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81 Miami Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews

I love cruising and have gone on Princess,& Royal Caribbean, but Celebrity is my favorite. Celebrity offers a higher level of service. The crew was friendly and seemed happy to be working for the company. We had a balcony cabin on ... Read More
I love cruising and have gone on Princess,& Royal Caribbean, but Celebrity is my favorite. Celebrity offers a higher level of service. The crew was friendly and seemed happy to be working for the company. We had a balcony cabin on deck 9. Our room steward, Yogi and his assistant were excellent. Our cabin was immaculate and whenever we requested something, it was done and we never had to ask twice. We had first seating. The menus were diverse and the food was excellent. We ate at 2 specialty restaurants. Tuscany was Italian cuisine and it was excellent. We have eaten at the restaurant on other Celebrity ships and have never been disappointed. The other restaurant was Q which was fun and quirky. It was like Tapas. We ordered many different plates and shared them. We have eaten there before on a family cruise. There were 9 of us and we were and we were able to sample lots of different cuisines. The entertainment was wonderful. The ship's singers and dancers were very talented. Their productions were top notch. They also entertained at different venues as part of the evening activities. The ports were great, St. Marten, St. Kitt, St. Lucia, Barbados, Aruba Antigua and Curaçao. My only complaint was that we spent an overnight in Barbados. Unfortunately it was Easter and nothing was open. The next day was an Island holiday and nothing was open. That was unfortunate. The ship is beautiful and well maintained. The embarkation and disembarkation went very smoothly. We did spend some time in Miami before the cruise visiting relatives. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
From the moment we boarded we knew there would be trouble, spring breakers running around drinking in the pools and causing disturbances all around. We went to our Aqua Class cabin and it was not clean at all, stains on the couch, dirt on ... Read More
From the moment we boarded we knew there would be trouble, spring breakers running around drinking in the pools and causing disturbances all around. We went to our Aqua Class cabin and it was not clean at all, stains on the couch, dirt on the floor, a musty odor and the balcony was not cleaned from the previous guests. We called guest services asked for the supervisor because we wanted to get off and schedule a future cruise without the ambiance of a college dorm full of dropouts. We stated the ship was dirty, kids are running thru the halls banging on the walls and doors and all we want is a credit for a future cruise so we do not have to put up with this for 5 nights. We were assured there would be no problems, the crew was specially trained to handle this situation and security would not have a problem. We again said that is fine but we would like a credit for a future cruise because this was not our idea of a relaxing week at sea and not a preferable use of our vacation time. She said we could leave but there would be no credit. In hindsight I should have said I was feeling like I had the flu and left and fought with the insurance because this cruise was a nightmare and a pattern of lip service and inaction began that day. After we decided to stay, we asked to have the room cleaned because we did not want a dirty room. We went for a walk on deck 11, could not believe the antics at the pool and how the bars just kept serving the drunk and unruly dropouts. We went back to the room after they assured us again everything was under control and the room was clean and started unpacking. I went by the desk and found toe nails on the rug, I called and asked again if we could leave and get a credit but the employee of the year said no but they would clean again. Went for another walk came back and the toe nails I pointed out to the steward were gone, however, there were more under the desk which would have required him to move the chair to see which he obviously did not do. Yes,disgusting. That night dinner at Blu was very good but it went downhill from there everyday afterwards. The ribeye was just terrible and the waiters knew it. The day at sea, Monday was a total disaster, the crew members in the spa never checked for Aqua class cards to get into the Persian garden and as a result the dropouts were in there as well. While I am on that subject, don't believe the hype about solticizing the constellation, sorry, this was a lame attempt to renovate a basement on Long Island and it was just a small cramped dark dank space. There are no tile lounges only a bench that you cannot get comfortable on and a strange tower in the middle that served no purpose. The Aqua spa cafe was terrible, I am not sure what it was supposed to be but it didn't work had strange hours and the smoothies were disgusting. The pool was a sea of delinquents, security was permitting bottles in the pools and hot tubs and adults were driven from the area by the loud music and absolute lack of security. There was nowhere for adults to go and it was a total nightmare. The bar tenders never cut them off even when they were visibly drunk and disorderly. We complained to the employee of the year again and were told she didn't think it was that bad, when we asked her if she was on the pool deck she said no, she did not go there herself, amazing really to tell us it was not bad and she never left her office. More lip service and inaction. At one point on deck 11we could not walk the track due to all the drunks blocking the track and we looked down at the pool, there were 30 kids in one hot tub and at least 30 beer bottles lining the tub while security did nothing. The room was never really clean and we found the ship to be shabby in need of a few weeks out of service just to clean the ship. The furniture in all the common spaces looked nice until you look close, all shabby and in need of replacement. Needless to say, celebrity is not what it was years ago. The new CEO should be fired for incompetence to let the celebrity name be attached to such a shabby ship, inept employee of the year and really forgettable food. This cruise is on the heels of a cruise on the Reflection in December of 2014 which was not much better without the delinquents. No more celebrity for me. We sent a letter to customer service, called to complain and not a word. We met Captain Nicholas who was very friendly and listened to our complaints. He was a personable man and was one of the only crew who was friendly. Most of the officers did not acknowledge guests when passing on the decks and looked sloppy. I am comparing it to the Norwegian Getaway which we were on in September 2014 where every crew member was as sharp as a tac to the point it stood out. What happened to Celebrity? I read some people call this ship Connie, I call it a loser, don't waste your time or money booking this ship. Oh yeah, the adult pool had a slime floating on it for 3 days, we would not go in. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
This was our first Transatlantic, and our first Celebrity. Overall, I would say it is a notch below Oceania, but one up on HAL and two on Princess. FOOD Food is important to us, so the following comments would not apply to those who ... Read More
This was our first Transatlantic, and our first Celebrity. Overall, I would say it is a notch below Oceania, but one up on HAL and two on Princess. FOOD Food is important to us, so the following comments would not apply to those who enjoy a "pile it high burger dinner". The main dining room - very disappointing. Very low food quality, which excellent service could not compensate for. As bad as Princess. Tables for two are very badly positioned in the corridor. The usual attempt to rush you out in 30 minutes. Top deck cafes - what you'd expect. Not really for us. Bistro on Five - again excellent service, but a very limited menu. The emphasis on crepes is a mistake, as they are not of a high enough quality. Only two salads (with appalling dressing - best avoided). Good soups that change daily. Very nicely fitted out. The formula overall does not work, as it was half empty most days. If I were Celebrity, I would use this space to put in an Asian speciality restaurant which would be packed and which they could charge more for. Tuscan Grill - again excellent service, especially wine and from the one actually Italian waiter. Menu way too limited. The frozen fish did not appeal, so you have to like steak. No chicken, pork, lamb etc. One or two creamy pasta dishes were ok, but the chef is not Italian and it REALLY showed on the lasagne. Again, if you like your pasta sauces without wine, garlic, or herbs, then this would not matter for you, but we expect Italian food in an Italian restaurant. Perhaps clients should be given a choice. Ocean Liners - again outstanding service, both managers excellent, and a wonderful place for flambees. A more varied menu than the Tuscan Grill, and higher quality food. This was our refuge. It was quickly clear who was who, as we saw a lot of fine diners again and again. Slight shame they don't use the piano there, one guest took to playing for the rest of us which made the atmosphere even better. Overall - the extra charge for the speciality restaurants is high, but we had little choice given the poor food in the main dining room. If you are not a foodie, then it is not worth paying a lot. The "Ultima" package which allows unlimited access is sold as including lunch, tea and dinner, but be aware that is a bit of a con as there is only one lunch in TG and OL, and only one tea (ON THE SAME DAY!) in the entire 15 day cruise. You need to calculate your options very carefully. DRINKS - As others have commented, wine prices are high, higher than Oceania which seems particularly ridiculous, and a good 50% above HAL. Martini's is a great bar, though a walkthrough feel can be off putting. We like our wine so we bought a package, but again this is a bit of a con. You are of course restricted to glasses only, and even the upgraded package meant hardly any wines were available on the OL menu. That $12 cut off is cunningly low. This is only worth it if you are a heavy spirits drinker who drinks every day. Having said that the price of wine by the bottle was astronomical, so really you either drink average wine or pay through the roof. ENTERTAINMENT - Similar to other cruises, but overall enjoyable. Cruise Director John was very good, as was the Mercurial Tyler, the activity manager. The dancers were better than the singers, but they put on a great show. Individual entertainers were perhaps a little downscale, but still very good. The speakers were excellent - particularly Nigel West. Way above normal. Internet access is a problem on this ship, and the system they use is particularly user unfriendly. The Internet staff were the one area of the Constellation where the service fell down. CABIN - average, but ok. Similar to HAL, below Oceania. A lot of guests were talking about poor internet service, and no TV reception if you were in a lower cabin. CROWD - good age mix, and I would say a fun bunch. More varied than other cruises, though being a Transatlantic, no children. PORTS OF CALL - very interesting, and the variety was very appealing. 8 days at sea non-stop were a challenge, and it would have made sense to break it up with a stop somewhere west Atlantic. The time changes were oddly handled. Have never been on a ship where ship time was different to the ports of call, and there was real confusion in Madeira with old time, new time, and local time (not helped by the tour tickets being printed on shore time). Finishing in Amsterdam was a step down. Dreadful weather, most restaurants seemed closed for some reason, and the flight we took on to France with Transavia was a definite mistake. $300 for an extra bag! We wished we'd got off earlier. OVERALL - a good ship and an excellent crew. If food quality could be raised then this would be a winner. Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
Since Crystal has changed its policies and its service has diminished, we decided to try other cruiselines. We prefer transatlantic because we like the relaxing days at sea, so we opted for Celebrity. We were not disappointed. ... Read More
Since Crystal has changed its policies and its service has diminished, we decided to try other cruiselines. We prefer transatlantic because we like the relaxing days at sea, so we opted for Celebrity. We were not disappointed. EMBARKATION: As easy as its gets if you print out boarding passes on computer. We just showed all the necessary documentation and within 15 minutes, we were ascending the gangplank! :) CABIN: As this was a transatltantic, we chose a cabin on a lower deck, midship. We were not sorry since we experinced minimal rocking. The cabin was well appointed and had plenty of storage. We stashed our luggage under the beds. Our cabin steward, Collin, was fantastic and complied with every small request. We tipped him extra for his efforts. After the first night, I requested a feather pillow and it was there. The mattresses are rock hard and every morning, I awoke with a stiff back. That was the only bad thing. Also, the satellite TV was off again/on again, but we were not cruising to watch TV. I unplugged it, let it reboot, and it was fine. We saw many good movies. DINING: We requested a table for two at early seating. We sat along the wall in the Michaelangelo dining room. Some people did not like this, but I enjoyed watching the people pass us, especially on formal nights. It was like a fashion show. Our waiter, Ramon, was good, but his assistant, Reagan, was brand new and that poor kid tried ssssoooo hard to please. I think they were riding him, but he was very good to us. The food was tasty and variety was plentiful. ENTERTAINMENT: The social director, John Grantham, was a veteran employee. His assistant, Tyler, was always at his side and I'm not sure what purpose he served. They had a dance troupe that performed and they were okay. One guest speaker, Nigel West, spoke about espionage during WWI and WWII and he drew a large audience. He was very, very good. Also, Capt. Tasos spoke on the construction of a brand new ship. Capt. Tasos was a very funny, very affable man and very approachable. He loves his job. Since we had 7 straight days at sea, for the first time, we decided to attend the art auctions. We were glad we did because Travis taught us so much about art! We also played trivia twice a day. SPA: I went for a spa treatment and it was just average. My operator kept trying to sell me products and I found that to be a turn off. Of course, their prices were 3-4x the norm ($45 for a manicure!) but they've got a captive audience. GYM: The gym was very well equipped and there were plenty of treadmills to go around. We used it everyday. SPECIALTY RESTAURANT: We went to the Italian Grille and were disappointed. I sent my entree back. The menu is very limited and the choices are not genuine Italian. Everyone raved about OCEANLINERS, so next time, we'll try that one. Overall, it was a very nice cruise and the differences b/t Celebrity and Crystal were subtle, but with Celebrity you get much more bang for your buck. They've got two new loyal customers! Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
Working and raising a family kept us from cruising for over thirty years. Finally retired, and we've already cruised twice this year, hopefully more to come! Here's a comparison of the first two pleasure filled journeys, seen ... Read More
Working and raising a family kept us from cruising for over thirty years. Finally retired, and we've already cruised twice this year, hopefully more to come! Here's a comparison of the first two pleasure filled journeys, seen through our inexperienced eyes: MSC Poesia -- January 19th from Fort Lauderdale, a seven night western Caribbean cruise. We invited along our ten amazing grandchildren plus, of course, their parents. True family joy surrounded by caring, gracious service. Pure fun for kids, sophisticated elegance for adults. Celebrity Constellation -- May 5th from Miami, just wife Debbie and I, a 15 night transatlantic cruise to Amsterdam. Pampering for romantics, and we always felt special. We had booked this cruise before deciding on the MSC family vacation. Of course traveling as a family on MSC Poesia in a cluster of nine lovely upgraded balcony cabins is quite different from a couple in one of Celebrity Constellation's comfortable, spacious, Sky Suites. By the way, cabins on both ships are intelligently designed and were immaculately clean. And cabin attendants were thorough, pleasant, and proactive. Two home runs! Both voyages by far exceeded our expectations, and we will recommend both ships (and their companies) to personal friends. Clear to us: both organizations have strong, bright, and obsessively customer focused managements. Our big surprise: how very few people we meet, even veteran cruisers, have heard of MSC Cruises. A shame because this company's product is solidly good and deserving of recognition, worthy as a first choice. On the other hand, pretty much everybody knows and strongly compliments Celebrity for consistently excellent product, evidently, a well earned reputation. We have the feeling that MSC think of themselves as the underdog, a smaller less known company, so they try even harder than the "big boys" to please and delight. Similarly, no sign that Celebrity is resting on laurels, focused efforts. Decor -- both ships are creatively and stunningly decorated. MSC Poesia to us seemed to have a more cohesive, flowing sense of themes and colors, a feel that's both modern and welcoming, pleasant spaces. Celebrity Constellation is filled with evocative pieces of original art, many great conversation starters, add a sense of whimsy. At a guess, the overall decorating plan was assembled by a team of distinguished world class decorators, and each desired to contribute individuality. Sanitation -- on both ships crew continually sanitized railings, proactively offered hand sanitizer, suggested (to say it mildly) hand washing. Main Dining Room -- both have two fixed dinner seating. Poesia's dining room layout is more structured, serpentine hip walls create aisles for guests and wait staff to move about. The effect is cozy areas, a bit club room like, and one feels a tad more private. Constellation's dining room is towering high, magnificent, with a true "wow" evoking ceiling, plus elaborate formal staircase in center leading up to tables on a balcony circling above the main seating floor. There are no main area aisles, just lots of tables of varying sizes, scant wiggle room around each, but once seated, fully comfortable. A memorable space! Service in both is gracious, attentive, accommodating. Soon servers on both ships greeted us by name. On the Poesia, likely because our ten grandchildren made us stand out, very special extra service was unobtrusively provided, and younger children received individual help ordering. My jaw dropped with delight realizing that the wait crew remembered not only each child's name but also what food each likes, having noted what was left on the plate the day before, and used that to guide ordering. We take our hats off to that kind of spontaneous customer service, so rare in today's streamlined world. Nothing lacked from Constellation's excellent service, we were personally very, very well cared for. Food -- quality on both ships was excellent, as delicious as in most "fine" dining restaurant on land, but not quite "gourmet." My mind cannot grasp how so many thousand extremely varied (special requests encouraged) meals can be well prepared and served daily. Glad it's not my job to make that happen! In the main dining room, MSC's menu offered more international dishes (plus the US standbys). Some Italian dishes were jump out of your shoes tasty. Celebrity offers more "American" style choices. Likely each company is responding to the tastes if its own clientele: MSC has many more nationalities aboard especially Western European; Celebrity has a predominantly American clientele. Portions in the dining room are larger on Celebrity than MSC. However on MSC many (like big eater me) ordered five courses and left very satisfied. Hard to imagine many except the most robust fully finishing just four courses on Celebrity. I could only eat a third of a perfectly cooked, actually melt in the mouth delicious, braised lamb shank main course on Celebrity. At home would have been doggie bagged for an additional dinner plus a lunch! Both ships have cafeterias on the pool deck. MSC's is significantly larger, more selections, American and international. Quality at both ships' cafeterias is astonishing, fresh salads, carved meat, pastas, and so on. Celebrity has, at a more forward, separate location, a small healthy food cafeteria, Aqua Cafe, where we were delighted by fresh, often organic, food and tastes, breakfast and lunch, allowing us avoiding the temptation to over eat if "seduced" by the main buffets' almost sinful delights. Specialty restaurants (extra charge) on Constellation (Tuscan Grill and Ocean Liners) are simply top excellent food and service, as good as the best available in most average sized cities, worth the added cost (about $40 per person), especially for the romantically inclined. At Ocean Liners select the goat cheese souffle as a starter. Wine list is world class. We suspect MSC Poesia's specialty restaurants would also have also been delights, but the temptation was dampened by the thought of asking a fine dining venue for a tables for 23, including 10 children, with a few high chairs. As well behaved as our troops are, likely a considerate decision. Tips -- per day, per person, tips are added on to the bill covering both the "hotel" and included dining service. MSC has a reduced rate for children, the youngest are free. Both ships automatically add in a 15 percent tip for extra charge beverages and food. Celebrity also ask for a voluntary "extra tip" over and above this automatic 15 percent, and in our opinion usually the quality of the service received warrants a bigger tip. Smoking -- on both ships smoking is allowed at designated places on the pool decks. Appears more smoking allowed locations on Constellation. The very pretty Sunset Bar on Constellation's fantail overlooking the stern was way too smoky for us, although the Constellation does not lack for other delightful spots that are smoke free. Surprisingly, adjacent to the Constellation's healthy food Aqua Cafe there is a smoking area separated only by very wide automatic sliding doors, and strong cigarette smell wafts in with each door opening depending on wind direction. Extra charge beverages -- bottled water is free on the Poesia (nice for shore excursions) but is costly on Constellation (tap water is quite good on both ships). Bar prices on both were reasonable, lower than normally found on land. Because we purchased a wine package on Poesia (12 bottles for a nicely discounted lump sum) have no feel for relative wine prices in main dining room of ship. Constellation's wine list is extensive, never outrageously priced, although no bargains. Two pluses for MSC -- do it yourself self service gelato cone machines on pool deck, real hit with the kids. Laundry package, $25 lump sum covered our (grandma and grandpa) laundry for the week, not unlimited but conveniently sufficient. Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
Often times I wonder if we are traveling with the same folks. We love this ship, yet other travelers have only ugly remarks. Cruising is often very subjective. What pleases us does not please others. Perhaps our standards are not so high. ... Read More
Often times I wonder if we are traveling with the same folks. We love this ship, yet other travelers have only ugly remarks. Cruising is often very subjective. What pleases us does not please others. Perhaps our standards are not so high. I think of it this way: When I am at home, how's the cooking? Who's making my bed? Cleaning the bathroom? Forget it!!! So, that being said, let me tell you about our cruise.Boarding in Miami was a snap. Having sailed on the "Connie" two years ago, we knew where our inside cabin was and settled in. (the inside cabin was a booking mistake but after reaching the Baltic and the constant daylight....sunrise @ 4:30 am and sunset @ 11:00 p.m., we were blessed to have a total darkness room :)Cruising the Atlantic was fun...we read, napped, ate, then napped some more. There were so many "Elite" members aboard that coupons were given out for Happy Hour Free Cocktails. We were not terribly happy about this. It was like getting a McDonalds Happy Meal ticket. Everyone got 3 cocktail tickets, to be used in any bar. Not really special....and no appetizers. :( Complaints were made. Lionel, the Elite Rep. was not very visible during the crossing.Ports of call during the crossing and through the English Channel were fun. We loved Dover, Eng. (quaint and walkable). Two hours to Paris was worth the trip.Portugal is always a favorite. On to Amsterdam......many departed. We stayed on. We love back-to-backs because they can become two distinctive cruises. Sailing up the North Sea and into the Bay of Finland was special. Port intensive and loads of walking, but even the old people (us) managed to spread our feeble wings and explore.We had excursions in every port, including 2 days in St. Petersburg. It was exhausting but worth every minute. A bit about the ship: The Constellation was in dry dock in April. Supposedly, great things happened. No....not true. Maybe some carpet was replaced. I didn't notice. (We were on the "Connie" two years ago). Venues were removed, i.e. the movie theatre, (the reason here was that Pay-for-TV movies were more of a money-maker). Sad... more money-grabbing going on. John, the Cruise Director, (if tonight's the night you are going straight to bed...this is not the night to do it!!) We love him. Saw him on another Celebrity ship. Entertainment: Production shows = exceptional. Nigel West = tremendous. Comedy and magic = average. Classical music = average. General musical entertainment = good. Food: Well, that is so subjective. We felt the San Marco was very good, but perhaps not as good as two years ago. (We only had escargot on the last leg of the trip). The buffet is what it is. Try the pizza....yum. The Tuscan Grill is worth every penny. Excellent!Special kudos to my friends in Reflections!! Hope to see you again Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
We are unseasoned at cruising, so consider these comments with that perspective. Our previous cruise experience was limited to a 50-passenger trip though the Greek isles on the Sea Cloud -- a wholly different experience than that offered ... Read More
We are unseasoned at cruising, so consider these comments with that perspective. Our previous cruise experience was limited to a 50-passenger trip though the Greek isles on the Sea Cloud -- a wholly different experience than that offered by a "traditional ocean liner." But we had been looking for the right opportunity to dip our toes in the water of large passenger ship cruising, and the Top Chef theme cruise -- only 4 nights 5 days on a highly regarded "luxury" line-- seemed an attractive introductory experience from which we might forecast our cruising future. Sadly our experience was very mixed. First, the Top Chef themed activities were simply wonderful. Cooking demonstrations, Quickfire "competitions," Q and A's with 10 years of fan favorites and winning "chef-testants," and Tom Collichio playing lead guitar and singing Creedence at the poolside stage-- we could not have enjoyed the themed events more. Bravo to Bravo and Top Chef for a well-planned and well-executed experience. And it bears saying that the Top Chef chefs and staff were all about the ship, interacting with the passengers, spending real time and making real connections. Every single Top Chef person -- and most notably Gail Simmons and Hubert Keller-- was as cordial, gracious, and engaging as one could imagine. A class act by a classy group in every respect. If only the ship and its staff had lived up to the standards of the reality TV folks. I don't want to nitpick, and we are seasoned travelers if not cruisers, so I have no problem rolling with the unexpected, but these seemed to us to be serious lapses in the cruise line's core functions: 1. Our "veranda suite." Oh, please. There is nothing "suite" or sweet about the suites. They are single rooms, with the tiniest bathroom you can imagine. The presence of a small upholstered love-seat in addition to the bed is evidently the defining feature of a "suite" on this line. For shame! We are not price-sensitive when it comes to accommodations and we booked the best available suite months in advance. Even so, one person must sit on the bed to allow the other to move anywhere in the room. The sound of the toilet flushing is enough to wake the dead. The shower delivers nothing warmer than room temperature water (but curiously, the water in the bathroom sink is hot). The veranda is a plastic-enclosed postage-stamp with 2 miserable plastic chairs. The TV cannot be viewed from the seating area, only the bed -- whose genius is behind that failure of space/function? The hallways are endless and narrow and laundry carts and food service carts are left parked permanently in key spots along the way. Suffice it to say that I have stayed in budget-priced Travel Lodges that were better designed and better appointed. The vaunted "Concierge Class" turns out to be three stems of Peruvian lillies (alstomeria) and three pieces of fruit. They were, all six of them, there when we moved in and they were there when we left. Requests for daily ice were hit and miss. 2. The food. Yikes! Awful in the Main Dining Room (San Marcos). The rib-eye was like pot roast; the duck was flabby and fatty and unrecognizable. Everything was unseasoned, overcooked, and bland. The onion soup was fine, and my husband had an appetizer of himachi one evening that was good. But even the vaunted Sunday brunch was cold bacon, toaster waffles served room temperature, and the same canteloupe, watermelon and honeydew that we had seen at every service for four days. Waiter service was fine, but entry and seating service was an ugly and unpleasant frenzy at every meal-- bossy and over-bearing staff, indifferent to guest sensibilities and preferences. The buffet was just dreary. Endless pans of curries and over-baked sludgy pasta casseroles. The rolls and pastries were stale every single day. The pizza was doughy, tough, flavorless, served room temperature. The sushi was unimaginative and unexceptional. The omelets were fine but took forever as that station was never adequately staffed. The hamburgers at the poolside grill were like frisbees in their lack of flavor or other recognizable meat-like qualities. We tried two of the specialty (extra price) food options, with good results. Bistro on Five had very nice panini, if an absurdly limited menu, and the bar across from Bistro on Five served a marvelous 7-item tapas platter for $19.00 that was a tasty and sufficient supper for two one night when the MDR menus was so dreary that we simply got up and left without ordering. The ship makes a big deal of its ice creams and gelatos, but both were sub-par, The ice cream, which I tried 3 different times, was full of ice crystals and inadequately flavored. The gelatos were no better. Pastries at the coffee bar were days past their sell by deadline. Drink service -- wine, cocktails, beer, sodas -- was very strong. No complaints at all although in retrospect the all-inclusive beverage package is over-priced but very convenient. 3. Ship entertainment. Way way way too much thumping pounding "music" -- everywhere, all the time. The passengers are mostly 45+ and even more. Why are we enduring hip hop and rap and disco music constantly? The comedian was unfunny and hostile to the (admittedly sparse) audience. The lectures and programs were almost all sales opportunities. The "art" auction was astonishingly huck-sterish and uninformed. Oh, I could say more, but what is the point? Truth be told by Day 3 we were looking forward to being done with this luxury vacation; by the 4th day we were avid to get off the damn boat; and by the time we docked, I was grateful to the point of tears that it was finally over. Embarkation and disembarkation are very well-organized and we were grateful for the ease of departing. I have tasked myself with the assignment due diligence and investigating whether our experience was typical, or was based on a bad choice of cruise line. If we need to spend more to have a good experience, I'll bite again. If what we had is what you get, then no -- never, never, never again. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
We cruised out of the port of Miami. I don't think we waited more than 30 minutes to board the boat after arriving at around 11:40. This seemed like a short amount of time to me. Boarding was a breeze, great 1st impression thnx ... Read More
We cruised out of the port of Miami. I don't think we waited more than 30 minutes to board the boat after arriving at around 11:40. This seemed like a short amount of time to me. Boarding was a breeze, great 1st impression thnx Celebrity. Stateroom was not ready however food and drink were and we snugged up to a table on the deck. OK cut to the chase...rambling here. Overall experience was great, Celebrity staff incredible, I hope they are compensated very well. No attitudes, smiles everywhere people were eager to please. I thought it might be appropriate to tip for exceptional service, I however saw noone handing out any cash during the duration of our trip. Gratuities were included however so I guess people thought that to be enough. In regards to the premium resturants the food was not really any better that what i recieved in San Marcos, in fact I believe I enjoyed the buffet, pool side burgers and steaks at San Marcos much better. I would probably not reccomend spending the money at the Tuscan Grill or Oceanliners. As far as service goes Oceanliners service was much better and more attentive than the Tuscan Grill, we were left waiting a little too long in the Tuscan Grill. Facility was nice, pool deck a little dated but to be expected, this is Celebrities 2nd oldest ship I understand. Staff, Danny (stateroom attendant) Kris (I THINK is his name Somellier at San Marcos) and Stephan (Wine Cellars bartender) were absolutely wonderful, mad props. Entertainment was much better than expected, great for a 1st time cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Before going on the special Top Chef cruise we read the reviews here to get an idea of what to expect. Almost everything was different on this cruise from what we had expected. It was my first cruise and her second. It's very ... Read More
Before going on the special Top Chef cruise we read the reviews here to get an idea of what to expect. Almost everything was different on this cruise from what we had expected. It was my first cruise and her second. It's very likely that no other Celebrity cruise will be like this, so this is probably a one-off. I'll relate the stuff we liked and didn't like about the experience. Embarkation: Really easy, almost like an airport boarding process. Probably took us 15 - 20 mins to get on the boat. Even though we requested luggage tags they never sent them. Had to fill them in while outside the terminal prior to boarding. Cabin was ready around 1:30 - 2 PM but we never heard any announcement about it. Cabins: Cabin attendants were really nice and incredibly helpful. Anything we asked for they took care of. The way they took care of us was really the best part of the cruise. And they kept the cabin really clean the whole trip. One issue was that they must have deep cleaned the carpet just before we boarded and the rug stayed damp/sticky for days afterwards. Our cabin was clean and never noisy, except when a Carnival ship docked alongside and our entire ship began vibrating from their music. But when loud pool parties happened on our ship there was no noise heard in our cabin. Meals: Because this was a Top Chef themed cruise I think our MDR experience was unlike the normal Celebrity mealtime situation. The MDR menu had a regular section and a special page with Top Chef entrees. We ate at a fixed time but always were shuffled to a different waiter/table. They called this 'Open Seating', which led to some very disorganized meal situations where on one night it took over 2.5 hours to get to the dessert/coffee stage of the meal. We ate in the Aquaspa cafe most lunches and some breakfasts and really enjoyed the food there. The buffet was sort of like ummmm....ok, nothing special about the food. The scrambled eggs were nasty. We didn't eat in any specialty restaurants. We didn't take a drink package but brought a bottle of wine with us. Also we located the 24 hour beverage station by the pool where you can get coffee & juice without having to pay for it like you would when ordering it from a bar. The MDR staff had major problems processing drink orders for our tablemates. Either they got them wrong or failed to bring the drinks at almost every meal. When we ordered wine on the final night I had to remind the waiter at the end that they hadn't asked for our SeaPass cards yet. We did get a very interesting tour of the galleys with the Executive Sous Chef and learned a lot about how food is prepared on Celebrity ships. We were told that after our trip the ship was headed to the Bahamas for 19 days for a retrofit to add the BLU restaurant and a few other amenities. Pool/Spa: The pools are kind of small, so if you are a big pool person then this ship is probably not for you. And no water slide like on the adjacent Carnival ship. I felt sorry for the Carnival staffer who had to supervise from on top of the slide even when their ship was in port and nobody was using the pool. Deck chairs in the pool area were OK with padding, but on the upper deck they were stained and missing slats and generally needed a lot of TLC. Other stuff: The casino was sort of lame, and except when the celebrity chefs were gambling we never saw a lot of people in there. Cell service was very solid on the ship the entire trip. We had heard horror stories about crummy service on other cruise lines. Having a good cell signal was good because I went all over the ship and never found a WiFi signal anywhere on-board. I was picking up WiFi networks from shore when we cruised off the Mexican coast, but never got one on-board. So I ended up checking email through my smartphone using the slow but usable 1xRTT (2G) signal. Because of our trip schedule we had very brief port calls, Key West was only a few hours. Just enough to tour the Hemingway House and have a drink at the Green Parrot. Cozumel was not our favorite. Tip: Don't buy any jewelery from the local shops, it's like negotiating at a used car lot. Disembarkation: Due to late night drinking the night before, many of our fellow passengers could not make it out of their rooms by 8:30 AM, so we had an uncrowded & unhurried trip off the ship and through customs. They warned that federal budget cuts would delay our customs clearance but this didn't seem to be an issue. We would cruise again, just not in this type of situation. A regular cruise with a normal port schedule would probably be better for us. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Cruising Perspective: Previous cruises - Freedom of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Disney Magic. This was our first cruise without kids, and our first veranda cabin. Precruise: One night at the Marriott Courtyard Downtown Miami. After ... Read More
Cruising Perspective: Previous cruises - Freedom of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Disney Magic. This was our first cruise without kids, and our first veranda cabin. Precruise: One night at the Marriott Courtyard Downtown Miami. After checking in we tried to drive to South beach for some beach time. This was a BIG mistake. It took 45 to drive from downtown to South beach. It was Easter Sunday and it was jam-packed. No way to find parking (except for a small lot charging $30). We drove around, very slowly, taking in the sights best we could before returning to the hotel. Later we strolled the river walk but were disappointed to find the entire Bayside Park closed due to cleanup from the previous weekend's concert. Went to the Bayside Market to again find huge crowds. Got the last two seats on the harbor sightseeing boat, which we enjoyed. Embarkation: Only 45 minutes from hotel to boarding, which included parking the car at the port- very smooth. We went lunch buffet which was real crowded. After lunch chilled by the pool for a while then it started to rain very hard. Fortunately it cleared for the sail-away at about 5:15. Crowd: This may have been the youngest ever on a Celebrity Cruise. It was spring break for many states and it was a 5 night cruise. There were LOTS of teenagers and a good amount of kids. At least 25% of the passengers were 18 and under. Fortunately, they seemed to be a good group and they were well behaved from what I observed. During the first day a sea the weather was perfect. Around 9:30 we found a few empty loungers on deck 12 forward above the bridge. It was quiet and not crowded because few loungers were in that area. Soon after that EVERY seat was taken. Many people were circling the ship looking for a seat. The pool area was a zoo and the pools/hot tubs were human soup. Room: 2C sweet 16 veranda. The room was in great shape for its age. Minor wear but we had no complaints. The room is not large, but has very efficient storage. The balcony was a different story. Dirty, worn out and rusting. The off-white colored chairs were more black than white, so bad that I would not sit in them. Soon after notifying guest relations they did thoroughly scrub them. They were useable after the cleaning but hopefully will be replaced during dry dock. Covering the entire balcony area was white paint drops from really sloppy painting. Others I talked to also had these drops on their balconies. Being it was our first veranda cabin we really did enjoy having it. Ship: Interior was in good shape. It had slight wear but was clean and well maintained. The outside areas are showing a lot more wear and age. From a personal opinion, this ship was plain and lacked the 'wow' factor. It was nice and classy but very subdued when compared to Royal Caribbean ships. Food: San Marco restaurant has great food and service. The food was very similar to Royal Caribbean's. The buffet was OK only. Food was decent but the layout is very poor. Congested and the food is way too spread out along the center island. Most is located at the front and center but way in the back are a couple more food stations. Entertainment: Cruise directors Damian and Tyler did a good job. Main shows were entertaining with excellent singers and dancers. Production quality did not match Royal Caribbean's, and I was disappointed that there was no pit musicians, only canned music. The Comedian and Magician were very good. Derek Lewis performed in Michael's Club at 11 every night. He is a Guitar player/singer/comedian/coerced Karaoke guy who host 'adult day care'. He is a riot and the place was packed every time. Party bands the Spitfires and Flava were excellent and performed all over the ship. We did not see the singer/guitar player at the Sunset Bar. Piano bar player was mediocre. Classic Beverage Package: Great! Especially for the price - free. Wine glasses always full in the restaurant. Choices for wine under the package were few but they were good. It was really convenient with mostly good service and no signing. At peak times bar service was a little slow and understaffed. Ports: On Roatan we went to West Bay beach which is as good as described. However, the roads are TERRIBLE, I would not want to endure a sightseeing trip on them. On a side note, when pulling into port I saw the two Carnival ships slowly limping away from Mahogany Bay. They obviously could not dock because of high winds. I felt bad for their passengers, It was perfect weather on the island. Cozumel -went to the rustic Playa Palancar beach club to escape the crowds. Disembarkation: 1 hour fifteen minutes from off the ship to clearing customs. Not enough customs agents. Did not use: Specialty dining, Sunset Bar, or the spa. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
After cruising with Celebrity on the Equinox in the Mediterranean last August, we decided to use them again as we had a great time on that ship. The Constellation is not the Equinox, however. You can see the age of the ship everywhere, ... Read More
After cruising with Celebrity on the Equinox in the Mediterranean last August, we decided to use them again as we had a great time on that ship. The Constellation is not the Equinox, however. You can see the age of the ship everywhere, with rust stains from the pools to the all parts of the exterior, and the missing varnish on most the exterior woodwork as well as the un-appealing soiled deck chairs from layers of suntan lotion that were never cleaned off. The windows needed a good cleaning as well. The staff, while very good overall, were not as crisp and sharp as those on the Equinox and in general it felt like a second-string ship in all respects. This is not to say it was a bad experience, because it was not, but it felt more like Carnival than the upscale image Celebrity prefers to market itself as. Wi-Fi rates of .75 a minute are ridiculous (many of those on board the Constellation were using the free Wi-Fi of the Carnival cruise ship we docked next to in Cozumel) and for those buying balcony rooms, be aware they have an extended top deck over all the rooms - avoid Deck 9 and go with Deck 8 rooms if you can to get less of the 'awning' feel on your balcony. Cabins are small. Bathroom size OK. Overall: Its time for this ship to go to dry dock and get updated. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Well, I wrote a nice write up about this cruise earlier, and when I hit submit it had an error, so this will be a condensed version! I was a first time cruiser on this ship, and had no preconceived notions of how cruising ... Read More
Well, I wrote a nice write up about this cruise earlier, and when I hit submit it had an error, so this will be a condensed version! I was a first time cruiser on this ship, and had no preconceived notions of how cruising "should" be. That being said, hubby and I had an absolutely fabulous vacation, and don't understand why some people are complaining. Boarding was a breeze, hardly any lines to be found and a "champagne" welcome as you step on board was a great precursor. Our meals were for the most part terrific, I wasn't keen on the pasta sauce at the buffet and I had one not so great sirloin steak there as well, but that's really the only negative things I can think of. The main dining room had delicious food in small-ish portions, but still enough to fill you up. If it's not, then just order something else! The cleanliness aboard was apparent, and there are hand sanitizer dispensers all over the place, so that was nice to see. After boarding and heading up to the lunch buffet, I did notice some tables and food stations could use a quick cleaning, but I heard that they had zero down time between our cruise and the one before it, so I will cut them some slack for that. The rest of the time, it was well-kept. The staff was polite and friendly, I didn't have any language barrier experiences with any of them so that was a plus. I can't say enough about our room attendants, those guys worked so hard all day long cleaning all of our rooms, and were very courteous and took good care of us. My husband thought they actually cleaned too much, replacing soap and little shampoo bottles after only one use! We went back and forth to our room a good amount, and they were always apologizing if they weren't quite done cleaning yet. Great job to those guys! Our room on deck 2 was fairly quiet and we slept well each night. Heard a bit of noise early in the AM but got back to sleep quickly. Our waiters at San Marco were also wonderful, always smiling and professional, and quick to get us what we needed. Prompt serving of food as well. The food was all really good quality in my opinion, but it could be a little bland for those that are used to things being seasoned well. No fault of theirs, I'm sure it is done to please the majority of people's palates. Dessert was FABULOUS, get the creme brulee and cheesecake. My hubby thought the chocolate cake was lacking, however. Lamb was terrific he says. The activities were plentiful during the day, something for everyone. Dancing lessons, Zumba and exercise classes, crafts, shopping, art exhibits, wine and spirit tastings, group activities like pool volleyball and the Dancing with the Stripes competition was hilarious- officers paired with guests "dancing with the stars" style. Late night music and nightly shows in the theater as well as tours of the ship and a lecture or two. Take your pick! Or, you can grab a lounge chair in the sun or in the shade and drift from one nap to the next with a cocktail in hand- we did some of both. The entertainment was actually entertaining, much to my surprise. The crew is energetic and enthusiastic, but the aerialists seriously steal the show. I had no idea that would be happening on board! Comedian was funny, and the magician was convincing me magic was actually real. The last show of the cruise was a little cheesy, but it did get a few laughs out of us and they were still really good. Our ports were Falmouth Jamaica and Georgetown Grand Cayman. I liked both for different reasons. Jamaica had the best swimming beaches and food, hands down. Soft sand, clear water, occasional waves, nothing to fear in the ocean and no seaweed to be found along with amazing jerk chicken and rice and beans. The Chukka beach was uncrowded and we basically had it to ourselves. There is a gift shop, bar, restrooms, showers, lounge chairs and umbrellas. The only downside if there was any, are the numerous local vendors asking if you want your hair braided, bead jewelry, fresh fruit, wood carvings, etc. They generally stay off to the side, but a few walk up and down the beach and may ask you (from a distance), if you are interested. If you aren't just say no and don't walk down the beach. We did walk and ended up supporting a couple of them. We got two bottles of rum at the gift shop, but found out its a much better deal when you are back at port. Buy them there! Grand Cayman was commercialized and touristy, but felt a lot safer. The water was the most amazing turquoise blue, I didn't know it existed in the real world and clearer than you can imagine. The beaches were FAR more crowded with three ships in port, and the water was somehow chilly compared to Jamaica even though the temp outside was the same. It had some amazing fish swimming up to the shoreline, but there were a few urchins hiding beneath the rocks near the shore and it was very rocky at certain points in the water and along the beach- so do bring shoes that can get wet! Jamaica did not have this issue. We've been to the D.R.- Punta Cana for our honeymoon which are known for their beaches, and we thought that these two beaches exceeded theirs. All in all, this was an amazing trip. I can't really complain about anything. Everyone is there to make you happy and enjoy your vacation and getting off the ship in Miami was a bit of a rude awakening. I really wanted to stay longer! If you aren't impossible to please and want a relaxing cruise that caters to adults, Celebrity is where its at in my opinion. Don't worry about the negative remarks, you won't regret it! Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Had a pleasant enough cruise. Embarkation took less than 10 minutes. The "suite" was no more than a standard balcony room with 40 extra square feet and a bath tub. Tall cruisers beware- the tubs are elevated such that a 6ft ... Read More
Had a pleasant enough cruise. Embarkation took less than 10 minutes. The "suite" was no more than a standard balcony room with 40 extra square feet and a bath tub. Tall cruisers beware- the tubs are elevated such that a 6ft person will be within an inch or 2 of the ceiling. I had to duck down low to get my head under the shower. Further, stepping down to the main bathroom floor, from the tub, is a tricky if not dangerous maneuver. The butler's sole function seemed to be delivering a few cookies and coffee during the afternoon. In the future I would opt for a larger room w/o the "concierge" service. Food was as expected- no where near ***** (French Laundry, Per Se, George V), but tasty enough. I'd estimate that the MDR during the late seating was 60% full. We had adjacent tables which were empty for the entire cruise, including the captain's table. During a tour of the kitchens I learned that every bit of meat, fish and poultry was delivered frozen and maintained frozen for 4 months before they are thawed and cooked. Given that, it's not hard to understand that many dishes can't be prepared to optimal status. Despite this- one dish in the MDR was very good- the grilled veal shop was nearly fork tender and juicy. Biggest disappointment in terms of food came to us at Ocean Liners. Fortunately- this meal was comp'ed by American Express. The offerings were no better and in some instances, worse than the food in the MDR. Based on this experience we cancelled our reservation for a meal in the Tuscan Grille. IMO, it's simply not possible to create a 5 star meal when working with frozen and thawed products. Judging by the nearly empty venue, it appeared they were having a lot of trouble convincing guests to pony up another $40 per person. Condition of the ship- the upcoming dry dock for a complete refurb is easy to understand. Lots of wear and tear. Rusty railings. Worn carpeting. Finding open deck chairs was a major ordeal. Further, finding deck chairs that weren't broken was another issue. Casino- Poker Pro is legalized larceny. Celebrity collected 10% of each pot- up to $15. The crew overall was accommodating. The social scene was sedate. It seemed that the majority of the guest population went to bed by 10:30. Theatrical performances were so outdated. My 85 year old parents would have enjoyed them. When the cruise director has to resort to making an event out of guests wearing overpriced junk from the gift shop, aka a "fashion show", you know that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel for entertainment. Had a good chuckle during our last dinner. My wife asked -- "Isn't it nice that Celebrity doesn't go in for all of that singing and dancing waiter nonsense?" I suggested that it must be due to their "upscale" image. Well, less than a couple of minutes later we had to endure a 20 minute long pat on the back as the cruise director introduced everybody from the head of food and beverage to the 2nd cousin of the pot scrubber. And then, as we feared, the dancing waiters took their cues to humiliate themselves via their rendition of Gangnam Style. The ports had nothing to do with the ship- so no need to comment. Walked off @ 6:45am and arrived at FLL @ 7:25am Home in Atlanta before noon. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Pre-Cruise: We stayed in the Hampton Inn in Miramar. It took us about 45 minutes to get the port. The price was right and the place was clean. We dropped off our luggage (plus a case of water and soda) at the port and then drove to the ... Read More
Pre-Cruise: We stayed in the Hampton Inn in Miramar. It took us about 45 minutes to get the port. The price was right and the place was clean. We dropped off our luggage (plus a case of water and soda) at the port and then drove to the Premier Parking deck. We had made arrangements directly to the owners and paid $5 per night to park. (Thank you Florida Departure board :-) Took the free shuttle back to the port. Check-in: Hubby kept saying at every corner that the long lines were coming (from his prior cruise experience) but he was WRONG :-) Total time to check in was 30 minutes. We were in cabin 2043 (cat 11). Lunch: After receiving some great info from our roll call, we headed to Bistro on 5 for lunch. There is a $5 up charge but the place was totally empty. It set the tone for our cruise. Wonderful service. Cabin: Deck 2 inside. Beds were already put together. I asked the room steward to empty the refrig for our aloe, wine, water and soda. It was done quickly. There was plenty storage space and we placed our empty luggage under the beds. There were six drawers in the closet and two in each night stand. There were plenty of hangers for our clothes. The bed skirt was torn but you couldn't see it unless you were examining the bed. Ocean Liner: We ate here our first night. 20% off the $45 up charge. It was not crowded so we got a lot of attention. The Chef came out and said hello. That was a nice touch. "Mr. B" was very friendly. The food was good. Hubby had the lobster cooked table side. We got a bottle of wine that was saved for us when we ate in the MDR. Shows: We went to the variety show which I thought was a great idea. It gave you a preview of the entertainment for the cruise. We decided to see the comedian, the magician and the A Capella group. They were all great! Breakfast in the MDR: We ate there every morning. Eggs, bacon, sausage, breads, fruit, OJ, hash browns, grits, oatmeal, french toast, pancakes waffles. Service was a little slow. You are seated with folks that arrive at the same time as you. Pool: Very crowded but we found a spot. I do admit that we claimed our two chairs early in the day. After walking the track and touring the galley we settled in at the pool. Pool Side Grill: It can be missed. 30 minute wait for a hot dog, kids cutting in line. The Spa grill was another pool area option. It was excellent and not crowed. We opted to do room service instead of MDR. Food was good but service was slow (perhaps do to the fact that we were eating when they were doing the late seating) Roatan: We did an excursion on our own and we went to The Little French Key. $88 for lunch and transportation. It was extra great since Carnival's two ships couldn't get into their port. MDR: We had a table for two. I started each of my remaining meals with the mushroom and the french onion soup. Everything was tasty and the service from our waiters were excellent. Cozumel: We did another excursion on our own. Got a cab outside of the port area since the line was so long there. It cost us $10 to go to Chankanaab Park. We swam with the dolphins and snorkeled with our own equipment. $10 cab ride brought us back to the port. Bingo: We felt that this was a money making activity rather than a fun activity. The cards cost $29 for one or $49 for two. Only 3 games were played and the pots were not that large ($180, $ 210 and $282). Only real disappointment of the cruise. Spa Pool : Very nice and not crowded. It said adults only but there were a few kids in there being good. Drink Package: We opted not to do. We were going to play it by ear and see how much we were really drinking. If we needed it we were going to buy it mid cruise. We did not drink enough to warrant buying the package. The lemonade was good and the hubby did not complain about the coffee. Casino: We had fun in there. Dealers were nice and would explain how to play if they were not busy. I won money in the slots and then donated it back :-) Overall: We are not Elite's and did not stay in a suite but EVERY ONE in the crew made us feel like we were special. Everyone attempted to please. Hubby was pleased that he did not have to hear all the overhead announcements that he had been used to hearing. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
I read the reviews on the Celebrity Constellation prior to purchasing my cruise. I had been on 5 cruises prior to this Celebrity cruise, 4 Carnival and one Royal Caribbean. I have to say that I expected much more from Celebrity. I was ... Read More
I read the reviews on the Celebrity Constellation prior to purchasing my cruise. I had been on 5 cruises prior to this Celebrity cruise, 4 Carnival and one Royal Caribbean. I have to say that I expected much more from Celebrity. I was always under the impression that Celebrity was a luxury cruise line; I did not find that to be the case at all. I am generally very forgiving and I do try to find the positive in every situation and I am definitely not the type to complain. I do feel the need to inform those thinking of purchasing a cruise on Celebrity to think twice about spending the extra money for the concierge class. My prior cruises on Carnival have all been far more luxurious than this cruise on Celebrity Constellation. Carnival has much better food, service, entertainment, activities, and accommodations. I would say that if you bought an inside cabin for $279 or $299 it would be worth it. If you upgraded to a regular balcony for $100 it might be worth it; but I personally do not think that this cruise is worth paying any more. It is a nice getaway and if you are with good company it surely will be fun. I have provided a few examples of some of the disappointments that my boyfriend and I experienced aboard the Celebrity Constellation. When my boyfriend and I first walked on this April 2013 cruise from Miami to Falmouth Jamaica to Grand Cayman, we were approached by a Celerity staff member in a suit; he said that he wanted to do something special for us during this cruise and asked for our room number. We thought he might give us something like a bottle of wine...2 for 1 dinner in the restaurant...a rum cake even...we got nothing! I thought that it was strange for him to approach us like that and not follow through. Im sure the guy was busy and forgot. It really was not a big deal, just something to laugh about later. My biggest issue was the mistake of upgrading to the Concierge Class. This was a joke and not worth the extra money. The concierge class balcony cabin promised the following according to the website: express check-in (I got on the boat the same time as anyone else); priority disembarkation (I sat with many others in a 3rd deck lounge for a long period of time expecting to be let off the boat first while ever one else was walking off the boat on deck 4; there were no announcements or direction given; I was told by guest relations that there is no priority disembarkation); Pillow Menu (there was no pillow menu); massaging shower head (it did not seem like a high quality massaging shower head); fresh fruit (3 pieces of fruit were placed in our room; we did not touch them--the buffet was one floor up); Fresh Flowers (there were a few small flowers in the room that were the same the entire trip; I can't say whether or not they were fresh; I barely noticed them--I didn't need them); Personalized Stationary (there was only a very tiny note pad); Binoculars (very tiny and did not work well); Umbrella (did not use); Daily afternoon delivery of "savories" (it was pretty much cheese whiz on a cucumber or cheese whiz in a piece of salami; not worth it; not good--I would rather call room service for food); extra hand held hair dryer (never saw another hair dryer in the room); I will say that the tote bag was pretty nice, but not worth the upgrade. Dining room seating and time preference (NO WAY; hostess always gave us a hard time; we arrived before the dining room doors open, asked for a table for 2 and for 2 nights in a row got smashed between two tables; very bad tables. We finally got smart and asked for a nice table for two by the railing for the next night; hostess said she would take it under consideration, but could not guarantee it. She certainly could have offered better tables on the first two nights considering that there were many open tables that were much better than the tables she places us in. On the day of the brunch there was open seating; my boyfriend and I walked in and the same hostess placed us in a 6 top table very far away from the food; we got our food and sat back at the table which was already occupied by a family of 6; it was very awkward and both parties felt bad and apologized to each other). The Concierge Class also promised "personalized concierge service" (I am not sure what that means); our room attendant was very very nice and did a great job; no complaints on the service in the room. Overall by far not worth the extra money for these services which we did not get anyway; I would never pay extra money for this and I hope nobody else makes the same mistake. They only reason I did was because I wanted to get off of the boat early due to any early flight....the truth is anyone can get off of the boat any time. Getting back to the rest of the cruise....overall...I like being on a boat so I was fine. I was happy and grateful to be able to go on a vacation. I had a balcony which was nice. The activities were lacking in my opinion. There are far more fun activities on Carnival cruises. Bingo was $39 and up on this cruise which I thought was way too expensive; much cheaper to play bingo on Carnival. I paid $12 for a yoga class that was not that great; those new to yoga probably could have benefitted from better instruction or it would have been helpful to tell people what not to do so they do not injure themselves. There were some health classes going on in the gym; my boyfriend overheard an analysis of some poor woman; she was offered vitamins and bath salts to get rid of the toxins in her body. In addition, my boyfriend wanted to use the Persian Garden Steam Sauna...it was an extra $99. He actually got caught up in the moment and paid the extra $99! I wanted to slap him! He ended up asking for a refund the next day when the sauna was not working properly. He was given a full refund and told that he could still use the Persian Garden, which was very nice. The spa manager was very nice and professional. Overall I will say that the gym equipment was very nice. I spent a lot of time in the gym and had no complaints. The food on this cruise was surprisingly not that great or maybe I expected more because it was Celebrity. Food was pretty good; sometimes fair. I think Carnival has much better food personally. We ate at Ocean Liners one time (only because we got a 2 for 1 on the $45 per person fee) I do not think that it is worth it for $45 a person. I would only consider it for a 2 for 1 special, but I would say that you are not missing out if you do not go. The guys do put on a nice show with the food and it was good, but $45 per person is too much. The crepes were really good at Bistro on Five ($5 per person) it was a pleasant and quiet place to eat; nice staff; you can order as much as you want for $5 only. The coffee shop on deck 5 was nice also as well as the premium gelato on deck 5. The Aqua Spa might have been good, but I never had a chance to try it. I tried once, but the staff member was on the phone and seemed busy. Sushi on the buffet was not good at all. Buffet was fine. Portions were small which was fine with me; lines were not bad at all which was one of the positive aspects of this cruise. Pizza was good. Dinner in the main dining room was pretty good, not amazing; small portions, no lobster. Carnival Cruise line dinners in the main dining room were always sooooo much better in my opinion. Cruise entertainment was fine. The comedian James Stephens was great. The Celebrity singers and dancers are surely talented, but probably not given a large budget to work with. I do not drink, so I cannot say much about the bars, I did hear a lot of positive comments about the night life. Overall again I have to say that Carnival cruises seem to have a lot more going on at night. The Celebrity outside deck was dead at night. This cruise went to Jamaica and Grand Caymen Island. I could do without Jamaica, not very nice. The tour excursion was pretty much what I expected, a quick tour of the city and a beach. We were warned not to walk past a certain point on the main street; it really did not seem safe. Stray dogs, goats, and chickens running around. Grand Cayman on the other hand seems very safe; prettier town. The stingray tour was fun and well organized. I suppose I keep comparing this cruise to Carnival based on my experience and the fact that I expected so much more from Celebrity. I did not feel that Celebrity delivered on its promises, in fact I do feel somewhat cheated and disappointed with concierge class cabin. I realize that it may have just been the boat, but I really just got the impression that this cruise line is trying to be something that it is not. I think that I will plan on booking my future cruises with Carnival as this cruise line has always exceeded my expectations. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
I'm sorry, this is a very long review; but there's a lot I want to touch upon. As we are normally either "one stop" or "road trip" vacationers, we had never actually considered taking a cruise. We like to ... Read More
I'm sorry, this is a very long review; but there's a lot I want to touch upon. As we are normally either "one stop" or "road trip" vacationers, we had never actually considered taking a cruise. We like to settle in to places, explore, find out of the way places and get to know our destinations. However, so many of our friends love cruising, so, we thought we'd give it a try. We selected a "mini" cruise -- 5 night/4 days -- to see if we liked it. We chose Celebrity because we'd heard so many really good things about the cruise line. I have nothing to compare it with, but we were happy that we did because it was excellent. We opted for only 2 ports and 2 sea days so we could see if we enjoyed life onboard -- a good way to "get our feet wet" so to speak! We arrived in Miami a couple of days beforehand, which was nice because it made our vacation a little longer. We stayed at the Holiday Inn across the street from Bayside Market and a stone's throw from The Port. It was the perfect pre-cruise location and it was fun to watch the ships come and go from our bedroom window; we were even treated to a fireworks display one night. Embarkation was so easy and efficient. From the time we left our hotel to the time we were onboard and sitting by the pool, less than 1 hour had passed! Good tip from a friend -- because the staterooms aren't available for a few hours, take a beach bag with change of clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen, etc. So you can enjoy some sun time before going to your stateroom.) We lunched at the buffet -- the only pre-sailing eatery open (maybe Bistro on Five was open too -- not sure). Great selection of food -- only quibble was the fact that they ran out of water and coffee quite early because of the amount of people being fed at one time. This was the only time we ate at the Buffet, apart from the occasional late afternoon snack -- we had all our other meals at the San Marco Dining Room -- so nice to be able to be served in a beautiful environment. After lunch we made our way to our stateroom -- only got lost once! When we arrived there, only one of or two cases was there, but between our wonderful Cabin Attendant (Jaime) and the Concierge, the problem was resolved quickly. We were on Deck 7, pretty much in the centre of the ship, so it was very stable and we never felt any movement. We were also close to the elevators and staircase, but it was a quiet location. We were so impressed with our stateroom. Yes, of course it was tiny, but the design, layout and amazingly efficient use of storage space made it feel much larger -- we could have packed twice as much and still had room to spare. Same goes for the bathroom. Both rooms were light and bright -- good use of light woods and neutral colours -- both spotlessly clean. We were glad that we'd booked a room with a verandah -- it was lovely to be able to sit out there whenever we wanted, especially at night -- so peaceful watching the stars and enjoying the breeze. We slept with the door open -- the sound of the sea lulled us to sleep. Our Cabin Attendant and his Assistant were fantastic -- nothing was too much trouble. I happened to mention , in passing, that I found the pillows a little soft -- within minutes there were new, firmer pillows on the bed -- and that's only one example of the incredible service. Another was when I asked for extra towels, they were there by the time we returned from breakfast. The Constellation is a beautiful ship. We spent an afternoon just exploring and getting ourselves orientated with all the different places onboard. The decor everywhere is just lovely. The crew are amazing -- so friendly (always a big smile), helpful, efficient and professional. As mentioned above, we ate all our meals in San Marco Dining Room. We opted for a table for 8, second sitting, which worked out perfectly. We lucked out and were sitting with 6 other interesting, fun people. It was nice to be able to get to know them and we all looked forward to getting together in the evenings and comparing notes about our day. Also, our table was in a fabulous spot -- right in the middle, open ceiling up to the 2nd level, close to the Captain's Table and the dramatic, sweeping staircase. Breakfast and lunch was freestyle and we opted to share tables with others, so met more people. Our table attendants were excellent and the wine waiter was amazingly knowledgeable and gave us some great recommendations. (Another great hint from a friend. We are not big drinkers, but do enjoy wine with our dinner, so we purchased a pack of 3 bottles of wine, which was perfect for the 2 of us for 5 nights. Saved us a lot of money because to buy wine at the table is way more expensive.) There were also other drinks packages, which if split between a couple would be excellent value. Of course, the food was constantly delicious -- always a good variety -- something for everyone. We didn't eat at any of the specialty restaurants or cafes -- however there was a good variety and they all looked lovely. My husband enjoyed the burgers at the poolside grill and we had to control ourselves with the fabulous homemade icecreams. The last day there was a huge, fantastic brunch - dozens of tables full of wonderful food + ice sculptures -- amazing. However, it was really odd that they were charging for orange juice at the brunch when it was included at no charge with breakfast every other day! The Cruise Director and Entertainment Officer (Damien and Tyler) did a fantastic job and worked so hard to co-ordinate all the activities. We didn't take advantage of many of them, but there was definitely something for everyone. We just wanted to be lazy, sit in the sun, read and snooze -- so we found a couple of quiet corners of the ship and just relaxed. We did go to a couple of shows at the theatre and they were fun; the cast did a really good job and worked very hard. All the above were positive aspects of the ship; but we did have a few "cons", which I'm going to mention. First -- a real pet peeve. Having to pay for bottled water is just crazy. Yes, there are water dispensers at the buffet and near the pool, but having to pay for bottled water is just nickel & diming. I was checking the online room service drinks menu and everything was no charge except for the water!!! With the prices being charged for drinks, I'm sure free bottled water wouldn't be such a big deal. We solved that problem by buying a couple of large bottles at each port and filling our smaller bottles from those. Also, at the pasta station at the buffet there were only 2 people working there: one cooking the pastas to order and one other who just put the sauce over the pasta. There were always long line-ups there, so why not have more than one person cooking the pasta and surely the same person could cook AND add the sauce!! My husband noticed that some of the bathroom towels had holes in them, but, to be honest, I never noticed that; I thought the towels were lovely, thick and good quality. Some of the beach chairs could do with replacing. The webbing is definitely starting to sag -- okay if you're sitting by the pool where the chairs are cushioned, but otherwise, they are a little uncomfortable. Not too bad if you pad them with lots of beach towels! The cruise literature states that there's a dress code; nothing amazingly formal, but a dress code none-the-less. Pity it's not enforced in any way. People turned up for dinner in the restaurant wearing shorts, ratty tee-shirts, flip-flops and baseball hats worn backwards (that weren't taken off at the table!). People came into the buffet wearing wet swimsuits and wrapped in towels; not very nice. Lastly, our one really big complaint -- the level of the music being blasted all over the ship!! I know it's just my opinion, but when I'm by the ocean, I like to hear the sound of the water and maybe some gentle, relaxing music; but the noise on the ship was absolutely mind-numbing and stressful. There was a really nice Caribbean band playing by the pool, but the speakers were the size of small buildings and I'm sure the music could be heard all over the Caribbean!!! It would have been nice to have the option of a "quiet pool" -- not just the Solarium, because who wants to sit inside on a lovely, hot, sunny day?! The noise coming from the Martini Bar was beyond belief -- might have been better if the bar was enclosed so that the music didn't permeate throughout the ship. It was impossible to sit and enjoy a drink in the Rendezvous Lounge before going in for dinner -- there was a lounge between there and the San Marco Dining Room -- live music, small dance floor and karaoke. Again, the sound level was astounding, so a relaxing conversation was impossible. Even when the singer performed in the open air cafe behind the buffet, the speakers were huge and we got up and left. During the rest of the day there was really nice music being played there and it wasn't ear-splitting! One night, after dinner, we wanted to sit up on the deck and just relax -- well, there was music blasting around the pool and there wasn't even anyone there!!!! Would it be too much to ask to lower the volume???? We were surprised because we weren't expecting that on Celebrity. Maybe the Caribbean cruises are more party-orientated, but still...........!! Ports: Roatan and Cozumel. We selected these ports because we were more interested in the onboard cruising experiences than the land portions. I can't comment on the shore excursions because we didn't take any, but there was an enormous variety with something for everyone. They seem a little expensive, but I guess if you want to be sure that the ship won't leave without you if you're late, then they're a great idea. We just hopped into taxis and explored on our own. We were a little disappointed in Roatan, but spent a few nice hours browsing around and sampling local food. Cozumel we just headed to a beach club we'd read about and had a lovely day there. For $10 we rented 2 beach chairs and an umbrella. Enjoyed a nice lunch and a couple of beers, lazed in the sun, swam, snorkelled and listened to softly played Bob Marley music!!! By the way, when we were docked at Cozumel, we were right next to Royal Caribbean "Oasis of the Seas"!!! Never seen anything quite so huge in all our lives -- passenger capacity of 6500 + approx 2000 crew members!!!! Unbelievable. Made us really appreciate our ship with only approx 2000 passenger capacity!! The Constellation looked tiny next to this behemoth!! Our Cruise Rating for Celebrity Constellation -- 8 out of 10. Would have been 10 out of 10 if it weren't for our minor quibbles and the noise issue.! We loved the ship and we can't say enough good things about the crew and the service they gave. Apparently there's a 2-1 passenger crew ratio, which is amazing. Every single person had a big smile on his/her face and were friendly, helpful, professional and efficient. Special shout outs to Damien and Tyler (who I mentioned before) + Jaime and Carlos(our stateroom attendants), all the table attendants at Table Number 208 (sorry, I can't remember their names)and also to Marinela, the adorable girl who carried round a huge tray of pastries, croissants, brioches, etc at breakfast. Would we cruise again? Maybe if we saw an itinerary that we really liked and had sea days -- we would cruise on Celebrity again for sure. It would also be nice to combine it with a few days ashore either at the beginning or end of the cruise. We really enjoyed it, but cruising wouldn't be top of our vacation wish list -- we still prefer to have our feet on the ground! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
I research every vacation to the extreme..so I was worried after reading so many negative reviews on the Constellation. My DH decided to take my DD and myself on a warm weather getaway over her college break in early March. This is my 6th ... Read More
I research every vacation to the extreme..so I was worried after reading so many negative reviews on the Constellation. My DH decided to take my DD and myself on a warm weather getaway over her college break in early March. This is my 6th cruise so I know what I like and dislike about certain ships. Embark was a breeze..after sitting through a lot of traffic to get to the port it was very quick.We unloaded the car and my brother in law left to park in the garage..we waited for him to return and within 10 minutes both families were through and walking on the ship (we arrived at 1 p.m.) Dropped our carry-on bags in our room and went to buffet for a quick snack. We decided to do the sail away from our balcony and open our bottle of sparkling wine that came with concierge class. I love that we don't have to carry our wear the life vest for the muster drill. Our room was nice...I do recommend the space savers others have suggested..the fold up box I used in the bathroom came in handy with 3 of us in the cabin. We had enough hangers because I pack all the formal wear and dressier clothes on their own hangers. Although the room was nice..I have to say I did not find the bed comfortable at all..and my daughter who can sleep just about anywhere said the pull out sofa was like sleeping on a rock. After talking to our room steward (Miguel) about the sofa bed, he explained that because he needs to fold it up every day a egg crate was not possible...we suggested that maybe putting a layer of the bed spread would help..he said he would try it...Well..that worked and she slept like your typical college student on break would..LOL My brother in law who happened to run into the head of housekeeping in our hall stopped her to ask what could be done about the beds being uncomfortably hard..that night crawling into bed I realized we had extra padding on our bed too..I wish this was my only complaint about this room but unfortunately I found this room to be very noisy! Nothing some earplugs did not take care of..but our family members 2 doors down did not hear the banging in what seemed like pipes in the hallway outside our door. We are light sleepers so this may not be a bother to those who are not. I loved the flowers in our concierge class room..and the canapes were not the greatest but we enjoyed trying them every day. We ate at the buffet every day for breakfast and lunch...Found the buffet had more than enough choices to select from...I loved the stuff called "chicken noodle" a staff member suggested I try it with this lemon sauce and soy sauce...I went back for more and made others try it at my table...Omelet station , poached egg station, waffle station...who needs more than that? I love coffee..but could only drink the buffet coffee with a lot of milk/creamer in it. My DH and myself had selected the 1-2-3 promo of the classic drink package...I have to say having this was a nice perk...I personally don't think we drink enough to pay for it again but it is very easy to have. Drank more water and soda than normally would on a cruise...and trying new drinks is a lot more fun. We had early dining and the 5 of us sat at a table with 2 other couples..although the were nice I would prefer next time to just be at a table with our family. Most nights dinner was very good..always hot. We are not one to complain so I eat what I order and chalk it up to ordering the wrong thing. Our wait staff did their job but nothing stood out about the service. The brunch buffet on the last sea day is not to be missed...the food is good, but presentation was just beautiful..I was amazed at how many people on the deck that afternoon did not know about it. If I had to complain about one thing I would say the music by the Martini bar is way to loud.. Went to Michael's for the piano player who was wonderful. Love that the casino is smoke free! We went the show every night except the magician. I have to say that I loved the shows each night...I overheard a man complaining the comedian should not be on a cruise ship entertaining people because he picked on people in the front row...HELLO....is that not why these people sit in the front row for a comedy act?..On my last cruise a rather large man said he was hoping to get in the front row so he could be singled out...This guy was not only funny, he does a very clean act so nobody should be offended...We found ourselves laughing over things he said the whole cruise...Like, when we were walking around Cozumel my husband said how could he follow me when I had no socks on!! Those who have seen the show understand this! LOL The aerialist are breathtaking to watch! I also need to point out that yes some chairs have broken slates..but we also watched deck crew guys carry off chairs and repairing chairs on sea days...And for the first time ever I watched pool stewards pick up towels that were left unattended for a long period of time..We are morning people so always got an available chair where we wanted. The gym is small but more than sufficed for our needs...MY SIL and DD had a blast doing Zumba with a guest instructor on board. Our ports were Roatan and Cozumel...we have been to both before so we knew what we wanted to do...DH & DD zip lined in Roatan and had a good time..then we sat the afternoon away at the tiki bar located on the pier...The bartender that day was Mya and she is a wealth of knowledge about her island and really fun gal. Cozumel was shopping and a drink at Senor Frogs seeing my DD is legal age to drink in Mexico...I don't think I laughed that much in years..had a blast! Lifetime memories walking back wearing those balloon hats and carrying those tall neon drink glasses. Disembark was very easy seeing we now take off our own luggage and just walk off early. Just be aware if you have more than one suitcase they require you to take the elevator which delays you if your party does not have more than one. And waiting for someone who has to take the elevator turned into a stand here/no stand over there/no stand there...why are you standing there? keep moving...IT WAS ANNOYING! To wrap it all up... I wished I made the time to go to Bistro on Five...kept saying to myself that I would get to it the next day and was either not hungry or forgot to go when I was. I also wish I had tried the IGLU chocolate frappe at coffee bar WAY SOONER than I did...guess I saved myself some calories. Was the ship perfect...no..but it is a sea going vessel exposed to constant heat, salt water and thousands of people...In no way did that detract from my vacation...and none of the negative things in my review had any negative effect on my vacation either...We had a wonderful 5 days of sun, family, food, drinks and laughter. To sum it up...would we do concierge class again...yes if the price is right! I consider us very lucky our 18 yr old daughter not only wanted to spend her mid winter break cooped up in a small cabin with us...but enjoyed being with us the entire time. We are also lucky my BIL & SIL decided to join our crazy train and join us on this last minute adventure. Please don't fret about the bad reviews of the past...We saw mostly friendly service and care..enough yummy food you won't be hungry and if you are going to relax and enjoy life I think you will be happy with your choice. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
Royal Suite 6141: Fabulous. Amazingly clean. Amazing room steward (Luis). Great location aft. Plenty of storage space. But, could use more than 10 hangers. Bathroom is very spacious with huge Jacuzzi tub...plus the large balcony has a ... Read More
Royal Suite 6141: Fabulous. Amazingly clean. Amazing room steward (Luis). Great location aft. Plenty of storage space. But, could use more than 10 hangers. Bathroom is very spacious with huge Jacuzzi tub...plus the large balcony has a whirlpool for one...if that person is short. Two huge flat screens. Computer in room plus sound system for your MP3 player. Bad Business: The ship has a future cruise office. Trouble is: It is never open. A sign tells you to go to a service desk that, apparently, no one staffs either. Guest relations says the sales office is "appointment only" and to register in the appointment book which, you guessed it, is also missing. There are also forms to request "quote for future cruises. "Two forms filled out. No reply from the Cruise Sales Manager. And now the food... Bisto on Five ($5 up charge). An undiscovered gem since this wonderful eatery in hidden. Well worth the price...especially at breakfast. Ocean Liners ($45 up charge) The premiere specialty restaurant is anything but. Bland dining room lite up like a department store. Slow service...please allow 3 hours for dinner. Food is OK. But if Celebrity is trying to pass Ocean Liner's off as an upscale dining experience, the cruise line is in trouble. My advice: Pass on this place. Tuscany Grille ($25 up charge). This restaurant is everything that Ocean Liners in not. Greta menu. Great food. Wonderful staff. Well, worth the money. Beautiful room....too bad there is no view since it sits next to the running track and pool deck. An unobstructed ocean view would have made this room a killer. The menu does not say Tuscany but who cares...the food is excellent. I went twice. Attn Celebrity: Why are you doing maintenance at night? A workman was crawling round right outside the window...painting...and shining a very bright flashlight into the room to the annoyance of staff and guests. Shame. Shame. Shame. San Marco Room (main dining room) Very slow service for "Select Dining"...foor Ok but nothing special. Pluses: -Super quick sea pass processing....I was on board in less that 15 minutes after getting out of my cab. - Easy walk off at conclusion of cruise..I was off the ship, through customs and into a cab in less than 12 minutes. A modern miracle that is for sure. - Love the fact Celebrity uses airport style luggage carousels...so much better than some cruise lines that just dump your luggage in one big room. -Seaside Buffet...: always a good selection served by friendly staff. Love the Asian entries. Love the om lets. Love the fact the regular and skim milk is always available. - Poolside grill serves up the best hamburgers on the high seas. Honest! - Smoke free casino..it's about time! -Amazing Captain's Club reception with incredible food -Super clean ship....the bathrooms are a wonder. Ships is going into dry dock for some remodeling during spring of 2013. For a ship that is 12 years old, it is in wonderful shape and beautifully decorated. The artwork throughout the ship is fantastic. - Finally, a cruise line gets pizza right. Delicious - Folk/rock singer Alan Kavanaugh is a joy. Go give him a listen. -Nice tea service every afternoon in the suites. - Easy to understand signage makes it a snap to navigate the ship. Minuses: -Captains Club Concierge has a "used car saleman" creepiness. I can't figure out if he is jut a jerk or just a homophobe. - Suite butler: Very cold and indifferent at the beginning of the week but warmed up toward the end of the cruise. I call that " pimping for tips." (Alfred) -Future sales office never seems to be open. -Desserts look beautiful but are quite bland. -Celebrity singers and dancer work hard in the shows. Sets and costumes are top notch. Unfortunately, there is so much reverb that the audience cannot understand a single word. Plus, the sound mix is way off so the music track drowns out the voices. Still, the aerialists are exceptional. Go to the show just for their segment. - Martini Bar is wonderful place for a drink (or two. That is until this guy shows up at night and beats on his drum and bongos. Just odd. -Gift shops offer nothing special or unique. You can pass them by without a glance. - Michael's Bar.: Anca Toma: You truly are a star of the crew. Friendly fast service by a woman with a wonderful sense of humor. Nice room that feels like a grand ocean liner of days past. Again, the room is should have been used for the Ocean Liner restaurant instead of the current, uninspired location. - Where is the captain and his management team team hiding? Less visible executive team of any cruise line I have been on. -Be warned: Celebrity sends out scores of emails before department to get you to sign up for specialty restaurants, drink packages, and excursions. - Tried to order a birthday cake to be delivered to the suite. My call was forwarded three times to different department. I ever did get to order the cake. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
Before our cruise someone asked the question on C.C. about Celebrity and the spring break crowd. We had fun on this cruise but spring break combined with a 5 day schedule along with the 1,2,3 Beverage special made this an upscale booze ... Read More
Before our cruise someone asked the question on C.C. about Celebrity and the spring break crowd. We had fun on this cruise but spring break combined with a 5 day schedule along with the 1,2,3 Beverage special made this an upscale booze cruise for sure. There were at least 300 college kids on board. They were fine but it really did change the vibe of the ship. Rumor had it on board that two got busted in Jamaica for "meeting Bob Marley". Not typical. On the other hand the rudest people I encountered were older folks not the college kids. They were there to have fun and were very cheerful! Condition of ship A- : Just wonderful. The design is different and not as modern as the S class ships but the decor was lovely and tasteful. The ship was in good shape and crew were always doing something to keep it looking that way. Embarkation A- : It was harder to negotiate parking in Miami than in Ft. Lauderdale. We used offsite Global Parking named Premier Parking in Miami. It was a parking garage and not hard to find. Fortunately I brought all my documentation because even through I spoke to someone ahead of time to confirm the guy at the site did not have my name on his "list'. Thank goodness I saved my email communication. It was a lot cheaper at $7.50 a day than the port $20 a day. Celebrity's process was easy and quick! Cabin A-: We got upgraded to 8127. It was disability accessible but the same size as the other Sky Suites. Very roomy and nice. Sky Suites come with a butler. Unfortunately having a butler was wasted on us. He and the cabin steward were very friendly and competent. We really liked the central location of the cabin! Food B: Ate in the MDR, Aqua Cafe or Buffet. Okay but not special. So bummed that no lobster or escargot unless you pay big bucks at the specialty restaurant. People I met raved about the Tuscan Grill and Ocean Liners. I just think it is too bad that you go on a cruise and the best you can say about the MDR food is that is was good. I really want to be able to say it was special. I really love the coffee bar! Entertainment A: Talented musicians and dancers. Lots of variety. It was the best part of the cruise. Crew B+: Hard working, almost always pleasant. Stressed out by the spring breaker behavior! They had a hard time keeping track of the drink orders and people were upset about some high dollar mistakes! Debarkation: Just wonderful. The parking company was not so great. You get what you pay for. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
As avid cruisers living in South Florida, nothing beats the convenience of a simple drive and hopping onto a ship to enjoy some fun and relaxation. As such, we typically wind up in the Caribbean with very little preference as to Eastern ... Read More
As avid cruisers living in South Florida, nothing beats the convenience of a simple drive and hopping onto a ship to enjoy some fun and relaxation. As such, we typically wind up in the Caribbean with very little preference as to Eastern vs. Western or specific ports of call. We have visited most Caribbean ports numerous times so for us it's all about the ship. My very first 2 cruises on Celebrity were back in 1998-1999 and since then, for whatever reason, there had not been an itinerary that worked for us so we went on Princess, RCCL, NCL and even a Silversea (overrated and overpriced, I think but that's another review). Back in the late 90's we sailed the Celebrity Century and Mercury and were totally impressed by both the modern elegance of the decor as well as the service, food, etc. Princess did a good job with the food but the decor and design of the ships did not impress too much. Last year, just to give it a shot we sailed on the Oasis of the Seas and enjoyed a Loft Suite. The suite scored an A+ in our book but the common areas just felt so tacky and the food was not so great. So when we decided to do a quick 4 day getaway and the Constellation was an option I was only a little bit reluctant because I was afraid that the shorter itinerary would equal an old, unimpressive ship but we decided to give it a shot anyway. I read the reviews,(mixed) and went last week with fairly low expectations. Truly, I could have not been more impressed! Embarkation was flawless. We arrived at the port of Miami, parked easily and were from car to ship within no more than 10 minutes. Stepping onboard we were welcomed with mimosas, champagne, wine, etc. from the friendly and attentive staff. Then, we were met by Grame, the ship's Captain's Club representative, who invited us into the Michael's Lounge where there were light canapes, water and more champagne offered until the staterooms were available, about 1:30pm. Grame was so friendly and somehow we were the only ones who took advantage of the endless champagne and quiet lounge so perhaps it's a hidden secret for Captain's Club members? Our Concierge Class room was pretty much just a glorified veranda room I believe. From reading other reviews I can agree with the cabin details: the bathroom is in need of a re-do and the bed left a lot to be desired (even with the egg crate which we immediately requested at the advice of other reviewers; thank you!). Yes there was quite a bit of storage space and for a short cruise the space was adequate. Tough to compare after spending a week in the Oasis' Loft Suite. Our cabin was mid-ship and although it was right next to the stairway I did not find it to be loud at all. The only thing is I had thought that Concierge Class rooms received upgraded toiletries and fresh flowers like sites? We did not have flowers and if the toiletries were upgraded I am not sure what the regular ones might have consisted of? The food was across the board fabulous. From the buffet to the main restaurant to the Tuscan Grill (if you go, do not miss the dark chocolate fondue dessert!). I would review the room service but that was a problem. We ordered some light snacks to enjoy one afternoon with champagne (provided with Concierge Class) but the food just never arrived. After an hour we just gave up and grabbed some snacks from the buffet. Yes, the ship is 10 years old but I did not feel like it was grundgy or looked like an aging ship might. As I understand it is heading into drydock for some work next month which may explain some need for repainting in some spots and hopefully a bathroom/hallway update. Missing cushions on lounge chairs didn't really seem as bad as some made it out to be and the staff was BEYOND fabulous at finding lounge space on deck and providing plenty of clean, fresh towels. The entertainment was fair. The singers and dancers were just ok and the stage shows did not impress too much but there is a singer named Alan Kavanaugh who performs at the Sunset Bar, deck 10 aft and he is just wonderful. That was our absolute favorite place to hang out and enjoy the view and his guitar and singing. He performs everything from current top 40 hits to the Eagles to Jack Johnson. A total treat! Although a sold-out Spring Break cruise, we never felt crowded or stuck in long lines. Even the lunchtime buffet lines on the sea day was just fine and on many occasions we just looked at each other going "where IS everybody?" I despise crowds and it was literally never an issue. The Martini bar was another cool spot and the drinks were strong and inventive. Debarkation went just as smoothly as the embarkation. We had signed up for the Express departure, meaning we carried our own bags, and we were off the ship and in the car heading home by 7:40am. There was a full buffet breakfast being served this morning too as well, which some cruises do not offer on debarkation day. Overall we remembered why we loved Celebrity so much the first all of those years ago and will certainly be very loyal going forward. I think anything else would be disappointing and even Celeb's older ship was far superior to other line's newest ships. We plan to try the Reflection or Silhouette for 7 days next! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
Our first time on a Celebrity cruise and am delighted to say that all in all we were very satisfied with the ship. Most of what was covered from another review on the same cruise is very accurate. We were delighted that there were ... Read More
Our first time on a Celebrity cruise and am delighted to say that all in all we were very satisfied with the ship. Most of what was covered from another review on the same cruise is very accurate. We were delighted that there were hardly any small children on board and have the feeling of an all adult cruise, which we prefer. I few collage kids but mostly ages from 40 to 60. We had an aft room which had so much storage space and balcony that it was almost to much. Never felt any noise or smell of soot, really very peaceful. Room: Great, lots of storage, bathroom spacious, bed was ok asked for egg carton mattress and then was fine, slept like a baby. Canapes delivered every day between 3 and 4 but not great enjoyed bring sushi up to the room instead. Our room attendant was just ok....always had to ask for ice and several times he didn't remove dishes from balcony including a dirty tablecloth that was there for 3 days before her removed it. Food: very good....Breakfast buffet was the same daily, lunch and dinner they have stations, Asian, Pasta, American, pizza, sushi at dinner, sandwich bar including a mini sandwich bar at dinner, breads, desserts all relatively good for buffet style. San Marcus dining room food was excellent we had the late seating and enjoyed the dinners there very much. Ate at Oceanliners one night and was not impressed with the quality of food at all. Save your money. Bars: All bars the service was very slow and bartenders never smiled....took quite a while to get noticed to order a drink. Martini bar was very nice but the music nightly was way to loud! Seems like jazz or piano bar would have been more appropriate.....drinks were good and strong. We has the premium drink package and I strongly recommend you pay the extra for it. Well worth the money. Spa: had the couples massage and paid the 130.00 to access the sauna,s daily..Turkish steam bath was my favorite. Also has acupuncture twice for some back issues an sinus ...helped me feel better since I had been suffering with respiratory issues before the cruise. Only thing I didn't like was the push to sell the herbal medicines which were very pricey. Getting on and off the ship was a snap no problems at all. Entertainment: just ok was hit and miss. Casino: didn't gamble All n all...I was satisfied with Celebrity Consellation.....next cruise will definitely be another Celebrity ship.....I like their standard of service and that they cater to ADULTS....let the families book Carnival., Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
Having to wait until June for our scheduled Alaska cruise, we just "needed" a little ocean time! The Celebrity Constellation 4 night Western Caribbean sailing was just right. Embarkation was quick and easy. The buffet was ... Read More
Having to wait until June for our scheduled Alaska cruise, we just "needed" a little ocean time! The Celebrity Constellation 4 night Western Caribbean sailing was just right. Embarkation was quick and easy. The buffet was uncrowded for our first meal. At 1:30 p.m. our 2B Veranda stateroom was available. We were midship--easy access to the Main elevator and stairs. We loved being on Deck 6--it was only 1 level above Deck 5 where the restaurant and theatre are located--an easy walk on the stairs. Key West was our first stop. The ship provided free transportation via the Conch Train into town--it was nearly like a free mini-tour of Key West. We just walked around a bit--bought sandals at Kino's. It was so early in the morning, that we just didn't feel like eating--so missed the famous Key Lime Pie. Next day we took the ship tour to San Gervacio Mayan ruins. This was a short "ruins" tour==very well narrated. Then we were taken to "Playa Mia". What a beautiful beach. All sorts of non-motorized "toys" were available--as well as lounge chairs and a drink. I wish I had brought my water shoes, I had forgotten how rocky Mexican beaches are. But we had a wonderful time anyhow. The water was beautiful. and we lounged under a palm tree. The entertainment onboard was first class. Adam Trent--billed as a magician--but he was a dancer and comedian, this show is just spectacular. The Constellation dancers had good shows also. The food is subjective--anytime I don't have to cook and can have a napkin placed on my lap, I am happy. The ship is in excellent condition, and the crew are friendly. The thasalotherapy pool (probably mispelled) was warm with pressured water--well worth visit. We give this ship 5 stars! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
First of all, many reviews have complained that the ship is showing it's age and wear and tear. However, I thought virtually everything looks to be in very good shape and well maintained. The public areas, lounges, bathrooms, ... Read More
First of all, many reviews have complained that the ship is showing it's age and wear and tear. However, I thought virtually everything looks to be in very good shape and well maintained. The public areas, lounges, bathrooms, cafe's, bars, etc are all very clean and modern. Not only do they look clean, but you will constantly see them cleaning everything. There was always someone walking around with a windex bottle and a rag or vacuum. The only part of the ship that I felt needed some updating was the lounge chairs on the upper deck of the pool. The soft lounge chairs on the actual pool deck all appeared comfortable and clean. However, the upper deck has those white slat lounge chairs and they were sort of dirty looking. I'm sure it's just from the constant exposure to sun and sea, but still, they could be replaced. Our room was very clean and in good order. The bed wasn't as uncomfortable as many people have said, but I think that's just a matter of preference. We had cabin 6135, which is one of those not so hidden C1 class cabins that has an extended balcony. If you are thinking of booking this class i would definitely try and get one of these extended balcony cabins. Lots of room for 2 sitting chairs, 2 lounge chairs, and a table, with plenty of room to walk around as well. They leave little afternoon snacks in your room every day. It is just a small plate of 5 or 6 items. None of them were very good though. All of the food we had was either good or excellent with 2 exceptions. The one night we ordered room service and i still hadn't arrived 45 minutes after i ordered it. When I called again the woman told me she'd check and call me back. She called me back about 2 minutes later and said it's on the way. When we got it the food looked like it had been sitting around for some time. My guess is they just forgot to bring it up. The second not so good food was the breakfast in the main dining room. The pancakes were just awful. The best meal was at Ocean Liners, which you do have to pay $45 per person to eat there, but it was SO worth it! The casino was a bit sleepy, it just seemed like no one wanted top play in it for some reason. The good thing about that is you have your pick of any seat/table in the house. The pool area did get crowded a couple times, but that was about the only place i ever felt there was a lot of people. There are a lot of spots on the ship where you can truly be alone. There was never a crowd for the buffet, restaurants, shows, etc. The gym does get a little crowded in the mornings, but I think that has more to do with it being fairly small than anything else. The entertainment was ok overall. Some of the bands were good, some were not. The comedian was funny, but I thought the magician was bad. We went to one of their production shows and walked out after 10 minutes, with was 9 minutes too long. Overall it was a very relaxing, clean, enjoyable cruise. My final note would be to other first time cruisers. Take dramamine or some other motion sickness pill. Everyone said you can't feel the ship move, but you certainly can. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
I would like to start off saying I'm not big on writing reviews.(I have written one before and I have cruised 30 times) however in this case I just could not let this sailing go by without some redemptive words being said....prior to ... Read More
I would like to start off saying I'm not big on writing reviews.(I have written one before and I have cruised 30 times) however in this case I just could not let this sailing go by without some redemptive words being said....prior to this cruise I had read reviews that basically made this ship sound like I would be sailing into HELL....now I am always optimistic because I do realize that some people are glass half full and others half empty...but there were just so many.....so saying this.....in the event they ALL really had a very bad experience...I can attest that management listened....and that is encouraging....how often does that happen in the real world. We boarded last Monday Feb 18th....now I was about to hit the big 50 and not really looking forward to that milestone and decided that hitting it on a cruise ship would be the way to go...and it was...firstly we had the pleasure of meeting some CC folks ahead of time online and made a date to meet up for sailaway.....we were definitely a diverse group but we all hit it off and spent quite a bit of time together throughout the cruise.... The ship appeared to be in very good shape to me....now I guess some might say...well what would you know you are 50 everything old looks good to you...but not true....I am not going down gracefully and fighting it every step of the way...just not with additives....but yes there are some stains on the carpets....yes there is some rust....OMG she is a sea going vessel with lots of people walking around with glasses of wine etc and cups of coffee....stains happen....I found a few spider veins above my knee yesterday....not excited about it but it goes with the age territory..... The crew.....not once and I'm serious...did a crew member go past me without a hello and a smile....NOT ONE....everyone was so gracious....the food in the buffet was diverse...if you couldn't find something you like.....well you are picky indeed....both breakfast and lunch had many choices...and dinner in the MDR was very tasty and the choices were adventurous.....I have totally widened my palate cruising....trying new things because if you don't like it you can always order something else....our waiters...and wine/bar attendants...excellent Here is one place that Celebrity might have slipped up a bit....I usually spend quite bit of the evening in the casino depositing into their coffers...however after the first night where I turned $20 into $70....my table mates told us about the entertainer in Michaels club.....we spent every night thereafter in there with him.....having the time of our lives.....he was magnificent....a total blast....he sang crazy songs with his guitar and had folks come up and sing karoke but they didn't get to pick what it was....it was hilarious....and their abilities ranged from basic bad to could be on American Idol....a great entertaining experience......and I ended up leaving with some of Celebrities $$ never good for them..... Tablemates another amazing thing...the first night we got to our table we were certainly a "motley crew"....but we had the best time together and I know I have made lifelong friends....I'm not sure how they did it....but we just gelled.. So here's the thing....if you want a good cruise that is very reasonably priced this ship is perfect....you WILL have a good time unless you are just a very hard to please individual....when cruising you should go onboard to enjoy the experience and know that although the staff are catering to you they are NOT your slaves and have feelings and treat them as you want to be treated.....and for that matter your fellow cruise mates....you will ENJOY yourself... Ports: On my 50th birthday...it rained that day in Roatan for quite sometime...but guess what....it was an amazing day...........heard horror stories about that place too.............it was beautiful went to West Bay...to Bananaland and the Thirsty Turtle...the water was beautiful...ladies were giving massages for $10 for 20 minutes...the banana boat ride was $10 for 30 minutes....which was so much fun.....it was a great place to hang out and enjoy...didn't get off in Cozumel...enjoyed the quietness on the ship as I've been there a few times.... Just go on and enjoy folks....we certainly did Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Celebrity Constellation Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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