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Puerto Limon Shore Excursion Reviews

Puerto Limon (Photo:Simon Dannhauer/Shutterstock)
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14 Excursions Found

#1 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

The Tortuguero Canals

82 Reviews
Immerse yourself in the Costa Rican rainforest on a tour of the canals of Tortuguero.
#2 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Veragua Rainforest

39 Reviews
Take an open air tram ride through Costa Rica's Veragua Rainforest and immerse yourself in its fascinating and exotic ecosystem.
#3 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour

34 Reviews
The Rainforest Aerial Tram glides above the treetops; observe the rainforest canopy and waterfalls on an open-air gondola ride.
#4 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Banana Plantation

25 Reviews
Visit a banana plantation for an enlightening look into how bananas are grown, selected, cleaned, and prepared for their trip overseas.
#5 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Tayutic Hacienda

15 Reviews
Prepare for the ultimate tranquil experience when you venture to the Hacienda Tayutic Resort in Puerto Limon. With its peaceful atmosphere, myriad of rare wildlife and tentative staff, this is an experience you will truly treasure.
#6 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions


15 Reviews
Speeding through the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest, zip-lining is a great way to see the country while having a blast.
#7 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Eco Cruise

12 Reviews
Cruise in comfort through Puerto Limon's jungle canals, experiencing the wonders of the heavy annual rainfall that afford the area its rich flora and fauna.
#8 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Sloth Sanctuary

12 Reviews
Take a tour through Puerto Limon's Sloth Sanctuary, which encompasses more than 200 acres of rainforest and is home to Costa Rican wildlife, most notably the star of the reserve: the sloth.
#9 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Best of Puerto Limon

11 Reviews
There's endless site to see in Puerto Limon. Some popular attractions include the city, the Tortuguero Canals, the rainforest, and the Wildlife Rescue Center.
#10 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions


10 Reviews
Experience all the fun of the Costa Rican rainforest with zip lining, a boat tour, and more.
#11 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

City Tour

6 Reviews
A tour of this historical city will expose you to the remarkable story that contributes to peaceful Puerto Limon. Although Costa Rica's capital is translated into "lemon", it will definitely not leave a sour taste in your mouth with its awesome year-round climate and many species of wildlife.
#12 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Coffee Bean tour

6 Reviews
See real Costa Rican coffee farms and experience this deeply desired plant on guided coffee been tour in Puerto Limon.
#13 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

White Water Rafting

4 Reviews
The dam controlled Reventazon River provides powerful rapids, waves and clean waters. It also features long calm stretches and quiet pools with wonderful opportunities to enjoy the stunning local scenery, wildlife and exotic landscapes.
#14 of 14 Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Snorkeling at Cahuita National Park

1 Reviews
Take your vacation to the fishes with a snorkeling excursion at Cahuita National Park.

Food and Drink in Puerto Limon

An ongoing influx of other nationalities -- from Jamaican to Chinese -- has created a variety of influences on the dishes served in Costa Rican restaurants. Look out for Food Soda (small restaurants) serving favorite local meals of casado (rice, beans, stewed beef, fried plantain, salad and cabbage); Gallo Pinto (pre-cooked and seasoned rice and beans with eggs, sour cream and a soft corn tortilla); Sopa negra (black beans and poached egg); and picadillo (meat and vegetable stew). Other, more international-style restaurants (often in hotels) in Limon and nearby Moin serve good seafood among other more recognizable dishes.

Don't Miss in Puerto Limon

The Tortuguero Canals, a national park created in 1975 to protect the spawning areas of the green turtle (Tortuguero) and the region's rich flora and fauna stretching from Moin to the Colorado River near the border with Nicaragua. On a slow-moving boat trip along the canals (some natural, some manmade), you will see sloths hanging upside down from the overhanging trees, many different types of bird including toucans and probably monkeys and crocodiles, too. Unforgettable.

Worth the trip to Limon alone -- the Aerial Tram ride at Rain Forest, a 1,000-acre nature reserve next to the Braulio Carrillo National Park. This is one of two such centers run by a private foundation (the other is of a smaller scale and nearer the Pacific Coast). Towers, which were inserted into the jungle from the air by helicopters to minimize their impact on the site, support cables along which converted ski-lift gondolas carry six people (five passengers plus one of the center's excellent English-speaking guides). These are well spaced out and travel silently at just over one mile per hour so you can soak up the atmosphere and the unique experience of being up among the treetops of a rain forest.

This is not a zoo or Disney experience so don't expect to see animals -- nobody feeds the monkeys so you'll be very lucky to see any -- but you will see birds and hundreds of butterflies, and learn fascinating facts about this living, breathing forest. This trip will be a ship's tour but it is possible to do it independently. It's a two-hour journey and entrance costs about $50 -- you will, though, find that tour groups are given precedence for gondola places.

You've also got to see Cahuita National Park, which is another nature reserve but with the added bonus of beaches and coral reefs for swimming and snorkeling.

If you've tried and enjoyed the aerial tram in the rain forest, chances are you'll love the Canopy Tour -- although this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Based on some NASA technology, this involves traveling Tarzan-style (except in slow motion) through the rainforest canopy on a series of horizontal traverse cables.

Introduced in Costa Rica by the Original Canopy Tour company in 1997, this is now spreading to other Caribbean and Central American countries as well as to different parts of Costa Rica. The nearest site to Limon is Pacuare, between the coast and the central mountain range (Talamanca). Tours can be booked from the Limon cruise terminal.

Just as spending time on the beach is really a waste at this destination (although there are some good ones around) so is shopping, especially as there is not a lot to buy. The best option is to look out for locally-made ceramics, wood carvings and figures or any other items sold where at least some of the money will go to the charities and foundations set up to preserve the environment in the places you will be visiting.

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