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Barbados Photography Tour cruise excursion
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Improve your photography skills with tips and a scenic tour of Barbados from a local professional photographer.
Member Image mikeyk
1 review
Nov 2016
Ronnie Carrington was fantastic, a great day of learning about his beloved Barbados and getting insight on photo tips and techniques.
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Provider: Ronnie Carrington
Member Image slabeaume
10 reviews
Nov 2012
As a photographer, the "in-focus" tour sounded good. I figured a photographer would know where the best views of the island were. I was right---this tour was fantastic and possibly worth the $80 I had to pay for it. Sugar cane was a big producer for them. In recent years, though, sale of sugar has fallen off, but there are still many beautiful plantation houses around the island. We also saw the historic Chattel houses. These houses were built without nails and could be quickly and easily disassembled and moved. Now they own their land and many additions can be seen on the remaining Chattel houses. We spent most of the tour in the Scotland District--a half bowl containing the hilly highlands of Barbados, with a dense, in parts jungle-like vegetation, quite unlike the rest of the island, which is rather flat, deforested, and commonly used for agriculture. Another area we spent a bit of time in was Bethesda. The picturesque coastline reminds me somewhat of the Oregon coastline with palm trees.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image dml71913
1 review
Nov 2012 is one of 2 large tour companies on this island. They provided a very comfortable car and experienced driver for $40/hr US, so we could experience the island on a private tour basis. We did a complete circuit of the island. Highlights included 2 churches, The Crane Resort and Bottom Bay on the southeast coast, Bathsheba Beach, Farley Hill, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill. St. Nicholas Abbey was a very pleasant surprise. We didn't go into the abbey, but the grounds were splendid and awesome for pictures. Farley Hill is restricted in access, but there are still decent photo opportunities and the grounds are very photogenic. There were 4 of us and we paid less per person than the ship tour would have cost.
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Provider: Sun Tours Barbados
Member Image Cindy
15 reviews
Nov 2012
Barbados in Focus was a photography tour with island photographer Ronnie Carrington. This is a great way to see this stunningly beautiful island even if you don't have a camera in your hand! My husband loved the tour, and he hates taking pictures. We learned a lot about Barbados and photography on this tour.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image JoAnneV
6 reviews
Mar 2012
We next stopped in very British Barbados. We did a tour of the island with a photographer with an emphasis on natural rather than historical places. He was really interesting and provided lots of information about the island and its culture. Again, we saw lots of beautiful beaches and tropical foliage. The economy here seems to be thriving. After we returned to the ship we walked into Bridgetown for lunch and some exploring.
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Provider: Holland America Line

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