Alexandria Pyramids & Nile Cruise Excursion Reviews

Alexandria Pyramids & Nile Cruise cruise excursion
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Enjoy a unique view of the ancient pyramids and Cairo's magical waterfront.
Member Image LilRoo
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Oct 2014

Our overnight shore excursion to Cairo with Samir Abbass of Real Egypt Tours included the Pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx. These iconic structures are truly impressive and are a must-see. If you plan to go inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops (a steep extra charge) be aware that it is usually very crowded, hot, and stuffy. If you are the least bit claustrophobic, don't do it. When we went you could only access the Great Gallery and the King's Chamber. It was actually a bit of a letdown. If you have the time, you may want to go inside the Red Pyramid at Dashur instead. The Red Pyramid was built by the father of Cheops and is almost as big and is very similar to the Great Pyramid. It also has a Great Gallery that goes downward instead of upward and is absolutely free of charge with no crowds or hustlers anywhere in sight.

We also experienced a falluca ride on the Nile and places such as the City of the Dead, The Citadel/Mosque of Mohammed Ali, The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the Bazaar, Old/Islamic Cairo, and many parts of the city that few westerners see. Experiencing the back streets of the city and the fabulous works of art in the Museum of Antiquities was fascinating. Walking the Bazaar, and the streets of Old/Islamic Cairo after dark was a wonderful experience. Stopping in various mosques and taking the time to talk with locals was a highlight. Egyptians are a warm and friendly people. Get to know them, their culture, and their language a little better and you will be rewarded tenfold.

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Member Image luczai
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Oct 2012
We booked this tour with Cunard because we were not comfortable going on our own in this somewhat hostile environment. The lower rating is not really Cunard's fault. Egypt just isn't a very nice place to visit right now. It takes a 6-hour round trip bus ride from Alexandria to Cairo, so we didn't have a lot of time to see much other than the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Solar Boat. The Nile Cruise was pretty dull. The only people we met who enjoyed Egypt had done an excursion to another site where they were actually able to see decorated burial chambers (the Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo are completely stripped of decoration). We did get some good deals on personalized gift items and felt safer in the big group, so we probably would still have done a ship tour, just not the Nile Cruise. The lunch at the "5-star" Hotel was awful in our opinion but a number of the other guests thought it was okay.
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Provider: Cunard Line

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