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We booked a concierge level stateroom with the O-Life package including 5 tours. Air arrangements made by Oceania got us into Montreal late in the day. The cruise was supposed to start in Montreal but due to high river levels making ... Read More
We booked a concierge level stateroom with the O-Life package including 5 tours. Air arrangements made by Oceania got us into Montreal late in the day. The cruise was supposed to start in Montreal but due to high river levels making passage under bridges difficult, we had to be transported to second port of call in Trois Rivieres to embark. Oceania's arrangements for transfers to the ship were abysmal. We had to wait, standing around for two hours before a bus arrived to take us to the ship and no refreshments, even water, were provided in the waiting location or on the bus. The staff handling the transfer at the airport were poorly informed regarding where buses were and what arrangements would be made for dining when we arrived at the ship after the dining venues were scheduled to close. Fortunately, buffet was kept open late to handle the many late arrivals. Our stateroom bathroom was not cleaned well when we arrived -- unclean glasses and residue on shelves in stateroom. Stateroom staff was quick to remedy problems, and were generally responsive throughout the cruise after that. The stateroom was what we expected and in good condition. Bed and linens were quite comfortable. Room was quiet. Food was, in general, quite good. Comparable or better than Crystal. We found the food and service at specialty restaurants Jacques and Red Ginger to be excellent and better than specialty restaurants on Crystal, but food and service at both Polo Grill and Toscana were major disappointments. Food at Terrace buffet and Waves grill was quite good and service and quality of coffee offerings at Baristas was great. Lectures were distinctly inferior in quality and number to Crystal offerings on the cruises we have taken with that line. Exercise classes also were more limited and the exercise instructors were a clear step below Crystal exercise classes and instructors. Most tours were excellent, although the overview tour of Dublin was uninformative and generally disappointing. Read Less
Sail Date May 2018
We chose this for our first ocean cruise experience. the ship accommodations were wonderful and the ship staff were very personal and a joy to interact with. the dining exceeded our expectations.the shore excursions were very fun and ... Read More
We chose this for our first ocean cruise experience. the ship accommodations were wonderful and the ship staff were very personal and a joy to interact with. the dining exceeded our expectations.the shore excursions were very fun and the guides were wonderful. the only hiccup was the disembarkation in New York City was an ordeal in getting to hotel in Times Square which is location in the city I will not stay at in future due to congestion and traffic.The entertainment was relatively basic and the staff were very pleasant and fun to be around. Our housekeeper was one of the nicest we ever experienced as well the dining room staff . We had a wonderful trip and the Viking ship and crew were beyond our expectations. my wife and I just like to be more active in our trips and felt we are still a little too active for the cruise experience as we like more active walking tours. Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
Traveling is my passion, but my dream vacation with Regent Cruses turned into a nightmare. If you are thinking about cruising with Regent you need to read about the series of unfortunate events that happened to me on my trip aboard the ... Read More
Traveling is my passion, but my dream vacation with Regent Cruses turned into a nightmare. If you are thinking about cruising with Regent you need to read about the series of unfortunate events that happened to me on my trip aboard the S.S. Mariner that began with our not having heat in our cabin, suite 735, for the first four days of the cruise, and culminated with my sister and I developing severely chapped skin, and me developing bronchitis and a fractured ankle. The trip was Regent Seven Seas Cruises headquartered at 7665 Corporate Center Drive, Miami, Florida 33126. Our cruise was from Montreal to Miami from October 21, 2016 through November 4, 2016. We boarded the S.S. Mariner in Montreal in the afternoon of October 21, 2016. It was a sunny day in the 50s. Although it was a bit cool in our cabin, we did not think much of it and dressed warmly for dinner. The next morning we were quite cold when we awoke. It was October 22nd and it was in the 40s where we were in Quebec City. We turned up the control on the suite heating system. When it remained cold during the day we thought possibly we were not operating the system properly. We asked our Steward to come show us how to increase the heat in our room. He did, and we had all the red lights lit for maximum heat that night. We went to bed convinced that it would be better by morning. By the next day, October 23rd we were at sea all day, and our room clearly had no heat whatsoever. It was a very dry cold. I went to the boutique and bought a $3 tube of Chap Stick for my chapping lips. We notified the Steward that we had “no heat”. The Steward said he would report it. After no one came we phoned Reception. Then after no one came we reported to the Concierge. Meanwhile we re-reported to our Steward and our housekeeper. By late in the day we were phoning Reception, the Concierge, the Steward, our housekeeper, and a waiter more times than we could count. That night we slept in our clothes. I wore a silk long sleeved turtle neck thermos top with a fleece jacket, stretch pants, and socks. By morning I woke up with a very sore throat, cough and a cold. We both had chapped skin as well. I went to the salon to try to get a gentle moisturizer. Even eye cream, the gentlest cream we had, would make our skin sting. The skin expert was not available, but the man at the counter suggested something. Because it cost $186 (a lot of money to me) I decided to wait and talk to the skin expert. The next day we repeated our efforts to try to get someone to the room. By then it was October 24th, and we were in Sydney, Nova Scotia where the temperature was in the low 40s. I was in bed with my cold all day. Still, I frequently called Reception, Concierge, and 8888 (the number for room service and the Steward). It was always difficult to know if whoever we were talking to understood because their English was not very good. I happen to speak English, Spanish, Italian and Russian so I could communicate with those crew members, but most were from other places. I tried to keep the message simple “no heat in our cabin”, but still no one came. In the afternoon, a nice man from Bulgaria showed up to fix our balcony door. Obviously we were misunderstood by someone we reported our problem to. Somehow someone we called thought that cold air was coming in our room because of a broken balcony door. The door was fine. The man’s English was quite good so we again explained to him our dilemma. He understood. He was quite tall, and he put his hand up to the vent on the ceiling, and said “yes there is not any heat in this cabin.” He also said he would try to get help from an appropriate repair person. A young boy came who after tinkering with the control got in the ceiling in the closet to make repairs. His English was quite poor. When he left we weren’t sure if it was repaired or not. But we gave it some time to get warmer. Thankfully, very gradually it began to become warmer in our room. On October 25th we were in Halifax, Nova Scotia where the temperature was in the upper 30s. Our room was still chilled, but some heat was coming through. It was never actually warm during the next week. It wasn’t truly warm until we were in South Florida, but at least it was not near freezing anymore. Still, by that time we were physically experiencing the consequences of four days without heat. Hypoallergenic eye cream still stung our skin. The dry cold had made our skin everywhere, including our scalp, red and sore. On October 25th, I went back to the Canyon Ranch salon, and talked with the skin expert, Joanna. Joanna suggested the $186 jar of skin cream. I sampled it, and it too stung my skin. She said: “This is the gentlest moisturizer we have. Madam, your skin is severely damaged.” During the next week our skin flaked off (everywhere including in our hair). Our skin did not stop flaking until after our return to south Florida in early November. Meanwhile, my cold and cough worsened. When I saw my pulmonologist after returning, he explained to me that the cold temperature of the air going into my lungs created an accumulation of mucus. The accumulated mucus attracted bacteria, and that made it inevitable that I would develop bronchitis. On the evening of October 26th while we were cruising to Portland, Maine, I went to the ship’s doctor. They immediately handed me a mask because of my cough. He performed an influenza test and a CBC blood test. I had a 100 degree fever, bad cough, and was given an antibiotic, cough medicine, and masks for both myself and my sister to wear. I returned to the cabin and spent the next several days in bed. The next day, October 27th, I phoned my doctor, and she suggested that the ship’s doctor give me enough antibiotics for the remainder of the trip (10 days). I returned that evening, and he did. On October 29th we arrived in Manhattan. Before the cruise my boyfriend had purchased tickets to “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Broadway Theatre. The tickets cost $314. Beginning on October 26th we contacted the Concierge to help us sell the tickets because I felt I would not be able to go. I gave her all the details of the tickets, and was even willing to sell them at a loss. She told me no one asked for tickets. When the tickets didn’t sell, I slept all day, bundled up, and went to the theater with my sister. During the play I was coughing so badly that I got up to go to the lobby. I fell, and later learned I fractured my right ankle. My sister and another person in the audience took me to the lobby where I raised my foot and put ice on it. My sister ran to a drug store to get a wrap for it to help me make it back to the ship. We did make it back with me holding on to my sister and hopping on my left leg, and the added help of a very cooperative taxi driver. When we boarded the ship we did not receive any help whatsoever from the crew. The next day, October 30th, I phoned for someone to bring a wheel chair to take me to the ship’s doctor. I returned to the ship’s doctor who again handed me a mask because of my bad cough. His x-ray equipment appeared to be malfunctioning. He gave me an injection of something (he never told me what), gave me some sample packets of ibuprofen for the pain, gave me an additional bandage for compression and support on my ankle, and told me to see an orthopedist as soon as I got home. I figured I would find out what the injection was when I received the “Medical Services Bill”, but a bill never arrived. They did let me borrow the wheel chair which I found easy to maneuver. Between the wheel chair, holding on to things, and hopping on my left leg I was able to function. I did try going to dinner one night because we had reservations at the Prime 7. Having my leg down for that long proved to be too painful. Incidentally, because I was on antibiotics I wanted water to stay hydrated. People’s wine glasses were filled several times, on this all-inclusive cruise, to each time I managed to get water. When they came I tried to tell them that I needed a lot of water, but again I think the language barrier got in the way. Therefore, I chose to stay in my room with my leg elevated and order room service for the remainder of the trip. On November 4th in Miami we woke up early ready to disembark. Several days earlier I had arranged for someone to assist us in disembarking since I was confined to the wheel chair and my sister would be handling both carry-on bags. I reconfirmed our arrangements on November 3rd , the day before disembarking. Whoever I spoke with on the phone told us that someone would be picking us up at 8:30 a.m. I questioned them because our instructions were to be out of our room by 8:00 a.m., and she assured me that 8:30 would not be any problem. No one came. At 9:00 we called 8888 or Reception. They said they were running behind. At 9:30 we phoned again, and they indicated someone would come. Around then we started phoning every 15 minutes. When it was nearly 11:00 we got a call saying “Madam, why have you not left your room?” Apparently we had been forgotten! All our phone calls asking to be picked up were ineffective and ignored. Apparently when you report any sort of a problem it is ignored! Finally, someone came. By then the ship was absolutely empty. No cabs were available because the disembark time was over. The person at the taxi stand did phone for a cab, and 10 minutes later we actually got one. My sister drove me back to Fort Myers where I had prearranged for an electric scooter chair to be delivered to my home, and I had a doctor’s appointment at 3:00 p.m. that I was able to drive to on my scooter chair. Although I had been on antibiotics for 10 days my bronchitis was severe. They decided to call an ambulance and take me to Gulf Coast Hospital. In the hospital they gave me a breathing treatment, and performed several other tests and X-rays. They determined I had severe bronchitis and a fractured right ankle. I was given three prescriptions for my bronchitis including another antibiotic for another 10 days, a steroid, an inhaler, and an orthopedic boot for my fractured ankle. I am now receiving follow-up care from my primary care doctor, a pulmonologist, and an orthopedist. The orthopedist said that although I have the most painful sort of fracture, my ankle should heal completely with possible physical therapy in around 12 weeks. It appears their crew truly doesn't speak English, and they are programed to perform certain duties such as to smile and fill a wine glass, but if you have any problem major (no heat) or minor (needing help disembarking or getting water at dinner) you are out of luck and destined to be extremely disappointed. Incidentally, Medicare does not cover injuries outside the US. My medical bills have exceeded the cost of my trip! Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
We are a professional, active young 50ish couple and wanted to enjoy Canada and visit several cities without repacking every day, and this cruise itinerary filled the bill nicely beginning in Montreal and ending in Boston. We stayed 2 ... Read More
We are a professional, active young 50ish couple and wanted to enjoy Canada and visit several cities without repacking every day, and this cruise itinerary filled the bill nicely beginning in Montreal and ending in Boston. We stayed 2 nights pre-cruise at the lovely Auberge Bonaparte in old Montreal in the shadow of the Notre Dame. Quaint with a wonderful breakfast in a great location for exploring the old city of Montreal. Highly recommend. Embarkation was a breeze on Holland America. We arrived ~ 11:30 a.m., our room was ready & our luggage was delivered quite promptly without any trouble. Alcohol: We purchased the $100 beverage card online for $95.00 prior to sailing to use for happy hours. We carried 5 bottles of wine onboard without any issues as HAL allows wine to be brought onboard by guests. This worked just fine for us. Cabin: We booked an oceanview cabin #323 which is located starboard on the Promenade Deck (6) just 1 door away from the exit to the deck. This proved to be a great location for us, we walked our laps every day & felt the fresh air whenever we wanted with a great view as well. No need to have a verandah cabin on the North Atlantic as the wind was too brisk and too cool most of the time, so this was a great compromise. (I also wanted to avoid balcony smokers.) Our room steward was excellent, I loved the convenience of the Elemis spa products in the BATHTUB and our closets were huge. Luggage fits under the beds & the singlemost important cabin item to pack is a SURGE protector which provided the necessary outlets for iPads, iPhones, etc. I also took a small coffee cup warmer which was nice. Food & Dining Experience: We only ate in the Lido upon arriving on the ship for lunch and the staff was serving the food during the first 48 hours due to avoiding the spread of hand to hand contact illness, which suited me just fine. I hate buffets and we never went back up there, so I can't comment on the quality or quantity at the Lido. However, the room service breakfast each morning that was delivered to our cabin was great. Fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, scrambled eggs, bacon, juice, toast/muffins, and a pot of coffee delivered between 7-7:30 so that we could get ready for our day was GREAT! Loved it. And this is why I call it a vacation! No hopping up to get anything in a line! We booked reservations for the Pinnacle Grill for the evening at sea and it was by far, the best meal on the trip. The filet mignon was perfect, the wine was lovely, and a special birthday dessert was presented with flair. A lovely dining experience. Definitely book ahead & enjoy this or the Cirque experience. We were invited for the Mariner's Lunch, which was a nice little touch that we enjoyed. Rotterdam Dining Room- We thought we had open dining, but discovered we were scheduled to eat at 5:45 at a table for 4. No one else ever showed up to join us at our assigned table, so after 2 nights of dining alone, we went downstairs and joined a lively table of 8 and had a nice evening while meeting and talking with others "willing to share", so I really like the way HAL handles this situation with some flexibility. If you prefer a table for 2, certainly its available, but if you would like to join others, it's an easy option. Food was varied as I tried to order different choices. I did think the soups were very creamy & the desserts very rich (of course) Most meals were very good. Especially since it required no effort on my part! Entertainment: We really enjoyed the comedian onboard and watched his show both at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. He was good. The singers were better as the week went on, I thought, as the country show was a little lackluster. I enjoyed their Broadway show and the tenor was the best. We missed 1 evening of showtime, but all in all, we felt entertained. Around the Ship: The Culinary demonstration was very well done & my husband attended a photography workshop. We saw 2 movies & played bingo twice. We enjoyed the onboard trivia teams & went to the Crows Nest for the Karaoke night. The Ocean Bar had a lively ballroom dance band and I went to the art auction. We loved the personal Black and White Photography Session with Jadine and was really surprised at the level of professional service with the photos. We did not use the thermal suite after touring the spa, which I usually do on cruises, but my concern was that since it was so small, (only 5 heated tables) it might be very crowded and I didn't want to be frustrated or disappointed if not available when I arrived. The only spa appointment that was available when I called was at 6:30 in the evening. Our Cruise Director, Anthony was excellent. Shore Excursions: We booked all our day trips independently and had a fabulous time. We shared a taxi in Halifax with a couple from the rollcall here on CruiseCritic.com and went to the Titantic gravesite and Peggy's Cove. Capt. John's Lulu Lobster Boat in Bar Harbor, Maine was excellent as well. The only issue on the day of the tender, HAL shows a definite preference for guests that are booked on their shore excursions by letting them tender to shore before anyone else. That was a bit frustrating, but it was fine as we ended up with plenty of time to get to the boat. We rented bikes and rode to Montmorency Falls outside of Quebec City and I think we had a much better day that those stuck on the tour bus from the ship. The old city was fabulous & easy to explore on our own Sydney was a disappointing port. Really the best thing was free wi-fi in little coffee shop. We strolled the town, went to the park & had lunch on the ship in the dining room. Unfortunately, we missed the prized port of Charlottetown due to high winds & crazy weather. This was the biggest disappointment of the trip. HAL offered us a glass of champagne & a refund of our 11.00 port charge. NOT ENOUGH. Overall, the Maasdam is a very quietly refined ship, nothing flashy or showy here. She could probably use a little spruce up in some areas, but I loved the trip, enjoyed the ports and felt very relaxed and well cared for by the staff. Would travel with HAL in the future. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
We chose the Maasdam because this is the only cruise line servicing Montreal to Boston. According to our travel agent Holland was a top notch luxury cruise line. I hope you will read my entire review because I am trying to be fair but ... Read More
We chose the Maasdam because this is the only cruise line servicing Montreal to Boston. According to our travel agent Holland was a top notch luxury cruise line. I hope you will read my entire review because I am trying to be fair but that could hardly have been farther from the truth. Upon arrival we could see this is a small ship, built in 1993, which is a bit old and it showed with cracks and crevices running along the length of the ship. The passengers average 65 and up. Younger than us but we expected it. Definitely not for kids. The itinerary wouldn't have suited children either. Embarkation was fine. At times we were held up by a few wheel chairs, but we expected it and most people made light of the delays. We were surprised nobody offered hand sanitizer as we boarded, which we have seen on every other cruise with all the problems with the Norovirus. We immediately went up to the buffet. Very charming. Seating was abundant. The food was delicious, maybe a bit bland, which catered to the crowd. We were never hungry!  The mueslix was better than average. The dining room was beautiful for an older ship. I have to say this was the one bright spot on the ship. Lots of windows and views from all around. Althought this was a very bumpy cruise and the crew did a good job keeping dishes on the tables. Another problem with an older ship-lacking stabilizers. We don't get sea sick so it didn't bother us. The entertainment was good one night which is the same for every cruise we've ever been on. The magic show was very good. If he's on the next cruise we highly recommend seeing him. After that it was the cruise director and cruise music show which seemed to attract average crowds, although several people agreed the theater was bit warm. The staff in general was okay. Nothing like we've seen on other cruises. There seemed to be a bit of a moral problem on this cruise. Never seen that before. We asked a couple of crew members how long they had been on the ship and they told us that some of the people just came from Carnival. That explained a lot. The library was very good with lots of books and an audio program I loved. Unfortunately it was a bit noisy. The worst part of our cruise was our cabin, which I will get into in the next section of my review. The second worst part of the cruise was the weather. It rained the entire time, which we understand is normal for that region. That didn't discourage us from getting off the ship and walking around. We were not terribly dissapointed but overall I would say this cruise was less than what we expected. If you have an opportunity to choose this cruise or an Alaskan cruise, by all means do the Alaskan cruise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009

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