Grand Cayman Jet Skiing Excursion Reviews

Grand Cayman Jet Skiing cruise excursion
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Have an unforgettable blast jet skiing on the waters of great Grand Cayman -- you will be exhilarated with the breeze and beautiful views of the island!
Member Image SageUT
1 review
Aug 2017
Grand Cayman was by far our highlight of the trip. We booked an excursion privately instead of through Celebrity because I wanted to jet ski and Celebrity didnt offer any excursions with that. We went with Discount Excursions. The cruise ship didn't dock and instead we had to tender (take a ship) from the cruise ship to the port. We didn't realize this and we arrived in George Town at 10:30am and that is when we got a ticket for a tender and didnt end up getting to the port under noon. Get a tender ticket before the time they say it is available. We almost missed our excursion but luckily it was at noon. We went jet skiing and it was really choppy but we had a lot of fun, we just couldnt go very fast. We took jet skis out to Sting Ray City which was out in the middle of the ocean on a sand bar and was amazing feeding and feeling the sting rays. We then went to Starfish point and saw some starfish in their natural habitat. Lastly, we went snorkeling at Rum Reef and it was amazing. So many fish and gorgeous coral and clear clear water. Just being out on the water was incredible and we both loved it. It was $120 a person for our own jet ski and we felt it was worth it. The only issue was we were starving because we went all day without a lunch break and couldnt eat until 4pm that afternoon. Worth it though.
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Provider: Discount Excursions
Member Image wloyed
1 review
Jun 2017
I can't say enough about the experience. Staff was great! We were able to enjoy all the water had to offer from our own jet ski rather then a boat load of travelers. Sting Ray beach was one of the most amazing places I have ever seen and it must be on any beach travelers bucket list!
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Provider: Fat Fish
Member Image Cantonfirecruise
1 review
Jan 2017
Brutal waves made snorkeling difficult and jet skiing painful. I'd do it again though!
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Provider: Adventure something
Member Image dcross1244
1 review
Nov 2016
We did the Cayman Islands stingray city trips and rented our own jetskis through the guys at Action Watersports. Cool experience, everybody at the sandbar was jealous of the groups that got to jetski in, instead of being stuck on a big catamaran with 50 other sweaty stinky people. Stingrays are tame and friendly and theres LOTS of them when they sense that you have bait in the water. We held and fed a few. Helpful tips - this is open water jetskiing. It is bumpy and theres lots of spray. I had to put my scuba goggles on to see, and my girlfriend was wearing a bikini and got some serious leg chafing from the seat. Maybe board shorts are a good call ladies.
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Provider: Action Watersports
Member Image Ericinlngbeachny
2 reviews
Nov 2016
took a Jetski tour out to sting ray city. The tour was amazing. The water was a bit rough but we made the best of it. The guides and equipment were all top notch.
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Provider: Ebanks
Member Image ferrcad
1 review
Sep 2016
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Curtw
2 reviews
Aug 2016
Water was very choppy, we were advised not to jet-ski. I believe they suspected we wouldn't have fun. But it was a blast, jumping waves, staying soaked. Take eye protection if you are not accustomed to salt-water jet-skiing!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image bdfitz53
1 review
Jul 2016
Discount Excursions Grand Cayman was awesome! Best excursion of the whole cruise. We did the jetski snorkel, stingray swim, starfish point. They take no more than 5 jetskis (6 including the guide) so you're guaranteed a small group. The snorkel spot was amazing and better than any other snorkeling we have done in any location. Carl was a fantastic guide! Highly recommend.
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Provider: Discount Excursions Grand Cayman
Member Image jarand
6 reviews
Dec 2015
This is our second time on Fat Fish, and it was just as much fun. They pick you up by the Hard Rock cafe and take you to their private pier where you get on jet skis and zoom out into the ocean. What a ride! You stop at Stingray City where you have a private guide and box of squid to feed them. Then you go snorkeling and also a stop at a gorgeous starfish beach. Great excursion!
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Provider: Fat Fish
Member Image dkbaug
1 review
Oct 2015
They had excellent ratings on Trip Advisor, so went ahead and booked. It was rough water that day, and only our group of 4, which was nice, but once we started out, it was full-throttle (52 mph) to keep up! Was bruised head to toe, and could walk very well the next day. Rode to stingray bar which was cool, then to starfish beach, also very cool. Guide took pictures of us in water both stops.
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Provider: Fat Fish
Member Image thixson
1 review
Apr 2015
Awesome! Took wave runners to see the stingrays at the sand bar, then to a reef for snorkeling, and then to star fish beach! So much fun! Booked through Discount Excursions
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image fandssullivan
1 review
Not Rated
Jan 2015

We took a 2.5hr jetski tour with Fat Fish Adventures and it was AMAZING. We ended up being out on the water for almost 3hrs, people were allowed to go as fast as they could (the jet skis went to almost 60) and circle around when others in the group were slower (I was in the "30s" category myself, but my DH was going close to 60 the whole time!). We went through the mangroves, out to stingray city, then snorkeling and ended up at starfish island. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour as the groups are small (max 5 jet skis at a time), the value is excellent and the guides are very knowledgeable.

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Provider: Fat Fish Adventures
Member Image PandaFan
1 review
Jan 2015

We had really big wave runners that would get up and MOVE. It was a bit hard due to the rough seas that day, but what an adrenalin rush!! Don't go if you are not up to it. It was are for some of the older guys in our group..

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image SJK120
1 review
Not Rated
Jul 2014

We followed our tour guide on jet skis to stingray sandbar, then on to snorkel, then on to star fish point. He was safe, knowledgeable, and completely of service to our every need.

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Provider: Fat Fish
Member Image Caseyfink
1 review
Jun 2014

in grand cayman we booked a wave runner trip through grand cayman cruise excursions. Our transportation was prompt and after gathering the other riders took us to a resort on the other side of grand cayman. We geared up and set off on a awesome 6 mile ride out to the stingray sandbar and rum beach. This excursion was beyond amazing, The port was just ok. Very commercialized.
The last day was a sea day again, and like the first... Everything was crowded.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image trotterlvr
1 review
Not Rated
Feb 2014

All correspondence with Ebanks was exceptional. Price was very good compared to others. They were waiting for us right where they said. Upon traveling to site however the weather on sandbar was rough and the sand bar closed. Ebanks gave us the choice of cancelling and suggested it as visibility would be poor for snorkeling. They then offered to take us wherever we wanted and suggested Surfside bar on 7 mile beach. Turned out very nice and fun.

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Provider: E Banks
Member Image Luckyone2
7 reviews
Not Rated
Apr 2013
Wow, we loved Fat Fish Adventures!
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Provider: Fat Fish Adventures
Member Image RovinBee
4 reviews
Dec 2012
Our excursion was excellent! We met our driver who was On-Time only a short distance from the port and he took us directly to meet our jet ski guide who quickly got us and another couple onto the ocean for a thrilling ride out to a stingray sandbar. Once anchored in the chest deep, crystal clear water, we put on provided snorkel gear and were given near 40 minutes to play with the rays. From there we rode to a different spot in order to spend near another hour snorkeling. There were no crowds, just beautiful water, colorful fish, coral and stingrays that were playful and friendly beyond belief. Our driver even made local food suggestions on the return trip and dropped us off there so we could experience as much during our short stay as possible.
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Member Image flrealtorlady01
1 review
Dec 2012
Used this company 3 times in Grand Cayman and they are fantastic.....Jet ski to stingray city, rum point and snorkle........2.5 hours on jet skis for a GREAT price!!!!
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Provider: actionwatersports
Member Image newBell11
2 reviews
Oct 2012

We took Sea Doos out to Stingray City and went snorkeling after. I would give this a 5+ but in was choppy that day and it is a pretty rough ride when it is choppy. We learned out to handle the sea doos a little better on the way back and it got better. It was a lot of fun and we had time to go walk on 7 mile beach afterwards.

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Provider: Shore Trips/ Ebanks Watersports
Member Image bluemoon12
1 review
Sep 2012
We went to Sting ray island and snorkled afterward. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and treated us great!
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Provider: Island Marketing

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