Costa Maya Dzibanche Ruins Excursion Reviews

Costa Maya Dzibanche Ruins cruise excursion
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Visit the ancient Dzibanche Mayan Ruins to explore daily life and rituals in its ancient ceremonial center. You can even climb to the top of its impressive temples.
Member Image PerpetuallyCcuising
3 reviews
Jan 2017
The ruins at Dzibanche were fascinating - we were allowed to climb onto some of the pyramids, wich was not the case at Tulum. It was very quiet and almost deserted, wich was completely different than at Tulum, which was super-crowded and where you could not enter the structures.
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Member Image Sue Beers
1 review
Dec 2016
We did the Dzibanche and another ruin site 1/2 hour from the first. they still allow you to walk on most of the temples. That makes all the difference. It was a long day but enjoyable. The tour guide was a wealth of information. If you want to see something other then the beach, go for it.
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Member Image CanobieFan
2 reviews
Feb 2016
Dzibanche was AMAZING.
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Member Image chip60
1 review
Mar 2015
We took the Kohunlich & Dzibanche tour with Thomson. A long drive to the ruins. Lunch included. Interesting day out. It was very hot when we visited take plenty of water, also suncream.
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Member Image WeirDave
1 review
Not Rated
Mar 2014
A Real Treat!
If you paid attention to the email that got sent back to you after you sign up for this excursion you will notice that includes a map of directions on how to get to the offices to start your tour. If you didn't print that or you didn't study the map then like me, locating the office will prove to be slightly challenging as you have to exit the entire "port city" and travel a few city blocks down to the Native Choice Office. When you're leaving the ship it seems like quite a distance, partially because of the unknown and partially because there's nothing out there as most of the outlying areas were destroyed by the hurricanes we were told. Thankfully the center median of the road contains trees which allow for shade as you make the trek. It's fairly easy to figure out where you need to be as you come up on it as there are several vans lined up along the road. It appeared that they do about a half a dozen excursions from this location.
Arriving at the offices, we checked it in at the counter and used the restroom. We sat on the bench and waited for other people that were in our tour to arrive each tour is marked by a specific color armband. For our tour we had lime green. While waiting they offered us cold bottled water to drink. There were six other people besides us on this tour. That's it literally eight of us! It became a private tour instantly. Apparently to one of the other ruin locations there were sixty busloads of people. In addition, when we arrived at the ruin site there was only one other individual there besides us! Not only was this great from a tour perspective, meaning it was easy to be able to hear our guide speaking even while we strolled slightly away to take pictures, but the pictures we got were Amazing! It's truly cool to be able to go to a site like this and take pictures of the architectural buildings and have no human present in the shot. One thing in particular makes this site stand out amongst other sites I've been to and that is that you can actually see preserved carvings in the original stucco. It will blow you away. Also, because we were a small group, we actually got to visit a couple of smaller sites located nearby as well. Frine and our driver Edgar were very accommodating. We stopped to and from the site at a gas station and we could use the restroom and buy a snack if we wished. Frine, being a local, was very informative outside of the general scope of the ruins providing us with a cultural insight that was interesting as well. Our tour was capped off by a deviant stop at a local "beverage Mart" that was basically a small block building with bars on the front that served ice cold beer. It was a welcomed treat. It was very nice to be dropped off right at the port gate when we returned to the cruise port. We even had a few minutes to shop for souvenirs before we had to board.

Overall because of the small parties involved this is truly an amazing tour. It's personal it's real and it's informative. Everything one would hope for on an excursion of this type. I would recommend checking it out the next time you dock at Costa Maya.

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Member Image Perstef81
2 reviews
Jan 2012
Dzibanche ruins are a drive out, but worth the trip. We went with Native Choice. Check out my review on Trip advisor here:
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