Cozumel Scooter Adventure Excursion Reviews

Cozumel Scooter Adventure cruise excursion
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Explore Cozumel's beaches your own way by hopping on a scooter.
Member Image grizelcookie
1 review
Dec 2017
We ended up renting two scooters, 4 of us, and drove around the island to see whatever we wanted. Upon returning the scooters, the staff scrutinized the units looking for every opportunity to keep our deposit - 4000 pesos worth. Luckily, my wife took photos of both bikes from all angles and we were able to prove some alleged damage was pre-existing. Also, beware of scams at gas stations claiming your credit card didn't work for the purchase, and then they take cash instead. The charge does go through, in addition to them overcharging. Beware.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image Cantonfirecruise
1 review
Jan 2017
Do it yourself and have a blast. Went to San Gervasio ruins and drove around island with as many stops as we wanted!
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Provider: Some rental place
Member Image UCJAMES
1 review
Dec 2016
We rented a couple scooters for the day and did a complete loop around the island which took about 2 hours. the views were amazing and the other side of the island has some great restaurants on the beach but they are a little pricey. Also the great thing about the other side is that its not touristy and has incredible views, beaches and wildlife. If you are going rent a jeep independently as the scooters can get a bit uncomfortable on such a long ride and you can explore the island at your own pace for a lot less money.
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Provider: Not Sure
Member Image vbw127
1 review
Oct 2016
A tour of the island on a scooter. Beautiful as it allowed us to experience the island at our own pace. One main road so you can not get lost. Stop a number of times for gifts and drinks. A nice place will love to go back.
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Provider: Self
Member Image getaway_goddess
3 reviews
Jan 2016
This was great - I would suggest renting a scooter to anyone! It was $45 USD for about 3.5 hours and we loved it. We drove the scooter around the island once. It was just a loop so you couldn't get lost. It was incredibly beautiful and really safe. We plan to do this again when we return to Cozumel next year. Definitely plan to do this in advance and bring towels to combine this with a beach trip, there are lots of beautiful beaches on the island that you'll pass on your scooter. We will definitely do that next time. It was a great deal and really fun! At the end you have to fill the gas tank, which was $2 USD! What a deal for a day long excursion.
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Provider: Ernestos Rental
Member Image mbarnes27
1 review
May 2015
We didn't take a sponsored tour or excursion but booked a scooter independently for $41 after tax. We paid cash up front and the operator just had us leave our sea pass with him as collateral. I felt uneasy about this and maybe should have just used a credit card but it turned out fine. I had never ridden one of these but it was easy. Just twist the grip to accelerate and use the hand brakes to stop. They can get moving pretty fast and we enjoyed being able to do a full loop of the island, stopping as we pleased to check out shops or restaurants. The eastern coast is much less developed and you can get better deals but it's also more peaceful in my opinion. About halfway around the island we found out that our gas gauge didn't work as we coasted to a stop. A tourism official passed and we waved him down. We paid him $4 for enough gas to get back so it was no problemo but it could have been had he not been there when he was. I can see the risks of renting a scooter but I'd recommend it anyway. Don't book within the cruise terminal area. The same company will offer you a rental for less money just feet outside of the gates. Don't be afraid to haggle a little bit either, just don't be insulting and be willing to pass on the opportunity.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Ex-Roughneck
1 review
May 2015
Scoot Coupe, 3 wheeled tour was OK. Memo the guide was a nice guy. We drove down the coast and stopped for lunch in a beach area. We later went back to the city square for a bit of shopping. Not bad. Was worth $61 each. We had fun
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Jay Swift
1 review
May 2014

Don't do it. These guys offered us tequila before we rented. We declined. Scooters were $40, then additional $$$ for insurance, then liability, then get the idea. Turned out gas gauge was bad, and we had to cut our trip from the beach short so we could be sure we'd make it back without running out. I won't bore you with the accident details, but all the guys wanted was cash and more cash. We finally had to go find the police. My credit card company has advised I cancel the card. My advice to you? Stick with ship excursions...the savings isn't worth the danger and the aggravation.

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Provider: Rentadora Delfines

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