Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Excursion Reviews

Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp cruise excursion
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Not for the faint of heart, Sachsenhausen is both informative and enlightening, if at times disturbing, and should not be overlooked.
Member Image CruiseLv
1 review
Jul 2017
My wife insisted on visiting an example of a concentration camp. I was personally worried about the effect of such a dour topic but agreed to go. While it is as sobering as you'd expect it to be, unless you are steeped in World War II history, you will learn some significant things you were most probably not aware of. Our guide, Tatiana, was unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate. She lived in the former East Germany and could add a great deal of dimension based on that. It's a huge space with a number of persevered buildings but you will have to use you imagination to get the full picture since most of the camp facilities were destroyed by the Russians (after they used it themselves). Another vote for having an expert guide to fill in the missing details. Berlin City Tour portion This largely bus-based whirlwind tour of Berlin was a decent overview, with a stop for lunch, a view of a segment of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial. However, it was not as satisfying as a walking tour would be. It was an add-on to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp tour—which took the bulk of our time. If possible, I'd try to get a walking tour also but Berlin's distance from the port means a 1.5 to 2-hour bus ride both ways and there's probably not enough time to do both well.
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1 review
Aug 2016
Subject hard to take but excellent tour guide who knew his stuff and shared with us in an understanding manner. Could not have asked for a better tour.
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Member Image twizz
4 reviews
Jul 2016
A sobering place to visit. There was a thunderstorm when we were there - how appropriate. Hard to believe that theses places existed...We had lunch in Berlin and then a bus tour of famous Berlin sites.
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Member Image ColinVale
1 review
Jun 2016
Long train ride there and back and if you've never been to a concentration camp then maybe it's worth doing once. I felt the day was a bit rushed and if I had my time over again I would have simply toured the town of Warnemunde where we were moored, that looked very interesting and others told me they'd had a great time doing their own thing.
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Member Image lisab514
2 reviews
Aug 2015
For a very grim destination, this was a wonderful experience. It was a lovely day which helped and our guide Eva was outstanding. This could have been over the edge with sadness but Eva presented the materials in such a fashion that you were moved but not to the point of being desensitized. The city drive after included Brandenburg Gate, Check point Charlie, the wall and was interesting and enlightening again thanks to Eva's knowledge and presentation
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Member Image cruzinfromnowon
6 reviews
Jun 2015
Great excursion with the exception of the 3 hour train ride each way in a train with no climate control and a persistent odor.
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Member Image Bookwizerd
4 reviews
Jun 2015
Brought history to life through stories and visiting the grounds. Bring money for the bathroom on the first rest stop or you will have to buy something to get change.
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Member Image CruiseA4
1 review
May 2015
Seeing the concentration camp was gut wrenching, but a necessary experience. We give it a four star. We had very weak guides on this tour.
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Member Image Ellen in State College PA
3 reviews
Jul 2012
Long day started with 3 hour train ride to Sachsenhausen Camp, well worth the trip. How often do you get to see a camp and actually see crematoriums, barracks, it was an amazing experience. About 2 hours of walking and very informative. This was a highlight. Bus ride to Berlin is about half an hour then we had lunch at the Berlin Hilton, which was excellent. Well ochestrated and plated salad, buffet for main courses and dessert with beer and wine included. Quick stops at Checkpoint Charlie, which is in the middle of a busy street with actors for guards and Brandenburg Gate, wall areas. Very good. Train was late but secure knowing ship wouldn't leave without us.
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Member Image supersecdd
2 reviews
Jun 2012
The tour guide was very knowledgeable. I did not know I would see chimneys in Sachsenhausen and that people were exterminated there and I became very upset when inside the camp. I would not have gone on this tour, but our original tour was cancelled and we had to choose something to do this day. I should have been given a bit more information.
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Member Image Bonica Rose
1 review
May 2012
The guide was knowledgeable and sensitive and relayed a bit of what he knew of his own relative's experiences during the war. The visit through the old barrack/now museum was somewhat rushed---not enough time to read the panels on the walls or floor. There was competition from other groups. Our guide lamented that our tour was started too a bit too late to avoid the rush because of the timing of the excursion from the ship (even 30 minutes earlier would have been better).
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