Edinburgh The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Excursion Reviews

Edinburgh The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo cruise excursion
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The Military Tattoo is a display of international music, dance and precision set against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.
Member Image Lambi
1 review
Aug 2016
Fabulous. We have been to the Norfolk, VA Tattoo several times, but to be at the Castle was so much more dramatic.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image SJS-TX
7 reviews
Aug 2016
A must see if you are in Edinburgh in August. Outstanding performance!
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Provider: Silversea Cruises
Member Image wandwall
5 reviews
Jul 2016
We took two excursions over the course of our 1 1/2 day stay. We visited the Royal Britannica, former floating palace of the Queen of England. Well worth it with individual audio guides to go at your own pace. We also signed up for the tattoo the first day the tickets became available. The ship's tours for this sell out quickly. The bus dropped us off in a parking area and we were led by a guide to the Royal Mile where we had about an hour to browse and watch street performers from the Fringe Festival which accompanies the tattoo. There is a lengthy walk up to the castle where you have tickets for assigned seats in the stands - seats with backs. Ours were in the second to the top row which afforded a good view. Most unfortunately, it poured rain throughout the entire show and despite buying rain ponchos from the local tourist shops, we were all completely soaked by the end (umbrellas are not allowed during the performance). So come prepared with something waterproof and be very happy if you don't need it. The tattoo is an extravaganza of military bands from Scotland and around the world along with dancers and singers.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image girls5
2 reviews
Not Rated
Aug 2014

Someone from Cruise Critic joined Friends of the Tatoo so we could get our tickets as soon as they were available. They were in Section 12, Row R, 38 pounds each. Easy in and out. Excellent excellent show!!
We had private transportation so we got back to the ship well before the ship's buses.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Rosethorn40
17 reviews
Not Rated
Aug 2013

My main reason for wanting to do this cruise during this time frame was to see the Tattoo. Princess has it down to a science. We gathered in the main lounge where we were assigned a bus number. From there we were escorted by bus number to the pier where we got on the bus. Our guide then handed out tickets based on the number in your party. The bus took us to a side street in Edinburgh, where we were told it would pick us up after the show. Then we had a bit of a trek, all uphill, to get to Edinburgh Castel. The guide took us at an easy pace, but it is over cobblestone streets and sidewalks, something to keep in mind if mobility is an issue. From there we got into a queue and waited until they opened the gates. The show starts promptly at 9PM and lasts 1.5 hours. I must say I was impressed, as were everyone around us. I was worried about us being able to find the bus in the dark after the show, but it was not an issue. There was someone stationed at every corner to point us in the right direction, and we didn’t leave a single person behind. Princess had kept the buffet opened late as it was well past midnight by time we got back so that anyone that wished to grab a bite could.

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