Puerto Vallarta Extreme Canopy Excursion Reviews

Puerto Vallarta Extreme Canopy cruise excursion
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From zip-lining to mule riding, this extreme canopy trip in Puerto Vallarta provides a feature-filled day that continues to excite.
Member Image 24acruise
1 review
Nov 2016
The Puerto Vallarta Adventure team was good, but the transportation from the ship to the location was poor. We were transported from the ship to the "office" where we waited about 30 minutes to get into another vehicle (2 groups) for the 40ish minute drive. Once there, the team was very professional, but getting there could have been a bit better experience.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image tina.pauly@cox.net
1 review
May 2016
This is the best excursion, this was a second time doing the extreme zip lining. We did this excursion three years ago and since then they added more activities. Two large fun water slides, repeling down a waterfall and zip surfin through the rainforest. My kids loved this tour. The ziplining team was awesome!!!!!! They added so much to the tour. So engaging and entertaining. Marino was our tour guide and his team made us feel so secure and as we were gliding in mid air. thanks for the fun!!!!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image crAZytwinmomma
1 review
May 2016
Fun but pricey
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image gpackman
1 review
Dec 2015
Book thru cruise line - to ensure quick travel to/from. Amazing boat ride across bay. Jeep truck up to base camp. Mule ride to top of rain forest. Zip lining down through rivers, down waterfalls, waterslides. Amazing and highly recommend it!
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Member Image JATCAT
1 review
Mar 2015
This was awesome. I can't give this anything but praise. We also booked this through an independent booking and the prices on board for what we got were well under the ship price by $150. This included an awesome bus ride through town, zip lining, horseback, tubing, and a tequila tour. Make sure to get the CD at the end. They will negotiate the price starting at $50 but I'm sure they will go down, as we purchased it for $40.
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Member Image dshefter
7 reviews
Not Rated
Jan 2015

Tremendous excursion. Did nine zip lines, plus some rappelling and climbed a rope wall. Be prepared for a physical workout.

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Member Image DrTy
1 review
Dec 2012
This was the highlight of th whole vacation! They added two water slides and more repelling. Note: They are very strict on the 250 lb limit
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Member Image velevele
1 review
Dec 2012
Amazing! A bit of everything. We were picked up by a speedboat at the pier and went south about half an hour to a small village, where we piled onto open-air 4WD trucks, which after about 20 minutes deposited us at "base camp". There we changed into company-provided shirts and left everything else behind. You get soaking wet, so don't take passport, wallets, etc. unless they're well-protected from water. You cannot take a camera past base camp. We got on mules and rode them uphill for about 20-30 minutes. We then had a safety/how-to demonstration regarding ziplining, and then hiked uphill about 10 minutes or so to the first platform. It's basically an Outward-Bound-type course that's been laid out, which includes several ziplines (one directly into a pool of water - splash!), rope bridges, rope ladders, rappelling (down a waterfall, and also free rappelling off a platform), hiking, and water slides. It must have been a blast to lay this course out, and it was a blast to traverse it. (Let me repeat - you get soaking wet, and there's no way to avoid it - bring a change of underwear, pants, and shoes.) The course ends with a very long, steep water slide (you can hike down if it looks too scary, and some people did). There are then snacks/drinks at no charge, and quesadillas at $2 each. You don't need a towel - those are provided, along with plastic bags for your wet clothes and a changing room to put on dry clothes. A photographer accompanies you, and there are terminals set up to review the photos, which you can buy (at a pretty steep price) if you want. (There was no hard sell about this.) There's also a tiny gift shop with T-shirts etc. I would recommend wearing closed-toe sports sandals, like Keens, if you have them - better than getting a pair of running shoes totally soaked, and Keens are rugged enough. There was great attention to safety - any time you were doing anything even slightly risky, you were clipped into one, and often two, safety lines. You wear a helmet and a well-maintained safety harness. The staff were great - very encouraging, and very safety-conscious. Loved it - if you're the adventurous outdoorsy type, don't pass it up!
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Member Image EricaLovesCats
3 reviews
Jul 2012
Day 5 at Puerto Valhalla: This was an awesome day as well. We booked the Extreme Canopy tour through Carnival. The local company is Valhalla Adventures. After booking this I became nervous and thought "what have I done"! Zip lining, rappelling, suspension bridges, mule riding, etc. But I'm telling you, you CAN DO IT. It's fun and you do leave with a sense of accomplishment. The guides are always with you and they are good at their job and funny to boot. Lots of water breaks and chips/salsa at the end. If I had to say there was something I wasn't crazy about it was the mule ride. My little mule wanted to go rogue a few times but luckily a guide was behind me and would steer him back. Oh, and from the "short" perspective...some things were tough. The rope bridge was hard because taller people naturally hold the high rope a little higher, and you are having to tough down on it pretty hard to get it near your arm length. But it's doable. And at the zip line bases I would have to jump up to help the guide unhook my zip line. Ah well.
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Member Image KimikoPi
2 reviews
Mar 2012
Loved this excursion. It seems like there's not much to do in PV aside from shopping and sunbathing. This excursion was too short.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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