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Grand Cayman Saltwater Forest cruise excursion
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Embark on a narrated cruise through mangroves -- also known as the "saltwater forest" -- as you discover local wildlife and learn about Grand Cayman's most famous natural habitats. Keep your eyes peeled for the tree-climbing blue iguanas!
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Mar 2012
The worse part about this port is the fact that six cruise lines are all in that port the same day and without an actual port for cruise ships, you have to be water tendered in and the process is lengthy. As far as the ship we were in, they were using two water tenders on the port side and if you had booked an excursion through the cruise line then you were allowed to leave an hour before your tour. If you did not have a tour booked then you had to go at 9 am to the lounge and were assigned tender times. I realize they must have tried many different ways and this must be the most efficient of them but an hour before your tour you arrive 15 minutes early, if you are lucky, and that doesn't allow much time or no time at all to walk the town's shops or grab a bite to eat. Lucky for us, our tour was pushed back an hour so our tickets were printed with the old time so we had enough time in town before our tour because there was no time when we returned, just enough to get in the long line to tender back to the ship before it set sail. The Native Caymen & Saltwater Forest was a longer tour. You were taken by a small tour bus through the town (George Town) and the driver told you what various buildings and statues, etc. were along the way. We made a stop in Hell, how many people can say they have actually been to Hell and back? There they have some neat limestone deposits that look like old lava flows, a gift shop/post office and they will even stamp your passport that you had been to Hell. From there we made it to the marina and boarded a small pontoon boat that took you out to the mangroves, AKA saltwater forest. Not what I had expected and the crew who were very much conservation minded spent way too much time talking about how the trees grow, get their water and about other trees not even there. I felt like I was back in school on a field trip. The highlights were seeing the iguanas but most of them were along block walls to homes and some jellyfish that we got to touch. After the boat trip we boarded the bus and traveled to 7 Mile Beach, which is a pristine beach with great views and there were some vendors selling refreshments.
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