as the crowds were far less and you could get all of your food and drink without a wait. The one issue I had with some of the ports was the atmosphere when returning to board. Each time we went back to the dock and another ship was alongside (NCL, Carnival and Disney on the New Year cruise) we noticed a distinct lack of atmosphere on the Divina. Both NCL and Disney had music playing, staff dancing, friendly security, drinks and wet towels for their passengers. I thought this was a real nice touch and made you not only think about trying these line in the future but also wish you were boarding. These are such little things that MSC should take note of if they want to get a larger slice of the market. As it was Xmas the ship was beautifully decorated. There were two trees in the atrium and decorations all throughout the ship. On Xmas Eve there were carols in the atrium but we missed this as it was not advertised nor did we hear any announcements. It was a shame as there seemed a lack of Xmas spirit bar the decorations. Later that evening a midnight buffet was served. It looked amazing and the staff did a wonderful job baking breads in various Xmas themes, carving fruit and sculpting ice. Whilst it lacked any real substance to eat it sure looked really nice. Xmas day itself was a let down. They had a santa on board and who was iving out a small gift to all children......only if you were aged 3 to 11. I thought it would have been nice for all children to receive a gift especially the toddlers under 3. This was a big fail by MSC in my books. The staff we encounted were so lovely. They seem to be very over worked and run off their feet. There were a few miserable souls but hey if you worked me like a dog and I was away from my family for so long then I would feel the same. For the most part the staff from room stewards to waitstaff and bar staff and servers were great. The only staff that were not great were the front office staff who were RUDE and ignorant. I will talk more about this later. The mix of passengers would probably have been 10% American and 90% non American made up of Italians, Germans and South Americans. The Americans were great. Always polite and lovely to talk to and very couteous. The others on the other hand were to put it nicely PIGS. Basic manners must not be taught in some countries, For example when a elevator door opens you allow people to get out before rudely pushing your way in. Smoke in designated areas. Don't push in at buffets. Don't reserve deck chairs at 7am with a book and return 4 hours later. And for heavens sake put some clothes on when you come inside. I found the entertainment staff to be lacking ideas and personality. Granted I did not want to see belly flop contests or other redneck entertainment but seriously.....napkin folding ?? The CD Andre was not funny or appealing at all. I would have much preferred to see an American with personality. We only made a few shows such as the Michael Jackson tribute and Pirates but both of these were VERY good. Getting off the ship was chaotic. Apparently a passenger refused to leave the ship which held up all the b2b passengers. We waited in the Black and White lounge for several hours and only disembarked to walk off and back on again after 12pm. Nobody at MSC seemed to know what was going on and it was a total shamble. All in all we enjoyed our Xmas cruise with the exception of the drink package saga which was to rear its ugly head yet again. The ship was stunning, staff for the most part lovely and ports enjoyable. It was also at this time that we farewelled my father and welcome my brother on the second cruise. When we reembarked it was time to change cabins from one end of the ship to the other. The room stewards kindly and efficiently took care of all the bags and the whole process was hassle free. My brother joined us later that day after a very long check in process. Much different to the first cruise. Sailaway was pretty much on time and off we headed. Soon after we noticed that a life jacket was not provided for the little guy (we did not have to attend the drill as we were b2b passengers). On the first cruise it was placed on the bed with a note. We called guest services on 3 occassions and were told someone would get back to us.....nobody ever did. Finally we were told that one would not be available until the next day. WOW.....I am sure that this is against coast guard regulations. What would have happened if there was an incident overnight ?? Later that evening the drinks package reared its ugly head once again. This time it was my brothers card and he was unable to order drinks. We were assured the previous week that it had all been sorted. Yet again another trip to Guest Services. This time we were met with the rudest person I have ever encountered. How I kept my patience and did not fully lose it is beyond me. Yet again we were told that they would have to email Italy and when we tried to voice our concern we were met with " you dont understand" and "you are not listening". Again we were told that the card would be unlocked so we could order drinks and yet again this only worked for a few hours before the same problem arose. The same situation occurred where more money had to be handed over just so we could use something we paid for months prior. There was no empathy or understanding shown from Guest Relations.....just total rudeness. This problem remained until the second last day of the cruise when we got a call saying the problem was fixed. We were also asked if we still wanted to speak with Mandy the Guest Service Manager to discuss our concerns which we had raised earlier in the week. Naturally we said yes and were told she would be available to see us at 330pm later that day. We then cut our time short at GSK to make sure we could get on the tender and make our way back in time. Upon our return we attended Guest Services as arranged only to be told Mandy was not there and she was working the gangway. We where then told we would be called upon here return. By 6pm we had heard nothing so I called front desk. I was then told she could not be reached as her phone was not working and was assured we would be called. I then had to wait in my cabin for her phone call when it was the last night of the cruise and I should have been enjoying time with my children. Sure enough the phone call never came so I went back to the front desk. I was then told that Mandy had finished for the night. Naturally I was so angry and asked to speak with the Hotel Manager to make a complaint. I was informed that to do so it would have to be done through Mandy. This had become a total joke. It was the worst customer service I had ever encountered. The rudeness was beyond a joke and to think we had spent over $21000 for our 2 weeks on the ship. We could not use our cards for several days on the ship and I spent hours and hours and Guest Services trying to sort out a problem that was made by MSC. I know this review has been a total session but it is a totally honest account of what happened. We traveled all the way from Australia for this cruise and it was meant to be a family reunion for my children with my dad (their grandpa) and my brother (their uncle) who live in Buffalo and who they only get to see every few years. It turned out to be a total nightmare full of stress. Xmas is not meant to be this way and when you spend so much money you expect a little more. I don't think we were asking for much. All we wanted was what we already paid for and MSC's disregard, lack of compassion and total lack of customer service really tarnished our Xmas. It is such a shame as they have so much potential and lovely hard working staff. The problem is that nobody can nor wants to make a decision and everything has to be done through head office. God forbid an emergency as I certainly do not have the confidence to think it would be handled well. For the reasons of the above I would certainly not recommend this company.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We just got back from a 7 night caribbean cruise with MSC. We had a fabulous time. The wife and I have cruised with Celebrity and Princess before and we would put this right up there with Celebrity. I can't understand some of the ... Read More
We just got back from a 7 night caribbean cruise with MSC. We had a fabulous time. The wife and I have cruised with Celebrity and Princess before and we would put this right up there with Celebrity. I can't understand some of the negative reviews. Fast and orderly embarkation, and the ship was gorgeous. Our stateroom was a balcony and it did not disappoint. MSC is definitely an Italian based cruise line with a lot of Europeans on board ( I would estimate about 25% were Americans), however eveything was in English, and we had no problems. In fact we liked the little bit of culture (a couple opera shows...etc) that Europeans bring. They did have two other shows touting Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra, so there were definitely some things to appeal to Americans. Food was simply great, again I can't understand why the reviews ding the food. The buffet was huge with AUTHENTIC Italian pizza, and lots of variety. We were very busy during the cruise as there were a lot of activities to stay invovled. Gym was above average and very popular--get up early to get a treadmill. I wish there was a defined jogging track around the deck. The crew did a good job of keeping order and making things fun. I would definitely cruise with MSC again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Just returned from a 7 night trip with MSC and was compelled to write a review. What a great time we had! The check in at Miami was very good, prompt and efficient, our only negative comment on this was that other cruise lines we have ... Read More
Just returned from a 7 night trip with MSC and was compelled to write a review. What a great time we had! The check in at Miami was very good, prompt and efficient, our only negative comment on this was that other cruise lines we have sailed with have allowed each guest to bring on board a bottle of wine each, however MSC do not permit this so our two lovely bottles were confiscated at check in but returned to us the evening before we disembarked. Our room was extremely comfortable, modern, well appointed and reasonably spacious. For the first time we had a balcony which was great especially on the 2 days we spent at sea. The rooms are well designed and made good use of the space. We were provided with plenty of towels and each had a robe to wear. The mini bar was well stocked and very reasonable in price, $2.50 for soda, $6 for spirits and $5 for a beer plus snacks. We seldom used it but it was good to have. You need to use your key card to insert into the wall to get lights on which when in place notifies the housekeeping staff if you are in the room so therefore do not disturb you. The housekeeping service was excellent. We opted for formal dining but did use the buffet area for breakfast and lunch on a few days. The food has a Mediterranean twist and the variety was immense in addition to being well presented and very tasty. There was something for every palate although some Americans we met during the cruise did complain. If you want monster steaks and food coated in melted cheese or breadcrumbs accompanied with copious amounts of fries then the formal dining might not be to your taste. However there were burgers, fries, hot dogs etc available every day in the buffet area in addition to the other dishes. Going back to the buffet restaurant we'd say it's the usual scrum of people scooping the food on their plates as if it was their last meal and the obligatory mounds of waste. Not sure what the answer is to this as it seems to be common practice on each cruise we have been on. There is always tea in a variety of flavours, coffee and soft drinks on tap 24/7. There are a number of dining rooms that you are required to pay for the food, however they appeared to be under utilised and we're not sure why you would need them when the formal dining was so good and varied. We thought that the drinks packages were rather expensive so we just bought what we wanted on our cruise card. Wine anything from around $5 a glass, cocktails etc around $6.50 and up and there was an excellent selection. There were 2 gala nights and a 'white night' while we were there which were great fun and most of the ship joined in. The crew were always pleasant, professional, efficient and impeccably dressed. They were friendly and always seemed to be relaxed with other crew members and guests. There was a wide variety of shows and entertainment on board to suit every ones taste including the children who were on board. The shows were amazing and would give some top dollar west end shows a run for their money. There was a wide variety of shops on board and were comparable in some cases to other duty free shops on land. Cigarettes were particularly good value we were told but being non-smokers we can only take their word for it. Jewelry was expensive even though they were offering 40% and up discounts. Guest services were very professional and able to deal with the day to day running of the ship, most were multi lingual and in cases where they could not speak the language proficiently they took no time in finding the right crew member to assist. The is a small although comprehensive library on deck 16 at no cost usually once or twice a day, this was good for those days at sea and when relaxing on the island of Grand Stirrup Cay. There are plenty of pools (5) and Jacuzzis (?12) spread around the upper decks including an indoor one. The pools and Jacuzzis are salt water and emptied each night then refilled, very clean and the pool is kept around 79 degrees. Getting a sun lounger especially on the days you are at sea can be a bit difficult especially once people have staked their place and reserve the bed all day but barely use it. You are told that towels will be removed within a set time if they are not used but we didn't see this happen. It would have been better to perhaps have more deck space by utilising the space taken up by under used restaurants as most of us were packed like sardines on the decks except on the days we were in port. It was spring break from school and there were a lot of children on board, however you would never know other than the occasional encounter, there was lots for them to do and it was fun watching them in the pools, water slides, dancing and generally having a great time. We'd definitely bring the grand kids once we get the chance. The spa and gym were excellent and quite reasonably priced. On some days they had special offers on such as a hair cut for $15! The one thing that we thought let it down was the disembarkation, which was a bit of a frustration. We opted for self assisted disembarkation so we could get through Miami before the traffic built up. Due to weather conditions and a technical error the process was delayed, but we received no information for approximately 1 hour. Needless to say some folk were getting rather frustrated which was compounded by guests pushing into line. One of the crew had quite unfairly been caught in the middle of some altercation with a few guests. In Falmouth Jamaica the ship docks right into port which is modern and very attractive with the usual shops of duty free, gifts, hair braiding, bars and restaurants. However once out of the immediate port area things pretty much go downhill. The area is very run down and untidy, however the local people are very pleasant and friendly. We had intended to do a planned walk around the area to see what was described as some excellent Georgian architecture which I'm sure would have been interesting but we didn't feel so comfortable so opted to stay in the immediate area, than an early trip back to the ship. A number of people we met had opted for excursions and all said that although they enjoyed the excursion (which there are many to choose from) they thought the island was dirty with rubbish lying all over the place. Perhaps the cruise lines going there might encourage the parish to put some remediation plans into place. Grand Cayman is a place we have visited before and definitely worth a visit. Probably the place also to buy your duty free alcohol. Smirnoff $10, Brandy $16 for 2 bottles, Gordons Gin $12, Jamesons $12. Plenty of excursions and you can always go to 'Hell' and back. Try and go somewhere near the waters edge and you are bound to see huge Tarpon swimming really close to snorkelers and divers. Cozumel, great for gifts and don't be afraid to have a go at haggling, they love it. You do get a bit of hassle from the locals to get you in their shops but don't push too hard if you make it clear you are not interested. We have been to Cozumel before and must admit we have seen some significant improvements. Again it has a lot to offer and you're spoilt for choice on excursions. Grand Stirrup was a lovely day on the beach. It seems to be still work in progress but you can imagine how lovely it will be once the plants have matured. Great for snorkelling and diving plus very safe for children. Lots of interesting and varied fish and the colours were amazing. The buffet are was a bit of a bun fight with long queues, we didn't bother to eat so can't comment on the food. The island is a bit shy of shaded areas but I guess this will improve. You can however rent open cabins and seats with shades at an additional cost. All in all it was an enjoyable day and would go again. To get to the island you need to take a tender which means you can take quite a while to get off the ship, loaded onto the tender and get to the island. It took us over an hour in total so be prepared.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
We were on the 1-15 March back to back cruise, and I've never been so glad to end a holiday. This was our third cruise, previously we had done the Med on Celebrity Summit, and the Caribbean on the P&O Ventura. There was no ... Read More
We were on the 1-15 March back to back cruise, and I've never been so glad to end a holiday. This was our third cruise, previously we had done the Med on Celebrity Summit, and the Caribbean on the P&O Ventura. There was no comparison. I had read all the reviews prior to the cruise and foolishly thought that those folk giving negative reviews were being a bit picky. No, they weren't! Embarkation. Arriving in Miami, it didn't take us long to board - it was too early to access our cabin so we were told to go up to the buffet on deck 14. Accommodation. Our balcony cabin on Deck 8 aft was lovely, we even had a bath! Curiously we only had one small comfy chair in the room, but in the photos (on the dreadful MSC website) it showed a small sofa or two easy chairs. We didn't bother complaining since we didn't plan on spending a lot of time in the cabin. Food. The food quality in the buffet that first day should have been an early warning - I chose a plate of paella which was so disgusting I took a couple of mouthfuls and couldn't eat the rest. The buffet was so crowded it was difficult to get anything else so I didn't bother - we ended up calling it the "work canteen" which was quite apt. When we booked we were asked if we wanted the first or second sitting at dinner - the first sitting was supposed to be at 5.30 which was a bit too early so we opted for the second sitting at 7.30 and asked to be part of a table of 8. We then discovered that the second sitting was in fact at 8.30 which was far too late and were told that, due to the first sitting being fully booked with the Holistic Holiday vegan crowd, we couldn't change. Oh well, we found our table of 6 (yes, they hadn't even got that right). Our dining companions, however, were great and we had a good laugh. The food, which was repeated the second week, was pretty dire and some of it was so salty I found it difficult to eat (normally I love salty, savoury food but it was too much even for me). Very disappointing - I think I ended up ordering the grilled salmon most nights as it was the most palatable thing on the menu. We got on so well with our dining companions we decided not to change sittings for the second week. At lunchtimes, I tended just to have a couple of slices of pizza from the buffet as that was the only decent choice which wasn't luke-warm or tasteless. Staff. Our wee cabin steward, Mohamad, was very helpful and friendly over the two weeks, as were most of the waiters, bar staff etc even though you could tell they were tired and overworked. The more senior staff (Italian for the most part) could be quite arrogant and unhelpful (especially the fat man who seemed to be in charge of the towel boys, he was just a bully). First week. The first sea day we headed up to the deck 15 Garden Pool area to find it had been taken over by the vegan yoga people, totally preventing anyone from lying out in the sun for the first couple of hours. They proved to be a real nuisance that first week (however, the second week we wished we could have them back instead of the hordes of brats which infested the ship!). The vegans had their own food station at the buffet (good luck to them, it seemed to be a choice of brown slop, grey slop, white slop or broccoli!!). They walked round with their holistic healing bags and yoga mats under their arms - well, you've never seen such a bunch of scrawny, grey, unhealthy, not to mention self-righteous, folk in your life. I wanted to use the library one day but they were having a seminar in there. The library was supposed to be open at 3, I went up at ten past, then again at 4 but they were still there listening to some psycho-babble nonsense. Gullible lot. I did complain at reception that there were some facilities we were unable to use due to the nutjobs taking over. The girl at reception said that a lot of people had complained about them. It was quite difficult that first week getting a sunbed, so we tended to go up about 8.30, get a couple of beds and take it in turns to go for breakfast. Despite notices saying that diapers (nappies to us British folk) were not allowed in any pool at any time, there were loads of parents dunking their tiny tots in the pools - how unhygienic can you get - dirty people? Needless to say, neither of us ventured into the pools - mind you, it was standing room only most of the time. By the time the second week arrived, the ship was invaded by families - there were screaming, badly behaved kids everywhere! This made it even more difficult to find somewhere to lie and sunbathe on a sea day. We discovered Deck 18, which was for over 18s only and paid for a rattan chair on two occasions ($30 a day). Beware if you do this - make sure you turn up early, because each time we were there, they had double booked some of the beds and people were getting justifiably annoyed. It was really nice and peaceful, if you ignored the loud "entertainment" at the main pool, with a small bar and staff bringing round free fruit kebabs and cold towels. The only thing that would have made it better would have been some toilets - if you needed to go to the loo, you had to go down a couple of decks. The fat officer who I mentioned earlier in the review actually man-handled my husband after he tried to come back up to Deck 18, since my husband didn't realise he had to show him the booking card, which he'd left with me. The fat guy actually grabbed his arm and tried to pull him away from the stairs! Excursions. Oh dear, where do I start? I notice that MSC say that they take no responsibility for the excursions, which I thought was contrary to EU contract law. We booked some excursions through their website before we went away. Our first was supposedly a panoramic tour of San Juan - oh great, we saw loads of hotels in San Juan, some picturesque tramps living rough, stopped at a ghastly marble building which was quite boring. I was in tears there when I saw some poor, skinny horses, covered in sores and callouses, pulling heavy tourist carriages through the traffic. How cruel! Our second stop was the fort, which we realised we could have walked to from the ship. Quite an interesting place and great viewpoint. We headed down to the small square in the town and had some drinks before boarding the bus again. The guide told us the bus was going to park up over the road and we could have a look at the square (again), but he didn't seem sure when we should be back at the ship (worrying since it was leaving at 4), so we told him we were just going to walk back to the ship ourselves. We didn't book an excursion in St Maarten since we had been there before and just wanted to spend a day on the beach. The trip in Jamaica was simply a trip round some seedy back streets in Falmouth and then the beach - again we were again made to feel very unsure of the correct return time to the ship. Quite stressful. The ship did not stop at Great Stirrup Cay because the weather was wet and windy - it didn't stop there the second week either because it was slightly breezy. In this day and age you would think that the weather forecast would be available and they could have a Plan B and sail somewhere else. My husband remarked that it was saving them money by sailing very slowly to Miami. I quite believe it. Our excursion in Grand Cayman was truly appalling! It was supposed to be a quick sightseeing tour, ending up at Tiki beach. First of all we were driven past numerous hotels with the driver reading out the names, just after we'd seen and read them for ourselves, yeah, thanks. Then he parked in a lay-by behind some shops and said we were there for 30 minutes! Thankfully, everyone got back on the bus after 15 and we headed to Hell. A red and black shack with some tacky souvenirs - we were told we would be here for an hour - doing what, exactly??!!! The whole bus was in an uproar - we assumed we would spend a short time at each place and get a couple of hours at the beach. We all kicked up such a fuss that the time was cut down to 15 minutes - we did have an MSC excursion rep with us but she was worse than useless. Next was a Rum Cake Factory. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but to me a factory is where they make stuff, not just another shack selling rum cake. Ho hum, off to the Turtle Farm which was quite interesting. I just wish the people who were told NOT to hold the baby turtles in one hand and to hold them over the water, NOT the concrete, had actually taken some notice of the guide. The poor baby turtles were obviously in distress being out of the water for so long and being handed from one person to the next. I was just dreading someone dropping and killing one! Off to the beach finally. We had seen some gorgeous sandy beaches but, unfortunately, this wasn't one of them, just very small, scruffy and crowded. There was a complementary cup of rum punch which had never been near a bottle of rum - it was just watered down tasteless fruit juice. The beach beds were broken, I had to try four before I got one which was fit to lie on without it collapsing. The sand was coarse and full of cigarette ends and other rubbish. The sea was dirty with weed and not very enticing to swim in. Again, we felt stressed about getting back to the ship because it wasn't made clear when we would be picked up. When we got back to the ship, we tried to cancel our next excursion but were told that we could only do this if one of us was ill and we paid to get a medical certificate (mind you, the other person would still have had to take the trip). We showed our confirmation that said we could cancel but would have to pay a cancellation fee, only to be told this didn't apply. So we decided to bite the bullet and go, since our dining companions were going too. Thankfully, the trip on Cozumel was the best of the lot, with a professional guide (not just the driver), a proper coach and an assurance we would be back to the ship on time. Our second week was definitely spoiled by the amount of naughty kids on the ship - bad enough during the day but even at 9 or 10 at night, they were running riot in the bars. Not very pleasant when you're all dressed up, attempting to have an adult conversation while sipping cocktails surrounded by screaming brats. The shows were repeated the second week. We were impressed by the contortionists, acrobats, dancers etc but the shows just seemed to be these acts dressed up and performing against a theme - Wonderland, Witches of Paris, Pirates - with no particular connection, so a bit boring. Thankfully quite short though. The Michael Jackson impersonator was good but why they had the other singer doing Michael's songs in a more operatic style, I just don't know. We didn't bother with the Frank Sinatra night since it was the same singer and I think Sinatra songs need to be done in his own style. The duelling pianos men were diabolical - like the worst karaoke you've ever had the misfortune of hearing. We thought it was a joke at first and they were supposed to be crap! But no, they actually seemed to think they were entertaining. Think again lads! I wouldn't have paid them in Monopoly money. The disembarkation was the last straw - a total shambles. Really MSC couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery! We had completed the documentation for self assist disembarkation but lo and behold, we received luggage tickets in our cabin for the normal luggage collection. So we went to reception and changed it for the correct option. We were told to vacate the cabin by 7 am and meet in the Piazzo del Doge coffee shop. We sat there with our luggage among loads of other people for about 30 minutes. After a while everybody started to get up and stand in lines at the door (didn't hear any announcement, think someone just got fed up and everyone else followed). We all stood there, complete with large cases, for about an hour. During the time, there were no announcements, no information, just nothing! There were people with yellow tagged luggage pushing past us in the other direction going to who knows where. Finally, we managed to escape from the ship, it only took us a couple of hours! The good things about the cruise. Well, the ship is gorgeous and beautifully clean, the staff are lovely (except for the more senior ones), the Allegrissimo drink package was terrific, I think we made a 100% profit on that (ha ha, we're Scottish, of course we did!). If anyone thinks I am being nitpicky about the cruise, I usually try to find positive things to say, check out my other reviews if you don't believe me. I was so stressed, I ended up getting Shingles when I arrived home and was very ill (hence the late review). Since you can only catch this from someone with chickenpox, I reckon I probably caught it from some child on the ship. My husband says he hasn't felt well since we got back either. I feel even giving this review 2 stars is half a star too many. We will be travelling with P&O in future.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We just returned from a seven-day sailing aboard the beautiful MSC Divina over Christmas week. As perhaps many of you reading this review, I spent the past several months reading fervently on these boards seeking out as much information as ... Read More
We just returned from a seven-day sailing aboard the beautiful MSC Divina over Christmas week. As perhaps many of you reading this review, I spent the past several months reading fervently on these boards seeking out as much information as possible about MSC, in general, and the Divina in particular. My wife, (teenage) daughter, and I have been on nearly a dozen cruises running the gamut from Princess (Coral and Caribbean), Norwegian (EPIC and Spirit), RCCL (Explorer and Imagination of the Seas), Carnival (Fascination), and HAL (Oosterdam and Westerdam), but this was our first experience with MSC. I can already say, with satisfaction, that it will not be our last, as we’re already booked aboard the Orchestra in August to visit Norway and Sweden. In addition to my family, my in-laws traveled with us for the holiday journey. Information provided before the sailing was much more sparse than on other lines, and – as regular readers know – the MSC website truly sucks. We had booked through a travel agent, so any calls I made to MSC with questions were – understandably – directed back to the TA. In the end, the pre-boarding documents are sparse. Ours only showed our dinner assignments, which were not what we had requested. If the website had been more robust, and allowed one to look at details of your booking, we might have caught this mistake earlier. As it was, it required a 30-minute wait once on board to have the maitre d’ change our seating so we could all eat together at the early seating. Other very basic information that MSC really does need to provide before sailing are dinner assignments and times (for our sailing, 1st seating was 5:45pm, and second at 8:30pm), and – most importantly – the breakdown or attire requirements for the main dinner dining. I completely packed the wrong clothes in anticipation of more than one formal night. I do, however, give MSC kudos for having “casual” night, in additional to “gala” (read formal), and “informal” (tie and jacket for men). For our sailing, we had two casual nights (first and last), one formal, one semi-formal, and three color and decade-themed nights – red, white, and “70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.” If we’d known this, we would have packed differently, as I’m sure most other passengers would, and it could have been fun. Anyway, note to MSC – improve the pre-embarkation info. We flew into Miami, not through MSC, on the day of sailing. We used a taxi from MIA to the Port, which is a great deal at $24 per carload, especially as we were a party of five. I never saw an option for an MSC airport transfer, though it must exist, as I saw them listed on our final day of departure. Again – note to MSC – provide more pre-departure information. We arrived at the port around 2:00pm and, I must admit, from the moment we saw the Divina from the causeway, we knew she was an incredibly beautiful ship. The port was busy with five large vessels, but check-in was pretty good. The sidewalk where taxis/cars drop passengers off is rather narrow, so it was confusing at first to find someone to take our bags, especially amid the growing throng of passengers. A wheelchair attendant was on the sidewalk and asked my mother-in-law if she wanted assistance. We are very happy she availed herself of the service, as the terminal is large and there was a lot of walking involved. We cleared security and waited no more than two or three minutes to check-in, which was smooth and analogous with every other cruise we have taken. We were directed to board the ship immediately, entering on deck 6 midship. P.S. The port wheelchair attendant was able to roll my mother-in-law on board, and she was able to immediately transfer to a ship steward and chair, which brought her up to her cabin. We were welcomed from several staff members but, alas, no maps were handed out. A very good, detailed, and 3-D map is available in the cabins, but a small index card-sized map (similar to what NCL does) would have been appreciated. Rooms were already ready to be occupied so we set off there directly. We had two Superior Balcony cabins on deck 10 – 10277 (double, with one of the very large 14-foot-deep aft-facing verandahs), and 10267 (a triple around the corner, furthest back cabin on the port side). It is confusing on the MSC website, and most US travel agents don’t know MSC ships and therefore can’t answer the question, but the Divina has two categories of balconies, though they are only listed as “balconies” on their deck plan. They are updating their cabin designations in April 2014, so for now, the superior cabins (which are LARGER than standard) are categorized as B-12, I believe. After April, it will be easier, as superiors are classified B3, and standard balconies are B1 and B2. This differentiation, however, is still not clearly made on the MSC website. Whatever the case, a) MSC needs to update this, and b) ASK before booking. It shouldn’t be so hard to figure out which cabins are larger than others. Aside from a Verandah Suite on a HAL vessel, these cabins were the nicest we have had as sea. Beautiful, very large, and in excellent condition. The aft double was identical to our triple, aside from the massive balcony and the fact that the sofa did not convert to a bed. In our triple room, the sofa did indeed convert into a VERY comfortable and large double sofabed. Unlike on other ships we’ve sailed, the couch flips open in a book-like fashion and is comprised of REAL mattresses, rather than thin sofa-bed-type pads. The couch is very wide and, as such, when open, people sleeping there put their heads near one arm, their feet at the other arm, and sleep perpendicular to the occupants of the people in the regular beds. It is a very nice set-up, allowing for a really comfortable mattress and leaving sufficient room to have the sofa open and still be able to easily access the balcony. The main beds were WONDERFUL – best we’ve had at sea – and easily the largest. When pushed together, it felt like a true king bed. There are two small drawered nightstands on either side of the main bed, a good-sized desk with drawers (one contains the hairdryer), a mini-bar, and a flat-plan TV mounted above the desk. Lots of storage room here and a nice layout. There is a glass coffee table in front of the couch, which neatly fits under the desk when made, and an ottoman-like chair can either stay under the desk with the table, or be used as an end table for the couch occupant(s). The cabin was beautifully appointed. The huge mirror mounted on the wall opposite the bed was at first a little jarring, but we quickly learned to love it, as it made the already large room seem positively palatial. On the left wall as you enter the cabin was a three-doored wardrobe, with a main compartment for hanging clothes, and a third door hiding a well-functioning and easy-to-use safe, and several clothes draws. The doors had rubber stoppers on them, so no loud slamming noises as on most other ships (Note to NCL and Princess to copy this.) Storage was a little tight on this ship, however, but we give them kudos for not wasting space. If anything, I could see doing away with the mini-bar and replacing that with two or three drawers, after which storage would not be an issue. The bathroom occupies the right side as you enter and I LOVE rpt LOVE the layout. It is huge by cruise ship standards and extremely efficient. A very large sink takes up one whole wall, with plenty of storage below and glass shelves built into the far side. The showers were spacious and rather than using those God-awful film curtains, they have been replaced with dual glass doors. The doors work wonderfully and can be adjusted in a myriad of positions thanks to very clever magnets. I really loved the setup and it helped keep everything tidy and livable for the three of us. There are, by the way, body wash and shampoo dispensers in the shower, as well as built in soap dishes. Our verandah was standard sized, with two aluminum mesh seats and a matching ottoman. Not huge, but very useable. The only downside we had, and which I did not realize until I studied images of Divina after she arrived in Miami, but half of our balcony was glass, and half was metal. You’ll see that as part of her elegant design, there are far-forward and far-after cabins that have metal or partially metal balcony facings, as part of the design. If I’d realized this earlier, I would have booked the cabin next to ours, to get the full glass view. Study the pictures before you book. I’ll add a small comment about my in-laws’ cabin – 10277 – as it is aft-facing with a huge balcony. As discussed on these boards, the balcony sizes very by deck on all of the aft Divina cabins, ranging from “Princess balconies” (door opens, but no place to stand) on 13, down to the ginormous 14-foot-deep balconies on deck 10. While their sizes differ, the aft cabins are NOT cantilevered, meaning they are fully covered, unlike, for example, on the Coral Princess, where port and starboard balconies vary in size and are cantilevered, allowing for true “sun porches.” I did not mind the deck being covered on Divina, but if folks are booking these in hopes of sunbathing, you will be disappointed. These verandahs, too, are furnished exactly the same as others, whereas the addition of a couple of chaise loungers would be very welcome, and still leave LOTS of room on the deck. The only downside I see to these cabins is that they are subject to collecting “smoke-stack grime,” depending on the prevailing winds. My in-laws noted that by the end of the night, their deck was often covered with a thin layer of oily grime. We tracked it down to exhaust from the smoke stacks. To their steward’s credit, the deck was washed each and every morning. Finally, other sailors have reported water cascading down from the aft infinity pool on Deck 15. I did see this water accumulate on my in-laws deck, but a) it was from the automatic deck/window cleaner which runs on a rail around each of the decks, and b) stewards came in very shortly after each pass to mop away the residue water. They did, however, report an occasional sewage smell in their cabin. They reported it to our steward. I’m not sure if they did anything and/or if the smell was from inside or outside their cabin. Our room steward, by the way, was very easy to find, very friendly, and extremely efficient. NO complaints in the service department. For those looking for towel animals, aside from one on Christmas Eve – along with a nice Christmas card – there are none. We headed up to the buffet on Deck 14 after checking out the rooms. Expecting departure-day chaos, we were very pleasantly surprised. As we quickly learned, and as noted by a few others, HEAD FOR THE BACK of the buffet area. The buffet runs the entire length of deck 14 from the main mid-ship pool, all the way to the rear of the ship. Each half has a different name, but they are contiguous. The pizza station – wonderful pizza – is at the front, closest to the pool, and there is an “ethnic station” at the far other end. Between they have a really wonderful mixture of selections. I give the food on this ship’s buffet high marks, at least for breakfast and lunch; we never had dinner at the buffet. You will see, however, the people tend to congregate toward the front, near the pizza station, while the rear remains relatively empty and quiet. We never had trouble finding a table in the rear, at any time, and our ship was completely sold out, with 1,200 children on board, 900 or which were under the age of 12. The food at lunch on embarkation day was really wonderful. As noted by others, the selection of fine Italian meats and cheese is a real treat, and without fail, every pasta dish I tried on the buffet was outstanding. One thing they do not have is a burger grill. Rather, on the front side opposite the pizza station, there is a large area with prepackaged hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and fries, but the burgers were not grilled and not to my liking. My wife, however, said they were excellent, so color me spoiled. The waiters do not bring you water or tea to your seat, but there are plenty of beverage stations at which you can easily get water or coffee all day, and a wide variety of juices in the morning and iced tea, lemonade, and flavored waters at lunch. While we were at lunch, the waiters came around and were explaining the various drink packages available on board. No hard sell, though. Nice change. They had offerings which were not on the MSC website before sailing. I’m not sure why this was, and it makes it rather confusing. We ended up purchasing a 14-voucher book for “adult beverages” at ~$80, and a 15-voucher “Doremi” package at ~$35 for our daughter, which covers soft drinks, shakes, virgin drinks, etc. We did not see an unlimited soft drink package, but neither were we looking for one. They both worked out to be good deals. Interesting enough, the wine package we bought on-line was not available on board. Again, rather confusing. We toured much of the ship after lunch, and it is truly stunning. Everything was in immaculate shape and the lounges/public areas are beautiful. It lacks the art work of, say, a Holland America ship, but it is lovely nonetheless. Speaking of art, there is no art gallery. This is MORE THAN FINE with me, as I never understood the whole art-auction-at-sea thing anyway, but I note it in case others are looking for it. I noted that the wall outside the La Luna Lounge says “Gallerie d’Art,” so I wonder if there had been an earlier gallery but it was removed when Divina arrived in North America. Our lifeboat drill was at 5:00pm. Directions were a little confusing, but we figured it out. They have people bring their lifejackets to three main stations, where they scan your key card and then do a demonstration. The drill is conducted in five languages, so it takes a little longer than on other ships, but it still wasn’t arduous. More on the language situation later. As I noted, we were able to change to early seating, which had us in the Villa Rosa dining room, in the aft section, at 5:45pm. The other main dining room is the Black Crab closer to mid-ship. As in other ships, the kitchens create a barrier, meaning that to enter Villa Rosa, you have to get to deck 6 aft, but the only way to access that is from deck 7 at the aft elevator/staircase. The same goes for the Black Crab, in that you can’t access it from the aft, and have to go forward and down to reach it. I’ve read others complain about the layout, but I have seen this, or a similar configuration, on every ship we’ve sailed, so once we figured it out, it was no problem. They have added a few signs, too, for the Villa Rosa, to help direct people. In the main dining room I had the only true down portions of our trip. The food is average at best. In addition, the dining room is loud – I’m not sure if it is the ceiling height or the configuration, but when full, the noise level is high. It was nowhere near the stadium-like levels on Carnival, but far from the quiet ambiance on Princess or HAL. We spoke to people who had the late seating, and they universally commented on the noise level, particularly as most families with young children seemed to be at that seating. We never had an issue with loud children, but rather it is the overall level. An easy fix would for them to not play, or turn WAY down, the music they play during dinner – that should help. We did not, however, have ANY problems with the service. Our server was Mayun and he was great. Yes, they are a little understaffed, but aside from some confusion on the first night, the service was excellent and Mayun was efficient, funny, and pleasant. Confusion on the first night revolved around our wine package. We had purchased the seven-bottle wine package on the MSC website before boarding. Aside from the confirmation e-mail, we received nothing to “prove” we had the package. I asked when we sat down, and Mayun said we’d have to wait for the bar. About 10 minutes later, a woman did come from the bar, looking for us, with a coupon book for seven bottles of house wine. From then on, we’d simply tell Mayun if we wanted red, white, or rose, and he’d bring the bottle. You could not choose from a menu and we were never sure exactly what was coming, but I’m happy to report that all of the wine was Italian and all of it was good. At the end of the evening, I’d give him our key card and one of the coupons, and then sign a bill marked “zero.” No problems. The menu was fairly extensive, with appetizers, soups/salads, pasta, and main dish categories. There is also a “light fare” section, as well as an “everyday favorites,” which had the same dishes every night – grilled chicken, salmon, etc. The menu is presented in a cardboard binder printed in five languages, and our server would hand it to us, open to English. Bread is brought around by the assistant waiter and you must choose, rather than being left on the table. Bread was good, but they never return for seconds, so if want more, grab it the first time around. Water is also automatically poured, and we had zero issue with not getting rather immediate refills, as noted in some other reviews. I don’t think my glass ever got below half full before Mayun or his assistant refilled it. For bar drinks, a separate waiter would come to the table at the beginning of the meal. Service was quick. If you finished that drink, the waiter will ask you if you want a refill – if you do, he will bring over a bar waiter, as I guess only they are authorized to take bar orders. Not a problem, but something to note. I won’t go into great detail on the food, but suffice it to say, some meals were quite good, while others were sub-par. It was easily on PAR with Norwegian (main dining only), and exceeded Carnival (not hard to do), but still nothing to write home about. I’ll have some thoughts later in the review, but food is clearly an area where MSC can, and should, concentrate effort. I had to keep mentally reminding myself of the very aggressive pricing MSC is offering on the Divina, so I almost have to give them a break here. Still, they could raise prices and the food quality accordingly, and they’d be poised to give Princess and HAL a run for their money. We had pre-purchased a “celebration cake” on the MSC website before we left. Nowhere on the website does it ask you to specify the occasion or when you would like to celebrate; I expected them to contact me once on board. This did not happen, but our “cake story” is memorable nonetheless. I had wanted to note my wife’s birthday, which will happen right after our cruise ends. At the first night’s dinner, we noted that other tables were presented with dessert menus, but we were not. Rather, the assistant waiter brought over champagne flutes. A few minutes later, the waiters marched in with cake, with candles, and they were playing Indonesian instruments and singing a celebration song. We soon realized they were headed to our table. The cake was placed in front of my wife, and we noted that it read “Happy Anniversary.” We all had a chuckle over that, but the point was that we did celebrate. They wished us well and then brought over a bottle of Prosecco (sweet Italian champagne) for us. It was very nice and they did not charge us for the bottle – a nice and unexpected touch. We did eat one evening at the Eataly Steakhouse, which is one of only two specialty (pay) restaurants on board. The two – Eataly Italian and Eataly Steakhouse are contiguous restaurants, but one is fixed price and the steakhouse is ala carte pricing. As noted by others, they were not crowded and they do not have the ambiance of a fine restaurant. They may, in fact, mirror the Eataly chain restaurants in Italy and New York – I simply do not know. Service was excellent and the meal was certainly better than the main dining room, but not stellar. This is a lot of real estate on board to devote to specialty restaurants. I’m not sure why they were not more heavily used – aka, I’m not sure if it is a reflection of the passenger demographic on our sailing or the less-than-spectacular menus. After dinner on the first night, we headed for the second seating of the main show, and we were soon to see why MSC is known for their wonderful entertainment. Without comparison, the entertainment on this ship was OUTSTANDING – the best we’ve seen at sea. I say it now – do not miss a single show. For all seven nights of the cruise, the entertainment team puts on a spectacular music/dance show. I can’t commend them enough for the quality and variety of entertainment. It really makes the shows on other ships look like amateurish high-school-level productions. The main theater is on decks 6 and 7, all the way forward. We watched every show from the deck 7 balcony. We routinely arrived 30-40 minutes early for the best seats, but there were always seats remaining when the show began. To my amazement, none of the late shows were completely full. I never had a chance to attend a 1st showing, so I can’t comment if those were over capacity or not. Others had complained of finding a seat on earlier sailings, but unless you were looking for a huge number of seats in a row, it was a non-issue for us. The shows were, in order, “Withes of Paris” (a French cabaret-like show), an Italian-song show, Alice in Wonderland (SPECTACULAR), an “opera highlight” show, Pirates of the Caribbean, a Michael Jackson tribute, and a Frank Sinatra tribute show. I loved them all…and I don’t like opera. The Michael Jackson show, on the surface, had the chance of becoming a cheesy parody, but rather the dancer who “played” MJ was phenomenal and had everyone on their feet. I could go on and on about the shows, but I’ll leave it that MSC has put together an outstanding cast here and deserves to be proud of the product. On the second night of the cruise, they had a “late night” comedy/magic show, at 10:45pm. It was good and family friendly. I wish, however, that there had been more such shows during the week. Oh, by the way, each show runs about 45 minutes. I read some folks complain about this, whereas I thought it the perfect length, especially when you consider how elaborate each show is. More comments on the entertainment. Aside from the main theater, there were singers and/or bands playing in all of the lounges in the evening. The dueling piano players in the Golden Jazz Bar was particularly enjoyable and a lot of fun. I enjoyed the “folk-like” duo in La Luna, and my in-laws loved the violin duo and piano player in the main atrium. One interesting note was that there was no calypso-like band playing at the pool during the day, as has been the case on every other Caribbean cruise we’ve taken. That didn’t bother me, but if you’re looking to sit by the pool and listen to reggae music, it won’t be live. Also, on the party front, if you’re looking for a big sailaway party when you depart Miami, you’ll be disappointed. The ship does not leave dock until 7:00pm, when the vast majority of people are either at dinner or the show. Again, NO issue to me, but if you’re looking for it, you’ll be disappointed. I laugh in hindsight, as we were up on the pool deck around 4:30 on disembarkation day, and a Carnival ship was leaving port. They sailed right past us, and the scale (and noise level) of their sailaway party was deafening. We stood there able to see and hear the whole party as they sailed by. As they did, an older woman next to us said, “Thank God they don’t have that crap on this ship.” ;-) Our first two days were at sea, and I really enjoyed them. As noted, our cabin was aft, and I think the location was perfect. By using the rear elevators, we easily reached the buffet, and ate in the back where there were always tables. For dinner, we took the rear elevators straight down to Villa Rose on 6 – no having to walk up and down to reach it from forward on the ship. They offer a fairly extensive list of activities during the day. As we learned in speaking to folks from different countries, the schedules vary according to your language. There are activities designed for certain languages, and rather than list everything, they tailor the daily schedule, which I thought was nice. Thankfully, and on the huge plus side, there were VERY few announcements during the day – one, maybe two. There are NOT the constant announcements about jackpot bingo, limbo competitions, spa specials, or “huge sales” in the shops. This was great! Aside from safety announcements, by the way, everything was in English, which I understand is a big change, whereas in the past (and on MSC in Europe), everything is done five times. MSC offered daily craft classes, which was a first for me on a cruise ship. My wife and daughter took a jewelry-making class and really enjoyed it. We also availed ourselves of multiple trivia games which were, as always, fun. The upper decks were very full during our three sea days, but with an at-capacity sailing, it was no surprise. I’ll note now that despite the capacity, aside from maybe one or two times, the ship never felt “that full.” We’d heard about the 1,200 children on board, but I often wondered where they all were. There are dedicated children and teen facilities on deck 15, and they must have all been there. There are three general-population pools on board (the Yacht Club has its own) – a Garden pool with retractable cover, a main mid-ship pool, and the aft infinity pool. Adhering to our theme of sticking toward the rear of the ship, we stuck to the aft infinity pool, which is lovely. I recall reading past comments with people complaining of children in the infinity pool. I never saw any signs indicating that the pool was “adults-only,” so I was not surprised to see some kids in the water. Maybe they changed this, or the adult-only designation is not clearly signed. Chairs do fill up, but we were able to get chairs every day. There was a notice in the room asking people to not save chairs if they are not going to use them, saying that items would be removed after 30 minutes if the chair was unattended. I never saw this happen and I saw many chairs saved for hours at a time. Still, everyone seemed to find a chair, so not an issue. There are also at least seven hot tubs on board – likely more – which is the most I’ve seen. There was always room available if you wanted, and some are tucked away, such as our favorite up on the rear of deck 16. The pools, by the way, are all salt water and were very comfortable, temperature wise. Towels were an issue unto themselves. I’m used to having to check-out or request towels on ships, but MSC’s policy is unique. In order to get towels, you have to go to a central “towel station” on deck 14 (there should be more than one), present your key card, and they will “check out” towels to your room. When you want replacements, you bring them back to the station and trade them in for dry/fresh ones. There are warnings, though, that you will be charged if you do not return the towels. I never figured out how, however, to return them. They hand you a paper receipt when you check them out. My only guess is that you’re to give that receipt back to someone when you finally return your towels, but in my case, the receipt was wet and falling apart before I even made it back to the pool after first checking them out. For my in-laws, they checked them out and brought them back to the cabin. Our steward took them during the evening turn down, but didn’t replace them with fresh ones, so we worried they might get charged. Adding to confusion was that during our day at Great Stirrup Cay, they provided the same orange towels in everyone’s room the night before our arrival, for use on the beach. At that point we had six towels in our room and I wasn’t sure what to do. We never got charged, so it’s probably nothing, but a little clarity would have helped. I noted in other peoples’ reviews some complaints about finding it hard to get a drink. Yes, it is true that there are not waiters swarming everywhere looking to take your drink orders, but I actually liked this. Whenever we wanted a drink it was not a problem to see a waiter and call them over, but they only occasionally walked through the chairs soliciting orders. I found this refreshing, as on Norwegian and Carnival, at least, it felt like a constant push to sell more alcohol. The same goes for the bars. Once you sat, a waiter would come over, but usually not return until your drink was empty, then politely ask if you wanted something else. There was no big sales pushes – buy one, get one free, or “you must try our drink of the day.” I liked this, but folks who are used to constant drink solicitations will be disappointed. I’m still not sure if this is just MSC practice, or if it is a reflection of the fact that almost everyone seemed to have a drink package of some kind. Waiters on other ships are earning tips for every drink served. Here, the tips were included up front, and that may explain the difference. I’m not sure. But whatever the case, I found it refreshing and, as noted, it was never a problem for us to find a waiter and get a drink. Smoking policy – MSC, I LOVE YOU. As noted by others, MSC has amended their smoking policy for the North American market, making it the most restrictive among the big cruise lines, and I could not be happier. Aside from a smoking lounge up front, one small section of deck 16, and a one-side section of deck 14, there is no smoking anywhere else in the ship, including on balconies. In seven days, I smelled smoke only once, and that was in a designated smoking area. For a ship absolutely chock-full of Europeans, this was amazing. I recall a sailing on the EPIC, also with a healthy contingent of Europeans, and my suitcase reeked of smoke upon my return home. No such problems here. Bravo to MSC for this policy. Ports of call: Disembarkation at each of our stops was straightforward and rather efficient. I’ll write separate reviews on each port separately, but suffice it to say, I enjoyed the itinerary. We booked a snorkel trip with “Captain Bob” at St. Maarten. It was, however, cancelled due to the chance of poor weather. In San Juan, which we visited on Christmas day, we took a city tour through MSC. It was efficient, with us congregating in the main theater, checking in, and being assigned a bus number based on language. We had prebooked this on-line before we left, but MSC did not publish tour times. As a further reflection on the poor MSC website, the system had registered our ticket purchase twice for both our room and my in-laws, necessitating a trip to the excursion desk to return the excess tickets. To their credit, there were no questions asked the duplicate charges were removed, but they need to fix that website. The tickets were delivered to our room on the first night of the cruise, but had no time printed on them. When I enquired at the Excursion Desk, I was told assignments are made the day before and the meeting times are published in the daily schedule, meaning you’d look at the schedule for the next day, and they’d publish a list of meeting times and places. I can understand how this is necessitated by the fact that tours are conducted in one of five languages, but it also made it harder to plan your day. Not a big issue, and if I were an Italian or German speaker, for example, I’m sure I’d be very pleased language-specific tours were even offered. Our final port day was a Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. As many people know, this is Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island, which MSC rents for port days. I noted that an earlier sailing visited the Holland America private island, so it must be based on availability. We had to tender to the island, using 400-person ferries kept on the island. They announced the night before that the first tender would leave at 8:30am. My daughter and I went down early, hoping they might leave early, but they stuck to schedule. We spent about 40 minutes waiting on deck 5 for them to get everything set up on deck 4 for the tenders. Lots of other people had the same idea, so the lobby was rather full. People were in good spirits, but there were select pockets of people cutting the line (or at least what semblance there was of a line), and I’m sorry to say that my fellow Americans were the most obnoxious in this regard. When they announced we were ready to board at 8:30am, there was a near stampede. To their credit, the staff loudly announced that there were 400 seats and everyone would make it, which we did. It was an overcast, rainy morning, and the seas were a little rough, which made for a “less-than-smooth” sail to the island, but nothing bad. Following a morning downpour, the sun came out and stayed out the remainder of the day. There are lounge chairs on the beach, and despite the throngs of people coming over later in the day, there was room for everyone. This was one of the few times I felt the crush of the full-ship contingent; here, and on the last night of the cruise in the photo shop – more on that later. There are very limited activities on shore, the biggest being snorkeling. I will advise you now to not bother renting the snorkel gear. It was not easy snorkeling and there is, frankly, not enough to see to merit the near $30 price tag. Many people were VERY vocal about their disappointment and didn’t hesitate to let the snorkel staff know this. Ironically a woman who was providing her unsolicited commentary to us about how mad she was at MSC over the fact that her child was too young to snorkel, also threw a literal hissy fit while in line for lunch. We couldn’t hear it all, but she was hysterical enough that the maitre’d had to come over to calm her down. As best we could tell, it had something to do with a bag of potato chips. Really, people? You’re on vacation! Lunch was, by the way, a burger/hot dag affair at an open-air pavilion. Passable. The final tender back to the ship was set for 4:30pm. We got in line at 3:15 and it took an hour to finally board back onto the ship. This was a pure capacity issue, limited by the fact that there are only two tenders on the island and the fact that only one gangway was in use. Some people were upset, but I really don’t know what else MSC could have done here. As I’m sure many would agree, people can always find something about which to complain. The tendering was, however, a little rough, and I only mention that to caution older folks or those in wheel chairs that they may need to skip this stop. There were a lot of photographers working on the ship and we were ultimately convinced to buy a bulk-picture package, which allowed us to save all of our pictures taken during the week and then, on the final night, pick 20 we wanted (any size), along with a cruise DVD and a CD with the .jpg files of the pictures we selected. It seemed like a good idea until that final night, when the photography studio was a MAD HOUSE. Admittedly, there were tons of large families on board, so there were lots of people trying to do the same thing as us. The photography area, however, was far too small for so many people. In addition, it is along the main corridor on deck 7. The far side of the deck is closed off by the specialty restaurant, so traffic naturally channels through the photography area, which made it even more chaotic and, at times, even a little dangerous. To be fair, deck 7 is also the promenade deck so people could easily walk outside to get around the chaos, but I was frankly surprised by how few people chose to use the promenade at all. I used it a lot, and was usually by myself. The push bars on the door leading to the promenade have a red strip. I can only guess that some people thought it was an emergency-only exit. Just a guess. Anyway, it was chaos that last night and, had we not already paid for the picture package, I would have given up. One of my few gripes about the cruise involves this ordeal. We finally picked out pictures and while literally shouting above the din, I was able to explain which pictures we wanted and how many. I was told to return after 11:00pm to pick up the pictures, DVD, and CD. I planned to be asleep at 11:00pm, but I had little choice. While my family slept, I loitered until around 10:30pm, at which time I was able to get help from a woman. She had the prints and DVD ready. When I asked about the CD, I was told I didn’t buy the package including the CD. After verifying that I had indeed done that, she told me to return the following morning after 7:00am to pick it up. We had elected to do “self-assist” departure in the morning (read, walking off with our luggage) and were told to assemble to disembark at 6:30am. I explained this to the woman, who told me that “oh, that is wrong. No one gets off the ship before 9:00am. They’ll tell you earlier, but -- trust me -- no one gets off before 9:00am.” Rather than not get the CD, I gave her the pictures back and said I’d return after 7:00am, but that I was going to the Front Desk to check on departure times. Of course, going to the Front Desk on the last night of a cruise is always mayhem, with people disputing charges, etc.. I had, however, only had to wait around 10 minutes. I explained the situation, and the very helpful woman explained that we would be disembarking at 6:30am. She called the photo studio and got them to agree to deposit our package with them during the night. As soon as I woke up the next morning, I went downstairs and they were, indeed waiting for us. Disembarkation: Best ever! As I noted above, we elected to do “self-assist” departure. We submitted a form before 6:00pm on the Thursday of the cruise, and luggage tags were delivered to our cabin the following night. In the final daily schedule, they publish a list of meeting places and times based on the color and number of your tag. We were told to go to one of the lounges at 6:30am. Breakfast started at 6:00pm in the buffet or Black Crab. Everyone is to be out of the cabin by 7:00am. Given how late people were staying out on Friday, I’m curious how many actually made it out. Nonetheless, we hit the buffet at 6:00am – no problems – and by the time we reached the lobby on deck 6 at 6:25am, they were already letting people leave. We breezed off the ship and through Customs, and were in a van to the airport by 6:40am….at the airport by 7:00am. Really outstanding. I have to comment, however, on the overall departure scheme used by MSC. We were never asked to provide the time of our flights. When I looked at the list of departure times in the Daily, I noted that it was based on tour company or the location of your stateroom, with some people having a departure close to 10:00am. This may help with the flow of people, but for those people with flights, I’m not sure how this worked, and I suspect it sent a lot of people to the Front Desk to change times. Again, this system is different than any other cruise line on which I’ve sailed, but I cannot complain as it was our easiest and quickest disembarkation ever. Bravo! I apologize that this review is so long, but I hope it will help future MSC cruisers in general, and Divina passengers in particular. Below are few general observations from our cruise. Aft outdoor staircases. On both sides of the aft section, there are outdoor staircases that run from deck 6 to deck 15. This “real estate” could have easily been used to add another cabin or two, but MSC elected to use them for walkways and I applaud them. These were “express” routes for us and our aft cabin. We were able to easily shoot up to the buffet and pool, or down to the promenade with no problems. The aft elevators were nearly always available and fairly quick, but the stairs were a great way for some exercise, great views, and fresh air. On the subject of elevators, I’ve read other people’s complaints about them. The forward and mid-ship elevators were busy at peak times, and with the number of strollers on board, they were often full. That said, there were more elevators on this ship than, for example, the EPIC, which has many more passengers. There are two solo side elevators located mid-ship, around the corner from the main elevator bank, and these were underutilized. In addition, the rear elevators were – in our experience – always available, with little wait. The security staff for embarkation and disembarkation is Israeli, and they were uniformly professional and efficient. They kept the lines moving, but were obviously serious about their work. Kudos to MSC for using a dedicated, and professional, security team. Our fellow passengers: Okay, here is where the debate may begin. Yes, MSC is an Italian cruise line and, yes, they are known to Europeans. I’ve read how people are afraid that MSC will “Americanize” too much and “lose its Italian flair.” To these observations I offer up the suggestion that it is the clientele which make the ship, more so than the cruise line. In other words, MSC will not “lose its flair” so long as there are so many Europeans on board. Conversely, it will “Americanize” only so far as the number of American cruisers increases. As noted, this was a Christmas cruise and there were a HUGE number of large families traveling. A member of the Cruise Director staff told me how the sailing before had been dominated by folks aged 65 and older, whereas the average age for this sailing was closer to 30, factoring in the children. That demographic shift will surely mean that my experience over Christmas is different than someone sailing the week prior. For our sailing, Americans were in the minority, if you lump all of the Europeans together. We heard countless languages, but the main ones were Italian, German, Spanish, French (to include French Canadians), Chinese, Hebrew, English (American, Canadian, Brits, etc.) and Russian. It was a true smorgasbord of nationalities. I, personally, am fine with this, though it was an admitted huge departure from all of our other cruises. That said, there are – shall we say – cultural differences that turned off many of our fellow passengers. Mainland Europeans are far less “anal” than Americans about waiting in line and, for example, allowing others off of an elevator before boarding or joining the end of a line at the buffet. My mother-in-law walks with a cane often and on only one occasion did someone stand aside and let her exit an elevator before people piled on. Having lived in Europe several times, I’m used to it, but it was obvious that many, many Americans on my cruise were taken aback and were all too willing to share their thoughts. “How rude?!” “There’s a line here!” “Did you see me standing here?” You can get the idea. Again, this is not MSC-centric, but passenger-centric. That said, Americans were far from model passengers, with teenage children among the worst “offenders.” I hesitate to write this, as it may give the impression that I did not enjoy our cruise. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was one of our most enjoyable cruises ever, and the ship is simply stunning. All that said, fellow passengers can make or break a cruise, and if you are looking for a homogenous “Carnival-like” ship-full of people, you’ll likely be disappointed. As noted in other boards, MSC has introduced a Divina traveler app, which is only accessible once on board. I have to say that this has great potential. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the ship at very good levels – there are routers and repeaters all over the ship. It was fairly easy to access the app and create a profile (once I found the Internet Access Code on my key card). The idea is great – that you can check out the daily schedules, book reminders, check and book excursions, “friend” other passengers and send messages, look at the ship map, etc. That said, it was far too slow to actually work in any of those capacities. When it was mind-numbingly slow to load the daily schedule on my Android phone, I assumed it was my phone. I then connected through my brand-new Kindle Fire HDX, and it was no faster. I’m not sure why it was so slow, but if this could be fixed, I would have used it a lot. A great idea, but it needs work. Information: Inside the stateroom there is a thick, leather-bound information book in five languages. It contains a WEALTH of information on ship amenities, policies, facilities, disembarkation, etc. I found myself referring to this very often and would have LOVED to have had this information before we left. Referring back to my earlier recommendation that MSC improve the amount of information they make available before sailing, a very easy fix would be for them to make the info in this book available over their website. Quick win. As on every cruise I’ve ever taken, most conversations with fellow passengers on board begin with “how are you enjoying your cruise?” People usually respond with a polite “it is great” or decide to launch into a tirade of all their complaints. I did not hear a higher proportion of complaints on this sailing as on any other, but I did often hear people complain about the food (quality in the main dining room) and service (lack of bar stewards trolling the ship). I heard or participated in multiple conversations with people making comparisons to other cruise lines. Interestingly enough, I heard most people make comparisons to Celebrity and Holland America, usually using those lines are standards against with to compare (Celebrity for food; HAL for service). That is all fine and, I suppose, a compliment to MSC that the comparison was even being made, but it all brought me back to the fact that we would have been paying hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars more to sail on one of those lines, so the comparison is not fair. Sure, folks can talk about loving another line, but to make an apples-to-apples comparison, cost has to factor in. It left me often with the impression that people want to have their cake and eat it too. If MSC invests more money in food and increasing the staff-to-passenger ratio, then cruise fares will increase and true comparisons with other lines can take place. In the meantime, in my opinion, MSC is offering a great product at an outstanding price. If prices rise and people have to make straight choices between sailing on, for example, Celebrity, HAL, or MSC, then I’m confident that MSC has enough going for it to compete. In the meantime, at their current price point, MSC is undercutting RCCL, Norwegian, and even Carnival to a point, and in those cases, they are offering a superior product in many regards and represent a truly outstanding value. I thank MSC for the fun cruise we had and our holiday memories. I think with the right leadership and direction, they have the opportunity to establish a solid foothold in the U.S. market. If not, I still look forward to our upcoming European cruise with them in August. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
Our Christmas Cruise on the MSC Divina This was another fabulous cruise with MSC. With the MSC Divina being a new ship, and all the pomp and circumstance of her arrival, we were very excited to be cruising on her. Our embarkation was ... Read More
Our Christmas Cruise on the MSC Divina This was another fabulous cruise with MSC. With the MSC Divina being a new ship, and all the pomp and circumstance of her arrival, we were very excited to be cruising on her. Our embarkation was fairly smooth. The terminals kept going down while everyone was trying to get logged on. We had the number one card for embarking and it was only a few minutes before we were sent to the ship. From the moment we entered the Divina we knew she was special, all of the beautiful woodwork and the marble everywhere. Then there was the most beautiful atrium I have ever seen in any ship we have been on, those beautiful stairs shining at you as if they were the sparkle of a young child’s eyes. We decided to go to the buffet since our cabin wasn’t ready yet. There were only a few people in the buffet when we got there and the amount of food that was there was amazing. There was a large salad bar, a fabulous Italian station, every kind of cheese you could ever imagine, and any kind of fruit you would want. I can’t really speak for any other food in the buffet because this was as far as I got, I was to full. Shortly after we finished eating our cabin was ready so we dropped our hand carried luggage off and went to explore the ship. We were gone about an hour and returned to our cabin where half of our luggage was waiting on us. While putting the items away another piece of our luggage came, this meant that only 1 piece was still missing, which finally got to the cabin about 7pm. We met our cabin steward Augustus, whom kept apologizing for the missing luggage. We seemed to be the only ones not worried about it. We knew it would show up. During our stay onboard, Augustus would prove to be one of the main highlights for us every morning. He always met us with a smile and a good Morning or good afternoon and on Christmas day he met us with a “Salam Natale”, Merry Christmas in Indonesian. Augustus went far beyond what any cabin steward has ever done for us. He is such a great person and a great asset to the MSC. At dinner the first night we were in the Black Crab restaurant deck 6 and part of our group was at a different table so one of the people at our table talked to the Maitre’d to have us moved so that we could all sit together. The second night we were in the Black Crab deck 5. We were put in a corner of the dining room and it was the most miserable dining experience I have ever had in my life. There was a family of about 30 people in the same corner we were in and the adults were too busy drinking and having a good time to worry about the children that were fighting and running wild. The poor waiters were working feverishly but they couldn’t in any way satisfy this group of people. They would change tables and then yell at the staff because their food wasn’t in front of them and what they did have was wrong. I really have no idea how the waiters didn’t just lose it completely and stop serving them. The head Matre’d and the asst. Maitre’d spent most of the night there trying to help out. The service we received was minimal because of this but I was not upset over this because I saw how hard the wait staff was working just to try to keep everything straight. Needless to say we requested a change in our table for the rest of the cruise. We saw our waiter from the night before when we went to breakfast and he was a lot different then. He apologized profusely about the service the night before and we kept telling him not to worry we understood what he was going thru. I really don’t know why people feel they must ABUSE the wait staff when they are on a cruise. I personally saw many times that this happened to the wait staff. These people work so hard to make sure you have a great holiday and the entire time they may not have talked to their family in months. The food in the dining room was superb. Did I try new foods on the ship, yes, did I always like it, no, but I can honestly say that the food I did order and ate was always superb. On the 22nd of Dec. we had our Cruise Critic meet and greet. They posted it in the daily program for us which I thought was really kind of neat. Kathleen from the Hostess department came to answer any questions that we had and any concerns. She was very informative with her answers and when we would see her about the ship she would always stop and talk with us. She really made us feel special. There were 3 themed nights onboard, the “Italian night” where they had you wear Red, Green and White, the 60’s, 70’s 80’s night, and the “White Night.” I just wish they would have let us know before we boarded about it so that we could have planned for it. But now that I know this I will plan on it for my next cruise. We like to play trivia on the ships and our trivia time was made extra special by the entertainment team. Steve did a fabulous job and Jose was so funny and made the trivia fun. Our ports of call were St. Marteen, San Juan, and Great Stirrup Cay. Our disembarkation was very smooth and effortless. I never had a wait of more than 4 or 5 minutes except when we were tendered to Great Stirrup Cay. They had tender boats that held 450 people so it took a few minutes to load everyone. The night of the Captains Gala my husband and I were given the honor of being invited to join the Captain for dinner. I have been on many cruises and this was the first time I had dined with the Captain. I have to say that this was the highlight of our cruise. I was seated to the left of the Captain and a friend of ours was seated to the right. After dinner my husband informed me that being seated to the direct left of the Captain was the highest honor you can be given. I am still in awe just writing about it. Our disembarkation in Miami went off without a hitch. It was one of the smoothest disembarkations I have ever been thru. Were there problems on this cruise, sure, the main one was that there were a lot of kids onboard and parents that didn’t want to control their kids but with that I must say that it was only a handful of kids that were acting up all the time. The pool deck also gets very slippery when it gets wet but there are crew up there trying to keep up with it and using a squeegee on the floors constantly, but with 1200 kids onboard it is hard to keep up. One of the problems was that the bowling alley never worked. They told us at first that a part was on order for it and that they would get it running as soon as possible. They got it working one night and the next morning we went to bowl and it wouldn’t turn on. There were many upset people over this. One of the main problems I saw on this ship was the way the cruisers treated the staff. They were rude, crude and nasty to the staff and very abusive. The crew went so far above and beyond the call of duty for everyone on the ship. A smile and a “Hello” did more for this crew then any of us will really know. Will I cruise on MSC again, Oh yeah in a heartbeat. This is one of the finest cruise lines I have ever been on. Keep up the good work MSC!!! Hope to be back on for the November 1st cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
We have just returned from the Christmas and new year back to back Caribbean cruise on the Divina. We were in the yacht club and I have to say that if we were travelling non-yacht club I would be unhappy. Boarding with the butler service ... Read More
We have just returned from the Christmas and new year back to back Caribbean cruise on the Divina. We were in the yacht club and I have to say that if we were travelling non-yacht club I would be unhappy. Boarding with the butler service was impressive as was dis embarkation incredibly quick from start to finish and only about 20 mins and straight to our stateroom. Firt impressions on were embarcation was WOW!! this is beautiful. The italian design was amazing and every time we wealked through the ship the feelin was the same. Our suite and balcony although beautiful were a little small but not a great issue. Butlers and in fact all of the staff in the yacht club area were fantastic. Theay realy took to our 18 month old grandaughter and she to them. I cannot fault the staff at all. FOOD. In the muse restaurant the food was good and the staff excellent but the desert menu was very limited and did not change at all. The main courses and starters changed daily with also a selection of constant dishes as well. The cafeteria I thought was crowded and the variety of dishes was limited also seating was hard to finf. in the yacht club area the food was good and constant and in the topsail lounge there were snacks all day and evening. DRINK in the yacht club it was all included but as soon as you leve the yacht club you have to pay, this i think needs changing. You are either Yacht club and all inclusive or you are not. I cannot see the americans putting up with that too long. first week was great but the second week there were kids all over the place running riot, this did not please us. ENTERTAINMENT. WOW!! fantastic, what amazing voices and costumes. There is a huge amount of very varied talent on the DIVINA well done in that department. PORTS OF CALL why would you schedule a stop on christmas day when virtually everything is closed? odd. On the final leg of thje journey we could not stop at great stirrups cay because of bad weather. This annoyed me quite a lot because the bridge have a far better Iidea of weather conditions and they knew that it would not be safe to tender on arrival so why go there? We had a similar incident with azamara so instead they took us to a different port where they could go alongside. I do'nt feel that they tried very hard on this ocasion. Would we go with MSC again? Probably but only yacht club. On the rest of the ship it looked over crowded and uncomfortable also expensive. They were even charging for water as passengers were disembarking.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
We just completed Christmas week on Divina. Reading prior reviews we were quite apprehensive as we are new to cruise holidays. In our opinion this was "first class" all the way. Embarking and disembarking is seamless and ... Read More
We just completed Christmas week on Divina. Reading prior reviews we were quite apprehensive as we are new to cruise holidays. In our opinion this was "first class" all the way. Embarking and disembarking is seamless and extremely efficient. From the minute you board Divina you will be impressed by the beauty of the ship and it's spotless condition., it is overwhelming. We had a cabin with a balcony, it was spacious, lots of cupboard space and the bathroom more than adequate and an excellent design. Friends had an inside balcony which was very small, for the extra cost would recommend balcony. Cabin steward Mohammed was extremely attentive to detail, there wasn't an occasion we left the room that he wasn't there refreshing towels and cleaning. Contrary to other reviews you have body wash, shampoo and face cloths in your room. As one review mentioned the only downside are smokers who disobey regulations and smoke on the balcony. This did cause some problems with allergies and although a complaint registered I think it is difficult for staff to monitor. Our food service was in Villa Rosa1st sitting. The food choices and quality was excellent. Impressed with our server who always advised on request which dishes he recommended. His choices were always perfect. I was amazed that the salmon, that was always on the menu as an alternate, was cooked to perfection. All meat served was tender and a good selection of lamb, veal, beef etc. always a vegetarian option and if you get a dish you are not happy with they will whisk it away and in seconds bring an alternate. Service excellent. Would advise buying a wine package prior to your cruise and within 7 days of travel from MSC. Those deals are not available on the ship. We purchased 10 bottles for $120, house wine and found the red excellent. The cheapest package on board was well over $200. Bar prices are reasonable. There is a 2 for 1 draft beer special in the afternoon and you can also get a selection of 4 beer for $17. There was a midnight buffet that we didn't go to but heard it was magnificent. Coffee bars, pastries, gelato and sports bar food not included in package but reasonable. Most will find that restaurant food is so good you don't need to pay extra for the other restaurants, they didn't seem well attended. Buffet was good and meets cruise expectations, very busy. This was a Christmas cruise therefore a lot of children. It was rumoured over 1000 but to be expected. For the most part kids were good but some may prefer a cruise with less children. The main pool area was always crowded. We preferred garden pool area which was quieter. There are no towels provided there which is a little inconvenient, you have to go to the other end of the ship for towels. The entertainment in the evening was unbelievable, it was Vegas style. The cirque acrobats amazing and all cast do an incredible job. Anyone you spoke to said it was the best entertainment they had ever had on a cruise. Loved the violin players who were always playing mid ship every evening, wonderful classical music. Tours ship offered were reasonable but it is easy to do your own cruise when off the ship. Our stops were St. Maarten and San Juan plus Stirrup Cay. It was raining so didn't go to Stirrup Cay, those that went didn't think it had much to offer. There were various theme nights for dress in the evenings, I had enquired about this prior to departure and told there were only 2 formal nights but this wasn't the case. It is optional but there was a white night, red, green and white night, red night and only one formal. I do feel that MSC need to enforce dress code. At 1st sitting there were always people in shorts and t-shirts, baseball caps etc. I think if you go on a cruise and wish to dress that way you should go to the buffet. Overall this was an excellent cruise and excellent value for money. PTSD only negative review would be (1) I was very surprised at the lack of hand sanitizes on the ship. With 3400 adults and 1000 children I would have expected hand sanitizes available on all staircase areas, there were none. The only place they were evident was going into a dining area. Several people were sick and I think this could have been avoided. (2) I would suggest towel service in garden pool area (3) stricter smoking regulations for balcony areas and (3) observe dress rule in dining rooms. Would definitely seek out MSC for a future cruise "Sue's cruze review" Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
Let me begin with my cruise experience which is somewhat limited. Prior to sailing on the MSC Divina I have sailed on the Carnival Destiny(now renamed I believe) and the Carnival Inspiration. With that being said my point of reference is ... Read More
Let me begin with my cruise experience which is somewhat limited. Prior to sailing on the MSC Divina I have sailed on the Carnival Destiny(now renamed I believe) and the Carnival Inspiration. With that being said my point of reference is Carnival so take that for what its worth. We booked the Divina for a few reasons. First and foremost we wanted to do a 7 night during the Thanksgiving week and most cruise lines where very expensive for this week. I discovered MSC when I found a very affordable rate and kids sail free(11 and under at time of embarkation). When I found that the MSC option was aboard a relatively new ship(launched in 2012) I became interested. I read many reviews and many were mixed. Considering we were taking my mother-in-law and daughter who either have ever been on a cruise before we figured how bad could it be and this might be a good "first cruise" for them. So we booked. Having just returned from the Thanksgiving trip things are still fresh in my mind. Here we go.... The Divina is 140,000 tons and looks and feels large. It took us a couple of days to become familiar with the layout but before long we were comfortable finding out way around. One obvious observation I made on day one was that the ship is kept immaculate. She's clean and very well maintained. I like the decor on board of all public places. Unlike my experience on the two Carnival ships, which had much whimsical m"Las Vegas" gaudy appearance, the Divina is tasteful and elegant. Our balcony cabin was comfortable even though there were four of us. I really liked the pool areas more on the Divina than the Carnvals as well. The areas just appeared more fresh and inviting than the dated look of Carnival. Food was better to me than what I expected from reading the many reviews. I ate at both the buffets and the two main dining rooms. The Buffets I found no problem finding things I liked. When they say MSC has the beswt pizza at sea they arent lying. I'm from Long Island originally and I know good Pizza and they could sell Pizza in NY and survive. As I mentioned we ate at both the Villa Rossa and The Black Crab restaurants. The Menu's are the same for each night. While the Villa Rossa has better daytime views due to it being at the stern of the ship, at night they close the drapes so you cannot see out anyway. I found the Black Crab decor and furniture more appealing and interesting. The dining experience aboard is somewhat different than what we're used to. They are in no hurry to rush you through dinner(or lunch). They serve each course separate and most meals will take an hour or more. Initially things like water fills or bread offerings were slow but things improved as our cruise went on. I found most selections were good. The only dish I didnt enjoy was a steak on the final night that was average at best but all other dishes were excellent including Thanksgiving night where I had the Turkey dish as well as the Lobster tail dish. Both where excellent. Overall I found the main dining room food to be on par with Carnival but the Buffet to be better than carnival. The shows each night were excellent. Very professional dancers, singers and one comedian who is Las Vegas caliber. Our favorite was the Michael Jackson tribute. Least favorite was the Frank Sinatra tribute. The Pantheone Theater is awesome! Holds something like 1600 guests and has superb sound quality. Biggest complaint I had on board was in the Sports Bar. First there was the bar tender who was from eastern Europe and a very dry "all business" attitude. I walk in on Sunday expecting NFL football on the many big screen TVs only to find two different soccer games playing. Many guests including my self were dumbfounded. The excuse we were given was there was a satellite issue. I said "Your Satellite receiver seems to pick up the soccer just fine!". Things got a little better for MNF where they got the game to display but couldnt figure out the whole Sound concept so we couldn't hear anything. Good news is for Thanksgiving we got all three games thankfully and Sound! There are many many nice bars around the ship. One ship favorite was the Golden Jazz bar with the Dueling pianos. The two pianist/singers kept it a full house every night. We purchased two 15-pack drink packages for the week and 30 cocktails between three adults were enough for us. We are glad we didnt buy the daily unlimited drink package as we saved alot going the way we did. I found the cocktails to be very enjoyable. Apparently MSC uses Israeli security(the best in the business) on-board the ship and I had complete confidence we were in good hands on board. Never did I see much presence or intrusiveness but we knew Security was assured. Our port of calls were St Marteen, San Juan and Great Stirrup Cay. St. Marteen wasnt as grand as I hoped. We booked our excursion through MSC and it was well organized but the Kayak/Snorkeling was "Fair". Now that I got a taste of St. Marteen I dont have a desire to return. At least not to the area we visited. Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is awesome! We walked Old San Juan and the El Mirro fort. AWESOME!!! Next visit to P.R. I was to see the Rain forest! Unfortunately for us we didnt get to go to Great Stirrup Cay as the winds were to great to safely tender onto the island. :-( Overall an enjoyable cruise on a very nice ship. While I wouldnt hesitate sailing on MSC again in the future, my next cruise will be aboard the Oasis or Allure of the Seas with R.C. as we must experience those ships. For anyone looking for an affordable vacation with an Italian/European taste try MSC with an open mind. You might be pleasantly surprised. Craig Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
We are a family of four husband and wife and two adult children, we choose the Divina Yacht Club, since we have been on MSC once before in Europe. We flew in to Fort Lauderdale since we had originally had booked two balconies on the ... Read More
We are a family of four husband and wife and two adult children, we choose the Divina Yacht Club, since we have been on MSC once before in Europe. We flew in to Fort Lauderdale since we had originally had booked two balconies on the Oasis, we felt the two YC for similar price was a better choice for us. Our family drove down to Miami in a rental car, the YC check in was a tent and you were escorted to the VIP Lounge for check in ( the same lounge RCCL uses). Around 12:30 the ship was cleared and we escorted by family groups. Our rooms were 16027 and 16029 which were ready and well appointed , our butler Harrison was waiting for us. The suite is not the biggest suite but very comfortable, large couch, walk in closet, and a marble bathroom. The mini bar is well stocked. The bed is one of the most comfortable beds. There was limited tv channels, CNN, and HLN and football games were available on ESPN. We ate lunch at the Le Muse , it was a great lunch, with an excellent waiter. The Le Muse includes house wines and sodas. The ship is beautiful and clean. We had lunch at the Buffet which was large and seem to have plenty of choices, always able to find a seat. The only thing we missed is way to walk around the outside of the ship, like the RCCl Ships Muster drills were inside and painless, The Sail away was late at 7pm and beautiful. Dinner was wonderful in the Le Muse and we attended the show which was great, although I do miss live music. In the am , my daughter reported the gym was busy and she could not get a machine around 8 am. We also saw land an announcement was made there was a medical emergency. As a whole announcements were very few ( which we like). The low key atmosphere was enjoying by the family. My son found the F1 racer and he and my husband enjoyed racing each other. After two glorious sea days we arrived at Saint Martin, which turned out to be so crowded. We went to Maho Beach saw a 747 land. The beach was too crowded to be enjoyed. The next stop was San Juan were we did some shopping. We had wonderful weather. The stop at the private island was cancelled due to weather and had another sea day. Thanksgiving dinner there was a turkey dinner, which was appreciated but not a typical American turkey dinner, the lobster was juicy and wonder though. There was fresh Pizza delivered upon request to YC which was wonderful. The YC has a Top Sail Lounge which had American finger foods such as sliders. Overall we had an excellent cruises, we will do MSC again, we appreciated the low key approach to cruising and great service We never had a photo taken during dinner or at the ports. The ship was spotless and the crew seemed happy. The shows were well attended and the theater was beautiful. I did miss live music in the shows. We took the ship's paid shuttle back to the airport which was quick and efficient. The shopping on board is the usual items seem on all cruise ships. Disembarkation was one of the worst due to customs Good points::The YC The cleanliness of the ship The Beauty of ship The low key atmosphere the Shows Internet was slow but nor painful Casino Areas for improvement: Better Passenger flow Long painful waits for elevator Overall great family cruise, it had the elegance of Celebrity Cruise but had appeal for the whole family, Unlike Celebrity which the ship closed down at 8pm there was plenty to do after the show.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
I was hesitant to write a review after reading some of the comments in these threads- but since I think I have a unique perspective, here it goes: This is my 6th cruise, 1st on MSC. I traveled with my spouse, our 2 children (3 and 10 yrs ... Read More
I was hesitant to write a review after reading some of the comments in these threads- but since I think I have a unique perspective, here it goes: This is my 6th cruise, 1st on MSC. I traveled with my spouse, our 2 children (3 and 10 yrs old) and my in-laws. Overall I liked this cruise. The entertainment was good, the food was mostly very good (especially if you like seafood, but don't order the steak) cabin was pretty much as I expected and the kids' clubs were excellent. I blame my TA (or MSC for not educating the major TAs?) for not informing me of/ allowing me to take advantage pre booking restaurants/drink packages (now I know better). I am disappointed that our stop to Stirrup Cay was cancelled - 5 days at sea out of a 7 day cruise are one or two too many. a number of things I'd like to see improvement on: consistency of schedules/procedure between what is on line/in print/ on the interactive TV's/ in the announcements (when to have your bags out/ when to be out of your cabin/ etc) getting on/off the ship at ports could be a little faster (the barcode scanners seem to take longer than on other ships) 4 ports of call on a 7 day cruise seems to me about optimal why not load the drink packages on the cards vs. paper coupons? just one more thing to carry around/get lost more flat rate (and less expensive) options in the specialty restaurants - they always seemed empty which is nice that no reservations were needed but I can't help but think that if was $20/per person vs. a la carte they'd be more popular electronic check in/out of kids to the kids' clubs Please Please don't mess with: The Gelato/sweets - excellent and for between 75 cents and $2.00 for a nice portion is PERFECT The coffee - excellent espresso, espresso drinks. Again a small charge - Bartenders that know how to pull a beer, make café coretto I found MSC to be very nice. Celebrity was better for dining experiences, Disney wrote the book on logistics and Kids' Clubs - overall I'd say nicer than Carnival and RCI- definitely worth a try. A piece of advice for Americans who have never traveled abroad (independently/ not on a cruise) MSC's culture feels European, like being at a resort in Sorrento or the Amalfi coast - neither good or bad - but different - read the first couple of chapters of one of Rick Steves' guide books to get in a temporary European frame of mind. Special kudo's to the staff at the Kid's Club for getting our deck phone reprogramed - makes much more sense that can dial to/from cabin. (When a concern was raised - they FIXED it- an accommodating attitude I found all over the ship- all one needed to do was ask for assistance and things got done) Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
MSC Divina Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.5 3.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.4
Enrichment 1.0 3.2
Service 4.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 5.0 3.7

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