Colon (Cristobal) Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour Excursion Reviews

Colon (Cristobal) Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour cruise excursion
Overall Rating
See the beautiful Panamanian rainforest from a new perspective with an Aerial Tram tour.
Member Image ABEEHILTZ
1 review
Mar 2017
Very disorganized Hanging around for 1 1/2 hours waiting for transportation Saw 2 sloths and heard a bird oh and a butterfly - the aerial ride itself was enjoyable but the howler monkies, coatimundi, capybara, beautiful birds along with iguanas and frogs must have been on vacation The walk up the lookout was worth the effort and we were rewarded with beautiful views
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Provider: Oceania Cruises
Member Image george91206
1 review
Mar 2015
This was the best tour we took. Very professionally done and at the tram location there was a very beautiful orchid garden. Our guide on the aerial tam spoke very good English and informative.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image yellow09jeep
1 review
Jan 2014

We were so disappointed in the tour for the money we spent. The tour guide knew nothing of value to share and kept saying "My dear people", the pa system was too loud. The butterfly area had injured butterflies and only a few different kinds. The reptile cages were 1/2 empty. There very several different orchids :) The tram ride and the walk up to the top of the tower was really good. But the price was too much for only 20 minutes worth of tram ride and 1/2 empty displays.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image TheGoomba
1 review
Oct 2012
About an hour and 20 minute drive to reach Gamboa, the sightseeing along the way was nice and my first experience of a highway ride outside of US/Mexico. The Tram itself was not very good in my opinion, we managed to see a toucan for about 4 seconds and an iguana laying on some leafs. The guide said that the location is very lively from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., sadly our ship didn't arrive until 9:00 a.m. to the port. Once the tram ride reaches the summit, theres a brief trail that leads to a tower with some spectacular views. I took took some pictures from here and also saw Gamboa again the next day when we travesed the canal. Probably the best part of the exursion was here. Heading back down the tram it began to rain and the staff at gamboa handed out rain coats and provided a turket sandwich lunch. After this we viewed some small exihibits for reptiles, fish/crocs/turtles, butterflys, and a garden.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image Cruz4Sun
17 reviews
Mar 2012
After a long bus ride we did like the tram portion of the trip, but the rest of the trip was boring and much longer than was advertised. The so called "light lunch" was a tiny bag of chips and bottle of water. When arriving back to the port, the passageway to the ship was blocked and a big crowd was gathered. I was feeling light headed from the lack of food and couldn't wait to get back on the ship. We had to wait about 30 minutes.
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Provider: Princess Cruises

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