7 Carnival Imagination Cruise Reviews for Singles Cruises to Bahamas from Miami

The ship was small and certainly not outstanding to say the least. Very dark. I like bright decorations. I did not enjoy the lido deck on this ship either. Mostly drinkers. (kind word). I don't see the point in becoming so drunk you ... Read More
The ship was small and certainly not outstanding to say the least. Very dark. I like bright decorations. I did not enjoy the lido deck on this ship either. Mostly drinkers. (kind word). I don't see the point in becoming so drunk you can't walk. I am all about having a good time. I grew up in the 70's so I know what a good time is for sure. However, there is a time and place for everything. I think that Carnival should take care to cut off drunks at the bar as is done on land. They are a danger to themselves to say the least. Too many of them on this ship. Hairy chest contests are not for me. Not much to do onboard as far as activities go during the day unless you like bingo and trivia. The pool was busting at the seams with kids. Unattended by their parents. The buffet was also bursting at the seam with them. They crawl all over the floors and Carnival does not make a very good attempt at keeping them from the adult areas. Pool was very small. Deck over crowded. Spa filled with kids. Believe me there is not enough chemicals to keep that waster clean with all the kids in the pool. I got a massage and the girl was terrific. She also gave me a facial. Outstanding. But, there was no Cloud 9 spa on the ship. Dinner was not bad. The food was not outstanding as Celebrity or RCL. But, not totally disappointed. I expected a disaster. They made an attempt to seat you alone if you wished. I did not want to sit with couples but said I would sit with single woman on the ship. I actually liked the seating. I don't care for the big round tables that I had on the Celebrity Constellation where you are forced to sit with others. Buffett food not good. Below average I felt compared to what I have had on other cruise lines. Cove balcony excellent. I loved that and never knew they existed. We had a suite and I loved that too as far as room. They could brighten it up somehow. It was very dark in their and the furnishings did not give a feeling of happiness but darkness. Plenty of room. It is worth it to get a suite. Had tub in it. Not much closet space but plenty of drawers etc for clothes so that was excellent. The entertainment was sub par. Awful. What can I say. The theatre was old style and the acoustics were terrible. The only good thing is the price of a cruise on Carnival I suppose. I don't know what other attraction there could be. I can't remember cabin number but if I can find it and edit this later I will. This was the first of 16 day cruise for me. I took three back to backs. I went on the first two with someone I met online. The second on Breeze because i had credit of 350.00. Doubt that I will be sailing Carnival too much in the future. Trevor was our cabin attendant and he was excellent. I had to always make special arrangements with him to get clean towels etc. because my cabin mate was asleep all day and out all night. He was great and I made sure I tipped him for his troubles.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
This was my second cruise with Carnival cruise lines, and it was intended as a short weekend getaway. I was celebrating my birthday as well, so it was myself, my boyfriend and 2 friends who were onboard. The ship was small- there are only ... Read More
This was my second cruise with Carnival cruise lines, and it was intended as a short weekend getaway. I was celebrating my birthday as well, so it was myself, my boyfriend and 2 friends who were onboard. The ship was small- there are only 10 decks as it's usually just a weekend trip cruise ship of 3-4 night itineraries. It's also one of the older ships in the fleet. This wasn't a concern for me when booking, and there weren't any serious issues with the boat or anything, but it's obvious that it is an older ship. It's very cramped- I felt like they over-booked in terms of passengers. Most of the time we were at the pool, there were so many people it was impossible to even swim. It was mainly treading water. The pools are smaller and they don't have as much deck space, so unless you get to a chair area early in the morning, you will either be under the awnings (ok if you don't want sun) or on the above decks having to walk up and down stairs to get into the pool. I also felt like this was the quintessential "party ship" in terms of passengers and focus. There was always someone with a megaphone in hand hosting a party or contest on the main pool area, so it became difficult to relax and unwind unless you were back in the adults only area. That was one area of the ship that I was sufficiently pleased with- the chairs were plush and it was quiet. They had options under cover and also several deck chairs where you could catch some rays. There was always someone there to serve you drinks or anything else you requested. The only improvement I could have made to the area was I would have liked to see a pool back there for adults only. The food was good, but not great, and the dinner service did leave much to be desired. We chose anytime dining because we did not want to be locked into a certain time, and I felt like our waiter wasn't too happy with us most of the time. We ended up sending a few dishes back because they came out cold or we just didn't like them and he seemed like he had a problem with this. I have definitely had better dining service at several establishments before. The pool service was good- there were always people walking around ready to bring drinks or other amenities. Our room was small and cramped, but we did have an interior cabin so that's to be expected I guess. I had never before traveled in an interior cabin, but upon booking I was informed that there were no balcony rooms available, so the option was either a suite or a regular room, and I wasn't interested in paying the rate for a suite. However, once the beds are pushed together to form a queen in the interior rooms, there is very little walking room. We were also located on a lower level room which was toward the front of the ship and seemed to be directly over the engine room because I could definitely feel vibrations coming up from the floors. I was happy to be on a vacation, but I think that the ship could use some improvement. I have been on Carnival before and found the Conquest more to my liking. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
This was booked as a cheap last minute cruise for a girlfriend and I. We both decided to leave our kids at home to save money, and we were glad we did as it turned out. We were able to stay out late enjoying talking to other passengers, ... Read More
This was booked as a cheap last minute cruise for a girlfriend and I. We both decided to leave our kids at home to save money, and we were glad we did as it turned out. We were able to stay out late enjoying talking to other passengers, having drinks, and enjoying entertainment. Also, their was not as much entertainment for children as on other newer ships. There were two small pools, plus a splash pool. There were no water slides or anything like that for kids. I believe there was a good childcare facility onboard that some kids did really enjoy. I just gathered it was not as great as on newer ships. We booked the cheapest room we could. It should have had no window and been an inside room. Instead we got a big porthole window that cost us nothing extra! When talking to others at dinner one night, we were told they booked through other companies instead of Norweigan, and I actually booked our cruise through NCL's website. I am not sure if that made any difference, but they did not get upgraded and we did. The entertainment was fantastic. We saw all of Andrew Kennedy's shows, and he was always hilarious. The only thing is that each time (three shows) we heard some of the same jokes. I hope he extends his act more because he really was great! We really also enjoyed the band Impac. They played wonderful when playing any genre except country. I didn't quite enjoy their country music as much, but they were amazing at reggae, hits, and R&B. The guys were super friendly as well and wanted to get to know everyone. There were some Broadway type shows and a couple of game shows, but they weren't my thing, so I didn't attend. The food was good. There were definitely things I found better than others, like the broccoli soup. It was yummy, but the lobster wasn't so great in my opinion. The wait staff was almost always amazingly friendly. The service was not always perfect, but I was content with it. There were times we had to ask for coffee or drinks multiple times in the dining room, but I think they were doing their best. The ship was always clean from what I saw except for two issues. One was that our closet smelled like urine. I never reported this, as I never met our room steward, but it just simply stunk! I tried to keep that door closed as much as possible to contain the issue. The other was that someone left a pile of feces in the floor in a public bathroom. Yuck. I reported that, but things like that can happen anywhere I suppose. I assume someone cleaned it up as soon as possible; I didn't revisit to check. I always appreciated that our room was cleaned multiple times a day, even though we didn't exactly leave a mess. Like I said though, I never met our room steward, which was unusual to me. One morning, I went to take a shower and the shower was only scalding hot, so I reported that, and they took about 30 minutes to come and look at it. When they did, it seemed to work fine. I felt silly, but after talking to other passengers, they had similar issues. It would have made me feel better if they had admitted there was an issue instead of pretending it was my mistake. Also, about five minutes after they left, our bathroom water quit working entirely, the sink, toilet, and shower. It resumed by the time we returned from port. This was also an issue others had on ship. As for ports, Freeport was not great at first sight. Just lots of little shops and people selling items. I am not into buying a lot of that stuff, so I went looking for cheap things to spend the day doing. We found a taxi that was $14 per person roundtrip to Junkanoo Beach. We spent the whole day at the beach, and we had no problems getting back to the ship on time. Taxis had been waiting there to take us back. The beach was beautiful and we spent nothing more than the taxi ride and money on drinks while there. The next port was Nassau. I had been there before and really would have been fine spending the day on ship, but my friend had never been. She wanted to see the straw market, and so we did. It is just the same old stuff over and over there in my opinion. The beach was nice there and within walking distance, but we were still a little burned from the day before on the beach, so we ate at Señor Frogs and headed back to the ship. The last day was at Great Stirrup Cay. It was my favorite. The beach was beautiful with lawn chairs everywhere. Food was included from the cruise. Drinks were included in our ultimate drink package from the ship. Water was gorgeous. No waves. I could float effortlessly to the top. It was so clear. One issue was the ultimate drink package. It cost $241 after all the tips being included, taxes, etc. This was $50/day for four nights. The problem was that we had to run back and forth from guest services to the bar many, many times before it was correct on our onboard cards. They were charging us for drinks even though we had the plan on our card. There were so many charges it exceeded the money on our cards and our cards were locked down until they refunded them all. This was a huge ordeal, and every time they would say it was resolved, we would go back to the 11th floor to the bar, and it was not, and then we would have to return to 5 to guest services. ANNOYING. Anyways, finally it was resolved and problem solved. Even though $241 was a lot, we found it useful for the delicious and strong mixed drinks we were served. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
I sailed on the Imagination Jan. 27 - 30. This was my first vacation cruise. I was in the Navy for 8 years, so I'm no stranger to being on a ship. I just didn't have to work on this trip! Some background about me: I'm a ... Read More
I sailed on the Imagination Jan. 27 - 30. This was my first vacation cruise. I was in the Navy for 8 years, so I'm no stranger to being on a ship. I just didn't have to work on this trip! Some background about me: I'm a single professional woman who loves to dance and hit the clubs, go to Vegas - you get the idea. I was travelling with my friend and her family to celebrate her daughter's 21st birthday. There were nine of us and as her daughter is like my kid sister, and I was the single one in the group of adults, I was coupled with her. Worked out great for us!! Embarkation: I'm a bit OCD about researching stuff, so I had completed all of the check-in steps online a week or so before we left Los Angeles. We took a taxi from the Hyatt to the port around 10:30, having read on CC that the ships let you on board earlier than the published check-in time. We were ready to start! I was a bit taken aback that the porters only had to take our bags about 20 feet to drop them off. Tipping them $1 a bag for their assistance seemed unnecessary once I saw where the bags go. But oh well. I was on vacation and everyone needs to earn a living. No biggie. Because we had completed the online check-in, we were able to go straight to the kiosks. Scanned our passports, scanned our credit cards to link to our sail and sign cards, got our printout and on to the next station to pick up the actual card. For credit cards, it's an itital $50 authorization, which isn't actually charged. The final amount is charged a day or two after the cruise ends. This whole process took less than 10 minutes. Next we were on our way to board. Stop to take a picture, then on our way. They scanned our sail and sign card as we boarded, and we were off. First stop - lido deck! Food: Room service breakfast is your typical continental breakfast. The pastries were just okay, but better than pre-packaged stuff you would buy at a store. Lido deck buffet: The food here was just okay in my book. I thought it was still too fast foody for me. I did really like the baked fish - I think it was called Boston baked fish or something like that. It was good and crispy and very yummy! The dessert stations always had some really good desserts. As long as dessert is good, I'm a happy person LOL Mongolian BBQ: perfect if you like Mongolian BBQ. Poolside buffet - cheeseburgers, hotdogs, chicken strips, french fries - and similar stuff. THe chicken strips were VERY good. Juicy chicken, crispy outside without being too crispy and just enough pepper! Deli - I had a yummy pastrami sandwich one day. It's not typed on the options menu, but they have fresh ciabbatta rolls that are delicious! Pizza - The ceasar salad is good and my friends really liked the pizza although I never had any myself. I'm not a big pizza person. Main Dining Room: We had your time dining in the Pride room. We somehow always went when there wasn't a line (not by plan but just how it turned out), so we never waited more than 5 minutes for our table. Sometimes there were only 3 of us and sometimes all 9 of us were together. We even showed up separately the last night as 3 and 6 and were seated separately. Then the group of 6 saw us 3 and we moved tables with no issues from the servers. I always picked something off the menu I hadn't had before. Escargot was delish although I could've been eating small oysters for all the difference I could tell. The flavor was good though, so I'm a fan! Dinner 1: escargot fruit coulis vegetarian sweet potato pot pie (bland - not enough cinnamon) Chocolate molten cake - yummy! Ask for an extra scoop of ice cream! Dinner 2: Stuffed mushrooms - typical, and good! Lobster/shrimp duo (order two - the lobster tails are small and you only get 4 medium shrimp) Black forest cake - yum! Dinner 3: seafood penne as an appetizer Veal parmigiana chocolate molten cake with extra ice cream. Beverages: Let's be honest. I'm a party girl. I always got the drink of the day. 7.50 - 9 after the added surcharge or whatever. I'm on vacation. No biggie. I brought on two bottles of wine - legally. I had the roomie bring the second bottle for me since we can each bring on one. Now that I have my first cruise under my belt, I'll definitely try to smuggle some rum or something on next time. The drinks on board were not very strong at all. I could use a little floater of liquor on top! Smuggling: When in Nassau, I did stop at the duty free liquor store and bought a liter of rum to take back and small flask size bottle of coconut rum. When we came on board, my bag went through the xray machine and the attendant only told me to check my liquor with the gentleman on the other side of the room at a table. He did not mention how much liquor I had, so naturally, I only checked the liter and took the flask to my room. That's a good tip for anyone who wants to take liquor home but also try to get some to the room. Buy a small bottle! Entertainment: I'm a white girl who loves the sun so I spent a lot of time top deck communing with my sun goddess. LOL I found several spots that I really liked that were out of the way where I could just take a nap in the sun and work on my tan. If that's your thing then just explore every day when you first board to find some spots you may like. I will say that I slept in the last day and didn't go topside until about noon. It took some walking around to find a spot, but I did. I loved all the poolside dance parties. Dancing in the sun with an adult beverage in hand is a great way to pass the time (and fib to say I worked out on vacation!) The comedians were funny. We saw both shows on both nights. They weren't the same, and in the second show they referenced funny stuff that they talked about in the first show. HILARIOUS! I only went to the adult versions of the show. Illusions night club was fun too. Here is the only negative that I feel is important enough to complain about. The music sets were the same for all dance activities, from the daytime pool parties to the club at night. So basically we heard the same set of songs six times. I'm sure that's not an issue for many people because maybe going to the club/dancing isn't something you frequent. But, for me, it got old quick. I can only do the wobble so many times! Granted, the mix of music was awesome. I just wish they had different mixes for different days/events. I made the recommendation in the cruise satisfaction survey that maybe they could consider doing music themes: East Coast hip hop, West Coast hip hop, 90s hip hop, Old Skool, Reggae, Reggaeton, Latin night. There are so many dance music options out there that they don't have to play the same set over and over. Also, they didn't have any current music. They played the popular stuff from the previous year or two, but they didn't even have music that was a month or two old. And that's all for my whining about the music. It didn't bother me so much to make me not go out dancing, but by the last night, I was calling it quits by like 1 instead of staying out til 4. Room Steward: Jolly from the Phillipines was our steward and he was awesome. I left him a note as soon as we got in the room asking for extra towels and chocolates. After that point he always called me by the name I signed on the note, instead of my official name which was on the room roster. I go by my middle name, so I appreciated that he made note of my go by name. We had pre-payed tips, but left him some extra cash throughout the trip to say thanks for all the special requests. He would incorporate stuff we left in the room on the towel animals. One day we came in and the elephant was wearing my sunglasses. It's a small thing, but it made us all smile, laugh and take pictures. What else is vacation for???? Nassau Debarkation: There was no announcement made to say when we could leave the ship, but we made our way down about 30 minutes after arrival and were off in a jiffy. There's always going to be those people who want to cut in line, but whatever. I was on vacation and wasn't going to let their rudeness bother me. Push on. We didn't pre-book any tours, so getting off the ship we ran into a taxi driver who offered us a tour for $25. Three hours later, some souveniers and a bit of a look at how the poor, middle class and rich Bahamans live, and a walk around Atlantis, we found ourselves back at the ship. I layed by the pool, we got ready for dinner on board the ship, then we were off to bar hop Nassau. So fun! Back to the ship for clubbing into the wee hours. I didn't find this out until after the fact, but you could get your passport stamped at one of the government buildings. Just not by the agents checking your ID to go back to the piers. FYI for any of you who want a stamp. Debarkation: Just as easy. Filled out the customs form - I really only had the bottle of liquor and some small trinkets to claim. Packed our bags up the night before and had them checked. The morning of the last day we had breakfast in the dining room then went topside to hang out since we weren't scheduled to disembark until 1030. When we were called we got off the ship pretty quickly. The customs line moved quickly too. I don't know if bags are scanned behind the scenes before you pick them up, but they weren't scanned after we got them. Pay attention to your luggage tags to know what section your in because that's where your luggage will be when you get off the ship. If you leave earlier than your section, your luggage probably won't be there yet. So leave according to schedule and you're all set. It took us maybe 20 minutes to get from the ship to the taxi line. Piece of cake! Taxi to Bayside Marketplace where we shopped and hungout until time to catch our 6:30 flight from FLL. (We took the Tri-Rail!) Speaking of which - Miami transportation. The Metro, metromover and tri-rail station that connects to FLL are awesome. If you don't want to spend the money on a rental or taxis, use the public transportation. It's massive, very easy to use, reliable and cheap. Oh - I also explored the ship at night underway and found some great spots for some peaceful quiet nighttime ocean and star gazing. Forward of the mini golf course there's a deck. And then below the bridge there's a deck. You may have to do some exploring on your own to find how to get there, but they're public spots and I really enjoyed sitting there at night. Overall, I highly recommend this cruise and ship. I had fun, I ate well, and the drinks were tasty. What else can a girl ask for? Thanks for reading! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
Spent a great 4th of July Weekend on the Carnival Imagination.We arrived in the Port of Maimi terminal around 1130 (recommend to get there an hour early to be the lines) and parked our car and walked across the street to the ... Read More
Spent a great 4th of July Weekend on the Carnival Imagination.We arrived in the Port of Maimi terminal around 1130 (recommend to get there an hour early to be the lines) and parked our car and walked across the street to the terminal.Immediately our bags were taken from us and we walked inside.  The terminal itself was nice and modern.Last time i cruised it was out of New York and this was a major difference.We were checked in and onboard within 10 minutes(even though check-in was at 12:30), no hassles, no problems, we just had to wait till 1:30 for our room to be ready. I would suggest arriving early or late to check in without he lines.The food on the Lido deck's Horizon Grill was pretty good.  Not as much of a selection as there was on the Carnival Miracle which I had been on a year earlier but this was a smaller ship and to be expected.  The grill where the burgers were good but if you wanted your burger cooked a certain way(IE. I like my burgers medium rare) than you will have to wait, because all the burgers were cooked to Medium Well unless specified.  You could get Pizza and Room service round the clock which was good.  We stopped at the 24 hr pizza all 3 nights around 3-4 am.  Being a  New Yorker I was surprised the Pizza is better than most pizzarias you find out of New York.The Casino was nice, had about 10-12 tables and all different types of video poker and slots.  Usually after showtime the casino was popping till late night. Most tables had a $5 minimum.This ship has 2 main dining rooms, the Spirit and the Pride Dining Rooms.  We were in the Pride dining room because we had the "Dine at your time" dining plan.  We could go to dinner any time between 5:45 and 9:30.The flexibility was great but you dont get the same service from your waiter as you do with assigned tables and times.The food was good, Nothing to write home about but it was good.  You definitely got enough and if you wanted more, dont be shy about asking, they'll bring you more, just ask!  The best thing i had was this Indian Spice Pumpkin Soup.Entertainment:There was always something going on while you were at Sea.  Whether it was the piano man in the Atrium Lobby or the Live band up on deck by the pool, you couldnt walk too far without running into some kind of music being played.  The shows were well produced and were very entertaining.  Your typical vegas style shows that are always fun to watch.There was Karaoke every night in the Xanadu lounge and a DJ in the Illusions Disco.  The DJ was not to my taste, he played mainly a lot of Hip Hop and Rap which is fine if thats what you like but he didn't have variety.  When I'm at a club I want to hear some Dance music or House, or even some remixes of Top 40, but for the crowd that likes the Hip Hop it would be for them.  There were sing alongs in the Piano bar and a live band in the lounge, and so much other entertainment that the disco was the last place for me to visit.  4th of July they had a deck party while we were in the Bahamas.  It was your typical deck party with the live band and DJ playing, and the endless conga line, Macarena, Electric Slide, Etc... A lot of fun.I would definitely suggest this Itinerary to anyone who wants to get away for a long weekend! Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
This was a quick weekend getaway for three girlfriends. We are stationed in Key West, so we simply drove to the port. One of the girls was running late AND she forgot her bathing suit (we were 15 minutes out and turned around to get it), ... Read More
This was a quick weekend getaway for three girlfriends. We are stationed in Key West, so we simply drove to the port. One of the girls was running late AND she forgot her bathing suit (we were 15 minutes out and turned around to get it), plus traffic in the keys caused us not to reach the port till 2:30 (left at 0930)!!! This drove me crazy, as I HATE cutting things short. Oh well. Right after the muster drill we went to the casino area for a drink. We ran into Beth and Kenyan (LizKyle from CC) and they bought us a round. Thanks again guys and it was great meeting you! We just chit chatted in that area for awhile then went down to the room to unpack our stuff and get ready for dinner (8:15 sitting). Food and wait staff great as always. We went to the show afterwards, which was a waste of time. The cruise director (forget his name) just made some guests come up on stage and made them do a silly dance. Few people laughed. He was followed by an even un-funnier comedian. He told jokes we have all heard before...nothing original. Next day we docked at Nassau at 1000. My friend and I took our time getting ready and eating breakfast and then walked off the ship around 1100. Our other friend (the one who was running late) did her own excursion to Atlantis. Karen and I had plans to go to the beach at the British Hilton, but first stopped at the Straw Market and Senor Frogs. Karen got a cute little wrap, but I didn't get anything. I felt uncomfortable actually, because everyone is begging you and a few even pulled on my arm to come look at their booths. I was glad to get out of there. We went in to Senor Frogs just to say we had been there and had a drink. The bar staff was very friendly and the drinks were tasty. There weren't many people there yet, which I loved. I'm sure it got much more crowded later. We then continued walking to the Hilton, which was just behind Senor Frogs. It was $20 admission and WELL WORTH IT. We had access to the beach, pool, and garden area with hammocks. The chairs and towels were also included. It was so pretty and relaxing. Karen and I just chatted and read our books. It was so peaceful! After a few hours we were done and just walked through the touristy shop areas as we walked back to the ship. We each grabbed a cake at the Tortuga Rum Cake shop. We got back on board and ate pizza and salad and relaxed in the room watching T.V. We went ahead and took showers for formal night so that when the third friend, Liz, got back she could have the shower. Once we were all ready we went to the Captain's Cocktail Party. I knew that on a weekend overnight Bahamas cruise there probably wouldn't be many people participating in formal night. I would say about one-third of the ship was there. Maybe a tad less actually. We really wanted to do it though cause we felt you got more of your "monies worth" doing the formal night (free drinks, lobster, the best show, etc). Everything was great. The show was "Living in America" which I thought was great. I know there are a lot of jokes about cruise ship dancers and singers but I think they are great. Afterwards I went back to the room and the other two stayed out a bit more in the dance club. Next day was the sea day and Karen and I spent all day at the adults' only serenity area. Major kudos to Carnival for this addition. Comfy chairs, Jacuzzis, peaceful atmosphere, and 80s/90s music playing low on the speakers. I like this way better than loud Caribbean music played at the main pools, just my personal taste. Like the day before we just chatted and read our books. I LOVED it. Just lounging around and reading in the sun is perfect for me, I am not a fast-paced person at all. Later we watched the sun set in the front of the ship. We just laid in the area past the mini golf section. We were the only ones there for awhile, later just a few people showed up to watch the sun set too. Afterwards we went to the room and ordered room service and packed our bags. The other friend was on an opposite schedule...slept most of the day in the room and hung out in the casino while we were in the room eating and packing. I've actually left out a huge drama...I just didn't feel like writing all of it, plus you probably want to hear about the cruise and not some girl drama...but in case you haven't figured it out by now the third girl Liz and us were just not getting along. A few days before the cruise Liz had done some stuff that was wrong, then just behaved badly during the cruise. Again my apologies to all the Carnival employees who crossed her path. When our room steward introduced himself she snapped at him because we had a roll away instead of a ceiling bed (even though I was perfectly happy sleeping with a roll away), she snapped at the waiter because she didn't know anchovies came in a ceaser salad, she yelled at an employee for not speaking good English after she tried to ask her a question, and she yelled at the lady who called with the wake-up call...because she was 5 minutes late. Sigh. That's not even all of it...she was really embarrassing. Oh and when I say she snapped at someone I mean she dropped the f-bomb every other word very loudly. Overall Karen and I had a good time relaxing. I definitely prefer a longer cruise to a shorter one though. The ship was in good condition, food was great, and staff was great, though the cruise director was a bore. A nice getaway for people who live close by, but personally I wouldn't come from too far just to go on this little cruise. Read Less
Sail Date March 2009
I wanted to take my sister on a quick getaway to get her mind off of a breakup. This cruise was cheap and easy to book, so we did it! It was definitely fun, but the decor was tacky in an amusing way, and we didn't find many ... Read More
I wanted to take my sister on a quick getaway to get her mind off of a breakup. This cruise was cheap and easy to book, so we did it! It was definitely fun, but the decor was tacky in an amusing way, and we didn't find many activities at night other than Karaoke, gambling or dancing, none of which interested us. We enjoyed the small deck at the back of the ship where 2 hot tubs were situated. We spent most of our time there with our books and music. It was never crowded there either, so it was nice to just hang out and be alone (I'm a mom, so I don't have a lot of quiet time to chat with my sister usually). Our room was the bare necessities, but our steward WAS amazing, we never saw him, but could always see proof that he'd been in our room, leaving everything perfect, even putting our sodas in ice when we left them on the counter. We loved having the cotton robes for the duration of our trip. The food at dinner was wonderful, definitely the highlight. Nassau was beautiful, glad we did an excursion there. All in all, I refer to this as our 'budget' cruise, and it was exactly what we needed for the price we paid. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
Carnival Imagination Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 3.9
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 3.0 4.3

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