Playa del Carmen (Calica) Tulum Mayan Ruins Excursion Reviews

Playa del Carmen (Calica) Tulum Mayan Ruins cruise excursion
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Experience the ruins of the walled city of Tulum, which rise above the Caribbean Sea. Explore the archeological monuments of this ceremonial center, which were left as a reminder of this ancient Mayan culture.
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May 2014

We took Tulum Mayan Ruins Express excursion which was fantastic. We boarded a ferry that took us from Cozumel over to Playa del Carmen Mexico. The ferry ride on the way there was was really rocking back and forth and lots of people got sick. We sat on the lower level of the ferry which was enclosed by windows (which were not open) so it was hot, stuffy and smelled. After we got to Playa del Carmen we took a coach bus to the Tulum ruins site.

Our guide was great and his name was Jesus. On the bus he shared a large amount of interesting information about Mexico and what we were going to be seeing on the tour. We were then provided with headsets to wear once we got off the bus. The head sets were light and good quality. The purpose of wearing them was so we could hear him talking no matter how far or close we were to him while we walked around the site in a group. During the tour he also told us an abundance of interesting information regarding the Mayans and the ruins that we were looking at. We then got free time to look at the ruins and to shop at some local artisan booths back by the bus pick up spot. There is not enough time to do all of both so you need to do one or the other. Our guide did a great job making sure everyone was informed about where to meet after the tour, etc and provided such clear instructions throughout the tour which helped make it very enjoyable.

On the way back we got a boxed lunch on the bus courtesy of the cruise ship. Once we got back onto the ferry we made sure this time to sit on the top level where there were no windows. It was a million times better even though the boat was still rocking back and forth.

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