Cartagena (Colombia) Segway Tour Excursion Reviews

Cartagena (Colombia) Segway Tour cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Enjoy a short glide through the walled city where you will learn to operate the Segway PT while exploring the most representative landscapes of the area.
Member Image Virginwill
1 review
Jan 2017
Two hours tour of old walled city on Segway. Great fun!
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Provider: Cartagena Segway
Member Image FriscoLady
1 review
Dec 2016
This is a wonderful way to see Cartagena! Especially since this was a very short port day for us. We had to be back on board by 2pm so a walking tour was out of the question. This was a fun alternative.
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Provider: Segway Cartagena
Member Image rmtheisen
1 review
Oct 2015
Excellent small tour of the history city of Cartagena. Booked through Segway Tours of Cartagena. This is THE best way to see this historic area. It was quite hot and humid - I wouldn't have been able to walk very far and certainly couldn't have seen so much. Cesar is very knowledgeable and extremely entertaining. We learned alot about this city and riding the segway is easy and fun for almost any age.
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Provider: Cesar Reyes
Member Image Bonmac
1 review
Jun 2015
This was a lovely tour. Tour guide was excellent and segways are fun.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Jack & the Bunny
1 review
Apr 2015
We went on a great 90 minute tour of the walled city! The segway is easy and quick to learn. Soon we were gliding through the city with our very knowledgeable tour guide.
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Provider: Cartegena Segway Tours
Member Image ellbelle
4 reviews
Apr 2015
Only four of us on this tour with another couple from the ship that booked independently as well. Cesar is an excellent guide and would recommend! Segway is really easy to use, beautiful walled city.
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Provider: Segway Cartagena
Member Image dfriise48
2 reviews
Oct 2014

Cartagena was the second port on our Princess cruise to the Panama Canal. It was our fourth cruise and the first booking our own tours rather than just go with what the cruise lines offer. After a bit of research it looked like this was a decent value and a great way to cover a lot of ground in the limited time we had in port. It also helped that all of the online feedback I found was universally positive. One of the highlights of a visit here is touring the historic walled section of the city which is about a 15 minute cab ride from the cruise terminal. We were greeted at the Segway Cartagena office by the owner and tour leader Cesar Reyes. Cesar, who is a native Columbian had spent time in the States and actually attended Syracuse University so his English is excellent. My wife and I are both in our 60's and I am not the most highly coordinated specimen on the planet so it was with some trepidation that I signed us up for this adventure. Much to my amazement with Cesar's excellent tutelage we were off and away within five minutes of donning our helmets. We had signed up for a 90 minute tour and with his knowledge of the area and its history and his great personality it was very informative, highly entertaining and just a great time. After the tour our shuttle driver was waiting and since we had several hours until we had to be back to the ship we negotiated a city tour to see the old fortress and then the new part of the city. As it turns out my wife and I later agreed we would have enjoyed ourselves more if we had just taken some extra time to stroll through parts of the walled city after our segway adventure rather than partake in the city "tour". The first place we stopped was at a jeweler that of course specialized in emeralds. The sales pitch was as relentless as it was annoying. As our "tour" progressed our driver Joaquin and his copilot Gilberto all but berated us for not taking advantage of the fabulous emerald bargains laid before us. To top it off as we returned to the port Gilberto tried to shake me down for a tip for himself. Needless to say he got exactly what he deserved which was nothing.
I would definitely do it again. Cesar was terrific and his 90 minute tour is $70/person payable at the conclusion. He accepts plastic and uses Paypal. The shuttle is $15/couple each way unless you negotiate any extra excursions. My only caveat is should you decide to take any additional side trips have a pretty definite itinerary in mind to avoid being led around by the agenda of your cabbie.

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Provider: Segway Cartagena
Member Image newlywed14
1 review
Sep 2014
Not the tour guys fault but i could not segway. Im 27 and fit. But obviously i have no balance. Not very romantic when the tour guide had to drag mine behind his the whole tour! Never again.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image rickmont
2 reviews
Not Rated
Feb 2014

One of the best tours ever.

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Provider: Cesar with Segway Tours
Member Image velevele
1 review
Dec 2012
I wrote a long review of this on TripAdvisor, where this company has more than 90 ratings, all 5-star as of right now! Short version: owned by a young man, Cesar, fluent in English and with a great sense of humor. Segways are very easy to ride, and in the HOT Cartagena climate, it was great not to work up a sweat, and to create our own cool Segway breezes! Cesar hit all the high points of the old town, with interesting commentary, and plenty of picture stops. (I booked the longer (90-minute) tour.) He also picked me up right at the port, very convenient. I can't recommend this tour and company highly enough!
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Provider: Segway Cartagena

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