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This was my second cruise with Royal Caribbean this year. My decision to cruise this time was based on an unbelievably low price of $220 per person I found on the internet. This included taxes, port charges etc. I traveled with my 19 year ... Read More
This was my second cruise with Royal Caribbean this year. My decision to cruise this time was based on an unbelievably low price of $220 per person I found on the internet. This included taxes, port charges etc. I traveled with my 19 year old daughter and it was her first cruise. We love God, love life and love the opportunity to travel, eat well and meet interesting people. Did I mention it was my birthday? This my fourth cruise and first three nighter. I was a bit concerned that it would be too short for us to really get the most of our cruise. However, Royal Caribbean was able to pack all the "best of" the events into this shorter cruise. We arrived at the port about 11:30. I was informed that I should tip by the man handling my luggage (working for a company RC uses to handle luggage at the port) before I even finished stepping foot on the curb. This was a bit annoying since I enjoy tipping for good service but not because someone is in my face. I reported this man to Royal Caribbean since he was extremely rude and demanding of a tip. A representative from Royal Caribbean explained to me he was not allowed to ask for a tip because it leaves a bad first impression. She asked me to go with her and show her who it was since I didn't get his name. I was pleased that Royal Caribbean went to this length to make my trip enjoyable. We got acquainted with the ship. It's nicely laid out and small enough to find your way around easily. The food in the Windjammed was good but I would recommend sitting in the back section with air conditioning and nicer chairs and tables. Dinner was great. I had sauteed jumbo shrimp. The waiter and his assistant were excellent as usual plus I had the best cabin stewart ever. He really picked things up for us which was great because we left a huge mess every day. Hey, we're on vacation! My daughter especially loved the towel animals. Next day was Cocoa Cay. It rained and rained but we still went to the island and enjoyed the BBQ. (I had already been there so I wasn't too disappointed.) By the time we tendered back to the ship the rain stopped so we decided to enjoy the pool and watch the games. I forgot to mention our "spinning class" . We took a spinning class in the morning and it was a too intense. I run 20- 25 miles per week and ran 5 miles the day before. I wanted to get a good workout with my daughter, but the instructor/ drill sergeant decided she needed to adjust the knob on my bike to increase the intensity. My daughter had to get off and walk around a bit. I think people on vacation would rather relax a bit and not have someone try to make you pass out (By the way, I taught aerobics for 12 years.) So if the instructor is reading this please, we were on vacation! I already ran the day before! And don't mess with my bike! Nassau was the next day. We went snorkeling with the sting ray. It was great! As we finished feeding the sting ray it began to rain and rain hard. So back to Nassau and shopping. Shopping in Nassau was fun and affordable. I bought a mother of pearl necklace at a shop called Andeana Designs at Radisson Shopping Mall. I paid $12 for it and have received more compliments on it than any other piece of jewelry I own. I would highly recommend stopping by this small kiosk. My daughter bought a colorful coconut head pirate ($8) that makes us laugh everytime we look at it. I'm not sure where she bought it. The midnight buffet was poolside with live music and dancing. It was something you never want to miss! The ice sculptures and carved fruit is so beautiful! We had formal night and it was great. I always love the opportunity to get dressed up. At the end of the cruise we had planned to do an excursion. We took the excursion to the Everglades. A word of advice, bring your own insect repellent and don't eat there. Everything is so expensive! Also, this excursion was too short. We did see alligators but the boat ride into the everglades lasted only about 20 minutes. I thought we would be on the boat for at least an hour. Also, the guys ask for tips, including a tip for the alligator if you want your photo with him. I was disappointed and would not recommend this excursion. It would be better to rent a car for the day and visit South Beach in Miami and go to the Art Deco District. All in all another great experience. It really is the best bang for your buck. My daughter and I were pleasantly surprised to meet at least five other mothers traveling with their daughters. What a great mother/daughter get away! A word of advice, don't discuss how much you paid for your cruise while you're on it . You will inevitably find someone who paid less than you did and it can mess with your head! Also tip well but don't feel obliged to give to people that try to demand it. Now get out there and enjoy your cruise! Read Less
Sail Date August 2004
This was my first cruise, therefore this review is geared toward the information for the first time cruisers. Instead of judgments or comparisons, I try to write down all the details that I wanted to know before the cruise. The information ... Read More
This was my first cruise, therefore this review is geared toward the information for the first time cruisers. Instead of judgments or comparisons, I try to write down all the details that I wanted to know before the cruise. The information is based on a 4-day cruise started on 8/23/2004 from port of Miami, and may be specific to the ship. Port Miami: Port of Miami was still under construction. It was quite a mess between the entrance of the port area (after the bridge) to the ship dock (the buildings). The Ship dock buildings were NOT under construction though. The main cruise lines that sailed from Miami port were RCI and Carnival. The docks for these two lines were not very close to each other. Luggage handling: Luggage was taken at curb. Porters/luggage handlers would take properly labeled luggage at the curb and they were also happy to take some tip. Luggage tags were included in the cruise document booklet mailed to home, and the tags needed to be attached to all non-carry-on luggage. Our luggage was delivered to the outside of our room door in a couple of hours. There was no need to be present to receive them. The signs at the port said that carry-on luggage needed to meet the airline carry-on standard, although I've seen people carry luggage slightly larger then that. Upon arrival to the port, we waited a minute or two at the curb before a porter greeted us. We had a rental car, so we dropped off the luggage at the port first and returned the car and then took a shuttle back. We found that it would have been easier if we had just returned the car first and taken the luggage on to the shuttle bus provided by the rental car company (Alamo). Embarkation: Proceed to the port building and pass a simple security check, one could then follow the sign to the appropriate check-in desk. The check-in desks were assigned by deck levels, e.g. deck 6-8 shared a desk. The check-in area was pretty big, like the front desk of a large hotel. At the check-in desk, a payment method was asked (credit card is most convenient, I believe), and then a seapass was given to each individual. The seapass was in credit card shape and was used as such on board the ship. It was also used as the room key and ship reentry pass. After receiving the seapass, there were a couple of picture taking points to go through. Most pictures taken would be put on "photo gallery" for sale, but one had no obligation to buy. Minors were then asked to put on a wrist band at the ship entrance. There was a large number marked on the band which was the number of designated muster station (which everyone needs to know right away because mandatory muster happens before ship leaves). The wrist band desk was the only place we encountered a short line during the embarkation, probably because we arrived at the port at about 1:30pm, relatively late. State room: We had a regular ocean view room. The size listed was 122 SF: pretty small as one could imagine. One can even call it tiny if compared to an up-scale hotel room in North America. However, it is very functional. We had four beds in the room (two pull-down berths), two for our children. Most standard staterooms on this ship had only two beds, which can be converted to one queen bed. The room had a small desk/dresser, a small corner storage area at the joint of the two lower beds, a tiny glass table (stool like), one chair and a small (13"?) TV mounted high in one corner of the room. There was also a closet and a bathroom. During the day time, berths were pulled up (by the cabin steward), and the two lower beds were used as couches. At night time, the back rest of the "couches" were raised to unveil more space, so the couches become beds. Berths were of the same size as the lower beds, which I believe were the size of twin beds. At 5'8, I can just sit up on upper berths with my hair touching the ceiling. When berths were down, walking in the room needed caution. For rooms that don't have berths, that won't be a problem. There were plenty of lights, and each bed had its own reading light. The room and linens were clean. It was very well maintained, just like any good hotel. It was probably not really spotless and surely didn't look brand new, in case you have extremely high expectations. The closet had four or five small shelves and plenty of hangers (more than any hotel rooms I've stayed). There were four drawers in the desk/dresser. Other reviews indicated some inside cabins may have slightly different room configuration and furnishing. The room was perfect for four of us to unpack all we needed to use during the cruise, not much space left after that. Luggage cases had to go under the beds. Two large suitcases (27") were probably the most the under-bed space could fit. I had an expandable suitcase, and when expanded, it was too tall to fit under the bed. It fit just right when not expanded. We had a safe in the closet. According to other reviews, safes are only available from deck 7 and above on this ship. After four days of stay, we actually liked the cozy room. I booked a large hotel room for post cruise, thinking we might need some room to stretch after staying in such a small room. It apparently was not warranted: none of us was excited when we entered the large room. That small cabin was just fine for us for four days, even with four beds. On the other hand, if the cruise were for ten days, I won't be that sure. According to the ship layout, Majority of the cabins on this ship were about the same size. Deck 9 had slightly larger "superior" rooms. Deck 10 had suites with varying sizes. Also, windows of ocean view cabins are smaller on lower decks (those had round portholes), and larger on higher decks. Regardless big or small, I don't believe the windows (or portholes) can be opened. Bathroom: Again, a small bath room and shower area for a standard room. Also again, it had very efficient layout. It is comfortable for one person to use. The shower area is rectangular with a corner cut off. I'm relatively small, and I felt comfortable stepping in with some space to turn around. The shower curtain did cause some problem. It was very light nylon type. Once the shower was on, the curtain tends to be sucked toward inside. It was hard not to touch it. I brought a clap to hang at the bottom of the curtain following another reviewer's advice. It helped a bit. However, I figured it probably would take three claps to hold the whole curtain down. After a short while, when the curtain got wet, it was less a problem. Overall, it was more of an annoyance than a real problem, actually. The shower water did get out of the shower easily and made the small bath room floor wet. The small floor was easy to dry, however. Note that when the bathroom door is closed, water won't run out to the main room (which is carpeted). A hand soap and shampoo (in a wall mounted dispenser) were provided. Deck: We stayed at deck 7. It was called Promenade deck, and for a reason: this deck was surrounded by a very wide walking or jogging track. It was not obvious when one look at the ship layout map. In fact, most of the muster stations were on this deck in the walking areas. There were no shops on this deck, however, if you wonder. The walking area brings some ramifications: the windows on outside staterooms actually looked out to the walking track (or call it deck), and then over the rail to the ocean/port. Views were not much blocked, and there were few people actually walking or standing, but curtains needed to be drawn most of the time, nevertheless. Starts from this deck, there were not many inside cabins because living space is smaller. One benefit to being on this deck was that it was easy to walk out to get some sea breeze. I'd guess people on other decks tend to forget about this walking area because they don't see it. Deck 8 was right above deck 7 and had similar layout. Most of the windows on deck 8 looked out to the life boats, and they were categorized as obstructed view rooms. Deck 9 had slightly larger rooms, and deck 10 were mostly suites. Deck 6 on this ship existed only in the cabin area (forward of the ship). The public area (aft of the ship) went from deck 5 straight to deck 7. Deck 4 was the main entrance, which was used in port Miami. On other ports, deck 1 was used ("gangway"), but I believe other decks can have "gangway" too. Coming back on board from shore, one needs to pass a security check. Noise: Really not much noise we noticed in the room. There was some noise at arrival of Coco Cay, probably because of anchoring. Didn't hear engine noise, nor people noise, whether from other rooms or hallway. Obviously, this aspect can be location dependent. Public area: Very well maintained and clean. The Centrum stair rails and decoration has a lot of brass. They are shiny most of the time, but understandably have some fingerprints if you look closely. There were a lot of lounges and bars. Many of them were nearly empty most of the time. There was a library which is more like a small lounge with a few cases of books. This itinerary almost always stops at a port during day time, and during evening hours, most people are at dinner or the show. Other than a few occasions, we didn't feel the crowd at all. The most crowded time turned out to be the midnight buffet, a.k.a. sail away party from Nassau. Getting on and off ship in ports can be a bit crowded depending on times. Pool: There are two pools, but only one was open most of time (both are functional, but one is cordoned off most of time). The pool looked pretty big, but there is a large wading area surrounding the pool. About one third of each pool is very shallow (for kids), and the actual swimming area for adults is rather small (more like a house pool). Not too many adults were swimming, however, so mostly the pool is not crowded. There are very reasonable amount of lounges on the pool deck. I haven't seen any fighting over them. Elevators: There are 6 elevators in the main elevator bank, which is close to "residential area" and get most of the use. Among them, one was apparently not running during our cruise. The elevators were indeed not up to the task during busy hours, such as arrival at a port, or mid-night buffet time. There could be a wait event during non-event hours, because the main elevators run from deck 1 to deck 11, and a lot of times they stop at almost every floor. It is generally no more than waiting for normal hotel elevator, however. At busy times, we opted to walk the stairs. In addition to the main bank, there are two glass elevators at Centrum, which goes the height of the Centrum (from level 3 to 7, I believe). There are also another two or three elevators at the back of the ship, which serves Viking Crown Lounge (level 14), kids connection and main show lounge. The back elevators run from deck 5 to 14, if I remembered correctly. On board selling: Main items sold on board are drinks, excursions, photos, art auctions and those from on-board souvenir/jewelry/liquor stores. We did not feel selling pressure at all. As a matter of fact, we had to ask for anything we wanted to buy. There were a couple of people walking around buffet area selling drinks (cocktails), but they were not on our face. Same was true on Coco Cay, where they sell "coco loco -- the island drink". At dinner table, beer, cocktail and alikes are obtained via bartenders working in the dining room. Those drinks are paid using seapass after each dinner. No drink pedaling there. Photos may be taken involuntarily, and most people go along. They didn't even try to sell the photos though. All photos were developed a day or two later and displayed in Centrum area, and whoever wants them goes to pick up and pay. Going price was about $8 for a 5X7 and $20 for a 8x10. Excursions were sold via a special desk (same area as purser's desk). There is also a form for ordering in the room when one first boards. The form had to be turned in by 3pm the first day, and when ordered this way, the tickets will be delivered to the room. No way tried to sell us any excursions either. Breakfast: Breakfasts were served as a buffet in Windjammer cafe (deck 11) and dining rooms. They are almost the same everyday, but most standard breakfast affairs were included, such as pancakes, bacon, two kinds of scrabbled eggs, fruits, yogurt, cereals and smoked salmon. Grapefruit juice, orange juice and milk were also provided without charge. The juices were of decent quality, not watered down or soda/punch kind. Although I don't believe they were premium quality either. It's a buffet after all. In addition to these, there were omelet stations. To my taste, the buffet breakfast was very satisfying, although one omelet I had was mediocre. We tried once at dinning room for breakfast, where one orders from menu. It was also very good and the bacons were particularly crispy. Nothing exotic there, but one can find most items that typical American breakfasts buffet would offer. Lunch: We ate at Windjammer buffet, and the main dishes seemed to change daily. There were generally a few main dishes including meat dishes, seafood dishes and vegetable dishes. Choices were not great, but food tasted good, and I would say above average for a buffet. There were also hamburgers and hot dogs available. There was always salad and a nice dessert bar as well. The lunch on Coco Cay was actually similar to what's on the ship complete with salad and dessert, except the main dishes were simplified to barbecue fairs like ribs. Water, iced tea and lemonade were provided as fountain drinks. BTW, these drinks were available most of the day. There were times that drinks or cups ran out, however. Dinner: Dinners are quite formal. I mean it consists of bread, appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. Menu changed daily and usually has about 4 or 5 entree choices including meat, sea food, vegetable and pasta. There were also low-carb choices which we haven't tried. Our waiter asked us to order appetizer and entree together and order by person (my family normally share appetizers in restaurants). Appetizers were pretty usual stuff, and are of small size (e.g., cocktail shrimp had 4 medium size shrimps). They were well presented and tasted good, but I've seen fancier and better appetizers from better restaurants. I'd suspect most people could easily eat two appetizers, and I had two sometimes. The waiter asked us if we wanted to try additional appetizers in a couple of dinners. There were usually some soups listed as appetizers too. It seemed to me that salad was always Caesar, and I usually skip. Entrees were well presented although not fancy, and I'd say they tasted equal to some of the better restaurants. Again, menu choices were not fancy (in my opinion, not-very-sophisticated steak, fish, duck, lamb, pasta, etc.), but basics were well taken care of and in very good quality. The portion of entrees were average to a bit small, and about the size I'd expect walking into a typical (if there is such a thing) Italian or French restaurant. It was just right for me considering eating appetizers and dessert. I can see some people can take two entrees if not worried about gaining weight. Service in the dinning room was much better than my local restaurants. I didn't see extraordinary service some other reviews may have indicated, but between waiter, assistant waiter and head waiter, one has to be served pretty well. They usually talk to kids, take away empty plates quickly and prepare for what you need next. Overall, it was quite amazing that each restaurant served about 500 people at the same time. With that in mind, we sometimes arrived about 15 minutes late to avoid the crowd. Kids choices are the same every night, but there are more choices than average restaurants. Kids food looked decent and juices were provided to them. On that note, adults only got water on my table. Most of us ordered drinks from the bartender which we paid at the end of the dinner with the seapass. Another review mentioned that iced tea and lemonade can be ordered for free, but I didn't try that, so cannot report. Kids program: Kids programs are held in Kids Konnection rooms on deck 11. It is across the pool from Windjammer cafe and under Viking Crown lounge (The highest circular lounge). Room attendant will leave kids program schedule(s) together with the Compass (adult's program) the night before in the room. There is one copy of kids program for each age group. Kids program runs from early morning to about 10:00pm and kids can be dropped off at Kids Konnection most of the time when the program is open. There were two dinners that kids can also be at the Kids program having dinner with other kids, and parents need to sign up for them. For the days kids don't have a dinner program, check out time was about 5pm, although evening programs reopen after the dinner. On the CoCo Cay day, activities are held on the island and are short programs. Usually, Kids program ended at 10pm each evening, and child care was provided till 1am ($5 an hour). Regular kids programs were free. Children received a card for each attendance, and the cards could be used to redeem awards on the last night. Disembarkation: This process can take a while. Luggage had to be out of the room (leave them in hallway) the night before (before 2am?). Luggage tags were colored and distributed to the room the day before. So pack early. Many people ate in the dining room the morning of departure and breakfast closed relatively early. Certain public lounges were designated as the waiting rooms, because people don't get off at once. The broadcast will call for the color of the luggage tags. Once called, it means that the luggage is ready to be picked up at the terminal. One could then get into the line and walk off the ship. Once luggage was fetched, the line continued for customs, and that was a long line. Well, similar to the customs in the airports for international flights during busy hours. Entertainment: This is too subjective and I didn't attend all of them. I'll skip this part. There were nightly shows provided, most nights one show for each dinner seating. Other smaller programs were available. Few activities when the ship was docked. The fitness center was reasonably equipped and has ocean view. I didn't go to the spa. Tip: There was a recommended tip amount, and that's close to $10 per day per person. A letter of the tip recommendation was sent to the room the first day on the ship. One can purchase "prepaid tip vouchers" by filling out the form on the letter and sending to the purser's desk. By doing so, charges will go to the seapass account and coupons will arrive the room before the last dinner, which was the time the tip supposed to be handed out. Coupons have the titles of the recipients printed (e.g. waiter, head waiter). We gave all the tip envelops (provided by the ship) in person. Of course, one is free to give cash as well, if enough cash is prepared. Vouchers don't have amount on them, and the order form allowed the standard amount only. One needs to talk to the purser's desk if non-standard tip voucher is needed, which I haven't tried. In general, that one time tip covers all the tips on board, except room service and other small things. Beverage tips were generally included in the charge already. Read Less
Sail Date August 2004
We arrived in Miami a day before the cruise, which turned out to be for the best as the airline had "misplaced" our luggage. We spent the night, as planned, at the Airport Holiday Inn - a nice stay - and got our luggage later ... Read More
We arrived in Miami a day before the cruise, which turned out to be for the best as the airline had "misplaced" our luggage. We spent the night, as planned, at the Airport Holiday Inn - a nice stay - and got our luggage later that night. In the morning, we took the hotel shuttle to the pier at 9:30. Embarkation seemed extremely easy. We had to wait in lines here and there, but that was expected. We were on the ship by 11:30 a.m. We were greeted with lemonade and punch. We skipped the soda cards, as we could live on the free water, ice tea, and lemonade. We made our way up to the Windjammer Cafe where lunch was already waiting for us. The pools (yes, for anybody who may not know, they ARE saltwater) and hot tubs (fresh water) were fantastic and a nice way to relax from the hot Miami sun. We stayed up on deck until the ship began to pull away, enjoying the view of Miami passing by and the excitement of the Bon Voyage party. We had second seating dinner (8:30 p.m.) in the Mikado dining room. The dining room was beautiful, and our service was the best. The service was always immediately available when needed, offered the suggested meal of the night, and the food was fantastic every night of the cruise. Also, breakfast in the dining room is highly recommended, especially if you enjoy meeting new people. The midnight buffets (one every night) ranged from a poolside barbecue to the famous chocolate buffet. Each buffet was amazing, from the ice sculptures to the taste of the food and desserts. Our room was surprisingly large. I had been warned before that the rooms are much smaller than a normal hotel (which they are), but I still had plenty of room to sleep, get changed, shower, etc. And if you are spending too much time in your room, you're kinda missing your cruise experience. We had an interior cabin. Make sure you take an alarm clock if you get an interior cabin. The shows available each night were fantastic, including two comedians and a musical revue. Also enjoyed meeting the Captain and drinking the free champagne at the Captain's Gala. The first stop was Nassau. The shore excursion we took was the guided tour of Atlantis. Atlantis is a marvelous resort, and the tour was extensive. After the tour, we looked around the resort for awhile, played in the Atlantis casino, then went back to Nassau for some shopping. Next was Coco Cay. Coco Cay is the closest thing to a relaxing paradise that I have experienced. The beach is wonderful, and snorkeling is great. Saw several rays, tons of fish, and even a shark. Take an underwater camera with you! The island barbecue is also a nice change of pace for lunch. Others recommended the jet ski rental and parasailing, but we were having too much fun relaxing and snorkeling. Final port of call was at Key West. My girlfriend convinced me to go on Lloyd's bicycle tour of Key West. I was skeptical at first, but the price was worth it. Lloyd took us to numerous out-of-the-way sights in Key West that you would normally not see, including Shel Silverstein's house and the Key West Conservatory. We also got to sample some fresh coconut and fresh mango. Don't take this trip though if you think you are too far out of shape, as it did prove to be a nice workout. After the bicycle tour, we did some shopping. Be warned that quite a few of the shops in Key West are very sleazy. We decided to stop shopping after one shop tried to charge us 12% sales tax, and were treated rudely by the store employees. We spent the remainder of the day on the ship enjoying the pool. On the final day, we had to return to Miami. I was sad the cruise was over. Disembarkation went along very smoothly and we got off right after we had breakfast in the dining room. As a word of advice, if you are worried about getting of the boat in a timely manner, you may want to consider booking a shore excursion at the return port. We booked an excursion on an airboat in the Everglades. The excursion was very interesting, fun, and we spotted a lot of alligators. And, we were the first group called to disembark. The only complaint through the entire trip was at the very end (unfortunately). It seemed there had been a minor hiccup when attempting to transfer one of the shipboard accounts to a different credit card, it changed all of the accounts to that card. The minor hiccup became a little more major when the understaffed Purser's desk could not change the accounts again until a manager showed up. A manager had not shown up before we had to disembark, so we had to make the changes ourselves. In our case, it wasn't a huge deal, but it was still an annoyance. For my first cruise, I was extremely pleased with Majesty of the Seas. She is a beautiful ship with an attentive crew. I will definitely sail with Royal Caribbean again. Coco Cay was the standout port of call. Nassau was good. Key West was good, but avoid the sleazy shops. Read Less
Sail Date June 2004
Review for the Majesty of the Seas I first sailed on the Majesty of the seas in 1995. That ship was the biggest Ocean Liner sailing the Atlantic at that time. When I went on my 6th cruise in June and the Majesty was still looking up to ... Read More
Review for the Majesty of the Seas I first sailed on the Majesty of the seas in 1995. That ship was the biggest Ocean Liner sailing the Atlantic at that time. When I went on my 6th cruise in June and the Majesty was still looking up to date and very clean. It has been said that some rooms are pretty bad, but that is because people abuse their rooms. My room, which was a Ocean View stateroom was very small compared to the Navigator of the Seas's Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony. Still, the Majesty of the Seas Ocean View Stateroom is very nice. If you are picky on space, I would suggest that you get either a Larger Ocean View Stateroom or a Superior Ocean View Stateroom. They are much bigger. The lobby is a great first thing to see....I just stood there and looked for a long time....it is amazing. The Library, Dining Room, Windjammer Cafe, Theater, Lobby, Viking Crown lounge were al VERY impressive. Miami: Departing My family and I got there early, and the Royal Caribbean Staff was so happy to see us look at the ship with excitement. We left about 5:00 after the mustard, which is the fire drill before you leave. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore. The food was great along with the Dining Room. Nassau: Nassau was great! We went shopping at the Straw Market, and got very tired so we got back on the ship with NO problem. We went and took about a 2 hour nap and then went and watched a movie. There movie theaters and theater are great. You don't feel like you are EVER with 2500 people. Its GREAT!! Once Again, dinner was great. Coco Cay: AWESOME!! Its a private Island in the middle of the Bahamas. Its great for children and for the Adults. They give you a BBQ party and then back to the ship. I WOULD recommend THAT YOU GO TO THE VIKING LOUNGE TO WATCH THE BOAT LEAVE COCO CAY. You will never see such beautiful scenery. It was great. Miami: Arriving--Departure was Early because we live in Miami. It was sad to see the ship leave in the sunrise, but It was an awesome short Vacation. Here are the IMPORTANT things you need to know: Breakfast: Either Windjammer Cafe or Mian Dining Room Lunch: Windjammer Cafe or Main Dining Room Snack: Pizza Bar Dinner: Main Dining Room You can ORDER room service 24/7 Rooms were clean. If you need a larger room Larger Ocean or Superior Stateroom. Do not get a room on the Promenade Deck (7) NO VIEW. Service and Shows were Great. Pool area was great. Viking Crown lounge is a GREAT place to relax and enjoy a drink..(my favorite). Enjoy your cruse and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Read Less
Sail Date June 2004
This was my second cruise with RCCL, but my first time on the Majesty. Shared a junior Suite with balcony with 2 other woman the room was small but comfortable and clean although it could use some updating. Getting to and on board ... Read More
This was my second cruise with RCCL, but my first time on the Majesty. Shared a junior Suite with balcony with 2 other woman the room was small but comfortable and clean although it could use some updating. Getting to and on board Majesty was handled nicely by the crew. Once on board it was nice to know there was lunch available at the windjammer. Meals were interesting and tasty. The servers were top rate, esp our assistant waiter, who always had my ice tea waiting for me at my table (little things mean the most). Cococay was the high light of the cruise. We parasailed, snorkeled, took the wave runner trip and just relaxed in the water on mats. What we thought would be a couple of hours turned into a great day. Enjoyed the casino, but the entertainment left a lot to be desired it was much better on my cruise aboard Vission's last year. RCCL really needs to work on getting passengers off the ship. We were assigned a color according to our plane reservations, but had to plead with the crew to let us off. Could not use our prepaid voucher for transportation to airport. Had to get a taxi and run through the airport like something out of a O. J. Simpson commercial and barely made our flight. All and all I would and will cruise again as I feel it's the way to vacation Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
I just returned from a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. It left on Friday, May 21st and returned on Monday, May 24th. Below is a quick (or not so quick) overview: We arrived at the Miami airport at noon and decided to take a cab instead of ... Read More
I just returned from a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. It left on Friday, May 21st and returned on Monday, May 24th. Below is a quick (or not so quick) overview: We arrived at the Miami airport at noon and decided to take a cab instead of the carnival ground transfer. It cost $21 + tip but it was well worth it. If you took the ground transfer, you had to wait until the bus filled up (another 30 to 45 minutes) and then a bus load arrive at the dock at the same time resulting in a mad scramble to be first in line. The ground transfer cost $11 per person or $22 per couple while the taxi was $21. If you find someone to share the taxi ride, it's even better. Embarkation: went very smoothly. Ensure you complete the fun pass online and have all your documentation filled in, including the ship & sail and the Bahamas customs papers (included in your documents). If they are not filled out completely, you have to stand to the side and complete them. We landed at the airport at noon and were on the ship by 1:00. I was impressed. Public Rooms: I was expecting very tacky decor based on their pictures on the website but was pleasantly surprised. They are a little outdated but not as terrible as I expected. You see employees constantly cleaning throughout the ship and I was impressed with the shape of the ship considering the age. Cabin: I cannot complain. We booked an inside cabin and were upgraded to a window or "ocean view". The amenity basket in the room was great. I don't usually care about such things but they provided brand names everything from shampoo to razors to dental floss. We didn't see our cabin steward very often but that's the point. I think he was standing outside our door waiting for us to leave. We left one evening and then remembered we forgot the camera, we only made it down the hallway but by the time we returned, our bed was turned down! Shore excursions: always a good idea to book outside the cruise ship for discount rates. We decided to tour the island on our own and after discussions with fellow passengers, found out we saw the same things as the historical tour. Only it ended up costing us less than $20 for both. Dining: was a pleasure. The food is the same as you would get in a good (not great) restaurant. But it was plentiful. On the last evening I couldn't decide on the Croquille St Jacques or Filet Mignon so the waiter gave me both. The wait staff were phenomenal. We were celebrating our 2nd anniversary and the staff provided a cake and sang for us. The coconut grove on lido desk was OK, nothing spectacular but filled you up. Tried the Pizza one night and since it was close to 11:00 pm and the midnight buffet was about to start they only had a limited selection. I think it was the leftovers from the day. My only complaint was the seating arrangements in the main dining room. We were seated with other Canadians who were from the same city as us. I would have like to sit with people from other cities, countries, etc. Entertainment: the "Broadway" and "Hollywood" shows in the Palace lounge are worth missing if you have something better to do. The Broadway show was much better than the Hollywood show. Could be my preference since I love the theatre. Unfortunately I didn't see the midnight comedian who I hear was fabulous. This was our first trip alone, leaving our 15 month old toddler and we found out a few days before sailing that we are expecting our second. Therefore, I was in bed every night by 10:00 - 10:30 no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. Sorry I missed it. Same goes for the many bars and disco's. Heard from fellow passengers that the ship was rockin' till about 5 am. Fellow guest run the full spectrum from the partygoers who thought the cruise was a booze cruise, to the "blue" haired older women. Most people ran in the middle from the young honeymooners, young families and single people just trying to get away and relax. All in all, it was great! I wouldn't necessarily do it again, simply because all the excitement of cruising happens in the evenings and we were just too tired to enjoy it. I hope this helps others. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
This was the 1st cruise for my 2 sons (10 & 13) and myself. We had a great time. I think 5 nights would have been better. We booked transportation from Boca Raton FL to Miami through RCL. The bus was on time and overall a good ... Read More
This was the 1st cruise for my 2 sons (10 & 13) and myself. We had a great time. I think 5 nights would have been better. We booked transportation from Boca Raton FL to Miami through RCL. The bus was on time and overall a good experience. Cheaper than a limo. We ate in the dining room each night. Food was good, boys got to try things that they had never eaten like escargot. Order your steak rarer than you would normally. Our waiters were great. Dinners ay our table rated the cornbread A++. We ate breakfast in the Windjammer- no complaints. The ship was at full capacity but it never seemed crowded. My sons spent a lot of time on the basketball courts and in the kids program. They had a great time and I felt fine leaving them there. We went to two comedy shows which were terrific and the love and marriage show. Took the Rainbow Reef Snorkeling excursion in Nassau. They sell baggies of fish food for $1 on the excursion boat. The boys loved feeding the fish right from their hands. I would do this again. I wish we had taken the jet ski excursion at Cococay...met some people who did and they had a blast. Be prepared to go FAST. I did have the "drink of the day" each day and loved them all. Seemed to go though a lot of clothes - the boys wore those pants with zip off legs for dinner and immediately unzipped them afterwards and took off to the kids area. The room was small but cozy and clean. The shower had amazing water pressure. The staff was friendly and helpful - even came out ahead in the casino! Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
I'm 25 and this was my first time on a cruise and it was awesome! The service exceeded our expectations! All staff were very friendly and made us feel so welcome. At the seated dinners, the personalized attention was great. Since it ... Read More
I'm 25 and this was my first time on a cruise and it was awesome! The service exceeded our expectations! All staff were very friendly and made us feel so welcome. At the seated dinners, the personalized attention was great. Since it was only a 3 day cruise, we never felt bored and had plenty to do at all times. The trip to Nassau on Saturday was fun but one day on an island goes by so quick. One advantage of this cruise vs. other cruises is that we had 24 hours on the island were as most cruises only give you a portion of the day on the island. So we were able to experience the night life on the island as well. You should definitely decide what you really want to do on the island because there are many choices. We wanted to go snorkeling but ended up going to Paradise Island and seeing the Atlantis resort and then chilling on beach for a few hours. The beach was beautiful--white sand, aqua-turquoise water but the tide was too high for me to go swimming and the water was freezing although some people were out there. Afterwards we went shopping at the straw market for souvenir and headed back to the ship for dinner. After dinner we went back out on the island to Senor Frogs to party although it was very "spring break" so we didn't stay very long. Sunday was the day on the ship and it was relaxing. We spent some time in the casino and engaging in other activities on board. But time just flew by and before we knew it--it was time to go back. The best part of the cruise was the food and service. They even upgraded our room! There is just so much food at all times and the quality of food is very good. We couldn't believe how big the lobster and steak portions were! And the best part is you can eat as much as you want! The part that I liked least would be the shows--they weren't all that great. The other thing that put a slight damper on my great vacation was that it was chilly. I suggest if you are going to take a cruise--go between April-Sept. Although it was mid-March, it was windy and chilly. I brought all summer clothes and one sweater and I wished I had brought more long-sleeved clothing and pants. The ocean was really cold as well and it was partly cloudy so you didn't feel the sun too much. Also, we didn't swim in the swimming pools on the deck of the ship because it felt too cold and we hung out in the jacuzzi instead. On the ship and on the island it was quite windy. Bottom line--if you've never been and want a quick getaway--you should definitely check out Carnival's 3 and 4 night cruises! Read Less
Sail Date March 2004
Our cruise was great. This was my third cruise, and the first for my husband. We decided to cruise for our anniversary. The embarkation and debarkation seemed to go a lot quicker and smoother than I remember from the past. Our service ... Read More
Our cruise was great. This was my third cruise, and the first for my husband. We decided to cruise for our anniversary. The embarkation and debarkation seemed to go a lot quicker and smoother than I remember from the past. Our service was great, our room steward seemed a little too eager, but I guess I would be if I lived off of tips also. All of my past cruises were also with Carnival and I must say that I saw some improvements since my last cruise with them in '99. First of all, our dining room servers only had our table and one other, so the service was much better. The entire staff also seemed more friendly and hospitable this time as well. The comedians they had booked for the cruise were great, they were actually funny! The only complaints I had are that when we first boarded the ship and went to our cabin, the whole room smelled like sweat. It was like a giant locker room, just disgusting smelling. I walked around almost every inch of the room using body spray and I didn't notice it any more. Despite the smell, the room seemed to be quite clean. My only other complaint is that the menu on this cruise was EXACTLY the same as it was 3 years ago. You're doing something wrong if you remember the same food after 3 years. Don't get me wrong, it's good and all, but needless to say I expected something different! Overall a great experience and we'll be doing it again as soon as possible :-) Read Less
Sail Date March 2004
Background information: I'm Robin, my husband Bruce and I are from New York, we are married 26 years and this was our third cruise. We were bringing our 17-year-old Andrew son on his first cruise. Also joining us were our friends from ... Read More
Background information: I'm Robin, my husband Bruce and I are from New York, we are married 26 years and this was our third cruise. We were bringing our 17-year-old Andrew son on his first cruise. Also joining us were our friends from Debbie and Benny from Boston and their 17-year-old son Jason. Pre Cruise: Flew down on American Airlines two days early to see my in-laws who winter in Delray Beach, they drove down to Miami to see us. We did not rent a car, used cabs to and from airport and port, and either walked or used free Metromover in Miami to travel. My friend Debbie and I had booked rooms at the Downtown Hyatt Regency on Priceline some months prior for $57 per night. This is a bit high by Priceline standards but bear in mind it was Presidents' Week and there was a boat show in Downtown Miami. Turned out to be a great bargain. We got rooms on the 22nd floor, city view, the rooms were lovely, no problem getting two double beds to accommodate us and our son. No mention of Priceline whatsoever. Nice dressing area, great hairdryer and lighted makeup mirror, towels and amenities. My sole complaint was that the bathroom (toilet/tub area) is very dark; could use more lighting. Ate a late night dinner at hotel when our friends arrived from Boston, food was good, not badly priced. Went with the in-laws in their car to South Beach Sunday and wandered around, ate dinner with them at Bubba Gump's in Bayside Marketplace. Went at 5:00 on a Saturday night, no problem getting in, great food, good time had by all. Many stores in Downtown Miami within walking distance, and Bayside is only about 10 blocks away by foot. Cruise Check in: Snagged two cabs from Hyatt at about 10:30 and went to port. Checked in very quickly, no problems or lines, we were on the ship by 11:30 at the latest. It was a real breeze, no waiting at all! Found our cabins and ran to Windjammer for lunch before the crowds arrived. Did a tour of the ship, drank my first of numerous BBCs and did some relaxing by the pool before Muster Drill, which was typically boring but necessary, especially given two weeks ago they called it out on this ship at 5am due to a small kitchen fire. Cabins: We had three inside cabins and knew they would be small, which is why we put the 17-year-old boys in their own. Cost me exactly $25 extra by booking me in one cabin, hubby in other, and using two C&A coupons. We just got extra key cards coded for my son and he and I flipped them. Easy as cake. Our travel agent surprised us with $25 credits for the two adult cabins (he had previously sent us wine, which was nice also). This was on top of the $100 in cabin credits I had gotten for booking the two cabins on my Serenade cruise! Nice to have "free" money to play with. Our cabins were three of the 8 inside cabins on deck 7; most of the insides are on Decks 6 and down. I don't know if it was because we were on deck 7, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a safe in the closet! The other advantage to deck 7 was that it was the promenade deck—even though I was in an inside, we were steps away from the fresh air and chairs outside without any stairs to contend with. Cabins were quite small but functional, OK for two people; I cannot imagine 4 in one of those insides. The cabin was a bit run down, torn wallpaper in one spot, bathroom door slightly rusted—I learned how THAT happened after my first shower, which totally ran out of the shower area onto the floor. After two cruises with the nice glass sliding shower door, the shower curtain was a riot! I'm fairly small and it stuck to me every move! We had a hairdryer, worked fine. Our cabin attendant was Murado(?), I don't remember where he was from, he was pleasant, nothing spectacular but did his job and props to him: he managed to keep up with the whirlwind the two 17 year old boys called their home for four days, including making them some hysterical towel animals using their caps, glasses, etc. He got extra tip from us just for pulling THAT off! Appearance of ship: I was truly pleasantly surprised by this, as was my husband, who was convinced we were taking a step into hell after cruising on Voyager and Radiance classes. Everything sparkling clean, obvious fresh carpeting in many areas, no dirty dishes lying around, always someone at work cleaning or fixing something. The ship is getting a total refurbishment in a year, and I hear the cabins will be totally redone, and they will freshen up the rest of the common areas. I also liked the shopping area on Majesty, which was nice and spread out. Nothing beats Explorer's promenade, but I thought Serenade's store area was cramped. Food: The endless Cruise Critic board discussions about "bad food" always surprise me. Considering the ship is feeding over 2,000 people, I think they do a darned good job. The Windjammer is a bit more congested than on the larger ships but it worked fine, and blissfully, it was open post-Galley fire! Food quality was good there although some of the breakfast food (pancakes, French toast) was sometimes cold, and as usual, as on every one of my Royal cruises, I have not been able to get a good piece of melon! Oh well....Also at breakfast, lox (known as smoked salmon for you non New Yorkers!) was missing after the first meal, and I do enjoy that. My one other issue: for the entire trip, the soft serve ice cream machines only had strawberry ice cream, no vanilla or chocolate, and I HATE strawberry! All in all, however, I enjoyed Windjammer. It is divided into two sections; don't stop at the front area, the area further aft is prettier and you have the option of going up a level to find tables. We ate every breakfast and lunch at Windjammer except for one of each meal in the dining room, dinner always was in the Dining Room. The upstairs area of Windjammer also served as the Mast Bar. Pizza and frankfurters and often some sort of sweet are available here into the wee hours, and they had great sandwiches out during sail away. Dining Room: We were assigned to the Mikado on Deck 4, had requested a table for 6 late seating and got it with no problems. Our table was in a nice location, and although the dining area is not as spectacular as on the newer ships, it was still beautiful. Our waiter was Yavuz from Turkey. Suffice it to say he was a little on the odd side. Barely saw him during the meal, although our food arrived promptly with no problems. Then after dinner he would stop by to chat and went on and on, and half the time we had no idea what he was talking about. Just a strange dude. In contrast, our assistant waiter, Carina from Argentina, was truly spectacular. She knew what everyone liked to drink after the first night (anyone who remembered Earl Grey tea for me and English Breakfast tea for my son is amazing), was constantly in attendance, and took care of all sorts of stuff for us. Saw the boys' soda cards the first night and from that point on the Cokes and Sprites kept appearing without asking. Told us all sorts of stories about her family and heritage (Italian/Argentinean) and was quite entertaining. She also got a nice tip from us! Our headwaiter was Wellington from India and he is the best headwaiter I've had. Attentive, friendly, and actually visible; came over and chatted at length with us every night. Our friends were blown away (as was my son) when he took the shrimp scampi out of the shell! As for the food, in general it was great. The RCI menus were exactly the same as on my four night Serenade cruise and I knew what I did and did not like. The first night, however, they had the infamous ranch steak (albeit in a special marinade) and I was in a steak mood, so I cracked and tried it. Not the best. Kudos to the prime rib, the duck (which I asked for nice and crispy and got!), shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail, escargots, Key Lime Pie, and lots of other goodies. We had one breakfast there (the day we disembarked, as we were in no hurry) which was pleasant, and one lunch, on what turned out to be our sea day, since we did not make Coco Cay. More on that later, but the lunch was excellent. I have to add here that the 2 17-year-old boys went to town at meals. The funniest night was when my son Andrew was eating shrimp scampi with one hand and Fettuccini Alfredo with the other. They also LOVED room service nachos. There were two buffets, a midnight one as we sailed away from Nassau (which was nice) and a midnight chocolate buffet that the adults missed due to total exhaustion but the boys raided. They pronounced it to be outrageous. Ports: We unfortunately had crummy weather, more or less, our entire trip. There was a cold front across Florida and the Bahamas and we landed right in the middle of it. Our two days pre-cruise were OK but not pool weather. Boarding day in Miami was fairly nice and my husband managed a suntan. The day in the Bahamas was overcast. We went in the morning into town and did some shopping, my son got a Casio watch, I got a Skaagen, and he bought sunglasses. We ran back to the ship, had a little snack and were picked up by Stuart Cove snorkeling for their excursion. We took a half hour bus ride to their boat, got to see some local sights (since we had stayed at the Atlantic for three nights a few years ago, we had already seen a lot of Nassau). The water was a bit rocky, it was gloomy and raining on and off and I was a bit dizzy, bear in mind you ARE snorkeling off a boat in the middle of the water! The rocking prompted me to jump into the ocean and try snorkeling for the first time very quickly. I had a ball in the water, and felt much better there. Our friends chickened out, but my husband, the boys and I had a ball. Alas, the weather and 10' swells also cancelled Coco Cay. It was very disappointing but I'm sure the captain was concerned with safety. We actually met with Captain Per in a corridor later that day and he was very pleasant, explained at length why we could not get there, especially with tenders involved. We had been looking forward to this, especially my son, as they have beach volleyball there and he was raring to go (he plays varsity in HS). The ship of course increased activities and did hand out free Screwdrivers and Bloody Marys from 10am-noon by the pool, not that you could sit there without being blown off your chair and into the water! It felt like my Canada cruise....in any event, we compensated, the boys caught up on sleep, had a nice leisurely lunch in dining room, played some games, visited the casino (no luck there), shopped, etc. We arrived in Key West to lovely, 70-degree weather. The ship now has to go through immigration since we were back in the United States, and although it went smoothly, we sat in port until 10:30 until it was completed, which was a bit annoying looking at the beauty outside. We were going to take the Trolley tour but opted for walking. Did the tour of Ernest Hemmingway's house (as I wanted to see the cats!) and walked to the southernmost point. We walked back toward the pier on Duval Street, lost Debbie & Benny to the stores, and the boys went right back to the ship for "lunch, sun, virgin pina coladas and basketball. Bruce and I went in search of the Kino sandal store; if you don't know about them they have a very inexpensive sandal factory and make great flip-flops. Other family members have brought them to me so I reciprocated and bought some for them, and we made our way back to the ship for lunch at the Windjammer. "Our" Carina was working there that day and kept bringing us goodies! After that Bruce went in search of a lounge chair and I went off ship again for some solo shopping time; I didn't buy much but enjoyed people watching and strolling around. I joined Bruce for some sun, bought some photographs, and we showered and got ready for dinner before sailway from Key West. Don't miss that sunset, but watch it outside (Bruce and I watched from the Viking Crown Lounge and apparently the polarization on the windows cut out some of the coloration of the skies). Entertainment: The two production shows were "Wild Wild West" and "The Beat Goes On." Honestly, I had heard the former was not too good, and I agreed, we walked out. "The Beat Goes On" was pretty good and I enjoyed reminiscing with some of the music. Comedian on cruise was Greg Otto. He was hilarious; he did the first night cruise and also a late night comedy act the last night. My son was rolling in the aisles. The first night show also featured "Cowboy Dario El Gaucho," who does a comedy/music/everything else act and is a treat. Also entertaining was Hal Frazier, who did a comedy/singing act beyond explanation. If he's on board, make sure you see him. We also went to Quest (funny, although a bit repetitive the third time around: I really think RCI should consider something new) some game called Liars Club on our at sea day, and Love and Marriage game, which is always funny. My husband loves watching Karaoke and we spent some time watching this. Worth is just for the antics of Bar Waiter Desmond, who becomes part of the act and is hysterical. We didn't do rock wall, much of the dancing scene, bingo, art auctions, spa, not enough time to do everything (hey, I need to sleep, I'm not 22 years old!). Bruce, who likes to exercise, was disappointed by the Gym and pronounced it horrible compare to our two other ships. I assume this will be part of the refurbishment next year. The Cruise Director is Tim, who I thought did a great job. Young, dynamic, funny and truly seemed like he was enjoying himself, as did the assistant cruise directors and other staff. Disembarkation: Alas, it was already Friday morning and time to leave. Since we were in no hurry we had aforementioned breakfast in Mikado, retrieved our luggage, went quickly through customs (remember immigration had already taken place) and were off the ship by 9:00 am. Were at our "Priceline booked $42 a night room" at Embassy Suites hotel at MIA (since we all had morning flights Saturday, we opted to stay by the airport) by 9:30. Rooms were not ready yet (not unexpected) and although this hotel is a great value for the buck (free Managers' Reception at night with drinks, free cooked to order breakfast and free shuttle bus to the airport) there was NOTHING to do around here (it's truly an airport hotel) so we laid by the pool and vegetated until we could get into rooms. Ended up eating both lunch and dinner at the hotel as my son was feeling lightheaded (which we thought was post-motion but found out later was not, as he came down with some sort of bug); there IS a Bennigans fairly close by but aside from that you're really stranded without a car. Got up the next AM and went to airport for our flight back to New York but that's a horror story that I won't go into here, as it isn't cruise related! Final impressions: We knew this wasn't going to be the same sort of experience as cruising on the larger and newer ships, but a vacation is what you make of it and we had great fun with our friends. They got hooked and booked another cruise; the Loyalty Ambassador, Kim, was really nice. There's more action on the larger ships but this one did have a great crew and plenty to keep you busy. I do understand they miss the Coco Cay port often due to tendering problems; keep that in mind. Any questions, please ask me! Robin Read Less
Sail Date February 2004
Majesty of the Seas January 16- 19th 2004 Pre-cruise Planning Like any good sequel, the roots for our cruise planning started the day we returned home from our seven day western Caribbean cruise on Voyager of the Seas. This planning was ... Read More
Majesty of the Seas January 16- 19th 2004 Pre-cruise Planning Like any good sequel, the roots for our cruise planning started the day we returned home from our seven day western Caribbean cruise on Voyager of the Seas. This planning was aided by getting "bumped" from our flight home to a later flight giving us free airfare and cutting the cruise cost in half. In the middle of summer we thought about the depths of winter and a three day holiday. Martin Luther King Day was the first that came to mind for us. This review will cover in depth our cruise on Majesty of the Seas January 16- 19th 2004 departing out of Miami with stops in Coco Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. Before we start I wanted to take some time to tell you a little about ourselves and the perspective that we would be using for our review. I am 34 years old and a Computer network administrator for a local school district. My wife is 33 and a Dental hygienist who works in a very modern office. We also have a four year old daughter. We had made a decision not to take our daughter with us on Voyager due to her age and at the prompting of both sets of grandparents who took care of her half the week each much to her over indulged delight. Six months out when we booked, we hemmed and hawed about taking her on this cruise and in the end felt like this cruise would be a "quickie" and decided that she would have more fun at home. To that end, we tried to streamline the process of getting to the ship, activities on the ship and getting back as well planned as possible. One of the main sources of information I had used for our Voyager cruise was the Cruise Critic boards, which had been very helpful. I found with the exception of one or two helpful Majesty veterans there was not a wealth of information to be found on this particular ship or its destinations. That is why I am writing this review. As we approached our departure date our plans for our daughter started to unravel. My wife's mother, an avid cruiser, passed away suddenly in early December making for a difficult and sad time for our family. My stepmother was also having some surgery and medical problems and with this added pressure, communication between us became strained. To our relief my brother and sister in-law who had accompanied us on our Voyager cruise, were happy to take care of our daughter. She would also spend the day with both grandfathers. We did explore taking her with us on the cruise. At this late date, the cruise would have been almost $900 cruise and airfare. I left the airport mumbling about her just being four and said "What? For that kind of money she should be able to fly the plane." We had decided up front to forgo any hard sided luggage and go all carry on (official real carry on luggage, one bag each). We skipped any formal clothes and just brought smart causal, our only worry would be our table mates and we brought a bottle of wine to smooth over any problems. We also brought our own snorkels and masks, the first two Harry Potter books and books for my wife. All in all I felt we had packed all that we would need and not a stitch more. Our plan was to Snorkel and sit on the beach in Coco Cay and shop and do Atlantis "The Dig" in the Bahamas. Day One - "Holy Cow it's cold" The first day of out trip seems to always start the night before. Having cleaned the house, packed, contacted every one with "in case the ship sinks" information and planned everything out for the morning, we headed over to a local restaurant with my brother and sister in-law to treat them to dinner. After dinner we headed to the market pick up some travel snacks and treats for our daughter when I noticed the van was not quite driving correctly. We stopped to get some gas and discovered the front driver's side tire has deflated and had come off its rim. We called a tow truck and sat and waited for help to arrive. (Now before you get the wrong idea I am pretty handy and although have never changed a tire on the van and when I looked for the spare it was not where I expected it to be but I would not have let that stop me. What stopped me was the fact it was -8 degrees out with a wind chill of -25). When the tow truck driver arrived he also had no interest in changing the tire either so we just towed it. In the end you can add picking up the van and putting gas in it to my brother in-law's list of good deeds for the weekend. January 16, 2004 -Weather Albany -10° with a wind chill of -35 to -55 Miami 70° light clouds Four thirty in the morning came really early after the night's excitement. We watched as school after school closed due to the cold. Then we headed off to the airport. Since we only had carry on we skipped the line and did the self check in. We had no problems getting through airport security except they did look twice at the bottle of wine. We didn't use any locks or zip ties, I did not have to take off my shoes. We boarded and we were off to Charlotte then Miami. Once in Miami we scooted past the luggage carrousel and right into a waiting cab. Once at the ship we filled out our Bahamas immigration forms and went right to check in with no line. We were cheerfully greeted and quickly processed. Then we boarded and started searching for our cabin (4565) on deck four the same level as our dining room and boarding area. The cabin we found and once we got over the initial shock of sleeping in a closet (These cabins are small, that is no secret 117sq ft to compare them with other ships of the line would be unfair, just be aware) we also were surprised to find no safe or mini fridge. The soda and water were just stacked on the desk. The bathroom was equally small and we finally found one of the infamous shower curtains that people mention on the Cruise Critic boards. All that being said we found the cabin to be fine for sleeping and getting ready for dinner. I could see if you had to spend a lot of time in there because of the weather it could be too small. After changing we went off to explore the ship. We also meet our Cabin attendant Ivan from St. Vincent. We quickly discovered the only way to traverse large areas of the ship would be by the stairs (Which thankfully went both up and down, Thanks Rico) we went to the Centrum where we purchase soda cards $18 per person and checked on our dinner table and menu. Then off to the Windjammer for some lunch. We didn't see anything that varied from the traditional RCI fare, but everything was good. We shot up to the pool deck and took in the sun; there are two large pools with kid pools attached and two hot tubs (which were closed). Wondering why no one was swimming yet, I dipped a foot in a discovered that they were a wee bit on the cold side. That would be the theme for water on the boat and on the islands; I would do some swimming but not today. We then sought out the gym, Schooner bar and theater. My first overall impression of this ship is that it is showing it's age, stained & ripped carpet, dents in the walls, tape hanging from the ceilings and an overall out dated theme that is right out the early 90's. Did that ruin my vacation? No, it did not; we took the ship on face value. It's smaller than many and a little out dated which also means less people on the cruise and a sense of the history of RCI and its fleet. The shops and casino were closed while we were in port, something to remember because you are usually in port during the days on the trip. Before dinner we had the compulsory muster drill. I found it strange how many people were taken completely by surprise when the drill started, though RCI had made three announcements and left detailed instructions on the bed. We mustered in area 10 which happened to be the bar, so we got to sit down and relax while the rest of the ship sweated outside. We met our neighbors there and found out it was her birthday and first cruise. After the drill we went up to the bow of the boat to watch the ship pull out, only to be thwarted by Captain Kristofferson announcing that the pilot was stuck in traffic and we would be running late. After taking time to explaining to a fellow cruiser that it was not the pilot that flew her plane here but the harbor pilot that was running late. We got ready for dinner and headed off for the Mikado dinning room where we met our dining companions. I think this was the only trepidation that my wife had on the trip. It would turn out that we were seated with some wonderful people. Our tablemates would be Bob and his wife Jill from Wisconsin; they were on their 7th cruise, the other couple was Dave and his wife Connie from Pennsylvania they were on their 3rd cruise. It was also Connie's 40th Birthday on Saturday the formal night. Our waiter was Mustafa from Turkey and our assistant waiter was Jose from Argentina. We will rate the service on a one through six scale; everyone will start at three and move up and down from there. We feel very strongly about tipping and dining in the dining room. I was anxious to see if the reports of Tip night flu would come to pass. I will also say that the staff works very hard and unless I run across a total lack of caring, they will get the full tip they deserve and usually more. We quickly discovered that Jose was in training and we just hoped that the glasses that he broke every other night don't come out of his pay. The first night of the cruise was Venetian night at dinner I had Strawberry bisque, a Caesar salad, and the Ranch steak. I also had Chocolate cake for dessert. I enjoyed the soup, bread and salad. The Ranch steak was my choice because I am having some problems with red sauces. I found this steak to be some what chewy (I have had a very good Ranch steak on Voyager; it may have just been this piece of meat.) The biggest disappointment was the Warm Chocolate cake; it was dry and flavorless I could not even eat enough of it to get to the chocolate center. My wife had the Roasted Garlic soup (very good) the Caesar salad (typical), the Shrimp Scampi (excellent and much anticipated) and the Warm Chocolate Cake (see above). We used our soda cards in the dinning room so Jose brought us a couple of cokes. (Jose had to be prompted to bring soda and refills.) During this night we also endured the photo with the pirate, and a song from the wait staff, the song would have been fine if not for the music that was too loud to hear any singing. We finished the dinner with a discussion of the next day's plans and went off to explore. First day ratings: Waiter - 2 (Mustafa was harried and stressed, mostly with working with Jose). Assistant Waiter - 3 (Broken glasses and all he is just trying to learn). Head waiter -3 (Introduced himself). Cabin Attendant -3 (Solid job keeping things clean). We moved on to the welcome aboard show. This is where we met Rico the cruise director who was very high energy. We also were treated to "The beat goes on" a song and dance show covering music from the 1950's to 1990's Main stream pop. The show consisted of four singers two girls, two guys and a troupe of dancers. It was not Broadway, but it was entertaining and a comfortable theater. We enjoyed the show & drinks from the Schooner bar. After the show we went up for a walk on deck and retired to our cabin for some much needed sleep. We found our cabin clean and with a stingray on the bed for those of you not in the know that means "welcome home, from RCI." Day Two - "This champagne tastes ...." January 17, 2004 - Weather Albany 24° Cloudy Coco Cay 79° Sunny Six fifteen in the morning is too soon also, now before you get all "hey you're on vacation sleep in for heaven sakes." My wife and I are a little over weight, we were not going to let vacationing get in the way of getting back down to a more comfortable weight. Our first stop: the gym and two treadmills. If I was a fitness expert I might give the fitness center a rating but for our purpose it worked just fine. After ½ hour we moved through the crowd of skinny people who were waiting for the fat people to get done with the treadmill (In the next installment I will let you in on how the treadmill people docked the ship in Nassau.) We did a couple cool down laps and headed right for Windjammer where we enjoyed a moderate breakfast out on the top deck. We watched the sunrise over Coco Cay. After breakfast we took the stairs down to the cabin to get changed. Let Ivan know about the toilet (When it refilled it came right up to the top of the bowl so when sat down it was more like a bidet, No Rico we did not get a feel for if it was fresh or salt water). We shot down the stairs to deck one and on to the first tender. The tender went over to Coco Cay with mostly the crew, staff and us. We made a right turn on the island and went right into the shops where we managed to surprise the shop keepers and hair braiders. We picked out a dress for our daughter and left with a new found respect for Caribbean shop keepers (SO, much different than Jamaica where we will never shop again). We then moved down to the beach and staked out two chairs tested the water (cold) and read for a while. After a 1/2 hour of that I wanted to go out snorkeling so I braved the cold water and was rewarded by crystal clear water and reefs teeming with life. It also helped that I was the only person in the water. Being the only person in the water I did get a little concerned when I saw what I believe was a barracuda swimming along. I looked at him and him at me and we just kept on swimming. Finally reaching the raft and wreck of an airplane, where one of the singers from the show/ lifeguard offered to feed the fish for me. A school of fish moved in and out of the airplane and all can say is it was well worth the trip. Returning to the beach my wife and I decided to explore the island. Using our soda cards for some refreshment, we followed the path around the island. We went past a couple of nice beaches and a hammock area. Then as we moved to pass another group one of the girls squealed out "Of my god, he's naked" Well we had found the naked beach or to be more precise one naked sun bather a gentleman about my size sunning it all. All I can say is dude, unlike the airplane reef "It" wasn't worth the trip. We reversed course and decided to join the buffet line. The food was plentiful and the lines were short. Again we didn't see anything that varied from the traditional RCI fare, but everything was good. We were intrigued by the roosters and chickens pecking around the picnic grounds. Around one o'clock we packed up and headed back to the ship. If you're a fan of just the ship, this crossing provides for the best pictures I think you can get of Majesty. We changed and showered and ran into our neighbors. We mentioned we were going to check out the art auction and they came along. We went to the preview and tagged a couple of things we liked. Jason the auctioneer gave us a preview of the prices of the pieces we had picked out. As we waited for the champagne to come we moved some tags over to some other hopefully less expensive paintings. As the champagne was passed out our neighbor was heard to say "This champagne taste like ^$$." Well it may not have been all that good, but it was free. We did not bid on anything mainly because the one time a piece of art work came up for bid in the range we could afford and I liked it, my wife had already left to get ready for dinner. Without her help I could not lift that heavy bid card by myself. The art auction was informative and exciting, plus you walk away with a little piece of art work which I think looks good. Our neighbors bid on a couple blind bids and won a necklace from the shopping supervisor. They went back to the cabin to celebrate her birthday. Speaking of which we found that there were a lot of anniversary, birthdays and family reunions groups on this ship, I would think at those cruise prices that would be a great get together. After quickly showering we went off for dinner with our wine in hand. Formal night I wore a polo shirt with khaki pants and sandals. I am unsure as to what elicited more stares my attire or the bottle of wine (I have purchased wine on RCI before a solid but unremarkable white zinfandel. We did not mind paying for it. We decided to bring the wine which at the last minute and were very happy with our choice which was more our speed). Arriving at the table we made comments on how nice everyone looked, and right away Dave loosened then removed his tie, we poured the wine and everyone was off telling the stories of their day. We notice that Jose had made some strides and was feeling more comfortable, which in turn allowed Mustafa to be able to spend more time with each of his tables and allow his charm to shine through. Tonight having eaten in the afternoon I skipped the appetizers, had a Caesar salad (good) and the NY strip steak (Very good) and I tried the Cheese Cake for dessert. (There were other entrEe choices that I could have had I was just in a beef mood all weekend). My wife had the Lobster Bisque (excellent) Caesar salad (typical), the New York Strip steak (a solid choice) and skipped dessert (nothing appealed to her). We talked for awhile and then went our separate ways. My wife and I, after shopping in the Centrum, where she got her inch of gold anklet from Voyager repaired/replaced, moved on to the casino. The casino on Majesty is very busy and seems to have its fair share of winners. For a while we played nickel slots; we were just not destined to win that night. Second day ratings: Waiter - 4 (Spent time at every table and even scraped the table for us). Assistant Waiter - 4 (This would be his best effort). Head waiter -2 (Did not see him). Cabin Attendant -4 (The toilet was fixed and the room was clean). We went to the cabin to relax and nap until the midnight buffet. The buffet which was on the pool deck was a good assortment of food. If you are expecting that creativity and amount that is available on the bigger ships you will be disappointed. The crowd seemed to be excited and happy with the choices. We can not speak to the food though because we left without eating; food that late would keep us up and we wanted to get an early start. I would also like to address the "trash" problem on the ship; we would run into bottles and glasses and food plates all over the ship, I never saw enough staff members cleaning up and on the flip side I think we should make an effort to move "trash" to where it can be found not to the smallest nook and cranny of the ship. You carried it down there bring it back up. We found our cabin clean and with a Lobster on the bed and went to sleep. Day Three - "I just got propositioned by a lady on a hover round" January 18, 2004 - Weather Albany 31° Cloudy Nassau, Bahamas 81° Sunny Up at six fifteen, again, in the morning and off to the gym. On to the treadmills, we were soon joined by a couple of other people we were treated to a rare view as the gym looks out over the back of the ship and we were backing into the dock in Nassau. As the lady next to me started to falter I hit upon the idea that we six on the treadmills were pushing the ship in to the dock and we had to finish. This seemed to perk everyone's spirits up. We finished docking the ship and moved down to the Windjammer and ate breakfast on the deck. After a quick shower we shot down to deck one and into Nassau. Our first stop was the Straw market where not only did we take most of the vendors by surprise; we were treated to a church service in the front of the market; after all it was Sunday. We took advantage after the service to tour (Most vendors were eating breakfast). We treated the vendors and their merchandise with respect and were able to get not only the early bird special also the first customer of the day discount. We picked up a couple t-shirts, straw hats and dresses for my daughter. After exiting we walked down to the Parliament Square stopping at shops along the way. Then around 10 o'clock we walked to Atlantis, Yes you heard correctly, Walked. It took a while but what a beautiful day and challenging walk. We did get some great photos of the harbor from the top of the bridge. We reached Atlantis and went in marveling at the beauty of the building. We passed through the casino and looked around for the dig. I had read that they were tightening up the areas you could get into if you were not a guest. The dig was $25 per person. We passed on the dig: I know it is most likely worth every penny but we wanted to spend the money on other things, like lunch. We flagged down a cab, you're crazy if you thought we would be walking back, and headed to the Green Shutters pub. Finding the pub closed (it's Sunday) we moved down to Senor Frogs where my wife and I had some Tex-Mex food and watched the festivities. The food was good and the views and people were just a riot to watch. After lunch we decided to go back to the boat and rest by the pool. We collected up our books and headed to the pool. I took a quick dip in the pool and then off to the hot tubs. (Just a note on the only two hot tubs they were not open in or out of the port of Miami, or at night after dinner. I found that very disappointing.) My wife and I were just sitting down to read when a woman on a hover round rolled up and gave us her cards and asked us if we wanted to make more money. It was some kind of scheme I am sure I will be seeing on Dateline (NBC) soon. She moved on but not without giving my wife and me a bad taste in our mouths, which we promptly washed out with strawberry daiquiris. After resting for a while on deck we went down to the Schooner bar to watch the Colts vs. Pats playoff game. An informed and likeable crowd ( With the exception of one over indulgent girl who not only was drinking too much, she let us all know about her 36c's which in the event of the ship sinking could be used as a flotation devices. You know I'm all for being friendly with people but her friends really needed to reel her in) formed and sat and watched undeterred by the drink waiters trying to move anyone who was not drinking along. RCI did provide small cups of goldfish crackers, but like many there I would have drank more if I had some food to go along with it. After a heart breaking Colts loss we dressed and went to dinner. Tonight for the appetizer I had Ox tail soup (Very good), I also had a Caesar salad (good) and the prime rib (Good). I really thought about the turkey dinner. I wanted to try it to have in my review but I just could not bring myself to order Thanksgiving. I had the Brownie Sunday for dessert (good). My wife passed on the appetizer, the Caesar salad (typical), the Prime Rib (excellent) and the Baked Alaska (average; not quite as good as I had hoped). We said good bye to our table mates for the last time after taking some pictures. Final ratings: Waiter - 6 (Spent time at every table and did something special for us with the chef). Assistant Waiter - 3 (Went back to hurried & forgetful, still in training though). Head waiter -1 (Stopped by for his tip) (On Voyager Asif our head waiter was attentive and informed, also willing to help in the main dinning and any other dining space). Cabin Attendant -5 (The room was clean & we asked for red departure tags and he came through). We then spent some time shopping and picking up our pictures. (The photo area is a mad house as they are extremely unprepared for the onslaught of people. I think it has more to do with the space than the staff who was patient beyond belief.) We then went to the final show which was "Ralph" Jeff the Juggler. Jeff Harris "is a uniquely talented performer whose original juggling and comedy show has dazzled audiences around the globe." That is what his website says. I am ashamed to say I heckled the juggler. At the start of his act our cruise director Rico misspoke and called Jeff -Ralph Harris, which threw him off slightly giving the audience an opportunity to get into to his style of act, he took it all in stride and performed a show that I very much enjoyed, and "Ralph if you ever read this review sorry about the flash photo". You had to be there. We finished up the evening with a walk on the top deck. Off to bed. Day Four - "I'll just let them wand me" January 19, 2004 - Weather Albany 10° Snow Showers Miami 75° Overcast We didn't get up to the gym on the last day due to it being closed, but we were up at six fifteen as were a fair amount of guests. We finished packing and showered, headed to the Mikado for breakfast. We had never been to the main dinning room for breakfast, and now we know why. It takes forever for breakfast; the ordering, waiting and with ten at a table it just is so slow. They called four colors while we were waiting including red. We did sit with some nice people from Texas and Atlanta but we should have just gone to Windjammer. After breakfast we picked up our luggage, checked the room one last time and left the ship. We waited for a while in line, then hopped into a cab and sped off to the airport. At the airport we got our tickets and got in line for security. In front of me in line was a girl who had a significant jewelry collection on. She asked the TSA agent if she needed to remove it all and he replied "I'd just let them wand me you'll be okay". The last I saw of her after I got through was a large female TSA agent walking her into a private room with no shoes; no jewelry, in only her under shirt, her pockets turned out and a bewildered look on her face. We moved down to our gate and waited for the plane and a possible bump. We did get bumped again but this time only up to first class for half of the trip home. I never thought I would be disappointed flying first class. We will have to save up for airfare and a cruise some time in 2005-6. My final thoughts on Majesty of the Sea, which is scheduled for an overhaul this spring would be: I believe a cruise is what you make of it and Majesty gives you the chance to make it special. I think the crew could use a boost in the "go out of your way for the guest" column (With the exception of Mustafa). The ship is a little on the tired side but you are only there for three days and you can keep so busy you won't notice. The crowd was diverse with 20 something's mingling with 60 something's with everyone having fun. I am happy to report that the dinning room was full and there was no outbreak of "no tip" flu, the water in the cabin was not brown and no one fell off of the boat. Read Less
Sail Date January 2004
Since we live in Key Largo, Fl. we drove to the pier on Friday. We arrived around 1:30pm and parked in the parking garage which is very safe and easy to access. We then checked our baggage in and proceeded to terminal. There was little ... Read More
Since we live in Key Largo, Fl. we drove to the pier on Friday. We arrived around 1:30pm and parked in the parking garage which is very safe and easy to access. We then checked our baggage in and proceeded to terminal. There was little line and we went thru security in a matter of a few minutes and then proceeded to our check in. They have really come far on this as before it took forever. They check you in by decks now so the line is very short. We went right over to the counter for our deck which was 8. The check in process was very well done and we were handed our sea passes and proceeded to boarding. We got our picture taken and then got on board. The boat was very clean and the crew very helpful. They immediately came over and directed us to the children's program booth where our two boys age 4 and 6 got their muster station bands and papers on what activities were offered. We decided to go eat some lunch in the Windjammer which was pretty good for buffet style. After that we walked around the ship and got ourselves familiar with the areas. The muster drill was not bad this time as our muster station required us to sit in lounge. Dinner that night was great. We had the early seating and no other guests at our table. The wait staff was great with the kids and dinner moved quickly for us instead of the usual hour and half or more. We took the kids to the children's program and headed to the casino where of course we lost. Next day was Cococay but was cancelled due to all of the rain so headed to Nassau. Went to Atlantis on Sunday and the kids as well as us enjoyed it. Overall I think it was a great experience and we had a great time. The only negative was the stateroom. Pretty tight for 4 people and you feel like you are closed in with the beads over your head. Also, they need to do something about the shower curtain as it is very friendly. Definitely will go again for the weekend as it was well worth it. Read Less
Sail Date January 2004
The cruise was great... Uneventful in a good way... Friday: Arrived at the ship by 2:50 and were in our cabin around 3:30. After we unpacked it was time for the 4 pm Muster drill. After 8 or so cruises, this was the fastest drill I have ... Read More
The cruise was great... Uneventful in a good way... Friday: Arrived at the ship by 2:50 and were in our cabin around 3:30. After we unpacked it was time for the 4 pm Muster drill. After 8 or so cruises, this was the fastest drill I have ever experienced! :-) We missed the lunch on the lido deck, but the pizzeria and deli were open (24 hour pizzeria), so we were able to grab some food after the drill. The pizza is quite good (you can also get bread sticks and Caesar salad at the pizzeria), and the sandwiches at the deli were great. Additionally, there is a bar right next to the pizzeria & deli on the lido deck, so everything was quite convenient. We had late seating... so we ate dinner at 8:30. On Friday night we were seated at table 104 - it was an 8-person table by the windows. Our tablemates were a family of five - consisting of three young (and sometimes obnoxious) boys. Additionally, the headwaiter and his assistant were cold & had no personality. We had to ask for ice tea and coffee three times before receiving it. That evening's dinner was alright - I had the lobster, which was a bit tough and difficult to cut. My friend had the prime rib and she said it was tough as well. The appetizers and desserts were wonderful, however. On Saturday we arrived in the Bahamas around 7:30. The weather was cool and breezy... The shopping district is within walking distance of the boat - there are lots of stores and all kinds of goodies, such as jewelry, liquor, perfume, etc... The odd thing about this port is that the people in the stores did not bargain with you - if you saw a price on a piece of jewelry, then that's what the price was. Additionally, many of the people really had attitudes here! I even heard one saleslady complaining loudly about Americans - while a bunch of us were in her store! So we all just walked out... I wish I would have gone to Senor Frog's and to the Atlantis - but I just ran out of energy. All in all we had a nice time walking around there and enjoyed ourselves. Saturday was the formal night... The dinner this evening was the best - we all had the "Delice of the Ocean" - which consisted of scallops and shrimp. The appetizers, dinner and dessert were all excellent that night! Oh, and I almost failed to mention... I think one of the reasons dinner was so good was based on the fact that I asked for a new table. We lucked out and received table 139 - a booth that we soon realized we were to have all by ourselves!! Both waiters were wonderful (and quite funny)... Sunday was the day at sea... There were so many activities planned that I was unable to attend all of the things that interested me! It was cool out again and a bit cloudy - so laying out on deck was out of the question. It was a fun and relaxing day... Monday's debarkation went quite well - probably one of the best yet for me! After ordering room service for breakfast, we took our time getting ready and waited on the Promenade deck by the casino until our color was called. We didn't leave our cabin until 9 am or so, so we only had to wait on the Promenade for about an hour. All in all we had a very nice trip - nothing went wrong and the staff were all wonderful (except our two original waiters, but I'll cut them some slack here). The ship looked great and was always clean. As a side note, we had a Cat. 11 suite on the Upper deck... I think I am hooked on having a cabin mid-ship! We never felt the ship dock nor was it ever rocky! Happy sailings!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2003
We weren't sure if we would like cruising! Decided to try the four night cruise. We only cruised once before, 25 years ago! Decided to visit Miami Area a day earlier. RCCL recommended the Wyndham Grand Bay,Coconut Grove. Lovely ... Read More
We weren't sure if we would like cruising! Decided to try the four night cruise. We only cruised once before, 25 years ago! Decided to visit Miami Area a day earlier. RCCL recommended the Wyndham Grand Bay,Coconut Grove. Lovely accommodations and service was superb. Walked to CocoWalk and had dinner. Following morning we were taken to Port of Miami to board the Majesty of the Seas. Embarkation: Miami: We arrived at the Port around 12 noon. The whole process went very fast. Able to place our carry on belongings in our Junior Suite by 12:30 pm. Off we went to the Windjammer Cafe' for lunch. After lunch we stopped by our cabin to freshen up and to our surprise the rest of our luggage was there! Our next stop was to explore the ship before leaving port. Ship: Even though the Majesty of the Seas was 11 years old, we felt it was kept in pretty good condition. The public rooms were clean and always neat. Read in previous reviews that there was an odor throughout the ship. We never smelled any offensive odors while on our cruise! Cabin: Junior Suite is the way to travel. Spacious room and bathroom with tub. And the balcony is delightful! Our cabin steward was there to greet us when we first went to the cabin. He was always on top of everything and kept the cabin immaculate. Unfortunately, we do not remember his name. Dining: We chose the Early Seating for Dinner. Our table was a table for 4. During the four nights, we only saw the young newly married couple two times. Unfortunately, the young woman was not feeling well. The service at our table was very good. Our Assistant Waiter, Tracy was marvelous. She catered to our every whim. We can't understand why a passenger would complain about the food. We felt it was pretty good. And the steaks were delicious! I must have had steak at least three of the nights. Chose to eat breakfast and lunch in the Dining Room rather that the Windjammer Cafe'. Entertainment:Saw one evening show and the Comedy Show. Both were good. Comedy Show kept us laughing. Ports of Call: Attending the shopping seminar which was very enlightening! Even won $100 prize! Bahamas: Did not take a tour, but walked throughout the town and visited the many shops. We didn't think the weather was all that bad. Had a rain shower that lasted maybe 20 minutes or so, then the sun came out. Returned to the ship to enjoy lunch. Then grabbed a taxi, with other passengers, and ventured over to the Atlantis. Very impressive but very expensive. Tried our luck at the casino and even won!!!! Coco Cay: Tendered to the private island. Lovely place. Enjoyed just walking on the beach and swimming. Beautiful weather and the BBQ great! Key West: Unfortunately, we were unable to enter Key West. The day was beautiful, sunny and warm but there were high winds. So we stayed at sea for the day. We were disappointed, since we had never visited Key West before. Kept busy on the ship. There are so many things to do. Disembarkation: Miami: Friday came so quick. Here we are back in Miami. Everything was very organized leaving the ship and getting to our destination. We were so very pleased with the cruise, we booked a cruise for October 2004 on the Navigator of the Seas. We were surprised to read the poor review from Scott. We didn't experience any of his situations. Accept for not being able to visit Key West due to the winds, which is understandable. Read Less
Sail Date October 2003
We booked on line at the last minute. We got a great deal and everything was very smoothly. RCCI has a user friendly, information packed web site! Since this was September and prime hurricane season, as the weather forecasters projected ... Read More
We booked on line at the last minute. We got a great deal and everything was very smoothly. RCCI has a user friendly, information packed web site! Since this was September and prime hurricane season, as the weather forecasters projected Isabel was going to move right through our path, I was very sorry we did not buy the trip insurance. Fortunately we didn't need it. We did purchase almost every over-the-counter anti-seasickness medication we could find and they worked! I wasn't nauseous once. There was only one night when I thought the ship was moving (that was also the night I had the most to drink - hmm coincidence?) Flight, Embarkation and Sail Away We flew from the NY area to Miami with no problems. We arrived at about 9 am and decided to have an "adventure". Instead of paying $22 per person for RCI's transportation to the ship, we opted to pay $0.50 and take the local public bus. It would have been OK, if the driver fulfilled his promise to tell us where to get off. (You should get off by the Justice Complex and walk to the "tourist" shuttle mini bus which takes you to the pier for another $1.) He didn't tell us and we had to walk 3 blocks in the heat with all of our stuff. The adventure continued because the shuttle driver was new and she dropped us off at the business office, not at the ship. We could have waited about a half hour for the next shuttle but we were in a hurry & charged with anticipation now that we'd seen our ship to get there so we walked again, through a serpentine course under the Key Biscayne Bridge. Thank heavens we had luggage with wheels! The stevedores were great - they walked an extra ½ block to relieve us of our stuff when they saw us coming. Boy did they get a big tip from us. We had to wait several minutes in the embarkation area because we were very early and they weren't ready to board yet. It really wasn't a problem; the air conditioning felt so wonderful after our trek. Many of our fellow passengers didn't follow directions or have their documents ready. We did, so we moved quickly and smoothly through the lines. Tip: fill everything out on-line, rip it out of the book they mail you and have it in your hands. Inside the terminal there were cookies and lemonade while you were waiting. We were thrilled - we were parched and hungry after our unexpected walk. We ended up being about the 3rd or 4th people on the ship who weren't members of the crown and anchor society, RCI's frequent cruiser program. Walking around on deck having the whole ship to ourselves was phenomenal. We took some wonderful pictures of Miami and enjoyed some silence before the Sail Away festivities began. As we unpacked and settled in, I realized I had forgotten some things. We actually disembarked and walked back into town. There's an open air mall and some other downtown shops about 1 mile away from the pier. Taxis are available; we took one back for about $5 b/c it was just too humid. Getting back on board was a breeze because we had our sea passes and could skip most of the lines. Muster was more organized and less scary than I anticipated. I just didn't want to think about the possibility that the ship would sink. The crew simply explained that unlike an airplane crash, it is possible to survive a disaster at sea. All you have to do is put on your life jacket and follow directions. We did meet a couple at muster on their 26th cruise. They were our age too. Ahhh, something to aspire to. The Sail Away party was a bit hokey for my tastes. I do not like public participation activities, but the mood was festive, the weather spectacular and the vacation had begun. Be aware that you are being video taped and may be subjected to watching yourself on a big screen the last night. Your fellow passengers can also buy a copy of this tape for their future viewing pleasure. We tipped our bartender, Clifton, at the aft bar $10 when we got our first round. He remembered our names and favorite drinks for the rest of the trip! The aft bar on the pool deck is nothing to look at; you can't sit there but it is much less crowded than the congested main bar near the Windjammer Cafe and the service is faster than waiting for a waiter. Cabin As this was our first cruise we opted for the ocean view room and enjoyed our partially obstructed view. The obstruction was that we could see the bottoms of the life rafts. Big deal. The cabin was small but well designed and actually bigger than expected. The bed was comfortable and there was enough storage space for everything, if you slide your suitcase under the bed. The temperature on board was always perfect - not too hot and not too cold. This amazed both of us. (He's always hot & I'm always cold.) The bathroom was very tiny and I still wonder how larger passengers fit in the shower. If you are looking for "fun in the shower" with your cabin mate - give that idea up now. There's not enough room to change your own mind in there. We were on deck 8 which was convenient to everything. We managed to keep the inevitable weight gain to a modest 5 lbs by always taking the stairs but there never seemed to be much of a wait for elevators except when departing or returning from excursions. Even then, if you walked down a hall to a different bank it was OK. We didn't spend much time awake in the cabin so I doubt that I would ever opt for something larger unless I was traveling with more people; I could not imagine having more that 2 people in there. I was glad we brought a clothes steamer to get out some wrinkles. Bobby sent his tuxedo shirt out for pressing; that bill was $2. My favorite was the towel animals the cabin steward made every night. I loved coming back to see what surprise awaited us. Somehow the origami style towel animals were always wearing my sunglasses. Dining We opted for the late dinner seating so as not to miss the sunsets and to avoid passengers with children. Sean our waiter was marvelous and Wilma, the head waitress, was one of the most vivacious people ever. We were at a table for 6 but one couple never showed up. Our table mates worked in the travel industry for an airline and were lovely dinner companions. On the last day while we were in a bar in Key West, a couple from the table for 6 next to us came over asked if we could sit on the other side of our long table closer to them, so they could have someone to talk to. We had previously kept "social" space between our table and theirs. They had observed us having so much fun; ironically we had commented that their table never talked or smiled. It turned out these 20 something high school sweethearts had been stranded at a table with one couple who only spoke German and another couple who was seasick. The last night we moved to the other side of our table to sit with our new friends. Wilma asked about the change. When we explained, she demanded - in her thick eastern European accent - that we all get up so we obeyed, raised our glasses and sat back. She pushed the tables together to make one big party. Even the two other previously dowdy couples seemed to loosen up. The food was good. It wasn't fantastic but it was enjoyable. One night when nothing on the menu appealed to me, our waiter Sean suggested I order the same thing I'd enjoyed the night before as they still had a few steaks left. He explained that chef will make you something to order if the ingredients are available. We primarily ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer Cafe. Breakfast buffets are all pretty much alike but everything was hearty and usually hot (a nice surprise). The lines were never too long. If you wanted something lighter, there was always plenty of fresh fruit available. I usually grabbed a piece for later by the pool. We did eat in the dining room one morning because that was the only place to get eggs benedict. We were seated with a group of Asian tourists who did not speak English. The service in the dining room for breakfast slow and, surprisingly, the portions were small. We did not return to formal breakfast. The best pre-cruise tip we found was the suggestion to bring a large, insulated mug on board. We'd fill it with water or another included beverage from the fountains and sip that by the pool. It was much cheaper than paying $3.50 per bottle for the Evian the cruise seemed to be hawking at every opportunity. The water from the fountains is safe to drink; I do not know if you can drink the water from the sink in your cabin but I would be more safe than sorry and not brave it. The poolside midnight buffet was served on formal night. Disappointingly, our fellow passengers changed into shorts for the event. We opted to stay dressed. As we walked onto the deck, some woman grabbed Bobby & pulled him into the conga line saying she couldn't resist a man in a tuxedo. He was happy to go around the deck once and I was in search of chocolate so it worked out for everyone. The other midnight buffet was spectacular to look at. It was hard to believe that everything, including the flowers, was made out of food. We walked though at about 11 pm for the preview and took some pictures. When we came back at 11:45 to eat, the wait was over one hour to get in. Food simply did not interest me that much because we had barely finished dinner; Bobby was hungry so we had a mediocre pizza in the sports bar instead. Entertainment We loved the Viking Crown Lounge, RCI's signature 360 degree bar around the smokestacks. The panoramic view is breathtaking. We went up there the first night before dinner to have a quiet glass of champagne and unwind. We met a waitress named Sylvia who was marvelous. She wasn't very busy so she took the time to talk to us and tell us more about the ship. She explained that the crew had been a bit nervous about Hurricane Isabel but that we would have gone to Mexico if she came to the Bahamas. She also confirmed that RCI has a deal with the Weather Channel to track storms. Sylvia introduced us to an on-board entertainer who was enjoying his day off. We engaged in a pleasant conversation with him and later saw his wonderful acrobatic show. The comedienne who followed him was funny. We only went to the casino once. It always seemed bustling with activity. We played a few slots and went to the champagne bar afterwards. The library and game room were well stocked and comfortable. The board games were often checked out early. The rock climbing wall defeated me early on but Bobby climbed it a few times. Each face is a different degree of difficulty. He swears the view from 15 stories above the ocean enhanced by your sense of personal accomplishment is not to be missed. I'll take his word for it. Every day you are given a Compass and itinerary. Bring a highlighter to note what you would like to do. There are so many choices everyday. On the second day the ship experienced some sort of problem with one of the pools. The nature of the problem was never explained to the passengers. It remained drained for the duration of the cruise. Thus, if you wanted to get wet, the other pool was crowded. I was a bit concerned about the lack of lifeguards, especially since there were little kids and people who had been drinking. The Captain's Event was kind of boring, but you do get free champagne or Bahama mamas. The house champagne was drinkable. It was also a fabulous place to people watch; I enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up. It was also much less of a hard-sell commercial than I thought it was going to be. The Captain told some jokes and explained the difference between a ship and a boat. (Ships have captains and boats have frustrated husbands.) Exiting the event, we found a photographer set up. One other couple was ahead of us and a passerby took our picture with our camera too. We ended up buying the photograph because it actually came out well. (Anybody who knows me, knows I hate having my picture taken, so this was an accomplishment). Upstairs in the main atrium people were waiting on line for 45 minutes to have their pictures taken. The on-board shopping offered better bargains than I thought we'd find. The duty free shops were competitively priced with land based stores, but there were no real bargains. They do gouge you on necessities, so pack your toiletry bag carefully. Excursions In Nassau we left the ship without any wait and walked around the main section of town. We bought some trinkets and other souvenirs. We had both been to the Bahamas before and neither of us liked it. It was much cleaner and less seedy than it had been in '91, the last time I was there. You can take public transportation or a taxi to Paradise Island or other public beaches on Grand Bahama. Both are much better values than booking the same trips through the cruise line. We did enjoy watching the crew practice the life boat drill. Coco Cay, RCI's private island, was cute. It had a Disney-esque quality. Everything was just a little too "perfect" and contrived but it was a nice day at the beach. About the only time we waited for anything during the whole cruise was to get on and off the tenders to and from the island. The hammocks on the island were comfortable. I wish the waiters selling "coco loco in the sun" had on-off switches. After about 15 minutes of that mantra from every direction it gets old, fast. A menu similar to the lunch buffet aboard ship was available on the island, along with huge containers of fresh, potable water. Again, armed with our trusty insulated mugs there was no need to purchase water. The snorkeling was OK. RCI sunk a boat & a plane for you to go "find". They give you a map and other swimmers tend to congregate by these wrecks. Various life guards throw fish food into the water to cause the fish to swarm around you. In that frenzy one fish bit a mole off some guy's back. It was fairly disconcerting to see him bleeding but he thought it was funny. The current was strong and rough because of Hurricane Isabel so for safety reasons they closed the deep snorkeling reef. Although we brought our own equipment, I was very impressed with the quality and frequency of the safety lectures and the sterilization procedures. Key West was eye opening. The natives are incredibly liberal and welcome all sorts of alternative lifestyles. Watch out for all the people who rented golf carts to get around & can't drive them well. The town was a bit disappointed; they had been expecting the arrival of an Aircraft Carrier and 5,000 sailors but due to the hurricane the carrier was re-routed to Norfolk, VA to provide disaster relief. They were also waiting for a Harley Motorcycle Event to roll into town. What a combination. There is no ban on public nudity in Key West as long as you are wearing body paint. We were there in the morning and afternoon so things were fairly calm. I do not think I would bring impressionable kids through many parts of town after a certain hour. We had a drink at the Hogs' Breath Saloon because, well, you have to. We also went to Irish Kevin's - where as the sign said, "we came, we drank, we don't remember." Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville looked like it would have been fun but we were short on time. The tour of the Summer White House was educational. As you walk there from the pier, about 3-5 blocks, take a look at the lush and unique foliage. The highlight of our trip was parasailing with Sebago on Williams Street. Through the cruise you could purchase parasailing excursions at every port. They were charging about $60 pp for a ½ hour boat ride and a 6 minute sail. We paid $75 for 2 people to go on 5 minute boat ride and a ½ hour parasail. Sebago is a member of the Key West Chamber of Commerce. They are fully insured and take safety very seriously. For an extra $10 they will also take digital pictures of you sailing and give you the disk to print out when you get home. There's an Internet Cafe on the pier right there, with cheaper computer access fees, if, like us, you didn't bring a lap top but can't wait to see yourself flying through the air. Sebago also made a point of sailing us past the Majesty twice for a birds' eye view of the ship. The worst thing was a handful of inconsiderate people had to be called to go through customs repeatedly. Nobody could disembark until these slackers finally showed up. Being called once because you overslept is one thing but making 2,500 people wait because you couldn't be bothered was something else all together. I realize the cruise line has no control over this but it's worth mentioning that sometimes you will be inconvenienced by others. Disembarking We forgot that our stuff had to be outside the room the last night. As the porter was coming down the hall we were inside furiously packing. He graciously waited, well actually walked back down the hall to get our stuff. The next morning, we had a leisurely breakfast and disembarked with one of the last groups because our flight home was purposely scheduled for evening. Customs was very quick but we had to wait a few minutes for the luggage. It would have been nice if there had been more places to sit while we waited As first time cruisers we weren't sure what to do with our luggage all day. We decided to rent a car to explore Miami and lock our stuff in the trunk. Where else could you put all that stuff for $29 and know it was safe? We took the Avis courtesy shuttle back to airport. The driver told us that if we ever cruise again, Avis will drive us to the port for free too if we are renting a car on the way back. She also said that most of the rental car companies will let "club members" use the shuttles even if they aren't renting on that particular trip. We picked up our rental and the agent went over the map with us. Florida is pretty easy to navigate. We headed south on Route 1 to Coral Castle. It's this huge place all hand carved out of coral by one guy in the 1920s and 30s. It has a sun dial that is still accurate. There's a 9 ton door you can move with one finger and the furniture is surprisingly comfortable. Some people say the place has mystical qualities. I don't know about that but I thought $20 pp for an attraction you can see in about 20 minutes was a bit pricey. After the Castle we drove north to the Miami zoo and learned the hard way why Floridians don't go to the zoo on 90 degree days with 100% humidity. We had the place to ourselves and were able to listen in on some private zoo keeper tours. It was fairly easy to see all the animals. Every few feet there were misters to cool you, so all in all it was fun. I enjoyed seeing the two baby giraffes who were both under 7 feet tall. Back at the airport, we were told our flight home was delayed. Isabel had reeked havoc with the airports along the Northeast Corridor and the airlines were still playing catch up. We were happy to be stranded on that end rather than at home anxious to come down. Instead of grabbing a quick bite, we settled in for a more relaxed meal and had a few more cocktails to wind down our vacation. Conclusion This was truly one of the best vacations ever! There was always something or nothing to do. The best part was it changed everyday and you did not have to plan any of it. You could just let it happen. Despite my generally skeptical nature, by the time I got off the Majesty I was a Crown and Anchor member & had an application for their credit card in my hands. Read Less
Sail Date September 2003
My wife and I decided to take a cruise for the very first time last August to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Having never cruised before, we spent a lot of time in researching all of the different cruise lines and of course monitoring the ... Read More
My wife and I decided to take a cruise for the very first time last August to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Having never cruised before, we spent a lot of time in researching all of the different cruise lines and of course monitoring the reviews on Cruise Critic. We decided to book a four day-three night trip to the Bahamas on RC's Majesty of the Seas. Since we'd never been before, we thought this was the perfect length to get a feel for all that cruising has to offer. Boy, were we wrong! The time went way too fast and by the time it was over we were already wishing we had gone for a week! We embarked out of Miami. I read many reviews that recommended getting to Miami the night before but we decided to catch an early flight (6:00 am) that Friday morning. No problems at all. We were in the Miami airport by 10:30 and quickly found the RC bus that transports you to the port. Because of reading this great web site, we knew that we could board the ship early so that's what we did. We arrived at the ship by 11:30 and encountered no problems at all! We took everyone's advice and completed the forms on line so that they were ready when we arrived. Check in was a breeze. After getting our boarding pics taken, we boarded and were immediately greeted by some of the outstanding staff on the Majesty. Customer service is the one thing that stood out the most on this ship. Every where we turned was a smiling face eager to accommodate our every need. We went straight to our room after enjoying the lunch buffet in the Windjammer. The food was terrific! Many choices and all very tasty. Since this was our first cruise and our anniversary, we decided to go all out and get a room with a balcony. Many of our friends who had cruised before told us we were crazy to spend so much money on a room that we would never be in. My wife and I TOTALLY disagree and would get the balcony room again in a minute! It was very spacious and clean. The balcony provided great opportunities for us to unwind and just stare out at the ocean. It also provided us a chance to view Miami and the Bahamas as we pulled in and also when we left. The food on the ship was outstanding at every meal. We had the second dinner seating(8:30)which worked well for us since there was so much to do we didn't want to be hurried at night to get ready to eat. Since it's been five months now, I don't recall every item but I will tell you that the Salmon and Prime Rib were great. Our dinners and entire trip were made so much better because of the outstanding personality and service provided by our waiter, Antonio. He is a very special person and a true asset to RC and the Majesty. His amazing smile and commitment to service totally enhanced our vacation! Our only disappointment with the cruise was the stop in Nassau. I don't really understand why anyone would want to go there. The townsfolk are very intimidating and pushy when it comes to selling their goods. We found that the jewelry and liquor prices on the Majesty were better than in Nassau. We did take a boat ride to Paradise Island which was very nice. It is a huge hotel with an awesome aquarium inside. Other than that we didn't see much need to stay in Nassau and spent the rest of the day poolside on the Majesty. Sunday was the best day by far. That's because it was spent in Coco Cay. Everything you read on Cruise Critic about Coco Cay is true. It truly feels like you have been lost on a paradise island. The ship pulls up by the island in the middle of the ocean and tenders you back and forth. On the island, we enjoyed the warm ocean, great sandy beaches, and a terrific lunch provided by RC. We recommend renting a raft and just floating around in the ocean. The time went by so fast that we had to be told that it was 5:00 and our last opportunity to head back to the ship. We thought about it for a second about staying there the rest of our lives, it was that nice! I apologize for the length of this review but we were so impressed with the entire cruise that we wanted to make sure any first time cruisers out there would gain some valuable information. We would and will use RC again, especially the Majesty! We met terrific people like Antonio and made new friends from Fort Lauderdale. We can't wait to sail again! Dave dadeib@wm.edu Read Less
Sail Date August 2003
3-day Bahamas Sailing Embarkation: We arrived at the pier very early! So early that we were the first passengers to arrive and passengers from the previous sailing were still collecting their luggage. We took a 6:30 AM flight from JFK to ... Read More
3-day Bahamas Sailing Embarkation: We arrived at the pier very early! So early that we were the first passengers to arrive and passengers from the previous sailing were still collecting their luggage. We took a 6:30 AM flight from JFK to MIA and landed 30 minutes early in Miami. So we tried to take our time, but still ended up at the pier a little after 10 AM. Soon after, other people began filing in. At 11 AM we were aloud to go through the security checkpoint and began the check-in process. There was no line and I had all of our documents ready and we had our sea pass card/room key in 5 minutes. We then had to wait in another line next to the escalator to board the ship until 11:30. We were on board by 11:35 after having our pictures taken and headed straight to our cabin. The Cabin: We were on the Tween Deck (6) Cabin 6074 and it was the smallest cabin we have ever been in! It was in ok shape...stains on the carpet, one of the drawers was busted in the desk / vanity. The closet was pretty big and had wire shelves to put clothes away on. But we lived out of our suitcases as it was only going to be 3 nights. The bathroom was tiny and definitely showed its age. The sink had several cracks in it and there was rust along the door. We were so early on the ship that the cabin steward was not done cleaning up the rooms and our bathroom still showed signs of the previous passengers. So we put our stuff down and headed up to the Windjammer for Lunch. The Windjammer: The lunch buffet at the Windjammer was nothing special. They had a few hot selections and a few salads along with the carving station. It was a little disappointing after being on the Radiance and having so many lunch choices. Lunch was served from 11:30 AM till 2:00 PM and then from 2PM to 5 PM they offered a "snack" selection, which consisted of Hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, pasta, asst sandwiches, Bratwurst, and one day was tacos and another was fajitas. There was also Pizza and hot dogs available from 2PM till 3AM at the Mast Bar. The Ship: After lunch we walked around to check out the rest of the ship. We were on the Monarch last August and it is the same exact layout and even the same carpeting. Only difference was everything had a different name. The pool deck looked great and the bars were all opened trying to serve you a drink the second you got outside. There are a few outside activities such as basketball and shuffleboard. Inside, the Centrum looked great, very clean, but the brass could use a lot of polishing. A lot of the carpet looked brand new and everything was in great shape for the ships age. The show lounge was a great layout and the Schooner Bar looks like the others. The stores were full with merchandise! The only negative comments about the ship are that some of the elevators were not working and the elevators that were working were very slow. As a result, the elevator waiting areas were always mobbed with lazy people waiting to take the elevator. I say lazy because several people would get on and take it only 1 floor. I can see not walking from deck 2 to 12 but 5 to 6????? The other negative was that on decks 9, 10 & 11 in the elevator areas on both ends of the ship, it smelt like vomit. It was very strong the first day and when we were in Nassau there were professional carpet cleaners on the ship cleaning the carpet on all the decks. There were also fans on the carpet, but it still had a smell the whole weekend. Dining Room: We had early seating dinner in the Maytime Dining room. We went down to the dining room before dinner the first night to speak to the Maitre'd because my husband is severly lactose intolerant and we have had problems in the past of the ship not being able to meet his dietary needs. I had faxed a letter to RCCL 3 weeks prior to sailing explaining his dietary needs and requesting a table for 2 as it was our anniversary. We were at a table for 10 and had the Maitre'd switch it to a table for 2. I reiterated my husband's dietary needs and explained that it had been a problem on past cruises and that I would seek higher authority if he was not accommodated. He assured me it would not be a problem. The first night at dinner we met our waiter and assistant waiter. They were on the slow side as we found out the other 2 nights. We were always in the dining room promptly at 6 and it would take 15 + minutes before we would see the waiter to even get a menu and it would be almost a quarter to 7 before we would receive our appetizer. We thought that with a table for two that we would be in and out quickly. Then on the last night, our waiter actually had the nerve to tell us to give him an excellent review on our review form because he would get in trouble if it was not positive. Let me tell you, just for that comment, he got a fair rating. Otherwise, the food was ok, nothing spectacular, but a lot better then the buffet at the Windjammer! Ports of Call: Nassau - The weather was great both days and Claudette never affected us. It was in the 90's in Nassau and we pretty much stayed on the ship. We only got off in the afternoon and walked around for 30 minutes or so. It was just so hot that we headed back to the ship to the pool! We were in Nassau 2 years ago on the Century, and since then, there was a new terminal where there were little shops, the taxi drivers to take you anywhere, and a shore excursions area where you could purchase all sorts of excursions, just like the ones on the ship, just cheaper!!! Coco Cay - This is RCL's private island and it was great! We were off the ship by 9 am and the sun was already hot! It must have been close to 100. We brought our own snorkel gear, but they also made us rent a vest. So once we got the vests we were off into the water. The water was really clear and there were tons of fish and reefs! Along with some stingrays and barracudas! After snorkeling we dried off and each got a Coco loco! They were great! Then we walked around the island and checked everything else out. The water park looked like it was for little kids and the parasailing and jet skis looked awesome! There were also a few little shops to buy souvenirs and the hair braiders were there also! They also had a BBQ on the island for lunch (the Windjammer was closed as a result). There were ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, mac & cheese, backed beans, fruit salad and a few other salads. My advice to everyone is get there as soon as they unwrap everything because there were flies everywhere and if you didn't get the food once it was unwrapped, odds are a fly landed on it first! After lunch, we headed back to the ship to enjoy the empty pool and hot tubs! Disembarkation: This was the worst part of the trip. We were done with breakfast at 7:50 AM and we sat in the elevator area of deck 5 until 9:45 when we finally cleared customs. No announcements were made as to what was taking so long and there were people everywhere. When they finally started to announce the color tags everyone ran to the exit and they had a hard time of keeping people in line and everyone was cutting. But we were off the ship by 10 with our luggage and at Miami International Airport by 10:15. Overall: This was a great cruise for a long weekend, however, I don't think I would have been happy if I was on the ship for a 7 day cruise. I found most of the staff to have an "I don't care" attitude, because they knew we would all be off in a few days and there would be a new group of people. It is a great cruise for a first time cruise who wants to get a taste of what a cruise is like. But for someone whose first cruise was on a larger vessel, they will be extremely disappointed. As for the rock climbing wall, it was not up and didn't even look like they were preparing to put it up anytime soon. The ship does need a little work, but people do need to consider how old she is compared to other ships in the RCL fleet! I give this ship: 3 out of 5 stars for appearance 2 out of 5 stars for dining 3 out of 5 stars for staff 5 out of 5 stars for value I hope this review helps any people considering this cruise and please feel free to ask me any questions! hardingk@optonline.net July 2003 Read Less
Sail Date July 2003
We have been on three cruises, our first being on the RCCL's Majesty of the Seas which was in Sept of 2002, one with Costa Cruises, and the third also with RCCL on Explorer. The Majesty stands out in my mind not only because of it ... Read More
We have been on three cruises, our first being on the RCCL's Majesty of the Seas which was in Sept of 2002, one with Costa Cruises, and the third also with RCCL on Explorer. The Majesty stands out in my mind not only because of it being my first cruise ever but by the beauty of this smaller ship. It is one of Royal Caribbean's older ships but you would never know it by her appearance. She certainly lives up to her name. The ship is very clean and shiny. The staff goes out of their way to help you in every way. Each evening we were greeted by a different towel animal on our bed. Our room steward always put my husband's sunglasses on them to liven them up. We had an ocean-view cabin which was a bit tight, but most of our time in the cabin was spent only sleeping or changing. We brought a collapsible cooler that we kept water and pop in and our steward always made sure there was fresh ice in it. The meals in the dining room were outstanding, but the service could of been a little faster. We had the late seating and missed most of the after-dinner shows. The shows we did see however were outstanding. There was a comedian one of the nights that left us laughing as we left the theater. If you are a first time cruiser I highly suggest trying out RCCL's Majesty of of the Seas. I personally like the smaller ships because you don't feel like you're a small fish in a giant fish bowl. Everything is easy access and there are plenty of activities on board from gambling in the casino, to belly flop contests at the pool. And the midnight buffet is to die for with Caribbean music and dancing the night away up by pool side finished by relaxing under the Caribbean starlit sky. I will definitely cruise on the Majesty again in the future. Read Less
Sail Date September 2002
Very friendly, helpful with special dietary needs, Good variety of activities. the last day they provided a tour of Miami and ride to airport. it was an interesting experience and they took care of our luggage and got us to the airport. It ... Read More
Very friendly, helpful with special dietary needs, Good variety of activities. the last day they provided a tour of Miami and ride to airport. it was an interesting experience and they took care of our luggage and got us to the airport. It was nice not to have to carry our bags around and we got in an extra activity which was tour our the art and history of Miami beach and a walking tour of Little Havana. The shore excursions were great. Nice variety A relaxing and fun vacation, staff fantastic, ship clean overall a top rate experience. Cabin was comfortable with plenty of storage and a wonderful balcony. Liked the walking deck where it was marked so you could walk a mile. There could have been more hot tubs. Also Sunday activities could have taken into consideration that some passengers may have wanted to attend mass or a church service. Overall it was wonderful and I plan to take another cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016

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