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Villefranche Area Tour cruise excursion
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Whether you prefer the quiet mountain bliss of Eze or the plush paradise of Monte Carlo, this all-inclusive tour covers a lot of ground and pleases all tastes.
Member Image joscaf16
2 reviews
Sep 2016
Through cruise critic hooked up with other passengers and used a private company-can't remember name and visited Eze, St Paul de Vence, Monaco and MonteCarlo. All lovely
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Member Image piceman
1 review
Aug 2016
Tour of Nice, Eze, and Monte Carlo.
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Member Image Cayman46
1 review
Jul 2016
Med-tours was more of a driver service and less of a tour than we had hoped for.
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Member Image Stroppymare
1 review
Aug 2014

After being dropped off we took a local bus into Monte Carlo and enjoyed drinks at the Cafe Paris people watching. Very expensive but had to be done!

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Member Image laqueviaja
1 review
Not Rated
Jul 2014

I pre-booked a half day tour with Med-Tour and it was fantastic. We paid 270 euro for eight of us. I had initially booked for seven, but another travel companion requested to come along. The guide was very nice, made some calls, and got a van for the eight of us. We visited Eze, which was the second time for me and first for the rest of the gang. Just as lovely as last year. We went to Monaco, Monte Carlo and drove a large part of the F1 grand prix circuit. This last part was a dream come true for many of the men of the group. Our driver even stopped and bought us some local food called SOCCA (sp?). It was great and overall everyone agreed that this was one of our favourite ports of call.

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Member Image weinst
2 reviews
Not Rated
Sep 2013

We went by private excursion and there were 8 passengers. We left the port and drove through Villefranche to Cannes. On the way we stopped at several places of interest. We arrived in Cannes and had time to have a snack and walk on the beach.
We saw the Cannes Film Festival Hall, but was unable to go inside as they were doing renovations to it.

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Member Image Diplomaticus
1 review
Sep 2012

Nice was boring. We stopped at a small flea market (normally a flower market) but there wasn't much going on. We then went to Eze, which is a beautiful medieval mountain town with some 80 residents. It's a rather strenuous climb and was outright dangerous with wet stone -- I'd advise wearing hiking boots at the least, just for Eze, and consider maybe not doing it if you are concerned about falling on hard cobblestone. It's steep, slippery, and no handrails for much of it. I'd spend more time than just an hour -- there's literally a photo vista every five feet, the village is so quaint, and I wish we had more time to look at the shops, or eat at the hotels, some of which looked extremely good (I believe one was even Michelin red-book rated).

Monaco and Monte Carlo are interesting, but I wouldn't spend maybe more than 90 minutes to 2 hours unless you plan on some high end shopping, or lunch at one of the upscale places near the casino. It's really quite neat though if you've never been. Visit the palace, the casino area, and the grand prix circuit. If timing is tight, beware, it can take some time to get in and out during rush hours, and if one of the corniche's is blocked (such as the low corniche when I went) you might face considerable traffic delays.

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Member Image weatherguy
12 reviews
May 2012
D.) Villefranche, France (Nice, Monaco, Eze, Monte Carlo). Since this was our ONLY port of call in France, I was sure to go "all-out" and splurged on a high-budget tour that visited the 4 towns of: Nice, Monaco, Eze, and Monte Carlo, including the casino there in Monte Carlo, France. This tour also provided the very BEST lunch I've had on a ship's tour, with a visit to the Le Pinocchio restaurant in the cobblestone streets of Eze, France. White wine & red wine were provided with the tasty meal, and every course of the meal was memorable. They provided premium olive oil & vinegar for dipping the French bread in. Weatherguy got a bit liquored-up on the wine that came with the meal, (no extra surcharges), even getting on to the wrong bus, when it was time to leave! All the young, shiny girls shook their head when they seen me get on their bus, & I realized I had too much to drink, and I said "yup, this is too good to be true, and laughed my way off!!" I really enjoyed the many sites and scenery of this trip. WeatherGIRL warned me not to have too much wine as nobody would be there to pick me up off the floor!! I'd say Eze and Monaco were my 2 favorite towns to visit, with Monte Carlo a close 3rd, and seeing the casino lobby was quite spectacular inside. No cameras allowed & no taking photos either, and they have plenty of watchdog security personnel inside to see to it that you comply with their policies. We also got to see scenes of the Monaco Grand Prix streets and the sitting areas along the way of the course track. This was just a FANTASTIC tour and worth every last cent seeing these many areas of the French Riviera, as well as the fine gourmet lunch provided. Eze, Monaco, Monte Carlo along with the Drach caves in Spain were my highlights I enjoyed the most on this trip.
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Member Image HRISGirl
1 review
Sep 2011
Great excursion but this is a very strenuous excursion and we didn't prepare enough for it. I would say a couple months on the treadmill might get you in shape for it. Nice and Eze were very beautiful but the walk up to Eze is not for the faint of heart. Monte Carlo was beautiful as well but I'm not sure the walk up (and I mean up) from the port was worth seeing the Casino after walking thru Nice and Eze. A lot of fellow cruisers were looking for a bottle of water and place to sit.
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