Puerto Vallarta Pirate Ship Adventure Excursion Reviews

Puerto Vallarta Pirate Ship Adventure cruise excursion
Overall Rating
"Arrrr Matey"… prepare for a swashbuckling experience as you set sail on a pirate ship adventure. You'll be a part of an interactive show, while you enjoy delicious food and experience Puerto Vallarta in an inventive way!
Member Image TTPease
1 review
Apr 2017
the show was really fun. we had a great time
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image nickb44
1 review
Apr 2017
A 2 hour rough boat ride to a tiny beach that doesnt have bathrooms, bars , restaurants or stores nearby. Only 1.5 hours were spent on the beach out of a 6 hour excursion. Save your money and don't do it!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image chalce
1 review
Jan 2017
Crazy Chicken was hilarious. He was the host of our group. This was a fun excursion. Open bar and a wonderful hot lunch. We did a B2B and also went on the Yelapa & Mahajitas Beach excursion which was great too. Open bar, banana boats Pablo was great. Both excursions were a lot of fun and well worth the price.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Vernijean
1 review
Dec 2016
Description didn't state the transport to the beach was 2 hours long, 4 hours round trip. Even with seasick medicine, it was too much sea for me and I was not able to enjoy anything. Others seemed to have a good time.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image papagreywolf
1 review
May 2016
had breakfast and lunch onboard this ship , watched a couple of skits they performed for us spent most of day at a private beach with open bar highly recommend this for everybody even the young children had fun
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Elitest
1 review
Mar 2016
This could have been a fun experience. But instead turned into a nightmare. We were sailing on the Crown Princess and booked this trip through the cruise line. We got off the ship and met our pirates and they walked us over the ship. They offered some drinks and we set off for the beach for lunch and snorkeling. As soon as we got out of the marina the seas got rough. probably too rough but ok let see what happens. As we continue to go the weather got worse and the seas got rougher. they tried to put on their pirate show to keep everyone calm. About an hour into the trip my 9 yo son was not feeling well. he spent the next few hours over a trash can. at that point the tender boat we were dragging along with us broke loose. we had to stop and turn around and go retrieve the boat. Probably another sign this should just stop and gone back to the pier. But no we keep goings. So after 2 1/2 hours of rocking and dipping and water pouring over the sides of the boat, we get to the tender point to get to the beach. Somehow they got a boatload of people in the tender boat and they headed to the beach. they were getting knocked around but made it. Then one more boat full of people headed to the beach. During loading the 3rd boat a woman fell out of the boat into the ocean. The Crew did scramble to pull her to safety. But they did. At that point I asked who was in charge and they pointed the the captain up top. He was worthless. Myself and another passenger told him this was enough and unsafe and it was time to go back. After 30 plus minutes of the crew arguing with themselves they finally agreed it was time to head back. But they had to go get the people they dropped at the beach already. So another 45 minutes before they find everyone and get them back the ship. Then we have a 2 1/2 hour ride back to the marina. at this point I had to share the trash can with my son. We finally make it back to the pier. they docked about a mile farther away from where we left and we forced to walk back to the ship. As my wife was standing up to get off the ship another wave hit the boat and she fell down and hurt her back and elbow. We couldn't get off this dangerous adventure. My wife made me tip our pirate, who I will say did keep checking on us and tried to do anything he could. So Pepe, you get a gold star. For the rest of the crew, you all should have to walk the plank. I would say it would probably have been a great experience if the weather would have cooperated. But the crew needs to know when it is safe and when it is not. When they realized it they should have stayed closer to the marina. They could have done their show, fed everyone and gave everyone a few drinks and then went back to the pier. If they would have done that it would have been fine and everyone would have been happy with that and not being trapped and sick for 5 hours. I voiced my concern and displeasure with the cruise line and they credited us back part of the cost after talking to the tour operator. Once pressed they increased that credit. When I got home I talked to their corporate office and got the rest of the refund due. Which was the right thing to do at the beginning. The sad thing is Princess is out the money as they had to pay still. But at least they protected their guests and made me happy. For which I will cruise with them again. But will never go on the Puerto Vallarta Pirate Tours again. If you do and the weather doesn't look good, do yourself a favor and don't get on the ship. You have been warned.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Missy822
1 review
May 2015
Like being trapped at somebody else's kids school play. Dirty crowded beach.
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Member Image bobtrains2004
1 review
Apr 2015
This excursion was a lot of fun. The staff on the ship were great. The entertainment and food served were very good. Overall a great value for the money.
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Member Image MontanaDoc
1 review
Mar 2015
Wife and daughter seemed to have an ok time. Wife had accidentally dropped her goggles into the water and was forced to pay $20 US to replace...right then and there. $20 for goggles?!?! Won't be doing that again. Also was embarrassing for wife
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Member Image YoungGangMom
Oct 2012
Once you board the ship just off of the port, you watch a pirate show while being served drinks and interacting with the crew. You hit a beach where you can banana boat, snorkel, kayak, and swim. There is a treasure hunt for the children and beer and bottled water are available at no cost. During your ride back to the port, you are served lunch below deck. The food was good and portions were large. Back up to the main deck for some more entertainment. When you head back to the ship there is plenty of shopping by local vendors before you reboard the ship.
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Member Image Cruisin' 8-)
6 reviews
Oct 2012
The Pirate Ship Ahoy was better than what I had been expecting. It was a live action pirate adventure, kayaking, snorkeling and I was impressed with the food. This was a full ship as the Holland America was offering a free excursion to get us off the ship to do some work. It was a challenge as the waves were big and the we had a number of people with mobility issues.
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