Ketchikan Zodiac Boat Excursion Reviews

Ketchikan Zodiac Boat cruise excursion
Overall Rating
Emerge into Ketchikan’s true backcountry as you embark on a zodiac excursion around Alaska’s coastline.
Member Image sbachleda
7 reviews
May 2017
Great tour. Saw lots of Eagles, seals, dolphins, and other birds. Walked through the rain forest with our guide. Learned about the area and the plants, trees and wildlife.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image db5412
1 review
Sep 2016
This was a highlight of our cruise for me. We had perfect weather throughout the cruise tour, but this day was exceptional from the personnel who assisted us, the walk through the forest, and the seafood feast we were provided. While this is quite a pricy excursion it is right up there with the top of many we have taken on our 29 cruises. Make sure to get the waterproof gear provided just in case you have other than sunny weather!
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image AG123456
2 reviews
Aug 2016
This was the best most entertaining excursion Claire was great tour guide with boats so we saw seals, whales, eagles, etc. They provide all gear including binoculars.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image scotchies
1 review
Jul 2016
good trip got lucky on the weather, wouldn't want to do this on windy rainy day's.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image KCRoyalsCruise
1 review
Jul 2016
Four person zodiac boats that you get to trade off driving. Great scenery and they give you gear to wear. Only thing you need to bring is a scarf as it was windy. The guide was wonderful.
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Provider: Boatman's Adventure
Member Image Charliedog1121
1 review
Jun 2016
Excellent excursion with a fabulous guide, David. We each drove our own boats and saw many Bald Eagles and seals. They provide rain gear so it wasn't so cold. Great timeMy 10 yr. old daughter loved bouncing around on the boat. This is not a tour for people with neck or back injuries as you do get jarred when hitting those waves..
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Member Image elehuak
3 reviews
May 2016
AWESOME!!! Drive your own Zodiac. Get the locals to take you around point out wildlife that you wouldn't see on your own. See some awesome Eagle action. Wrapped up in warm attire. Given some crackers and salmon spread and some warm coffe/coco/water after the trip.
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Member Image Arling2nGal
8 reviews
Aug 2015
Unfortunately, it rained heavily during our excursion which really limited our visibility. They had provided us with multiple layers of rain gear, hats, gloves, and visors, but it was still a cold and clammy experience. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Had I known it was going to be raining so heavily (apparently, it almost always rains in Ketchikan), I would have skipped this excursion.
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Member Image MikeyTexasT
1 review
Aug 2015
We went to an island rain forest.
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Member Image Mamai5
1 review
Aug 2015
Our boat had a problem; the bilge kept filling with water and we could not keep up with the guide or other zodiacs:(
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image AlaksaCruise
1 review
Not Rated
Aug 2014

Spoke with the Zodiak (*Ketchikan Outdoors), family owned co., before sailing to check on the level of safety and impact to the body while boating (my dad has bone cancer). They suggested we wait at least 48 hours prior to arriving to see what the wind/weather was like. Anything over 10 mph winds would make the boating excursion a little ruff. Called the Ketchikan Outdoors as soon as we arrived into Port and they were able to fit us in. Weather was as expected in Ketchikan, rainy-cold but perfect!! We had a fantastic time - saw a few eagles.

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Provider: Ketchikan Outdoors
Member Image JohnCoMo
2 reviews
Jun 2014

We booked a zodiac adventure on our own because we wanted to make sure that the operator was the one that we read great reviews about online. It was a family run operation and the staff was extremely nice. The weather in Ketchikan that day was beautiful so it was not cold and the water was smooth. We say several eagles and other birds.

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Provider: Ketchikan Outdoors
Member Image ladyyhawk
1 review
Not Rated
May 2014

Zodiac's are super fun to drive and they bait the eagles to fly down - I got the best pictures ever.


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Member Image debkaysmith
8 reviews
Sep 2013

Aside from the 18-foot incoming tide and the swells, this was hands-down the best excursion ever. We had an incredible guide who pointed out orca, humpback whale, bald eagle, and seals. He had some terrific side stories and we stopped near the totem pole park as well. Really really fun!! We wandered Ketchikan for a bit and stopped into Ketchikandies (always do) and sampled a few bits of their divine chocolate. There are some cute little shops around town to stop into with art and snacks too.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image RuggedEmu
1 review
Aug 2013

Ketchikan Outdoors is amazing! We got there and they had sold out of their first tour time but the owner called her husband and opened up another time for us. It ended up being just the two of us on the boat with our guide leading us in a separate boat. He was incredibly knowledgeable and interesting and catered the tour to our interests. We saw lots of wildlife, including a bear, sea lions, seals, and eagles. This was definitely the highlight of our trip! The town of Ketchikan is small but there is much more to it than Haines and it is not Disneyland Alaska like Juneau. Also Creek Street is great!

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Provider: Ketchikan Outdoors
Member Image JimeBeMe
4 reviews
Jul 2013

This was not a Disney ride, but a real aluminum bottom inflatable with a 40 HP motor on the back. It easily got up on plane and zoomed all over the waves. You take turns driving, and you certainly may get wet! The guide was in another boat nearby. We ended up not seeing much wildlife, but still had an awsome ride. Again, Go Pro videos will be viewed again and again!

Creek Street is really neat too, especially if you can find a time when fewer people are there. We spent too much time trying to claim our charms from the jewelry stores closer to the ship, and missed out on spending more time on Creek Street. There's always next time!

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Member Image SjGoebel
1 review
Aug 2012
this excursion was pretty fun we each got to drive our own boat we drove out and seen eagles, star fish and gotta see a mother and her babies killer whales and then went back and had hot chocolate. for what you did i think the excursion was pretty high price for what you actually get to do.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image BMKguy
1 review
Jul 2012
Perhaps my rating is biased since only my wife and I signed up for this tour. So, we had a boat to ourselves and I did all the "driving." Great fun! Our guide, Ash, in his own boat, was excellent. Inter alia, we saw more whales on that tour than we did from Sea Princess. Ash had a frozen fish that he tossed over the side. We got to see the eagles appear from nowhere and one swoop down to grab the fish only 10 feet away. When we returned to the dock we were served a hot drink as well as crackers and an excellent smoked salmon pate. I'd likely have been somewhat less thrilled with this tour had there been 3 other "drivers" in the boat.
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Member Image gra2172
3 reviews
Jun 2012
We did a coastal expedition in a boat of 4 people. You go out about 10 miles or so into the bay and see what you can see. The tour guide (who looked just like Rachel Mcadams) would stop every so often and tell you about the site or some history and really knew what was going on. We saw, bald eagles, seals, a whale and some goats.
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Member Image Sarah Ball
May 2012
Took an excellent excursion with Ketchiken Outdoors, driving our own Zodiac boat around, checking out the views and wildlife. What a fab day! That took up most of our time in Ketchiken, but we also hung out in a cool bar, The Asylum, where they offered free Oysters, excellent beers, and in-bar take-away service from the Burger Queen next door - how can that be beaten?! Would have liked to see more of the town, as we didn't even make it to Creek Street.
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