Mount Varden: If you're in decent shape, hike an hour from the port to the top of Mount Varden, for panoramic vistas of the city, fjord and about 200 peaks, including some in the Romsdal Alps. Varden also can be reached by coach or taxi.

Bergtatt Marble Caves and Quarry: This popular cruise line excursion takes passengers deep into the family-owned Bergtatt marble caves and quarry, about a half-hour drive from the port. Visitors don hard hats and life vests to ride barges into the dimly lit caves while soft music plays in the background, reminiscent of a scene from "Phantom of the Opera." Once inside, passengers are given paper cups and get to sample the caves' pure -- but exceptionally cold -- clear water. Tip: Wear something warm as the temperature in the cave is cool, about 6C/ 42F. Visitors are also shown a film about mining techniques and the marble business. For internet addicts: The stone-walled auditorium offers free Wi-Fi.