Briksdal Glacier: For many passengers stopping at Olden, the highlight is a visit to the Briksdal Glacier in a national park about 14 miles from the port. The blue-tinged glacier "tongue" pours like spilled paint between granite peaks toward the Briksdalen Valley. Reach a good viewing point by foot via a moderate hike that's roughly a 3.5-mile round trip, or take a green "troll car" (an open-top off-road vehicle) to the banks of a stream where glacier photo opportunities are ideal. A large souvenir shop that accepts dollars and a cafe make for good pit stops after glacier-viewing. Sadly, Briksdal has been receding at a steady pace in the last century. (Access to Briksdal is weather dependent; Briksdalsbre Fjellstove As, 6792 Briksdalsbre; +47-5787-6800)