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2 MSC Cruises MSC Divina Cruise Reviews for Gay & Lesbian Cruises to Caribbean - Southern

MSC---Not ready for prime time. October 11, 2014 On October 4, 2014, we checked into what was supposed to be the exclusive "Yacht Club," a ship within a ship. Butlers escorted us from the street to a private room while waiting ... Read More
MSC---Not ready for prime time. October 11, 2014 On October 4, 2014, we checked into what was supposed to be the exclusive "Yacht Club," a ship within a ship. Butlers escorted us from the street to a private room while waiting to board the MSC Divina. What MSC did not inform us was the procedure upon arrival as to what to do and where. Consequently, we checked our baggage with the longshoreman, tipped him, only to be told that we needed to check our baggage directly with the "butlers." So, we retrieved our luggage from the man we had just tipped, now for nothing, drug our luggage to a white tent where it was taken over by the butler team. After a wait, we were taken up to our Yacht Club 2 level suite and settled in. We unpacked, fairly please with a two room accommodation, with a bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi tub and nice size. The view was great as it looked out over the bow of the ship. Where the ship was headed, we could see. As always, I was very tired from the plane trip as my back goes into a total uproar, and I laid down to sleep for an hour or so. As it got later in the afternoon, and closer to the mandatory lifeboat drill, we dressed in the bedroom, grabbed our life jackets and headed out. Once it was over, we returned to the suite and changed for dinner. As I walked barefoot to the bathroom, I stepped on the carpet outside the bathroom and had water envelope and cover my toes. The carpet was drenched. I called our "exclusive" concierge and was told someone would respond at once. When they did, we found out that MSC was already aware of the problem as it had occurred on the previous cruise. The sealant around the tub and shower and disintegrated, allowing water to flow freely out of the bathroom and onto the carpet. As I looked closer at the carpet, I could see salt stains from previous flooding and I counted three, plus the new one. While we were at dinner, they dry vac'd the water and set up this massive machine that blew wind around so strong, I'm surprised our full wall-sized glass that allowed us to look out at the world managed to stay in place. It was then that I smelled what was a putrid smell of wet carpet. It permeated everything. We should have never been put into this suite in the first place. The Ship's hotel department offered to move us to a downgraded suite, but due to a language problem, it was not made clear whether or not we would be refunded the difference between the second level suite and the one down from that. We stayed the night in the room. The next morning, the stench from the carpet was too much. After being told that we would have to vacate the suite for repairs to be made, I contacted the hotel department and told them that we'd take the one room suite that was no different than any other balcony cabin on any other ship. I began to pack only to be told that the butlers would take care of all of that. I watched as three men came in a began to pack our bags that had been unpacked the night before. I was told they would take care of everything and to follow the head butler to our new suite, the aforementioned ordinary balcony cabin. The baggage arrived, and we insisted on unpacking and placing things where we wanted them. When we had finished, we realized, we were missing clothes. I called and informed the Ship that not all of our clothes made it. Twenty minutes later, four more long sleeve shirts arrived from the previous suite on Deck 12 to our new deck, deck 15. As we looked the clothes over, we noticed that we were still missing one Brooks Brothers Tuxedo Shirt, valued at $129 when I purchased it, now selling for $135. We were also missing one pair of Tuxedo suspenders, valued at $35 off the rack. I informed them once again. This time, no one came up with anything. I gave them anther day to find the missing items, which they did not. I then informed the hotel department, that either the clothing had been stolen or lost. I met with the head of that department and was told that a search of my new cabin would have to be undertaken as part of the search. While uncomfortable with the idea, I readily agreed. Shortly thereafter, a knock on my door, revealed FIVE (5) security people, including a ship's officer, the head butler, and three suited security types complete with ear plugs. I was then questioned like a common criminal about the shirt and suspenders. What brand was the shirt, when did I see it, was it in the ships laundry, etc. One even got on his hands and knees and looked under our bed! All of our things were gone through by these paragons of security acuteness. I was then told the crew would be questioned, and other things. Let there be no mistake about it; as many searches as I've done as law enforcement, my cabin was treated as if it was being raided for drugs, and I was a smuggler. But surely this crack security team found my items.....eh, no. Not only did they not find my missing clothing items, no one ever got back to me about the results. I heard ZERO from MSC Divina. To this day, I do not know what they found out, who they talked to or what happened to my missing clothes. I do know that we were not compensated for being put into a suite that MSC knew was not fit for guests, the hassle of moving three decks, nor for the missing clothing valued at $164. Finally, there is NO excuse for the way I was treated by the security staff, none whatsoever. If they think that a man with a distinguished law enforcement career behind him would try and scam any ship over a tuxedo shirt and suspenders, they are deluded. Will I ever sail with MSC again? Hell no! I also do not recommend to my friends and readers that they book with them either.(I am a well published author of books, and translated in 5 languages) There are much finer cruise lines who know how to treat a guest, and unless given probable cause, that does not include treating said guest as if he were a drug smuggler! Oh, still searching for the refund of the difference between the two grades of cabins. Finally, I really wanted to like this ship and this cruise. They have a lot of good things going for them, such as the Yacht Club, butlers, free alcohol, etc. But all that was ruined by their treatment of me as an individual. Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
We were booked into the Yacht Club, so perhaps this is not the typical feedback. In every way, from the embarkation to the disembarkation, we were treated like royalty - having our own butler, passing around long queues, and enjoying many ... Read More
We were booked into the Yacht Club, so perhaps this is not the typical feedback. In every way, from the embarkation to the disembarkation, we were treated like royalty - having our own butler, passing around long queues, and enjoying many perks. The accommodations were not extravagant, but who spends time in his room on a cruise? The pillows (from which there were many to choose) and bed were extremely comfortable, and the complimentary breakfast served to us on our balcony was always delicious and on time. The most remarkable memory we had was the 5-star restaurant exclusively for the Yacht Club (where even the wine is served without charge). The meals were utterly fantastic and served with flair. We were never hurried, yet the various courses always appeared exactly on time as if we were the only patrons in the restaurant. Always ask for Gian Marco as your waiter. He is nothing less than a magician. We have never had such service! This was the only cruise we have taken that we weren't constantly bombarded with promotions. On the next cruise we took (on a different cruise line) we were pestered by sales pitches on the PA system from the various boutiques on board to buying photographs which were snapped in your face on the way out of a restaurant to special classes you could take for extra charge. For the Yacht Club members, everything was included including simple alcoholic beverages at certain bars on the ship. Out of all the ship's staff we encountered, only one treated us in a non-professional manner. Soon after we reported the incident to the concierge, we were visited by an Italian MSC executive and his American counterpart who happened to be on board. They offered profound apologies, and assurances that this would never happen again. I sometimes think the Italian man may have had his Uncle Vito "take care" of the offending employee (lol), but while I'm sure this was not the case, we were impressed how thoroughly and seriously they took action to rectify any unpleasant situation. Such details as the quality of merchandise in their gift shop was not unnoticed. As inexpensive mementos for each cruise we take, we always buy a double deck of playing cards and a model of the ship for display on our living room bookshelf. The next cruise line we used (mentioned earlier) had only chintzy single-deck playing cards and a model ship suitable for a bathtub toy, while the products bought on the Divina were of professional quality and worthy of being on display. Needless to say, we have raved about the wonderful experience we had to all our friends. We have nothing but the highest praise for MSC, their beautiful ship Divina, and their wonderful staff. We have no way of knowing if we got special treatment as a result of being in the Yacht Club, but if you can book your room on these special decks, DO IT. The only downside to our cruise was that we were hopelessly spoiled and set up for disappointment when cruising other lines. There is simply no comparison. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
MSC Divina Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.5 3.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 1.0 N/A
Service 4.0 3.6
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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