Roatan Dune Buggy Tour Excursion Reviews

Roatan Dune Buggy Tour cruise excursion
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Explore the backroads and trails through the Island of Roatan in these all-terrain vehicles. This off-road adventure is an amazing way to see the rugged beauty and wildlife of Roatan, away from the crowded tourist areas of the island.
Member Image carnation63
1 review
Nov 2014

This was NOT Roatan. There was not a choice for Trujillo. We were only the 4th cruise ship to port at Trujillo so the whole experience is very new and pretty primitive. However, everybody who went into Trujillo that we talked to loved it. Everybody drove their own ATV, the time on the ATVs was about 2 hours and my husband said it was very exciting. They forded 2 rivers and a bunch of streams. It is important to have bug spray for this one. It was truly a very untouched jungle area that they went through. The beach was nice but by the time this group got there they had run out of most of the lunch items with only rice and broccoli left. The shore excursion folks back on the boat did refund 25% of the cost because of that.

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Member Image seccor12
1 review
Not Rated
Mar 2014

The port here was absolutely hectic unorganized & crazy, to be honest a little scary. BUT that was because at the last minute we had to port at coxen hole in instead of mahogany bay (some kind of wind problem they said) also I made my reservation for 1:30 when I should have made it for the morning (due to the fact that they were 2 hours behind our time) had to find my own way to the sight, but they were happy to make the change for me when we arrived. We had so much fun on this tour. I mean the buggys were slow, but the experience made up for it. The private beach you get to stop at is something I will never forget. Oh make sure you pay the extra $5 for the mud and wear LOTS of sunscreen & bug spray. They have a monkey at the shop that is so cool!! we decided to take a cab to Little French Key after our ride & our cab driver was a complete JERK! I have never wanted to complain so much in my life as I did about how horrible he was. Anyhow Little French Key is phenomenal!! I was to go back to Roatan just for this place!!

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Member Image tinrose56
3 reviews
Dec 2013

Can't really rate it because it was cancelled but the tour operator (NOT the tour company we booked with) gave us free t-shirts.

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Member Image ronchi01
1 review
Not Rated
Apr 2013
we had a good time. the only thing its dry it hasnt rained so there was no mud. but had a good time. we drove through villages and up were its a beautiful view of the mountains, and then we drove on the beach. which you could go in the water. then you go to a resort you could get food drinks. had a good time
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