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619 Miami to Bahamas Cruise Reviews

This was our second sailing on the Fascination. I was considering the Majesty of the Seas for this weekend getaway but chose the Fascination since she had recently been in dry dock. A little background on the cruisers: I'm 37. This ... Read More
This was our second sailing on the Fascination. I was considering the Majesty of the Seas for this weekend getaway but chose the Fascination since she had recently been in dry dock. A little background on the cruisers: I'm 37. This was my fifth cruise on Carnival. I've also sailed on Royal Caribbean twice. My husband is 41 and this was his third cruise on Carnival and he cruised once on Royal Caribbean. We live in Fort Lauderdale, so we drove to the port. My husband dropped me off by the curb with the luggage and he parked in the lot. It was $45.00, payable in advance, for the three days. The porter took my bag right away. We got there early (11:00AM) and walked right up to the check-in counter. We waited about 45 minutes before we were allowed onboard. Embarkation is on the Empress deck (and we were in E143  outside cabin). They added a piano and bar in the Atrium . We dropped a small bag off in the room and headed up to the lido deck for lunch. I am not a big fan of buffets. Like last time, the food was mediocre. I had a burger and some fries and it was fine. My husband had a little of a few things and said he wasn't impressed. However, like a lot of others, I don't cruise for the food (but I do enjoy good food!!). That said, I think the food on Royal Caribbean is much better. I did not see any hand sanitizing stations near the entrances, but do carry my own. I am not aware that anyone got sick on this sailing. As far as the room goes, I had pre-ordered birthday decorations for my husband and they were up and I was pleased with them. Our room steward was friendly and did a great job. There was a new flat panel TV. In the bathroom, I noticed that the sink area had been redone. It looked like the doors on the closet had been redone since last time. Gone was the bright orange trim in the room. The desk area was also redone in a marble type of top. We chose the 6:15 seating and were assigned to the Sensation dining room. We love to play craps and our rule is, we only gamble after dinner, so we chose this seating. The waiter was okay and the busboy left a lot to be desired. He rarely came back to refill our drinks and oftentimes we had to ask for our waiter for the refills. He didn't seem to be happy with his busboy. The food in the dining room was served cold/lukewarm side and there is nothing (with the exception of the molten chocolate cake and the birthday cake I ordered for my husband) that I would recommend or rave about. I had pre-ordered a chocolate cake for my husband's birthday and it arrived with our dessert. The chocolate cake was delicious. After dinner on Friday night, we headed to the casino. As I stated earlier, we enjoy playing craps. The dealers were wonderful! Pleasant and fun, they really made the trip. They remembered our bets and cheered us on. I don't understand why the casino doesn't rate you on the tables, only with the Ocean Players Club for the slots. I mentioned this to the casino manger and he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. When we returned to the room, we were hungry and ordered room service about 11:30PM. It arrived within 10 minutes. The BLT's were cold and dry. Saturday was Nassau. We had breakfast on the Lido deck. I had an omelet made and enjoyed it. The only sliced cheese I saw was Swiss. I was surprised they didn't have at American or cheddar with it. The rest of the food was cold and had no flavor. My husband said the eggs tasted powdered. I don't think the coffee machine was working right, because the coffee came out lukewarm. I mentioned it to one of the servers, but he didn't seem to understand what I was saying. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, so it wasn't that big a deal, but I do enjoy a cup in the morning. We headed over to the Atlantis just to look around and do some shopping. I cannot stand how pushy and rude they are to you when you get through that Festival shopping area. They treat you like cattle. They will not let a cab go until it's full and you're crammed in like sardines. We were waiting for about 15 minutes with two other couples before we were finally allowed to follow the cab driver to his cab. We spent a few hours there and then headed to the straw market. I hadn't been there in years and now I remember why. I have no desire to go back. The stalls are cramped and if you have claustrophobia (I don't, but I was getting panic attacks in there) I suggest that you stay out of there. My only goal there was to find some purses, which I did. We got back to the boat around 2PM and had lunch on the Lido. Lunch was the same as on Friday. We relaxed on deck and then got ready for dinner, which was formal. Formal night was a joke and I am not trying to start a debate as to how one should dress, as I can understand both sides. My husband and I are both professionals and get dressed for work every day. We also have formal affairs several times a year where we get dressed. My husband owns his own tuxedo. Did I want to get dressed for formal night on such a short cruise? Not really. But I didn't want to eat dinner in the buffet or order room service either. My husband wore a dark suit and I dressed appropriately for dinner. I was amazed at how many men considered a collared Polo-type of shirt with jeans and flip flops formal. Some of the women looked gorgeous, but most looked like they couldn't be bothered and dressed the part. To each his own. I did see one man in a tuxedo. I think that on a three day cruise, formal night should be done away with. We decided to check out the show that night for a bit. The juggler/comedian was very funny, as was the stand up comic. Sunday was a sea day. We had breakfast about 9AM in the dining room and it was much better than the buffet. I met up with one of our table mates and we headed over to the casino for a bit. My husband headed upstairs to relax in the sun. We met for lunch in the dining room at 2PM. My table mate and I played in the slots tournament and I came in second. We had our last dinner in the dining room, which was a repeat of the prior two evenings. The servers did their song (which you can tell was lip synched and pre-recorded) and that was it. We chose to carry our luggage off ourselves and were off the boat at 8AM and home by 9AM. I would definitely suggest this option. I think it also helped that we were on the Empress deck. From what I understand, this ship was sold out. The ship handled it well and you would have never known that the ship was sailing at full capacity. I believe there was a Motley Crue convention or get together or something because there were a lot of people wearing tags that said Crue and I heard there was a concert of some sort (but it wasn't listed in the Capers.) I noticed that there was some chogging going on on Sunday, but my husband said that he had no problem getting a lounge chair on the deck above the pool deck. When I cruised this ship in May I wrote in my review that for a three day cruise, I would choose another ship before the Fascination. I only chose the Fascination over the Majesty of the Seas (they are the only two going out of Miami on three day cruises right now) because she had recently been in dry dock. Our next three day cruise will most likely be on the Majesty as I understand she is headed into drydock. I was not overly impressed with the refurbishment and the food left much to be desired. I did like the fact that the ship was small and easy to navigate, however, if I were on this ship for seven days, I would be bored out of my mind. We are planning on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas seven day eastern Caribbean cruise in December. I think that for a first time cruiser, or a cruiser looking just to get away for a few days (as we often are), this ship serves its purpose. If you are looking for a huge ship with all the bells and whistles, this is not the ship for you. I think that covers it. I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have. I do have the Capers for Friday and Sunday (don't know what happened to Saturday) so if you want a copy, let me know and I will scan and email it to you if you ask. Happy cruising! Stacey Read Less
Sail Date January 2007
This was my fourth RCI cruise, and the second on this particular ship. Living in Miami, RCI and Carnival are the only major cruise lines I am aware of that are currently operating these quick 4-day/3-night itineraries. ==Embarkation== ... Read More
This was my fourth RCI cruise, and the second on this particular ship. Living in Miami, RCI and Carnival are the only major cruise lines I am aware of that are currently operating these quick 4-day/3-night itineraries. ==Embarkation== Very smooth. We arrived at the port early in the afternoon, around 1pm, and walked to the check-in area with no wait whatsoever. For such a short cruise, we didn't see the need to check in any luggage and carried everything by hand. Our IDs were checked a few times (standard security), our bags were run through x-ray, and we were issued our "SeaPass" room/charge cards. We had the opportunity to have our photo taken before boarding the ship, but we bypassed this. As part of ship's security, our photos were taken in conjunction with the SeaPass card (this took only a few seconds), and we then crossed the gangplank and entered the ship's atrium. One of the greeters advised us that all of the cabins were ready so we headed down to Deck 2 to unload our bags. We quickly unpacked and then headed up to the Windjammer for some lunch. It was the typical buffet fare, but not bad at all. There was, as usual, plenty of choices to choose from. The muster drill was a a bit chaotic, if for no other reason than everyone converges on Deck 7 at the same time. It was over, thankfully, in about 20 minutes. While the crowds dissipated, we stayed on deck to watch our departure from Miami. Carnival's Fascination left shortly before we did and it was interesting to watch another large ship navigate its way out of the channel. ==Ship Layout/Design== Its hard to believe that 15 years ago, these "Sovereign Class" ships were the largest in the world. The Majesty is, however, by no means small. Finding your way around the ship and from one venue to the other is not difficult. The only complication was elevators that were either inoperative or just plain full. We were on Deck 2 (as low as you can go unless you're a crew member) and got in quite a workout every day taking the stairs. We also experienced a lot of other passengers sitting in the stairwells, engaged in conversation or just waiting for friends, and this created an obstacle course as we had to work our way around them. The Centrum continues to be the ship's focal point. The main restaurants, bars, boutiques, casino, excursion desk, purser's desk, etc., are all located here. I'm a fan of atriums on cruise ships (Royal Caribbean was the pioneer of this concept) and I hope its a trend that continues in future ship designs. There are two pools and jacuzzis on top of the ship, as well as a variety of bars and access to the Windjammer Cafe. Everything was functional and in good order with the exception of the sports area on Deck 11. This was closed for the duration of our cruise, apparently due to the upcoming refurbishment. The entire ship is looking VERY tired and is due for a drydock overhaul next month. This is a good thing. Frayed carpet, torn furniture, scratched walls, tarnished brass, etc. were the norm on this voyage. The ship's furniture and other interior appointments were also looking very dated (very 1980s). ==Our Cabin== Our cabin was completely ready for our arrival. It was clean, the bed was made, and the bathroom was stocked. Unfortunately, there is not a refrigerator in the room (I don't think there is room for one), but there is a safe in the closet. We had a porthole instead of a window and it was tiny. There wasn't much to see from our vantage point, but at least we could tell when the sun was up, and whether we were in port our out at sea. The standard cabins on the Majesty are small. The running joke is that they're so small that you have to step outside to change your mind. For a cruise as short as this one, its not a big deal. We had more than enough space for our clothes, luggage, purchases, etc. As with the other parts of the ship, the cabin furniture was well worn and dated in appearance. Also, being so low in the ship subjected our cabin to a lot of noise from Deck 1, i.e. loading and unloading of cargo and other ship's noises. No "disturbance" last for more than a minute or two. Our cabin steward was excellent. We saw him every day and he kept our cabin neat, tidy, and well stocked. We also appreciated the "towel animals" he created. We had a "sea-monster" on the bed one night, a stingray the next night, and a swan on the last night. ==Ship's Crew== Overall the crew was good, with plenty of friendly conversation with bartenders and restaurant staff. This was, however, the first RCI cruise I'd ever been on where I was disappointed by bad attitudes. I was chastised by one of the sales people in a ship's boutique, for not presenting a coupon before she started ringing up my purchases. She also shut down her register after completing my order, and walked away without so much as a word to the ten people standing in line behind me. Suffice to say, the customers she walked away from were speechless. This "indifferent" and "short tempered" attitude was also experienced while on Coco Cay, and during some elements of the dining room service. ==Dining== We ate breakfast each day in Windjammer, and dined each evening in Mikado. Breakfast was strictly the buffet variety with a copious selection of pastries, fruits, cheeses, meats, eggs, etc. Majesty was designed before the "island" concept of buffet dining started, so the lines were long and moved fairly slowly. Made to order omelets were available, again with a long line, but they were excellent. Mikado looked like it had already received some overhaul work, with new lighting fixtures and the carpet may have been new as well. Overall it was very attractive. The food was very good, but the service was a bit uneven. Plates often sat for a long time before being cleared, and dinner orders were frequently mixed up. I don't know if this was because of an inexperienced wait staff, or whether our waiters just did not work too well together. There was a midnight buffet on the pool deck during the 2nd night of the cruise, but we didn't stay up for it. Those in our group that did stay up said that it was pretty good. ==Lounges/Bars== We usually had drinks in the Shooner Bar on Deck 5 before dinner. As with the other parts of the ship, its in need of a serious refurbishment. The staff, however, was extremely friendly. This was a great place to start off the evening, or to wind down after dinner. Other bars are scattered throughout the ship. As is usual on cruises, the drink prices are nothing to write home about, and they bartenders are frequently skimpy on the alcohol. The Viking Crown lounge is on Deck 14. This is such a great vantage point to see the ship and the ocean, but the furniture and overall appearance of the lounge is also tired and dated. Also, at night, the lights in the lounge were too bright and created reflections on the windows, so it was impossible to see anything outside other than the pool area. ==Entertainment== Excellent from what we were told, but we didn't attend any shows. RCI produced all of the entertainment "in house" and the performers are reportedly quite good. The casino was very busy whenever it was open. It too is looking dated, but that did not detract people from pouring their money on to the betting tables or into the slot machines. Television in the cabin consisted of a variety of live and previously recorded programming. There was a "moving map" display so that you could know the ship's position and speed at all times; two CNN channels (one in Spanish); a channel called "Retro TV" which ran oldies but goodies, i.e. Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Partridge Family, The Little Rascals, etc. ==Fitness/Recreation== The gym is well equipped and located at the back of the ship. I didn't see too many people utilizing it, but on an itinerary this short, I was not surprised. ==Shopping== The boutiques were open while the ship was out at sea, and there was a large selection of clothing, duty free alcohol/cigarettes, jewelry, etc. Prices on many items were reduced on the last day of the cruise, so this area of the ship was packed for most of that evening. Prices on some goods such as jewelry and watches were a bit more expensive than could be found in Nassau, but the alcohol prices were very competitive. ==Internet Cafe== Located off of the Centrum, I saw only a few people utilizing the computers. You have to pay for the access, and its a bit expensive. ==Library== Extremely quiet, nicely stocked, but yes, due for an overhaul. We heard that this entire area and the neighboring champagne bar will be ripped out during the overhaul and replaced with a larger conference center. ==Ports of Call== Only Coco Cay (RCI's private island) and Nassau were visited on this short itinerary. Apparently NCL's island, Great Stirrup Cay, is right next door to Coco Cay as one of their ships, the Norwegian Jewel was anchored just to our port side. We could see their tenders running passengers to and from their island just as often as our tenders were running. Coco Cay has been seriously upgraded since I was last there a few years ago. The bathrooms, buffet areas, and beach areas have all been vastly improved. There is also a water park of sorts that you can take advantage of, but only for $15 per hour. We didn't take advantage of that, but the hammocks were plentiful and the weather was beautiful. We were docked in Nassau on Sunday and we were the only ship in port. The shops in town usually close at 1pm on Sunday's, but were open until 3pm because of the upcoming holidays. The inventory of many stores was very limited due to the sales of the previous day. I'm assuming more ships were in port on Saturday and that no deliveries took place afterwards. We did, however, find some good deals on cologne and watches. Tours were available to Atlantis and many other points of interest on the island. Having been here several times before, we opted to head back to the ship and enjoy the peace and quiet before everyone returned in time for our 5pm departure. ==Disembarkation== Unfortunately we did not receive our room bills until 7am. There was an error on my room charge, which took 30 minutes to rectify, but that was the only hiccup. Passengers carrying only hand luggage had the option to depart early and we took advantage of this. We were off of the ship and through customs and immigration in about 20 minutes. This was the easier departure I've ever experienced from an RCI cruise. ==Problems== Nothing major aside from the dated/worn appearance of the ship and some lapses in customer service. Admittedly, I have never experienced problems with crew members on any RCI cruise, ever, so I'm hoping that my few negative experiences were just an exception to the rule and not the beginning of a negative trend. ==Other== We're members of RCI's guest loyalty program, Crown & Anchor, and appreciated the goodies they left in our room. The gifts were nothing spectacular, but it was nice to be recognized for being a repeat guest. ==Conclusion== As I said at the beginning of this review, RCI and Carnival are the only major cruise lines who currently operate this sort of itinerary out of Miami. The Majesty may be an older ship by today's standards, but its perfect for what it is being used for. On one day of the cruise, one of the television channels was running a Discovery Channel documentary on the refurbishment of Majesty's sister, Sovereign of the Seas. If Majesty comes out of her refurb looking as good as Sovereign, she will no doubt continue to serve RCI very well for years to come. Read Less
Sail Date December 2006
We recently returned from a three day cruise aboard RCCL's Majesty of the Seas. The ship was scheduled to visit Coco Cay and Nassau before returning to Miami. We arrived just before the designated boarding time of 2pm and had to ... Read More
We recently returned from a three day cruise aboard RCCL's Majesty of the Seas. The ship was scheduled to visit Coco Cay and Nassau before returning to Miami. We arrived just before the designated boarding time of 2pm and had to stand in line about 15 minutes before our passes were issued. As usual, it seemed that those who had filled out their Sail Away information online before boarding had a much better time of it. The ship was nicely decorated for Christmas and we were pleasantly greeted as we went on board. We found our own outside cabins on deck eight and, though very, very small, everything seemed to be in order. We only met our cabin attendant once in passing, but he did a fine job and seemed to know exactly when it was time to tidy up! Unbelievably, it was cloudy, rainy and in the sixties when we set sail at 5pm! The wind was blowing so hard that staying outside while we left port was not a pleasant option, so we sought shelter in the Viking lounge instead. It had good service and comfortable, if a little smoky, surroundings. In fact, I know that Majesty is scheduled for a major overhaul in January, but I didn't see very many signs of it being run down or in serious need of refurbishment. My only complaint is the ever-present smell of cigarette smoke just about every where you go (including my non-smoking cabin!). Almost the minute we left the port area, we knew we were in for some hard times. The ship began rocking and rolling more than any cruise ship I have ever been on! According to many people, the winds were higher than 30 knots and the swells were incredibly high! The barf bags appeared magically out of nowhere and were all around the ship in no time at all. Many passengers turned a lovely shade of green and before long, folks were dropping like flies! Sure enough, just an hour or so later, the captain announced that gale force winds had forced the evacuation of all personnel from Coco Cay, RCCL's private island, so stopping there was no longer an option. He decided that we would go straight to Nassau at top speed to get out of the rolling waves. After hearing that, I assumed that we would stay docked in Nassau for a day, then either go back to Coco Cay or some other stop. Sadly, it turned out that we cruised for about six hours, docked in Nassau and parked there for two days straight! Nassau is fun for a half day or even a whole day, but 48 hours is way too much. The ship didn't schedule any extra activities due to the prolonged stop, nor were any extra perks given. We did some time in the straw market and took the pre-requisite tour of Atlantis and the island, but we grew very tired of the insistent locals begging us to buy this or that trinket. I was more than ready to leave after the first day, and all six of the cruise ships that came in behind us did just that, but we didn't go anywhere! Of the three shows on board, only the comedian/juggler was tolerable. The broadway 70s review the first night was nothing more than a good high school could produce, and "Johnny Thunder," an old MoTown performer, sent us to the exits after his first number on the second night. The food in the dining room was quite good and the service was excellent! By far, it was the most satisfying experience of the whole cruise. As stated in many other reviews of this ship, there just weren't very many activities scheduled that were of any interest to the two generations of my party. Disembarking was another big minus. Apparently there was some problem with the number of customs officials and we wound up waiting in line for about an hour before finally seeing one. I think it took the captain's attention to put whatever was wrong to rights. All in all, it ranked last in my three cruise experiences, but then again, the worse cruise I ever went on was fun! I doubt I'll go on any other three day voyages. As one who derives the most fun being out at sea, I don't want to take a chance that I'll again spend the lion's share of the cruise aboard an immobile parked ship! Read Less
Sail Date December 2006
We recently returned from a great cruise on Majesty of the Seas which overall was great. We did shopping and went to the beach at Nassau, did the snorkeling at Coco Cay, and did parasailing and the crazy boat at Key West. The ... Read More
We recently returned from a great cruise on Majesty of the Seas which overall was great. We did shopping and went to the beach at Nassau, did the snorkeling at Coco Cay, and did parasailing and the crazy boat at Key West. The snorkeling was great, except watch out for the jelly fish! There are a ton and I got really stung up. I think it's a little weird that Royal Caribbean promotes snorkeling in such a jelly fish infested area, you'd think it would be a liability or something. As far as Key West, the crazy boat was great but DO NOT BOOK YOUR PARASAILING THROUGH THE CRUISE LINE! They will charge you $79 per person and if you go on shore you can book the same parasailing excursion with the EXACT same company on the EXACT same boat for $75 for 2 people. I tried talking to the person at the Shore Excursion desk to explain that I thought double the price was taking advantage of their customers, but he was very rude and wouldn't even listen. The company's name is Fury Watersports and they were very good, however, don't buy the DVD they offer of you parasailing. I paid $20 for it and it didn't even work when I got home. The food was great, although some was a little over seasoned. The help on the boat was great, very courteous and friendly. I thought Princess cruises had much better food however. The entertainment was excellent and pretty clean, great for families. The disembarkation and embarkation process was as smooth as I have ever encountered, practically no waiting and very well organized. Read Less
Sail Date September 2006
I'm a 16 year old who likes to have a good time, I did a cruise on the Fascination (June 12-16, 2006) to Key West and Cozumel and i had such a blast, i could say it was one of the best cruises i've ever taken entertainment was ... Read More
I'm a 16 year old who likes to have a good time, I did a cruise on the Fascination (June 12-16, 2006) to Key West and Cozumel and i had such a blast, i could say it was one of the best cruises i've ever taken entertainment was great, activities were awesome so we (as in my family and I) decided to take a weekend and head out towards the Bahamas for the 3 day cruise (August 25-28, 2006). The trip to the port was the usual, as a 16 year old I went to school and signed out early at about noon, we arrived at the pier at about 1 and headed towards the parking garage. Service was quick and nice, we parked on the 3rd floor then headed down to terminal c. Once in the terminal, we proceeded to Carnival's VIP check in (we are in that concierge club that carnival has) did a brief document check and headed to pick up our room keys and sail and sign card. Once with our cards we took the welcome aboard pictures and got onboard the ship. Inside the ship we took a picture for the sail and sign card and got greeted by fun ship freddy. We came on board on empress deck then headed 2 floors down to main deck. Our cabin was close to the elevator and easy to find. It was an interior cabin and it was extremely warm. During the duration of the cruise we constantly complained but no one fixed the air. Even at night it was extremely muggy and the bed sheets felt moist. In the cabin slept myself and 3 of my friends, two in the twin beds and the other two on the top bunks. It was very spacious and nice for the exception of the air. It was my 8th trip on Carnival and my 4th on the Fascination so I basically knew the ship from end to end. We headed to the lido deck and munched out on everything they had(pizza 24hrs, hotdogs, burgers, fries, ice cream) and before we knew it we were heading down to our muster station located in the palace lounge for the boring lifeguard drill. I could safely say that in case of an emergency no one will remember where to go but hey... Due to that we were a group of 11 we wanted to all sit together in dinner but when we got our seat assignments we were sat all over the place. We went to the maitre'd and he sat us all together after making a few adjustments. We had the sensation dining room at 6:15 and it was nice. Our waiter Donaldo was the BEST anything and everything that you wanted he will bring to you. Here is where it gets ugly.....ACTIVITIES, when i came in June we had activities every half hour. I remember if we weren't in the lounge laughing at the newlyweds game we were on deck for the basketball competition, well on this voyage we had about 7 activities max. i don't know if its because they changed cruise director but out of all my cruises i don't remember laying down watching tv at 2 in the afternoon in my extremely warm cabin. We asked down at the pursers desk and all they told us is that due to its a 3 day cruise they assume that most passengers come to relax and catch sun rather than doing activities. The response i gave her i can not post but let me "assure" you that it wasn't nice. we paid to have a good time and activities wise it SUCKED. Teen Club.... it Sucked and your hearing it from a teen. They played music from 1030 to 1130 pm and thats the last we heard about the teen club. All of us teens(about 20) hung out together for the duration of the cruise but it just wasn't the same. The teen director whose name i didn't get was the worst, he didn't plan any activities for us, he was an..., and they should just get rid of him. The last night of the cruise all of us were dancing when he cut off the music and said he had to go. well let me tell you something how would it feel if you were having a good time the music is good and it all just gets cut off instantly with out warning. You'll be mad so if any teenagers are going on this boat prepare yourselves for the worst, bring your iPods The service was good, no one was ever rude and it was cool. The entertainers on board were great. The comedian Mike Panzeca was hilarious the shows dancers and the effects used especially for Broadway were awesome. The all time best though was Greta the young lady in charge of Karaoke. She was a sweet heart and trust me if you don't do karaoke, at least on this ship, you didn't go on the cruise. It was the best time we had on bored and that's how we got to meet a lot of people. The disco was for 18 and over "yeah right". At first i noticed people who were my age getting in with out an ID so i tried getting in and the security guy said no. i understood but then i saw a girl who was 17 get in after she talked with him for about 5 min. I asked him why he let her in if he knew she was 17 and all he said was that if i made another comment about that in front of everyone he would report so i just walked away cursing him out in front of everyone. Shore Excursions were limited. We did the the Nassau city tour and it was nice, about 3 hrs long. We went to Atlantis and had a trip, it was a lot of fun. don't be fooled by the hairbraiding people in Nassau, they will rip you off, that was the worst deal i did. They charge 120 US dollars to braid your whole head, and 60 to do half trust me its not worth it. If you want to do the night life in Nassau its alright they will hustle you to go to club Bambu and another called fusion i believe. If you want to try anything go to Senor frogs, its close to the ship and about a 5 minute walk away. It closes at around 2 am. They aren't that strict about age, all i did was show my passport and sail and sign card and they let me in. The best deal though is to go back on to the ship and enjoy the deck party. That was a lot of fun, they had everyone do the electric slide and a whole mess of different dances. Debark was way to quick. We did self assist and got of at about 7 am. At 715 we were all in the car heading home. Overall the cruise was alright, improvement is needed quickly in the activities department as well as in the teen club. Another is that they need to fix the air in that cabin because i know for sure that you will be getting quite few complains from there. Those who went on this voyage most likely knew me and know that i was loud and had good time the few times i had a chance but i do not recommend this cruise to no one Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
This was our first cruise, and overall I would say it was worth the money, as it was very cheap. HOTEL-We flew into Fort Lauderdale and rented a hotel room and the Gallery One Doubletree. The room was beautiful, there were 6 in our party ... Read More
This was our first cruise, and overall I would say it was worth the money, as it was very cheap. HOTEL-We flew into Fort Lauderdale and rented a hotel room and the Gallery One Doubletree. The room was beautiful, there were 6 in our party and it was a 2 bedroom suite, with 2 baths, a kitchenette, a fold out sofa and a balcony overlooking the intercoastal waterway for less than $300. The next morning we drove into Miami. EMBARKATION- We got to the port of Miami around 12:00. In our travel docs it said boarding would begin at 2, a sign outside said it would begin at 10 am. It took about 35 minutes form the time we got to the port to the time we got on the ship, once on we headed straight to the Windjammer for Lunch. SHIP- She was beautiful, but she showed her age. Lots of outdated decor, and thin carpet, she is in desperate need of her refurbishment. EXTRAS-I had ordered the Classic Romance Package for $100. And the entire thing was completely messed up. apparently it relies on several people coordinating it and as we only saw our stateroom attendant 1 time the entire cruise, you can bet it wasn't coordinated at all. First you are supposed to have a welcome aboard bottle of wine and Chocolate covered strawberries. At 11:00 that night, we still hadn't received it; I went to the pursers deck. The girl i talked to was the nicest, sweetest girl i encountered. She apologized profusely and got me to write down the times and dates for the rest of the things i was to get. The next day we got to our cabin at 5 after being in Nassau all day. When we arrived we had a bottle of Champagne sitting in a bucket of tepid water, as the ice had all melted,choc strawberries that were melted, and a tray of canapes that were warm, had fallen over and smooshed to one side of the tray. As the wine was supposed to be COLD and everything delivered at 6:30, I went down to the desk to see if they could correct the mistake. 30 minutes after clearing it with the desk, that everything would be replaced, a room service attendant came with a bucket of ice. When asked to take the other stuff back and replace it he said no. He wasn't told to do that, I gave him the card of them man who had told me everything and he left. another 30 minutes later he comes back with the new tray of canapes and strawberries. That night after dinner we were supposed to get after dinner treats. None arrived. The next day I went back to the desk, they apologized and promised a tray would be brought. They were brought, at 5:30 before dinner instead of after, and they we MORE strawberries... PORTS- Nassau while kinda gross was my favorite place, as they sold Lots of counterfeit designer bags, wallets and what not. They also had lots of the real stores like Gucci and Prada. We took a cab for 8pp roundtrip, as it was raining and couldn't' ride the ferry, to Atlantis. MY! It was expensive there, but beautiful. The grounds were something everyone should see. Some of the grounds people were kind of rude, but We weren't paying guests so I could kinda understand Cococay- Beautiful. Have lots of Coco Locos and go snorkeling! We brought a can of easy cheese which really brought the fish out, be careful though as they will swarm you, and it could scare small children. Also, remove your jewelry. A member of our party lost his wedding band. Also, while snorkeling, i came upon 3 jellyfish, all around the floating docks they have scattered about. Key West- We chose an outside vendor to do Parasailing, Sunset Watersports. It was 39 per person, plus tip, plus $8pp roundtrip cab fare to Smathers Beach. It still proved to be cheaper then RCI, who as of now charges 79pp. They were very friendly guys, and even shot a video and pictures and out them on a disc for us (we had to buy it of course, but they didn't push it) I would Not recommend going to Smathers beach to swim. It was disgusting. According to the guys, The seaweed came to shore, and rotted in the sun. The smell was awful, and the water was brown for about 50 feet out. We also did some shopping at Kermits,Peppers ( go in for a tasting of all there hot sauces!), Hard Rock and The Hogs Head Before heading back to the ship. DINING- Overall the food wasn't that great. Sure roomservice is free, but they don't offer the full menu and in the time it takes to get there, you could have gone and gotten it. The breakfast selection for roomservice wasn't great, some cold bread or cereal with a good selection of juices and coffee. The coffee was the worst I have ever tasted. It needs alot of help. The meals in the dining room were great!- for the table next to us. Our server rushed us, was very short and didn't participate in any of the songs. He was busier doing his sidework- sorting silverware, removing things from our table and such. The food, i expected more of, but it wasn't bad. The oxtail broth was my favorite, the garlic soup my least. There was a great selection of foods, and a great selection on Wine. However, my favorite dessert being tiramisu- do not even think about trying theres. The marscapone custard had some sort of gelatin in it which made the texture that of a jello jiggler, set atop the ladyfingers..Eck. STATEROOM- Small. Maybe 8 hangers. You could sit On the toilet and touch the back of the shower with your feet. weird description I know, but you can get the feel that way-oh, I am 5'4. The water pressure was great and never ran out of hot water. We didn't see our stateroom attendant ever again after the Muster Drill. He came and put the evacuated sign in our door, and that wa all we saw of Irvin. occasionally we had Ice, and on most days we got our compasses, we did not however get our bill or our guest satisfaction survey. DISEMBARKATION- It was a mess. there was a huge line going to the pursers desk, most of the people in it, not needing to be. They didn't realize it wasn't the line to get off the boat, or didn't understand that if they used a credit card, it automatically went through. We had several adults cut in line ahead of us, and lots of people yelling and complaining. Since we didn't get our bill the morning before, like we were supposed to since we were paying in cash, we had to wait in the line to settle our account. We left our room at 7:50, went directly to the line. We went from the line to the door. We got Off the ship at 8:45. Baggage Claim was fast, customs were easy. Overall, I went on this vacation to have fun, and I did. There were a few things that weren't great, but other things that made up for them ( quest, newlywed game..) this cruise was just right for the money we paid, and maybe after the refurbishment we might go again, we just wouldn't want the same waiter or stateroom attendant. Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
I just returned from a 3-night cruise of the Bahamas from May 12 to the 15th. This was my first time cruising. First, I would like to say that the Majesty of the Seas is an older ship built in 1992. However, she is well maintained. They ... Read More
I just returned from a 3-night cruise of the Bahamas from May 12 to the 15th. This was my first time cruising. First, I would like to say that the Majesty of the Seas is an older ship built in 1992. However, she is well maintained. They were cleaning the ship constantly while I was on the cruise and for an older ship, she is in good shape. I did hear the ship goes in for refurbishing in December, so after that she will probably look like new. Getting onto the ship was no problem. There were no line-ups when we boarded at 3pm and the ship left at 5pm. However, it took 3 hours to get off the ship and get through customs. We had a Category G outside cabin and we found it to be very clean and well maintained. The cabin was bigger than I thought it would be and very comfortable for two people. We had the room attendant set the beds up as two single beds instead of one queen bed and this made the room seem more spacious than when it was set up as one queen bed. If you leave it set up as a queen bed, you have to sit on the bed all the time. However, if you set it up as two single beds you can use both beds as a couch during the day to watch tv or sit in the room and then the attendant comes in during the evening and provides turn down service for you before bedtime. The room attendant was very good and supplied us with fresh towels twice a day, and when she came in to do the turn down service, while we where at dinner, she left chocolates on our pillows. The food on the ship is below average. We ate at the Windjammer were they serve buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even though there is a good selection of food the quality is below average. They really need to find some chefs that know how to cook because there buffet reminded me of some of the free buffets that you get in Las Vegas. One gets plenty of food but the presentation and the taste is poor. The food in the main dinning room tasted better and I would rate it as average. The barbecue lunch they served on Coco Cay was terrible. I would rather have eaten at Burger King. The entertainment on the ship was below average. I would have thought that they would have professional entertainers for the amount it cost for the cruise. However, they use crew members to perform and it reminded me of bad Karaoke. There was one night they had a former member of the Drifters performing and he was good, but he started telling more jokes than he was singing songs. His set only lasted for an hour, so it would have been much better if he had spent the time singing instead of half of it telling jokes. Coco Cay is a very beautiful island and if you enjoy swimming, relaxing, snorkeling, jet skiing, or just having a great time at the beach, you will love Coco Cay. Nassau was great as well. We took one of the city buses around the island to see some of the sights. The city buses cost $2 for a round trip and you get a good feel of the island rather than taking one of the tour companys tours. In addition, we went to Atlantis and walked around their property. It is a beautiful resort and a must see. I must tell you that we entered the resort from the main entrance of Atlantis and then walked inside through the different buildings until we reach the old Merv Griffin part of the resort. Then we walked outside. I didnt know it at the time but found out by doing this we didnt have to pay anything to tour the Atlantis property and were able to see everything that they charge $29 to see when you start the tour from the main Atlantis building. Overall, I would say we had a nice time. The weather was perfect so there was no problem with the ship rocking back and forth. In fact, I could not tell the boat was moving. The ship is very clean and most of the staff was polite. The ship is very nice and they provide many activities to attend during the cruise. The only problem I had with the cruise is the food. If you are going on the cruise to enjoy great food, you will be disappointed. However, if you are going to relax and have a good time you will enjoy it. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
Just returned from my 9th cruise (6th one on RCC) with my mother, daughter and her boyfriend all first time cruisers. The embarkation process was flawless - rooms very tiny....Windjammer food mediocre - staff not so friendly. Asked one of ... Read More
Just returned from my 9th cruise (6th one on RCC) with my mother, daughter and her boyfriend all first time cruisers. The embarkation process was flawless - rooms very tiny....Windjammer food mediocre - staff not so friendly. Asked one of them for cutlery (he nodded to where to get it) then asked if we could get apple juice for my daughter , he said 'yeah you can get it on room service (big help when in Windjammer) then asked another question only to be told "do you have any more questions???" very sarcastically....not appreciated. Shows were good but costumes very dated. Ship was dated needs an update. Dancing and nightclubs were superb! Waiter in dining room excellent - maitre d never showed up at all not once. Statement room attendant excellent. Asst Mgr in jewelry shop very rude and not helpful at all with a piece of jewelry I just purchased a MONTH ago on another RCC ship and it had broken. She told me to get it fixed in a store in Nassau! A lifetime guarantee on jewelry - real nice! The spa was a joke there wasn't any just a part of the gym! WE did have a good time but there is a lot that needs to be updated no this ship and some of the staff need to be taught how to treat guests. Read Less
Sail Date March 2006
We were part of a group of 24 people that were mostly first time cruisers, my wife and I were the experienced ones having cruised with Carnival and Disney in the past. Our overall impression of this cruise was good but not great. If not ... Read More
We were part of a group of 24 people that were mostly first time cruisers, my wife and I were the experienced ones having cruised with Carnival and Disney in the past. Our overall impression of this cruise was good but not great. If not for the fact we were with a large group of co-workers it would have ranked as our least enjoyable cruise. I would have trouble rating any cruise as bad since you are on vacation and not working. Embarkation: This was a very smooth event. We went to the website and did the SetSail procedure and I would strongly recommend this to all. We breezed right through our lines in less than 15 minutes and we did this around 1:30. The line for the other people looked like at least an hour or longer. After finding our cabin we headed to the Windjammer and had lunch. The buffet was very nice and the food was a surprise for a buffet. We then spent the rest of the day poolside until the dreaded lifeboat drill. I know this is mandatory but I see little purpose since if you had a real emergency you would be hard pressed to find people going to the right stations. Dining: We had all our meals while we were on the ship in the dining rooms. Breakfast was just the basics. Service for all our meals was very slow to me. Breakfast was at least a 30-45 minute affair. I know if I wanted fast go to the buffets but I have a hard time thinking it takes that long to cook some eggs up since the meat and potatoes were already cooked before you ordered them. Dinner each evening was very long and drawn out. We had late seating in the Mayflower and were one of the last groups out of the dining room each evening. The quality of the food was just OK, I felt the food on previous cruises on other lines was much better. The range of selections was not very good with very little change. I felt the appetizers and desserts were very plain and did not strike me as appealing. Even after requesting that our waiter speed dinner along the last night we did not finish until after 10:15. It was very frustrating to see other tables come in after us and leave before we did. This was the most frustrating part of the cruise. Entertainment: Overall the shows each night were enjoyable. We made it to each show and the middle night was the best. We had a musically impressionist, sorry don't remember his name, he did a lot of Motown and got the crowd very involved. The nightclubs were busy each night and our group were very happy with the dancing. The casino was good and some gentleman won just under $27,000 on Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot. Shore Excursions: We wanted to scuba in Coco Cay but were given a very thin excuse that the compressor was broke. You would think that this is something that could have been fixed because they told us this the first night we boarded. Coco is very nice and the snorkeling was pretty good. We saw a lot of fish and also 8 rays of some sort. Beware that the life guards feed the fish by their stands and attract a lot of fish. If you not like the fish swimming right in front of your face stay back from the stands. In Nassau we did the Yellowbird Catamaran which was nice. I just wish that if would have left later in the day because if was rough to have to start drinking the free rum punch at 9:30 in the morning but I did manage to do it. After coming back we hit Senor Frogs, beware if you are not a big drinker that this place gets crazy even in the early afternoon. Service: Overall I was not impressed with the service on this ship. The help was too laid back and never did seem to want to move to fast. Drinks from the bar were slow. On the beach on CoCo you would have thought that the help didn't want to see anybody drink too much because the waiters were few and very far between. Our room steward compared to other cruises was not up to standard. In past cruises it seemed if you stepped out of your cabin at all they were in there straightening up. I asked to make sure our ice was full all the time and after the first bucket that was it. Like I said earlier, nothing was so bad to make this cruise bad but just did not measure up to past cruises. You definitely can tell this was an older ship. Lots of things dinged up and need of replacement and hopefully RCCL will do a refurbish job on this ship in the near future. Overall the trip was OK and the many first time cruisers on our trip had an enjoyable time and probably didn't notice the things that I did. For a long weekend this fit the bill and was a good bargain in that respect. Read Less
Sail Date September 2005
We just got back from our 4 night cruise on the Majesty of the Seas. This was our 7th cruise, but first with Royal Caribbean. I had always had the impression that Royal Caribbean was supposed to be somewhat of a step up from Carnival. ... Read More
We just got back from our 4 night cruise on the Majesty of the Seas. This was our 7th cruise, but first with Royal Caribbean. I had always had the impression that Royal Caribbean was supposed to be somewhat of a step up from Carnival. Perhaps my impression was incorrect. We took this cruise just to get away for a few days, and since this cruise was pretty inexpensive, we decided to give it a shot. As always, the old adage, "You get what you pay for", was true here as well. The Majesty of the Seas is an older ship, but overall the ship is in pretty good condition. If you are expecting first rate amenities and everything in brand new condition, this is not the ship for you. Embarkation at Miami is a breeze. If you are reading this, you obviously have access to a PC, so do yourself a favor, and print your Sail Away pass ahead of time. This gets you on an expedited check in line at the terminal. The check in process was the best we ever encountered. It took us 5 minutes in line at best, and about 5 minutes at the check in window, and we were on our way. It was 11:45am, and they already allowed us to board the ship. The rooms on the ship are not generally available until after 1pm, but ours was already done, so we were able to get into it at 12pm. Our cabin was on deck 3, and was on the port side toward the front of the ship. We had an outside cabin with a small porthole. The room was pretty small, but satisfactory for 2. Once again, you get what you pay for here too. The room was decent, but has no fridge or safe. Also, the room definitely showed its age, with cracks in the sinks, and a torn shower curtain. Not a big deal, but worth noting. Unfortunately in this area of the ship, the hallways leading to and from our cabin wreaked of both cigarette smoke, and nasty sewage. There were times of the day where the hallway just stunk very badly from both. Also, this smell of sewage could be detected in the bathroom as well any time you lifted the lid on the toilet bowl to use it. I heard several guests complain of this problem, and apparently it has been a problem on past cruises too, based on other reviews. The cabin has only 2 power outlets, and they are both located in the sitting area in the middle of the cabin. The bathroom has an international outlet, that will do you no good unless you have proper adapters. We now travel with a power strip to at least allow us to plug in multiple items, as well as move them around via the strips extension cord. With this room, it really came in handy. Luggage was brought to the cabins in a pretty timely manner, and left outside the stateroom door. After we got situated in our room, we went to have lunch in the Windjammer, which is located on Deck 11 at the front of the ship. There was a buffet set up with several items, but food was nothing special. There was a bon voyage party that started an hour late due to having to wait for late guests, and the Bon Voyage party basically sucked. There was no cruise director to be seen to organize any type of line dancing, or limbo contest, or conga line....all of the things you would normally associate with getting a party going. Dinner was in the Mikado restaurant on Deck 4. The restaurant was typical of what you find on a ship this size. It was a very nice restaurant, although the tables for 8 that we were seated at were a bit small. I must comment that we did not really think the selection of items each night was very diverse. There were very limited choices, and nothing really special on the menu each night. On the first night, both tried the black angus steak, along with others at the table who had it as well. All of our steaks were cold, and no one was very complimentary of the meal itself. The first night's dinner was considered a disappointment by all at the table. I will say that our waiter and assistant waiter, Suhadi, and Oswald, were very nice, and went out of their way to try to accommodate all of us as best they could. Out of 4 nights at dinner, 2 were downright lousy, and 2 were good. None of the entrees I had would I rate excellent, although Italian night featured a night Caprese appetizer and Tiramisu for dessert that were very good. My overall impression of the dining room food was that out of 7 cruises, this was probably the worst....probably tied with Carnival in that respect. We did not do any other meals in the dining room other than dinner. The breakfast buffet was done in the Windjammer. They serve breakfast until 11am, but unfortunately close the air conditioned section early, so you are basically sitting outside with the heat and humidity. The food was nothing special. Runny eggs, soggy bacon, and overcooked sausages. Not a great selection of items I did not feel. Also, the thing we noticed that really bugged the crap out if use here, was that there are no trays in this buffet line. The plates are extra large to hold a lot of food, but with no tray it makes it impossible to grab silverware, your plate of food, and drinks without finding a table first, and then making several trips back to grab everything else. Why this is done like this makes no sense, but it is definitely not well thought out for the guest. The entertainment in the main show room was good on each of the 3 nights we attended, although the Royal Caribbean dancers were maybe a little on the cheesy side. The adult comic was excellent, but they only had him on 1 night. The pools on the ship were very nice and laid out well. Oddly, they are both a depth of 5 feet and 7 inches. They did have a wading area around each pool too that was about 4 inches deep. The pool area only had 2 hot tubs. The ports of call were Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. The ship is in Nassau from the morning until midnight, which for most people is a waste. The city of Nassau rolls up at 6pm, and the only activity after that is a trip to Paradise Island to visit the Atlantis Casino, which is a beautiful place. If you are not into gambling, there is an aquarium there as well. Other than that, the 6 hours spent in Nassau from 6pm to 12pm are not really utilized by most. Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean's private island, and it was visited on the third day. It is a nice place to relax and a decent lunch was provided, but all activities on the island have a fee for them. The only way to get to the island is via the tender ships, which can be a real pain during the peak times in the morning when everyone is trying to leave the ship at the same time. Last call for the tenders leaving the island was at 3:30pm. Most people seemed to feel that we should have spent less time in Nassau, and more time at Coco Cay. Our 3rd stop was at Key West. The itinerary for the ship claims that the ship would be there from 10am to 6pm. The night before we arrived at Key West, there was a note in the stateroom to tell us that customs would need to board the ship and everyone would need to be presented to customs before anyone could leave the ship to explore Key West. The cruise lines letter seemed to make this sound as if it was a sudden surprise, but in talking to our waiter found out this is a routine event. We were told we would "probably" be cleared by customs by 11:30am. As it turned out, we were not cleared until after 12:30pm, so 2 1/2 hours of our time on Key West was wasted. The cruise director claims they have no control over this. But I feel their process was garbage. It took 15 minutes to account for every passenger during a muster drill, but 2 1/2 hours to account for everyone before debarkation at Key West. To say everyone was more than just a little ticked off would be an understatement. Disembarkation in Miami was pretty easy and straightforward. The only negative is that they really want you off the ship very early and want you out of your cabin by 8am. Not good for us late sleepers. In conclusion, if this is your first cruise, you will probably enjoy most things about it. The staff was very friendly for the most part, and since the ship is not huge, its easy to navigate. However, if you are a seasoned cruiser and have traveled on other lines, you might be somewhat disappointed. We did not expect miracles considering that we paid just over $300 each (including taxes) for an outside cabin, but still had a good time nonetheless. I would never go on this ship during peak times when the rates are more than double that. This cruise is not worth $600 or $700. The ship definitely shows signs of wear, the food left much to be desired, and the debacle in Key West was very frustrating. Overall, we would probably not go on this ship again, however, we might change our minds if we wanted a cheap getaway for a few days and this was the only ticket to fill the bill. The saying always holds true....You get what you pay for. Bon Voyage. Read Less
Sail Date September 2005
BIG TIP if you booked already on lower decks: PLEASE take some Febreeze or any odor sprays because the smell of SEWAGE get pretty bad sometimes. You will thank me for taking one of those sprays. YOu can feel the smell in the halls and in ... Read More
BIG TIP if you booked already on lower decks: PLEASE take some Febreeze or any odor sprays because the smell of SEWAGE get pretty bad sometimes. You will thank me for taking one of those sprays. YOu can feel the smell in the halls and in the cabin bathrooms pretty much all the time, but at least twice it got really bad (uncomfortable). I can not believe RCCL has not done something about it. I can only image the problem they will get into if by any chance the ship gets hit with one of those weird viruses and a lot of people get sick. With that smell its a law suit waiting to happen. This was our 4th cruise, 3rd with RCCL (3 night in Sovereign and 7 night in Voyager).. The other one was a 7 night in Caribbean Princess). Embarkation: Really good, basically no wait and directly to the ship. We got there at about 2:00 PM. We went to the room and regretted not getting the spray for the odors..... Room: Inside cabin- deck 3; small, but I got a really good fare less that 4 weeks ago, so I can not complain ($225/person including all taxes and fees) Service: Excellent. Again that part was really good. They are very friendly and nice. Food: Dinners were good but were not spectacular. They need a lobster dinner in the 4 night cruise. It would be very nice specially for Formal nite. Windjammer breakfast and lunch were not too good. THey are like a $3.99 Chinese buffet. Both breakfast and Lunch in Princess were so much better. Lots of fresh fruit.. Majesty had some fruits but nothing nice (no pineapple or papayas) presentation was below average. Again dinners in main dinning rooms were fine. Public Rooms: The rooms were good, but the one next to the casino is just horrible because its always full of smoke. ventilation has to be really bad. Again, deck 3 smells really bad... Champagne Bar is really nice and quiet. I recommend it if you want to enjoy a drink, sit down and talk. Entertaining: The shows were very good. Much better that the ones in Caribbean Princess. Cruise director was good and very involved.. Scheduling of some activities was a bit bad. Bingo was during dinner Rock climbing was great... Ports of call: Nassau, Coco Cay and Key west: Been there before so we just walked for a little while and went back to the ship. Overall the cruise served its purpose for us: To get away for a couple of days, without having to spend a lot of money. Room, food, shows for 4 nights for less that $500/couple its hard to beat. I wanted to cruise only with RCCL to get higher in the Crown and Anchor programs to get some discounts and benefits, but I thing I will try some of the other cruise lines now. I can not believe after cruising VOyager of the Seas, that A RCCL would be so different.. They need to remodel Majesty. Read Less
Sail Date September 2005
We just sailed the Majesty from July 25-29. Positives first:-) Atlantis a must do! Book a room at resort prior to and had full use of facilities, we had a blast. Coco Cay FUN!! Snorkeling no big deal!! Disappointed and LOTS of ... Read More
We just sailed the Majesty from July 25-29. Positives first:-) Atlantis a must do! Book a room at resort prior to and had full use of facilities, we had a blast. Coco Cay FUN!! Snorkeling no big deal!! Disappointed and LOTS of Jellyfish!!! Waverunner tour GREAT and worth it!! Floating mats fun and exploring island fun and found a lot of shells:-) Key West was fun, We did The Mel Fisher Museum and it was nice. We ate at The Conch Republic and it had GREAT food. As far as the ship... We had 2 connecting cabins, 6034 and 6036. Deck 6 had no hot water first day and it SMELLED like RAW SEWAGE!! the whole cruise. It did not permeate into the cabins though only upon leaving the cabin and entering Deck 6. RCCL representative said they couldn't do anything about it. Cabin size was nice and SERVICE!! was EXCELLENT!!! WINDJAMMER FOOD was AWFUL!! and Windjammer service was awful!!! Mikado Dining Room food EXCELLENT!!! AM NOON and NIGHT!! Service was SUPERB!! We had main seating table 17. Michael, Sheldon and Matko were the BEST!!! I suggest breakfast and dinner in the Dining ROOM!!! Room Service was lightning fast and very good, always had fresh ice, cold sodas and water in room. Wanted for nothing in the cabins. Soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, towels, tissues etc were all provided. Kids activities on this ship DISAPPOINTED!! We were with my 11yr old son and 15yr old daughter. 6 arcade games, small room dedicated to teens, not MUCH TO DO!!, 1 basketball hoop and 3 ping pong tables and a ton of kids running around with nothing to do!! The Radiance, Brilliance and Explorer were awesome for our children and tons to do. The shows were SUPERB!!! Even the kids enjoyed them. The Casino was full of cigarette smoke but we had fun as I won a few nights in a row:-) Midnight buffets okay!! Chocolate Buffet GREAT!!! Ice carving show okay. The ship itself is worn and run down in some areas but the Viking Crown was nice and we enjoyed the majority of the cruise. But the highlights for us were ATLANTIS!!!, COCO CAY waverunners. I cannot comment on the food on the island b/c we were having sooo much fun that we never ate the BBQ on Coco Cay! HINT!! Take a water to go when you leave Coco Cay as it is hot and waiting for the tender and on the tender back is HOT!!! Oh one more thing we ate at this restaurant in Nassau across the street from the Hilton called CONCH FRITTERS!! It was EXCELLENT!! Service, food and drinks! Snorkeling in Nassau is awesome as well, Shaun, behind the Hilton, very great service!! I suggest doing Atlantis on your own, people on tour did not look happy and no freedom to roam around and no pool facilities, We booked a room at Atlantis for the day and had full use of ALL FACILITIES!! Pool and waterslide and Aquarium were awesome. Okay as far as sailing the Majesty again NEVER!! RCCL again yes!! We loved our cruises on RADIANCE, BRILLIANCE and EXPLORER!! Any ?'s feel free to email me at nickiduca@aol.com:-) BYE!!! Read Less
Sail Date July 2005
Before I went on my cruise, I used to check out these boards on a daily basis. Although VERY helpful, I can never really give an opinion unless I have been there or experienced things for myself. I'm going to be totally honest with ... Read More
Before I went on my cruise, I used to check out these boards on a daily basis. Although VERY helpful, I can never really give an opinion unless I have been there or experienced things for myself. I'm going to be totally honest with my review. This is not my 1st cruise.. I sailed RCCL Nordic Empress to Bermuda in 2001 and then RCCL Adventure last year on their Southern Caribbean itinerary. I flew into Ft. lauderdale on June 16 and stayed at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for one night before heading down to Miami to take this Long anticipated cruise. We only decided on a 3 day to Miami because we wanted a quick getaway.. we are getting married next year and didn't want to spend a whole let of money on a vacation. Instead of making a whole long wordy review, I will break everything down for you. Weather in Miami: POURING RAIN. No need to say more. Embarkation: LONG lines.. BUT only because we got to the port at 3:00 when it seemed as if the WHOLE entire ship was boarding at the same time. Make sure you get there early and have all your forms filled out in advanced.. on-line if possible. The wait didn't bother us at all because once we got up to the counter to check in.. It took 5 minutes, and we were on our way up to the ship from there. The check-in clerk was very nice, and assured me that the rain would stop, and not to worry! (The sound of the pouring rain was killing the mood for me.) Rooms: We had an oceanview stateroom. Our luggage arrived very quickly. VERY SMALL, but functional. Any more then 2 people in a room would be WAY overcrowded. Please be aware that there are NO SAFES in any of the rooms. For a 3 day cruise there was enough storage space.. Weeklong?? I don't know how anyone would function or keep themselves organized!!! Our stateroom attendant was very nice-he introduced himself to us 5 min after we got to our room. Food: Buffet -- HORRIBLE. And I'm not one to complain about food... EVER. BUT, it always seemed that the food in the Windjammer was cold and the menu items never changed. Same goes for breakfast & lunch. After 3 days I was tired of eating the food from there. Dining room food was okay.. service was okay.. waiter/asst waiter.. very nice, BUT much better menus on the Adventure of the Seas. Sometimes it seemed as if we were being rushed out of the dining room. We were in and out in and hour every night.. some people would LOVE that, but, quite honestly, I really enjoy the cruise dining room experience -- but it just seemed more better on the other cruises I said on. Ship: Well maintained.. BUT you can tell it was an older ship. if this is your first cruise, you will think this ship is HUGE & beautiful. IT IS a beautiful vessel.. but since I sailed before on AOS, I always found myself comparing the Majesty to the Adventure. Theres NO comparison.. Majesty just doesn't compare. Casino: ALWAYS packed.. You will have a hard time finding a table. Entertainment: Just okay. Saw the Love & Marriage game show... that was pretty funny. I also seen an adult comedian.. I've seen better on Comic Strip live. And and impressionist.. didn't do anything for me at all... He wasn't very convincing. One pool was closed on the deck.. don't know why??? Ports Coco Cay: ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! Fun day.. You will have a blast. Nassau: HORRIBLE & run-down. I've seen better neighborhoods in the worst part of Brooklyn. Paradise Island was very nice though. Definitely visit the Atlantis.. such a beautiful place.. although.. (I know It seems like I'm being negative this WHOLE REVIEW) I've seen better hotels on the strip in Vegas. Please don't hate me.. I'm not usually this bitter about things!!! I've been on better cruises and I was disappointed with RCCL with this cruise. I expected a while lot more. Read Less
Sail Date June 2005
My husband and I decided to take a cruise with our one year old daughter. This was the first time that we have ever been on a cruise and I had to convince my husband that he would not feel " trapped" on the ship and there would ... Read More
My husband and I decided to take a cruise with our one year old daughter. This was the first time that we have ever been on a cruise and I had to convince my husband that he would not feel " trapped" on the ship and there would be so many things to do that we wouldn't be able to choose. Well, looks like I was wrong - for once! Embarkation: We were in the Skipper's Club since we had booked a suite. This was supposed to allow us priority boarding. I asked one of the carnival employees at the security entrance where I should go for the Skipper's Club and she asked if I had the immigration paperwork and sail & sign card filled out. I told her that I did and she directed me straight ahead. Well, this was not the way to Skipper's Club. I went through security and found out the Skipper's Club was the other way and I would have to go through security again to use it. We decided not to and just went through the regular entrance. Cabin: We booked a Penthouse Suite - category 12 with a large balcony. We wanted a large room to accommodate the portable crib (carnival provides) and a balcony to sit on while the baby napped. The room was very nice and I loved sitting on the balcony and looking out at the ocean. The bed was very comfortable and there was plenty of room for the crib. The closet was big enough to hold all of our luggage, the car seat, and umbrella stroller. The bathroom was fine except for the shower. The water temp. would change every couple of seconds and you constantly had to adjust the handles. We left port about an hour late. There was no announcement of what the hold up was. We were able to yell to a security guard at the port of Miami off of our balcony to find out what the wait was for. Turns out that one of the crew was sick and went to the hospital. They were waiting for him to come back. Must be a pretty important member of the crew. After eating at the Lido deck I can only assume it was the chef and that he never made it back. Food: We were told that there was lunch being served on the Lido deck. We got in the elevator and arrived at the Lido deck. We had no idea where to go because there was no Carnival crew member in the elevator/stairs area to direct people. After we located the Lido deck we got in line for the buffet. The lunch was fair (and I'm being generous ). We had hamburgers that were overcooked. The waiters were swarming around with the "drink of the day" for $6.25 in a souvenir cup. The drinks were very good. There was a band playing music and the staff seemed to be all pumped up and we were sure this was going to be a fun 3 days. We ended up eating at the Lido deck for all of our meals since we had the baby with us. Most of the time the food was below average. The had the same selection every day for breakfast. The lines were very long and we decided that we could get the same crappy breakfast in our room and sit on the balcony so we ordered room service the next 2 mornings. The dinner buffet did offer some good selections. The pizza was good as long as it had just come out of the oven. The sandwiches looked good as well. We did try to go to the "Open Seating" lunch in the dining room and were brought to a booth with another couple. We were told that there were not enough waiters on staff that day (a day at sea). I'm not sure if they jumped ship but somehow they were missing that day. Spa: I went to the spa during the "day at sea" . I paid $180 for a 105 minute "Spa Ritual" which included a massage and facial. The service was great but they really push their products. After my service she sat down with me to tell me all of the stuff that was wrong with me and showed me $80 creams that would fix everything. I asked if she had any samples and of course she didn't. I've visited a lot of spas and have never been pushed products like that. It kind of took the relaxation out of the treatment. Activities: This is supposed to be the "fun ship" . I have to say that I rarely had that much fun. After the first lunch on the Lido deck I never saw any more music there. Considering we ate every meal there I would say that we were there quite a bit. We always had to go in search of the "drink of the day" . There were no more waiters carrying the drinks around. Seems that they really put on a party atmosphere on the first day and then forgot about it the rest of the time. Even during the day at sea there were not that many activities. They had some bingo, a hairy chest contest, afternoon tea (with LIPTON tea bags - yes, I'm a tea snob), and margaritas with chips and salsa time. I was starting to realize that I felt " trapped" on the ship too! The day at port - the Bahamas- was the formal night. I'm not sure why they do it on that night since it seemed that a lot of people went off the ship to explore the port. My husband & I had my parents watch the baby that night and went out for a drink. The bars were empty! It was like a ghost town. The casino was fun. There was a slot tournament that my husband joined. The slot host was wonderful! Carnival does offer babysitting but it starts at 10pm and they do not come to your room. It didn't make much sense for us to wake up our baby and take her to a room and leave her while she screams. I thought that I had read when I booked the cruise that they come to your room but maybe they had changed their policy Staff: The staff were all extremely friendly and very nice to our baby. The room steward introduced himself the first day and then we never saw him again. I'm not really sure what he is there for. I did see a big change in attitudes as soon as we pulled back into Miami. The crew started cleaning out rooms and blasting music while they were cleaning. They asked if they could go onto our balcony to clean it even before we were supposed to be out of our room. They even came to our room the night before and asked for our robes!! My husband told them that we were wearing them! I was really surprised considering that we were in a suite that we got such poor treatment towards the end. Debarkation : I have no idea if every cruise is like this but this would be a big reason that I would not cruise again. We were all lined up like cattle for at least a half hour. I realize that they must check everyone through security but the wait was really annoying. Overall: We had heard the Carnival did not have great food and this is true. We could deal with it for 3 days but I could not imagine a whole week of that food. I think some people may be disappointed if they expect tons of things to do each day. Read Less
Sail Date April 2005
The good: 1. Our cabin service was phenomenal! We had 4 people stuffed into the cabin and so it was basically a mess whenever we left. Our attendant kept the room so tidy and that was so nice!! The room was immaculate! She was friendly and ... Read More
The good: 1. Our cabin service was phenomenal! We had 4 people stuffed into the cabin and so it was basically a mess whenever we left. Our attendant kept the room so tidy and that was so nice!! The room was immaculate! She was friendly and helpful and that was so refreshing! The crib was a Portacrib and that was nice to have. So don't bring your crib from home! 2. The food was very tasty and the presentation and variety were A++++++! We ate in the Windjammer restaurant portion and were very pleased with the service and also the friendliness of our waiter and John, the pasta and steak cutting guy! He knew all our kids by name on the first night and warmed up our normally cool as a cucumber 8 y/o daughter! 3. The ship was basically clean although the carpeting really needs to be replaced in many areas and there was an aroma of sewage on the stairways near deck 9. The Bad: Bar service: Possibly because I am female and most of the bar attendants were male and from foreign countries, but several times I was standing right at the bar and was overlooked and the man behind me was helped first. I found that very odd. So in that regard, that was a little displeasing. Elevators: We were traveling with a 13 month old and a stroller. I have honestly never encountered such rudeness in my life while waiting for elevators! Able bodied people would push ahead of me to get on the elevator and basically I learned early on to run over ankles and feet with the stroller wheels to get on the elevator. A few times of that and most people got out of my way! Dining room service sucked! I called RCI well before the cruise and requested that our two cabins (my husband, me and 5 kids) all eat together at a corner table since we have an infant who does not deal well with meal times. We ate in the Windjammer because of the baby; however, they had a crew appreciation dinner in the Windjammer on the 3rd night of our cruise. When we got to the dining room we were told that 1/2 of our party (3 youngest kids ages 8, 10 and 13 mos) would have to eat at a different table on a different level. Yea right ... Not only that but we were told by our wait staff that another couple who had dined there the previous 2 nights had more rights to the table than we did, which I might add was about as small as they could cram us into and right out in the middle of the dining room for all to see me breastfeed. Needless to say, I was one unhappy "guest!" The other couple was placed at a different table, our family of 7 was allowed to dine at a table that 1/2 of us were assigned to and we tried to enjoy our meal despite the glares from them from us usurping their table! To top it off, it took all of 30 minutes to get our drinks and take our order! It was a 2 hour ordeal by the time we got outta there! It was obvious that our baby was fussy. Drinks weren't refilled. The service was incredibly slow. We ended up NOT tipping our wait staff in the main dining room. The service was horrible. Mandatory customs clearing in the Blue Skies lounge ... No problem except there was a huge pile of VOMIT on the carpet that EVERYONE had to wade through to get out of the Blue Skies lounge after they were cleared through customs. That would include ALL U.S. residents on the ship, over 1000 people for sure! Ironic since there is a huge problem with GI viruses on these ships, you'd think they'd have that disinfected pronto! Most likely it was some drunk tossing their cookies but still ... I would think that if they are going to make our path through the vomit mandatory (which it was for everyone), they would have cleaned it up well before clearing customs. It was disgusting. Shore excursions: Our options were 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. We are not 9 a.m. beach people and so we signed up for a 1:00 p.m. Cable Beach shore excursion in the Bahamas. We get to the pier to go to our 1 p.m. shore excursion only to see that the tickets say "9:00 a.m." Turns out that the 1 p.m. was cancelled and we WEREN'T notified and the tickets say "nonrefundable." Kind of disappointing to see this and not be notified. We did end up getting refunded the $128. And to top it off, we could have paid $3 per person ($21) and taken a taxi to accomplish the same shore excursion by not going through RCI. Shore excursions are extremely over priced! Traveling with Children: If you have children younger than 3, this isn't the cruise for you. It was filled with old, leather-skin smoking drunks over the age of 55. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing for our 13 month old to do. I had called RCI ahead of time and was assured that he would be able to play in their play area WITH ME THERE AT ALL TIMES. When we got on the ship, we were told he couldn't play AT ALL, even with me there. He also couldn't swim, which wasn't really a problem anyway because the water was frigid in the pools. Kids Konnection. We raved about it on our Oct 2002 cruise. The kids had a GREAT TIME during that cruise. This cruise ... Apparently, they have a late night from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. session and on the first night of the cruise my 10 y/o son wanted to stay. He was turned down because the other kids were going to leave at 11 and they didn't want to stay open for just one kid. The environment was CHAOTIC to say the least. Instead of doing fun activities with the kids, like they did in Oct 2002, this cruise they plopped them in front of several TV screens and played movies and the other 1/2 of the kids are hip hopping to music that was played so loudly that my 8 y/o daughter left each night with a headache and crying because of the noise and chaos. We were not impressed this trip. Cruise Director. Never to be seen or heard. Our first cruise on the Majesty in October 2001 was soooo memorable because of the most awesome cruise director Parker. He was EVERYWHERE!! He excited the atmosphere of the ship and it was such a fun 4 days. This trip, no excitement, no thrill. We took our 18 and 20 y/o daughters and we were in bed by 8 to 9 p.m. at night, including them! BORING.... All in all, kind of disappointing this time around. I doubt we'll be on the Majesty anytime soon. Read Less
Sail Date January 2005
After taking a break from cruising for a few years we joined a group of 60 people for a cruise on the Majesty. We were all cruising to celebrate the wedding of one of 2 of the group. While we had a lot of fun with our group the ship left ... Read More
After taking a break from cruising for a few years we joined a group of 60 people for a cruise on the Majesty. We were all cruising to celebrate the wedding of one of 2 of the group. While we had a lot of fun with our group the ship left me wanting for more. I have cruised in the past and never had a problem with seasickness. The stabilizers were either broken or non-existent. We rocked so much that we would slide across the bed. Our cabin steward, David, was great always willing to help and he always remembered our names and those of our kids. I scheduled a massage in the spa and ended up getting it in the salon, it was the worst massage I have ever received. They show you around the spa and show you the quiet candle lit massage rooms only to then receive a massage in a room fully lit with lights and the massage oils were chilled in a fridge. I asked for a relaxation massage and received a painful chilling experience. When I complained they could have cared less. My ten year old daughter loved Adventure Ocean but our 3 year old son refused to go to the 3-5 year old room. I have to admit that I don't blame him. The room for 3-5 year olds was on in a room stuck behind a bar/lounge. Not exactly the right place for it. I felt as if it was an afterthought and they should have put it with the rest of the kids on deck 10. This ship needs a lot of work and hopefully they will upgrade it when it goes in later this year. We paid for a grand suite and had so much noise over our room that at times sleeping was difficult. I love cruising but in the future will sail on a larger RCI ship, this one was just too old and too small. Read Less
Sail Date January 2005
Having sailed on Voyage of the Seas prior to this cruise I was expecting to have a fabulous experience. All started well. My roommate and I arrived at the terminal and in less than 15 minutes we were onboard and enjoying the absolutely ... Read More
Having sailed on Voyage of the Seas prior to this cruise I was expecting to have a fabulous experience. All started well. My roommate and I arrived at the terminal and in less than 15 minutes we were onboard and enjoying the absolutely delicious luncheon in Windjammer. Our room was ready at 1 p.m. and our luggage arrived shortly thereafter. The first evening meal was delicious and offered seafood, meat, poultry and vegetarian selections. The "heart smart" selections were marked and there were alternatives every evening. The evening entertainment was excellent. All seemed to be going well. Our cabin was very very cold. We found the thermostat and reset it. We discovered that we only had one blanket for two beds. We were unable to find a number for "Housekeeping" so we dialed the operator. After waiting over 45 mins a blanket was finally delivered to the room. The next morning we discovered that there was no shampoo. We were also supposed to have beach towels because day 2 was the "private island beach" day. We called for the shampoo and towels. We finally went up to the pool and "signed out" two beach towels. At some point 2 beach towels were delivered to our room... and the shampoo dispense in the shower was filled. We faithfully returned the pool towels and signed them back in and also made sure the 2 in the room were there when we left. We had been told we would have a safe. We did not. That presented some problems because we needed our passport (picture I.D.) to get back on the ship so leaving the passports with the purser was out of the question. I had taken a waterproof "dry bag" on a belt and was able to carry my "important papers" 24/7. No one commented on my unusual swimwear when I did laps in the onboard pool. Day 2 ended with another delicious meal in the main dining room and an excellent evening show. I did not stay up for the 11:45 p.m. ice carving and midnight buffet but I was told that both were excellent. I never made any of the 11 p.m. and later "singles" get togethers. This "single" can't stay awake and meet new people at such late night gatherings. The photographers onboard were very good. I did buy two photos and because I am a Crown and Anchor member I received a free picture of the ship. I missed having live dinner music..... unless you want to count the accordion, violin and string bass trio that came around on the 2nd evening. When asked to play their favorite piece they played "TENNESSEE WALTZ!" There was a lot of loud...very loud... canned music... too much rap and hip hop...... throughout the ship. The music in the Ship Shape exercise area was much better and made working out pleasant. I missed having a live band playing dance music (waltz, cha, rhumba). If there were "dance partners/escorts" onboard I did not find them or any information as to their existence. This is the first cruise I've taken where there was no "old fashioned" dancing. There certainly were more of us "older" (over 50) people onboard than the younger ones. One afternoon "Caribbean Dance Lessons" were scheduled for 2 p.m. My roommate was there at 1:55 p.m. as were about 8 other people. I made it by 2:02 p.m. because I had been swimming laps and had to dry my hair. The dance instructor had already decided there weren't enough people, cancelled the lessons, and walked out........! leaving all of us there with our mouths open! He told the one couple to come back at 11:45 p.m. for Caribbean dancing! There is a lot of difference between 2 p.m. and 11:45 p.m.! and rude behavior is rude behavior. The dance instructor was RUDE. I had booked shore excursions online before leaving as I have done successfully in the past. I received a confirmation for all three and they were charged to a credit card. I decided to cancel the snorkeling at the "private island" because many other activities were scheduled for the 223 of us who were in our very large group! I was unable to access my excursions when I tried, even though I was well within R.C. stated time limit to access/change my excursions. I was able to send an email and Royal Car. did credit my account for the one excursion. I had signed up for the 2 hour bus tour of Nassau on the morning of day 3 and a swim with the stingrays at 12:30 in the afternoon of day 3. The confirmation came through as I had booked it. Imagine my surprise when the tickets came through the morning of day 2 for 8:30 a.m. for both excursions on day 3! I went to the excursion desk and the first man was unable to find my afternoon excursion. A second man said the ship was sailing at 5p.m. so the afternoon excursion had been bumped to the morning. He said I COULD go on the swimming stingray excursion in the morning (8:30 a.m. to noon) and then go on the Nassau 2 hour excursion at 12:30......... I don't think so. I explained that I booked the 2 excursions in the reverse order because I would be WET after swimming with the stingrays. I could not figure out why a 3.5 hour excursion would not jive with their 4:30 onboard curfew for a 5 p.m. departure. It seemed to me that if the excursion started at 12:30 it would end at 4 p.m. giving us 30 mins. to walk less than 1000 feet to the ship. Needless to say, I was only able to go on the a.m. tour of Nassau. I had not been there before and I thought it would be better to get an overview of Nassau. When I actually went on that morning tour I discovered that 7 of my 10 excursions "buddies" had the same thing happen to their afternoon excursions...leaving them with just the one 2 hour morning tour of Nassau by BUS! The tour (Nassau and Paradise Island) was a joke. The driver spoke English...but he offered NO information beyond :"This is the hospital. It is the government hospital. This is the government hospital." and "This is the beach. This is the government beach." and "This is the private hospital. This is Doctor's Hospital. It's much more expensive." and then there was the stellar "This is the elementary school. This is the government school." and "This whole compound if the police department." You might think we actually saw these buildings. Unfortunately 10 of us were crammed into a VAN taxi that had a solid roof. We were seated 3 across... some on jump seats. I know my knees were pushing into the back of the person in front of me and I was in the middle seat for much of the "tour." If you happened to be on the side of the taxi where the "sight" was located you could see it. No one else could and the person in the middle saw nothing beyond sidewalks and walls. We were given a few minutes at the fort where a tour guide gave us a brief 8 minute or so "tour." I appreciated his humor and the information he imparted. We were taken to a 2nd fort and given 10 minutes to climb the steps and see the view. There was no information available and no tour guide . I have no clue as to the significance of the 2nd fort. We were supposed to stop at the Queen's Staircase. The driver drove by, pointed out the sign , and kept going. We WERE given time on Paradise Island to walk through the Atlantis Hotel! I will be the first one to "OOOOOO and AHHH" about the absolutely HUGE salt water aquarium and all of the sea creatures swimming in it. I also saw a man with a cup of Starbucks coffee in his hand and by this time I could have used a coffee but I never found the store. I also have to add that I have seen MANY salt water aquariums in the U.S. in various big cities and in the Bass Pro Shop! Our tour driver added a tour of the Bayside Apartments that rent for $800 to $1200 a month. The drive DID accidentally show me the poverty and general squalor of the area because for most of the time all I saw was debris and trash on sidewalks, in yards and in the street. I am told that it is much cleaner now than it was earlier in the year because the hurricanes did some of the needed "cleaning up." I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Straw Market in Nassau (not discussed onboard or in literature onboard that I read.) I could see it from the ship and remembered hearing my mother talk about it when she and my father were in Nassau. My roommate and I explored a number of small stores that were most definitely not on the "approved RC" list but which nevertheless were wonderful shops with interesting and truly native articles for sale. I came home with some small unique items made by the owner or salesperson in that shop. My roommate and I decided to see the movie Shrek 2 in the ships theater on the last evening. We laughed and laughed! The theater was clean and the show started promptly. We missed our dinner seating because the show ran into the first seating but we knew we could get dinner on Windjammer. We were startled to find the doors locked. We went upstairs and had pizza and were going to have soft icecream (available noon to 10 p.m..... most popular spot onboard). I said to the man serving the pizza "Can you tell we missed dinner?" He replied that we had not missed dinner that it was being served in Windjammer! We went down one deck immediately and the door was indeed unlocked. We were seated immediately and had a delicious, delightful, quiet, leisurely dinner. The tables were beautifully set and I liked being able to choose what I wanted to taste and to have smaller portions of what I did take to eat. The Windjammer was not full because the seas were very rough. People had difficulty standing up and walking to their tables. Walking with a full plate and cup of coffee or soup was even more of a challenge. I sail a lot so the roughness and the rocking and rolling (which kept up all night) did not bother me in the least. Others, however, were affected by the motion . When we arrived back in our cabin we found just one "Immigration" form. My roommate found a steward and asked for a 2nd one. He said he would put one in our room later. She wisely just stood there and he finally did go get one for her. We were equally unlucky with the "cruise satisfaction" forms. There were NONE in our room. I stood in the Purser's line and eventually we were given 2 forms. Needless to say Royal Caribbean will not be happy with our evaluation of this cruise. I have been on R.C. before and I know this cruise was not up to their standards. My roommate had never been on R.C. before and definitely will never go on another cruise with them. The final insult came the last morning. We were given turquoise green departing tags for our luggage. We duly attached them and put our luggage out. We carefully read R.C. explanation of which lounge to go to in the morning. We were up early, ate a delicious breakfast, and went to the appointed lounge. Imagine our delight when "Green" was called at 7:15 a.m. We gathered up our things, departed from the ship, picked up our luggage from the carousel and cleared customs by 7:30 a.m. We then could not find anyone else (out of 223) from our group , nor our buses. By 9:30 the buses arrived but no one else had come off the ship. The upshot of this was that "turquoise" was never called. By 11:30 most people had wandered off the ship. Unfortunately several pieces of luggage were missing from the carousel! (no wonder) . We did not leave the terminal until almost NOON! I can not recommend Majesty of the Sea.... Our room also needs a new sink and new carpeting as what is there is in bad condition. Read Less
Sail Date November 2004
I just returned from a 3 night sailing on Majesty, my first on the ship in almost 2 years. Here are my observations. We had three cabins with 6 travelling. Two were outside on Deck 2, mine outside on deck 8. The carpets have been ... Read More
I just returned from a 3 night sailing on Majesty, my first on the ship in almost 2 years. Here are my observations. We had three cabins with 6 travelling. Two were outside on Deck 2, mine outside on deck 8. The carpets have been replaced on the higher decks, but the lower decks are looking rough and really need to be replaced. They were soiled, worn and faded. Also, there was often a strong sewage smell in the forward section of Deck 2. The public rooms are well maintained and very clean, as are the outside deck areas. There was always someone working to keep things shipshape. We had cabin 8090, with an obstructed view of which we were not advised at time of booking. We looked straight out to a lifeboat. Otherwise, the cabin was typical small RCI space, compact but efficient. Our room steward did a great job for us keeping things clean. I was pleased with the new menus aboard and the overall improvement with food quality. The menus have been redesigned and are very contemporary and attractive. I did not see much of a change in the overall offerings and it was the same theme nights as on previous 3 night cruises: Italian, Captain's Dinner and Farewell dinner. I thought the foor in the Windjammer much improved, with a wider variety of choices at lunch especially. Service in the dining room was very good. ALso they are now serving Seattle's Best Coffee, which is quite an improvement over the coffee previously served. Entertainment was not up to RCI standards on this voyage. The musicians were not of the caliber I have experienced on previous cruises with RCI and I heard the same opinions voiced by other veteran cruisers. There were a lot of kids aboard as well as lot of teenagers. Our hallway was filled with smoke all the time and I had to call the Pursers Desk at midnight the last night as there were a bunch of teens hanging out in the hallway, drinking, cursing and playing loud music. There were children in the hot tubs all day long and the usual problem with the cruise staff not enforcing their own rules. That was the worst part of the cruise. All in all, the cruise was a good value for the price we paid, about 350 per person for the weekend. Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
Just off the ship today. We were pleasantly surprised by the overall condition of the Majesty. For a 12 year old ship it was in very good shape. I have read other reviews on CC stating that the staterooms were what showed the age of the ... Read More
Just off the ship today. We were pleasantly surprised by the overall condition of the Majesty. For a 12 year old ship it was in very good shape. I have read other reviews on CC stating that the staterooms were what showed the age of the ship. We were in a Junior Suite and other members of our group had interior staterooms on deck 6. In all 3 cases the rooms were in good shape. The JS was much more than we expected and was in excellent condition. The only place I saw real age was in the carpeting surrounding the pool areas. The food was good to very good. We have cruised mostly on Celebrity and there is definitely a difference in the two cruiselines. The service was good and very friendly but also much more rushed than on Celebrity, and much less formal. They give only one salad selection and pointedly try to skip that course if possible. On the final night of this cruise people were in shorts/halter tops, even a swimming suit in the dining room. I didn't care, we didn't pick this cruise for its elegance but because it was a good venue for a short family reunion. Everyone in our group was pleased with the service. The Schooner Lounge quicky became a favorite hang out for our group. The entertainment was definitely the weak point. The first night the show consisted of 1 number by the Royal Caribbean dancers, a unicyclist and a juggler. It was poor at best. The rest of the shows got slightly better reviews, but none of the entertainment was better than just average. The crew on this ship on the whole were very friendly and many had been on the ship for several years. Stephanie, the cocktail waitress in the Schooner Lounge was particularly good. Our stateroom attendant, Irma, from the Philippines kept our cabin in good order and always had a smile on her face. We went to Nassau, Cococay and Key West. We walked around Nassau a bit but had been there before and were happy just being on the ship. At Cococay the wind picked up and by 9AM they had stopped tendering to shore. In Key West we booked an excursion on the Liberty, which is a "Tall Ship" docked year round at Key West. We sailed out of Key West Harbor and into the Gulf of Mexico. This was a great excursion and I highly recommend it. Overall this was a good cruise, 2 of our family had never cruised before and they had a good time. I don't know that we will book the Majesty again, but I would recommend it to someone just looking for a quick getaway. The one BIG negative was the debarkation process. For whatever reason the members of our group were given different color luggage tags so half of our group was out on land by 8:15AM and had to wait for us for almost 2 hours. My husband & I were the last group called and then someone had taken a piece of our luggage by mistake so we didn't actually leave the baggage area until after 10AM. Thankfully the person who took the bag called this afternoon and is shipping our missing bag to us, which is more than Royal Carib. was going to do, all they said was "Fill out this form" which I did and it states right on it that your only reimbursement will be from your own homeowner's insurance if the luggage is not found. Those last 60 minutes in the Miami terminal left a VERY bad taste in my mouth, the staff was very cold, uninterested and frankly didn't care about the missing bags (yes-bags...we were only 1 of several whose luggage was lost) I guess the moral is, if you can carry it on then do it!!!! Overall though we had a good time. Read Less
Sail Date April 2004

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