Grand Cayman Pirate Encounter Excursion Reviews

Grand Cayman Pirate Encounter cruise excursion
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Relive the swashbuckling days of long ago when Grand Cayman became famous for being a safe harbor for pirates and their treasure.
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Jun 2016
This was awesome!! I expected this to be cheesy, thankfully I was wrong! I have a pre teen daughter...she doesn't get impressed to much and feels very grown up (lucky me right), well this awesome crew was able to make her smile and laugh! I was so impressed! We walked the plank, we scrubbed the deck and we swam in beautiful water....and there was free rum punch, need I say more! It was great!
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Dec 2015
Family friendly even though there was rum punch. Pirates were discreet.
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Dec 2014

Overpriced booze cruise. Was not billed that way, but that is what it was. People were great however, the crammed way too many people on the "pirate ship" and you could not move around and had to stay in one spot. Excursion left late because they were waiting for people who never showed up and we were short about 30 minutes off of our 2 hour trip. The sailed for a little while told us about some pirates and the history of Grand Cayman (that was nice) and then dropped anchor not too far from the ship for us to "walk the plank" or jump off the side of the boat into the water. That was the best part of the trip. However, there were quite a lot of children on the ship under 10 and the water they had us swim in had a very strong current, so if you were not a strong swimmer, it would be difficult. They should have taken us to a quiet cove where everyone could swim if they wanted to.

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1 review
Mar 2013

It was a lot of fun. I loved swimming in that lovely blue water and no sand! (Jumped off the ship)

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