3 Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Romantic Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern from Miami

I chose Royal Caribbean because it was supposed to be the best, in every category. I've cruised before on 2 different Carnival cruises and they were awesome, so I wanted to go a "level up" to RC. I went with my boyfriend, ... Read More
I chose Royal Caribbean because it was supposed to be the best, in every category. I've cruised before on 2 different Carnival cruises and they were awesome, so I wanted to go a "level up" to RC. I went with my boyfriend, who had never cruised before. I can't eat dairy, so dining was difficult. Nothing is labeled, so you don't know if things contain milk, or are cooked with butter vs oil etc. The only person who knows how dishes are cooked is the chef on staff, which is not an easy/quick way to find out. The food overall tasted good but there were not many healthy options or dairy-free ones. No desserts were dairy free, unless requested a day ahead of time in the dining room. I didn't like that the themed restaurants were an extra fee. Cruises should be all-inclusive I.M.O. especially if you pay extra for alcohol etc. The entertainment onboard was not so great... the Carnival shows I remember were very good and packed at every show. We left after 5-10 min with every show we went to see. The one thing we were excited for was an outdoor movie on the deck that was cancelled without any notice or reason. The pools were also closed for a full "cruising" day for some reason. The staff was SO friendly and happy and willing to help with whatever you needed. Especially in the dining room. There was a couple bartenders who were NOT which was a bummer.. One thing I wish I knew, was that the end "port" wasn't a port, and you had to leave the boat by 10am. Not sure how people did excursions since you couldn't get back on the boat after to shower etc. before going to the airport. The busses take you straight to the airport and you don't go anywhere else. So really you only have the 2 ports to do stuff at. We stopped at St. Thomas & St. Maarten. In St. Thomas we took a ride to Magen's Bay which cost $20 each and $5 each to get in the beach. So $50 to be at the beach for 2 hours where you could do that on the boat and also eat/drink for free. We expected the beach to be a free thing.. maybe more info on the ports online would be good to add. St Maarten we took a water taxi to the beach ($7 each) and there just walked around and swam for a little and had a beer at a bar on the strip. Lots of beach vendors literally RUNNING after us to get us to rent chairs on the beach. Which is uncomfortable when you're in an unfamiliar place.. There was just a lot that wasn't explained ahead of time or available on the website, and the quality was a lot less than expected with such a highly rated line. It felt stressful to me. Like if you ate at a different place they would charge you, if you lost a towel or someone took it they charge $25, or if you got a coffee you might pay for it but wouldn't know until after.. and the excursions didn't seem worth the extra money either. I will probably just go to an all inclusive resort next time for peace of mind and easier traveling. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
This was my 12th RC Cruise.. I am very loyal to Royal and I am currently suffering from cruise depression. For the most part, I had a great time. Food and Entertainment were off the charts AMAZING for me. We loved the game shows, contests, ... Read More
This was my 12th RC Cruise.. I am very loyal to Royal and I am currently suffering from cruise depression. For the most part, I had a great time. Food and Entertainment were off the charts AMAZING for me. We loved the game shows, contests, etc, and all of the cruise staff was very friendly. They were super personable and got to know us on a first name basis (especially if you participate, they will be buddies with you). I also was highly impressed with the food this time. In the past, the food was just average for me, but this time, I think they really stepped up their game in both the Windjammer and Main Dining Room. They had a really good variety each day. I did have some issues getting on board the ship. Apparently, they either had some faulty cards that would not scan OR their printer was not working correctly (I never really got a clear answer) and I had to stand to the side right after we boarded the ship so they could print me a new card. I was there for around 15 minutes, while others scanned in and got on the ship, I just stood there waiting. My boyfriend's card, who was literally right in front of me, worked just fine. They never came, so the lady told me to go to guest services to get a new one. At guest services, they were concerned that I must have gotten onto the ship somehow without going through security (?) and didn't believe my story.. Finally, the girl that was supposed to come bring me a new card came back and said it should be fine.. but low and behold, it didn't work at the Windjammer bar. I had to go back down AGAIN and get a new one printed. That was kind of a bummer on the first day, but no more issues after that. Other thoughts.. The bar service was horrible. This cruise had maybe 4 dozen kids, so the bar staff probably was not prepared for that many adults at all times at every venue. There were some times we had to wait 20 minutes for a drink (Imperial Lounge, Blue Moon, and Boleros were the worst.) Main dining room bar service was horrible also. We would be finished with appetizers before our drinks ever came. Cabin cleanliness.. Well, our cabin was refurbished with fresh carpet and a new chair, but it wasn't very clean. The bathroom had dark hairs in the shower, and there was a wine cork under the toilet area that was there when we arrived and sat there for 3 days before we threw it away.. I also NEVER met my stateroom attendant. lol. They just never introduced themselves and I never saw him cleaning - although my boyfriend did meet him, I thought it was strange he never introduced himself to me. PLEASE GO TO ALL OF THE GAMESHOWS. They are hilarious and definitely worth attending each night. We did not do any excursions this time. In St. Thomas, we went to the Mountain Top which was absolutely incredible. I would love to go again. Also, I noticed moreso on this cruise that the crew was going out of their way to sell on the first few days. Drink packages, specialty dining, etc, and they would come up to you while you were just sitting down enjoying a drink or walking past like mall kiosks do. That was pretty annoying, but it definitely calmed down after the first day. All in all, we LOVED this ship and plan to go back in 6 months for the New England/ Canada itinerary!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
This was my and my wife's third cruise, all on different lines. That's now given us a good basis for comparison but it's also spoiled us a little bit, because every cruise has been amazing in its own way. Each line and ship ... Read More
This was my and my wife's third cruise, all on different lines. That's now given us a good basis for comparison but it's also spoiled us a little bit, because every cruise has been amazing in its own way. Each line and ship has its own strengths, and occasional weaknesses. We had a Grand Suite on this cruise, which is something I really recommend. For the most part we were able to show up and just walk onto the ship, with a quick stop at the check-in desk (but in the VIP line, which had no wait). The benefits of having a suite are more than we expected. Of course the room, bathroom and balcony are bigger, but the Suite Lounge turned out to be one of our favorite places on the ship, especially because they give unlimited free alcohol during happy hour. There's also a party for suite guests midway through the cruise that also has free booze. And we made pretty good use of the VIP seats in some of the venues too (though some aren't very good seats - in the Lyric Theater, they're in the balcony!). Disembarkation was the same - with the suite, we were able to just walk off the ship as soon as de-boarding started. (We did check our luggage but didn't have an airport transfer, so being in group 1, we were able to leave right away.) There was already a massive line for Customs when we got to the terminal, but we got the VIP line so sailed right past it. I mean, I'm not a big capitalist at heart, but you do get what you pay for with a Grand Suite on this ship! This was a positioning cruise so it was much cheaper - normally we wouldn't have been able to afford it. (Top tip: look for a positioning cruise!) The ship itself is big and nice to look at, with fairly traditional designs for most things that feel like they belong on a ship. The Sapphire Dining Room, for example, looks like something you might have seen on a golden era ocean liner. The one massive exception, which must have been a big innovation when the ship was built, is the "Royal Promenade" running down the middle of the ship. This looks really impressive when you first see it, until you realize it's basically just an indoor mall. That's it. There's not really any reason to go there unless you feel the need to buy a watch on a ship, or fill up your soda cup at one of the two soda machines. The other ships I've been on have had central atriums that serve the same purpose, but somehow they feel a little more "ship-like", and the bars and whatnot feel like real destinations in themselves. The Royal Promenade's bars and restaurants feel like eating or drinking at the mall, and we never ate or drank there after the first day. Another unique thing that stayed impressive for us is the ice rink, which I know now is a Royal Caribbean trademark. We went to the ice show twice - it was amazing to think you can see such a thing on a ship. It was beautiful, although as you can imagine there were a few moving-ship-related falls. I don't even know how they do some of those jumps or one-foot spinning moves while the ship is pitching and rolling. Speaking of food, we thought the dining room food was *really* good for the most part, and we ate there every night but one. They do repeat a lot of appetizers and desserts, but the main courses were mostly different every night, and I don't think I ate anything that I didn't force myself to finish, no matter how full I was. It was just too good to leave anything behind. I especially enjoyed the prime rib and New York strip steak. The Windjammer buffet is... well, it's a ship's buffet. It's exactly like the other buffets on the other ships we've been on. Some stuff is good, other stuff is "eh". The pizza was just bad. But at least you will never go hungry. Breakfast is a particular weak point, as it always seems to be in ship buffets. They did have one day for lunch when they set up about 10 different meat carving stations with different freshly carved meats, and that was neat. Always go for the freshly carved meat if you can - it's usually very good, and there's always at least one station set up. We were on a Valentine's Day cruise so they really pushed us at every opportunity to make reservations at a specialty restaurant. Giovanni's Table finally wore me down and I made one there when they actually called me in our room. But I didn't regret it - even though the dining room was good, Giovanni's Table was a noticeable step up, and I had seriously one of the best filet mignons I've ever had there. The service was also on another level, and of course the decor is like a real restaurant. This ship has two main pools - the regular pool and the Solarium, which is the better of the two (if you're an adult, as you have to be there). The regular pool area was constantly overcrowded, and even the VIP loungers were always fully taken. The Solarium was never quite as crowded, although it feels a little more quiet and enclosed. (But it's just on the other side of one door from the regular pool, so you can easily go back and forth.) I really missed the aft pool like the other ships we've taken have - the aft section of the pool deck on this ship is taken up by the Flowrider surf simulator and the waterslide. I know who they're trying to appeal to with these things, but I didn't see many people using them, and given how overcrowded the main pool is, I really think they should just install another pool and bar back there instead. The Lyric Theater hosted a couple of comedy shows, a couple of dance shows and a comedy/musical tribute show on our cruise, and we went to all of them once. The entertainers were all really good/funny, and the singing/dancing shows I thought were very professional. (My wife wasn't that impressed by the Latin dance show, but I was.) In terms of shore excursions, we booked the Magen's Bay Beach day at St. Thomas, and did our own thing in St. Maarten. I got the impression when booking that a lot of stuff still isn't really running in the Caribbean since the hurricanes (no zip-lining option, for example!), and St. Maarten, especially, is still just in a really bad state. This was our fourth visit so we wanted to see how some of our favorite places had held up, and a lot of them are basically destroyed. The whole of Grand Case and most of its restaurants is just a shell - though we had a great lunch at one of the LOLO's there, which are open. The Sonesta Maho Beach is totally gutted. Orient Bay Beach is basically gone - I mean there is nothing there, and even all the trees and beach bars are missing! It's very sad. RCI did have beach excursions set up that I heard were fine, but much of the island isn't. Still, they want tourists and need the money, so go! As for Magen's Bay and St. Thomas, it was in much better shape, though there was obvious hurricane damage throughout the island as well. Hopefully in a couple years, the region will have fully recovered. So check the date if you're reading this in the future. One thing - in addition to being a Valentine's Day cruise, this was also an anniversary cruise for my wife and me. I had ordered one of the room decor packages for our anniversary, and RCI somehow lost my order. Big problem! At 9PM that day, I went to the front desk, and they found my order but it had somehow not ever made it to room service. They straightened it out and we finally got the room decorated (plus our cake), and they were very apologetic about it. In the end, my wife was very surprised and happy. But this is actually the second time I've had this experience on different cruise lines - so if you've got a surprise planned, always check in advance to make sure it's going to happen. All in all, not much to really complain about other than that and the overcrowding at the main pool, and maybe a few minor things about the way RCI designs its ships. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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