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This was my first cruise. I was really looking forward for this as other members of my family, including my wife had gone on cruises previously and were really happy with them from all aspects. However, I must say that I ended up as ... Read More
This was my first cruise. I was really looking forward for this as other members of my family, including my wife had gone on cruises previously and were really happy with them from all aspects. However, I must say that I ended up as disappointed with this cruise as much as I was looking forward for it before! First of all, before going any further in my review, I have to tell you that the main reason I was looking so forward to the cruise was food. I love food and had been advised previously that on cruises you get the highest quality food and in abundance! As soon as we got onto the ship we went for the lunch (mid-day) buffet and I was already disappointed. There were 4 or more different kinds of pizza - but which tasted all the same and all had the same ingredients. There was also carvery which usually tastes quite good, but this tasted like the frozen meat you boil to make broth. No drinks were free, except for two small, out of the way, ice dispensers which incidentally dispensed water too. However, you need to hike from your table to reach the dispenser, and usually the nearer one was switched off so you had to walk to the second dispenser. Anyhow, I said to myself that probably this was a bit bland because it was just a mid-day snack and reassured myself that dinner would be fantastic and I could order two juice medium-rare steaks to make up for that. Alas, dinner time came and was so shocked when I looked at the menu. NO STEAK! Blimey! The menu was in a number of languages, so I looked in the English section, Italian Section and French section to figure out if there was anything that looked like steak. The nearest to steak I found was in the English section, in the "Always Available" menu. This was a "paillard of beef" or so it was written if I recall correctly. So I asked the waiter if it was a beef steak. Getting a blank look I asked if it was a "bistecca di manzo" (same thing in Italian) - to which the waiter eagerly nodded. Well... so that's what I ordered. Guess what I got? I got a tasteless piece of dried up cube roll cooked without any gravy over which I spent around fifteen minutes munching. It seemed to grow bigger in my mouth the more I chewed on it! Besides being tasteless, it was so small that I remained as hungry as I had been before I started eating. So I went through the menu again and saw that they had chicken breast. I ordered that too. It looked nice, but again, although it was not as dry as the previous cube roll it was as tasteless! The food cans I get for my dog will probably taste better. So that was day 1. By the way, between the mid-day buffet and dinner there was a tea-break - but I'm not even going to bother about that. Basically all you have is a few colourful trifles and some jellies if I recall correctly. There wasn't even any ice cream! Second day the food wasn't that bad and on the same day or the third one we had a Gala night. The food was much better this time, but funnily enough it was a one off. We had steak on that day and it was good - but only lasted as far as it went as the rest of the days we had bland food again (although not as disastrous as that on the first day). Portions were pretty small and presentation was greatly lacking. Drinks had to be bought, including water. Nothing free. One particular day we also had a midnight food display and buffet. There was octopus (one of my favourites) so I got some for me amongst other stuff. As soon as I tried to pick up the first bit, the rest came up with it stuck with fatty sludge - same thing that happens when you cook octopus/meat in stew or gravy and leave it overnight in the fridge! So I had to leave it there against all I wished for! Another thing to mention is that you can barely communicate with the waiters as they hardly speak any English and only little Italian. However, what really got on my nerves was that the waiters just literally threw the cutlery on the table instead of placing it nicely. I know, you're still going to do the same job with a fork whether it's put nicely or not, but when you pay so much money you would expect at least a certain level of cordiality. What got on my nerves even further was the fact that the waiters differed between tables, and treated certain tables better than others. Please note that this is an Italian ship, and Italians are known for their exquisite cuisine! I must say that this ship did anything but give a good image of the Italian cuisine! -------------------------- So anyway, besides the biggest food disappointment I could have ever expected, there was other stuff on the ship. The rooms were OK, quite clean, and they used to be done around 3 times daily I think. The bathroom was clean although the toilet was a bit uncomfortable to sit on, small diameter and a bit too high above the floor - and might make your feet go numb if you are one of those persons who sit on it for a lengthy period! Air conditioning was great - kept temperatures quite cool (although you can set it to a higher temperature if you feel cold). The pools were OK. There were 2 pools in the main area and another one in a secluded area that didn't allow children. The jacuzzis were nice too except for the fact that people were at time a tad too rude and took up all the space or pushed you over. Entertainment was OK but in my opinion a bit childish. Another thing was that we had a cocktail night, where we had 1 hour free cocktails in the lounges. Although there was only one type of cocktails (or so it seemed) they were quite sly in reducing the amount of free alcohol distributed. The machines could dispense alcohol as per their timer. However the timer was set around 10 or 15 minutes fast, so whilst the period should have been 18:30 to 19:30 (if I recall the times correctly), in actual fact it was 18:15 to 19:15. So by the time people start gathering at the lounges, which would be around 18:45, the free cocktail period would already be half way through, and in fact when I asked for a cocktail at 19:20 my request was rejected. Notwithstanding that, the trays were arrayed with 25% cocktails and the other 75% juices or whatever they were. That wasn't a very honest gesture was it? It would have been better if they had not done the "happy hour" at all rather than take us for a ride the way they did! -------------------------- We only took 2 excursions, the one going to Rome and the one going to Portofino. The visit to Rome was accompanied by a guide whose English was hopeless. I was on the verge of asking her to speak in Italian. Otherwise, the visit was nice. The one to Portofino was sort of OK. The drive was pretty boring and the guide (although her English was comprehensible) didn't have anything better to say other than "look at the nice valley" or "this is the pencil shaped building" or "this street has old houses on one side and new houses on the opposite side". I felt as if I was was in a pre-grade class with children trying to make up coherent sentences. Anyway, humour apart, the destination itself was nice (but very expensive) and besides the picturesque views not much to do except have an expensive ice cream (which tasted really good by the way) and wait for the time to return back. -------------------------- The price... one of the most important determining factors! My wife and I travelled alone, although we were part of a group of 15 people. However we booked one room alone. However, families with children under 18 do not pay for the latter. So what does this mean? It means that my wife and I, or a family of 4 with the children under 18 would pay the same price. This means that some lack of service would be acceptable for a family of 4 paying the price of 2. However, people like my wife and myself would not find that worth it as they're paying the full price and getting a lousy package. You don't get the towels in animal shapes on your bed spread, or the chocolates when the rooms are done like you get on other cruise liners. I know you can still live without these things, but especially if you're paying full price and if you've already been on other cruise liners where you experience these things you'll feel neglected. Mind you, as I said in the beginning this was my first cruise, but I was well prepared by my wife and family and had high expectations which where totally let down on day one of this cruise. Overall I would never go on a cruise with MSC again and would not recommend it to anyone, except maybe if you have kids under 18 and would get 4 for the price of 2! However, as long as I'm going to pay full price, I will go on an American cruise liner such as Carnival, Holland America and the sort. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Please note Marmaris is not a destination port on this web page. This Cruise was a catalogue of failures from start to finish that put passenger lives at risk. It made Faulty Towers a 5 star establishment. Our 2 major highlights of the ... Read More
Please note Marmaris is not a destination port on this web page. This Cruise was a catalogue of failures from start to finish that put passenger lives at risk. It made Faulty Towers a 5 star establishment. Our 2 major highlights of the trip were leaving the ship and arriving on UK soil were Thomson had no further part in our travel arrangements and could put my family at any further risk. Below are the failures: 1)Engine failure - meant 2 days in Marmaris port. We also had an unplanned overnight stop in Istanbul, although not confirmed, passengers believe it was part of the engine failure problems. 2)The best port calls were cancelled at short notice. 3)Loss of air conditioning with outside temperatures of 35C + 4)Flooding toilets 5)Power cuts. This scared us as the ship appeared to drift at sea with no control when they happened. 6)Thomson bus drivers on both the 2 hour airport transfers talked on their mobile phones whilst driving. We also watched the Thomson bus drivers talk on their mobile phones whilst driving on the excursions we did. How can Thomson say that they take passenger safety very seriously when they allow their bus drivers to talk on mobile phones! What a joke ! 7) None of the staff\crew are permanent Thomson employees and they all follow very rigid processes. They cannot make decisions outside their processes. In times of need this is not good. 8) Life Jacket safety drill was done in the mid-morning sun in temperatures of 35C. It was very sad/distressing to watch an elderly lady collapse and taken away on a stretcher. This Life Jacket safety drill should be done at a cooler time! Shame on Thomson. My family feared for our lives on this cruise when the power cuts happened and the bus drivers talked on their mobile phones whilst driving. It was such a relief when we where finally on UK soil in one piece. Under the covers, these failures highlight a lack of investment in the ship and crews. If Thomson cannot make the investment they should consider giving this ship up as I fear there will be terrible disaster, soon. Compensation - I have no chance unless I want a lengthy and costly legal bill. Thomson small print terms and conditions are very tight. In summary, this experience has highlighted to me that Thomson are the Ryanair of the cruise industry - everything appears cheap with lots of basic optional extra charges that makes a very costly holiday in the end. Like my experiences with Ryanair it is very tough battle to get your money back when things go wrong. I wish future cruise passengers luck on this ship. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Check-in was no problem. The cruise departs at 3:00 and they let us board at 1:00. I was really looking forward to the Explorer cruise as I had gone on a Carnival Miracle the year before and had a great time (food was excellent--gained 10 ... Read More
Check-in was no problem. The cruise departs at 3:00 and they let us board at 1:00. I was really looking forward to the Explorer cruise as I had gone on a Carnival Miracle the year before and had a great time (food was excellent--gained 10 lbs, service was excellent--smiles everywhere, and entertainment was okay). I was so disappointed and vowed never to go on anothe royal carribbean again. Problems with the Explorer of the seas cruise: Food and drink first: Food tasted horrible, was not properly cleaned/plated correctly. There was hair in one of the entrees given to us. My ginger ale had a big piece of black brush/lint in it (very repulsive). The shrimp tasted spongy and was not deveined (i.e. shit was not cleaned out.) The drinks were extremely watered down and soda was incredibly flat tasting. Service: Every dinner meal took over 2 hours to finish. The wait staff was incredibly slow. We basically sat for 30 min after every plate was finished before we were served a new plate. At breakfast, we sat down at a table for 6 and shared with another couple. The couple got up and left after a few minutes but their plates were never cleaned up the entire time we sat there even though 2 new people joined us at the table. The wait staff did not even come with the breakfast pastries for us to choose from. The bar staff did not serve one of our friends for no reason and just ignored him. The entire staff appeared very disgruntled and mentioned there had been cuts. Cabin: The shower was so tiny that I had trouble turning around to shave. I am a size 4 girl so I can't imagine how anyone fit comfortably in the shower. Room was really tiny, only a few inches of space to walk around. The bath towels had yellow stains on them. I don't understand how they can clean the room and give you towels which are stained all over. The beach towels also appeared dirty. I wished I had saved my money and gone elsewhere. We had a big group of 40 people and the majority of us were very disappointed with the trip.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Two good things about this cruise, the ship, the summit is in great shape, everyone had me worried but i was very happy with it, she is beautiful, little balcony rust, but she is a SHIP! and getting off. yes folks that's it. I am so ... Read More
Two good things about this cruise, the ship, the summit is in great shape, everyone had me worried but i was very happy with it, she is beautiful, little balcony rust, but she is a SHIP! and getting off. yes folks that's it. I am so upset to say CARNIVAL did it better and that is sad. The way they do the food is ridiculous! You have to be served at the buffet line and stay in line if you are having something made, ie omelette or pasta, even if you want prepared food, no separate line so the lines were long EACH and every day... the servers were sometimes not there and only one guy, it was crazy and miserable, i ordered room service for breakfast and most lunches could not deal with the craziness everyone was stressed! MDR food boring, bland and tiny portions. The staff were miserable and not friendly...on Carnival waiters took he time to get to know your name and your children's names.. I was disgusted by the whole trip and felt it was a waste of money, the most i have every paid for a cruise. Disney was awesome and I thought carnival was ok...till this cruise now i will go back to carnival. Most of the wait staff and stateroom attendants seemed depressed and stressed. Our room was nice, a little narrow.... Most people are old on the ship so it was quieter that was ice. Kids club boring, my daughter ended up not going, she has loved them on other ships. Entertainment..not great. Bermuda was lovely.... got seasick there and back..never had that before on a cruise either.... ok well let me end it with this, can i have my money back??? Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Went on a vacation for my dad's 70th Birthday and this ship was a huge disappointment I am used to the Disney Cruises where nothing goes wrong but on this trip nothing really went right First we had to change from St Maarten and ... Read More
Went on a vacation for my dad's 70th Birthday and this ship was a huge disappointment I am used to the Disney Cruises where nothing goes wrong but on this trip nothing really went right First we had to change from St Maarten and St Thomas to Cozumel and Roatan (Honduras) which is not their fault but was the start of a week of disappointment The worst problem is that people smoke wherever they want. Everyday I complained and every time I got a different rule for the ship as to where you were allowed to smoke. The reality was that people smoked on the whole deck 15 where the pool and water slides are. I could not eat or relax without breathing in smoke. Additionally, the casino had smokers and you had to walk thru there to get from one side to the other. The staff had no intention to tell people where they could not smoke as this was actually their corporate policy. I guess they are afraid of smokers. Also the staff had no incentive to go out of their way as we pay $12 per person per night automatically. They were rude and not helpful. Often rushing us to eat and get out for the next group to eat. The fact that they ran out of at least chocolate chip cookies, iced tea and watermelon is inexcusable. The rooms were tiny and poorly designed. The sink was in the room and was so shallow it was like a tray of water that splashed all over. The tiny shower was very difficult to use and I am only 5'6" with you needing to step into the foyer of the room to get out. The toilet was also super tiny with a seat that was non existent causing me to feel like I was going to fall in. The fact that both the toilet and the shower were nothing more then an opague sliding door near the front door to the room provided zero privacy. Entertainment was clearly sub par also. The Blue Man group was fine but the Second City and Legends of Rock were very amateurish. The Cirque Dreams show was one of the most confusing pieces of garbage I ever saw. The acrobatics were good yet still full of mistakes. The story was filled with people speaking in giberish with a french accent with some nonsense dialogue. Plus the food was inedible and I paid for premium seating which meant sitting with my back to the show behind a pole with people in front of me I would recommend you look elsewhere for a family vacation Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We have cruised 10 times with Thomson on the Destiny, Spirit and Emerald. On August 23rd this year we joined the Thomson Celebration for a 14 day cruise and it was the worst cruise we have ever taken. The toilets hardly ever worked, the ... Read More
We have cruised 10 times with Thomson on the Destiny, Spirit and Emerald. On August 23rd this year we joined the Thomson Celebration for a 14 day cruise and it was the worst cruise we have ever taken. The toilets hardly ever worked, the showers were mouldy, the shower in our cabin overflowed as the drain was blocked, the toilet was always having to be reported as not flushing, on one occasion when using the sink the water came up in the shower! The air conditioning was non existent, the towels which we think should have been WHITE were a dark grey and hard, also too small to be called bath towels so we had to use the pool towels. The fire alarm went off in the cabin and staff rushed to see what was wrong, removed the alarm left it on the bed, we reported this to reception and it was never replaced. The Broadway Show Lounge smelt very strongly of mould. We received a letter on 20th August stating that we would not be stopping at Canakkale,and would be stopping at Dikili instead, we have received a letter in response to my letter to Thomson sent on our departure stating that this was the FIRST time that the ship would not be stopping at Canakkale as the tugs were not big enough to handle it? I see by one of the reviews that it stopped there in July. On the day we arrived at the ship at 3.00pm (we had been travelling since 2am),our welcome was "your cabin is on the next deck" after finding the cabin we decided to find sun beds to have a rest when a member of staff asked us to move from these so he could stow them away at 5.15pm we refused saying we wanted to rest and when asked why we had to move he just walked off. Toilets in public areas always had at least 1 toilet out of order, also there was always a lift out of order somewhere. We had convinced friends who had never cruised before to join us on the cruise and thank goodness they had only booked for a week, we felt bad enough for convincing them to come with us and then to have to put up with the ship from hell. One night we had to wait 50 minutes for our dessert and we were on a table for 2 we were giving up all hope when the waiter rushed over pushed me back into my seat and told me dessert was then coming. Guests on the next table made the comment "oh you have sorted out the strike then" they had also waited 45 minutes for their dessert. Re-fitted in 2009??? They need to overhaul the whole ship before taking anymore bookings and compensate passengers who have just been on it.We did get to stop at 12 ports and the substitution port of Dikili was horrible, a dirty town a complete waste of time. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This was the Norwegian Sun's first cruise from Port Canaveral. The way the ship was managed at each port of call made it seem like it was their first cruise anywhere. We were late getting to and leaving every port. Freestyle cruising ... Read More
This was the Norwegian Sun's first cruise from Port Canaveral. The way the ship was managed at each port of call made it seem like it was their first cruise anywhere. We were late getting to and leaving every port. Freestyle cruising was more like their style cruising. We were over 2 hours late departing, the first port of call went relatively smoothly. We were surprised to find approximately 1/4 of the passengers were gay men(most of whom were fine and fun) but found ourselves constantly running into inappropriately clad men throughout the ship in the evening. Granted they hosted private parties and closed off parts of the ship, but that made those parts of the ship unavailable to other passengers and they had to get to and from their parties. This was not a great family atmosphere and I felt bad for folks with small children, honeymooners, etc. Second port of call, Guatemala there were many problems with excursions, St Tomas DE Castillo itself is not a destination I'll return to, and they didn't really appear to understand how to handle a cruise ship. Trouble with ports really began at Belize where we had to stand in line at 07:00 in the morning for boarding passes for tenders. We were told 7, but they didn't begin until 7:30. Tender boarding was delayed approximately and hour and half causing us to miss our first excursion, narrowly allowing us to make our second excursion. At Key West we lost an hour of sleep due to time zone change and were initially notified we had to see immigration at 07:20 which was then revised to 06:20. Soooo, we got up and went to see immigration on very little sleep. It turned out the ship was late and we stood in line for an hour and a half in a line as long as the ship. At one point a passenger yelled will you cruise Norwegian again and a good percentage of the line yelled back "no!" Eventually we were allowed to debark, but a short stop in Key West was even shorter. The ships crew did not appear to understand how long it took to do anything at port, we were always later than they said we would be. The ship was dirty, and slightly run down,the food was average and the first night at sea dining room staff were confused. Highlights of the cruise included the stop at Belize, and while most of the hotel staff were good, a few were excellent. I guess I could have shortened this up, this was the worst cruise I've ever been on and I'll be thinking long and hard before I book another with NCL. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Rooms: Booked two suites with partial ocean views and got a room that looked into staff staircase. Had to request clean towels for bathroom, never recieved ice or other room service from our steward. The room safe was broken, the ... Read More
Rooms: Booked two suites with partial ocean views and got a room that looked into staff staircase. Had to request clean towels for bathroom, never recieved ice or other room service from our steward. The room safe was broken, the nightstands locked with no key; therefore useless for storing items. I went to the office right away to avoid being charged for lost key and also I need the drawer space. Holland office staff never opened the nightstands, never fixed the safe, so both were useless the entire cruise. My son had a headache so I went to the office for asprin, gave it to my son and then noticed it was expired. I went back to the office and told them they were handing out expired asprin. Two days later I went back to see if they had changed the asprin (just for my knowledge) and they had not. The last day of the cruise they were still giving expired medications. Food: Service was very very slow, even in formal dining. The food was average at best, I certainly would not consider it a 5 star, maybe a 3 and only due to deserts. Amenities: There is one swimming pool that is open from 10AM - 7PM and full of kids. There is no second pool or adult swim times. Three hot tubs, one of which was broken the entire cruise. Several public restrooms, three were broken the entire cruise. The fitness center had the same hours and the spa was a joke. There is no jogging track and only walking on deck (when the deck is open because they closed it for cleaning while we cruised instead of while we were in ports of call). Tours BEWARE: Tours were good but I would advise booking online to save yourself lots of money. We did Zipline in Ketchikan and Holland charged $189 per person (we had 6 in our party). Tickets were available online before the cruise through Canopy Zipline for $99 per person, a savings of $600.00. Holland would not compromise on the charged prices. CHILDREN: This cruise is not teen friendly. I had a 13 and 17 year old with me and they had nothing to do. The HAL club is a joke, the dance clud only 2 nights, the rest of the time the kids could play WII with rated E or T games; something they could do at home for free. If you want to drink, gamble, and sing at the piano bar this cruiseline may be for you. There was very little else to do aboard ship. I enjoyed the ports, the cruise type of travel but the only way I would board Holland again is if it is free. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
My friends and I take family vacations yearly. Sometimes we travel together because our children are close in age and have a good time together. We decided this year we would book a cruise. We were so excited about the trip we had a count ... Read More
My friends and I take family vacations yearly. Sometimes we travel together because our children are close in age and have a good time together. We decided this year we would book a cruise. We were so excited about the trip we had a count down on our facebook accounts. Day 1 We arrive on the ship to and decided to take a look around. Our first impression was "we thought this ship was updated!" The bathrooms seemed clean but wreaked of mold. We let that go thinking we may be being too picky because we were tired from the trip to get there. We went to dinner. We heard from our friends that cruise ships had great food and tons of it. Again, nothing impressive but decided that we would reserve judgement until after we gave the vacation a real chance. I can honestly tell you the food did not improve at all. In fact, I've had tastier food at a low budget buffet than we had on the ship. One meal we ordered "spinach stuffed" mushrooms. When they arrived at the table they were stuffed with broccoli. The food really was awful. The one thing the cruise line doesn't tell you is that nothing is convenient and they nickle and dime you for everything! My 5 year old son gashed his foot (literally ripped a v shape cut into his heel)on the joke of a water park while we were at their private island. I asked at guest services for a band-aid for his foot. The gentleman behind the counter handed me an envelope that contained two band-aids, ointment and a price tag of $2.19! I was so disgusted at this point that I dropped them and walked away. Really?! You can't give your patrons a band-aid after they hurt themselves on your junk of equipment?! You spend $3400.00 on a vacation and you really have to charge for band-aids?! They tell you on the website that non-alcoholic drinks (juice, coffee, tea, lemonade) are free. What they don't tell you is that you can only get those drinks in the dining room. So, when you're at the bar getting a soda with your soda card you can't get a tea, water, or juice. My children don't drink soda. NOTHING about the ship is convenient. Room service will deliver coffee, tea, milk, etc. but if you have a soda delivered there is a charge regardless if you have a soda card or not. Room service is another subject all together...NEVER received anything without waiting a minimum of 1 hour if it showed up at all. The menu choices are extremely limited. In all honesty they are a joke. The shows are low budget amusement park quality with the exception of the comedy. The comedians were funny. The teen program was nothing but video games. Camp Carnival for my son was just a toy room. My teen did meet other teens but they didn't spend time in the room - they spent time roaming the ship together. The highlight of the ship was our housekeeper. The rest of the staff acted like us being there was a hassle for them. Our housekeeper always had a smile and spoke to us. He cleaned the room and left fun towel animals for the kids. Carnival's private island has beautiful water and that's it! The "BBQ" is hamburgers and hot dogs. You can't even get a raft for the water without a charge. They have a "water park" listed on-line. The water park is a slide that isn't well cared for and some floating trampolines. Couple quick notes: You can adjust the $10.00 per person a day tip to reflect the service you received. We adjusted ours to fit what we thought was fair after our experience. In fact, we made sure the only person we gave a gratuity to was our housekeeper. Purchase your soda card (you are going to want one because the water, tea, and lemonade are TERRIBLE - my son's only form of hydrating drinks for the week was milk) on day two it's cheaper. Bring the maximum amount of soda and water with you on the ship. The bottom line is after my experience with this cruise my family and I will not waste our money on another. We felt like we took our money and literally flushed it down the toilet. I strongly recommend that if you do choose to take a cruise don't do it with Carnival. They are a cheaper cruise but this truly is an instance of you get what you pay for. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
The ship was nice, stateroom adequate with a big bathroom, powerful shower, powerful hair dryer not connected to the wall! Our complaint was lack of information-no info on how to get from where the ship docks to town. No info on shuttles ... Read More
The ship was nice, stateroom adequate with a big bathroom, powerful shower, powerful hair dryer not connected to the wall! Our complaint was lack of information-no info on how to get from where the ship docks to town. No info on shuttles or lack of shuttles. In Venice, the bus from the port to town quits at some point during the evening-no one tells you that, you return only to find no transportation options-only a VERY long walk back to the ship. The cruise director was non-existant except to talk in different languages at the shows. No deck activities or games. Shows were not good, though the performers (NCL performers) were talented. Cheesy, corny shows. Did have a Beatles show, they were great. Nothing to do on the ship unless you wanted to spend lots of $$. Pay per view in the rooms $11.95. No channels to watch except for BBC and E. Main restaurants food ok, but no shrimp, lobter, or crabcakes. Have to pay $$ to eat un the pay restaurants for that. Drinks were $9.00!! Unbelievable. We were with a large group of friends, so we made our own fun. Felt like NCL was trying to gouge us at every turn. This was our first cruise with NCL. We prefer everyone over them. Did not feel pampered or spoiled on this trip. The wait staff and room stewards were great. Worked tirelessly and always with a smile. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
No doubt lots of reviewers will have read mixed reviews. The good reviewers accuse people who give negative reviews as 'moaners'... but read between the lines and you can see a pattern forming. The facts are as follows: * ... Read More
No doubt lots of reviewers will have read mixed reviews. The good reviewers accuse people who give negative reviews as 'moaners'... but read between the lines and you can see a pattern forming. The facts are as follows: * Thomsons sell this ship on their website as a 'luxurious' ship, 'flagship of the fleet', 'top drawer'. Forgive me for being negative and a moaner, but if that's what I have paid for, that's what I expect. Unfortunately, Thomson's description of the Dream is not what you actually get. What you actually get is: * Cancelled Ports (4 in total) - 1 for bad weather - ok. 3 for weak and unbelievable reasons - not acceptable. * Smell of Sewerage. Trust me, It is definitely still there. (there I go moaning again) - so much so, that it made me and my husband gag with the smell when walking along the corridors on deck 7. It is also evident in deck 6 and in deck 4 when you are dining in the Orion restaurant, if you are seated near the lifts. The smell started on day 4 of the holiday and lasted right through until day 14. Not an exaggeration, but fact. * Blocked toilets - in cabins and in public areas. Some people might think that blocked toilets are acceptable on a cruise, but I don't, and not for the whole 14 days of my holiday. *Limited air conditioning. Again, some people might like to have limited or no air conditioning in their cabins and public areas, again, I don't. There are some positive comments I can make - :-). One is that the staff are absolutely brilliant. If it wasn't for the staff the holiday would have been a complete nightmare. The entertainment is good too. The food in the Orion restaurant is very good - but the self service restaurants were awful (sorry, I'm moaning again). Make of my review what you like. I can only give you my opinion. If you don't mind putting up with sewerage smell, blocked toilets, limited air conditioning, soot emitting from the funnels on deck 11, and cancelled itinerary ports, then you will enjoy cruising on The Dream. On the other hand, if you are an old moaner like me, you will expect more for you hard earned money and in the future cruise on another, newer, more fragrant, more efficient, and reliable cruise ship. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
I sailed with my adult son and daughter 4th July out out LA and am sorry to say that this has probably been the worst experience out of 46 previous RCCL cruises. Check-in was the only easy and pleasant part of this cruise, we arrived 3pm ... Read More
I sailed with my adult son and daughter 4th July out out LA and am sorry to say that this has probably been the worst experience out of 46 previous RCCL cruises. Check-in was the only easy and pleasant part of this cruise, we arrived 3pm once the lines had gone down. We were given an Upgrade from D1 to J/S because of our D+ and were very grateful to C&A for this. The cabin was very nice but I cannot see why this grade is called a Junior SUITE, they should probably change it to a larger balcony!! This grade is NOT classed as a suite, especially when it comes to any of the suite perks offered. There was no breakfast or lunch in Portofinos (Radiance in January did offer breakfast in PF for D+ and Suites and was very very good) I do understand that the other suite catagories are more expensive than the price we paid but I feel that after the number of cruises with RCCL that we have also spent a great deal. (entierly my choice!!) I would also now like to give the impression that I was given on the CC, firstly Alan the Concierge was unable to have any type of converation without one eye being on the door, this was when the chat was instigated by him, eventually we gave up on anything other than a please or thank you. His suite guests on the other hand were welcomed with open arms. Children are not allowed in the CC after 5pm and despite this there were children sitting with their parents almost every night. The bar waiters on the other hand were absolutely lovely and very good at their jobs. Guest relations were the most unhelpful that I have ever had dealing with on any RCCL cruise. We had adjoining cabins and asked the CS to have the door between the cabins opened so that we would not have to peer around the balconies.Our steward was most apologetic and said that he had been told not to open the doors, aparantyly it was a "safety issue". On enquiring at the guest relations we were told a different reason from three different members of staff ranging from "don,t know" to "I would love to tell you but its a secret" this being from the Guest Relations Manager. One of the staff found our question very amusing and when I asked him what he found to laugh about was very rude and then when I complained to his manager had to be told by her to "be quiet" when he insisted that i was not telling the truth about his behaviour. I have never met a more unhappy bunch of staff than encountered on this ship and most of the ones we spoke to could not wait to leave and were hoping that their contract on the ship was changed once they had been on vacation. There were quite a few ex-crew members from Radiance now on Mariner and they had not a good word to say about Mariner. I am sorry to be writing this negative review but apart from the ports on the trip we were not happy on this vaction. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
After a year of detailed planning, our family embarked on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise aboard the Carnival Pride. The cruise departed from the Port of Baltimore on July 18, 2010, with scheduled stops at Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and ... Read More
After a year of detailed planning, our family embarked on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise aboard the Carnival Pride. The cruise departed from the Port of Baltimore on July 18, 2010, with scheduled stops at Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport, Bahamas. The cruise was a wonderful family bonding experience and a great opportunity for family members to reconnect with others living some distance away. This alone was well worth the expense of the voyage. The convenience and efficiency of the Port of Baltimore operations was also an unexpected pleasure. I only wish the same could be said of the Carnival Pride and much of her crew. In the opinion of this nine time cruiser, the Pride is clearly showing her age and this elderly ship is in great need of updating and renovation. Her crew is in dire need of rejuvenation or replacement. One major area in need of prompt attention, the Security Department, and numerous other relatively minor inconveniences, seriously detracted from the potential of a fun experience. I had heard unconfirmed rumors that Carnival ships did not live up to the standards of other lines but I relented, upon perhaps mistaken advice of my travel consultant, and booked the family celebration on the Pride. The most compelling reasons for booking the Pride was the convenience of the Baltimore departure and a seven day cruise length that went somewhere other than Bermuda. Unfortunately, this trip on the Carnival Pride was clearly the worst experience of all my other eight cruises, including wonderful voyages aboard two other ships that are "World's Leading Cruise Lines" affiliates of Carnival. A more appropriate name for the Carnival Pride would be the Carnival Embarrassment. The fact that this voyage basically became the cruise to nowhere reportedly because of the threat posed by Tropical Storm Bonnie did not increase my dissatisfactions. I have experienced itinerary changes due to weather problems on prior cruises without complaint. Additionally, I've always found on previous cruises, that the ship amenities are the focus of the voyage, not the destination ports. Sadly the Pride and her crew did not live up to previous cruise experiences. I have compiled a list of 21 areas of irritation which I experienced aboard the Pride which I shared separately with Carnival. The following is a summary of some of the dissatisfactions: 1. Cleanliness and operations of the Lido/Mermaid Grill food areas were unsatisfactory and the table bussing operation there was completely inefficient. During the busiest meal times, dirty tables went uncleaned for extended periods of time while diners searched for an open table. The busing staff was basically absent. Equipment at the Lido Grill was also a problem as at least one juice/water station was out of operation during each meal and the ice machines were usually out of ice. Additionally, on all my other cruises, at restaurants similar to the Lido Grill, wait staff delivered water, juice and coffee to diners at their table. The Pride does not do this though such service would have eliminated one of the problems discussed in the next item below. Also, Ice cream is available 24 hours a day but after about 11 PM, there were usually no cones nor clean dishes and utensils to use at the ice cream dispensers. 2. The food stations layouts in the Lido Grill buffet area are inefficient requiring passengers to visit a minimum of three stations to obtain a complete meal. Then passengers with trays of food were forced to cross thru lines of other passengers awaiting service leading to confusion and frequent accidents. Though more time consuming, taking breakfast and lunch in the main dining room is a far better experience that the Lido/Mermaid Grill. 3. The food in the Lido Grill, and to a lesser extent the Normandie Restaurant, looked tired and aged, far below the appetizing presentation standards of other cruise lines. 4. Many of the bar and wait staff crew members' proficiency in English was sadly lacking. This apparently contributed to the generally inhospitable demeanor of the bar staff. 5. Special requests were often not fulfilled. As an example, three of the suites assigned to my family were adjoining. As soon as we boarded ship, a request was made to open the balcony separators so the family could gather on an elongated balcony. One divider was opened but when asked why the second one wasn't the maintenance crew reported that they were out of clips to secure the open divider. Perhaps innovation such as tying it open with a rope could have taken care of this issue. But not by the Carnival Pride crew. 6. David's restaurant featured exquisite food and impeccable service and is well worth the extra fee. But don't do so with a group of more than 6 people as they can't guarantee that your group will sit together and the maitre d' wouldn't lift a finger to accommodate us. In fact, I was called a liar, without justification, by the head person. I didn't know I was supposed to pay extra to be insulted. Another dissatisfier is that the red glass dome covering the restaurant and the blinding early evening sun make the restaurant too hot and uncomfortable for an enjoyable meal. Then, to sit in front of a totally nude statue of David with young family members present is not my idea of a wholesome family experience. David's Steak House is a good idea poorly executed. 7. Everywhere you looked, Carnival nickel and dimed the passengers. For example, at the Lido Grill breakfast buffet lines you can take anything you want on your own except bacon and sausages which were served by crew to insure only two pieces of each were allowed. Additionally, two family members participated as "Carnival Legends" in the last night's show. As a gift for their performance they were promised a "free drink" by the Cruise Director. Turns out that the certificate was limited to $5.25 each and the minimum price for any drink other than beer was about $7.95. So the free drink cost them about $1.70 each. 8. I paid $35 in advance to celebrate one family member's birthday. Don't waste your money doing this. The "celebration" consisted of one small door streamer with generic "happy birthday" card hanging off it (not personalized as on other ships which provide free decorations) and two glittery streamers strung across the suite. Next time I'll go into any party store, spend $5 and get a lot more celebrating. 9. Information provided to passengers was not up to the standards I've experienced on all other cruises. For example, the ship's deck layout pocket guide was not found in the stateroom upon arrival as has been my prior experiences. After spending a couple of days learning the floor plan on my own, I discovered pocket guides lying on a bar counter. The weather forecast broadcast on stateroom television is a one line text narrative and only updated at 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. daily. The daily "Fun Times" seems to be mostly canned information about activities aboard ship which appear to be repeated daily. Fun Times doesn't provide much new news such as ship's current location, speed, distance traveled since origination, overnight course, weather at expected next port, world news headlines, and tender operations at ports of call. And almost anytime you heard the beep of the ship's public address system you could expect to hear only one of two things; either bad news/apologies from the Captain about an itinerary change or a promotional announcement of the start of yet another bingo game. 10. Shipboard entertainment, except for the Pride professional singers and dancers, was sub-standard unless you loved endless bingo promotions and games, casino gambling, and karaoke. In fairness, the shows featuring the Pride professional singers and dancers were excellent and their "Wonderful World" show was especially terrific. The remainder of the prime show time entertainment was very ordinary, with overemphasis on comedians. In addition to the extraordinarily high cost of the "on-demand" pay per view movies in staterooms, the limited selections were generally outdated. Most have long since left on-demand pay per view schedules of stateside TV outlets and are often now shown on free TV. And speaking of TV, in the absence of any other prominent news outlets on the ship, it was hoped that the stateroom TV channels could provide meaningful updates. However, the network TV shown on this Baltimore based ship emanated from Denver and featured relatively meaningless news and weather reports. Broadcasts of east coast stations would have been more appropriate. But my most serious dissatisfaction was caused by the incompetence and lack of effort on the part of the Pride's Security Department. The non-professionalism and refusal to investigate illegal activity on the part of the Pride's Security Department should be an embarrassment to the entire cruise line. Heads should roll! My 15 year old granddaughter had two terrible experiences in dealing with the Security Department which is obviously only interested in protecting Carnival Pride property but not really interested in passenger safety and security. Both involved activities related to the teen Club 02. First, at Half Moon Cay a group of Club 02 girl friends had huddled near the beach. A teen aged male threw a rock at the group of girls and hit my granddaughter on the forehead, just above the right eye. This is my granddaughter who has undergone extensive high technology tests (e.g. MRI, CAT scan) during the last six months to help resolve a yet not fully diagnosed brain disorder. The Security Department at Half Moon Cay was notified and merely treated her open head wound with alcohol (not a logical treatment for an open wound) but refused to pursue the rock thrower though many of the girls in the group knew his first name and indicated that he had attended several sanctioned Club 02 activities. A mere review of the security photos taken at boarding of teen aged boys and/or Club 02 registrants would have easily identified the rock thrower. Security refused to take any follow up action. The second incident was equally outrageous. On the last night of the cruise (Saturday) a late night event was held at Club 02. About 1 A.M., my granddaughter put her purse on a table for a moment to sign the back of a Club 02 tee shirt of one of her new friends. In an instance her purse was picked up by two young males who ran from Club 02 with the purse, containing an expensive camera and my granddaughter's ship's ID card. Several Club 02 youths chased after the thieves but eventually lost them. They felt certain they could recognize the thieves from ships photos. My granddaughter immediately reported this incident to the Club 02 counselor who promptly called Pride Security. The Security personnel took her to the security office where she was questioned for almost 2 hours and eventually only offered a new ship's ID card. Security indicated that there was no investigating that they could do as they had to prepare the ship for docking in Baltimore the following morning. Her parents visited the Security Department early the following morning and were again told that there was no investigation possible. Again all that would have been required was a photo data base search which any legitimate security department would have done. But not on the Carnival Pride. The purse and camera, with irreplaceable photo memories, were not recovered. It is obvious to me that passenger safety and security is not a function recognized by the Carnival Pride Security Department. These major security issues and the numerous other dissatisfiers detracted for a wonderful family bonding experience. I shall not quickly forget these matters nor forgive Carnival Cruise Lines for detracting from this wonderful family gathering through their incompetence, even if they did not knowingly do so. Despite the forwarding of this critique to Carnival, all I and my travel agency, Travel HQ, received was a meaningless, innocuous apology from a Carnival Cruise Lines "Guest Care" representative which didn't address the issues. I was also disappointed in the obvious ineffectiveness of Travel HQ officials in their reported attempts to redress my complaints. I would suggest any potential clients consider using agencies that have greater influence with cruise lines than Travel HQ. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
embarkation day was messy and a long wait in a very hot room with few seats. finally getting called to board, we made on our onto the ship, but were not allowed to go directly to rooms, as they were not all ready yet, so we joined the ... Read More
embarkation day was messy and a long wait in a very hot room with few seats. finally getting called to board, we made on our onto the ship, but were not allowed to go directly to rooms, as they were not all ready yet, so we joined the hoards in the Buffet area. This would prove to be the first of many disappointing meals. When we found our rooms, they were nice, roomy and well-lit, but with smaller closet spaces than I had expected, and very basic needs in the bathroom. Our steward was very nice, and was accessible at all times thru the cruise, in fact, he was the one bright star on the trip. After the long,(as it was given in many, many languages) safety drill, we all met up in the dining room for the second of bad meals. I doubt I have ever seen such a display of boring-to-mediocre offerings on any cruise line. You had little to no choice but to buy drinks-even non-alcoholic types. There was orange juice (or grapefruit some mornings) tea, coffee and water for lunch and dinner, and everything else had to come thru the bar, even iced tea, which was canned! The one thing that I would label edible was the pasta with meat sauce, most everything else was just this side of passable. For an Italian cruise line, you would think pizza would be good, but the frisbees they offered were more like three-day old crust with a thin smear of sauce, thinly sprinkling of cheese, and your choice of either margarita style or sliced (and really greasy and awful) hot dogs......yes, hot dogs for sausage!I have eaten a lot of pizzas, even in Italy and they would probably chuck these things into the garbage, also. The soft serve ice cream machine was thinned down with water to make it go further, but also added chunks of ice to your dessert, salad dressings were watered down to serve more people, and the desserts were just plain bad. The staff in the MDR tried their best to serve, but are so over-worked it was hard for them to do a decent job. Courses were skipped, food forgotten, drinks never served and bread baskets not filled was pretty much the norm every night. And no buffet for dinner? Come on, it was the MDR, the pay-for-dining venue, or nothing. One night one of our people didn't wait formal dinner, and wandered up to the buffet where he spied hamburgers being cooked only to be told he wasn't allowed to have one, as it was for the kid's formal meal. Would one burger really short them that much? The decor of the ship, I find loud and garish, nothing seems to match or have a scheme to it, it looks like random, brassy items shoved into a room together. altogether a cruise that made us flee the ship at every port to seek out food and make me resolve to never set foot on a Costa ship again. In case you think I am judging this by one bad cruise, we did a Costa trip a couple of years ago, and as mad as I was at that cruise, this one topped it by a mile! Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Carnival Fantasy Nassau/Freeport June 16-21 Day one-June 16th Wednesday Embarkment: Charleston SC, Road signs easy to follow to Port, Able to drop of luggage early, People to assist in abundance, Handicapped parking was free, Shuttle to ... Read More
Carnival Fantasy Nassau/Freeport June 16-21 Day one-June 16th Wednesday Embarkment: Charleston SC, Road signs easy to follow to Port, Able to drop of luggage early, People to assist in abundance, Handicapped parking was free, Shuttle to Ship easy. Once aboard: Go straight to Lido deck for lunch. Food seemed very good as we were all hungry. Problem number one: When we left the resturant we went to the elevator. On the way to the elevators we experienced great difficulty in manouvering the power wheelchair which had by that time run out of power and the person it. From room to room we found steep inclines and large rises on each threshhold. Each of these uneven threshholds were at everydoor that we had to go through. Everywhere there was this threshhold there was a sign saying watch your step. This indicates that these are dangerous to walkers not to mention how impossible they would be to a person in a wheelchair. All elevators out of service. We were stranded on the Lido Deck because a person in our party was wheelchair bound. Asked over and over for help getting up to our stateroom. All of the employees standing around were unwilling to help. They acted like they didn't understand English. I asked 4 different people for assistance in getting to state room. Nobody offered any assistance at all even when asked. It was very hot and uncomfortable. We were unsure how we were going to manage to get to our staterooms. Finally, after an hour had gone by, I left our group to go to Guest services to ask for assistance. The line went all of the way down the next hallway. (At least another hour of wait time was predicted) I walked the four floors of stairs to our stateroom. When I got there the rest of my party showed up with wheelchair and all. Evidently when I had become frustrated to the point of tears while asking for help it finally registered with an employee that the rest of my party needed help. An employee finally used the staff elevator to bring our person in the wheel chair to the room. This should have been done immediately. Problem number two: Wheelchair would not fit through the door of the stateroom. His wheelchair was 24 inches wide and the room door was 22 inches. He had to break his wheelchair down into sections in order to physically carry it sideways through the door. No employee offered to help as they saw his struggle. This was going to be something we had to get used to throughout the trip. We had indicated to our travel agent that one of our party was handicapped and it was listed on our boarding pass. Later when complaints were made about this... staff members tried to say that we must not have let anyone know about his special needs therefore it must be our fault. It was clearly marked on his sign and sail documents that he was wheelchair bound. We asked if the wheel chair could be kept in hallway but there was no way to charge it up. I went to guest services and asked for room change. I was told the ship was totally full and there was nothing anyone could do for us. I decided then that maybe down in medical someone there would show compassion for our predicament. We got to the third floor after pushing our friend to the other end of the ship to find an elevator that would work. The infirmary was on the deck directly below our stateroom. We wanted to find out if the wheelchair could be charged and stored there. When we arrived we were welcomed with the coldest, rudest attitude I have ever seen. They were not only unwilling to help but they again tried to blame the customer.... us. They said that the elevators were working and we must be wrong. The elevators were clearly marked not in service. No elevators arrived even after waiting for extended periods of time. After pushing the wheelchair up again to the stateroom, I again went to approach guest Services to try to solve this problem. I again was told the ship was completely full and that there were no other rooms available to move to. We decided to rent a Carnival owned push wheel-chair to assist us in his ambulation. We paid a fifty dollar rental feel and was forced to use this chair instead of his motorized chair due to the width of the doorways. This meant that one of us had to push him everywhere he went for the duration of the trip. In addition the floors were not clearly marked as third floor, fourth floor etc. There were names given to the floors such as Rivera, Main, Upper, Promenade etc. This caused much confusion among all of the guests we talked to. Problem Number Three: Our room in Rivera-8 had no working air conditioner. We called our stateroom attendant and reported the problem. A couple of hours later it was reported to us that the air conditioner had been repaired. There still was no change in the heat of the room. Ultimately we attempted to unpack our suitcases. This took a while in the heat and we were both dripping with sweat when we finished. We reported it five more times and even asked again for a room change. We were told again that the ship was completely full and this would not be possible. After each time they reported to us that it had been "fixed" the temperature remained extremely hot and uncomfortable. I made plans to sleep out on the deck that night to escape the agonizing heat. They provided a small fan for us to use the first night. It was a very long and hot night. My thought at that time was that I could rent a very cheap motel room for about $20.00 and at least it would have working air conditioner. At dinner my mother who was traveling with us informed our waiter that she is seriously allergic to onions. She made it very clear and he indicated that he would watch out for her. Day Two-June 17th Thursday (Elegant Night) Problem number Four: The handicapped person in our party was unable to leave the room until after 2:00PM due to stress from the day before as well as swelling and pain in his legs. I prepared for the night I had looked forward to for months..... Elegant night. I had spent months before this cruise purchasing a dress, jewelry, shoes etc. Unfortunately I was unable to prepare for this important event due to the heat in my room. I had no choice but to spend even more money paying to have my hair and make-up professionally done. When I tried to do it myself I was wiping off sweat and make-up before I could even complete putting it on. My hair was ringing wet even after blow drying it so I was unable to fix it myself. This cost me about 200.00 to have it done. Right before our early dinner time. I received a phone call from Guest Services. They informed me that our air conditioner would take about eight hours to repair and we couldn't stay there. They also informed me that there was suddenly a cancellation. I found this difficult to believe because we had been at sea and had not stopped anywhere for a cancellation to occurr. Unless someone had fallen overboard this was not possible but it was a convenient excuse from Guest Services. I asked if we could move our things after that evenings activities. I did not wish to spend elegant evening sweating while having to repack everything. They told me at that time they were there 24 hours a day and we could move at our convenience. We decided that before turning in that night we would plan to pack and move to our new room. Later we received another phone call that came right after dinner. This one said that we could sleep in the new room however we would have to be out of our current room by 9:00 AM the next day, I informed them that I had a spa appointment that should I miss it I would still be responsible for half of it cost. They asked the Guest Supervisor who said we needed to be out by 11:00. By this time I was so frustrated and wanted to be able to cool down that we gave up all of the activities of Elegant night in liew of having to pack yet again and move to the room that had air. They assured me at that time that they would assist me and my friend in packing and moving. When it came time for us to pack, they were no where to be found. Only when we were finished did they help by wheeling our luggage to the next room. I asked the Guest Services woman if there were any comps they could offer for our pain and suffering. She replied no. She said because they were taking care of the problem "immediately" that should be sufficient. By this time we were all exhausted and slept a lot more comfortably in our air conditioned room. Day Three-June 18th Friday (Nassau day) Due to the exhaustion we all felt from pushing wheelchairs up and down uneven hallways and steep ramps non of us had the energy to leave the ship. We asked at the excusion desk if there were any excusions, in Nassau, that would be appropriate for a person in a wheel chair. We were informed that there weren't any. So instead of participating in Nassau we each found something to do instead. Day Four-June 19th Saturday (Freeport Day) We had chosen an excusion based on the recommendation of the Excursion Desk staff. When disembarking the ship for our excursion in Freeport we had a lot of difficulty getting off the ship. There is a rather steep ramp to go over that is definintely handicapped UN Friendly. The Carnival employees who were standing around watching our struggle only agreed to assist me when I asked them to do so directly. It was a four hour long tour of Freeport with a visit to Garden of Groves in addition to shopping. The handicapped person in our party was treated so much better by the tour guides who insisted on pushing the wheelchair to relieve me from having to do that in rough terrain. This was an enjoyable excursion and such a relief from the rude disrespectful treatment we had been shown on the Fantasy. It felt like a breath of fresh air. The tour guides didn't need to be asked to help us, He insisted. So while leading a large group of people on the tour he was also pushing a wheelchair. He also insured that the handicapped person in our party would be in the shade as often as possible to prevent him from getting over heated. Problem Number Five: On the way back onto the ship our person in the wheelchair needed assistance getting back over the ramp from the port back onto the ship. When asked to assist the Carnival employee stated that the chair would not fit through such a narrow opening. Keep in mind that the chair in question belongs to Carnival and they use it all the time on this narrow ramp for a variety of handicapped people on a frequent basis. Also keep in mind that this was the exact same ramp that he had been pushed over to get off the ship. My friend explained that to the employee who answered that he would just have to get up and walk because the chair would not fit. This Carnival employee had no way of knowing if my friend could walk at all or not. My parents who are ballroom dance instructors were told that there were no activities that would include any form of ballroom dancing. It was geared to the very young with Disco, Rap, breakdancing, line dancing etc. They had brought special dance shoes in anticipation of being able to dance while on the ship. On other cruises they had always been able to do this and enjoyed it very much. They were also told by a Carnival Employee that the dance band had been cancelled. It had always been included in the past but no longer. Problem number Six: Even after informing the waiter about her allergies to onions on day one. He still told her that there were no onions in her choice of quisine for that night. However when her dinner was brought to her she spotted many onions in her potatoes. When she pointed this out to the waiter he offered only to bring her something else, and seemed very unconcerned about the whole thing. Day Five-June 20th Sunday Carnival Fantasy is the most handicapped unfriendly setting, I have ever seen. Being a Special Education Teacher I am aware of laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act which require public areas such as cruise ships to make accommodations for people with special needs. Every where we went there was a new obstacle with nobody who represented Carnival in anyway offering to help. Problem number Seven: This was the most serious of all. It is for this reason that I am posting this here. I want to be sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else because the results of their actions could have been fatal. My beloved mother who did exactly what she needed to do by informing her waiter of her allergy to onions was served a piece of Salmon. Underneith this large piece of fish was a big slice of onion. It was completely hidden and most people would have dug in and began eating it. I believe God was watching over her by allowing the fish to move just before she cut into it. If she had eaten this she could have died. I am thankful that this didn't happen but due to the carelessness of the staff it could happen again with more dire consequences. The waiter seemed more involved in flirting with the women he was supposed to be serving than doing his job. This behavior was unprofessional and continued throughout the cruise. This may be unprofessional and rather tacky but what concerned me was his being unfocused on his job could have caused my mother to lose her life. I wasn't going to complain I just was counting the days that I could leave this "fun" ship. But when this happened it was the last straw. I went to Guest Services yet again and asked to speak to someone higher up. I was invited back into the office of Mr. Avinash Sawant; Senior Guest Services Supervisor. I attempted to explain all that had transpired and all I got in return was excuses and interruptions. He also tried to say that his employees would never act in this way. I must have made a mistake, that maybe the people who I dealt with were not actually employees of Carnival..... etc and it goes on and on. I also expressed my concern about what could have happened to my mother due to their carelessness and he still remained unconcerned. It was then I decided that I will send this lengthy but important report to anyone who will read it. It may save a life or even just save you some money and a wasted vacation. Problem number Eight: After dinner we visited a piano bar that was a lot of fun. In fact it was the highlight of our trip. If you do go on one of these cruises from hell check out Rick. He is a great piano player and overall entertainer. After this I wheeled my friend up to the Lido deck for his nightly midnight snack. I left him by the elevators to wait for me while I returned to the room for a moment. On the way back to the lido deck my ankle twisted and I fell in the hallway just outside out room. I am recouporating from bi-lateral knee replacements and I was concerned about falling on my knee and needing further surguries. I ended up breaking my fall with my right elbow/arm yet still landing on my left knee. I layed on the ground for about ten minutes groaning in pain until I could manage to get up again. Once back in my cabin I needed ice for my knee and elbow. My friend called the stateroom attendent which I guess was forwarded to room service due to the late hour. He requested ice for my injuries and let them know that I had just fallen. They said they would send it right up. A few minutes later he called again to ask for room service and they told him that since I had already ordered ice it would take 45 minutes. They also told him that these two items should have been ordered at the same time. When I heard that I became very upset at their lack of concern for me. I spoke to them to assure them that we didn't need the ice for a party of some kind but because I was hurt. Their only concern then was did I trip on something left in the hallway? I informed them that I had twisted my ankle and fallen. Never even one time did they ask me if I was ok. Or if I needed Medical help, or if there was anything they could do..... etc. That really hurt. Day Six-June 21st Monday Halleluiah!!! Our Cruise from hell was over. While we were waiting for our numbers to be called my dad who was diabetic needed something for a low sugar event. Everything within walking or wheeling distance was completely shut down. You could not even get a drink of water. I asked an employee one of the only two good ones I had found on the entire ship for a snack for my dad. He immediately went to Room Service and brought him Apple juice, a muffin and some bread. After that he pushed me in my wheelchair right behind my friend and his wheelchair. We were racing because we could not wait to get off this ship. Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
We have been on 4 cruises. One of them the same cruise from Boston to Bermuda, but it was on the Norweigan Majesty. This was by far the most expensive cruise and we got so much less for our money. There are only 2 restaurants that you can ... Read More
We have been on 4 cruises. One of them the same cruise from Boston to Bermuda, but it was on the Norweigan Majesty. This was by far the most expensive cruise and we got so much less for our money. There are only 2 restaurants that you can go to without paying a coverage charge (Windows and Garden Room). The food here was great, but you could not make a reservation and they had a hard time accomodating a group of 18. We never sat at one table for a meal! The stateroom was probably one of the biggest disappointment. We had a stateroom for 4. It was a matchbox and really did not accomodate 4 people. Really only 3 people should be assigned in these rooms. There was one bunk on the wall, 2 twin beds and a third trundle bed was pulled out each night in the middle of them so there was no walking room at all in the room. I never would have booked this room if I knew this ahead of time. We have always had one king and 2 wall bunks. There was only enough space for 2 passengers to unpack their clothes at the most! After unpacking we put our luggage in the hall to have it picked up because they've done this on othere cruises. No one picked them up. When we inquired about this we were told there was no room on the ship to store our luggage. Well, there was no where to store them in the cabins either! The entertainment was just okay. But we already knew that from our previous cruise on NCL. There was not midnight buffet and only one area on the ship where you could get food after midnight. All the adult clubs close around midnight. The only club open late is the casino club, but it is for young adults! So while your young adults are enjoying themselves, there is nothing for the older adults to do but sit on the deck! The buffet food was good and there were burgers and fries on the upper deck until suppertime every day. All 18 of us agreed that we will never travel on an NCL ship again. I should note that only 3 of the 18 have never cruised prior to this. They may not even cruise again! The ship was a great disappointment!! Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
We have travelled as a group of 4 with 2 cabins on NCL out of New York and Miami on the Dawn and Pearl class ships. We have always had a great experience, until we decided to go on the Sky. We each took our adult children and another ... Read More
We have travelled as a group of 4 with 2 cabins on NCL out of New York and Miami on the Dawn and Pearl class ships. We have always had a great experience, until we decided to go on the Sky. We each took our adult children and another couple who were married on sunday night along with a 3 year old, so there were 10 of us and 5 cabins on deck 8, 2 ocean view and 3 inside. Embarking: Great, an A plus to NCL, easy and quick. On the ship within minutes it seemed. Once on the Sky, things quickly went downhill. The ship itself is nice, clean (other than for the public washrooms towards the end of cruise, disgusting) and they have kept it fresh. Food: very bland, everything seemed to taste the same, service in the main restaurants was extremely slow, we only ate together as a group twice as it took over 2 hours, the kids got tired of waiting and chose to eat at the buffet for the rest of the cruise. The staff were unfriendly, unhelpful and without smiles. In one case, after adding a further tip to my drink from the bar (in addition to the 15% they collect automatically) I was told perhaps I would tip better next time. Needless to say, we did not ask for anything from this staff member again. Our daughter was charged for 2 buckets of beer (diff brands), when she went to customer service and told them she had only gotten 1 and did not drink the other brand, it was not hers, she was told "don't worry, not a problem, just pay it anyway"!!. So she was to pay for something she did not get. We argued, she let them know that they could either remove the 27.45 charge which was not hers, or she was removing the tips from her room, which were 50.00, their choise. They then called their supervisor, who had copies of the bills sent up, proving that one was not hers, then removed charge, no apology etc. Excursions: We booked 6 excursions, 4 were cancelled, and the other 2 times changed. Also book 4 para-sailing at private island. 2 were not given tickets, the other 2 were, and when asked at the desk about a ticket, told to take a copy of their room charges showing they had paid for excursion. No one seemed to know what was going on. Ourselves and our travel companions completed the 250 deposit info for our next cruise (which gives you a 100 credit immediately), theirs was processed, ours was not. When I asked NCL about it, they said it would be done. When we got home and our travel agent had gotten the info for our friends, but nothing for us, I called again. They did return my call, but said that there was nothing they could do. Very disappointing time as our 1st family vacation together in 12 years. I had to opportunity to go to a travel show which included NCL. When I brought up my thoughts she told me to see my travel agent. What is she to do? The representative was not interested in the least. We will go on NCL again, but not the sky, the Dawn was far better and so was the Pearl. We go every January, this year we have booked on Freedom of the Seas with Royal Caribbean to try it out. If this is your 1st cruise, do not go on the sky, and go on a minimum of 7 days, as the crew is much more professional and there seems to be more organization etc. Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
I was quite dismayed to find such a glowing review for the Sea Princess, cruising from San Francisco to Alaska June 2010. The author, who stayed in suite D753 implied that those who gave the poor reviews did so because of the class of ... Read More
I was quite dismayed to find such a glowing review for the Sea Princess, cruising from San Francisco to Alaska June 2010. The author, who stayed in suite D753 implied that those who gave the poor reviews did so because of the class of service they had paid for on the ship. She then continued to describe the suite in glowing terms, as well as the food, service and overall experience. Part of the reason for my dismay is because we had been on the previous sailing, and in the same suite as the author. Like most of the reviewers, we found the service and food to be extremely disappointing and nothing close to the quality we have come to expect based on our previous sailings with Royal Caribbean and Holland America. The author further implies that those who don't go on their cruise with an attitude to have fun and enjoy are responsible for their own rotten time. Tell me, who doesn't go on a cruise with the intention of having a great time? Of course that is the goal of everyone on board. However, the quality of your experience can be greatly affected by the quality of the food, customer service, amenities, options, etc. offered by a cruise line and each ship. These are the issues that are coming under fire on this cruise line, ship and sailing, and all are very valid criticisms which can dramatically affect the experience of cruisers. Our experience in suite D753 of the Sea Princess sailing to Alaska: We were very excited about this cruise as it left our home town port, so would require no air flight. We had heard from our travel agent that some of her customers who had sailed Princess had been disappointed due to the decreasing quality of Princess cruises. However, when I researched cruise critic in April, there were mixed reviews with most seeming positive, and the overall scores of the ship were similar to a Holland America cruise we had taken and loved in the past. We decided to go forward and book our suite, never anticipating we would have such a very disappointing experience. We were very excited to embark, however, our first disappointment was upon seeing our suite. The layout was quite poor compared to what we'd come to expect from our experiences on Royal Caribbean and Holland America. It seemed as though the square footage had been misrepresented, as there is no way it 500 sq.ft. nor was it comparable to the Owners suites, royal suites and family suites we had experienced on the other cruise lines - all of which are listed as similar sized (except the Owner suites on Royal, which I believe are listed in the 600+ sq.ft. range) In addition, the decor was quite dated and old fashioned. This also surprised us, as the ship had been dry docked for upgrades Fall of 2009 and we'd been under the impression that the rooms had been updated (we found out later from Miguel, our cabin steward, that the Giant screen above the pool and improvements to common areas are what was completed - no stateroom improvements). However, not wanting to let this decrease our enjoyment, we settled in with the notion that the space would be a bit smaller but we'd be fine for the 10 day cruise despite this. We always book suites and we travel with our daughter, who is presently five. We've found the extra space and added amenities of a suite make traveling much more enjoyable for us all. One benefit on a cruise is that you can order off the restaurant menus and have it delivered as room service. With a little one, this is often a great option as prolonged dinners with multiple courses don't always work well with children. We continued to explore the ship and were disappointed to discover that there is a very heavy sales attitude on board. Buy pictures of yourself boarding, buy pictures of yourself gambling, buy pictures of yourself at this port, buy pictures of yourself at the bar. This, in addition to "buy art at our auction...buy internet time... buy fancy tea and coffee...buy this...buy that." Over half the channels on the in-room television were Princess infomercials and...you guessed it...more sales. "Buy a DVD with memories of your trip". While most ships do offer similar things, they are not pushed in such an overt, commission-sales type of a manner. Suite holders receive free internet and laundry service, however, we're still bombarded with the sales messages by the television and walking through the common areas. In addition, one of the destinations, Huna, seemed to serve no purpose other than to generate more money for Princess, as there was nothing there except a few activities co-created between Princess and the local land owning tribe. They offered a significantly over priced zip-line (more than I've ever seen at any of a multitude of destinations with zip lines), a "rain forest tram" which was essentially a bus style golf cart ride along the shoreline with nothing really unusual or different to set it apart from just walking along the shore on your own. There were other over priced options such as kayaking, etc. However, there was nothing there that was not essentially owned in whole or in part by Princess, and nothing that would draw a traveler to this port if they were selecting destinations on their own. We also discovered that the staff does not have the uber-friendly, uber-helpful attitude that we've always encountered on previous ships. The attitude was a bit more reluctant, a forced, fake friendliness. It was easy to pick up on a depressing, heavy vibe that gives the impression that the staff is not treated well on this ship. If staff members have to fake their friendliness, force their helpfulness, and try to hide a feeling of wanting you to just leave them alone, then something must be wrong. This is the overall feeling we had from most all the staff on board except for our cabin steward Miguel. This is also completely opposite our experiences on Royal Caribbean and Holland America, where the staff all seem genuinely happy and friendly, they bend over backwards to be helpful and there is an overall feeling of happiness on board. An interesting example of our poor service, is that only one time did we receive a room service order correctly during our entire cruise (and we order room service once or twice per day, every day). Typically we'd receive the wrong food, not enough silverware, and it was always cold. The same girl always delivered our food, so you think she'd have figured out there were three of us in the suite - not one, not two. We got to the point of writing down our order and not letting her leave until we verified each item was present, and enough utensils as well. We'd show her the list of items ordered if there was a conflict and often they'd actually try to argue that we ordered what was delivered, not what was on our list. Additionally, the quality of the food was terrible compared to other cruises we've taken. The selection at the buffet was limited and missing expected items. For example, what salad bar doesn't offer nuts, seeds, croutons, shredded cheeses and other such items for the salads?. The bagels were those small, cheap lenders bagels. All the food seemed very processed and NOT fresh. I felt like I was eating at fast food and big chain restaurants the entire time (and my stomach let me know it, too!) You might be thinking, "Well, these folks travel in suites all the time, they're likely rude or snooty to the staff and that's why the attitude." I assure you that this is not the case. We are very down to earth, always super nice and friendly - even when there are problems and issues. So, no, the poor service is not due to cruisers with bad attitudes. This ship does not have the sliding skylight type cover to put over the pool area, so consequently it was always super windy and too cold to use the pool. The only time it was warm enough was near Victoria, CA. So essentially this amenity was useless. They should only use ships which can cover the pool area for the colder cruises. This was a great feature on our Holland America cruise. The kids club and security control for kids on board was very poor compared to both Holland America and Royal Caribbean. It appeared as though the kids club was an after thought and jammed into a space that was ill equipped for children. There were times all the kids of all ages would be jammed into one room because a kid would have puked in another room and it was closed off for hours. (This cruise is very rough and there were many who were seasick or queasy - absolutely need dramamine on this sailing). Our daughter who typically LOVES kids clubs on board didn't want to go because it was no fun for her - that is just awful - might as well not even offer a kids club. They do not issue matching wrist bands to parents and children, so if a child were to become lost or separated they would have no way to determine who's child it is, or in an emergency, what muster station the child should go to in order to unite with her/his parents. All-in-all virtually every aspect of the cruise was a huge disappointment. This is from folks who love to travel and love to cruise and rarely have a disappointing time. We will never, ever consider Princess for a cruise again. I also strongly caution anyone from sailing with them - especially if it is your first cruise, as it will turn you off of cruising forever. Had this been our first cruise we would have never considered cruising again. Thank goodness we've cruised enough on other lines to realize how awful this was and that it is NOT the norm for other cruise lines. We will stick to those lines who receive only stellar reviews going forward. Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
The cruise to Alaska was the main target of our 2010 three weeks trip to the USA. We chose to cruise with NCL, because any kind of Freestyle venue is our idea of a relaxing vacation. We are a 50+ y/o couple, and like to carefully ... Read More
The cruise to Alaska was the main target of our 2010 three weeks trip to the USA. We chose to cruise with NCL, because any kind of Freestyle venue is our idea of a relaxing vacation. We are a 50+ y/o couple, and like to carefully plan our trips ahead. All excursions were booked, we knew exactly what to expect, and were quite excited towards the cruise. We flew from Las Vegas to Seattle via Los Angels, the towncar was waiting for us and we were on our way to the Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue. The room was very nice, and the hotel location was great, everything in walking distance. We had Saturday to explore Seattle, and we loved this city that feels like sort of one of the European capitols we are familiar with. We spent the evening before embarkation in the Sky City spinning restaurant on the Space Needle, and had a great dinner while watching the sun set. Embarkation was quick and easy, and we were on the Pearl before 12:00. We were directed to the Garden Cafe Buffet, had some lunch and around 1330 our Ocean View state room on deck 5 was ready. The room was spacious enough, and we had no trouble fitting our stuff into the closet and our four suitcases under the bed. The window was big, the bathroom was comfortable, and the state room service throughout the cruise was perfect. Every evening we got the Daily Freestyle bulletin, that had all relevant information for the next cruise day. Shopping - we didn't like the too many, actually endless shopping promotions that went around the ship and TV throughout the whole week. Because of the cool weather conditions we (and almost no one) couldn't use the swimming pools and climbing wall. The exercise room was very well attended, and we used it daily, starting at 6AM. Dining - we had breakfast at the Garden Cafe buffet every morning, It was very busy but we had no problem finding a seat. The food selection was quite rich, but we missed the vegetables we are used to eat daily. We loved the unlimited supply of pineapples, and enjoyed tons of it. We ate at two of the special restaurants. Cagney's steak house was excellent, and was well worth the extra charge. The Mongolian dinner at the Lotus Garden was fun, and a nice experience. We had the rest of our dinners at the Summer Palace MDR. The food was very good, and the service perfect. We went a few times to the Blue Lagoon for excellent comfort food, and many times just for coffee. There was always something going on there, and we liked to sit, drink and watch. Entertainment - We liked the Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons show. The other shows were OK. Excursions - Highly priced, but since you have almost no other option, we booked ahead and enjoyed all of them. We flew In a seaplane over the glaciers in Juneau, We took the Mount Roberts cable car, we rode the White Pass train and prospected gold, enjoyed the Ketchican Tomcar adventure and loved the visit to Butchart Gardens in Victoria. As for staff and service, everything, anywhere was perfect. They work very hard, long hours but they always look freshened up with a big happy smile. We salute them all, except one, and here comes the big story of this review: How did a single crew member, succeed to demolish a perfect cruise and NCL's reputation, one hour before disembarkation ? We arrived at Seattle, and started to get ready to disembark the ship. Around 7AM, when my wife stepped out of the shower, she suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. I started to assist her with my limited medical knowledge, grabbed the phone, dialed 0 and was answered by a woman probably at the front desk. I asked for emergency medical assistance and explained the situation on my hands. The woman told me to hang down and wait. It took 30 long seconds, the phone rang and when I answered, a woman identified herself as the ship's nurse, and asked what the problem was. I explained quickly (remember - I was busy trying to revive my wife), and then the nurse said: "We are closed now, you can call a doctor for a fee". I quickly figured out that no assistance will be coming from this "nurse" direction, and proceeded assisting my wife that was luckily showing first signs of recovery. It took another hour until we were able to leave the state room and grab a cup of coffee. During that time, no one from the ship's medical stuff showed up or at least called to ask what is going on. We discussed the shocking event and the ship's crew total abandonment of a passenger in distress, and decided to disembark and file a complaint with NCL management. We were pretty sure, that NCL is running a fair and professional business, that truly believes in customers conservation, and would handle our complaint honestly. In our complaint, we only asked for answers regarding the nurse's unprofessional behavior, but got nothing more than a statement saying "Usually, our stuff is known for their care..." (why not always specially when it comes to a medical emergency ??!!) and a promise for special amenities during our next NCL cruise. We responded quite assertively to this offending reply, and NCL's next reply letter was even more irritating, claiming that our complaint was immediately forwarded to the ship, but "Once the ship disembarks the telephone records are no longer available". We have now quite a nice collection of letters from NCL customers relations department, but still not one good explanation for the Norwegian Pearl nurse "Freestyle" life risking behavior. Lessons learnt from our June 2010 Norwegian Pearl experience: • Disembarking the ship was a huge mistake!! The right thing to do was to refuse to leave the ship until the matter was brought before the ship's captain and medical stuff, while they are still present on the vessel and all records are available !!! • The minute your cruise bill is fully paid for, you are history. NCL doesn't really care if you are dead or alive. • Writing complaint letters and waiting for honest and professional replies is a waist of time. Instead, spread the story around, people read and internalize. • For us - Cruising with NCL - never again !! Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
I cannot overstate how disappointing this cruise was, in comparison to others we've taken (especially RC)! We had a truly awful time - had we not been at sea, we would have left early. The Norwegian Jewel is too overcrowded for the ... Read More
I cannot overstate how disappointing this cruise was, in comparison to others we've taken (especially RC)! We had a truly awful time - had we not been at sea, we would have left early. The Norwegian Jewel is too overcrowded for the amenities on board. There are not enough pools, hot tubs, deck lounge chairs, elevators, or even seating at the buffet for the number of passengers this ship takes on board. Everywhere we went it was impossible to get near anything and there was no order to anything. We did not go in the pools or hot tubs once the whole time - we couldn't get near them. We were never able to get a table at the buffet that accommodated the 5 of us who were traveling together. And trying to get an elevator was frustrating (we were traveling with a baby in a stroller so couldn't use the stairs). The wait for an elevator was excruciatingly long and often when the door opened it would be so overcrowded there was no room to get on so we had to wait for another. This overcrowding held true on the private island as well - not enough lounge chairs or cabanas to accommodate the number of passengers. The buffet is mayhem - very confusing with no natural order or "flow" and very little seating near it. The food is mediocre at best and seemed to be the same thing every single day. And, curiously, there are no trays in the cafeteria which made it extremely difficult to travel with a child. I had to make my daughter's plate, then go back up to get her milk, then go back up for my own plate, etc. The drink stations were - more often than not - out of coffee, or out of milk, or out of something. The staff were not anxious to please. They were "OK" but definitely NOT the over-accommodating types I've encountered on other cruises. If you're used to being a bit "pampered" when you cruise, this ship is definitely not for you! The Tsar's main dining room was the best choice for dinner, though with the "freestyle cruising" style there are often long lines and long waits. The food is just "OK" and often our orders were mixed up, or incorrect altogether. As far as the specialty restaurants, we really enjoyed Cagney's Steak House. We had an excellent meal, which in my opinion was well worth the $25 per person cover charge! Conversely, the hibachi dinner was really not worth the cover - way too much garlic for my taste, and it takes over an hour from start to finish . . Finally, the disembarkation process was utter mayhem! They offered a "walk-off" option for folks who wanted to just carry their own bags off the ship, rather than putting them out the night before. We decided to do this, thinking it would make the disembarkation process quicker and easier. WRONG!!! Once again, there was no order to the process - just 2,800 people racing to get off the ship. The elevators were absolutely jammed and there was no way to get one. There was not one NCL employee in sight - just hundreds upon hundreds of people pushing and shoving - it was absolutely unbelievable! My baby was in a stroller, and was hit in the head TWICE by people's baggage hanging off their shoulder as they push and shove their way through the line. I cannot underscore enough what a miserable experience this cruise was due to the overcrowding.If you are considering the Norwegian Jewel, I highly recommend that you look for a comparable cruise itinerary on RC or another more upscale line. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We were a family group of seven...four 60ish adults, two 30-somethings and a six month old baby. We were looking forward to our cruise on Royal Caribbean with great expectations as all except one in our group had cruised together before on ... Read More
We were a family group of seven...four 60ish adults, two 30-somethings and a six month old baby. We were looking forward to our cruise on Royal Caribbean with great expectations as all except one in our group had cruised together before on Crystal, Windstar, Carnival, Regent, Azamara and Oceania and had enjoyed it immensely. This was the first cruise for my nephew's wife. We arrived at the Port of Miami on Monday at about 12:00. Check in was smooth and uneventful. Cabins may not be entered until 1:00 and this is strictly enforced. Two of our four cabins were junior suites on Deck 10 and two were standard ocean view cabins on Deck 9. The suites were comfortable but not what one would call luxurious. There were no bath amenities. Robes and coffee and tea makers were nice touches in the suites. The suite balconies were spacious but only had chairs...not loungers. We asked for loungers and they were delivered within a few hours, thanks to our very competent cabin stewardess. There is a very wide ceiling overhang above the balconies in midship which blocks a large part of the sky view you would otherwise have. It is clear that these balconies were retrofitted rather than having been original to the ship. If you like tot sleep with the sliding glass door open so that you can hear the sound of the ocean waves, be advised that the smell of engine oil comes into the cabin if you do so. The standard ocean view cabins on Deck 9 were extremely small. the "windows" in those cabins are little more than portholes. If you are at all claustrophobic, the extra expense for the junior suite is well worth it. We unpacked and then went to the Windjammer for lunch. There were lines for all the buffet stations and getting tables was very difficult due to the crowds. The guests appeared to be primarily in their twenties and thirties....more on that later! The food at the Windjammer was standard cafeteria-type food. We hoped for better food in the main dining rooms, but better food was not to be had there either. Two of our group had prearranged for Kosher food. They reported that the Kosher food was very good. Janet, our assistant Maitre D handled the details of the Kosher food very well. The service she provided was excellent...and this was a high point of our cruise. Janet made sure that the next day's menu was presented and that orders were placed for each day. She even arranged for my nephew and his wife to be able to dine on the Kosher food in their cabin. I am vegetarian and there are sufficient vegetarian choices at each meal. Our wait staff in the main dining room were all very good, especially Mehmet! The quality of the food however was below par. The menus at dinner were very limited as to choice. The food itself was not "gourmet" in any sense of the word and did not compare to what we had experienced on Crystal, Regent, Azamara, Oceania, 0r Windstar. All of those lines have food that is far superior to that of Royal Caribbean. If you are a "foodie" Royal Caribbean is not for you! We were disappointed by all of the "nickel and diming" that occurred during our cruise. One morning we decided to have breakfast in the main dining room specifically because the menu offered "freshly squeezed orange juice". This fact was also touted in the ship's daily newsletter. What was not mentioned in the newsletter or anywhere else was that there is an additional charge of $2.50 for the fresh squeezed orange juice! Soda is extra...you must purchase a $25.00 card in order to be able to avoid a by-the- glass charge. The water and cans of soda in the minibars are extra as well. There is a cafe, but you must pay extra for the coffee there. There is a Johnny Rockets, but you must pay $5.00 extra if you want to eat there. Hope you don't need to go to sleep before 3:00 AM! We paid about double the cost of a standard ocean view cabin for our junior suite with balcony located on deck 10. What we were not told was that on Tuesday night there is a pool party on deck 11...right above the suites, that starts at 11:00 PM and consists of a DJ playing extremely load music and encouraging the parties to jump up and down to the music. At each jump, we thought our ceiling was going to fall in. Finally after two and a half hours of this, I called the front desk and asked how much longer the pounding was going to go on. I was told "until 2:30 or 3:00". No "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" no sympathy whatsoever. After I continued to tell them that this was unacceptable, they did offer me a cabin for the night on deck 3, but then changed their minds and told me there was no other cabin available. Needless to say, I was not able to go to sleep until the party was over after 3 AM. I spoke to the "customer service" representative at the front desk the following day, and again there was no apology, and no concern for what had occurred. All that he said to me was that the pool party is a "scheduled event" and that's just how it has to be...they can't do anything about it. The representative did say that "we only had two other complaints about it"....as if that was a good thing!!! You will not experience the level of service on this ship that you would expect even at a Holiday Inn. Finally after speaking with another representative about the sleepless night, I was offered a credit of 25% of the cost of this cruise towards a future cruise on Royal Caribbean and a $50.00 credit against the cost of this cruise. However, after this experience I won't be able to use the 25% credit...there will be no future Royal Caribbean cruises or me other the other six people in my group. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
I have just returned from 7 day cruise on the Thomson Dream. When we arrived at Palma harbour the ship looked impressive, thats when the dream stopped. When you arrive on board the first thing you are greeted with is the smell of sewerage. ... Read More
I have just returned from 7 day cruise on the Thomson Dream. When we arrived at Palma harbour the ship looked impressive, thats when the dream stopped. When you arrive on board the first thing you are greeted with is the smell of sewerage. When you complain you are told the engineers are working on it, after three days you are asked not to hasstle the customer services desk as there is nothing they can do as the engineers are doing everything they can to resolve the problem. Next a letter to all the cabins from the captain to say there is no health hazard. Excuse me but if toilets are backing up, cabins are flooding, stairways closed off and a continual smell of sewerage I think there is a health & safety problem. Thomsons should have flown a director or manager to the ship to assess the problems at first hand. This is a tired ship with broken chairs and sunbeds on deck, I got a chair once on the lower smoking deck in seven days. The tables on deck around the pool are dirty and must be 10 years old. the buffet you have to queue for low grade food on plastic platters with tea stained cups. The only top class meal we had in a week was in the grill bar were there is a £20 supplement. Things were so bad that one of the customers called a meeting in the theatre which was attended by several hundred passengers much to the embarrassment of the Thomson staff. Thomson input ZERO. I don't think there is any point on reviewing anything further about this ship as from what you are reading it wouldn't improve your experience. I have no doubt people will say things were not as bad as I am making out. Question 1 Did you smell sewerage in your cabin or corridor. Question 2 Did your cabin flood. Question 3 Did your toilet back up. Question 4 Did your toilet not work for up to 3 days. Question 5 Did they close the stairway from your cabin and remove ceiling panels. Question 6 Was the food of a HIGH standard not adequate. Finally all I can say to Thomson's is you are very lucky you were not dealing with american customers as you would now be facing a lot of law suits. I will never travel on a Thomson cruise again as they are selling holidays not fit for purpose. Make your own mind up & GOOD LUCK! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Well NOTHING!! We traveled with 7 adults, 4 children as a group, but not hooked together at the hip during our vacation, this was booked as a fun, let loose and hopefully a little romantic vaca with my husband & friends.. Not soo ... Read More
Well NOTHING!! We traveled with 7 adults, 4 children as a group, but not hooked together at the hip during our vacation, this was booked as a fun, let loose and hopefully a little romantic vaca with my husband & friends.. Not soo much!! Not going into alot of details about all the specifics as there are way too many, however I will give you my ratings of this ship overall.. Notice we sailed in May '10, why have I waited so long to post my review?? I wanted to give Carnival a chance to practice "customer" service and make things right with us..but after many phone calls to Carnival's customer care dept since the cruise, hours of my time and finally getting Discover involved there has been NO resolution to my satisfaction, so I don't want to slam but I am going to be honest, and this is my opinion and facts of what happened..Yes I have been on numerous cruises before and have NEVER had as many issues on one ship as we did on the Triumph, in fact even on Pride of America we weren't 100% satisfied with everything but never felt the need to make any "complaints", it wasn't great but it was good...and never before in my life have I ever "disputed" any charges on my credit cards until now w/ Carnival...I am the type of person that just "sucks it up", if I buy something and it doesn't work or I break it in a day, oh well LOL...So with that being said, now that Carnival said they were done with me and offered me NOTHING more, WE are DONE with them and will tell anyone who will listen or wants to know, about our experience not only on the Triumph but with their customer care dept as well and NEVER recommend or will use their line again. I spent alot of time before booking this cruise reading reviews, researching, etc..came to the conclusion that this would indeed not be what we are "used" to as far as beauty and luxury, so our expectations were not high in the first place, however since the price was relatively decent (approx. $1500 for 2 adults) and our friends had already booked it for themselves and we knew we "needed" a vacation soon (husband is in the military and always facing possible deployments at any time) we decided to book it with them and used their reservation agent from Carnival (who was actually the most helpful before & after our cruise than anyone else associated with Carnival). So here are some "specifics" and advice: 1) If you have ANY Type of issue/complaint with ANYTHING while on board a Carnival ship, YOU must go to the Guest Services Desk and make it in writing no matter how big or small the problem is...Carnival told me that because nothing was documented while we were on board we are not entitled to receive any credits, certificates, etc..Just talking to the area "managers/boss" in that part of the ship where an issue could be addressed, does not make a valid complaint with Carnival..I cannot even count how many of "those" people myself and another member of our party talked too while on board, bar supervisors, buffet workers & supervisors, pit boss's in the casino, shore excursion managers (who by the way did take down our information and said they would "take care of it" but because we didn't follow up on it back on the ship, no credit was issued to our sail & sign account, so I had to wait over 30 days,& tons more hours on the phone explaining the situation over and over again to numerous reps, to finally get our "out of pocket cost" (which was not our fault) related to our excursion finally credited back to the credit card!!) It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of time I have had to spend dealing with something that they were supposed to take care of.. So I HIGHLY encourage visiting Guest services as soon as something should arise, make them document it, and yes this will probably result standing in line, I believe the average wait for us each time was about 45 min (and when we went there I think 3 different times, and times of day, all we wanted was to get a copy of our bill & see if my friend's son's swim shorts had been turned into lost and found, they were wrapped up in a towel in their room and yep you guessed it cabin steward)! 2) If you choose to visit the casino and play any table games, I suggest you ask to see the rules they have for each game you play (they are not posted anywhere near the table games and the dealers did not offer up any info on them), some are different than in stateside casinos...but then again that may depend on who your dealer is at that game at that time too, each day we learned a new rule but of course that was after we broke it & didn't know it, they informed us, thank goodness no big jackpots were at stake because I know they wouldn't have paid it out LOL!! During our time frame there was some really nice & good dealers but most of the time not so much. In fact on the very last night one dealer told my friend that if she cursed at the table one more time, she had to leave the table, even though none of the foul language was directed towards him or anyone else, it was just a slip of the mouth while we were having a personal conversation between us about our husbands!! He told us that was a "rule" even though many f-bombs were dropped at that table each and every other night by plenty of other people and no other dealers ever said anything about this "rule"! And you really have to pay attention to your game, I cant tell you how many times they "forgot" to pay out and had to call a pit boss over!! Oh and if you play late at night, be sure to ask what time they will be closing that particular night, after a couple of nights we figured it out every night they closed approx. 15 min earlier than the night before, yes even the table games, in fact the last night there were 3 of us on one table dropping quite a bit of money and having a good time since it was the last night, and they (pit boss & managers) told us we had to leave even when we asked to stay and play.. 3) If you elect to NOT eat in the dining room (and if you do, plan on your meal lasting about 2 hrs!!) but if you don't (my husband & I didn't because he is wayyy too picky) so we ate at the buffet mostly for the hamburgers & fries, again plan on very long lines because of the wait, each time they only had 1 cook..he would cook the hamburgers in the back (maybe like 5 at a time) bring them out, serve those, so those people went on, so he would go in the back to cook more, bring those out and by that time the other foods on the line had run out so he would serve the hamburgers again and then go back and get more of the other foods and drop more fries and then we would wait in line now with cold hamburgers for the other foods. We saw this day after day so, half the time we would either skip the hamburgers and just eat what was ever left on the line or vice versa, we are not impatient people we can wait 10 min but this was like 20 min wait each time and trust me the cook was in no hurry no matter how many people were in line...I understand though because if I was the only person cooking/serving all those people I would be pissed!!! We thought about just ordering room service then to eat since most people would be in the dining rooms, room service surely wouldn't take that long..guess again!! Our average wait time for room service any time of the day was about an hour, and breakfast scheduled for a certain time was anywhere from 15 min- 1 hr late and half the food ordered missing, in fact my friend 2 doors down with 3 kids never even got their breakfast one morning, scheduled 1 1/2 hrs before they needed to leave for their excursion, even after call after call nothing ever came, we ended up giving them some Debbie snacks that we had brought with us so the kids would stop whining LOL...I suggest bringing additional food/snacks like that or stock up on fruit from the restaurants, if you don't have the flexibility of time and want to eat!! Overall the food was average to poor, again I wasn't expecting anything to "blow me away" and be delicious but I did expect a variety (which there wasn't), food at the right temps, and definitely not a hassle to just get something to eat and feel full... 4) Cabins-not too bad, for 2 of us we had plenty of room, nothing pretty or fancy about them, could compare to a Motel 6 or Days Inn type of room...not 100% clean, even the first day but at least everything worked in ours =) Cabin steward tried but pretty much dropped the ball on anything we asked for, never brought me sanitary bags, 4 out of 7 days took our ash tray and didn't leave a new one, we would call when we got in, said one would be brought to us immediately, would wait and wait again & nothing so we ended up just using a glass with water and the next day after cleaning, that icky glass would still be there. I am beginning to think they just come in the room, do a quick vacuum down the center, make the bed, spend too much time on a towel animal, and sometimes empty your trash can. I know that whole week our room was never cleaned thoroughly or even disinfected. So I suggest leaving a list/note/reminder of what you need or want done-just like I do for my housekeeper at home!! I am on vacation I really shouldn't have to spend my time asking/waiting/ & stressing over minute things like this, that Cruise ships pride themselves on in providing for their guest & of course what we are paying for too!!! This is sort of in relation to our excursion but more so about Carnival's customer service-or lack there of. The last port day in Cozumel once we were back on board the Triumph, my husband realizes he doesn't have his cell phone (we used it the entire trip to take all of our pictures) so here we go again...I wont go into all the details about this situation, it was his fault he didn't keep track of the phone, he did make report with Carnival immediately at Guest Services and asked them of course how we can contact the park and the tour operator (thinking it may have fell out of his pocket or our bag while we were on the bus or the water taxi) it was definitely in one of those 3 places as we did use it earlier that day in the park. Guest services made him a copy of the report and told him they would contact both places and let us know what they found out...Never heard another word on the phone situation so on debarkation morning he goes to the desk and ask again and they told him neither place has responded to their email!!! Are you kidding me, email??? Okay fine, its a ship, in the middle of the ocean, whatever!! Well I am done waiting on Carnival to get anything done in a timely manner so when we get home I start looking online right away for the contact info for these 2 places, find Xcaret no problem talk to lost and found, they were great, took my info, and said nothing has been found as of now but if they do find it or it gets turned in they would contact us...after probably calling every transportation company in Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen (on my dime again) that I could find info for and no luck I call Carnival next and just ask them for the NAME of the tour operator they use down there so I can contact them and ask them about the phone myself since they still hadn't "received" anything by email...well guest care dept. doesn't know who the company is, they need to email the ship and ask them, was told give it a few days...call back..nothing...wait...call back...nothing...wait and during these calls I am discussing all my other complaints as well...All I get is "I'm sorry there is nothing I can do for you." Along with the explanation of their policy that all complaints need to be made while on board. Keep in mind not a single person that works for Carnival on board that I "verbally" complained to ever said one thing about going to guest services to let them know. However they would send my complaints/suggestions & request to the ship and will contact me within 10-14 days with an update/outcome and or tour company info..so 15 days later still without hearing anything not even the name of the tour company (by now we have to get a new cell phone, but would still like to track down the phone for our pictures and contacts info) so on 6/2 I call back and ask again and was told to give it 2-3 more days and they will have the rep that I originally spoke to contact me for a follow up...yep never happened, finally on 6/14 I received an email from a carnival rep that I have never spoken too, luckily I didn't delete the email, but she informs me that I have been issued my $31 credit and they would love to see me again!! Not even ONE apology from ANYONE (except from our original reservation agent whom I also talked to when we returned) but not from ANYONE else associated with Carnival in regards to their service & actions that took place on the Triumph. You would think that first time cruisers on Carnival, traveling with the amount of people that we did, a sail & sign account up over $8000, opening a new Carnival MasterCard account, and signing up for a future vaca that they would have perhaps done a little more to rectify the situation and keep us as Carnival customers-NOPE guess not...I told my husband if Carnival would have made this all okay with me, I was willing to give them another try, definitely not on the Triumph ever again, but we would consider another ship. But since Carnival issued me a $31.00 credit (remember that was our out of pocket cost for the transportation to the excursion that was already "owed" to us and told they would make it right with us, and then failing to do so on our on board acct, prompting me to inquire about it, then waiting 30 days and arguing to receive this credit) that they did not owe me anything else and now my disputes are closed & completed..What a joke from literally beginning to end! So we will never be using Carnival again, never recommending them, telling our story, canceling our future vacation certificate, and closing the MasterCard account. Too bad because we are only in our 30's and Love to travel by cruise ship!! But they had no respect for my time, no consideration for my complaints and or suggestions, and didn't follow thru on what they said they would do, so apparently they don't value our business. So a company that does this and makes me feel that way will never receive another penny from myself & family..Again, I don't ask for anything unless I feel I am entitled to it, only one other company is "blacklisted" in our household, that's Sprint =) and that ordeal was over 5 yrs ago...But unfortunately Carnival will now be added to that list. I sincerely hope if you decide to sail with Carnival, you can truly enjoy what you are paying for and have a nice vacation, unlike us =) I know there are thousands of people that are completely satisfied with Carnival and even The Triumph, unfortunately we are not one of them.Good Luck & Happy Sailing!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We are Diamond members and this sailing on the Oasis of the Seas on May 29, 2010 was the WORST cruise adventure we have ever experienced! It's taken us almost 4.5 months to be able to put into words our experiences on this horrible ... Read More
We are Diamond members and this sailing on the Oasis of the Seas on May 29, 2010 was the WORST cruise adventure we have ever experienced! It's taken us almost 4.5 months to be able to put into words our experiences on this horrible cruise. If this was our first cruise, we'd never get on another ship. The Oasis itself is a marvel and the technology on the ship was amazing. However, there were still many non technology-related glitches during our cruise. Here's a summary of our misadventures that added up to a totally disappointing cruise: Day 1-May 29th (embark): Security lines in the Check-In Terminal. One of the guards apologized for the long lines because two security scanners were sent to Mexican ports. We got stuck in a security line that joined up with another one at the machine - we received bad direction from the security staff and had to physically squeeze our way back into the line with no help from the security personnel. Once through security, the lines to check-in by deck were mostly empty, except for the Diamond/Diamond Plus lines. We stood in one of two Diamond/Diamond Plus lines and waited our turn. For some reason our line moved faster. When we reached the front of the waiting line and the attendant at one of the 3 counters in front of our line signaled us to proceed forward, the lady in the next line was obnoxious and wanted special treatment because she was a Diamond member and had waited longer than we did. We let her go. When it was our turn again, the next lady played the same game and convinced the assisting staff that she was there before we were and should go to our open window. What a bunch of stuck-up Diamond members -thank goodness the ship was so big we never ran across them again. All in all, it took us 21 minutes to check-in and started boarding the escalators to board, at approximately 12:45 pm. Not bad but many friends told us it only took them 15 minutes before they were actually on the ship. Once on board, we were directed to the Windjammer for lunch. The Windjammer was packed, crammed and the tables were so close together we had to move our chair every time some passed behind us. It was also very small compared to other smaller RCCL ships. But we do give credit to the staff for the wide variety of offerings, and all served so hot and attractively! The Windjammer sitting area was smaller than any Royal Caribbean ship that we have sailed on and very uncomfortable. We were able to get into our cabin at approximately 1:30 pm and the room was warm. We turned the air conditioning down to the lowest possible setting and felt only a little bit of cool air coming out of the small vents. We called Guest Services and they said they would send someone; no one ever showed up. When we met our cabin steward, he immediately called it in. To our knowledge, no one ever came. We checked out the ship and returned a couple hours later and the room was still warm. We called Guest Services again and they had no record of our calls. The cabin steward came by and he called again. The electrical switches were not marked and the cabin steward had to explain which switch controlled which light. We kept the curtains closed whenever possible and were very careful to keep the balcony door closed because of the whistling sound it made when it wasn't in the locked position. The door was poorly designed for comfort and noise. Throughout the week, the reading light over the bed near the balcony would blink on and off repeatedly. We called that in and the cabin steward also called it in but by the 6th day it was never fixed and was still blinking periodically. The cabinets in the cabin were poorly designed. The delightful wooden cabinets on the dresser were great for storing toothpicks - but nothing else. All week we heard about the $10M spent on art on the ship - wish they had spent the money on better air conditioning in the cabins!! MAIN DINING ROOM. The wait staff consisting of Ruivah and Haye was an outstanding service team that met all our needs. Their service made us go back every evening instead of finding alternative dining. However, our table, #244, was stuck against a column and it was a very crowded area (2 tables from the entrance). There was also some miscommunication with the other 6 people assigned to the table. We dined alone 3 nights at a table for 8. The other family had 2 18-month old twins and English was not their first language. They were a nice family but it was impossible to enjoy dinner as family members kept leaving the table to care for the twins - yes, the twins were also at the table in strollers. It was not a pleasant dining experience but we didn't want to hurt that family's feelings by seeking another table. Spa Cafe. Hours posted on the computer screen just outside the Cafe on deck 6 indicated the cafe was open till 11:00 pm on the first day, and 9:00 pm every night after that. We arrived at the cafe before 10:00 pm and there was no one there. The Spa Manager was nice enough to answer our questions and direct us to the Food and Beverage staff. When we called, the Manager said they close at 9:00 pm - a time not consistent with the computer information screens. Guest Relations arranged for my wife to meet the Director of Food and Beverage to discuss the situation. He contended that the screen did not say that but was still defensive when shown that the screen had incorrect information. He also said he would review video to confirm my being there but never got back to us. Aqua Water Show. It was terrific and amazing - the performers were so skilled and perfect. It was great to see the last show of the cast before the new cast took over during the next cruise. Congratulations on a fabulous show in fantastic surroundings! The only problem with the show is that 4 different scanners did not read our SeaPass cards correctly and we had to wait in line at the laptop before we could gain entrance. Day 2-May 30th (at sea): We enjoyed meeting other Meet & Mingle passengers and spent time checking out different parts of the ship. The huge solarium was disappointing with the limited shaded areas. The Solarium Bistro had very tasty food. We found the offering of so many eating places discombobulated. We seldom knew whether we were paying for food or not!! The Daily Compass was often wrong with events that were not held. We realize that this was printed daily but the information had not been changed in a long time. We showed up for 3 events that the staff was not prepared to host - amazing! And the lunatic staffer who wouldn't let us take the scrapbooking project out of the room until we finished it? How would we finish a "picture frame" of our shipboard memories until after the cruise when we had pictures printed? (She had NO scrapbooking knowledge nor experience!!) Day 3-May 31st (Labadee): We spent the morning ashore and the afternoon on the ship. Day 4-June 1st (at sea): We tried to enjoy the Solarium but it was too crowded and there were very few shaded areas. The cantilevered hot tubs were wonderful but there were no comfortable seating areas because it was located at a major thoroughfare between the pool and the solarium. Day 5-June 2nd (Costa Maya): We stayed on the ship to enjoy the amenities. Day 6-June 3rd (Cozumel): Ice incident. We were standing at the railing of our balcony and trying to converse with the crew of the Grandeur of the Seas across the pier. As we stood there, water and ice came tumbling down from above. I called Guest Relations who sent a representative immediately and saw the water on the railing and a couple ice cubes still on the floor of the balcony. He suggested that window cleaning was going on but there was no one above. The cabin was 2 decks below the back of the outside of the Windjammer Restaurant. I don't believe that your window-washing crews use ice cubes in the wash water! Elevator lunch incident. We decided to go to the Windjammer for lunch. Of course, there was no available seating, even sharing a table with other guests, so we took our lunch back to our cabin. In the elevator, a couple came in a deck below and forced his way toward the back of the elevator and swung his backpack around him and knocked most of my wife's lunch off her plate. She looked at the food on the floor and said, "We can pick it up and put on your plate before you eat it!" I said, "Lady, that isn't even funny!" As the elevator door opened and we left, they yelled as us: "You ugly Americans!" The caliber of guests was certainly the worst we've encountered on any ship. Accosted in Main Showroom Theater incident. I was accosted in the main theater by a drunk passenger who couldn't wait for my wife and I to stand up to let him pass and accidentally stepped on my wife's foot. He continued to the end of the row, circled the front of the theater and ended up behind us. I calmly asked him to apologize to my wife for stepping on her foot. He leaned forward from the row behind us, grabbed the back of my head, and told me "that's bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Others around me said he also slapped the back of my head but I was so stunned I didn't know what was happening. I went to the theater entrance and asked for security. They finally showed up and asked if I wanted to press charges. I had no idea what that meant. Security personnel didn't explain that by pressing charges I would put him in jail and he would be put off the ship at the next port - meaningless since we were returning to Ft Lauderdale. They finally escorted him out of the theater as the performance was starting. Day 7-June 4th (at sea): We stayed in our cabin except for dining and couldn't wait to get off the Oasis! Day 8-June 5th (disembark): Disembarking was relatively easy. However, there were LONGER LINES for U.S. residents in the Immigration section than other foreign residents!! Not as many windows were open for U.S. residents. How could this cruise be improved? Watch out for people who are getting too much to drink. Selling drinks is great, but when their behavior interferes with other passenger, then that's certainly a situation the staff should be available to handle. Honestly? We don't care. We will never sail on the Oasis nor the Allure and it will be a long time before we return to Royal Caribbean. The ship was wonderful nd the activities were fine but the caliber of other passengers was just disgusting!! We've already been on another cruise line and have already booked a second cruise at Christmas. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
The Nightmare.... - Due to power failure on ship, took 3 hours to get through embarkation. - Foul Smell on Ship. - Room was directly above Disco - Til 3 am every night - loud bass pounding. - Room was also right above the outside ... Read More
The Nightmare.... - Due to power failure on ship, took 3 hours to get through embarkation. - Foul Smell on Ship. - Room was directly above Disco - Til 3 am every night - loud bass pounding. - Room was also right above the outside smoking area and place for cigars. Could not enjoy outside deck due to smoke. - Not enough public space. Could not get a deck chair. Worst chair hogging I have ever seen on any ship. - We lost electricity several times during the cruise - twice when in shower with shampoon in hair. Not fun being in totally dark bathroom with no water. - Could not find bar staff when needed - when you could - they would bring you wrong drink. - I have been on some tacky ships before - this one takes the cake. The decor is over the top and too busy. - Missed Belize due to "high winds". Later was informed by crew members that that was really not the case as we were behind a Princess ship in Roaton and due to propeller issue, Princess ship could not leave and we were stuck behind them. We ended up another day at sea after still being in Roatan at 9 am next day. Instead of letting us enjoy another day in Roatan - we were stuck on ship with very poor planned events and again not free space on decks. 5 other ships were to be in Belize on that day - amazing the other 3 ships made it (princess and carvinal the two ships that did not make it). - While I know Carnival will have more kids than most ships - this cruise had over 1200 kids and it was amazing how parents would let kids from 5 to 18 have free reign with no controls. I will never sail Carnival again. I usually sail Princess and due to Carnival being so bad - this may influence me to not use Princess as well. Too bad Carnival does not know how to treat it is repeat customers very well. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010

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