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29 Miami Celebrity Reflection Cruise Reviews

We decided to try this cruiseline based on previous comments as we had always taken Holland America, thus our comparison. The very first thing I noticed is that none of the staff treated you as though you were important. It was as though ... Read More
We decided to try this cruiseline based on previous comments as we had always taken Holland America, thus our comparison. The very first thing I noticed is that none of the staff treated you as though you were important. It was as though you were in their way, they were in a hurry to go nowhere and you were obstructing their path. • Was told by staff in Opus and Seaview Café to give all 10’s on the review • Was told by Crew Director several days to obtain staff names and write them down • Was told three days before cruise ended that the end of the cruise was near and reminded each day thereafter. • Seaview Café issues: o Smoked salmon not kept cold/cool – poorly presented. o Like an anthill with honey on it with people trying to get to food – improved layout would assist with this. o Lack of busing tables – often food/dirty tables were left for long periods o Staff wondering around not helping. o Never offered anything to drink with lunch/dinner such as iced tea /water. o Silverware had to search for it o Salad bar – different veggies on each side o Often food was mixed such as gluten foods in non gluten foods. Probably by children. o Counters not cleaned between pots. o Eggs often not cooked and partially raw o Bacon often not cooked well, still raw o Poached eggs cooked in advance with yellows like boiled eggs o Often no one at the gluten free stations or other stations o No presentation of foods, just in pots cooked in or appeared that way o Often milk or milk products were warm, never found it cold o No cream offered for coffee o Coffee often cool/cold o No fresh berries offered at any meals (Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries etc) o Frozen berries offered that were smashed had no flavor at all and often rotten taste. o Saw seafood meal with rice offered at lunch and dinner for more than 4 hours o Food stations often changed locations so difficult to find items searched for previous meal or time of day. o Lack of seasoning of any kind for most foods although the Indian foods were better than other offerings. o Side dishes and type of meat did not go together. Cooked veggies need to be together. o Serving spoons often missing from dishes that should have had them replaced with grabbers which made it almost impossible to pick up items such as sweet potatoes, blood sausage, cooked veggies and chips…. o Fresh fruit very large pieces that had to be cut generally at least 4 times for bite size. Fresh fruit often not ripe or the parts closest to the core or the skin was used. o Soup was void of the product that it was named such as split pea. It looks green but no split peas appeared to be in the soup, same for gumbo. o Needed more vegetable options instead of all carbohydrates. o Cheese – white variety tasted spoiled. o Salmon Salad with mayo – very fishy smell. o Food being delivered to hot stations without any type of coverings from distances of more than 50 feet. o Food appeared and tasted as if poured from cans without any spices of any type. o Hams not fully cooked and very tough. o Serving ware on occasions was dirty. Other plates were so hot you could not hold them. o A lot of staff making multiple trips to the serving bars but not making good use of the trips often only carrying one item. o Appeared there was no working together of the teams in this area. o Very poor management and planning o Big windows for view and outdoor dining was a nice option. o Dining option for smokers would have been nice o Gluten free bread was very good. o Assembled sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, chips would be a good lunch offering in this venue. o Cheese plates were void o Grill areas did not indicate what was being offered nor what could be ordered. o Soft Serve Ice Cream should have been available to the customers without staff assistance similar to 15th floor service. o Salad greens had unusual taste, similar to that of end of season or over grown taste. o Dessert offerings were nice looking but the last day they took the best and held till that day. Each needed title such as egg custard, chocolate cake etc. • Opus Dining Room o Great friendly ladies working at front entry. o Gluten free options were nice. o Etiquette training needed here, such as placing napkins in lap (not reaching across the table and pitching it toward the other person), placing dishes and pouring drinks. o Lobster was overcooked and more concerning was the fishy smell which indicates that the food was not kept at correct temperature. o Trying to pass salmon off as trout. Salmon was very fishy smelling. o Ordered dinner previous night for gluten free but no one knew what was ordered or from who. (They did eventually come up with a order but it was incorrect and missing items) o Coffee offered or delivered after dessert was finished. o Wine pouring – when paying for each glass, servers re-pour without asking. Also the re-pour is not a whole serving. o Wine – Asian Female asked twice if wanted wine, said No twice, she brought glass anyway and began to serve, reminded her again that no wine was requested. o Alcohol – constantly questioning us that we did not have an alcohol package. Did not seem to know what to do. (Price too costly for those who do not drink until intoxicated). o Better service in this dining room but needed training on lying out of silverware and glasses. Not cool to serve water in gold fish bowls and very thin glass at that. o Tables too close to the glass wall in the center of the dining room, difficult to move chair and get into the chair. • Stateroom o Nice size rooms and closets with a lot of hangers. Safe in working order. o No retractable clothesline for wet swim suit in shower for drying o Robes too small for average-sized man o Beds and pillows are uncomfortably firm o Often A/C would go off and would get very warm or awake sweating o Breakfast not edible: Eggs, sausage, toast, coffee were served cold, while milk and melon very warm o Never knew room attendants name although he did a good job o Luggage was left outside of room when delivered o Two luggage tags were left for debarkation when we had four thus had to go to Customer Relations for additional and stand in very long line. o Poor line of soap, hair products in bathroom. Prefer dispensers for this. • Halls of Ship o Obstructions in hall such as trash, dishes, trays full of dirty dishes, vacuums etc. o Staff never allowed right of way to visitors, often pushed way around them • Communication o Ship Captain failed to inform us that we were in a Tropical Storm although we received notices via our cell phones thru weather services. o Ship Captain never updated us on the 30 year old male that was taken by US Coast Guard as he promised. o We could not hear the Ship Captain messages when in our state rooms. o Schedule of Events – mostly sales or options for the ship to make more money. Very few free events to attend without costs. • Boutiques / Shops o Clean and well maintained o Pricey o Need lower cost options as well • Bars o Service very slow, too few employees for the number of patrons o Often saw persons over-served with alcohol. Very intoxicated. o Needed more or larger smoking areas as they were packed all the time • Specialty Coffee Bar o Asian female rude to all and made one guy get back in line to get him and his wife a coffee. o Great pastries at this bar (Only place on ship with gluten free pastry that was excellent) • Sushi on Five o Great friendly quick service o Food was good but should be included in cost of cruise • Solarium o Awesome relaxing place o Good relaxation music o Great loungers and not to warm, like the partial open windows to allow air flow o Had the best coffee in the whole ship • 15th floor o Needed hand rail for both sides of walk ways on the deck. o Wind was painfully strong and dangerous for children and older people. Need notification or closure of area when winds of certain level are present. o Mast Grill Burger/Fries Area was nice. The food was very good. Best part they served to us individually and the public did not reach in and serve themselves. o Lawn Restaurant – over priced at $90, $60, $40 a couple.  Food came out of same door used for bathroom entrance from deck of ship and food not covered when came out the door  Not a good view, faced interior of ship although sold at seeing the ocean and great view. o Bars  Difficult to get to shady areas  Too small of areas  Needed larger smoking areas  Need more staff to handle number of patrons  SunSet Bar - Melvin / Santa / Jingle Bells – did a great job, great memory and super friendly to all.  Need better shelter from damaging winds  Ball Throwing needs to be further away from chairs for safety concerns  Costs for renting covered shelters too expensive at $249 day  Need water mopped up more regularly for safety concerns – often saw running water on deck and pools of water where deck had been washed off. • Casino o Very Clean o Colorful variety of gaming available o Full-service bar in casino was nice touch o Large area allowed comfortable seating • Music o Too LOUD in Center Entertainment area, was unable to get away from it. Intrusive in both upscale restaurants and library. o Not impressed with quality of talent. o Guy that played guitar was ok he was great whistler. o Karaoke – needs to be suited to audience age of songs offered. Some songs inappropriate for children. Indoor bars should be limited to persons over the age of 18 years of age. • Booking o Entered information 4 times before the information was retained in system o Provided credit card information 6 times before it actually stayed in system {although it DID work just fine to charge me for the cost of the cruise}. Spent more time in Customer Relations scanning card AGAIN once aboard ship o Received luggage tags following the cruise in my home mailbox o Received packet day prior to sail on the internet then was able to print luggage tags. o Input and received cruising number twice, the first one disappeared from system. o Price higher for this cruise line than other lines, thus had higher expectations. Always made to feel that we were less than for choosing the buffet or main dining room, rather than choosing the up-charge restaurants. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
Sailed on this cruise with eleven friends. I haven't been on a Celebrity Cruise in several years. Knowing that Celebrity in the past was one of the best is the reason for choosing the Reflection. The service in the bars, public ... Read More
Sailed on this cruise with eleven friends. I haven't been on a Celebrity Cruise in several years. Knowing that Celebrity in the past was one of the best is the reason for choosing the Reflection. The service in the bars, public areas and the restaurants was very poor! Dinner service was very slow and unacceptable. Served cold food during two dinners in the main dining room. The ship was very understaffed. Crew member admitted the ship was short almost three hundred crew members. Many crew members were not trained properly and were absolutely clueless! Some bar tenders didn't know how to make some common drinks. The ship was very short of bar tenders and bar servers. Only had one bar server come to me in the theatre on one night out of five shows I attended. I literally had to chase down a bar server in the theatre and the bars to get served. Crew members didn't know the answers to common questions. The cabin steward was the only star of the week. Oh, and by the way, Celebrity no longer has assistance cabin stewards, and it showed. No more of those towel animals, etc. The shore excursion staff put me on the wrong tour after I showed them my ticket! The entertainment on the ship was average at best. I could go on and on. I have sailed on over seventy cruises, and I can honestly say this cruise was the worst service I have ever experienced. What a shame for such a beautiful ship. What a disappointment! My advise, choose another cruise line for a better value and good service. Really, even Carnival has a better service. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We have had nice experiences on Celebrity in the past. Reflection is a beautiful ship. The problem is the service: Concierge- we had a concierge class cabin. There were several instances where she failed to make reservations as ... Read More
We have had nice experiences on Celebrity in the past. Reflection is a beautiful ship. The problem is the service: Concierge- we had a concierge class cabin. There were several instances where she failed to make reservations as requested or return our phone call. Select Dining-impossible to get the dining reservations on the phone. -We walked into specialty restaurants to see a room full of dirty tables and had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. This was in a relatively empty room. Room Service- there was always something missing from the order and then it was impossible to get anyone on the phone to resolve the problem. In the buffet dining room the table clean up and service for drinks was poor. There were always dirty tables and it was impossible to get a drink. Shore Excursions were great in The Caymans (specifically Salsa, Salsa, Marguarita) but poor in Jamaica. They actually had a $40 walking tour of the island that was owned by Celebrity! I thought that was outrageous. The entertainment was on the lower end o what you would expect on a cruise but not dismal. The shining exception was The Fillharmonics, an A Capella group from the Pitch Perfect films. They were excellent!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
I have gone on Celebrity holiday cruises for the last 5 years and this one was the last. The quality of everything went down, especially FOOD. I used to be an loyal celebrity cruises , until now. I was so disappointed with the quality of ... Read More
I have gone on Celebrity holiday cruises for the last 5 years and this one was the last. The quality of everything went down, especially FOOD. I used to be an loyal celebrity cruises , until now. I was so disappointed with the quality of the food in the dining room and the buffet. Our room was concierge class and it was as expected. Entertainment was actually very good, better than previous cruises. The food however, was sub par. The menu in the main dining room reduced the number of choices (you used to have 3 choices for dessert, now only 2). The quality and variety of items were horrible (every night was the same items just switched up with a different sauce or veg) and the last night had all the leftovers mashed up. It was very unfortunate that Celebrity just lost loyal customers. They charge a premium for their line and it used to be worth it, not anymore. Another huge disappointment was the staff. Other than our room attendant, everyone else looked miserable and like we were bothering them when we asked a question. Overall, those that are used to paying the extra for celebrity thinking the food was above average will be very disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
We had previously sailed on this ship in March and were satisfied with everything but this time we were assigned the rooms above the showroom, which makes them very noisy. We were a party of 8 and had rooms 6118,6120, 6122 and 6124, so ... Read More
We had previously sailed on this ship in March and were satisfied with everything but this time we were assigned the rooms above the showroom, which makes them very noisy. We were a party of 8 and had rooms 6118,6120, 6122 and 6124, so avoid these rooms, if possible. We also had a very rude and grouchy bartender at the Casino Bar and also one at the Opus Restaurant. The beer was flat and so were the soft drinks, seem like they were old. We were very disappointed this time with our Cruise, but since we love cruising, I'm sure we will be taking more soon. This was our third Celebrity Cruise and this was the only one we were disappointed in. Our next cruise will be to Mexico with Princess Cruise Lines, this will be the first time cruising with Princess, we will see how it goes and post the review when we return. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
We chose to sail in the Concierge class for several reasons. One was that we were celebrating our 30th and we wanted to add a little extra posh to our experience so we felt the money would be well spent. We arrived early to take advantage ... Read More
We chose to sail in the Concierge class for several reasons. One was that we were celebrating our 30th and we wanted to add a little extra posh to our experience so we felt the money would be well spent. We arrived early to take advantage of the early boarding offered to Concierge guest and to also attend the Concierge only special luncheon. To our surprise, the early boarding was being offered to EVERY guest, the lines were not truly expedited as stated The special luncheon was not only a limited offer of fish or lamb but was also being offered to other guest as well. We quickly decided that the buffet would have better offerings and excused ourselves in search of something to eat since we had passed on our hotel breakfast expecting a better culinary experience at the luncheon. As you can imagine, the buffet was slammed and seating very limited so we had to roam around stalking people for a seat for a good chunk of time and then go individually or risk losing our table since people were standing everywhere just waiting to find one. We decided to shake it off and just enjoy the other perks the Concierge class had to offer us. Since Concierge staterooms come with fresh fruit and wine upon arrival we headed there to relax and enjoy them on our balcony. Sadly we opened our door to find that none of the items advertised were present and our mini bar was full of old items from the previous guest but no drinks. It was TOTALLY lacking any WOW factor at all! Nothing special as promised. It was then that we both just looked at each other and asked,"why did we pay extra for this class again?" Well, we still had the benefit of the upgraded room service menu and that was also an important thing to us since we had planned on sleeping in and eating on our balcony each day. Problem was that they had neglected to bring us menu cards as well as all of the other promised amenities! The room attendant did come after our phone call to drop off door cards and three old bruised shriveling apples but nothing else, not even a pen to fill the cards out with! This was the beginning of what would continue to be a hugely disappointing cruise with horrible service, cold and late room service orders. Infact,on the first day we received our order, it came with only a pot of hot water. No cups, no tea bags, nothing, just a pot of hot water, ice cold bacon and ham, dry croissants and two or three tiny slices of fruit! Luke warm, bland buffet food and generally poor service and attitude would be the standard for the rest of our days on board. Even after talking with guest services, nothing seemed to improve. Our room was not made up two days out of 7 nights not including our arrival mishap! Totally substandard service and no one on staff seemed to care. I wish I could believe it was just our opinion but as the week went on it would be a growing topic in the bars, elevators and other common areas and it became impossible to ignore as someone was always upset and discussing it! All in all there was very little that we felt lived up to a cruise of this cost or the reputation of this cruise line and we wished that we had just stayed home and saved our time off for a better choice. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
We sailed on November 19 on the Western Caribbean itinerary with a group of 6. 3 couples, all related. Boarding and Cabin We flew in via Delta, took taxi van to the port, arrived after 11 am, no lines, quick easy boarding , and in ... Read More
We sailed on November 19 on the Western Caribbean itinerary with a group of 6. 3 couples, all related. Boarding and Cabin We flew in via Delta, took taxi van to the port, arrived after 11 am, no lines, quick easy boarding , and in no time we were on board with glass of bubbly in hand. Relaxed over some lunch at the buffet, which was not overly crowded, and enjoyed the first of many drinks on our beverage package. cabins were announced to be ready at 1.30. We had booked 2 cabins on deck 9 and one handicapped concierge cabin on deck 10 and received free gratuities, free classic beverage package, and on board credit per stateroom and free wifi . I mentioned to our cabin steward on the first day that we were all traveling together, he opened our balcony dividers, and that ended up being a bit useless as the permanent divider prevented from seeing each other and interacting on the balcony. Removing the divider essentially provided a "back" door to walk through. In the closet plenty of hangers were provided, as well as robes and an umbrella which we never used. There was not enough drawers but plenty of cabinet spaces to store our items. One room was very cool, which we prefer, while the connecting room would've been too warm for us to sleep comfortably. Entertainment and On Board Activities Very, VERY disappointing. The Tenors of .Rock were the best show I have seen on any cruise, might have to go to Vegas to see them! The comedian on nite 1 and 2 was horrendous and awkward. The cast shows were abysmal. Not enough activities that didn't involve extra payment or that weren't a glorified sales pitch. The host, Gio, of trivia sucked. Scheduled officer meet and greet in the middle of dinner. Nothing happens after 11. Dining and Drinks We had fixed 6 pm dining at the Opus, and enjoyed our table by the stairs. Our waiter, Niak, was the best I have ever had! They were awesome, going out of their way to cater to the many request for substitutions or "directions" regarding portions or cooking. We are extremely grateful to them. My family is demanding and will eat multiples of everything and he handled them beautifully and with only smiles and grace. Breakfasts were mainly at the buffet, but one sea day morning we ordered room service. It arrived on time and warm. Generally we found drinks waiters were available to serve us, for example in the theatre, whilst waiting for the evening show to start, or when sitting in the cafe. Only we found if we stood at the Bar then the bartenders seemed too busy to serve us. You got quicker service by leaving the bar and sitting on the nearby lounges. Ricky the bartender at the lawn club bar was awesome! Ports - we have visited these same ports multiple times so chose no excursions. Most of group stayed on board, during which very few activities happened. Cozumel – shopped around then snorkels on our own . Grand Cayman- went shop to shop tequila tasting. Ocho Rios – could not go to port because of hurricane Otto. Labadee, Haiti - swam in ocean a bit and walked shops. Disembarkation Ate breakfast in cafe at 7. Returned to room to potty, finish last minute packing. As we had a wheelchair guest we left at 9. Waited 20 minutes for luggage to make it on carousel. Lots of porters to help. 15 minutes in immigration line, 5 minute in taxi line for a van ride to airport. Conclusion Not sure how to classify this cruise. What was good was great, what was bad was horrendous. Pros - The Celebrity Line, with loyalty benefits and pick your perk. Fantastic! Impeccable service at every turn except in salon. Beautiful, clean, modern ship. The Tenors of Rock!! Computerized board game tables. They were a lot of fun! We spent a few nights after supper playing games. Not having your picture taken every time you turn around No cheesy singing by waiters No cheesy dining room theatrics or speeches Not feeling crowded even with 3,333 guests on board Not having to listen to announcements in room. The safety drill in the theater and not standing on deck Not having a long wait for elevators. Chic nite instead of formal dress! The engineering magic that made it impossible to feel the difference between calm seas and hurricane winds and swells! Cons - The production shows Limited activities Host of trivia not being understandable and plain confusing. poor timing of evening activities happening at 8 pm Food was not wonderful. Having all the special entrees you look forward to on one nite. Spread out the lobster and prime rib. If you didn't have a drink card you would've gone broke just with coffee, coke, and water. Charging $14.99 to rent a movie in your room Limited tv choices Smoking area at the lawn, one of the favorite places to be. Dining room too loud for conversation if person not seated right next to you. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
I had heard that Celebrity were supposed to be a luxury cruiseline but where people are getting this from I don't know. Embarkation: This was chaos. You get to the terminal and go through security and then you queue for check-in. ... Read More
I had heard that Celebrity were supposed to be a luxury cruiseline but where people are getting this from I don't know. Embarkation: This was chaos. You get to the terminal and go through security and then you queue for check-in. The girl behind the desk didn't even know what an ESTA was for crying out loud. She was not very welcoming and did not explain anything to me. I then saw a line and just joined it and then was told after 10 minutes to get in another line which wasn't moving at all. After nearly 40 minutes of Disneyland style queues we were finally allowed on the ship and were welcomed with a glass of champagne that tasted similar to nail varnish remover. The ship: It has two foyers which are very small and cramped and make the layout very confusing. There are only two small swimming pools next to each other on the main deck and these are the only places to cool off. If you want to go and sunbathe on another deck (you only have the option of two decks to sunbathe on) then there is nowhere to cool off. There are no cooling off showers scattered around you have to make the journey all the way back to the pools. There is also no adults only area outside. The main bonus though is that the sunbeds have mattresses and on this cruise it was easy to find a bed anywhere. You didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to reserve a bed. Also the towel system they have is really good. There is no signing towels in and out you just go and grab as many as you need and when they get wet go change them. Onboard activities: There is nothing other than a grass lawn. No ropes course, no surfing, no mini golf, literally nothing. The fitness centre was really good and offers a few classes like Zumba, Yoga, Spin which are $13 and then there are some free classes Abs Express and Stretch. I went to Abs Express and I was the only one there and the instructor was really rude and told me the class lasted 20 mins but he could only be bothered to do 12mins. Cabin: I was very impressed with the size of my inside stateroom (9320), however upon arrival my pillows stank of sweaty man and when I took the covers off them they were stained yellow. One of the drawers in the bathroom had hairs and other filth in it too. I was really not impressed and called the steward to resolve these things immediately. I did not expect this kind of filth. This was also the first time I never had any towel animals either which i kind of thought was standard on most cruiselines. It's just a nice added touch. You could hear people's toilets flushing and the odd bang from somewhere and unfortunately the person in the room next to me had a terrible cough so I was glad I took my earplugs. The temperature control in the room was really good as was the selection of free movies. Dining: Oceanview Cafe was bog standard food like pizza, pasta, deli, pastries, ice cream, fruit, asian, indian but not very good quality. There were drinks machines providing water, fruit punch and iced tea. It was never overcrowded which I liked. The specialty restaurants were ridiculously priced for what they were offering $30 - $45 for most places which is way above what other cruise lines charge. The sushi restaurant was good, but a little expensive at $10-12 for a roll. There is only one main dining room and the food there was okay but was always lukewarm which I felt was subpar and dangerous especially when they are serving cooked seafood that is bordering on cold. I went to breakfast here and I asked for a table for one and the waiter tried to force me to sit with someone else so I told him I would go to the buffet instead and he finally relented which I thought was just rude. The best place to eat on the entire ship is Mast Grill which has the best burgers ever. Bars: Drinks prices are daft. More expensive than on other lines and a rum and coke will set you back $10. I had one bartender go to pour alcohol in my drink and when nothing came out of the bottle he just passed me the drink anyway so I had to tell him that I had seen what had happened and that he was not going to get away with it. Nobody offers you iced water as you are laying by the pool to help keep you hydrated so i suggest you take some empty bottles on board and fill them at the different water stations using the blue cups. They charge a fortune for the water on board. The Pool Bar was always rammed full of people and the bar staff had no clue as to who was next which caused a lot of bad feeling a lot of the time. Ports: St Maarten I just got on the local bus for $2 and went to maho Bay and Mullet Bay. Puerto Rico I did the Bacardi Tour which is okay if you are a Bacardi fan but not that interesting as a whole St Kitts I did the Catamaran to Nevis trip which was expensive but it was an open bar all day long and the crew were really friendly and the food was good on the beach but we didn't actually have that much time at the beach and the beach was volcanic sand so not the brilliant white you would imagine and it was a very steep beach as well. As I travelled alone I was looking forward to the Solo Traveller Gathering however no representative from the ship turned up so it was just me and two other people that popped their heads in and saw no rep and left. Entertainment: There were two comedians whose material could've been better. Elysium was a show with great costumes but was constant singing and nothing special. Tenors of Rock were really good. I am used to Broadway shows on other cruiselines so I felt these shows were really disappointing. The Celebrity Life Activities were boring and uninspiring. Disembarkation: This was pretty easy with no queues but when I got on the bus for my transfer to Miami airport I was sat on it for 45 minutes before we even went anywhere so if you have an early flight my advice would be to get a taxi. I received no final bill in my stateroom and I made a 90 second phone call at the rate of $7.95 a minute and somehow got charged $37 which I am currently in dispute over. They did not add this to my account which you can view on the TV otherwise I would have had the chance to speak with Guest Services at the time. There is no way I would go with this cruise line ever again. I would say if you are in your fifties plus then maybe this is the cruiseline for you but do not go alone or you will be seriously bored. This is an average cruise line trying to palm itself off as something far better. Try NCL for more fun, happier staff and much higher quality entertainment. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Embarkation was a joke. After waiting in a long line, they wanted us to go back out because they were not ready. Disembarkation was fine. This ship is very nicely appointed, for sure, however, unless you are a big drinker, a gambler ... Read More
Embarkation was a joke. After waiting in a long line, they wanted us to go back out because they were not ready. Disembarkation was fine. This ship is very nicely appointed, for sure, however, unless you are a big drinker, a gambler or a watch enthusiast, there is NOTHING to do aboard this ship. The food was just okay, and we dined most at Blu, the Aqua Class diningr oom. We were ignored in the other dining room when we chose to switch it up. Their specialty restaurants are a joke, with the same food only a high price tag. Bartenders were rude, as was most of the staff. Our room was nicely appointed, but instead of having the bottle of Champagne for us when we got there (which was part of the package) they said we had to ask for it when we wanted it. Our steward quit mid week. I had a birthday during the ship in which my boss sent me flowers and wine. I didn't get it on my birthday because they forgot. :( Perhaps this was an anomoly, but I will not be taking Celebrity again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
As Celebrity Elite members, and having sailed on most of the major cruise lines that market to customers in the U.S., we are sad to report that there were too many issues we encountered on this cruise to recommend Celebrity. The ... Read More
As Celebrity Elite members, and having sailed on most of the major cruise lines that market to customers in the U.S., we are sad to report that there were too many issues we encountered on this cruise to recommend Celebrity. The bottom-line: not one issue with the staff on the Reflection (that's saying something on a 16-day cruise!); the key issue was the quality of the management team. Truly poor sense of customer service. We are hoping that this is simply a failure of the management staff on this cruise on the Reflection and not a general degradation indicate of the Celebrity brand. We would add that many of our observations were reinforced by discussions with fellow passengers. Just a few specifics that led to our conclusion: - Surprised at the overlapping events (e.g. Elite wine tasting at essentially the same time as one of the open wine tastings). Brought to the attention of a senior officer. Her reply: "Well, each department plans its own activities; these things happen." Hmmmm....how about having someone coordinate among department? - Left two separate voicemails for the Elite Manager; one not returned; second returned two days later (too late to deal with the issue we presented in the voicemail). - Manager of computer/Internet office. We had a connection problem (we are both in IT); the manager had no idea what to do, gave us erroneous information and was remarkably rude ("that is your opinion" response when he stated a surprisingly inaccurate assessment of the root cause of our problem). - Terrible planning for performances in the Grand Foyer of the ship. One of the better nightly performances was scheduled here; far too crowded due to the huge turnout; people started to get testy; we decided to leave. Further, 16 nights and only 3 production performances. - Only one of the three enrichment speakers were top notch; limited attendance for the other two; hard to get into the lounge for the one good speaker. - The Cruise Director (considered a senior officer) was never seen "around and about" for the 16 days. His colorful socks and repeated "I love you" mantra became old...very quickly! - Room Service Manager - rude and clearly communicated his disdain for his customers; did not like the fact that we ordered form the dining menu. - Elites have three free drinks using coupons for a two hour period every night at only 3 bars. Approximately one-third of cruisers were Elite members. Picture the seating and service issues! Quickly management had to change the hours of service due to crowding and conflicts with the early dinner seating (no notification of the change in hours was given). Reflection: Recent upgrade was noticeable; overall, excellent ship. Dining: Service was slow; after second night we did not return and opted for the buffet and room service. Food: limited variety in the buffet; however, quality was good. Shore Excursions: only scheduled one (we plan our own excursions); logistics and experience was good. Cabin (Veranda, 1B, 9193): standard; no issues; room steward and assistant were excellent. Activities: far too limited for a 16-day cruise with 7 consecutive sea days. Embarkation/Disembarkation: excellent. Wine tastings on sea days: plenty but far too expensive; most were poorly attended. Specialty restaurants: poorly attended; likely due to costs for several. Workout Room: crowded at times but waits were short; adequate equipment. Villefranche We found one shore excursion gem we thought we would share. We researched car rental companies and came across Easy Car Rental in Villefranche (http://www.easycarbooking.com). Renting cars in Europe can at times be challenging, so we were pleasently surprised with the excellent service we received. Eva from Easy Car met us at the dock where we exited the tender from the ship, had our car parked within walking distance and all the paperwork ready. She helped us with our itinerary for the day and even arranged to be available when we returned. We recommend them highly. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
This was our 12th cruise and our second celebrity cruise. We were really looking forward to our cruise on the Reflection as we had so much enjoyed our cruise on the Equinox. The ship was beautiful and very easy to get around on. The room ... Read More
This was our 12th cruise and our second celebrity cruise. We were really looking forward to our cruise on the Reflection as we had so much enjoyed our cruise on the Equinox. The ship was beautiful and very easy to get around on. The room stewards and restaurant staff were outstanding and took very good care of us for the entire 16 days. We also very much enjoyed the "Beyond the Podium" lecture series with Ian and Melinda. We did feel that there was a lack of entertainment during the day and the theater was closed for the first 6-7 days due to the staff practicing for a show forcing the popular lectures and bingo into small inadequate venues. For example, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm all there was to do was go to an art auction or a talk regarding the spa and their products. We personally felt that by comparing pricing with other cruise lines you were above industry standards. Three bingo cards were #39.00, other lines $25.00. House martini was $15.30 with tip. We also felt that the specialty restaurants were especially over priced. We felt that there was an overall atmosphere of class separation. We were continually reminded that the more opulent staterooms and their passengers were privileged by the cruise line and received selective treatment. For example our balcony statement room did not even offer bath gel. When I asked if I could get some I was politely told by the room steward that he would try to get some, however, it was not offered in our class of stateroom. However, our greatest disappointment was the Opus Dinning Room and the Open Court Buffet. The dining room menus in particular lacked variety, imagination and creativity. The daily dinner menu had a very limited number of dishes to select from. Usually six items were on the menu, however, one or two of them were vegetarian. It appears that the menu item and selection are driven more by profit then by customer satisfaction. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
If you are over 65 yrs old, a sedentary european, or are a same sex couple - this cruise ship is for you! I will say that we did love the ports of call and Husband loved the casino - we might reconsider the cruise line once we retire :). ... Read More
If you are over 65 yrs old, a sedentary european, or are a same sex couple - this cruise ship is for you! I will say that we did love the ports of call and Husband loved the casino - we might reconsider the cruise line once we retire :). However as a family of 4 - not much to do BORING, this was confirmed by the overwhelming number of people turning out for the 2-3 times Bingo was offered on board - the basketball court always had people waiting to use as well. We were bored the last 2 days at sea - sun decks were overcrowded had a hard time finding open deck chairs. Food was ok - nothing to rave about. Spa was a disappointment. Grass lawn area couldn't enjoy because of the OVERWHELMING amount of smoke from smokers !!! Deck bars were OVERCROWDED... I also think relaxing the dress attire should be considered to allow khaki or tailored shorts - wearing pants in 90 plus degree weather and on a ship that is also hot (remember old folks can't take the AC)... entertainment was lackluster as well... Ship is showing wear and tear as well, we stayed in a Suite on Deck 12- needs updating asap.. strong mildew, mold smell in Solarium.. could hear noise from above in this suite... Staff attending to our suite were outstanding :) I gave it 2 stars for the ports and stateroom attendants... Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
We're not cruise experts - this was only our 3rd, first two with Princess. Decided to try Celebrity this time to see what might be different/better. The ports were great - we saw and did some interesting things. But the cruise ship ... Read More
We're not cruise experts - this was only our 3rd, first two with Princess. Decided to try Celebrity this time to see what might be different/better. The ports were great - we saw and did some interesting things. But the cruise ship itself was less than satisfactory. I'll start at the beginning... The lifeboat drill: they announced that we should go to our meeting places an hour ahead of the scheduled time. We waited a few minutes to see if they would recognize their mistake and make a second announcement for the correct time, but they did not. Hundreds of people packed into a small space, with no place to sit for 1 1/2 hours! No communication as to what was happening, why we were called early, when it would start, nothing. After an hour an announcement came over the loudspeaker that sounded like the instructions we had been waiting for (what to do, where to meet, what to bring in case of a real emergency). But we were not dismissed, and nothing else was said. My husband found a crew member who said we were waiting for interpreters for Spanish and French. 15 minutes later, they started a video. Still no dismissal. My husband tracked down another crew member who said they were waiting for the Captain who did not seem to be available at the time. ANY kind of communication from the crew would have been very helpful. And why was the Captain unavailable - that drill was his first priority at that time of the day. (Communication was lacking during the entire cruise.) The Oceanview Cafe (the buffet line) had limited hours. The daily schedule indicated breakfast was from 6:30 to 11:30 am. We discovered mid-week that they started closing food stations at 10:00, and closed one every 15 minutes until there was only 1 left by 11:00. If you wanted a late breakfast, you had only a couple of choices and longer lines since most stations were closed. The Cafe was re-opened for lunch from 12-2:30pm. Then it was closed from 2:30 - 6:00pm. Shows started at 7:00, so you had to eat quickly if you wanted to make the first show. I would rate the food less than average for a cruise line. The only seafood they had at the Cafe were fried fish pieces, and not good at all. There was always a full station of Indian Curries for some reason. The meat they served was very cheap and not cooked well. Breakfast was the best meal of the day by far. They had one station open during the afternoon - pasta, tacos, and pizza. The tacos were less than average, and the pizza was terrible. Fortunately, they had an ice cream station open from 10:00am until late, and it was good. Cafe de Belacio on deck 5 was a great dessert place, and open most of the day. We found ourselves leaving the buffet and heading toward the desserts on deck 5 almost every day. (The buffet had desserts, but they were not nearly as good as the Cafe de Belacio!) One thing we noticed on a daily basis - the crew members/staff did not smile! They just did not seem happy - like they were just trying to get through another day of work. There was 1 server at the buffet who was always smiling and singing. She was the highlight of our days! But other than her, no one asked how we were doing, if we were enjoying the cruise, or anything - just heads down working. Makes us think the management of that ship was not real good. They had trivia games every day, but no ice carving shows or other demonstrations. Basically your only on-ship entertainment was drinking booze and laying in the sun. Not enough lounge chairs, and they were pushed up against each other with no space to put a drink between the chairs. Guest Relations was a joke! The staff in that department were rude and unhelpful. On more than one occasion, I saw someone asking a question, only to be completely ignored by the staff. The person would be standing there, waiting for an answer, and the staff person would look past them and ask for the next person in line! They also did that to me on the phone when I was trying to get some information - they just stopped talking. That desk was also understaffed the whole time. No apologies for people being inconvenienced, ever. The culmination of the entire week of non-communication came on the last night and last day of the cruise. We signed up for the Valet Luggage service - they take your bags through customs, on to the airport, check them in, and all you have to do is pick them up at baggage claim when you get home. They also give you your boarding passes for your flights, so you can go straight through security when you get to the airport. Seemed to be a great deal! We also signed up for airport transfer service, so we could just get on a bus and get to the airport without the hassle of a taxi. Again, a great deal! Thursday we received regular luggage tags. We called Guest Relations and were told to throw them away - the valet luggage tags would be delivered with our boarding passes Friday night, which they were. However, the instructions for Saturday morning for the meeting times/places were contradictory between the valet luggage and airport transfer groups. We made 2 more calls to Guest Relations, got 2 different times and meeting places. My husband went down to the G.R. desk in person and got a 3rd answer. We did not have any proof that we had booked the airport transfer. G.R. staff said we didn't need anything - we were "on the list". We asked several times for some confirmation and were told there was nothing for them to give us. Saturday morning, we met with the valet luggage group (we were only supposed to be there until they let us know our luggage had passed through Customs). We waited 15 minutes past the time they were supposed to make our announcement. My husband tracked down a staff member and asked about the Customs announcement. They had forgotten to make the announcement! We left immediately for our airport transfer group, and by then we were late to that meeting. When we got there, we were told they had already started calling "numbers". Apparently we were supposed to have been given some sort of number for the aiport transfer grouping (this, despite G.R.'s insistence that we did not need anything). We found a crew member, explained that we did not have a number, but had been told we were on the list. The crew member (very surly and rude) said they could only look us up by the number!! We finally got to the transfer bus, and were able to get on the bus for the airport. When we got home Saturday night, guess what? Our luggage was not there!! Monday morning, we got a call from Royal Caribbean lost luggage, saying our luggage had been found ON THE PIER!!! We were told that if the van taking luggage to the airport was full, the baggage handling company would just leave the extra bags! Apparently this was not the first time this had occurred. We finally got our luggage Wednesday afternoon, and thankfully, everything was there. We have some good memories of our port stops, but we will not be taking another Celebrity cruise. Ever. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
First time with Celebrity. My 10th + CRUISE We're FL residents, luggage, parking at Port, (expensive, but convenient) boarding at noon, a non event. Arriving at our room my bag had already arrived, but my partner's bag was not ... Read More
First time with Celebrity. My 10th + CRUISE We're FL residents, luggage, parking at Port, (expensive, but convenient) boarding at noon, a non event. Arriving at our room my bag had already arrived, but my partner's bag was not delivered yet We went and enjoyed a typical albeit very mundane buffet lunch. After a familiarity stroll around the ship we returned to our room.. Her bag nowhere in sight. A call Customer Assistance only to receive a what was to be an all to familiar message, "we are busy helping other passengers ..... please hold." Ten minutes on hold still no pick up!! We troll the halls for a room steward and finally found one. 4 1/2 hours after we arrived and only after we'd been underway for 30 minutes the message is no worry we'll find your bag, this happens all the time. Not to us is doesn't, ever never and I have one unhappy lady in a claustrophobic room. Finally one female steward took personal responsibility and sometime after 6PM her bag was delivered to the stateroom #1649. Baggage tag intact no reason for a delay in delivery was provided. Only a few problems remained She's 5ft and the rod in the closet has got to be more than 6ft 6 inches high. She couldn't reach to hang her clothing. (not that there were sufficient hangers in the room.. They only were delivered after dinner. Room service - breakfast on the balcony has always been a favorite.. It only Took 4 days to convince the room service porter that our coffee required half and half or milk as specified and a sweetener of any sort. Croissants deserve preserves and butter all as requested on the menu. Disappointing, but nothing compared to the dinners being consistently served either cold or lukewarm at best... skillfully prepared and presented plates do not make up for cold food. YUK except for dining at Murano We tried Celebrity this trip anticipating an upscale cruise is what we envisioned not a Carnival booze cruise. In spite of repeated complaints to Customer Service and our Rm Stewards our neighbors SMOKED and partied loudly on their balcony every day from 4PM until they went to dinner. Celebrity vastly over rated! Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
We chose this ship because it was fairly new, and we wanted a short trip in and out of Miami. I sailed with 2 of my adult daughters, and we had to take two concierge suites because their two bedroom suite was already booked. I found this ... Read More
We chose this ship because it was fairly new, and we wanted a short trip in and out of Miami. I sailed with 2 of my adult daughters, and we had to take two concierge suites because their two bedroom suite was already booked. I found this accomodation unsatisfactory for many reasons: 1. Our only means of connecting between the suites was through our windy and sometimes rainy balconies. 2. This is the first time I have not had a completely separate living room, dining room, and bedroom on a ship. I don't like this and I am uncomfortable in such tight quarters. 3. We did not have the luxury of separate dining since we did not have a suite. I found the crowds alien (many resembling "duck dynasty"),and the service reflected poor training.The staff was concerned in performing, or being cute, not giving service. The food was quite mediocre. For example: I had to wait a very long time to get service in the main dining room for breakfast. I ordered a waffle and when it came it was cold and so leathery that I could not eat it. The bacon was limp and under-cooked. 4. The food was better in the speciality dining rooms, as was the service. I preferred the Murano. 5. We found that by paying $114 extra per day we could have a separate cabana on the lawn. We liked this as it got us away from all the noise, and confusion Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Review: Celebrity Reflection “Not So Suite” Christmas Cruise Itinerary: Miami - San Juan - Charlotte Amalie - Phillipsburg - Miami December 19 - 26, 2015 Cabin: 2184 (Sky Suite) Butler: Keegan Cabin Steward: Michael ... Read More
Review: Celebrity Reflection “Not So Suite” Christmas Cruise Itinerary: Miami - San Juan - Charlotte Amalie - Phillipsburg - Miami December 19 - 26, 2015 Cabin: 2184 (Sky Suite) Butler: Keegan Cabin Steward: Michael First of all, a warning that this will not be a traditional review in many respects. We are not traditional cruisers...we don't go to the shows much, nor do we take organized shore excursions very often. We prefer to do our own thing at many ports of call. For us, a cruise is about relaxing and doing what we want, when we want. Also, my reviews tend to be lengthy, so for those who just want the bottom line, here it is: Embarkation: 5 out of 5 The Ship: 4 out of 5 The Cabin: 2 out of 5 Dining: 4 out of 5 Ports and Shore Excursions: 3 out of 5 The Suite Experience: 2 out of 5 The Casino Experience: 0 out of 5 Disembarkation: 3 out of 5 Overall Value for the Money: 2 out of 5 Now if you want the details, please read on: We elected this cruise because it fit in the window of some airline tickets we had already bought for a cruise on NCL that did not work out. It had the same itinerary, with 3 of the 7 days being sea days, which we both enjoy. As you'll see from the signature, we have been loyal NCL cruisers for many years, and so some of this review will also contrast the NCL and Celebrity way of doing things. EMBARKATION: We flew into Fort Lauderdale the night before embarkation, as FLL is less crowded and crazy than MIA. The night was spent at the Hilton Galleria on the Intercoastal, which has the advantage of being right on a Water Taxi stop, and having a nearby (walkable) mall, shopping, and dining options. Unfortunately, I would not recommend the hotel: it's old, tired, and badly needs renovation. If you do stay there, and have asked for a room with an Intercoastal view, make sure you get a room on the side away from Sunshine Blvd to avoid the noise of the traffic and drawbridge. On Saturday morning, a car service took us from the hotel to the Port of Miami in about 40 minutes. We chose to arrive earlier than we normally do, as embarkation at the POM can sometimes be a lengthy affair. As it was, we got to the port about 11:15 am and were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves on board in about 15 minutes from the time we gave our bags to the porter outside. Great work by the Port staff and Celebrity. Embarkation provided the first contrast between Celebrity and NCL. When you embark as a suite guest on NCL, there is separate suite lounge where your paperwork is processed, and then you are escorted on board the ship by one of the butlers and delivered to Cagney's restaurant for embarkation lunch. On Celebrity, there's no suite lounge and no escort. There are separate registration lines for Suites and Priority boarding, and your paperwork is processed quickly and efficiently at those stations. But once you're done there, you simply walk on board and do whatever you will. We arrived on board before the suite restaurant, Luminae, opened for lunch, so we opted for a bite in the buffet and a walk around of the ship (more about dining on Reflection later in the review). Cabins were open for occupancy at 1:30 pm. Muster drill scheduled for 2:45 and sail away for 3:30. Our suitcases were delivered during the muster drill...very early for most cruise lines and points for Reflection's hard working staff. We sailed about 20 minutes late, the first ship out of port, followed by NCL Escape and two Carnival ships. THE SHIP: Reflection isn't a bad looking ship, as modern cruise ships go. None of them look much like ships anymore; they're all more like floating apartment blocks. Reflection's design looks a little top heavy to me, with the ship-length overhang for the upper three decks cantilevered out over the cabin balconies. On board, Reflection is crisp and modern. Color schemes are generally subdued, furniture modern. As one of Celebrity's newer ships, nothing looks very worn yet, and everything appears well maintained. There are a few oddities. First of all, there's no true Promenade deck that makes a complete circumference around the ship. Instead, the outer part of Deck 5 only runs down each side of the ship, and most of the view from that deck is blocked by lifeboats. So those who enjoy walking the Promenade for a little light exercise are forced to use the jogging track on Deck 15, which is much more crowded with runners and sunbathers in deck lounges. Secondly, Deck 15 forward, which on most ships is some of the most valuable real estate, is given over to the teen and kids clubs. Right beneath the teen club, on Deck 14, are the high dollar suites...it's hard to imagine that those suites are very quiet! Because of the suites, the forward looking Sky lounge only gets the starboard half of Deck 14, which is a shame as that's usually a favorite place to sit, relax, read, and watch the ship's progress on sea days. At the rear of the ship, on the upper decks, are the buffet, and the Lawn club, Lawn club grill (a specialty restaurant) and the Sunset bar. The rest of the ship is fairly conventional in layout. Conveniently, the Opus main dining room, and most of the suite and specialty restaurants, are all located together at the stern of the ship on decks 3, 4, and 5. There's the usual multi-story atrium & elevator tower at mid-aft, running from deck 3 all the way up to deck 15. Around it, on the lower decks, are the normal assortment of guest service offices, bars, shops, casino, a coffee bar, wine bar, and the “Bistro on 5” restaurant (also an up-charge restaurant). A nice feature in the atrium are the little “Hideaway” spaces on different decks as you go up: The Hideaway on decks 7 and 8, and game room on deck 9, and the library on decks 10 and 11. Aside from the game room, they're convenient places to find a spot to sit and read, and there's coffee available during the day in the Hideaway on Deck 7. Missing (or at least I never found it) was the Asian theme restaurant that's a normal feature on most ships, and that I'd read was also available on Reflection. THE CABIN: 2184 is a “Sky Suite” (not sure if it's an S1 or S2) on deck 12, the upper-most accommodation deck (if you don't count the suites on deck 14). The cabin was surprisingly spacious, double the width of a normal balcony cabin, and about the same size as the Penthouse suites on most NCL ships. The usual twin beds pushed together to make a double, and a fairly comfortable couch that I assume folds out into another double bed. Large Screen TV, good storage with two closets and plenty of drawers and one safe. My DW appreciated the lit vanity mirror over the desk. Single-sink bathroom with reasonable storage, a good size tub with a rain shower head and hand shower. About the only thing that might be a problem is the height of the shower - I'm 5'7” and the shower head was only a couple of inches above my head...I'm not sure how a taller person would be able to stand and use the shower. The cabin balcony was quite wide, with room for two lounge chairs, a round table, and a single upright chair. Because Deck 12 is right under the overhang for the upper decks, you're protected from the sun (and the rain) by that overhang, although your view is also somewhat restricted. There are movable dividers between the balconies, so if you were cruising with family or friends in the next cabin you might be able to ask for the divider to be opened. I don't know what Celebrity's policy on this is..some cruise lines will do it, some will not. Unfortunately, that's about all I can say that's positive about this cabin. The cabin is located right under the Ocean View Buffet, and we had misgivings from the start about what that might mean as far as noise. Celebrity went to great lengths to assure us that “the area above is carpeted” and while that's true, it doesn't help much. The actual location of this cabin is approximately right under one of the main beverage stations in the buffet, so a good portion of the cabin overhead is not under carpet at all. Our entire cruise was spend listening to the rumbling of serving carts across the floor, the crashing of dropped items in the kitchens and clean up areas, and the stampeding feet of the buffet patrons. Since the buffet is open 24/7, the noise basically never stopped. In addition, the noise problem is made worse because one of the main vertical support columns runs from the upper decks, down through the buffet, down through this cabin, and presumably all the way down into the bottom of the ship. This metal column acted like a drum, bringing noise from all directions into the room, but mostly, again, from the buffet above. I would not suggest this cabin to anyone who isn't a heavy sleeper! DINING: This is obviously Celebrity's focus. With one notable exception, I'd call this a “Foodie” cruise line. The food is all well prepared, with lots of emphasis on presentation at the table. Portion sizes, thankfully, are more European than American. Food in the Opus main dining room was, in our opinion, a cut above what we've encountered on other cruise lines. As with most lines, there's a daily menu that changes throughout the cruise, with a set of “everyday” items that are always available. As suite guests, we had the Luminae restaurant available for all our meals. I think this perk was the one of the main highlights of the cruise. Luminae is a separate dining room on the lower floor of the Opus MDR. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast and Lunch menus remain the same throughout the cruise, and dinner menus change every night. As an added feature, if you can't find something you like, you have the option of ordering off the MDR menu. The food was uniformly excellent and delicious in Luminae. Dinners are a “Five Course” meal, of which you select the appetizer, entree, and dessert. Your first and fourth courses consist of a savory bite at the start of the meal and a small sweet bite at the end of the meal before dessert. These little bites change each night. Service was attentive but not too overbearing, as long as you don't mind repeated visits from the Maitre'D to check on your happiness. Because the food in Luminae is so good, we did not feel the need to sample the specialty restaurants as we would have on other cruise lines. I'm not sure if this works in favor of Celebrity's bottom line! However, we did eat in the Tuscan Grille on Christmas Eve. Since the Reflection does not have a designated steak house, we chose the Tuscan Grille at the recommendation of the concierge who though it would provide us with a good steak. The concierge was not wrong in that regard - the steak was excellent. However, the other dishes were a let down after the great food in Luminae, and the waiter was one of the few Reflection staff we encountered who just seemed to be going through the motions. The one exception to the generally excellent food: The buffet. Breakfast was always acceptable (it's hard to mess breakfast up), but lunches were mediocre at best. It was simply mass prepared, buffet food, and no different than any other cruise line in this respect. Glaringly absent was that staple of a hamburger and fries - to get those during the day you had to go to the Mast Grill. But don't bother...it's just a pre-cooked buffet hamburger anyway. By contrast, the lunchtime hamburger in Luminae was excellent, so it's pretty obvious where Celebrity puts the emphasis. Wine by the glass and by the bottle is available in all the restaurants. Celebrity has a very high opinion of their wine cellar, at least as reflected in the prices they charge. Each restaurant has at least one Sommelier to advise on wine selection. It is possible to open a bottle of wine in one restaurant and have it available for you in another if you don't finish it at that first meal. Celebrity's Wine and beverage packages are, in my opinion, very expensive. Many people seemed to have them, and I have to assume they were selected as a booking perk. Whether they are good value for the money depends on how much and what you drink. In our case, we're not heavy drinkers, so we elected not to take one of the packages. PORTS AND SHORE EXCURSIONS: The first port of call on this itinerary is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, because of the distance from Miami, you don't arrive in San Juan until 3:30pm in the afternoon ship's time - 4:30 pm local time (note that the ship remained on Miami time the entire cruise). This means you're really rushed to do any shopping or sightseeing, not only by the onset of night, but because most of the shops close at 5:00 pm, and the major historic sights close at 6:00 pm. We had hoped to catch a walking and restaurant tasting tour of the old town area, but when I tried to book it through the tour operator, I was informed that we arrived too late to make the last tour of the day. Because the distance to the next port of call is so short, the ship remains in San Juan until 11:30 pm. I'm guessing that many people must use the opportunity to go ashore for dinner and/or a bar crawl. It's too bad Celebrity can't find a first port of call that could be reached earlier in the day, but I wouldn't want that to be Nassau (the Grand Central station of the Caribbean) and geography simply precludes most other ports. The second port of call is Charlotte Amelie, St. John, US Virgin Islands. On all our previous stops at this port we've docked at the Havensight piers, which are much more convenient to the town itself. Celebrity docks at the Crown Bay piers, which are a good 10 minute taxi ride from the town. The ship docks at 8:30 am and leaves at 5:00 pm. Plenty of time to do almost anything you'd like on the island. Here we opted for a shore excursion, to the “Secret Sands” beach. We were attracted to this tour because the beach is in a nature preserve or park, and the impression is given that this is a “beach less-traveled”. Ummm...not quite. Our group was driven to the beach in the usual Caribbean taxi-bus. Traffic, as usual on all the Caribbean islands, was terrible, and the ride across the island to the beach (Which is formally called Smith's Bay Beach) took about 30 minutes. On arrival, we found the beach moderately crowded. The beach itself is a beautiful, as advertised. A long crescent of white sand, gently shelving into the water, and surrounded by a reef. We were warned that the reef had a lot of fire coral, but also told that good snorkeling was available there. The tour operator (Topsails) laid on lounge chairs, water & soda, and offered up rum punch. Shady spots were quickly filled, but there were plenty. The beach and park have had upgrades since the tour description was written, and there are now picnic areas, and a large shower and restroom facility. There was a crowd of college kids having a little pre-Christmas party at the beach, but they weren't very disruptive. We spent a very pleasant few hours at the beach, and then were collected by the taxi-bus. The route back to the ship was via an overlook on Skyline drive...great views, but only a few minutes available there as our driver was obviously worried about getting us back in time. The third port is Phillipsburg, St. Maarten. Again, the ship docked at 8:30 am and left at 5:00, so plenty of time for those who wanted to do things on the island. As we've been there a few times before, we elected to stay onboard most of the day, other than a little wander through the port shops. Staying on board on shore days is one of our favorite things to do, as you end up with the ship almost all to yourself. I spent the afternoon trying out the pools, both the outdoor pool and in the solarium pool. They are fresh water pools, and neither one is heated, but the swimming was pleasant and the solarium relaxing. Two full sea days follow as the ship returns to Miami. Naturally, the pools are packed during the day, and the cruise staff lays on activities all over the ship to keep people occupied. Because this was a holiday cruise, Christmas eve (Thursday) was one of two “Evening Chic” nights and there was caroling in the atrium and a special Christmas show in the theater. The next morning Santa made an appearance on board in the Sky lounge for the kids. THE SUITE EXPERIENCE: Beyond dining in Luminae, suite guests receive the attentions of a butler, and can use Michael's club, a private bar & lounge on Deck 5. Drinks are complimentary in the club, and at least one of the two suite concierge staff is always on duty there to assist with all the details of your cruise. Therefore, on paper at least, the suite experience is roughly the same between Celebrity and NCL But for some reason, the experience didn't feel the same. Partly, that was from little things. For instance, NCL suites are all equipped with espresso machines. Celebrity suites don't even have a coffee maker, and when I inquired with our Butler about morning coffee in the room, I was told I'd have to use the hang tag and order coffee for a particular time from room service. Another small thing: NCL suites all have a bowl of fresh fruit in them, replenished daily, and over the course of the cruise, the butler learns your preference on the fruit and makes sure you have what you like. The same is true for bottled water...it's always kept replenished and iced on NCL, but when I inquired about it on Celebrity, I was directed to the charge-per-item Mini Bar in the suite. Now those may seem like small things to fuss about, but they contribute to the overall “feel” of special service and luxury that the cruise lines are trying to promote with their suites. For us, they were part of the reason we were left feeling that the suite experience on Celebrity didn't measure up to what we'd hoped it would be. THE CASINO EXPERIENCE: Those who aren't gamblers can skip this part. We do enjoy playing in the casino, though, and while we're not high rollers, we are steady players who enjoy gambling, spend a lot of time in the casino, play max bets, and expect that our casino spending will also be rewarded by the casino club. In this case, Celebrity's casino club is a total failure, particularly when compared with NCL. It began with the casino manager, who seemed to understand very little about Celebrity's casino club system, how the points earned on board might relate to future cruise offers, and how they might relate to future offers from MGM Casinos, Celebrity's land casino partner. It continued as we found that there is apparently no graduated player club level system, and apparently no reward system for frequent and higher dollar players on board during the cruise. By contrast, on any NCL cruise, our play would normally quickly have been rewarded with offers of comped specialty restaurant dinners, bottles of wine and extra treats delivered to the cabin, and comped spa benefits. Additionally, we would have been offered free drinks in the casino, and quickly found ourselves on first-name basis with the casino hosts, who would have stopped by to see what they could do for us. None of that happened on this cruise. The casino was also the “tightest” ship's casino we've ever played in. Yes, we know full well that ship's casinos aren't regulated, and are always set for lower returns than land casinos. We understand that and accept it. But the Reflection casino is beyond tight. In most ship's casinos, you'll still have a reasonable number of jackpots being won, and you'll hear the bells and the excitement around you as that happens. But Reflection's casino was a quiet jackpot desert. In spite of that, the ship's daily paper continue to publish ever increasing numbers of “Dollars paid out” by the casino. I'm not at all sure how they came by those figures, as I can only personally confirm seeing two hand-pay jackpots being issued during the whole length of the cruise. Celebrity simply doesn't seem to place much emphasis on their casino program. There's no “excitement” generated by the casino staff, no announcements of jackpots (how could there be?), no pushing of lotto or slot contests or other special competitions. Once a night there was a brief run of random “giveaways” and a rather bored announcement of a Texas Hold game with seats open. This is all surprising, in that casino revenues are usually one of the mainstays of a cruise line's income. Bottom line here: if you enjoy gambling as part of your cruise entertainment, don't bother with a Celebrity cruise. DISEMBARKATION: The ship-side of disembarkation was quick and efficient. We went down for breakfast in Luminae with our backpacks and totes. After breakfast we simply walked off the ship with the rest of the people exiting at that time. Port-side was a mess. Since we were suite customers, we'd been issued separate suite baggage tags. They were red, and said “Zenith” on them. When I went down to ask about suite disembarkation with the concierge the day before, I was told that the suite bags would be in a special area in the terminal. That fits with what most cruise lines do for their suite customers. Unfortunately the word apparently didn't get down to the Port of Miami personnel. When we got to baggage claim, we found one baggage carousel, filled with all the bags (suite and non-suite) randomly mixed together. There was a sign above the carousel saying “Red” and listing some numbers, and while our bag tags were indeed red, they had no number. There were apparently also 2 other carousels with bags running on them in different rooms. When I inquired with a Port of Miami person about how we would find our bags, she asked for my number. When I said I didn't have one, because we were in a suite, she said “they're all mixed in” and quickly walked away. Several other suite passengers came in asking the same questions, and all were amazed that there was no separate suite baggage claim as they'd been told, and as is normally done on other cruise lines. So...no choice but to sit and watch all the bags go by. No different than an airport, of course, but not exactly what Celebrity said the procedure would be. Eventually we found our bags...luckily they were on this carousel. I have no idea what bags were on the other carousels, or how we would have known which carousel to look on. Customs and Immigration was quick, with short lines moving quickly past the officers desks. Once outside we had to wait a bit for our driver to show up, but once he did we were back at FLL in about 45 minutes, with plenty of time before our noon flight. SUMMARY: As with all cruises, ultimately it's a matter of what you're cruising for. For us, Celebrity had some definite advantages when it came to food, the overall feel of the ship, and being a “dressier” cruise. The disadvantage were a suite experience that didn't measure up to what we'd hoped it would be, and a complete failure of the casino to measure up in any way. Since the ports of call and the time spent in them are the same from cruise line to cruise line, it's the onboard experience that makes or breaks a cruise. We may not return to Celebrity as a result, but we were glad to have had the opportunity to try it out. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
Ship was clean, nice layout & friendly staff. The staff taking care of our cabin was very responsive. The food in the Opus dining room was very good. Our waiter made suggestions each evening and didn't steer us wrong. Great ... Read More
Ship was clean, nice layout & friendly staff. The staff taking care of our cabin was very responsive. The food in the Opus dining room was very good. Our waiter made suggestions each evening and didn't steer us wrong. Great red wine selection. But all of this can't overcome the negatives and pull this rating up above anything but poor to average. There are not enough activities to do on this ship. BORING. Come on Celebrity, we want to be amused and entertained. We want options and choices. I traveled the Princess Regal last Thanksgiving and there were so many things to do throughout the day. On Princess, I had to choose between an activiy I really wanted to do and anothe activity I really wanted to do!! The sea day itinaries on Celebrity were filled with self promotions to lead you into buying something for your aching feet, your skin, etc. Sprinkled between those snoozers were a handful of activies that had extra charges attached. The enterntainment was average except for the ventriloquist, who was exceptional. If you like music they did have a few music related events and venues. No sports bar, no comedy club, no piano bar, no karaoke, bars that weren't open except for a few hours which forced you to go to one that was two deep with other cruisers looking to be served...again, BORING. Bar service was terrible. They have too few servers so the lines at the bars were long while you competed with out guests for the bartenders attention. And forget about having a server come up to you while you are relaxing by one of the pools and offer to get you a drink. They made appearances every so often to pick up empty bottles. I don't know if there is any motivation for the few servers they do have since they tack on an automatic 18% gratuity. And then there are the drink packages that many cruisers buy, so if you have already spent the money on the alcohol package they can save money and make more margin by making it difficult to get a drink. My point of reference is Princess and Carnvial. Two very different cruise experiences but both that offered lots of activities and entertainment. I won't travel Celebrity again. It is a mystery to me why they are rated so highly by others. Perhaps they don't know any better, having never traveled on another cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
Dining in the MDR was the worst I have experienced in 49 cruises on 3 cruise lines. Dinner service was slow and often served cold. Steaks were often overcooked as was the lobster, which was like rubber. As for the entertainment, it was ... Read More
Dining in the MDR was the worst I have experienced in 49 cruises on 3 cruise lines. Dinner service was slow and often served cold. Steaks were often overcooked as was the lobster, which was like rubber. As for the entertainment, it was mediocre except for one show called Reflection, which was excellent. Other than these disappointments and the cabin, the cruise was just average, which is not what you expect from Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
I have taken a number of Royal Caribbean cruises and have been very satisified. So when we booked a Celebrity cruise we expected the same, plus more since this is Royal Caribbean's luxury line. The cruise was mediocure at best. ... Read More
I have taken a number of Royal Caribbean cruises and have been very satisified. So when we booked a Celebrity cruise we expected the same, plus more since this is Royal Caribbean's luxury line. The cruise was mediocure at best. First, the ship is beautiful and well maintained. Second, the food for the most part is fantastic, with a few exceptions (service and food in Tuscan grill was poor). Go to Qsine and the Lawn Club are a must and both have excellent food and service. Apart from that the cruise was poor. We took our kids and there was basically nothing to do. I mean nothing, not even simple games like shuffle board. The ship boasts of a "lawn" and lawn games but there was not crocket, bocci ball or anything that was listed on an activity. All you could do was sit on grass. The pool was small and cramped. The average age is 60+ and they made no bones about not liking or wanting kids on the cruise. The ships idea of "activities" for kids was to pull out two ping pong tables and place them inside on deck 4. Even then you had to battle 40-50 year old men who brought the own ping pong paddles who sat and waited and played for hours. The ship design is also poor. For example, most ships have a main deck (deck 5) where you can walk around the entire ship, sit outside, play shuffle board, etc. This ship had no such deck. In fact, deck 5 (the main deck on this ship) has lifeboats on it so all of your views are blocked. The forward and aft part of the deck are also closed to guest so you cannot walk around the ship. Also, since this is the main deck you "view" from any restaurant or bar on this deck is that of orange life boats. Apparently recognizing this flaw other windows are "frosted" so you cannot see out. There were no bars open when you were in port other than the outside bars on the pool deck and the bar in the main buffet style dining area which is also on the pool deck. So if you want a drink while you are in port you essentailly have to walk up to the pool deck and battle the entire ship at the three bars. We were in Jamaica and it was raining. We went back to the ship around 2 expecting to get a drink. I had to walk through the rain to get my wife and I a drink since the pool deck bars were the only ones open even in the rain. We were in a suite. The advertising literaute boasts of a "butler" who allegedly helps you pack and unpack etc. Dont waste your money. Our butler did not show up until 5-6 hours after our luggage showed up so unless you didnt want to change for dinner the first night unpacking was out of the question. Aside from that he never offered to help unpack or pack. He was virtually invisible unless you ordered room service. As far as I can tell his one and only job was to bring your food and remove your room service plates. The room was also small for a suite. Our suite on Royal Caribbean was much more roomy. In fact, in the bathrrom there was no counter space to even put a razor or makeup bag on. There were also two doors to a 5x5 bathroom which made manuearving very difficult. We also found trash under the couch when looking for something we dropped and tampons under the sink which shows the rooms are not well cleaned. The room also had a shortage of drawers and space to unpack. The room had a nice balcony and was nicely furnished. Embarkation and debarkation were very easy becuase we had a suite. The conceierge for the suites personally escort you on and off the ship. By far the best part of the cruise was the staff and concierge in the Michael's Lounge, which is a lounge exclusive to suites. They were friendly, helped our children with activities, went to the pool bar to get us drinks and did anything that was necessary to make our trip a success. (We also had trouble getting bookings and orders correct - for example we had ordered champaign and strawberries two months before the cruise - i.e. not last minute - they never showed up. Likewise, credits from promotions etc. were no where to be found -- luckily we had our Michael's concierge who fixed all of this) In sum, unless you just want to eat (and drink after 4 when the bars open) and literally do nothing all day, I would go elesewhere for ther money. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
I enjoyed the cruise, but steer away from this ship if you have kids. Ship was clean and new, food was great and destinations were good. But there just wasn't enough for kids to do. There were only 2 small pools, one of which was ... Read More
I enjoyed the cruise, but steer away from this ship if you have kids. Ship was clean and new, food was great and destinations were good. But there just wasn't enough for kids to do. There were only 2 small pools, one of which was adults only. Bot both pools were overrun by adults each day such that there was no place for my kids to swim. And if you didn't reserve a deck chair by about 9AM you were out of luck. Most of the activities were for 18 and over as well. There was a kids club and a teen club, but those were only for designated ages. God forbid you want to do something as a FAMILY. Just wasn't possible. And if you have kids in different age groups, they can't even do things together. And the teen club was a bit Lord of the Flies. Most of the kids were not kids I would have wanted my kids spending time with from what I saw. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
CELEBRITY REFLECTION 2/21/2015 BACKGROUND We live in Texas and travel on a cruise with a large group every other year. Our ages range from 50's to mid sixties. Usually, we sail out of San Juan but we wanted to try a larger ship and ... Read More
CELEBRITY REFLECTION 2/21/2015 BACKGROUND We live in Texas and travel on a cruise with a large group every other year. Our ages range from 50's to mid sixties. Usually, we sail out of San Juan but we wanted to try a larger ship and we decided on Reflection based on the Cruise Critic reviews. Also, we thought sailing out of Miami would be different. MIAMI We arrived in Miami a day before our cruise so that we could explore Miami. Our hotel was Hampton Suites Brickell and we were pleased with the hotel as well as the location. Unfortunately, Miami was experiencing the coldest weather they had in the past four years. Our Miami Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off tour with a cold wind blowing was miserable to say the least. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant which was near the hotel. It was overpriced for the quality of the food. For dinner, we opted to stay close to the hotel because of the cold weather. We went to a pub and actually had nice food there. I will have to say we were not impressed with Miami and wouldn’t opt to sail out of there again. SHIP The Reflection is a gorgeous ship and very easy to navigate onboard. Most of the employees were extremely friendly and helpful. We did encounter a few that could have benefited from advice from their peers. Specifically, I am referring to personnel at the reception desk in the Spa and one in Guest Relations (of all places)! We all had either cabins on the hump or the hump slant cabins. The midship location was nice. Originally, we had booked aft cabins but I changed that to the hump cabins after reading about the size of the aft balconies as well as the soot problems. We love the aft cabins on Summit. FOOD We found the food in the MDR to be mediocre and a bit disappointing compared to previous cruises. The best part of the MDR was our waiters! Surprisingly, the food in the Oceanview buffet was not too bad. The pizza there was excellent! The breakfast buffet was good for the most part with a nice variety from made-to-order omelettes to waffles to fruit among many other choices. SPECIALTY RESTAURANTS MURANO Part of our group had dinner here and the majority vote was it was just a step up from the MDR. The atmosphere was nicer than the food. After reading such great reviews on CC, we were honestly surprised. None of us would return to Murano. TUSCAN GRILL Several in our group went to Tuscan and enjoyed it. Part of that group had been to Murano and definitely liked the Tuscan food better. LAWN CLUB GRILL Some in our group went to Lawn Club on the last night. It was fantastic! The food, the relaxed atmosphere and the employees made for a great evening. Our only regret was that we didn't go there earlier in the cruise as we would have gone again. The ribeye steaks, shrimp, scallops were perfect. We made our own flatbread pizza and had so much fun throwing the dough up in the air. We ended our meal with a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. By far, it was the best dessert on the ship. THE PORCH We had lunch here and were not impressed! Would not go again. PREMIUM BEVERAGE PACKAGE Even if you don't normally drink in excess, the upgrade to the premium package was well worth the money! I tried drinks that I have never tried and will probably never try again but it was fun. In addition, you can get specialty coffee, hot chocolate and premium water as well as higher end beer and wine. If you have a beverage package, be sure to check your account each day. We had two bar charges that showed up on our account. Thus, two trips to Guest Services to have the charges removed. BARS We had our favorite bars with the best one being the Sunset Bar aft on Deck 15. The bartenders were great and the seating near the bar made for good socializing. The next favorite bar was Molecular. Again, the bartenders were awesome and the drinks were different but good. My favorite drink was "Indulge" which is like a dessert drink. Of course the Martini bar was popular as well. After reading on CC about the lines at the bars, we were pleasantly surprised to never have an issue with that. ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment was very hit and miss. I personally just went to see the Beatles group and it was okay. Others in the group went to various entertainment venues and liked most of it. I did hear complaints that other ships are far better in the entertainment area. POOLS Compared to the mid sized ships like Summit, the pools were a disappointment.....especially the adult pool in the solarium. I love the thalassotherapy pool on Summit and was surprised to find a cold pool that seemed a bit dirty. Also, there is slippery tile around the pool. Even though I was careful, I still slipped. The main pool was typical with lots of people and loud music. SPA Several in our group opted for massages while others enjoyed Persian Gardens. It was typical of most spas on ships (Canyon Ranch). As stated earlier, one of the girls at the reception desk could have benefited from learning people skills as well as learning to smile. PORTS SAN JUAN We have had several cruises out of San Juan but have never experienced it as a stop. We booked a Segway tour just for a refresher of the places we had visited there. To the disappointment of everyone on the ship, we were unable to stop as planned. This was the biggest problem with our cruise! We were several hours late leaving Miami because Celebrity made the decision to hold the ship for 400 Canadian passengers. We were told they were delayed due to their weather conditions. Everyone tried to understand but many said they arrive for a cruise a day or two early to avoid delays due to weather conditions and they would surely do so if they lived where weather could be an issue. After talking with many of those 400 passengers, we learned that weather was not an issue after all. They were booked on group Celebrity tour which included airfare with the airline being contracted through Celebrity. In reality, there was a computer glitch which delayed the flight. The Canadians were shocked at the story the other 2600 passengers were told and we were shocked at the deceit from Celebrity. ST MAARTEN We love this island and had a wonderful excursion with Captain Bob. We highly recommend his tour! ST THOMAS Since we have been here many times, we returned to St. John. We went to Cinnamon Bay rather than Trunk Bay which we have visited in the past. Both beaches are beautiful! ART AUCTIONS Anyone getting ready for a cruise needs to Google art auctions on cruise ships! There are so many complaints and it would be best to know what you are up against before boarding the ship. One of the couples in our group totally fell into their trap. SUMMARY Although we always have fun as a group on a cruise, we are definitely questioning our loyalty to Celebrity. For our next cruise, we will be looking at other cruise lines. Would we sail on Celebrity again? Probably not mainly because of their deceit and coverup for the real reason of the delay in leaving port.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
i recently took 13 members of my family on this cruise. (ages 8-65) I had taken celebrity before and liked the food and the ambiance of the ship. We traveled AQUA class last time but because there were 3 or more in each room we could not ... Read More
i recently took 13 members of my family on this cruise. (ages 8-65) I had taken celebrity before and liked the food and the ambiance of the ship. We traveled AQUA class last time but because there were 3 or more in each room we could not take AQUA class but paid extra for concierge class. We had balcony rooms on deck 10 which were near the library. We were close to the pool and cafeteria so these were good rooms. The staff in the rooms were helpful for the most part and we did not need to bother them for many things. One family member had a broken wall on the deck and it took 2 days for it to be fixed. This was not a good way to start our cruise. They did give them dinner at a specialty restaurant and a bottle of wine to make up for it but at 2 in the morning you don't care about those things. Otherwise, the rooms were good and as for the concierge part we never saw our guy the whole cruise. Our rooms were clean and we had all we needed but had we needed anything not sure we would have found him. Dinner: I had spent an hour on the phone prior to the trip to make sure we had 1 table and dinner reservations for the whole week so we could eat together. I was assured it would not be a problem, they linked our 4 rooms and all our reservations, was sent an email to confirm and guess what happened when we went to dinner the first night? No reservations for a table of 13. I explained that i called and had an email: the response: "oh the phone people, don't know what happens on the ship". So now we have no place to eat unless we split up. They eventually found us 2 tables near each other but that was not what i was told on the phone. Again, not happy with the service. The woman at the desk did all she could to accommodate us but was a disappointment to have to deal with this with 12 people waiting to eat. Entertainment: The biggest disappointment for us was the entertainment. The cruise director was very pompous and was never around. (unlike on royal Caribbean where the cruise director was at every event and you could walk up and speak to her.) There were many people on the ship in the 30-50 age range and most of the entertainment was for seniors. The planned shows were boring with the same people every night. It was school vacation week, you think they would have had a magician, or illusionist, or some other interesting things. Nope. bad singing every night, and a sad comedian. The house band played motown or 70's music every night. Now i don't mind that 1 night but what about those of us who want to dane to current music? the only good entertainment was a DJ group called Skylab sounds. they played at the martini bar the first night and had the whole place dancing until 2. When i asked if they were playing again they told e they could only play in limited times. I wanted to talk with the cruise director to tell him that people would like them to play again but he was no where to be found. The other DJ, TX was a horrible DJ that played only usic he wanted to hear and took no requests. He was rude and unfriendly and i reported him to the assistant cruise director. They just did not want to make this cruise fun. One night was house music and they stuck 100 people in the wine bar? No place to dance and very hot. I spent the 20 dollars with 5 friends to go to the specialty dance and drink thing called indulgence. What a waste. It was supposed to last for 2 hour, people left after 1/2 hour. People in weird costumes and some free drinks..oh wait i paid 20 dollars so not free. all i ask for on a cruise is a place to dance and mingle with friends..this had nothing.. the bars were empty because nothing was going on. The last night they had a sad guitar guy playing sad songs in the main lobby and 80's videos in the bar. I felt so bad that i brought my family ont his cruise. The teenagers were bored stiff, the adults were too. the only one who had fun was the 8 year old in kids club. The staff there were great. So if you want to be bored and have very little fun go on a celebrity cruise. FOOD: Was good. Nothing outstanding. Skip the woodlawn grill, overpriced for nothing. PORTS: St.Thomas: Took cab to Coral world and kids swam with the sea lions then walked over to COKI beach. This was a fun day and the beach was great. We were the only ship in that day so not crowded at all. If many ships were in port you would have to get here early or have no where to sit. St. Marteen: walked fromt he boat to the downtown, rented chairs and relaxed. Nice beach and close to shops for a little jewelry shopping. Fun day. PICTURES: The picture package was the straw that broke my back! I wanted to buy 10 pictures in the package for 175 but they would not allow me to buy any pictures that i was not it. I want to but these as gifts for my family but would have had to pay 30 dollars per picture so i opted and was told i could buy a package. When i went to pick up the package later that day, i was told i could not have the pictures. again, the staff member was rude and would not help. I complained at guest services but celebrity said it is a private company not their fault. This ended my cruise on a very sour note. When i returned home i completed the survey and asked to be contacted by celebrity to voice my issues. They are supposed to return your email in 24-48 hours. It has been 3 weeks. I guess they don't care about their guests. So my advice, if you are looking a for a mediocre ship, with ok food and entertainment book this ship, if not keep looking. There are many other boats out there that will take your money for a much better time.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
Prior to our cruise, we had heard great things about Celebrity and the Reflection. Some people were so excited for us that we were sailing on the Reflection. Sadly, the ship just doesn't live up to the hype. We had booked Aqua Class. ... Read More
Prior to our cruise, we had heard great things about Celebrity and the Reflection. Some people were so excited for us that we were sailing on the Reflection. Sadly, the ship just doesn't live up to the hype. We had booked Aqua Class. The cabin was nicely appointed and spotless. It was small. Really small. We have previously sailed on Holland America and the smaller cabin size on the Reflection was really noticed, especially the bathroom. The cabin service was not up to par. The daily delivery of water occurred only 3 of the 7 days. Items were missing from the bathroom and were not replenished when used. We noticed that one of the bathrobes was soiled so we placed it on the bathroom floor to be washed. Three days later I had to request a replacement from our cabin steward. I also found it strange that on the last night of the sailing the cabin crew place the sheets, bedding and robes for the next guests in your cabin. Blu was great. Service was excellent. Food is a subjective thing, and as can be expected, some meals were excellent and some were okay. We found the portion size to be just right. We chose 3 courses every night, not 4. The desserts were the only low points. The tiramisu was excellent one night, but the rest of the nights the desserts could have been improved. Our server's wonderful exclaim of the Baked Alaska being a Celebrity exclusive that could not be found on any other cruise line was a little over the top. The Oceanview Cafe was always an exercise in confusion and frustration. Having all the food stations in the middle of the ship meant that all hungry passengers were also in the middle of the ship. Trying to navigate the hoards of people, many of who insisted on eating off their plates while at the stations was exasperating on the best of days. Food choices rarely changed, except for the Carvery Station. On the plus side, the croissants at the Sandwich Station were delicious. The Mast Grill for hamburgers and hotdogs was disappointing. The hamburgers didn't taste of beef and when we asked the crew member to please toast our bun for our hot dog he looked at me like I had requested the impossible. I simply responded to throw it on the grill, but I sensed that he was reluctant to do so. The fries were tasty. We found the coffee at Cafe al Balcio undrinkable, but the gelato at Cafe Gelateria was absolutely delicious. We made more than one trip for gelato. We ordered room service twice and both times the order wasn't complete. Prior to sailing, we also ordered some gifts on the website for our cabins. One gift was received while another did not show up. The Reflection is a noisy ship. Activities are often planned in the centre atrium which makes it basically standing room only to watch. We did not find that there was much to do on the ship. There were plenty of activities based on drinking and shopping, but not much more. We did attend two of the iLearn sessions and found them to be great. We found most of the evening shows to be entertaining. We have come to expect that cruise show performers tend to over-sing, and the Reflection singers did. The elevators were almost always crowded and we experienced some of the most rude passengers riding them. Many people were reluctant to stand on the glass floor at the back of the elevator and had no problem expressing their displeasure when asked to please step back to allow others to enter. The ship itself is spotless and in excellent shape. The decor reminds me of a Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel with the browns and aqua blues used throughout the ship. Embarkation was confusing, but we just went with the flow and were on the ship in about 25 minutes. Disembarkation was much smoother. All in all, a meh experience. Certainly nothing to make us want to book another cruise with X. Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
Did not live up to the hype. Poor value for the money. If I hadn't known already that this was a Celebrity ship, I would have figured that I was on a Carnival one. At least then I would have known that I hadn't overpaid for it. ... Read More
Did not live up to the hype. Poor value for the money. If I hadn't known already that this was a Celebrity ship, I would have figured that I was on a Carnival one. At least then I would have known that I hadn't overpaid for it. Pluses: Overall cleanliness and condition of ship. Cabin (inside) location and comfort. Frozen/frosted bar surface at Martini Bar with Martini Flight show (5 different 3 oz martinis poured simultaneously from accordioned shakers). Buffet layout and food variety. Coffee strength and taste. Escargot availability in dining room nightly. Fitness center layout, equipment variety, quality, and quantity. Repeat cruiser cocktail parties (two total). Minuses: All complimentary dining venue (didn't partake of any extra fee ones) food quality generally dry and relatively tasteless. Dining room bread cold and dry, only two choices. Escargot taste variable, but not bad. Dining room service occurred at a glacial pace (didn't appear to be a server issue, but rather a galley one). Some buffet lunch items still available at dinner. Rock lobster vs Maine lobster. Shipboard entertainment quantity/variety/quality at best mediocre. On November 11th, Cruise Director (a dud in our opinion) mentioned English Remembrance Day before scheduled theater show, but failed to acknowledge US Veterans Day. He recovered the next day before the show, apparently in response to my (and probably other vets') comment card regarding same. Ship furnishings and decorations average to low quality. Stairwell "art" a joke. No conventional "Promenade Walk" that circles ship exterior port and starboard and fore and aft; Deck 5 accesses exterior walkways port and starboard, but unobstructed ocean views severely limited due to lifeboats, and walkways do not connect at bow or stern. Having taken 7 cruises on 7 different ships to Alaska, this class of ship would not be good to take there, since public scenery viewing vantage points are very limited. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
The following narrative includes a balanced review of our recent trip on the Celebrity Reflection during the period November 15-22, 2014. The cruising party included 4 couples, all of which are seasoned travelers. My partner and I had ... Read More
The following narrative includes a balanced review of our recent trip on the Celebrity Reflection during the period November 15-22, 2014. The cruising party included 4 couples, all of which are seasoned travelers. My partner and I had taken a cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse during its inaugural New Year’s Eve cruise and really enjoyed the quality of service and layout of the Solace class vessel. We promoted the cruise to our friends that Celebrity was a notch above Royal Caribbean in terms of service and amenities. Our four couples anticipated an enjoyable cruise on the Reflection. Arrival- We arrived at 11:30AM and processing was generally smooth. We were aboard the vessel by 12:30PM and immediately upgraded our drink packages to Premium. We had been given the1-2-3 deal which included a classic package. We bought the premium package, for an extra 10 dollars per day plus gratuity as we enjoy craft beers and all of the reviews suggested that Celebrity had made an effort to allure craft beer lovers with their selection. After the buffet, our first stop was to Michael’s on Deck 5. We really enjoyed Michael’s on the Eclipse as it provided a brief respite from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the ship. Michael’s was also the alleged home of the craft beer selections and we were looking forward to a sail away beverage. On arrival at Michael’s, a sign was posted indicating it was closed. No problem. We figured once the ship was underway, we could sit in the lounge and relax. Wrong. In small print, there were directions that craft beer was available on Deck 4. That confused us. We went to deck 4, the location of the Wine Cellars. On arrival, no one was there. We eventually located someone who was the head of the Cellars. He had no idea what we were talking about and stated he was a wine expert and unfamiliar with craft beers. We returned to Michael’s and spoke to the woman who was the “concierge”. She indicated to us that Michael’s was permanently closed to all guests except for those in the top tier suites. We were dumbfounded. She stated that those paying 24,000-40,000 were given access to Michaels’ and only them. We had a balcony suite, which did not qualify. We asked if aqua class or concierge suites would qualify and we were told “No”. Throughout the entire cruise, only 7-8 people were allowed in Michael’s. We asked when the place had become off-limits to guests and was told that about a month ago a decision was made to close it to everyone but top level suite cruisers. The literature we had read stated that Michael’s was the craft beer haven for cruisers. It was a lie. We returned to the cellar and asked the gentleman how to get craft beers, such as Duval, Delirium, Orval, etc. He stated he had no idea. Five days into the cruise and after pestering him, he stated he was able to eventually get some craft beers. Unfortunately, many of the selections he acquired were more than the 13 dollars allotted by the premium package, necessitating an upcharge. Duval was 14.50 and Delirium (a small bottle) was 18.00. This meant that for the premium package, the additional expense would be added to the shipboard account; however, those on the classic package could not add the difference to the bill. They were required to pay the full amount. Therefore, one Duval for a premium package holder was an extra 1.50 while the classic package holder had to pay the full 14.50 with no offset available. Room-We then went to our room which was spacious and like the Eclipse. One continuing problem was that the shower overflowed onto the rest of the bathroom floor. Towels were very thin and one could see through them. We were not provided soap on a daily basis and even after asking twice for soap, we were not provided it until a third call. This was not the Celebrity we had come to expect. Room service had a very limited non- chargeable menu. Chicken wings were gone and most items required an upcharge. The balcony was nice and spacious. Beware if you get a room on Deck 6 as there are lifeboats that impact the view. We were on deck 7. Emergency- During the cruise, we had to return to St. Thomas from St. Maarten because a passenger was ill. We stayed off the coast late night for several hours while a lifeboat was deployed to take the passenger to shore. The ship was stagnant in the water and passengers were frightened as to why the ship had stopped. Embarrassment at the Opus Dining Room- All four couples sat together. We were at Table 146, which is along the wall to the entrance to the kitchen. No view. On Tuesday night, our order took longer than expected. It was the kitchen and no fault of our excellent waiter, Bernard. Bernard was an old school, classy waiter who made intelligent recommendations and was attentive. Our assistant waiter, Christina, was on her second cruise and tried diligently. The issue was the Assistant Maitre D’ whose name we later found out was Luca. Luca is the most obnoxious individual we have ever met on a cruise. In fact, all four couples at the table as well as dozens of other couples nearby our table responded the same way to his behavior. Our seating time was 6:00PM. We arrived on time but the kitchen was slow. Perhaps it was because we had eight people at a table, potentially resulted in slower service. Regardless, at 8:20PM we had cocktails delivered to all at the table. As we began drinking our cocktails to, what up to that point, had been an enjoyable dinner, Lucas approached a lady at the table and stated aloud to her and to the rest of the table, “You have one minute to finish your drink and get out. We need the table. We have a hundred people at the door waiting to come in” Everyone at the table and those still at other tables nearby turned and looked at him in shock. The lady’s partner asked him what he said and Luca replied, “You need to get out of here in a minute and go somewhere else. I need this table.” Immediately, everyone at the table stood up and proceeded to leave Bernard was embarrassed and so was Christina. We all left. One of the gentlemen in our party approached Luca as we left and stated to him that his (Luca’s) actions were unclassy and that was not the way to treat people. He said that it would have been appropriate to suggest politely that we move our venue to a different location and perhaps offer a drink for the party for our inconvenience. We understood there was an 8:30 seating but there is a way to talk to people and his demeanor and words were rude and inflammatory. We all had drink packages so offering a drink would not have resulted in any expense. It was the way the lady was approached. He did not even have the courage to approach a man. Lucas stated loudly, “I don’t care what you think. You need to leave. We have another seating coming in. Report me if you want.” The gentleman stated to Lucas that he would report him to the head Maitre’d. To our amazement (three of us were there with him), Lucas replied “I don’t care what you do. I’m not going anywhere. Complain to who you want!” He seemed so secure in his position that he could act however he wanted and there was no way his behavior would be addressed by management. We went to the food and beverage manager who stated he would speak to Lucas. We received no follow-up whatsoever or apology. Another gentleman at our table later approached the food and beverage manager and stated that we no longer wished to see Lucas at our table and the manager agreed. We were told Bernard was sick on Friday, the last night of the cruise and tip night. We had another waiter and provided him with gratuity. Those who had pre-paid gratuities tried to have Lucas’ tip removed but were told that was impossible. Other couples who heard Lucas’ disrespectful remarks later approached the gentleman at our table who had spoken to him and commended him for confronting this demeaning staff member. Ringworm- one of the people on the cruise had an active case of ringworm, as evidenced by signs on his body. He had his shirt off at the pool and had been in the pool and hot tub. No staff member approached him. For the entire cruise, no one in our party would enter the pool or hot tub. Top Chef- no information was available prior to the cruise. On the cruise itself, we were unable to get any information about events with the exception of the daily newsletter. All of the events had somehow been booked. One couple told us they fought for hours to get seats at the cooking class. This was a great disappointment as none of the events were publicized well. The Top Chef component of this cruise was a dud. Top Chef dinner- one of the dinners featured a menu containing selections from the four top chefs present on the cruise. The food was not actually cooked by the top chefs but was their recipes. All at the table agreed that the menu was inferior and tasted worse than the actual daily dining room menu. The top chefs themselves were indifferent. One couple at our table met one top chef for 4 seconds as he passed by the table but the top chef left before meeting the other couples. Specialty restaurant- Murano Outstanding! This was the highlight of the cruise. The Maitre d’, Assistant Maitre d’ and rest of the staff were professional and the service was perfect. We ordered Ostera caviar at market price and it was properly presented. The accompaniments were appropriately served and every aspect of the menu was well executed. We were pleased to have the Captain briefly stop by the table and extend his best wishes. The Chateaubriand for two was tender and perfectly cooked medium rare. The Murano lobster was succulent and meaty. The medium rare duck was juicy. The venison was lightly smoked and tender. The steak and lobster were prepared tableside. Don’t miss the cheese selection at the end! Cover charge is 50 dollars but it is well worth it. We would have dined here every evening had we known how outstanding the food and service were. Thank you, Murano staff! Ports of Call- The first port, San Juan, resulted in lines of 90 minutes as the entire ship tried to disembark at once. Best suggestion? Sit at the lounge at deck 3 and watch the line. The other ports provided easier disembarkation. Getting aboard the ship was efficient. St. Thomas and St. Maarten were the best ports of call. One hint: Take bottled water from the ship with you as you disembark if you are on the beverage package. Best place on the ship- Sunset Lounge. Lionel and the staff were attentive and engaging. It is the smoking area on the ship which allows for cigars and excellent interaction. The view is amazing. The rest of the deck is primarily occupied by cabanas which cost about 125.00 a day to rent. They remained empty for the cruise! In addition, there is a grille restaurant which costs 50.00 a head. It is a waste of great space in the interest of collecting a few extra dollars from passengers. Celebrity- return this space to the average cruiser. This newly redefined space results in unnecessary up charges to access previously common areas of the ship. Common areas- common areas were very clean with attendants in place. The specialty shops occupy much of a deck and the prices are expensive. The focus is on watches and other luxury items. The duty free liquor offers little value. Molecular Bar- Slow, but excellent cocktails. One waitress at the bar attempted to charge for a drink. Here’s the deal: All drinks on the premium package are up to 13.00. All drinks at the molecular bar are 13.00. Therefore, all drinks at the Molecular Bar should be included in the drink package, right? Wrong. This waitress, who also works during the day at the Coffee House, told us that we had to sign a check for 14.95. I was not about to sign for the drink since I had the premium beverage package, for which I had paid an upcharge. She told me the drink amounted to 14.95 because a gratuity of 15% had been added and put the drink over the limit. I was therefore responsible for the additional expense. I told her that the gratuity was applied already when I purchased the package as 15 percent is automatically added to the bill. I was not about to pay an additional 1.95. I went to Guest relations to have the charge removed. Beware! Do not sign for anything unless you intend to be charged. Do not sign for beverages included in your package. Overall, we enjoyed the cruise with the exception of the aforementioned service. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. One poor decision in the interest of the top tier passengers can sour a cruise. The decision to close Michael’s to the average guests, the misleading information that this was a craft beer friendly cruise and the failure of “Wine Cellars” to stock craft beer until the end of the cruise angered many craft beer lovers we met. Celebrity, return Michael’s to the people. We will not try Celebrity again. We were embarrassed to have recommended the line. The ship itself is beautiful with various artwork that compliment its name. The staff, however, is inexperienced and lacks cohesion. One staff member doesn’t seem to know what the other is doing. We asked for Bocce balls to play on the Sunset deck. We asked an officer with one stripe. He smiled at us and said that he would take care of it. We never saw him again. Service to guests seems subservient to the staff’s own concerns. The other three couples that accompanied us were gracious in telling us they enjoyed the cruise but we were taken aback because we recommended Celebrity Cruise Lines. If the service aboard this vessel is any Reflection of the service aboard other Celebrity vessels, the cruise lines is on its way to ranking below all others. Celebrity Reflection needs to develop a cohesive staff. We never saw the Cruise director all cruise. We heard him on the intercom after the Captain’s daily message but nothing more. There was very little staff engagement to make the cruise special. Perhaps that is what is most disappointing of all. The staff appeared to just be going through the motions for another slew of passengers not caring if they made the experience a once in a lifetime one.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Celebrity Reflection Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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