RIB Boat Rides: Sometimes offered from the port, a RIB boat ride takes visitors into the heart of the fjord, offering passengers picture-postcard views of cascading waterfalls, mountains and the fjord.

Urnes Stave Church: The UNESCO World Heritage site is a wooden church that was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and is a breathtaking example of traditional Scandinavian architecture. (6870 Ornes; +47-5767-8840)

Jostedal Glacier: The largest glacier in Europe. There is also the chance to visit the Sognefjell mountain road -- the highest mountain pass in northern Europe, which has become recognized as a tourist route due to its breathtaking scenery. It leads into the Jotunheimen National Park, which also has the highest mountains in Northern Europe.

Viewing Point: For those who opt to remain in the village, a short hike to a rocky outcrop above Skjolden offers the perfect viewing point to take in the bay of the fjord, the rusty-colored houses, the vast reservoir that remains half frozen even in spring and the ever-present mountains. From up here, it's hard to see where the fjord ends, and the mountains begin.