Curacao Buggy Tour Excursion Reviews

Curacao Buggy Tour cruise excursion
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Guided buggy tours are typically a caravan-style following to explore the untammed nature of the island.
Member Image rpgovols
7 reviews
Jun 2017
Five is too low a rating. Great tour run by people who's main desire is to see you have a good time.
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Provider: ATV & Buggy Tours
Member Image CruisinJamma
1 review
Mar 2017
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Provider: ATVBUGGYTOURS.COM - Leonardo was our guide
Member Image Aerya
1 review
Feb 2017
Booked the mini-jeep excursion with beach stop. It was a lot of fun but bring goggles and a bandana and wear clothes that'll get dirty.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image LCW
1 review
May 2015
Really enjoyable. Picks you up just outside of port entrance. FYI, no restroom at office, as it's a private home. Does have some off road, so you will get dusty. Two stops where you can get in ocean, so bring swimsuit and towels. Bat cave, 'cave of doom', and several other stops. Goggles provided.
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Provider: ATV and Buggy tours
Member Image orvis1
1 review
Mar 2015
If you like a lot of road riding nose to but with the UTV in front of you this tour is for your. My family is used to more aggressive riding so they found it dull.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image
1 review
Mar 2015
What a modern island and fantastic excursion experience. We have gone ATVing many times but this was a fantastic experience for seeing the island. Thankfully you visit the private beach club at the end. You will get very dusty on this tour. This was an Awesome Day!
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image isupilot
2 reviews
Feb 2015

At Curacao we did the mini jeep excursion. This seemed very unorganized at first, as they split us into two groups with our group having to go the beach first. This didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us- get wet and sticky with salt water and sunscreen, then go ride on the dusty trails?! It was early in the morning and thus the water felt cold. The beach was overcrowded. The little cove area where we could swim was filled with little jelly fish that afterwards you could tell had bitten you in various places. The slight discomfort from these bites went away within an hour. Finally we got back to the auto shop where the dune buggy tour begins. You spend a majority of the time driving through city streets. I found this kind of boring, as there was no audio tour explaining what you were seeing or where you were. Finally we got to the off road area and got to have some fine. But this is the part where you get covered in dirt. Highly recommending wearing old clothes, a hat, and a bandana. They do provide you with goggles. After the short off-road session, it was a long drive back via city streets. Once back to the auto garage, we rode the bus back to the port.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image themrpink
1 review
Dec 2014

We did the Off Road Dune Buggy and Beach excursion. This was a disappointment. You start off on a narrated bus ride to the dune buggies. This part was nice and informative. Once you get to the dune buggies you are so excited. You strap in and head out on a very, very, very long ride through the neighborhoods. You are in traffic but there is staff that blocks the intersections so that the tour can stay together. Then you finally get to the off roading. This consisted of a ride full of different cactus, you will get a little dirty. We stop on a rocky coast (coral) to see the water. That was pretty. Then we reverse and head back to the dune buggy building. Everyone felt let down. There was too much riding through a neighborhood and not enough off roading. It was an 80/20 split, 80% driving on the road and 20% off road. I would prefer to ride the bus to the off roading location and then proceed. Once at the dune buggy building, we walked across the street to the beach. The beach was nice but our time was cut short by 25 minutes because on the dune buggy ride, one of the dune buggies broke down. That was a 25 minute wait in the hot sun. The equipment does not appear to be well maintained. Our dune buggy had the check engine light on the entire time. We told the staff and they just sent it right back out with the next tour group. At the end of beach time, we load up on the bus and head back to the ship. The staff kept asking if everyone had a good time and people were honest with NO. I felt bad for the staff but there should be a better description of this excursion so that people know what to expect. Very disappointing.

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image MtnBikerFallDown
1 review
Not Rated
Feb 2014

At 2:30, we met up with our ATV buggy group. We’d booked thru the ship, but the group that does the tour is Curacao Buggy Adventures aka Scooby’s Tours. They were great. They had 2 vans to get us to the site. We got to cross the tallest bridge in the Caribbean on our way. The driver told us a lot about the areas we were driving thru. We met up with the actual ATV guys, signed the usual waivers, let them gander at our drivers licenses and away we went. The crazy thing is, the ATVs are also street legal, so here we are on Razr Buggies, tearing down the roads. The guide that brought up the rear would zoom ahead to intersections and block them so we didn’t get separated. Locals were very friendly waving and smiling. There is a LOT of restoration of the old houses going on. Nice to see! We got to the actual ATV trails and they signaled us to put our goggles on. Thankfully, they provided those. It kicked up a ton of dust and sand. Next time I’ll know to bring a bandana to cover my mouth, too! I think I swallowed/inhaled a lot of Curacao! The trails were a blast, and the guides did not baby us! It was pedal to the metal and we loved it. You wind up popping off the trail to a beautiful stretch of ocean with a blow-hole. You also wind up skirting some gorgeous shoreline, and even hiking up to a small cave that spits out out on top of a cliff with amazing views. The guides were really great to make sure we all go pictures. I can’t say enough wonderful about these guys!!! The tour ended at an ostrich farm that was pretty much a let-down. They had a handful of rough-looking ostriches, a tapir-looking animal, and some really mean geese. One bit me, but I’ve fought with geese before, so I won that round. We loaded back up in the vans and they dropped us off right across from the pier. I knew we had gotten dirty, but when they handed us the little cool, moist cloth, I wiped my face and came back with pure mud on it! Ick! But, again, totally worth it! We had planned to go into the shopping district, but had played a little too hard, so we stayed onboard after showering and just took a nap!

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Member Image dalmuti
1 review
Mar 2013
The buggy tour was a lot of fun! We got to drive the buggies both around the streets of town (and across the high bridge) and offroad. It definitely hit some places that are harder to get to on your own, so the excursion cost was money well spent. The ostrich farm was the one disappointment because there was only a 10 minute stop there. That wasn't enough time to do the tour that the farm offered and it was only on the tour that you could actually get close to the birds. From the area we could actually get to they were more than 100 feet away, so we couldn't even get very good pictures with our super zoom lens, let alone pictures of us with them. The rest of the stops were interesting though, although older travelers should be warned that getting into the caves involved more physical activity than I would associate with the "moderate" in the excursion description. Also, the buggies are two passenger which went well for my wife and I, but you may end up with a stranger if you take this alone or with an odd numbered group.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International

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