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OK it's not fair to compare The Carnival Miracle with the Celebrity Solstice and HAL's Amsterdam but that is what we just did. We sailed a TA on the Solstice then onto the Miracle then finished up on the Amsterdam for an Xmas-New ... Read More
OK it's not fair to compare The Carnival Miracle with the Celebrity Solstice and HAL's Amsterdam but that is what we just did. We sailed a TA on the Solstice then onto the Miracle then finished up on the Amsterdam for an Xmas-New Years Panama Canal. The Miracle is truly the ugliest thing afloat. The only nice place was our cabin. Clean neat tidy. Not words you could use to describe any other place on the ship. One could barely find the Xmas decoration due to all of the ugly tacky stuff everywhere. Ugly filthy dirty I could go on and on. Staff the could seem to care less. What the hell is up with the roof over the pool. Poured rain several times during the cruise. People got wet and they never closed it. Truly seemed as if the staff could care less about the guests on board. Food was so so. Ok for the most part in the dining room. Though, broccoli seemed to be the only vegetable. The Lido was so filthy I wouldn't eat there. Tables were never cleaned inside or outside. Filth all over the floors. The floors on the Solstice were clean enough to eat off!!! The staff Dancers and singers were very good but the other shows were just OK. Smoking in most of the lounges made it impossible to enjoy them. For the most part spent most of the time in the cabin when not ashore. Even the balcony was not useable due to smokers next door. First and last time on Carnival. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Recently divorced, I chose to go on my first cruise alone. I felt like I needed to do something just to please me. What a great choice this was. From the embarkation (a fun photo just before boarding), finding my room, exploring the ship, ... Read More
Recently divorced, I chose to go on my first cruise alone. I felt like I needed to do something just to please me. What a great choice this was. From the embarkation (a fun photo just before boarding), finding my room, exploring the ship, the endless food, casino, exotic ports and friendly fellow travelers, I had the time of my life and become addicted to cruising. I truly enjoyed the solo cruising but couldn't help thinking over and over again that I wish my grown children and grandchildren could experience the wonders I was taking in. This cruise was in April and by November of the same year I went on my 2nd cruise taking my son Robert, his family my daugher and her boyfriend (seven in all). AND AGAIN in the spring of 2010 took my other son and his family (seven of us in all). Wow I love it so much I wanted everyone else to have the same fun and share it with them. Now back to this trip...The ship is just overwhelming, in a good way! The first sight of it made my heart skip a beat. I had never seen a cruise ship (only in pictures) let alone cruise on one. The embarkation was a breeze but I was on a high from seeing the ship and anticipating the fun that lay ahead. My photo taken in the terminal before boarding has me smiling from ear to ear! Once on the ship it was one wonderful new thing after another. The room was tiny but perfect. The night before cruising a fellow worker who is an avid cruiser talked me in to upgrading to a balcony and I am so happy I did. There is nothing like having your own slice of paradise when you want a moment alone by not cooped up in an inside suite. I am a forever balcony fan! The muster drill was even fun as a first timer, but I must admit I find them nothing more than a necessity now that I have four cruises under my belt. Once the muster drill was completed it was time to find food, drink and make myself familiar with my surroundings. That was more than I could ever have imagined. It actually took me several days to find my around, I got a map of the deck plan and lived by it the first few days. There is always something to do. Every morning you get a newsletter delivered to your room called the Fun Times. There is a list of all the 'happenings'. Bingo, trivia challenges, scavenger hunts, card games, crafts, movies, drink mixing contests, jeopardy, newlywed game, male v.s. female contests etc... Just too many to name. Some I watched but many I participated in! I found myself many days having to choose between a few that over-lapped on time. I hate to admit it but I even got back on the boat early at one of the ports so I would be able to make it to a commercials trivia game! I had so much fun and even won a couple of plastic 'ship-on-a-sticks'!!! Room 8125 is on the Starboard side with a nice view of the bridge, I could even see the navigational monitors from my balcony. The next room midship Rm 8127 set back a few feet not allowing them to see the bridge so I felt priviledged to have the view that I had. A balcony is a must. I truly believe the few extra dollars are worth it. Now on to the Excursions and Ports!!! Our first stop was Colon, Panama and the Panama Canal. I was in awe at the sight. It was interesting to hear all the information surrounding the history of the canal and to actually see a ship pass through it with literally only a few inches on each side, seeing all the ships waiting for their turn at navigating the canal. After having studied it in elementary school and high school it was incredible seeing the whole process and putting all that information in perspective. I signed up for kayaking (my 1st time ever, at age 52!) on Lake Gatun, the lake at the top of the Panama Canal. I had so much fun and only capsized once! It was only minimally difficult righting my kayak and getting back atop. I can't fully describe what a great experience it was. I can tell you I have kayaked twice since then an anticipate doing more times! In Puerta Limon, Costa Rica it was Easter Sunday and the predominately Catholic community was very quiet, most shops closed down. I took a bus tour to some ruins/caves and nature habitat that was entertaining then went back to the ship early to partake in my favorite activity, trivia. I don't feel as if I can give a fair evaluation of the city/port due to the religious holiday. BTW, I went to mass on board the ship on Easter Sunday and enjoy it. I always like to attend mass when on vacation, it broadens your horizons to see other takes on this time honored rite. (FYI: My favorite being mass in Kauai, Hawaii.) Our last port was in Belize. Again I stepped all the way out of my box and ziplined through the rainforest tree tops. It was exhilirating! We first had group instruction and then climbed to the high point and proceded to zipline about 8-10 times and 1 40ft rappell back into the cave that we started in. I have to assure you I never felt so safe. The guides were very good, I was never afraid. I can also tell you I was most afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it due to my age and size (I'm no Barbie) but neither of those factors ever entered into the equation. There as even a couple in their 70's who completed the excursion without any untoward occurances. Since this was my first time on a cruise and I didn't have the security of another person with me, I booked all my excursions through Carnival. I didn't want to be stranded alone in a foriegn country. Plus the fact I had never travel to any of the port and was in unfamiliar territory so wanted the comfort of knowing I was in competent hands. Now that I have been and have seen the types of tours that are available outside the cruise ship realm I would be comfortable taking a non cruise tour, but I would recommend doing some research ahead of time on tripadvisor.com or on your specific cruise ship review forums. As for the ship, I found the main showroom entertainment to be a bit cheezy, the comic show were good, the activities were varied, something fun for everyone. I ate dinner one night Nick and Nora's Steakhouse, I found to be a bit pricey. But then again I was alone so the experience would have been more fun if I would have had someone to share it with. The food was good, the service was slow but then again if I had company it probably would have been perfect timing. And as a side note, I had a good time by myself but would not recommend it to most people. The price of a cabin is based on double occupancy so the room was quite expense considering. In closing I can't possibly say enough good about my 1st time cruising! Carnival made it so good that I have gone on 3 since and am always planning a next trip. :-) Read Less
Sail Date April 2009
Background Info My nephew graduated from college this year, and this cruise was his graduation gift. I had been to the Eastern Caribbean several times, so I wanted to do the Western Caribbean this year. I chose four cruises that looked ... Read More
Background Info My nephew graduated from college this year, and this cruise was his graduation gift. I had been to the Eastern Caribbean several times, so I wanted to do the Western Caribbean this year. I chose four cruises that looked interesting (two Royal Caribbean and two Carnival), and he choose the itinerary he wanted. I had never been on Carnival before, but I had heard that it is great for young adults - he is 22 and looking for people to party with. I am 39, and not so much into the bar scene. Getting to the Port/Embarkation My travel agent recommended buying the transfer voucher to the port from the airport. At $18 per person, it was probably more expensive than taking a cab, but I think the ease of it made it worth it. We arrived in Miami at 1130AM. As we went to pick up our bags, someone wearing Carnival colors (red, white, and blue) came by and called our name. She pointed us toward the bus, the driver put our bags on, and we sat in air-conditioned comfort until they finished loading. After a 20-minute bus ride, we were at the port. The driver showed us which door to enter, and we went straight to the desk to check in. We had already filled out the on line form, so it took all of five minutes. She gave us a number (group 4), and showed us where to wait to board the boat. They were boarding people from group 2, so we waited about 20 minutes. When they called our group, it took about 10 more minutes for each person to stop and have a picture taken (so we could get on and off the boat), and then we were on the ship! The Ship The Miracle truly is the ugliest cruise ship I have ever been on. The Bacchus dining room is just as hideous as people have said, and the Mad Hatter room was a little freaky. By the second day, however, part of the fun was talking about the ugly ship. There were some nice spots. If you like quiet, Gatsby's Garden was a great place to read a book and look out at the ocean. The Cabin The cabin was larger than I had expected from my other cruises. There was plenty of room for all of our clothes, and our luggage fit under the bed. The basket of toiletries was a nice touch, as were the bathrobes. I chose a cabin with a balcony, and we each spent plenty of time out there just relaxing and enjoying the view. Shore Excursions We never got around to signing up before we left, so we went to the shore excursion desk as soon as we got on the ship. There was no line, as opposed to a couple of hours later when the line had at least 50 people. I know lots of people book their excursions outside of the ship, but I'm a control freak - I like to be absolutely sure the ship will wait for me if my excursion runs over. If you book through the ship, it's guaranteed. Grand Cayman We did the Stingray City and snorkel tour, mainly because I'm a little freaked out by stingrays and I wanted something to do in case I was too afraid to get off the boat at Stingray City. The stingrays were actually very cool, and I even have a picture of me holding one (it feels like a wet mushroom). The snorkeling was a bit of a disappointment. I had heard that Grand Cayman is a great place for snorkeling, but there were just a few tiny coral groups on a sandbar. I heard from others on the ship that the snorkeling was great, so I think it was just the tour we went on. Cozumel We didn't do a shore excursion, just shopping then on to a beach. The shops downtown were very nice, and my nephew got a couple of great deals on rum and tequila. The beach was all right, but it was obvious there was still lots of hurricane damage - despite that the people we encountered were very friendly. Except, that is, for the taxi drivers. When it was time to go back to the ship, the cabs charged double the price we paid going out to the beach. They knew we had no choice but to pay, if we wanted to get back to the ship. Next time, if I go to the beach, I will probably go through the ship's shore excursions. It probably costs about the same, and would have been a lot less hassle. Belize This was definitely my favorite stop. We chose one of the snorkeling tours, and it was amazing. We got on the boat directly from the ship, and it took us to a tiny island surrounded by coral. We could snorkel from either the boat or from the shore. The coral was beautiful, and there were so many different kinds of fish that we each ran out of film in about ten minutes. Costa Maya We went to Chacchoben, which is a partially excavated ruin in the middle of a rainforest. According to our tour guide, this ruin had been built 3000 years BC. It was amazing to think about the history of such an old civilization. One thing, though, if you go on an excursion into a rain forest, PLEASE expect rain. It rained a good portion of the time we were there, and several people whined so much that they cut the tour short. The Staff/Entertainment Our cabin steward was wonderful. He knew are names on the first day, and he went out of his way to make our stay enjoyable. He kept the cabin in great shape (despite the fact that my nephew is a bit of a slob), and he left silly towel animals every night. Our dining staff was also excellent. Our server was very helpful. She was always able to tell me which dishes were especially good. It made it easy to follow my rule of trying something new each day. Overall I was impressed with the attitudes of the people I encountered - imagine being away from family and home for 6-9 months and working 6 days/week. My only problem was with the Cruise Director and his staff. I admit I love the silly games usually played on cruises. I like to go to line dancing classes, play trivia games, play Pictionary - stuff I don't usually do at home. The only line dancing class they had the entire week lasted less than ten minutes. We learned a few steps, and did half of a song (my nephew came ten minutes late, and I had already been sitting for a couple of minutes). The shows were enjoyable. I especially liked Ticket to Ride. The comedians were hilarious (especially the adult only shows), while the hypnotist was adequate. Disembarkation This was the easiest of any cruise line I've been on. We put our bags out the night before, went to breakfast on Saturday, and relaxed until it was time to leave. Our bags were easy to find, a short line through customs, and are vacation was over. Read Less
Sail Date July 2006
Carnival Miracle Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 3.5 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.0 4.0
Enrichment 1.5 3.5
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.5 4.1
Rates 3.0 4.4

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